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Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Senior NFL Draft Analyst for, Dane Brugler joins the show to continue the draft talk around the Bills. If you missed it, tune in here.


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The sports bar with danger into exactly this whole Richie and I need a thing you don't just want peace in the guard is not enough left tackle you know protecting your blind side what have you I think that's a very integral piece for the Buffalo Bills himself I think he's lucky and it's going to definitely. The. It's like change. This game is built on relationships. Mike Dee injured. This is another opportunity. To branding being Sean McDermott to build the team and they want to build. With the guys they want to bring up. Jeanne exactly yeah this is not a good offense collides with all these draft picks it's a good time to start over on the offensive. Like the bill will lead to address best position in the draft but the dress still needs to be directed. At the top to beat franchise quarterback I don't think people truly understand. The difficulty it takes to win the cup like to have Toronto and Boston. Debt doesn't make any sense I do think it makes for intriguing and I didn't have bought it broke going to be amazing. Public battle of Pennsylvania flyers penguins about. The keystone state is probably the series I'm looking forward to watching the most Biden it's very difficult for me to see our team beating the penguins four times out of seven Sandra can. Six it sucks because we do have all the resources are to have success and. Rochester sports leader who 957. EST yes. Well let's all join us here in the sports bar might danger along with Gina tag we appreciate you stopping by on him night 5957. FMR home online ESPN Rochester dot com where you can read about the latest bills and sabres news. Always want the joys of 454. ESPN 4543776. Also want Twitter apps. ESPN. Rochester Gina are you ready for offerings and now I'm ready. It is not relevant. Post rigs and in the sports. Nice work. Yeah OG Richie anti near as when he eighteen salary what made him. The 37 highest paid guard. In the league now I'm not saying his actions or justify. Its publicly demonstrating why we shouldn't be on an NFL roster. But analysts any pills and he's upset that the one point six million dollars in bills safety restructuring his deal made their roster less talented. And here's where I think he got veto has a legitimate gripe now he'd have to go away. Yet decide that you deal. But finally somebody who believes the keys or the 37 best cordially he's not the 37 press corps in the league. Tank make Michael prediction. Of course he's playing elsewhere this year I think that the Buffalo Bills dig their heels again. And there'll be some sort of resolution game. I bought until that retirement. Paperwork. Bees. Actually filed in the longer this goes I am not believing Regina cog need to when he says liver and kidney problems and everything else. It's a media I think there's a great chance will be back in the league next year so I'll drink to that if the Mets are 91 thing. Was pulled TV it's April 11 did you know they're all of these two games left the long season don't know. Weaving I have a low IQ. Getting on a Smart man no I think Camelot visible world OK try to dump rain on my parade okay yeah. Let me enjoy this Mets 91 start there. Playing great baseball the gate and by the way reds and blues do. Ignore those similar taunts from Yankee fans obviously. It's April 11 I understand that it. You are under and understand net. Yes it's early yes were Smart and yes. Yeah I enjoyed it and Gina hero Red Sox fans talking like they've never been there before. You sound like somebody was never did it before it starts at 91 catch issue ever right to be exciting you have every right to be optimistic. That's exactly it and LG. I'm no bones and meant to be happy for me you know it sounds like when you when you most about the Mets the Mets being knighted while WS. So it's just. The social this. Don't think it's okay you can enjoy it. Looks like you've been here before you eat all social ms. that would be celebrating it we're. It's early it's a little luck last night Mac game. It was a thriller three rallies they win it not top in the ninth and I enjoy that danger. I'm allowed to enjoy that as a sport of course you are debut thank you bet my point of course you all thank you. Don't totally let me enjoy it end but you got my point being. Everybody has to throw the claw their you know it's April of course I know it's April. Let me enjoy. Thank you. So I'll drink to that dual party brief. Good eye color Russian. On Thursday night's. Bill Wenger. Fox sports thing alternate uniforms hunters and a football or going the way. That hardcore fans don't need gimmicks to watch. The game schedule also set to be stronger on Thursday nights on fox now. Why won't miss the color rush uniform Gina you know this is a gimmick but it's a gimmick that's been happening in the NFL anyways. They went to throwback Thursday. Where the throw backs on Thursday nights through the course of the season AD every Thursday a mix it up every age every now and then it. Where there's and it sucks out but the throw back uniforms you can't change the helmet. And the helmet. You know why is that doesn't match because of CT. Come on you yeah I mean I would imagine lever player has more than one us it'll be up to be able to trigger a way to make that work what row I think Thursday's throwback urged. Listen I think you talk about the uniforms he could talk about the better schedule until they find more time for these teams to prepare. They're not really tackling the real issue on that it's hard for a team to played. Good football on Thursday when they displayed on something solid. To back danger I can't justify. I'm not cheap guy and and keep about this. I can't justify the extra money to HBO report. I got rid of eight years ago. Because there's one time year I've missed it after your win win hard knocks comes up I get a little antsy but it passes. Today is an exception off. Every one that saw it said they all love to the Andre the Giant movie last night danger connected of Libya might known guy but it. The hope you what was touching. I mean gene it's 28 team you can find things anywhere if you look hard enough. I want to watch it so like compare it to the Ric Flair 35 third. 30 June 30 it was good not great. But I'm hearing that this is great. And these were both wrestlers that that you know peaked right around the time that might interest in wrestling people you know. Young. Preteens and teenage. Yet these guys and they'll hear the back story how it all happen. There at least presented in a way it gamma or I'm interest as solid proof to back the best post season in sports begins tonight. Stanley Cup Playoffs Jeanne it's not sexy. Mike Stanley Cup final have a rematch of last year's cup final the pins doing something that. Hasn't been done since the islanders at the early eighties rolled chick Gina. Pittsburgh Penguins winning their third. Consecutive Stanley Cup how we realize how many people are not picking Pittsburgh this year I don't care. Three consecutive Stanley cups. Best player in the world. Pittsburgh Penguins. Third consecutive Stanley Cup you ready for years now let's look I'll drink to that so last seizing E. A. SPORTS. He took a lot of flak dangers when they had their there's Stanley Cup pick. Based on their simulator when he seventeen. E. A. SPORTS but what I'm way ahead of the curve they took an eight C. They had Nashville and winning it all out. That proved to be not true but at least give E. A. SPORTS credit for identifying and eight CD making a deep run. So that begs the question who has E. A. SPORTS at winning it all this year. Believe it or not. They have the team from Manitoba Winnipeg jets market losing the Stanley Cup final this series you're Winnipeg jets. To that Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa hey. You know are also. Oh let's give it up. And. Okay. Yeah. Moon. Oh god Ed that would be the test right if the cop was one in win impact. We're happy Canadian now there right now they're going Hemingway are pegged they're going yes of course they are and by the way. Hard to little to Philly just did army that that Philly. Bullies is extraordinary Phillies fans I mean they go all out. Windy dal was at the draft last year apps sensational. Batman there are awesome. Easy need to not demean his teeny camera and we. And torrential rain. Credit where we can and any penguins campaign time keeping at international. That it sounds like Ross from monsters ink. But yet we were they happy buffalo people to let the cup walk out. I mean finding that tape of the seekers. Losing the Stanley Cup in baton in handing the cop. To the stars I would have thought people would bid if it's a no goal keeps me up at night I would pay money if somebody has tape. Of Jerry dat man. Doing the same thing when Dallas won the Stanley Cup to buffalo in the year 2000 architecture. It keeps me up at night thinking about that the idea that. You've got robbed Ichiro crib but that ends up there. We were downright friendly deck that tape goes on and here's Ken Hitchcock went applause yeah. I regret some old term and that now are we as a society just Greer. We're really different place in 2000 that we are now I mean obviously we were but. You got to do with the commissioner he's here. Lol well if we had to guess what happens between two I don't think we were just happy polite people buffalo. It was a different time it was probably the lock. Right isn't that when things really shocked with that and became. The villain who do the research on this that drew me. I paid him a plot by the way and that the beginner I would pay money at big band drumming the money are. Frankly here you go frank injured Franklin is here we see nick do it to work I got to a project for you. Here's what we want you to do Franklin we we've got the year 2000 of that that Dallas Stars receive in the Stanley Cup and Gary Bettman introducing them in the in the buffalo faithful. Cheering and applauding that we wanna find out where the line is win what year was it that fans started brewing Gary Bettman. As he was handing out the Stanley Cup. There's got to be audio there's got to be clips of it out their YouTube somewhere. Do the research we're trying to find out where that line is I'm saying it's with a lot of saying it's post lockout. What it was a lock out all five. Passing its post 05 that might be a lot but I'm I'm I'm curious we need to find this. 2000 we got covered so I would start with 2001. And kind of work your way up and it's. Tampa Bay Calgary cup final that nobody paid attention. Or they applaud probably they're applying in Tampa when they've really care yeah cup final on that is so we are looking at that frequency which you find out that lets and let's get out and answer let's get the resolution. Drop me. Come on drum beat we we. Ago and now. At least caveat that easy during on the John Murphy Schoen and you know helping us produce the sports Barbara afternoon really. Seriously he's eaten eighties is distracted focused on the John the John Murphy shows going. It is an. One bill's life coming soon to ESPN Rochester. That's exciting though tasker right tasker every day Israel tasker credit and a and if one of them is gone in the should the show will will be key okay. It's the same win win half of a two person show is gone. But tasker always did a great job filling in when Murphy was out bright and I love it allow. It didn't trouble for saying this will say oh c'mon. Don't say it. Okay it's Q okay. Steve tasker hired as the call was brilliant. But Steve tasker was not gonna call hosted John Murphy show right so they have done a chorus yes I guess he's a John Murphy Sean here's to many here call the state that's your job then you don't wanna bring the eagle dumber be. Antonin. I'm in trouble I figured probably mean it's fair to wonder if behind closed doors as they were trying to map this out they'd. John Murphy didn't say oh that's not the John Murphy show one we just gullible bill's life. One tells us that when bills last the address. The Buffalo Bills on one bills drive this is one bill's life. But I don't hate it. I don't hated gene you know I'd like to cars faster and it's going to be great. That's exciting news that what does that starting April 23 wanna say is that that Monday yep that is the Monday before the draft. And so fast speaking of the draft. One of the best gonna join us here in a few minutes dame burglar. Hayes the senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com. We're gonna spell of time talking NFL draft obviously we've spent a lot of time talking NFL draft Dane. And covers the beautiful drive better than anybody I've been able to find he. Put on a mock draft last week's rerun mock draft. The bills trading up to number two with the New York giants' day that you get you excited that's which you assume the bills are in line to do have positioned themselves to do. But then they're taking Josh Allen with the number two overall pick so ease that the right and for the Buffalo Bills why is that good why is that bad Josh Allen is a divisive figure. In the shares NFL draft specifically the quarterback class you either love every eight and we've heard whispers about Josh outgoing number one overall to Cleveland. Dean has some beads and and that by the weight gain last year at this time was the guy saying I don't hear a lot of talk. About Mitchell too risky to Chicago. And Jeanne. I wasn't following it burglar last year this time you were with me when the bears might bears took mixture risky. Who foot or two overall well I was shocked. I didn't understand could understand it. Dana has that kind of incite so you know I'm I'm curious to teach. Get him on with us and and talk through not only what the bills. Should do with quarterback whether or not Josh Allen was number one overall or not but you know draft needs he's got all these guys covered a great draft guide is well you can download. We we sent a polling earlier on our Twitter feed at ESPN Rochester he wanted to hear for the NFL for a. DI its he's going to be fun conversation we have coming up we should mention maker plans were only fifteen days away danger on the night of the NFL draft on Thursday will be broadcasting alliance. And it's cool jeans. I. And we invite you to hang Ellis because this is the one story. I can't tell how the story's gonna and that's what makes the NFL so draft so great right we don't know what's going to happen so let's find out together it's going to be a blast. How much better is the draft when we don't know what's going to happen vs the years where. You knew who was going number one overall he knew was going to number two you know there were some years were everything was kind of laid out you get really get into the draft and gets picked up 384. Well I guess let me ask you us. Will we have Cleveland. Zeroing in on who their first pick you with fake right because of their non. That means the phone still Mike you bring you might be able to call but I would think by Wednesday. Thursday morning the latest pay. Sam Arnold is the pit to attic site we should have a leak like that right you want that resolution plus. To sit back game hey. You wanna trade up and sweeten the pot a little bit more. That's going to be the fun part danger can you imagine if we get the author what are the chances we get the Thursday night. We honestly don't know. With the browns and taking a number. I think that's a long shot. But could you were managing could jewel imagine. They're gonna be taking calls up into the point that they're on the clock. Yeah I I if. I like dispense I. Don't see the browns getting out of one obviously how often you get that pick and you've had it in the past and you move dot I that would shock me. Four is still intriguing to me. I what's great about is really don't know it really everything hinges on who they take that number one overall pick. Yeah I don't see if Cleveland more to say to Arnold's gonna be our pick I don't see the giants that all the sudden saying okay it's gonna be wrong I would see suspense going. Until the giants. At number two. And one of the jets do number three obviously they moved up to three knowing they had a plan a plan B in a Clancy. That's mixes grit. Dane will peek through the keyhole with us to look at the 2018. NFL draft and specifically what the Buffalo Bills can and will do. With their paychecks than their abundance of picks. In this year's draft be great to have money is the senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com. Dave burglar our guests next in the sports park. Danger and take Leo on ESPN Rochester. It. AM 915957. Epidemic streaming online that ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester around. The sports leader ESPN Rochester. To making the rounds around Western New York after the appearance this morning and a sister station WGR buffalo senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com. DaimlerChrysler making his inaugural visit into the sports bar we danger to Texas Dane how are you this afternoon. Under warrior Dane we are anxiously. Counting down the days and if you could imagine. Where we sit here in Western New York and since the bills traded out with Kansas City the idea that they would have. On all of this collateral the trade up and get a quarterbacks this has been a story that's been over a year in the making your Western New York. Dane your opinion are the Buffalo Bills going to trade up what are the odds that they move up on draft night. The bigger question. And at that everyone want to know what we're going to beat them shake up in the top ten were ordered you to more trade action is just a matter of where it. What he because we know the quarterback. Are gonna go early pitching at least the regal a top three pick maybe Warren pop or pick in. It starts where it you know for all we figure who Cleveland State but wanted to talk talent for Arnold. And then number two what are the giant that I think they could take a quarterback are they gonna. Really they could take gone quarterback Brodie cherub ball like that border in neighbors he'd be off for. That there waiting or do you get out the top and you might buffalo has 21 round pick up include future or trump picked two and eight they'd get a man to move back it's going to be. Really you know watch because that. Derek aren't equipped do word. They would pick quarterback isn't a likely scenario waited upload trading before with Cleveland. But did it for ball was perspective. Are they that desperate where they're gonna take any quarterback award a big weight the you know we're past the one nutrient to dig at it yet but that quarterback. Or that of course there's so many variables in play it would beg for a one Thursday night it would. Senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com teen burglar our guest and by the way the 2018 NFL draft guide. Available for download at NFL draft Scott to become a must read for NFL draft and cousy has -- you mentioned Josh Allen your latest mock you have the bills trading up to number two with giants. To select Josh Al and a lot of bills fans would see that. And go sideways because he's not the prospect of bills fans want. And then you've also got the rumblings that I know your mentioning this beat last year at this time you're hearing whispers. That became a reality about Mitchell Truby is ski. To the Chicago Bears and you're hearing a lot of those same whispers now. Two weeks away from the draft about Josh Allen to the Cleveland Browns. Talk about that little bit and then let's talk about Josh Allen as a prospect. Yeah I don't think you could you can't rule out the possibility. You know are not saying it going to happen doc dot org and number one bite you can't rule it out that point. In look at John Dorsey early obviously is its first draft. The geometrically round. They're going to be a quarterback and at what struck in quick look at what. What Dorsey played in terms of a quarterback you know he's he's made is significant moves. Quarterback. The Jia street relic meant that drafting pat a call though how though that you could really pinpoint a hike. A quarterback for taught or acting that both Arnold and or shall have a few qualities that. Make some possibility of one but for me personally I am oral or better quarterback prospect what doctor Allan and he's got a cat that. Typical trade are all the jerk the idea put it that. The arm talent you can make every road make it what he'd be just. He's still undeveloped and several years appointed the position. It got weird to figure out OK when we didn't have our coaching and you know how it is what is Opel deal you know it he. It there are a lot of room to get better two years we view net. That the past or about especially quarterback trying to project that would have been a potential. I understand why a lot of standard now dashed out yet it totally. But it. He's going to go aboard top five and is it going to be changed and he worried about. Dame Drew Miller from NFL their draft scout dot com our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Dana I from where I sit and obviously you cover this way way more than I would buy if you were dissing that Sam Arnold would be the best prospects why isn't there. This coronation about sand Arnold being the number one overall why is there this debate I guess my question being. If there were negatives on sand Donald there were picking apart what would pull the team back from from traded for from selecting a sand Arnold and number one. I'd eat the turnovers. You know it is the fact that he added twenty interceptions. When he won on bulls the last two years. You got duke technical or better than and which it and Arnold and Indian man but it. Part of it madness that would make but. Special player is when things break down he can. It provides make it happen all platforms navigate pocket. Whatever need it need Donny and slow it scored B and make that happen. And those greed that's what he called the clear credible one guy. But you know what I beat typical cold and all we got and it bears in week and the look at different quarterbacks in you know indicate why they should be the top guy. There's no consent that they you know around the league about who to clear cut guy is we have that this year. Gonna vary from all of our office and Warburg war. I still in a more on right now I'm still you've been banned Arnold one. Yeah I hear the whispers or doctor Alan but I just I'm not gonna believe it just yet. Dave because you just match you can poke holes in in all of these guys and and I think that's really interest in have been saying same thing throughout the draft process. Does it makes sense then for a team like the Buffalo Bills to invest what they would have to invest in draft capital. To get one of these guys or is it are you better served just staying put in and kind of taking what's there at twelve or what's their 2010. It's a tough call because that you package. All the connecting go up you bet your wrong then you know you're the organization back yet. Not only because you've struck a quarterback early yet or else but you also gave up possibly multiple per round pick and it. It's something that really hurt resides in that you'd better be. Yes you better be our respect sure that your prediction about the quarterback whether start throws and doctor Alan baker may yield Arnold. Well mark Jack it whoever the quarterback is or going up to get you better be arbitrage are now acting like it jet where they're just desperate for quarterback. They went up the theory not knowing you're going to be there but being OK with whoever there now with a built a little bit better they don't have that level desperation where they get. We go up there no matter what. And just been spared no expense that will pick whatever quarterback left. Baby happy about I order a happy go their other their guy go get them. It is no matter of will there be trading murder and build their diet will be available. Dame ruler from NFL draft scout our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN quarterbacks a side game what is one or two players you would say would be. The safest place for teams assay for a team late say the browns they want to. Hold on their ticket number four assuming they took the quarterback and number one overall would be one or two players as a child visit Nelson. Who were some guys he was say yeah I would not hesitate taking this guy at all. Our only go wrong with any that you place you mentioned Brad each of the past structure I mean you have mild gear of one side brought it up what other. That the type passport duo that all that happy for Ed Ed it they're going to. Coldplay it. Based on just the past question you could provide off the edges. But not a bad and I think that the ground there are currently that are there for quit now but obviously I hate about where it Brack I've aged you better scorer. Than any other player is that it respect the addition. And are really like Brooke off at a line back from Georgia in oh you'll hear it a lot terms of being caught fire pit. I don't know why acting yup we belong and discussion. It placed beat that maggots and all instinct way to diagnose react ago. I gave me wrote on that Mike beam and Al all Obie just fire that up. Is there any chance wrote once Smith falls to twelve dating. It's possible but I don't think it's likely I think. A military. Broke one and at raiders' that I think. I don't agree it's going to be Derrick Brooks Wipro won men but you Michael earlier but I don't think you can get past and you know one. Dave burglar senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com the website you can go to. To download Danes 2018 NFL draft. Guide you must read for draft enthusiasts Dane the announcement of by reaching cut near these planning on retiring he's going to retire while that. Certainly changes some things for the Buffalo Bills I don't know that there are dressing offensive line in the first round wouldn't surprise me if they did nothing would surprise me what it will. What oh what is available in terms of prospects for offensive line specifically for per guard. In the scorer setter in this year's draft later on in the draft me round to round three. Both gators Iguodala I'm. Work on the mock draft and before that could be good news I actually did market guarded her round here in the bill. Though Hernandez that you that you via an upgrade over he caught the you know help fortify the often the line. And now we're gonna veto it does retired then become more of a neat idea big guarded all ability. It if the bills they put with those picked you the possibility there at Ali Ers. But a big deal way you know that is that is there a fairly. They above average interior all of the line group. I guarded you look on the they do expect third round rate Mitt have offered all orbit about. Billy quite out of Ohio State media the first trump picked. But it wit. The tech injury what you order at combined could. But it discount sticker on and you regularly in the background. Even know it looked like he going to be healthy for training camp and aren't being that he can play guard in place that are so I think that you're here all but the line by. There there's several guys you on the radar rag up on another one you. In that second third round range. That this it's better guard better by. Apple this year. Dane in your on mock draft you'll have only two wide receivers going in the first round I Calvin Ridley you have going on the wide receiver out Alabama to Baltimore it's sixteen. And then now Philadelphia taking DJ Moore with a final in the first round so a two part question I guess is this. An average to two of less than average a draft for wide receivers and the Buffalo Bills having a need for a wide receiver and they'd you know invest in other areas. How good of a draft would have DC if they words awaits a good middle rounds to address the receiver position. I I think that lately above average white uber class we just don't have that Julio Jones Betty. That you know that number one guy cop by Calvin really DJ Moore both. More high end number two receiver in the NFL. But I think the value. Second third round receivers this year are really where it really cropped up a lot godly courtroom but he'd be Miller. Christian Kirk. EG HR gain washing these are all eighteen receivers they've become and and make an impact. Maybe not that number one guy but they'll make an impact on draw and I think that it went above average group the bill. So weren't on update to our it would make spent brought in the quarters you're of this. Dana given that the bills. Are gonna have a suspect offensive line whatever they decide to do. In the draft in terms of a quarterback I hope that they red shirt that quarterback and he sits for an entire season. Behind AJ McCarron which leads me to my question is guy who's. Studying these prospects from the moment they come out of college through through their time playing in college I'm curious as to what notes you have. On AJ McCarron d.s timing Alabama's time into the pros and we know what led AJ McCarron to buffalo where he is now what we expect. Out of AJ McCarron in his first germ buffalo. You know didn't question because I think you know we haven't we were beaten in Atlantic Pratt city in the well with the Bengals woody is. Two years ago you know it bumping that. You know we want our Alabama and you know we expect he'd paint where record Alabama in a year or every 08 Olympic progression. Over yup he's been in the lead. Eight is we don't know how much because he'll wait a lot of practice. That the paddy and you know thing that we don't we haven't been at the end wide game action thought I'm eager to see how he does. I wouldn't want to short a contract that he'd get that thought he did. But I think look at a he's an agreement it more. What he which you can do before we added that the long term and you had a quarterback well either he I think everyone people look at our quarterback that Ali. And worst boldly you'd errant bomb earned. But he didn't have an opportunity. To be the starter either guy and he's got a point here is speaker probably is that buffalo. But you can only auditioned for other genes and show that he's worked a big contract you get the reach a market. Jane ruler website read his work NFL draft scout dot com targets during the sports are 957 he has yet. There are three teams with 21 round picks we talked about the browns of course we talked about the bills. But all those tricky patriots here's New England dame ninety you've studied many draster build belly Jack and I've heard many different opinions on what the patriots might be up to. Ohio what are the options here for New England all the now 21 round picks toward the end of the first round. Well all the options on the they where it with all the firepower that if they ought double click on eight Q. In Decker around where they and packaged those stick that well if they really want to move up for quarterback or they've really wanna move up force someone that pop then. At an army. Almost every player distracted at all but it patriot with would they ammo that they have this crap trap there. Though it going to be intimidated that'd do they don't could be years ago we ought be aggressive trade up for Albany high powered camera down the first round. Will they do that again. But also that you spent with media buying back early late banter short. That's upgraded eat at the line we know they are much help. Audit law being older create it they wanted it. Up an upgrade only offered on line it would a lot of dirt the direction they got no people want a quarterback in it. Is finding a future at the quarterback position now where they have a mind ought to believe you can't rule anything out with. With coach beau Jack and in the patriot facility and what they have at their discretion. They act I do not up but that right now expect that the state could what twenty read 31 I would be surprised they put those cute tick. And big tech I expect in the mover. Game what are your thoughts on Mason Rudolph and you might not have ms. high is some scouts have him. Now I don't and that I think he's third fourth around. Player might sell I you pop up a little bit by the all up on the eight. A lot of one greens. I had a patent design he doesn't have to read it you then they get. Read eat of the college. There's. What were a little bit about his pocket mobility. It army is average. There's a lot of things that I think he can IR I think. Actually I compare bought the united declare where I think he commanded and possibly lower but I don't think you're gonna look at it and as. The future but long term guy. The that your general manager Ed coached I would be very weird about. Leo speak in my job at our age shot and the like we're back I think you're always a good look at one upgrade it you have made her a top guy. Who would be a quarterback that you would say maybe there isn't one guy dame by if the bills were not to take a quarterback in the first round. Would it be somebody like Mike wire Kyle will let I mean a loaded question here but. Out of all those quarterbacks that won't go round one which one would you say would have the best chance. Us succeeding in the NFL. I think both the main thing you mentioned. Meanwhile let. He. That that there will be physical straight week marked in a vision. Eight of mobile guy eight YouTube you there's a lot alike about and let me get number Q a back up I got to know. Have carve out a ten year career and a belt you want. What quite interesting now I think that you there's a lot might wait that project load at a level acting thing. I think yet all the physical trait that you need. As long as he could stay in rhythm I like it up about actually about that they're both were at tied up. You can stay in rhythm and you know it does well a lot of pressure to do it and but for the past brushed. There's something there acting might wait had a chance and up YPD going to be Kamal the boards that bomb went on date there. He is the senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com Dane burglar is great with this time joining us here in sports or danger retain me and Dan. How wanted to give you a few minutes the floor is yours tell everybody listening 2018 the NFL draft guide that's available for download an NFL draft scout dot com. Talk about it all the work that you put into it which is immense what does it mean in and what can fans expect if they download. Well they expect the most information out there on the prospect then you know Coca a I make that promise that of the network a year around. I order it you thought our report that there and level of detail each of banana Berry. Pride or bowel and that litigated on Twitter at each group were I have link in the pop of automatic media outlet. The bought a developer. When I bought it. ID like you about that one big yell at financially available for everybody. He did it without you know that you deepened our wallet but it open edit your that you're not old brat. I promise you'll not be it appointed by this wrapped Eddie Jordan to meet aide is ordered accurate or logic. -- can't wait to read up by your work we appreciate your time today thanks so much. Thicker talk to you soon Dayne Dayne Drew Miller awesome. Senior NFL draft analyst for NFL draft scout dot com officially awesome. Lot of rumors this time here is the seasonal lying danger I am ready for I don't know if this falls into old rumor category or report category. But if you heard the name Tony Pauline. He's one of these independent draft insiders but he's built a name from self over the years. Tony Pauline. Writing on lying this afternoon quote several people I've spoken to you. Speculating that the New York Jack giants in Buffalo Bills likely have a blueprint. In place for trade that would allow the bills move up. What the second spot in the draft they also believe that the trade won't happen until very late in the process. That happens at all. As the giants won a field further offers. Look I mean it's not a secret the Buffalo Bills wanna trade up to number two. And if you're the New York Giants you want to float that out there are high peaks because may be somebody does give you the stupid offer love. Hutus to ones and next year's wanna next year's Q when you get some unbelievable bony. But until the giants are on the clock a Yad there's not going to be any movement but I passed that along. Do you live theirs or port that there is equal to. Blueprint. Forward trade between the giants the bills start. An NFL appetizers on the win nationals to replace top NFL stories and bite sized form here in the sports bar with danger of attack Leah before we get to that 454 ESPN Euro was looking to pull stool and join us here in the sports like John and he'll hate John Oreo. Hey guys played on such. A calm Alex Sink and all those stuff I'm hearing about Cleveland with a two in the first four picks. Denial and I've been here and Ali quarterback and maybe take on Barkley pass second myself I would Cleveland and I got our little corner ranked number one. I would turn our ticket childcare and right and maximum mild gear and have a ferocious defense to blind sorry guys. No absolutely and I think that's part of what they're hoping happens if beauty you could come up with a scenario where you take your quarterback at one. And the giants take a quarterback or take Barkley there is a very real possibility that child is there at four for the Cleveland Browns and you have a formidable. Defense. All I am I think that's what you do if you're Cleveland and we know last week we talked to watch and the bull from CBS Cleveland he was our guests brought port grad now is out doing radio in Cleveland. And that's what he said. You know look what's gonna happen here in heat said quarterback at wine. And it's going to be Bradley job if or if you know that he is on the board of four so it makes it difficult for the Buffalo Bills to trade up to four if Chubb falls to four now. What would happen would be great for the Buffalo Bills and John thinks of the call anybody walk and output the Stew was a 454 years can't. The best case scenario for the Buffalo Bills get the four is actually for the giants to take child. At two. Does a few things blind you know it takes that element off of having this great defense of life for Cleveland a four. To. Forces a quarterback down on the floor all right so the giant to get their CEO the jets would we are gonna draft a quarterback maybe that's rows and in the bills. Really really loved Eleanor mayfield. Seminoles to a B on the board one of those two would be on the board. At number four John appreciate your call. Let's get to NFL appetizers next in the sports bar the day's top NFL stories and bite sized form including a new quarterback in Baltimore. The return of our G three appetizers next in the sports part danger tag lay up on ES PM Rochus. This news from around the National Football League. A little fun today. Served up in the. Here's the during an attack and we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in a sportsman. Yeah really. Kind of kind of kind of well the NFL's teasing us tonight just the tip tonight yeah. It's our place. Knock me off my act's author RT all right we'll start over the edit those teasing us tonight. With an annual tradition the release of the pre season schedule. All 32 teams pre season schedule will be announced tonight on the NFL network. Are you aware at last year's hall of fame game it's going to be this year the ravens and bears who have rained bullets and Brian Urlacher injuring ten. At the Thursday night game on August 2 in advance of the induction ceremonies exact date of the regular season schedule that's going to be released in a later point. Follows last year's time I expect to have worn a map before the draft. RT three is back in the NFL Robert Griffin the third after going the entire 2017 season unsigned was. Formally introduces Baltimore raven at a press conference today were considered. His focus isn't really on getting back to where he was as a rookie and that. He wants to do what ever I can do quote whatever I can do. To help the team win games Griffin now 28 years old his slain the back of Joseph Flacco which means barring injury. The chance to get on the field to help this team win games is a slim. The first Bill Belichick popped up all mine world. I hope and you'll. Room Johnson's. Talked very personally producing on the show and her little halo. It just about a bill Belichick's and that that's that's what makes it's money yeah him Christen the landing gear. We got today comes word that the new patriots wideout cholera. Cornell Paterson and that he'll quote make you the player you should be. Hard to manage you don't turn. Match you're saying it like go rose in Titanic. Huckabee can deploy it. Draw me like when your French girls they'll. Make me don't want to receive that you should be sweep. Paterson sharing your conversations you have while talking about during the patriots and talking to coach spell check. He was just telling me that I don't know where you've been through the path of basically. We get the job done here. We're gonna make use the player you should be. Paterson didn't say what role as laid out for him during his discussions would Belichick and offensive coordinator Jon Daniels the last stint with the Oakland and Minnesota. He's certainly under achieved. I finally Jean this let's stay with the patriots check out this unlikely relationship. Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Made a visit to the State's correctional institution in Chester Pennsylvania and he was there to visit an offer support to inmates. Rapper meek mill. Quote amazing young men. I know how I'd feel. If I was in the situation he has crafts and afterward via NBC Philadelphia quote every time I see him I just come away more impressed he's very intelligent. Bill who's a Philadelphia native song. Dreams and nightmares with uses the Eagles post season anthem was sentenced to two to four years in prison. In November for violating his probation after failing a drug test. Traveling out of the region and getting arrested for fighting and other related offenses craft pulled me mills imprisonment. Just sad adding he shouldn't be here. Yeah mr. Christie should be living with you here and it's managing your it yet hero that's that's. Franklin helped me out meek mill. Good right it's good rapper. Digger rapper thing about dad realized he wasn't in a fight broke up. And it was like a lot of police contact. In another issues come that he had he popped like Willie. TV rights. Like these dirt bikes and he's like an enterprise crew you've got to leave New York City that ticket. And that was another violent. OK so here's the deal I don't know where you stand I don't or I stand but if I trouble with the law and the law tells me that I have to follow these rules. Do not want to lining work. Those girls. That's that's me. I'm not trying to you know make me eat meat milk to be any worse that he might already be. And of Robert Kraft is really sad and really believes it that there should be some so some. Let's call this what this team what is this it's PR day. They'd say yeah it's it PR BS it's say hey we're the NFL we do have a slot. And why. Had Robert Kraft he is busy paying the man in Brazilian. It's sort of says he's impressed he shouldn't hear your right mister Kraft let stand one of the wings of your mansion. When he gets out of prison inmate got. A for a weekend you gonna do that. I would love to see that. We make that happen you're so impressed but I don't believe any of this. If you what would make it believable if I find out Bob there's years after the fact. Why we try did you know that the purse seine. I bet I am doing share. Work if that's ever over here. Every just about like. Maybe that the patriots are accepting there they're the latest Lombardi trophy in there up their thanking their families their friends and Robert Kraft just drops it and I want to fake meat man. For being a great branded. Smart man. Wrongly imprisoned. Meet Mel my guy. Little hypocritical at Ike. Singing for this move this feels phony. Just a touch phony feels phony. And call where it is far she sat yeah I hear it. He eat. She. Violated. Rules of his probation. And if trouble with the law anyway she performed and they're laying out what I need to do to not be in trouble with the law anymore. Maybe lay low for a few months couple years I have Robert crap we what's Robert Kraft doing near Rochester this judge should not. Jail. This could go. Judge should not be you know I got a great woman and it's so sad that Astacio. Is it jail she's really really broad. Everytime I just couple more pressed very intelligent. Here goes missing this terrible goal like she goal around to all the communities and once again and figure out who. In jail they shouldn't be what a missed opportunity by the federalists and we have one right here gotta go visit. Us saucy up. Tell us how sad it is that she's behind bars. That she shouldn't be there. See you working craft. Bull. I almost didn't bless you we we're on the delay that are on to believe global. I invite him over for a weekend you've got the room. Meet net article was in the meat milk. Can we get video and a lot of reaction video of your kids. Kids in the record you watching a meek mill video. We get. They got a mop on and on a lot of good music and in current music. You are the program director for PX why you better we've never played any meat Millen PX one now I I know of all me milk if you play Mimi you'll song frankly if you blame him it was a public know what me isn't it you're missing when he's out of jail doesn't sound it's me. Everybody out crap dialogue are proud to introduce a month day. It's happy hours plus here in the sports bar with danger and tag labels are Robert Daley special. Lamar Richards got re tweet by Richey and Todd Hedo what's. Reaching these re tweeted nick turned it I think it's proof that this is. They were dealing with an unstable guy here at least that's his behavior and he should I mean something eerie tweeting anything that nick puts out there I'd say you're on civil anybody. Let alone Richie got Neil. OK Bulldog who weight that way oh all the bills just well ul had us on the other side the pre season schedule danger we just boarded and I haven't. Cop. Well there's a surprise of the pre season schedule who possible wrong. Crazy schedule that's all right yes but yeah let's get it that nexus sports danger to tightly on ESP Rochester.