The Sports Bar-Hour 2- Cathy Turner

Hour 2 of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys dig into the Olympics with the opening ceremony tonight. The guys are joined by former Olympian, and Rochester native Cathy Turner to get her perspective as a former gold medal winner. 


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Those sports bar with danger and it sadly. This is an immediate issue I'm talking 2018 season with a deadline well before opening day we don't is that deadline. Big games will be played frontier. We are so well under way are scheduled to play you know fifteen is coming nor afraid of her. Nobody else. Mike danger where the Rochester red wings were class organization and where in a class lead the International League that's why the muscle has come in and say hey we have a deadline. It's march 1 team exactly. There needs to be handed a paper by march 1 and in Italy office. Or else the contingency plan portable will go into place Leslie Frazier bills defensive coordinator. There's been requested for an interview he's going to be doing that on Saturday a cycle. Took a shot him. Buffalo shots. And by putting that focus on these Olympic Games on the world's largest showcase their very excited about the opportunity Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back in the sports bar danger Ametek we appreciate you stop them I think soliciting and AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester don't come. Radio dot com in the radio dot com maps are GSP in Rochester you'll find is there as well Mike danger. He seemed tank lid sabres got to win last night gene and think it would happen but a little rare the whole way option. That the almost squandered. You're watching Mac. OK now it's 30. All there's a terrible panel Levi I goal. All there's Robin Leonard not even doing the 86 is a goalie that meaning hug the post are you kidding me 33 I mean they they put up because they are owners are bad teams to. On that nothing's really saw but I'm just curious danger of what took so long to experiment with the lines seven points. For Rodriguez. Michael and Ryan are I was the the award. All heard it defined up that was the first time that two Butte teenage Rodriguez and Michael played on the same line in the league funny isn't it. At some point specially Aziz where nothing is going awry. And it's the first year the two bit don't play together obviously. Your number three that's not first time you tried that in oh my gosh it war. Watch a lot of Chicago Blackhawks hockey. Being a fan and what I've noticed in the years I've watched them hear it you know through multiple cop runs not gonna happen this year form but. You know look up player who is at the level of a jock Michael can elevate the play of pretty much anybody. And in an add value to them when you don't really they're good players but they make them even better player. I can give you the perfect example of that are right he's playing Kinney shoes there's a guy named Corey con occur plea for tenacious nice player. How all the sudden he becomes this 25 goal scorer in the Lee how did that happened when he's playing with. Stephens Dan Coats and Stephens Dan goes so the point being. As you were going what does Michael and player acts player acts is gonna look a lot better than. I feel like you gain the confidence that you probably didn't have playing on the third line so you know it in the case of black hawks and Patrick Kane can make. They ga can make. It'd been an errand a better player to me Brennan saw a better player. To make. GE you can make them better players in the next thing you know you can. You've got more equity you can build them up you can trade them you can keep them on board. Rodriguez. Is a player he's a guy. But you put a model line with a guy that he. Had a lot of success with when he was in college. Aid built in chemistry and I would assume a friendship as well trust. That's going to mean something. I do or die young guy that's the one guy though I don't think you're getting anything of value of reverend Rodriguez. And analyzing your wanna trade going to be FF supply equal but. Ryan are being do we not forget he was and number two overall pick. Who fell little fourth line this year now he's playing. Our eight eat you know what you do maybe it's not this year. We put online like Cole. You've beef up those numbers and then you get some value because you can't really train right now I did you collide but if you did you're not getting the value today you sure look for somebody that was once. The number two. Necessarily wanna trade him if he actually start performing at a higher level global obesity draft amounting. And maybe that's what this is designed to do you've got youth on this team it's time for the youth on this team. To step up and take a leadership role and you certainly saw with that first line and the chemistry that they show last night at keybank so. It'll be inches every right or maybe just need to build little confidence. Getting to game winning goal. Can use of the free now for your confidence so we'll see how that plays out that certainly it's one game so you know to expect them to have that kind of alt a point every time they hit the ice is unrealistic but may be there is something there it is kind of funny that that's the first time that eichel and Rodriguez. Played aligned together given their history together. Now it's kind of strange to know sabres tonight there in Boston tomorrow night the amber says we mentioned they are off tonight as well REIT is out of town so. I'm jagr looked watching the Olympics to him by the way you want some sabres contents any of great sabres con tent hideous paean Rochester dot com right now what the sabres doing their use of analytics. And what Rick Nash might mean in terms of the sabres and the trade deadline could complicate some things you can read all about that. And of course a recap of last night's action against the islanders at ESPN Rochester dot com I'm excited for the Olympics Jeanne. I yelled look. I know that don't carry the kind of way that they used to and know that we all lead busy lives in and you know. It's probably not gonna pull the kind of audience that he and winters inferior to the summer games a summer games just more mass appeal. But I look to the winter games especially when you look outside eating and you see you know god it's snowing again. You know we can go outside ring go outside and and you know do some recreational activities in that I'm all for it but. Mean I got a pretty good reason just kind of hunker down and watch curling for a couple of hours. Watch the opening ceremonies tonight that's already happened I'm looking for I love the downhill. You get that right out of the gate here. When the few athletes I can means I couldn't know going into it is Lindsey Vonn so. The hockey world and watch because it Gionta but here's the thing at least in my house. Toddler and we're all gonna watch and it's an. Eight brings in such a wide audience it's once sporting event that. You have casual people the mean not being the footballer baseball whatever sport but they're gonna watch the Olympics danger why because the way it's presented on NBC more than anywhere else around the world. Story lines vignettes. Human interest wanna watch the opening ceremonies are really to he know what I maybe you can help me is the sales guy Jeanne. My daughters are obsessed with celebrity Big Brother you know they've got to think about Big Brother Kent State. Program up and it's is. Their grandparents. They they get to spoil children they get to do what they want I'm not going to tell them that they can't watch Big Brother if they're watching Big Brother. With grandpa a cramp his house when there'll just hanging out. OK so it's on its on. It got introduced. I just gotta dream somehow got introduced the day you know it does get watched. And and now it's become a family wiping where everybody kind of pays attention what's going on. And now they've got celebrity Big Brother just a houseful of the worst human beings on the planet. That's not true the celebrities that they're not it was so it's how to catch it like any reality show right it went armor Rosa is you're injured in the top line celebrity that you got and there's like okay we'll around let's go easy on the terms celebrity. More plastic in the Mattel factory in that house it's ridiculous so that that is gonna be the competing factor. In my house tonight preventing me from watching. The opening ceremonies and and I told myself I was gonna do this but I couldn't help but while I was scrolling through my. Twitter feed today I saw some of the some of the pictures from the opening ceremonies and pretty impressive. And where Matt Lowry is. Behind behind closed out here in an office with a switch in a closed or money on doors. Well there's there's a bag in the closet and oh my god alone all of. You well we've we've got a little bit of Olympic fever with opening ceremonies that are next gassed has plenty of experience with the winter games. 92 gold medalist 94 gold medalist. Pride of Rochester New York danger. Mean before we have Brian Gionta before abbey one back Cathy Koerner. Captivated our town back in the 1990s and she continues to call Rochester on managed. Could it be you should we haven't had her on the shelves some pretty excited at the top I don't ball base she's she's given us a few minutes we'll talk about the Olympics as. I'm so curious column she so she was wearing gold medals before I moved to Rochester and I I moved in 97 so. She would have been in the Olympics in 98 remember hearing her name a lot which didn't meddle in ninetieth if I remember writer fired read correctly. Yes so she'll get it was 92 in Albert hill. But then Lola hammer everybody remembers little hammer because then Nancy Tonya thing in a I'm curious decision to hate didn't it did that mean I would be curious as Kathy it would. Collection and everywhere in this Olympics urges remembers that from for that whole sideshow I guess back and. It's so fascinating to me that this story the story line that fascinates me the most when you're talking about an Olympic athlete or just up leading general. Is the story of reinvention. Because you Porsche sold watching your training so much in your craft. You achieve your goal. And then you walk away from everything you've been working towards how do you. Do you go through that process of reinvention what it because it's any top baffling play yeah this is like. Us mortals can't relate to the amount of effort time and energy that goes into affecting your craft. We're normal human beings these people are freakish in nature. And it. For them to after you know what we can't really relate to walking away from being a professional athlete but we can't relate to is the idea of reinventing ourselves you see people do it all the time and it can be something as simple as an ornament a change my lifestyle sort of lose a few pounds or to be something as simple Ares is complexes amid a move animate try new career and I'm gonna go back to school and do whatever it is that that people decide to do when they reinvent. And I'm sure they Kathy had to go through some of that. Being gold medalist and then. Coming back into reality into the real world. How did that process work out for her and what advice can she get to the rest of us anybody. Who could be thinking hey how can I reinvent or what steps do why need to take in order to be able to reinvent. The way a professional athlete has been able to reinvent that they've got to be better than anybody else. And then you know what I said 92 and 94 you're wondering now get Camby two years apart while now that was actually the case. We back land you would have the winter in Summer Olympics for someone already with a put on the same year. Well somebody had the bright idea you know what will make more sense if we alternated. Area and they pulled that I had by two years so you had. Those two years back to back which was. For Cathy turner. Mean net debt to become the only two time champion at short window that certainly helped her because I wonder if it was 92 in 96 you know how that would have all played out the. She. Also big lapse in time a fight again if a bomb if I understand her timeline correctly. You she was prolific in seventeen not in but missed. The eighty miss the team for the eighty Olympics she didn't make the eighty Olympics team and now. They didn't skate like walked away. And they came back. And trained for that 92 games and got it done and got it done so a really compelling story and and and he really you know because the opening ceremonies are tonight we kind Olympic fever. Who better to talk about. The Olympic Games in South Korea then Olympic gold medalist Rochus Syrian. Cathy turner who joins us next in the sports park danger Ametek Lia on ESPN Rochester. Chris local sports talk you know flowers sitting. John Murphy she'll sports car would dangerous and exactly weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. We got Olympic fever the way we do we've got to we've got to reach justice the people that know the Olympics better than anybody else people that can. Really give a sense for what these athletes are going to talk to one of our own. Yeah it me before we head Brian Gionta before we have Abby lombok it's. We had we do have Cathy turner in our town Kathy is like Rochester home right. Well at Lilly yes. I'm here. Cathy turner gold medal winner in 92 in 94 joining us in the sports bar danger to tag Leah. Thank you so much for giving us some of your time today captain we know how busy York were curious more than anything just. Paint a picture for what an Olympic athletes deal. When walking through that stadium for the opening ceremonies it's such a spectacle like I can't even imagine. I'm I got or that. Number one thing we kind of dream of when we're little and glad you're with your arms up in the air and coming into the media on and that every like that we are being at kind of your little. And of course when you gold medal that break cooled too and I eat in on a chair Pete Henne winning and ultimately out on the podium. But but I didn't feel it in what is actually going you know the vision of going into the stadium. I think what people don't realize that we. Everybody. Gather. And it as a country. About six hours before that. And you have to stay with excellent with their country and centralize locate and and then I remember at my Latino. Elected like. He's it was like a mile and a half walker and my back. And it would it look like well over I don't even know how well how where or more activist EM. Well why don't rot because he could evil light and you can hear the pound away at had a view. And your inline with your country your object and then yet. And a lot you know all the mail they. Like I want you act and an and then you then you. Here's the cheering him in light or light brighter you're coming in AM all of cool. And that and you went round and I can't believe I'm here. Right I think how you know can't pragmatically. Pictures anyway but. I'm and you the company in the medium and you see other people don't. And you look all around you in here athlete you know everybody act and you'll want to bomb and your dream is coming true right and it's really well. Cathy turner her first Olympics 1992. Albert trail Rochester residents our guest here in the sports bar. Seoul and Kathy when I'm watching the Olympics are always imagine what. What these athletes must feel it as far as nerves and may we see in finger skating where you prepare of years if not decades and you've fallen salt over so. For you. And you're talking about the excitement of walking into the opening ceremony the first time at ten year you still have. You perform after that so I mean eight brings back to 1992 how are you able to calm your nerves focusing in the old down their goal. Well I am and her colleagues at I didn't compete and at the end of the game. But Alec you'd get there and the big party you know you got to train. You know land a daily regiment in an accord the diet. And and then you have to adjust you're I'll read them because like I'm. But I'm definitely different idea into the batter earlier or later whatever. And exciting compete well I think you at 8 PM at that time I had to. They up later and believe in and trying to adapt my. My kind that way and others how much do it you're right it's not just like we go it would move on and when your favorite when Matt I'll I. Yeah about three months the getting a gold medal I couldn't see it I kept seeing my aunt Arlene Miller. People pat me maybe getting a bronze medal and I worked closely with a sport like college at every single day and I had actually trained by Al. To. And imagine myself on the starting line with people around with the crowd there and and imagine every scenario when I had to be ready for that. We're back and we got there and basically when I was there I was Blake. I'm already dictate. That I was so relaxed and I was like hi citing my mostly telling everybody out the period. And basically I had to remember that I love gay. And I think people get their act a lot of athlete they're like oh my god I happen to you. I half knew that helped you apart at or out and you can't we can't say that in that it is that not only Olympic we have a a level and him that my daughter and I'm I helped her. You could get and cap can it in the people they like my gas if it now or never I have to do well now you have to go to the party line or your event. Saying. And remembering that you love. How coolest field to go track. Or how cool feel to do a great job I'm on the ballot B or whatever it I think that's the number one. Key that people forget. And if you forget you go there outside your box basically and you go and young young married of people he think about that and you could. You're going to be in trouble basically. Rochester so. Rochus is on Olympic gold medal winner Kathy Turner's joining the sports person Erekat but easier to your. What you're saying now it makes me think hey I'm I've yelled following your story and eggs I saw that. There was a period of time that where you work dominated younger age you didn't make that eighty steam and then. He kind of walked away for awhile we talk about what that was like talk about burnout with some of these athletes Howard effects Emmett. And specifically towards you how you were able to overcome that come back stronger than you work at a younger age. Yeah I I believe my by about nine years and remember why indeed. 88 game. And Mike I'm Bonnie Blair was eating out I'm not and he did very well in the 1988 and I remember watching that. On TV crying and oh my god that could have been me who don't. And I went to that about every Olympic Lott and month after that it was target and I would being in Iraq about it and I without on the team and in. Cycling and skating Olympic. And I said it you know give me I really do that and that my and my mom and I mean the green light well maybe it is go to do that and and I was like why are you Olympic year let. You know I haven't even Nye yeah well basically I did that you know what I'm gonna find a way to make the app and you know and I'm a good athlete and not bad not as bad as it and I get cook off. And and this you know he basically. I dove in and I worried about the heat out later you know you have ethical basketball. And and that number one is this idea that that's what you gonna do. I think people I wait and that like in the ideal economic side and that was old or my or you know. I want that pioneer aimed at all around now you see act in their when he comes back and thirty deep even later and that. Eat at Bay Bridge is made up my mind what do they do and I'm buying the way to do it. And I would make sure I'm not because I was older you kind of happy and that it put that in the play in and basically. Find out how how to make that happen in my head while. I have acted it was a lot that I really made an app. Kathy is there there's a fun article online today were MSN dot com names you know the best. Winter Olympic athletes from fifty states in one of these things are toggle through and then. My gosh you get to New York State needs. To enter one oracle for medals overall course won the gold mean. When you hear I mean it's. Kind of make you feel great that people remember because we live in the moment of all the last thing with such the bats but in a way you know seeing something like that what does that mean dia. I got an odd people protecting me and saying hey you're an article but you wouldn't give a lot of black and white Michael Allen get through it you know. And I'm in I'm not at a better technically out of it. And I went out there and I thought that in the court legal throughout that they like it and I got New York it was. Are you don't like all my pack. That was packed in on her honesty and it really touched me. You know. It may really meant a lot he can dump it in your day in the lot at it from the art and they eat. No and kind of cool I'm I'm really happy about that actually have my Olympic acted on my medal around my neck right now is that want to play you like I they would not at all. I don't look at it convalescent. I don't know what you showed great restraint I'd be wearing that gold medal every day yeah I mean our stuff. You see this is a gold medal winner got to wait 45 minutes or table excuse me yet seen heavy I think about when the masters at where the green jacket everywhere of the pro. Little camera in the yellow jacket everywhere about the gold medalist you're gonna know that I'm a gold medalist somewhere and I think everywhere. Every important way you. Haven't had that he'd been out permanent. Tuesday and felt I make my medal drought I don't you know I have ready to go I don't forget at basically and that's why I. Bat. Like that. At out of debt and trying to get in the mood. For the interview and I did I put my answer here like you you don't love Indiana or you know I'm like man my big parts. Where. Gabby turner Olympic cup medal gold medal winner joining us here in the sports bar danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester cap you you must keep up with the games and I'm curious as to who or what you're watching or following for the next couple weeks up on the very vocal proponent of curling I'm I'm very excited to watch a lot of curling over the course of the next couple of weeks. It helped me understand or are your tech participate in the sport and make them more inch and I would not at Olympic trials about a month ago. And I could look at a couple main remembered them on me by name I needed a new one new age but he's. He's about he's really cute and fun at. It here any views. And he's not so great there in our tech in my like so he probably about one of her out of our team and that the girls you have a chance that I am at all. So I actually what happened overnight letter like how my gold medals are deadlocked in every big food and Andy is like out. Excited and all well 900 Kruger is a pop of our men and Gatorade he I helped him out when he was a little net I I act. Helped train him at a couple camps and that he can't all be here later on the Olympic team I would like they don't eat you know I mean Mac and never stop all these years. And I have a couple good name you know people to watch that I know personally. The Britney both the and mine went up court and David a game within a year ago. I need a technology contract. All it it may mark on a lot are people that you know and actually those are the people a lot so it'll they'll be at the pilot and about. Cathy turner. US Olympic athlete or guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN of course. I you we also have Rochester people who oval for room for a we have more in shield in the mall goals we have of course Brian Gionta. Get you were always impressed me was that you called Rochester home you know talk about the decision of biologists. Still staying here in our hometown. That's funny because that I more I'd never live here. Battle there. And I'm younger I'm not like. I'm not even don't get Iraq. But this is Greg and I won the world that he after having been all over the world. You know coming home. The pretty cool place. And there's nothing like mount that burst grain and in the springtime more you know like looking out the window right now with the outcome down at all beautiful. And there's a lot to be mad that I actually I don't think I could. Live somewhere where there weren't even like that Al I'm I'm in public that I love I love being by the water on the water now. Going up me on the on the day actually. Time that's where I live so yes this is opening act and hear me I can imagine easily my family. You know that's another thing that I don't know out. It is pretty. Yeah can I love Kathy you come you come back home you had plenty of ups you're skating career yeah battled controversy as well. Did you leave the sport with any animosity any feeling of unfinished business before you're able to just walk away. Yeah. I'm a bit I look back at my rate is I mean you don't even rate it and they get home. And I really can't say I had a really good added there gold medal I'm in my out meters. In one of my game in 94 I think the legend that. Now it it was dark continent because we are new sport and I and it came on the scene having been away from the sport they weren't quite ready army. When I beat everybody and you know there are a work where I am a couple countries. Who you know world champion world record holder that and it didn't like that and caught up. They're up some controversy. But. Yeah and it kind of affected me because I remember. One of the he had people like Bob May have a port you know in the Olympics that the causing other controversy that panic and LA I think I'm playing aid they like we got to do something about turner you know immigrants the eagerly I think in the compliment. Now. I think they they. Disqualified anyone it was obvious that wasn't my fault here out of me and I really I just that the Olympic record in the and that Bowden and and when I know it when my semi and I I was in the top four and I really thought that about when he I don't buy. Out of the blue that the I. We have part of me an average you know what I have an out in the game bank or metal elevated go home but went home and let them greatly. We help out yeah. Like you're you know maybe we could of that Michael could've. You know argued that collar on my app we don't out there and athletic bill. It you've got called in 9294. Four medals overall in your career our guest Kathy turner here in the sports are 957. ESPN. I Kathy just so curious stand because one all athletes have to do is you have a whole lifetime ahead going in when your earlier athletic career is done so. Obviously seemed to duo made the transition well. How did it go for you and what advice could you give all their athletes that some they're gonna have to go through the same thing. Well number one it have a back up. And you're back at the beauty school education. And I mean I had. -- who after the game after having won a medal with these relay and I you end up working in nineteen. Not against I or there but you know he went on the an Olympic Medal and you'd think that. You know you didn't move out with them better Goldman and that in the future it. That number one everybody is actually had to happen at Tampa and it week in and and that the most important being could you political panel I mean. Yeah I mean I could've gone on forever and and done. I did on the corporate speeches and and that kind of thing and I enjoyed it but in the camera I don't wanna travel in more. In. And now I I. Thank thank my back and I have a computer I agree database is. Administration and I'm not I'm not oracle DBA. Database administrator at page at and I'll Elena operations engineer. Start a whole new program where we're up we're actually operate and operate in bending ears and we actually. Do everything like when the weblog of webpart that we worked at age and analyst we're deviate. Oh that's like the future and it kind of cool to be a part of that on the like the next goal you know I was trying to make enough app in the app apple app there. After you went gold medal and color we did you come home after winning and it like. Only a late call waiting the call waiting you just don't have time to greet your traveling all over the country and and then one day without and that happened you know they. And week out what it up and that does happen and I think at and calm cracked down hard if they're not. Oh it sounds like you've done very well for yourself after successful athletic career Olympic Olympic at the athlete gold medal winner. Cathy turner joining us in the sports bar danger me tag with gene brought this up to the author Kathy and I didn't it didn't resonate with me until it didn't connected me to imagine it you're at the Olympic Games. Where that Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan scat what's happening and I don't know where your head is that when you hear that lake does that make you range. You know did ME it was such a massive story that captivated so many people still anyway I Tonya right is that a cameo like an Oscar for yeah right I I'm curious when you hear about that scandal. He just tune out and say you know what now or Orton did captivate her grip you as a member of team USA when all of this is going on. Yes that was my game I mean that we were staring at and rain out there at the same time we're avenue lunch together actually. Act together but an outrage crack addict and the bank. What Kanye. And I mean I know both of them lead on appeared together before the game where everybody seemed friendly and to have that happen in and be at the games without accurate in everything I I don't know I underwent. Now it took away from some of that for the rest of everybody Wear exactly aptly that. I don't know I don't even know what it what that they can lead I never wanna give an opinion or any thing you know but. And in my opinion. I just I guess I'm just curious if you know like. I know what it meant that they know what it it would it still means like it was such. A massive sort I imagine what you're saying is is exactly what I was imagine that if you're an athlete. At those games and everybody is there and all of the media and all the press that are there. They wanna find out more about this story it kind of it it it cheapens everything else and and it's really kind of unfair the rest of the team is. You know it is unfortunate that I'm I'm negative op in he you know. Indeed come more popular than negatives in me I would be other story. Going out looking out of the other story where there are calling me at thirty year without the grass and and in out make in my dreams come true and the amount you republic he. That I need Gator who got second and me through her flowered pound right front and our way and they. They had a maker apologized and Elvis. They're of the I would be other controversy going on what you don't. Need anymore at that really need that that's the reason we become a you know. Man it could be a negative thing it could be other cognitive story and the struggle to get there and then making that dream come true and how are the hard work. App that unfortunate but that it act the idea. I think they really do about that you know I would like the good drama story unfortunately. Kathy this happened today you would have the whole bills mafia you wanna watch we would have been on media. And defending view. Back then. Would've. Protected at that go Madeleine. That's flat out eatery and a guy. Kathy I'm just picturing you right now wearing your gold medals. To your own app right now now I know I yeah I think every great he's a no no. All that evenly on my Mary and I like anti you know. Who designed the the opening ceremony outfit when you guys when designer Ralph Lauren they was it a whole thing I'm trying to remember back then. I'll pour. Whose only. And. You know Ralph Lauren may be one on I remember. You know like everything really in the learning at their Lotto I am fit and really let you may. You you've got to hear stories about the athletes that are going there now like they've got heaters built into their votes like literally have he has built did you say yes self what are we doing amiga commodity 9294. We did have eaters and our coach we didn't have. Hand warmer in a you didn't have handlers in your gloves did you camping. No we didn't we had peppered odd. I'm ninety I don't know what that 1994. And they and it was. Do you need and they said oh don't Wear well we we're not there are a bit the certainly it might be I don't think they're made her. You know really really cold weather that. Yet no I heard about that and that you know I won't matter aptly it really won't matter that does Indian such. It is you know the back ardent one at the like you were a lot I remember why you're going opt in and my third Olympics. In front of me. Now blow up above me all around could be. All I need to like why now I ain't into all the pirated by and cabinet. Meeting and that. You know just me wanna cry like they'll happy and pulling the reality of the top. The life now. So cool. For a time medalist two time gold medalist 92 album drill. 94 Lillehammer and pride of Rochester New York Cathy this was a thrill not think so much her time that it perfect data have you line. Olympic opening ceremonies tonight snow coming down it's great way to start the weekend Kathy thanks in every time. Send us a Celtic Cathy no excuses. Get the terrorists over there to I'm gonna have a broad. Wow nice to get a little perspective what these athletes are feeling. With the opening ceremonies on TV tonight of course it already lived through it now being ahead of time where they aren't in South Korea but it's always an unbelievable speed. Think about that some or you engage she had silver in the relay. And that's you know the four by four there and to think that some of her teammates right after that or working in an ice cream shop. I mean that it this is great I'd like she said you've got to have a plan being Kathy did well for herself out working a page Jackson you know happy she called. Rochester home after the Olympic. Love that story loved having her on we we do definitely think suffer from little to fuel might not have the NFL. This weekend gene but we'll have the Olympics and I think it'll tide me over. How funny each was that she knew where I was going with that. When I said I'm picturing you she thought she was learning that the metal like ball in the weak no no I'll tell PGA you know if if I won an Olympic gold medal. You would never will you try to rob my dead body out wearing it everywhere. Outpouring of what everybody annul. I'm an Olympic gold medalist Matt stashing them closet a box somewhere true over total restaurant goes who's going to be you know our war. Skews me yeah is that not all will open. Right this way. Seriously yes mr. danger all without won the masters forget it green jacket every deck. We're that they everywhere. Ever way you ease our problem no sir no problem and all you're wearing the green jacket that was NFL hall of Famer had a Super Bowl ring and if I think market. Oh god everywhere. Everywhere. I would be out be noxious about it I do that move where where you don't like. Eat eat eat you know like. The only thing got a whereas the Rolex where wrist watch and asked to show off their electric if you ask what time it is gazette that the yeah that that extension of the armed does that make sure you know he's got that would be me. I would be that guy lets us or today's top medical stories and bite sized form next. NFL appetizers on the way stay in the sport sport danger tag live on ES PM Rochester gentlemen. 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