The Sports Bar- Hour 2- Chris Brown

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Combine talk continues with's Chris Brown who joins the show to focus on what the Bills are looking to do in the draft, and how prospects are looking at this year's NFL combine. 


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A sports bar with danger and exactly when you look at our quarterback position. Tyrod and an eight. You know those are two good quarterbacks and you know we're still going through that process. Morning good position with some options out there so that'll work itself. You know I think it's obvious to quarterback position is a place at Needham and I would be surprised to see him take it to its packaging together and move out. Mike danger I see them standing patent when he won it there's quarterback there that they love. That's the guy they go to achieve exactly app called swing for the fences. I would have no promise you truly believe after valuation of Rosie and Donald are the best quarterbacks in this draft. Go get one of them. Anything's possible and we can get to the draft and they can move up but that's not my understanding as of today that they have been engaged an exhaustive of the draft. Darren and really really good spot draft wise and you know there's an easy get trapped capitalist to be able to move around it and had that maneuverability and I think that is I don't. Think their mindset is to give up there so I think they feel like they wanna build it. It's easy to sit here and say we like to upgrade the quarterback position they've essentially made that fairly clear but I don't think they would give up their draft to do that. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. After an excellent join as a sports bar with danger tightly he's open for business we appreciate you stopping by. Appreciate your patronage. Am 5957. Of them. ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ESPN Rochester map find this also have radio dot com. Radio dot com as well I am I danger he is Jeanne good tackling. It is Friday danger this storm came and Wentz don't be soft. Get out there tonight go to all right C go to the hammer came Sunday Cologne this reporter to shut down our offices that. And get a verdict. No. The Asian day a day where you if you need a few extra minutes. Yeah having trouble getting out your driveway understand that I mean if your blog I'd doesn't show up may be unilateral plow guy made you gotta do yourself and out that's exhausting. Doubt media few extra minutes quite. Shutting down and trying to right now. Beirut tonight section five not going to be it will cross arena in image in the sports update they postpone all the after school activities tonight color. Gather those games. The Iran according seen a game that has been rescheduled. Let's actually tomorrow night's of the games tonight on that would include. One of the schools I forgive me but those games tonight have been rescheduled. Monday they originally closer office until eleven I wanna say. Because of the travel ban that was the mineral Connie travel ban no one is sir travel. And so. And listen I woke up this morning Mike are right that the girls have a snow day so that's getting Khamese me a little bit here let's make arrangements so that worst set. When we get outside the we do the driveway on my neighbor text me his driveway needs some help as well as snowblower shut down let me do his driveway. That this forum like this is it's the storm is not gonna stop me I'm going to work. And I get the text from sandy. You know coming in are you. The roads are really bad I'm here from our Trevor where people are spitting out everywhere Mike Pollak says they're spitting out everywhere. It's adorable. Yes and coming in no snowstorm is not gonna stop me from going to works. And you and I got more work done today with the as being acquired Hoff has absolutely unique active or zero distracts. Great. Great day to get work done. Close the office what he's doing. Soft. Soft Jeanne this is where we are in when he eighteen danger. Litigious society. Gotta be blacker light to can't be any great amount we can't be adults. Can't be an adult right he can't like you said. Hey PD collection time that's understandable. We're not gonna hold it against you you come in at 930 instead of 830. I know. Error. Or walk and that's all well. Our. Heads over. Give it up Keith Hosea. Let's go hammocks dot com yeah it's a good piece I got to dive into that layer. Kid was in here last week while I was on vacation talks a member yeah right. Yes of keys runs the website and he covers all the games and he kind of has gone already history. The promises. Dale promises is that fair to say how slow funding to the blue cross Serena and how things have come really full circle here and here we go again. And this is what happens when they're in year to year mode. And this what sparked this was actually the reports out of buffalo we can take a step back that. Think the arena the sabres plain and they're gonna be in line here. For some renovations to you and my caring Tina the Buffalo News spells this out there was also a report from WG RZ that. Okayed in lieu of back dating you realize this that the seats at the sabres arena are the original seats. Had no idea. Maybe. It's just the fact that when we in Rochester go to weight data read them buffalo. We're comparing to what we have here in town. I never for once vote walked in that arena multiple thought oh my gosh this really needs an upgrade here. But perhaps if you compare it to all there any shell arena's right now the sabres just wanna. You know maintain here they're they're spot in the league. Compared to what to Rochester Americans. And we've been going through in the piece by Harrington has an air very interesting line in there and check it on the Buffalo News. That that's the first time where it talks about. Cry bit money going into the blue cross arena. The statement from the two ghoulish had the following we are currently renovating the premium club's new era field. Using private dollars while working closely with the city of Rochester. To make improvements at blue cross rainy using both public. And private funds. So. Just a quick time line on on the public funding that's been out their for the blue cross three nick is that you have to go back to July 2014. And there was a 38 and a half million dollar make over envisioned for the arena that would have included the restaurant's outdoor seating. And it's improvements to the lobby. Ned never really came to fruition right. New. June 201610. Million in capital grants awarded the blue cross arena by the Albany officials. That's been sitting there while. Mine is the little morning want to sign on for a December of 2016. That's when that nearly half a million dollar. Gorgeous marquis billboard. Was unveiled outside the arena. Half a million for that or lose half a million dollars round. For a giant TV screen that no one looks that is key puts it in his Prius that's yes of course. And and now here we are February. Tony eighteen when he announced the rock the war river way projects. For downtown Rochester one of the items including a 37 million dollar renovation to blue cross arena to be completed in five. To ten years okay it was almost four years ago we were talking about 38 and a half million dollars and Donovan has gone into the arena what can we get something going here. Because. If you're talking about ten years from now. You're talking about ten years from now the year 20/20 eight. Blue cross arena will be nearly 75. Years old. Edit out point what are we going. Why not just build a new one why not build a new one. You can make money off of the renewal on that it's not gonna put you in the red every time you turn the lights on. The new one that will. Attract. Teachers and events outside. Of your regular tenants. You're not getting concerts a blue cross read in the way other markets are getting occasional low ceiling you can't handle the production it goes without. Tear down. Let's goal. Would you be willing to tear it down and have the team play some morals for two years sure yes you it is. He even though downtown Rochester is not booming doesn't seem like it and there's not a place a plot of land where you could easily build a new arena. I don't lease and nothing's dumping up to me here in downtown Rochester well if you get a rock river away. Why wouldn't you make a new arena. The crown jewel of York river way. Right. And he doesn't make sense when new restaurant everything out yes sure what makes cents. What's gonna happen nothing is going to happen nothing noticeable and tangible nothing that's gonna other then a marquee sign. That's that's or get. We gonna get anything of substance at the new. Renovated. Blue cross and now. The only thing that gives me some help is hearing the analysts say in that statement that they're talking about putting some of their private funding. Into renovating the the state. What does the every now and what does that mean. That's interest. The book cool as a member there's another party in there. What Geoff Calkins SNG that manages data Reno and the pool is never wanted to that we thought they were gonna apply. To become the managers of that arena they did and so Geoff Calkins and does a great job their by the way. On once again he will be the unity on the arena manager next year but I guess my question is what. OK at the close again put their own money into this they got to ask for something back here right from the city if you don't do that isn't it nice gesture you want. Something's maybe by putting in I'm just I don't know how this works you'd tell me if this makes sense but maybe by putting it some of their own. Private money into the arena first. That gets the ball rolling for some of that public money because if you wait for the rock to river way upgrades. The arena improvements are gonna start until 20/20 three through 20/20 eight. But you're talking thirty years. Since your last renovations at blue cross arena. From my god can we live in that arena while another five years no we cannot sell maybe between now and 20/20 three maybe that's where you see. The private money going in because it's him it's it's more Paris. I mean I don't wanna talk about myself I don't like to gene but in. Tube TVs. Go to my bedroom. Sony treated Tron so rocked the Sony Tran trauma that's where you put that tube TVs in the batter right nobody sees it that's fine I got that thing saying its first 25 years. I don't know Ole. If that's the look you want in your arena though and you have. Two TV tube TVs mounted throughout the atrium all over blue cross screen it's a little bit. Heard you walking and it's the one arena that still has the light bright. Score boy remember light rain when your kid had. Now you have the blinking things talk about the limo company in the chiropractor and they and I'm sure yeah that. All men in your out of town HL scores linking their yeah yeah bomb now. You also have a banner hanging from the ceiling with two incredibly. Handsome and talented broadcasters. Well there are and then also dangerous exactly. I go can we don't know if so it's it's that little nugget from the heritage piece that little nugget from that the gaullist statement. Good news. But you know if you're expecting the city to be the ones that take each take the lead on this and to be going to start spending don't hold your breath. I mean that rocked the river rape project if they start spending it in they started in your 123. We do between now and then somebody's got to step in. Wow I've seen improvement that's the thing that's disappoint in the rocked the river weigh in our town anything that is. And he got remains were gonna spurt Akamai and helmet OK maybe I'm just a cynic but. Between the fast ferry and I high falls and all these products are never get. Okay just another chapter. Hey we're gonna do something Smart Wacom businesspeople don't do that if it weren't up. The goal is sports and entertainment saying we're gonna rock the river away. I would be doing cartwheels yes you'll be doing cartwheels too because you have real businesspeople not a bunch of politicians who by the way they edit the office in ten years. Hole. Knoll. The only way they will be in office is by doing nothing away lovely will be there. I'm wrong are. Let's get back to Buffalo Bills for all the come by it happening in Indianapolis of course and Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com. Is there in India we will talk to him now 950957. FM. ESPN Rochester. The best local sports talk in the flowers city. But John Murphy she OM a sports bar were dangerous big tag. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back to sports park danger and mechanically I appreciate you stop combined. CM 95957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Buffalo Bills at the NFL scouting calm behind Buffalo Bills like come Chris Brown scheduled to join us next in the sports bar. Yeah it has become mine goes tomorrow Sunday. Monday and now it's gonna be and it's a weekend to sit on the couch. Watson measure bulls mean to mean what's more important. I hear what we're gonna see is not the important stuff. The forty stop the vertical leave the cone drills at all fun among good. To me it's the interviews and still looking guy the guy in the figure out does he really wanted to be a Buffalo Bills to figure out it. What is thought it's not coming in it's it's like it's your first interview here with a lot of these guys. It's a lot to take you and it's a whirlwind for these you know scouting department has talked everybody here wants. To me it's about the interviews in its about the medical background tracks this. Yeah those of the big things that teams are looking at but justice Antonin were allowed to get a little bit excited right mean gene what do I told you that today. There was a player at the combo line. Who had. More reps at the bench and Joseph Thomas. Who was quicker. Than Shawn Jackson. Faster than Devin Hester. And at a higher vertical and Julio Jones. Give that to me and there's a player who cast the NFL scouting combine. But more bench press reps stronger than Joseph Thomas. More reps at the bench and Joseph Thomas is Dan ball it. One of the best offensive lineman in the game today. Quicker. Than DeSean Jackson. While you're talking about somebody that if fastest player in the game big is steep for a faster than Devin Hester. And has a higher vertical. Then Julio Jones. I could you know and gas who time I'm talking about sake one Barkley Iowa right now his I'll listen. I I hear you know I feel about the ginger general right I mean you know now you can't get you yeah. Cuba early for sickle Barkley pretty souvenir Jeanne. My phone. All right now hole now seek one needs his own music if you're gonna fall moment this guy. You want Chicago to draft and lower oil and no no no no no no no. This knee as a fan of any team this is music fan of football I can't wait to see this guy. Unleashed in the NFL. And then you hear about what is off the field leader in the locker room good character guy. Some team is going to be very happy with the selection of sequent Barkley. And only one team geno only one use their official. Teen Twitter account. To tweet out his forty time and post the video of his sprint. That team. The New York Giants. And you're giants. User affairs team official Twitter feed. To post the stats. And the the the run time of now signal bar so. Good chance of being their number two when the giants are picking. I don't know. Maybe that's a tell. Maybe it's the giants trying to tell aggressively we really of this. You really want this guy can't get. I love the strategy. You're way ire on state one bark mean have you got what does the league is about eaten you need to go running backs he's not gonna solve any team's problems danger. He is Larry he goals. Zeke LL it worked in Dallas goes down is a great offensive line. And look letter for nanny was okay in Jacksonville below is letter forwarded it really worth the number four overall pick I guess we'll find out in future years. I'm not investing a top ten taken running back are you losing lumber. There. I don't know Jeanne it feels like every year in the draft there's one that hits. Whether it's Todd Gurley. Whether it's. Leonard for a net. Barkley is it this year what are the browns went Barkley. Best quarterback available at number four. That that can be because every Gillette but maybe Barkley at fort Cleveland might be added the case here okay. Luckily hype is gonna get number one how what this play by the giants you tweet out the Barkley stuff. So that the browns can see the your interest in Barkley yes yes and in the browns'. They're probably a staff of guys just sitting on social media right. Poll. Joints just read about sequel Barkley. And the browns take shape one number one overall. Meeting the number one quarterback in the draft. Josh Rosen. Ghost in the New York Giants and protect. Am well. How about this. Whatever the order risks. Top four are we talking about shotgun. Barkley. Rosen and Arnold somewhere in that is they're gonna be someone alters then those four guys going in the top four because. What Cleveland does it number one if they do not. Goal quarterback at number war. In their mind they're gonna think we could take chocolate and now we have a great defensive line year we can work and the will take care of the other side of the ball. Maybe it's the quarterback. Maybe we'll get park we have for my point being. That would be my dream scenario for the Buffalo Bills because trading up the number one overall I think that's going to be difficult. As for the giants. Get out they're number two. And the giants. Can't get the guy they like weekly Hillary took a man number one. I'm tired roles might be their number two. By the way Lamar Jackson speaking at the Columbine saying that no team has asked him. To work out as a wide receiver and then if you were asked he would do it. He's strictly quarterback absolutely. Where these reports coming from the teams are asking him Aziz is denying manners it's just eight news. Why is that than the knocks a Lamar Jackson. And we talked not today but previously would Matthew fair Byrne who pointed out that the flaws and milk diapers analysis mean. Well Mark Jackson he's not accurate. And what about Josh talented tar levels inaccurate quarterback in this draft old jars Allen as arm strength. Mark you know Lamar Jackson he's not tall bombings say might make a great deal. So I don't think the size is a concern here where you don't you're gonna say baker mayfield is a first round town one Elmer Jackson. To media accuracy that's what's gonna hold me back. As far as drafting Lamar Jackson and number one thumb anything. Lamar Jackson is there a number in the sector around the bills. Are gonna do the thing that I have everybody's had on fire meaning they're gonna go defense defense when he won in 42 and then boom boom meat you'll get a quarterback the next thing I wanted to take a Mark Jackson Tony want. Finally that. I guess but here's why don't think it'll happen. Ready. Meaning one person bills fans in you know exactly where I'm going with this. Who is the one guy that has the ear of Terry Google but Jeanne what are you talking about. Terry but it brand and being in charge when it comes to drafting a quarterback no he's not. We learned this last year. Before Brandi and Deane got there Terry the goal line plane in North Carolina to go scout the quarterback Mitchell too risky. Well plane of goal to Clancy to meet with the show on one error. GM at the time was Doug Whaley correct I did we lose on the way out okay. Fair enough but this is an owner that laws being in the process. Zaria do that I mean. I'd say I'd say watch what he does this year to see if that's accurate because if he's if he's late in Boca. To go visit quarterback and how well yes but he may well just being amateur Roche. By the way I think it should be just being McDermott. Then I would say all right good he's not meddling he's letting his football guys make football the. I gotta finish up my point here sorry. Point being. Who was the one guy we have instances that's outside any organization. He's outside the organization hasn't been any organization. Since the year nineteen stinking 93. Can't even go to the fourth Super Bowl yet but everybody all mighty Bill Polian. Bill Polian. Saying that Lamar Jackson is a wide receiver day just blows my mind I don't know anything compared to football while Bill Polian but what I don't always. He's putting themselves way way out there. A holy time and again. Has been kind of the de facto consultant to Terry the glow over the years terrible cola hawks to bill polling. You build polling gets in Terry the goal is fear and he's chief decision maker on this. I do not see the Buffalo Bills drafting Lamar Jackson because. Mean he is mind. Bill Polian still carries a lot of ways surgical as much. If you're Smart GM and I feel like Brandon green is a Smart GM you can build a pretty strong case against Bill Polian to Terry Google if you want to I mean after all. Last year the best quarterback in the NFL draft according to Bill Polian. Was shad Cali. OK to it will have that audio some more Ali India find that. I mean honestly that you wanna talk about that they think about the quarterbacks it went last year. Shawn Watson. Pretty cool and Bill Polian last year for the NFL draft. And by the way the most talented quarterback and a jet draft is probably Chet Kelly but he's got a he's got about unabashedly a scene out there that's another issue. That Bill Polian last year before the draft. On Mike and Mike. It's Mike Mike so you can build a pretty strong argument against them. Against anybody who tries to predict the draft because nobody knows kite doesn't know she doesn't know. Think they look at these guys evaluate. The talent they they look at the film they do their work they do a great job. But it's all subjective. Can Bill Polian has a nice Reza men. You could do you could paint you could drop pretty good argument appear. And indeed as to why you shouldn't listen to that guy Terry cool with all due respect mr. ghoul well. And that's where it would danger staying and I would hope terribly gore would trust the demand that he's hired you know not to go with the the legend the outside consultant. Bill Cole in build points taken a lot of heat for that so I guess I will give him credit that's what he believes in he's not sugar coating and I wish. I guess more people would actually speak their mind freely well. Lamar Jackson is basically put that all arrests and today it's saying I'll quarterback. I'm not entertaining the idea wide receiver and he can then asks me to do that I won't do it. The other thing that I thought was funny that he just mentioned this comes from Josie and Anderson about ESPN we were talking earlier this week how. What was Eugene that mentioned that Jackson doesn't have. An agent but it's his mom. That's Preston brown ultra some browse them brown line that sorry okay yeah I keep this in your mind bills fans that up pressed him around. And this came up this week because Preston brown. When asked by hate her reporter would you like to join a takers and he hasn't terrorist or two free agency yet the bills could almost you know sign him right now they wanted to. Well he talked nicely I don't have the exact quote in front of me. While she needn't be getting better advice from his age when it comes to you know making sure you keep all your options open and not to (%expletive) off the bills fan base by saying you'd like to go join New England. I'm all. My gosh it's his mom how how cute now she's a lawyer and she you know certainly has it good background in business but. I don't know I would want my mom represented mean you know in negotiations by the way and ms. brown pressed him browse month does not represent any other NFL players will she is certified. Lamar Jackson told Justine Anderson earlier today that his mom. Is not as agent. But she is his manager. While all and he also added that he represents himself quote I represent myself. Jackson tells Anderson he does not think an agent is necessary. With the contract rookie scale for the initial NFL contract. What does that tell you about Lamar Jackson if you're an NFL team. That's a red flag would there. He's got slip on the first round. And he may be right I mean there's just. Seems to be a lot going on there. Are what's the update number on he's don't know today don't know this is live radio folks for re promote guests there we confirm guest. I would think that something's going on now so this you know this happens from time to time we'll get Chris Brown at some point. No problem. Am code appetizer if you're called accountable let's call a audible to wanna go to NFL appetizer is next. We'll serve up the day's top NFL stories in bite sized form. Top stories of the day from the com mine NFL appetizers on the way next in the sports partying German tag glee on ESP Enron type sport. Which have the best sports talk anyway PM 9:15 PM 957 Afghan dust sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar danger in the tank yeah. Talking to guys have they're here to the ground in Indianapolis the NFL scouting combine this weekend. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com joining us now in the sports park Chris hi event. Chris appreciate your time today out and India written before we went to break there we were debating. Lamar Jackson Jackson just speaking moments ago. To the media. Were you coming on this because here here's Lamar Jackson did so many some great things in college. And apparently the Buffalo Bills are reportedly now going to our they have interviewed. And sat down with Lamar Jackson. Do you believe what Bill Polian says regards to his analysis that former Jackson should switch to a different position or do you think he's a quarterback. That can help the team. Well I mean. We need we actually. Talked to build all the other day. One of our radio shows. On the Jaaber Peugeot. You actually say it but it's on man's opinion. But I spent my whole life of personnel. And I believe that he would be a better life you currently have now it would be a quarterback they used. They're valuation on the fact that he's such a ridiculous aptly. That. Putting him at quarterback. By not being not Taiwanese and other way to beat dynamic kick returner. He can be a doubt you'll write as a wider deeper though. I think you can use him in more ways. If you challenge him to wide receiver position. That maybe quarterback and that's still going into opinion and certainly entitled to edit the an appellate activity year. Obviously aren't. And Libya will mean that believing it was a quarter Nokia about it is notable oriented today quarterback our court. No you know I don't think that's going to be reform opinion. What the bill bank governor well we'll have to wait it is. Branding spoke earlier Italy or or object that you know he'd be with typical self. Order that is Steve that I would bet the bank that the majority of that will probably. Border. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com joining us in the sports part danger and the tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester Chris earlier you reported that the bills haven't a formal interview set up for later tonight with baker mayfield. Well let's recall that bill it straight or out. Yeah of people that damage you know it got at all though that it is being able mean the real bottom is really all shock. Just confirming what we already largely that it branded being earlier a week. They're they're going to be all the quarterback prospect though. The land there was in the it is about every one of the top guys. At the position oh airing at eight you know respected and help and the prize anybody. I like it personally power ought to be in the. Chris what do you make of the whole situation with Tyrod Taylor going back to the report from Ian Rapoport of the bills are prepared if necessary to pick up to six million dollars a mean. Certainly this looks like this could be really could look like it it's a block stuff from the people you're talking to. Saying it won't pay and this is this is always changing this sort of thing with Tyrod in the Buffalo Bills the quarterback position. What what are your sources saying as far as Tyrod and that deadline to pick up the six million. Well I mean Brandon being pretty much daddy he's he's an all the rock street he's getting the ball. About Wednesday it. The million dollar option on Arctic being. And I think the big reason why. Is they don't have or will not an. Another board analyst. At quarterback. By mark. There's probably a pretty good chance that they're not gonna get that bidding war or somebody like her cause. Every of any other team interstate in. Pain aching grants or for that. Most celebrated yet I believe that more dapper today the other that would be or what as noted Denver or any other primary players. Then that leaves other option to read and branded ink that they'll enter them. But then it got to compare them those options other date if there are there. Teddy Bridgewater becomes a free agent cool Buddy Bell which is still out there. Compare those guys paler and if they believe it's an upgrade if they do well and maybe it'll burst out but. It felt like Italy right now eyler envy. You know on the roster the early stage created yet. Know whether they'd let an edit trade of some kind of burying these. Chris that that gene and I call this the season applying as you get for the draft nobody really has to tip their hat. In one direction or the other as to what their plans are for the draft him Brandi dean earlier this week saying uses intent. To not move up or down in the draft and we know that if the right offer came around that intention would probably change but you spent a lot of time around this organization around these guys. Com what what direction do you think clearly did you think they would be content just staying put it 2122. If they weren't able to strike the right deal to move up or down. Yeah I'd and I think that Bartley is it depends how they expect their war and where they realistically feel they can move. And what they are willing to part with in terms of draft capital and you know there were willing they believe in somebody don't much that there will give up that are. Well then you know blue light that's possible the board all the right way you know at the quarterback they want it done about it burst there it. Well now they'll probably is that there and let something else dramatic app where it is second quarterback other board is still there at fifteen. They did it they are let go up and get back. You really can't predict that that's why. You know branded being in most other GM Arctic idiotic. It is you really don't know the number one. You know what you're willing to part with your board is finally sat in early April. And number two out of Puerto bowl and you can you can pay aid but quality team and you walk to a deal. You know maybe you wanna get up the well were out there and and he called it means it and look you know were they have a giant mine that were accused it figured I'd be there or erotic art. If that in fact is that date you know what would you be lower that you hear about the strike a deal and you may have a feeling late. It's the right scenario on all the Internet earlier about your your bank that's rated though they're guided actually back there though there's just don't. So much fluidity in the draft that very harbor. And straight answers that. You know concrete. Solutions to what their plans aren't that currently there's. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com joining us from Indianapolis here in the sports are 957 ESPN's Chris so a lot of these needs in the draft for the bills that can be. Filled by free agency perhaps bring back some hero guys which leads me to Kyle Williams. Gosh we're where we get what Kyle Williams does it mean if I've heard on Murphy shown other places I've read that and I always thought it was just okay come back to buffalo he wants to it seems like the doors open but. Chris is it really possible that Kyle Williams Mike dean mulling over somewhere that. Now I've BP gets the right offer he might play somewhere else in 48 Tina I I find that hard to believe. Yeah I'd be surprised by I really. I can't believe that either. Play one more year for the bills or. You know right up on I think those are probably at Lockheed that he all. And I would be surprised if he's a person clarity on the quarterback situation. Before you make that their. You know I think there's a part of him that. Might be looking at the whole thing and say well. You know like it finally reached the one Austin. You know I don't know what the future of the team all were eighteen especially at quarterback situation and seemingly. Up in the air to a degree. Only if we have to change deposition around or maybe there's young player in there and order the draft choice that's going to be the starter. I'm not invent that there were gonna take another step forward. 120 means do I wanna come back for that they'll. I think that's why. You know we're still here waiting I don't know that Ilie the at that you need in a time frame that perhaps the build a dividend is back pain. The build only have two players on their roster that late at tackle. The weather violent as backup and that if the question is how much of an app at the position and that's getting shot in part on dialed the eight. Chris you know these guys stayed when he when he started when they win McDermott and being both stern and didn't really say they were gonna be big. Free agent splash kind of guys and we saw that last year with the acquisitions they brought in not big names but. Names it definitely made an impact in 2017 do you see them continuing with that trend in kind of filling positions of need with without making too big of a splash in free agency. Evidently you're looked at value and I thought you know like the one that is it response they gave it. A one year five million dollar deal a lot of guys that you were the Iraq. I would anticipate much of the game. You know what they can find it veterans that on a little more security in terms ears on the deal and is willing to take maybe a little bit less money up front. It very clear that Brandon being as though trying to clean up the cap situation. That has been bad threat and it. He got rid of some of them. Knew that they were not going to be able with their cap situation. To resize any lot. He also wasn't a perfect blend with the culture they were right bill though they've moved in brother at one being second round pick which have made. You know Marcel Ari is not track was brought prohibitive for the return best. They moved at all their book very some of the now become point nine Venus situation will be better. Though the I'd feel it there cap situation will improve noticeably 2019. Where maybe they can be a little bit more rested but right now they have to be issues with their spending because cap situation deleted where branded want. Eucharist what are the bills getting in Vontae Davis 'cause we have this image of him playing in Miami and high level but. He didn't end so well in Indianapolis so what what do we know all about Davis in. Now aided the Ozzie comes in and if you know how much of a gay isn't a given that he'll have to compete for that job on the outside. Well I think so there are believed in everybody earning. What date yet. They are gonna add to the quarterback position more really you only have. David and why. You know what a couple of hours or eat free agent. You know. Letter jobs in one of their own create injury right here or there or create AJ ain't pretty that streak or back there. Earlier top spot though. I think what you have here lately he's the only airport so I think the way they let you all they had but. I think at age 29 yet he and there's here you know but they dated the re having groin injury now all the weight back yet dealt. I think that the first the ball group that. He's been at Grady don't repeat and number two well is the year it impede. We can't. Or you know any starting job. Chris Brown Buffalo Bills Telecom joining us in the sports bar and of course earlier this week Chris Chris Ivory. Came in for work out. With the Buffalo Bills what do you think about the bills addressing that back up to LeSean McCoy something that maybe you see them dead deal with T two. Is that something where they'll find somebody. At a discount and free agency dumb or somebody like Chris Ivory. Have had it all options on table that are. Like frank they can find a better free agent who. Is willing to take their offer which will be on the air terms. Well and he'll sign it better for any if they hit it now but he agreed at their terms. Then no don't that perhaps that that we all you have to be used in Europe or the water that outfit. On that they're running back in those elite edition all you can get a lot of valiantly they'd do. You know Adrian address anchoring on the third round pick last year cheap. Pack that has burst after the anyway was in the running for you know NFL MVP with the number but not. You know try to hit the wall he's a rookie that. If my point so I I think the bills are dealing from a position of strength. Respect the work by running back position because there's an up veteran Allen created date that will cost an arm away. And there are also will be options that threat is. Chris we appreciate your time what are you working on over at the Buffalo Bills dot com let everybody know where. Yeah we've. Is that it Adam what respect from the build and create via a web site now. We at all little in depth feature on how willing he ain't that are there. Was betrayed operatives potentially and it believe a debt in bite they are all ends here outside. And you know coming up the moral of the quarterback do you know that immediate today in. I've had an interesting take on leadership and there were different answers there and in each of these guys you know he's that there it was in Oprah 1215 minute. He's certainly get a certain vibe for each of them whether it bigger debate you clearly hesitant storm or Josh Rosen who. You know sharpens attack. There's an interesting feedback but he it'll at a delve into all that. No hurry up bubble built back. The Puerto reading it crisper on doing great work there and Indianapolis for the NFL scouting combine them half the Buffalo Bills thanks for your time this afternoon Chris safe travels. You gotta Chris Brown Buffalo Bills dot com readers were the required reading for Buffalo Bills went down and it's. Jackson. Coming around saying no I'm not gonna play wide receiver today and so that's kind of the breaking news here in the last hour I think when you talk a little bit more about this danger because to me. Stacks the line do the bills pulled the trigger I think you'll be there at 21 points you you don't have to trade up. He's a guy that some would believe could be that franchise quarterback others like Bill Polian don't think you need is a quarterback. Console with. On our Jackson's high it to me that's the one thing I've kind of learned this week to me he's got the most polarizing figure in this draft not baker mayfield. Lamar Jackson our break here and come back next happy hours upon us our daily special and another round of shots all.