The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Chris Trapasso

We have a post-combine discussion with Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports in hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. 


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But sports bar with danger and exactly yeah you're down on top fact they have also don't want to turn that dot. The defense but finds a way that they Calgary's lead. 05 that I think the only get the start that they wanted to you know push back you know we're staying in general election. From top to bottom it was there was really ugly. And that's just unacceptable. You know the breezy get trapped capitalist to be able to move around it and have that maneuverability and I think they're really isn't any decision may still be in the best interest you football giants. Plain and simple. So if someone makes you offer can't refuse what I've moved back two dozen homes there. Mike danger that doesn't mean the bills are special movie and there are plenty of teams that can offer up picks to the giants if they want Jeanne exactly. Yeah would you be trading knob gold drafted number two. If Josh rose in was there Josh Rosen. Or by both teams beating Williams or senator could do it too long one. There was no way. The Tar Heels were losing 7859. The final score for the Tory ovation. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back thanks for joining us your in the sports bar with danger of attack where we appreciate you stop them by 8 AM 915957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Our website where you can listen to audio on demand including last hour. Of the program where we featured me Gary former sister station WG arm buffalo that was awesome. Yeah as a phone conversation I mean we're gonna try to give is many different perspectives and make. Has a good article right now it is laying out the case why the giants trade down specifically why the giants should choose the Buffalo Bills. The trade down that's on our website ESP in Rochester Dhaka for. 54 ESPN 4543776. You're always welcome to pull the stool and join us here in the sports bar. It is not right no yeah. Hopes dreams and in the sports. This course. Throw a changeup here. Danger right that the we will look at its know what can hear line earning him more tomorrow when I get a nice warm sunny baseball take our right to get is certain. And they give you all the teams I say have a chance to win the World Series ready here we got Dodgers giants. Tulsa Arizona because of Robby ray and also because they have some good starting ticket hobbies nationals. Astros yankees Indians Red Sox. That's nineteen is that sick that sick. Yes there are other teams like Milwaukee Angel will be spicy entertaining things got a little thing for baseball I would say this. Then today you could rule while going one of thirteen. Has not having a chance to win and we have any reached opening date that is not good for baseball. Yeah I'll drink to that page you want to parity but it doesn't seem like you know taking at least the whispers of tanking just become more more prevalent. It with each passing year that you hear about teams just. Peony in baseball you have to spend a certain amount of money right there teams that actually don't spend the money that they're required to spend right. And I am almost seems like just rattled boss. Meeting the needs being on the fringe and they're all right at the top of the payroll but don't call it used. Used to burn the house down so to speak it worked out to them in the end they won a World Series and now you're. Hoping that'll be a plant in Miami or Pittsburgh or Tampa has been flailing for years and years. To me baseball has a huge right now I know with the counterargument is well Jean the NBA I would hope. The NBA you to do I mean how many teams realistically have a shot to win in the NBA this year Houston. Obviously Golden State Boston Cleveland and not even counting San Antonio. But to meet the NBA doesn't have this sort image problem I mean they were all kind of just expected in baseball baseball should be a lot to do everything. You lie in the NBA knows how to market their stars and doesn't matter what team they're wrong they're stars. Will be marketed can't say the same. For FaceBook. I'll drink to that Angie with all the attention being paid improper questioning of prospects at last week's come line. I'd like to shine a light on browns' GM John Dorsey who was first questioned the baker mayfield was of the utmost importance is his question. So you like food trucks. Sounds weird let me explain act early last year mayfield was arrested after fleeing while being questioned by police. Over a fight that occurred almost amidst a Pulitzer a cluster of Boutros Boutros rodeo in Fayetteville Arkansas. I like food trucks and two what food. Right. Is it right away ran off the bat let's make his rookie sweat a little bit and ask if you likes blue dress I love this move. By the new browns Jia. So I'll drink to that parents are these fans I'm gonna give you the final word here don't be disappointed in the right to be disappointing unions this year was going to be lean. So do yourself a favor Sunday night the father and they're not a portrait. Do not to need to the selection should all look forward to a much deeper team next year. Yeah com. Gina I have an expectation for this team regardless of who's on how late I expect them. To be in the term it every year so this year obviously display but I can understand okay this is the that they hurt the most when you factor in the little black scholarship to a next year. But my expectations are gonna remain unchanged I expect them. It's going to be internal expected mixed gender. Don't root for the bunny suit the for the rest is a sure yes I'll drink to that. Name one thing down. That no longer exists in sports figure OK and did you think about your answer to this. One thing that is gone and you wish you could have back maybe it's that. Mean it's a team that relocated media loves San Diego on the chargers and you can't have that back maybe it's an athlete that's no longer active. It look what would it be you my answer what beetle one thing I wish I could bring back. Big miss the big east heard of it I hope I didn't we yes I understand the big east tournament still exists but it. Eyes now what do wise there's no yeah Syracuse know you've gone to Boston college for gosh. I miss those days danger when the big east was in the ACC. It was a big east that rule college basketball fan and I got a couple. Walter Payton. I wish I could of watched him longer. Growing up in Minnesota. Losing the Minnesota north stars who. Got us out of you explain that once we are never quite understood why eight and in a place that logs the NHL all loves hockey as much as Minnesota. How did they lose the north stars that Dallas back but I if I remember right it was because they wanted to know arena. Some familiar. They eventually got the new arena against the Minnesota Wild that there there's a handful of these Viet you don't like Gina the big east German I will drink to that that was. That was always must see TV and in and unbelievable. Competition. Forgot that I just I do miss. It was in my opinion has fallen. As the actual NCAA. Tournament it right now hey if you win your conference tournament that's OK no you want it to win the big east tournament it actually meant something holly and go to the final day easily be easterners for Syracuse up five overtime game UConn. Now the ACC tournament only. Teams you have no affiliation or rec league. Clancy in his plane today and now he lost to North Carolina Melissa just haven't come all these schools for weeks. Office. We talk about how we we were ripped remember milestones based on where we were when the sports world was. It was taking shape around us that five overtime game that you just mentioned always remembered being. Back in Minnesota for my friend's bachelor party in staring at a bar not wanting to move because the actually just that insane. Yet the big east tournament is certainly nice solid proof to back Archie would go a little off script here PS if you'll allow me to because of the battle. Exchange. Online. Yesterday on Twitter this why I love Twitter at knew why the Internet sometimes just makes me smile did damage Shaq he's one of the personalities he might see on the NFL network from time to time for a. Dig down a shack. If you posted something about his favorites. He's our ranking system for his favorite. Residual. Cereal milk will call the RCM for short. Residuals sizzled like if you like. I'd you know I've arch series you shouldn't he finally tonight right here sugary cereal Q when you were a kid right what is. Your favorite cereal from when you were a kid that you would enjoy the cereal but then not only are we huge this are you would have the residual cereal milk left. That when you gigs that got your gullet it's awesome it's great tasting servant bringing this up because. What I had this dialogue on Twitter which is why I love Twitter with damage check yesterday. But then I brought up earlier today in the office because I saw one of my of one of our coworkers walking. To the kitchen with a bowl of RC yeah. And I sent into one that whoa let me guess. Cheerios. And she said yeah of course Mike you're gonna waste that milk. I seen day to Cheerios. Okay now. No I I think there is there's all that there if you had to do a power ranking of cereals with residual Mel I'll let you begin this is your thing by not uptight white but it number. Well first let me share Demi Shaq Demi chicks top our CM. Top serial for our CM. I feel like I should save it cinnamon toast crunch is in the mix and let's just put out way sit toast crunch is in the mix. I challenged him and I'm looking for a verdict. On frosted flakes. Frosted flakes Garcia. Is a top fiber. Because. It's like eight do you like it might be under rated residual cereal market EU that's so I think about boo Berry Franken Berrian and Coco pops in tricks can. Fruity Pebbles at the oh so many different residual cereal milk to choose from. I think on the top list I'm an agreement would damage check on this one top of the list. Best RCM of all time. It's apple jacks. Yes all three of did you know apple jacks he's the best. You're not expecting. In apple cinnamon. Tasting cereal flavored cereal. Hit it to leave this this labour behind in the milky goodness you having your all and when you try your your taste buds X you'll like. Should the best residual cereal milk apple jacks there's there will be ones that were put at frost reflects our fruit loops. Through those who would be good 30 am sure I got frosted flakes a LaMont because I Hannibal the other night. And I I tried to rcn afterwards Mike. Yup and I actually had a bowl of frosted flakes a couple weeks ago. With just upped nary a scared to drop of milk left in the in the container. By the way I hate when that happens in ground whoever my family did that left practiced at left in us less than a goal and in the container of milk but I think public I'd. Was trooper trudge forward. Just a couple of droplets of milk on top global frosted flakes not as enjoyable obviously. The residual cereal milk makes it all worthwhile. It's it's the prize at the end of the game. Captain Crunch were to happen. It's been receiving votes and Paul Paul Paul welcome at the didn't receive any votes could see my 'cause we don't buy these cereals. In fort all know look and end. I'm not saying that I indulged in the sugary cereals. But from time to time you went on might find yourself. With a bowl of of apple Jackson I would challenge you. To find a residual serial look to taste better. Then apple jets I think he did do it. I'm glad you when this reporter from the NFL network share this exchange in Sunday when you meet him wherever it is Super Bowl will be covering or whatever would call sort of hit it off just ahead talking about residual. Cereal milk. We'll hit it off just fine. It can't be awful all the time Jimmy he works for the NFL network this is pressing and important stuff and I'm I'm curious as to where everybody else falls on Zion ill. If you're doing Cheerios get out of here. Not you don't frost insurance a I'd listen. Chocolate sure listen. Chocolate cereal yeah you just chocolate milk right this year of powder we don't want to cereal with what you with. Chocolate. Cocoa pops now not not great RCR. That was a higher today and answer their critics right you're certain about those critics panned because often first almost out of his work. And and I've heard him talk about this before. I had to see that he posted something about it I've weighed in LA Dave. Can I get a verdict. On frosted flakes Garcia. And his response was one word. Yes. I've been vindicated. C he missed the ball. You should stand fair. There grace. I am always glad lowering pressure for the okay all right that's enough of that and that's altered that the sports or danger to tackle it we appreciate stopped by the sports bar. Chris apostles are bloody from CBS sports stock common love talking to a national analyst. Who carries the 585 area code that's we have Krista plus Chris to console. Who lives has a new article talking about the running backs and I'd be curious to get his thoughts on nailed trade values and what exactly would it take for the Buffalo Bills they were to trade up to the top three. So he has done more work than anybody I think when it comes to breaking down these prospects and when you rank the quarterbacks to. Ease it in what we you know we just did the latest CBS mock draft we're read to you. With gambling going number one overall early gallons a first round pick but yet there he is number one overall he is he the most polarizing. Pick in this draft because I could semen number one overall it seem in the second round and what do we ever had a prospect like. What I don't like about this quarterback draft classes that there is no consensus there they all have blemishes. And I don't know high you convince yourself that you love. Any of these guys I think dole we have more information than we ever have to. All right. Art Lego we have more we want every yet so it like for instance Watson last year well we saw more tape and we saw all of his interceptions that was the knock on him. We saw. Pat homes and then they roll the tape last year here's babble homes throwing across his body all the bad things he doesn't college I need you had to distill it down a each of these quarterbacks I don't. You're not gonna have a prospect like Andrew Luck come along every year I mean that's what that's the bar that's being sent eight no decisions. Here it didn't were not debating is we're taking this guy number one overall. That's that. I think those days are done Nader going to be able to find a negative about anybody coming out in the draft. Let's get to possible of course we'll talk some quarterback but let's dialing in specifically to his our running back article that he posted today and what else that we learned. From the NFL comments certainly plenty of prospects up to the could suit the bills needs and Chris will. Guide us through those waters next Crist also CBS sports joining us next in the sports more danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Fifty and 957 ESPN is give you twelve chances beach we. A thousand dollar if she weren't cash contest the endless wars leader each week. Every hours starting at 6 AM we'll announce Cold War when you hear attacks that code word nationwide this coming U 881. Donor keyword cash contest which. Levi CNN. Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and on demand audio book Marcus sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com. Love. Talking football with Chris itself you can read his work at CBS sports dot com it's free raffle. Unbelievable. Just great stuff and helplessness of time talking about the running backs from the come on what what we've learned it at the come by Chris you bid. I'm pretty good editorial Chris I would imagine you don't sleep at. Much sleep you can at night now there were approaching the draft the mean you're constantly writing working we appreciate your time here. On eight I guess your do you hear your take aways what are some of the things. You now that the town mine is all dine. Some big takeaways through for you coming out of the come on. Just the right at certain position in this strip I think there. Was at a fortified at Columbine and actually a lot of them match where it. Need that the bill. Maybe outside pressures bill is certainly used. Someone that they will be on the composition but all fault line that current theory the running Barack is out there and being. I'm either quarterback where are the most they are required. On 93. So and then you have the interior line. I'm offered the side it also bury so. I'm a lot of those guys perform well at the Alpine and you know there's not only a few to retreat happened Garrett but the so but the plan. We're gonna talk about a lot of positions it with you Chris the let's start with those quarterbacks I feel like every. Every indication that we've gotten is that every one of these prospects is imperfect at their they all have. A blemish what would tape of what what is it about any of these guys and team would absolutely laws meaning that they would. Do what the bills you know what every thinks of bill should do which is mortgaged everything the you have birds a lot of what you have to do go to to. And get one of these guys what do you love about rose what do you love about Arnold could do what does that do that do that. The positives. Outweigh the negatives by that much. No it and I think. That's why this is. Such a blatant to me a fascinating court correct or is really. The top two or three guys are pretty similar propped back. Com but it. And I've probably seven on this show in the past that. Whatever type of quarterback you want on your recorder picked eking you can sign in the first strong it has draft. With speaker mayfield you like it experience. You like hit the accuracy did a pretty much all level. An and I think most people like his action panel jot and sell. Doesn't care awful all want the party I think at anfield bigger Urban League title for senior quarterback. Armed with Dutch shell and I think it can follow along with obviously. Be measurable and then you you know that effort type arm. Lamar Jackson is kind of the wave of the future it into the quarterback spot like his scrambling ability and and not just rotting but the football. But when you watched Louisville film they're sold at times where STE. Com you know untouched on a lead and in 99%. Quarterback is accurate throw away. He makes excitement and Iran for twenty yards or compete at he'll get out with and where Mason Rudolph the pocket presidents before he won games. Garden experience the accuracy down the field greeting the fall he'll just throw it is just such a leading prospect in terms that it panic. It won't work is released. Bomb and then in startle you like though high levels. The road that. Yet he might have wondered two interceptions in the game he can make some creepy anticipatory wrote down on the field that you know. No one year old quarterback can typically make. So there really is you know I ate the high entry or a few treats for all the quarterbacks in the last. Where do you come down again are desperate Crist her paso on at CBS sports read his work. I'm John channel and we took a call earlier today Chris that says hey this is beyond the bills should trade up into the top 54. Others are new blocked by what are your colleagues are on CBS sports that says hey this is work at Allen will be the number one overall choice the Cleveland. Should we had the figure at as this. Divisive. In recent years and and may be correct me if I'm wrong if they have I'm going out you know too far by calling Josh Allen divisive but. I until I look at it from the standpoint Chris where. I don't even know if he should go on the top fifteen yet number one overall and we're talking about a quarterback you're. You know I'm I'm right there with you I don't think he should go with a top fifties and in a vacuum I don't think he should go in the first round but quarterbacks get push stop yen. There are a lot of old school football guys still and they'll run out into well that. Seemingly fallen below where it a what he restraint. Actually don't re watching him after the I'm buying. I'm every year I I I've tried and it marked as much as possible but I definitely want quarterback now that belt Shaq. To retreat times did you permit any gains or I'd like differently. I'd like Ellen Morgan I originally did. And hit an accurate he isn't. You know all over the place and I think it's kind of being construed right now. But there are in the long stretch where you look like Jake Locker. He is not comfortable in the pocket. If you doesn't really like what you eat right away you can lead the pocket right here you know what I called. Over improvise and throw crosses party girl that double or triple cover or for one why are you can open but I will say it become my asking. All the media members guys who have rhetoric there were market. And I am everyone that got the brown overall its orbit clearly were what could be days away in the draft which it. Doesn't seem like a long time but it it is in the streaker. But the book that the count by which is immeasurable B blocks for the browns to pit stop which I think would be a big mistake. Chris moss so writes for CBS sports stock con covering the draft for CBS sports. Our guest here in the sports part danger to tag Leo on ESP and Rochester. While you wanna talk about a calm mind freak of nature. And we'll we'll dive deeper with running backs the sake while Barkley stole the show so much so that that right after. He's running that forty and and leaping out of there on the issues and divert it that people are so why wouldn't Cleveland take. Him number one overall what say you Chris. I would feel really bad for brown. That they and there is there anything again. On Bartley speak he is an athletic streak. Iran for four goal and having forty vertical. At six foot in 233. Out of the old backside. That is ridiculous and I think it's Spellman is. Very good. But you don't goals one in 31 and only seen. To ultimately take a running back in at number one overall I mean we've seen the act is you Alia. Perform well like I guess that I wondered format. And coach McCaffery Eric the open era but we are looking. Kareem on Elvin Camara an array. Did Gary I can pick their fourth fifth round all the running back. Earning their targeting the ball only by there and gain any more either everyone. Eddie. So like they are we will ultimately go out there your eyes. Obama but for the browse the recommend one or. I would think you'd be more foolish than just Ellen put number one is because of traditional. Crist apostles CBS sports you can read his work here. And suggest you read is our latest article 1 up this morning talk about the running backs IE in this draft class and from buffalo standpoint I don't think anybody would be happy if by the bills and not address this position. And no Chris Ivory is not the answer there. I hey Chris you bring up an interesting name. Cool ease. Built granted their Flickr checked him out he went to southern mayor. And is bill is so much spotted it almost like it tightly swat 10. Did jump Cartier is kind of what was gone according is. It just overs the most ground. The most sudden in this classic bank Ahmet trip there with the club Barkley he's strangely didn't get invited to the am buying an eighty. I've just Ira and then and I told coach desire but I mean it's still. Is really good he caught on a pet at other. On this senior to. Or three years of you know high level production there until probably boat but they're the first round at a spot. To get that great value at the running back position. And it's the builder kind of looking for someone. In the future that haven't been running out to achieve a coy about it's it Eagles but it will be in actually only. Well if you want that and I know you don't met that are barker on who can comment. Right away and and just make a lot of linebacker. As well. Response of CBS sports stock common sports bar with danger in the tank lea Chris. So many needs for the Buffalo Bills and a lot of those needs can be addressed in the draft and if they stay put in don't mortgage their entire future by moving up in the draft. The could feel a lot of those needs will result what would break the than the most important position on need besides quarterback. For the Buffalo Bills and who might be available where they might be selecting and makes sense for what the Buffalo Bills trying to deal. I think either defense could tackle. Wide receiver and then he kind of band. Really those are almost interchangeable in the I mean as you are you or the bill. One veteran. Who is a quality player there but not necessarily an elite player and really and he got after that at what are you really out they have come Benjamin. Are under contract in 28 team but not after they you know that India is a good whether it be out of and are apt if invited beaver. Well right in there. And then at the secret to tackle spot its parent I mean you have Kyle Williams. It can come back in the but it is back in Indian 80% of app player anymore. Are so period is top Washington is currently up that there I armed police certainly need to with Iraq deposition. And you know at that he or defense by Jerry Hughes who didn't have an effect with generated a lot of pressure. Com is somewhat expensive at this point kidnap their. Rake in about thirty. Years old at this point so I think those who position they're the biggest need. 12122. More like Maurice Hurst from Michigan was diagnosed as you know kind of mysterious heart condition he'll probably be there either higher William Cole almost. Com and at what receivers but it's not a great player Cortland but are you. My top fighters speaker he's kind of like our government in the net you that big power forward type but he won't go up battered. And Kelvin Benjamin arm and then this actress require it really doesn't do reforming after currently chop on. I need to look up or would mr. Lee sit a force for evil. Opel Boca radical from Oklahoma or the tongue twister. Arm a little bit shorter. But just go back and be around yet still quick drop into coverage kind of be an ammo Randle el and their chemistry at linebacker role. Arming and do multiple things or shock retirement. Arms so I would say other those greens you directors our guest in this stressed. What wide receivers pretty and you kind of echoes absolutely lol it. Now it's time we start looking beyond on the first round here how would you. Assess that the draft you know days 12 and three in other words he is there. Is there Platt hole in talent or is this a good draft up from beginning to end would you send. Arm I I kind of wore on the let the thing written in a tweet from. A few other directing analyst very early handling all the guys compare because but I think we're looking at it and peaking at from a per our position all. Angle we look at the quarterback is the best quarterback where we've had him along. Arm and it just kind of depends on which spot you're into practice the bill currently there are in the sport now or eight eat at the tackle. They're not getting someone that is me you know maybe part time later one country have the died there are are. Could eat at tackle will either in the third in the fourth round creeping look like Becker were though certainly need it is it's just all go down a list. On or China open for Alabama. The two big I mean adamantly and their expert talked about the show. Period letter into law school died at super athletic. I'm Buddhist only linebackers to. So really just the patent terms a plateau on I'm which spot you're looking at running back to fix. Have a right and I won't be surprised if if there are some quality players pick there. A much as those weaker that at rushers by the operative tackle is not at a very good class. On the it and then I'm not really an amateur so it just depends on which position. The girls want to address and like I said there are a lot that fit with what they need to address. On the roster. Chris you mentioned Lleyton Vander ash at linebacker out of Boise State ops sergeant. Available to the man crush I'm not gonna lie I mean. You know after you mentioned him in and it after reading your work on him. And seeing what he didn't come I mean even sounds. Like a Buffalo Bills middle linebacker. It taught taught me tell me I'm crazy talk me out of the bills triggered a way to get vendor ash on the roster. No I think that would be a great and it I think he had him and middle linebacker like. I liked Ireland Avalon hill a bit weak side. Which you know was against so much atlantis' com. At that position and shot McDermott had an airliner with equally and Abbott could either leave intrepid check out quickly birdied eight B at watched it. We try to get much athleticism on the skillet oh and being addressed explore. Almost 260 pounds which is like decrypt the front side. He ran that it forced sixes which is great at a 30 am after vertical. Treaty brought job and then. In that very important pre cultural show that change direction and cultural bill. All he's not necessarily someone that gonna take all are. Popular guy but he's gonna be there at polling dart to running back I think he could be tackling machine in buffalo. And that's greater robbery or in the he's gonna go over it and get twenty or. Took the bill you want to address the quarterback yet 21 because probably it candor match I'm at number two overall. I is that the one cool linebacker that you know through everybody's attention with a great numbers at the com fine I Shaq Griffin. What's your opinion on unchecked Griffin playing in the NFL what round might the linebacker out of central Florida gulf to. I think he'll ultimately picked in the sport through their product and hurt some rumblings that maybe that third round of I think there will be a little bit too early in a really bad had nothing to do. Which in the hands it's just been here a little bit over all order outside linebacker pat pressure export. 227. Pounds that is not really your aura Urlacher by. He wants them to be a little bit heavier but yet it a little bit taller at a little bit longer arm. He wins with speed and quickness and just sheer hustle off yet I think if he will ultimately picked him. On to DH situation are passed such as Bandar. I'd react quite special teams and that's usually where we guys pick the sport cricket ground great story and there have run. 438 at 227 was fantastic and it released shows go. Chris having you on is great because gives a little bit of clarity and and certainly. Will learn more is is dominoes start to fall in free agency. And next week TE what are your indications what have you heard Amy it you know from from where we sit it's it always seems like these guys have said from day one that. They're not going to make that big splash in free agency but do you see the bills. Filling some holes were talking about the four through free agency first. On the yeah I think so I think we're gonna be like you mention and those guys are Jordan Porter might hide green and accurate I you don't. But the players that fit exactly what child there a lot of is it bad in a position that the end of their high character players on there. You know they're always easy info players that at its spot market command you know eight to twelve million dollars a year that can beat good players. I've but he's in the lead late into the builder connected with those two injured or while the dark airline. I'm just because let's on the direct connection and an eagle in a pretty big secret though that at a local interior light spot. Well with the government in New York with the giants beat former editors and it seemed like there and spent a lot more or if the build up to shell out. And really with free agency for that bill is all well. Maybe adding an. These type of offense in which I topped 100 Eric Welch. If they don't trade anything right epochal that would almost on president of the franchise. That's three wanna build your team and not only eight younger players but you know cute she players on the role. If you need a final peace to make it Super Bowl run. 23 year that you can do it. Crist apostle our guest here in the sports are 957. ESPN. In you do what do you make I'd love the fact we're getting. More trades or at least that's the way it seems what did you make of the giants rams trade yesterday. Well I don't really like it for a dying Alec Ogletree. I never scouting and went to Georgia. And inning he's someone that vote is talking about certainly athletic it's the old. Of what teams line at the linebackers are sedate but in terms. Whenever contacting your and he kind of shadowy criminal think you wanna be like that here linebacker. It wasn't there a particular we raise see player he had a really good and his college career and yet championship game kind of shut him up forward. So for the giants it to trade of sports which they gave him an extra four in the draft. And the six to get him was with a little strain it and you understand because they did have at a gold star linebackers a long time. I'm and a kind of in the minority here but I I don't think that there will automatically signal. That they are going to pick a quarterback. I mean with the next report out there and the 600 almost eight rolling your personal one that the government clearly likes because it is a lot of. Well would they be able to pass up on signal Barkley fees are number tipped. I mean I would. Just because the court backed by a yes. They've been like Eli Manning though they said they want it starter in twelve to eighteen and the first site to describe eclipses. You know Baxter's dressed in a comedy or epic and epic there are gonna be good at quarterback near the top of the draft but if you're the giant security element. You don't necessarily want to stay oh yeah old get a quarterback next year the year after the oddity in the outside of the cup and again. And as the builder cutting now if you're out that that happened either so there's no guarantee that you're currently at one of those players and if you do. You're gonna have to mortgage you know Samir picks in the futures so. I think is that giant head of batter offensive line and are we would be a little bit more plug in play like he. Elliott was in Dallas then that would make a lot course that. On that I think. I don't think he'd be wasted tactical or the giants. But unless they really fortified their brought in free agency and maybe the injured although they would do that bomb Barkley would not that. Here in the bleachers full potential because as we Atalanta. I yours. The giant to really struggle battle with protecting them and well all is out of supplies. Chris my Mac crushes are being exposed in new mentioned vendor surely you can tell I'm really enamored by Barkley where he where do you have him falling in your latest mock draft. Mom I have been still in the top 5. I am going to the browns before. I do aim actor after every week and I don't change. Next but you know their. Number I need to keep the reader's interest that so that approaching it and and it'll be that range somewhere from two. This step and I can't see him following enter the man I thought before the by the BP. Go all the way to number nines. With a course of 49ers but they're great trip. But after doing what he did in indeed there's no way on the. Chris true paso read his work at CBS sports in this certainly. Well worth your follow on Twitter at Chris for possible Chris so always appreciate your time today thanks so much. Got a Chris boss of the great Christa possible I don't throw that phrase around like he's grave he is the great Chris your boss. Joining us in the sports bar danger Maytag and if you came in late after that conversation. Feel pretty catching on demand here shortly eighty SPM Rochester dot com IG also getting some some interaction on Twitter. Regarding the Garcia. Okay now for folks is doing in the rcn being. Residual cereal milk. Jeff tweeting in cocoa pebbles number one RCM. Jeff I am going to have to disagree with you there but that makes it chocolate milk is gonna say yeah that's what you're going after. I have an easier method mix ups and chocolate milk. And for that matter I'm not I'm not a big chocolate cereal fan in the first place. Billy tweeting in Addie SP and Rochester hash tag or CM for quote adults. Wolf call wolf hogs are regularly we were we were talking a little bro cereal for you before. His list Honey Nut Cheerios honey bunches of votes. Raisin bran. Reason brand Billy. Now now raising a brand known. FO OH get cloudy with a raisin bran. Very tweeting Golding Grants Pass to be on the RC endless school programs under read all all programs that the DePaul under rated nice work area. Appreciate that you can always tweets at ESPN Rochester. How is it did show we talked about should the bill straight up to number two we talked about the future Syracuse storage yet what's the most reaction. What is the best residual serial Milch. As we're talking Richard tweeting and frosted flakes for the win. That's what started this conversation. My curiosity on more frosted flakes false. On the RCM Scania and the power ranked I want you back to Billy's comment. For adults why is there IA is there an age limit for your Captain Crunch now. And I should be no shame though that now cereal is awesome I don't care. It's awesome. I've varying. Love for for different varieties you mentioned Captain Crunch not my favorite and now everybody give me another one. Where do you come down. Unlucky charm them. I don't know if it's in my top ten it's better raisin bran yes that's yes. Benjamin and JC both with votes for cinnamon toast crunch. Its top driver. Easily a top five. Appreciate it voiced. Let's let's get some NFL appetizers. And it fell appetizers in the sports bar with danger take that Chris we did not steal this pull from gold can wink. Maybe they talked about the we were talking with Emma checked online about yesterday gamma shift from in somebody's accusing us of no no analysis. I give credit where credit's due out this was conversations started yesterday on Twitter between myself. And Dave damage Shaq. From NFL network and does sound like something gold food related he would talk about that. Back to sports NFL lot appetizers on when next we survey the day's top NFL stories and bite sized form like we do every day at this time. Teams meeting with baker mayfield. Baker mayfield. You Dag dad where's he going top ten we'll tell you who he met with. A former Buffalo Bill is getting paid by the weight danger I got tickets who will listen that yet so. We are talking about college basketball so much now did you know all College Hockey next week. Somebody's gonna get the automatic bid to the frozen four tournament I give you for tickets to Friday night semi finals of the Atlantic hockey tournament. Fort tickets Friday import ticket Saturday. Send you all weekend. You family for that Friday fairly for next Saturday will give the caller number five right now Atlantic hockey tickets the caller number 5454 ESPN. 4543776. The Atlantic hockey championships again next Friday and Saturday blue cross arena. Are you mentioned agreements that term mentioned college basketball busted brackets thing the most about this time of year you work so argue pour yourself and these picks. And after two days your miserable your crumbling up your your racquet it looks like a dumpster fire we'll know more. No more I say thanks or friends a five hour energy check out five hour energy brackets dot com real time brackets that lie you to changer picks. During live term games you start with your Smart picks. And points drop his clock counts down but you know what you can switch you're losing picks. Up till four minutes left and any gaming to take it with you anywhere you go with the the free app to download a plan work play at home planned to go. And it's five hour energy brackets dot com stay in the game longer with five hour energy brackets and when you consider how much college basketball you're about to watch. Stock up now. On five hour energy fits right your pocket when every need a boost five hour energy gets you back to 100%. With the you're just watching the game on the go or homer for your big screen five hour energy helps you feel alerts. And energized five hour energy get back to 100%. For an average talking. We spectacular scene. I mean slash honeymoon dean winning goal. On seven and the sports leader ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey has struck you in Portland will hurt you. Or Williams can't find Debbie some flying commercial street east Rochester. ESPN Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect with broadcasters most listened to sports. Yeah scores from the sports bar would danger in the Jack. Rochester wrapped. Like salmon. ESPN Rochester.