The Sports Bar-Hour 2- David Andreatta

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, February 7th

Hour 2 of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Joining the show is David Andreatta, columnist for the D&C talking about the possible movement of the Rochester Red Wings. The guys also dive into the news that Belichick will reportedly "Open his world to McDaniels".


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It is a round. Post rigs and in the sports. It's wrong. And this airlines factor in these Josh McDaniels is a story. That I love is Robert Kraft sticking to the team that started the avalanche we came to know. As the late gay. It is revenge was a factor here and I don't know how can police be a little bit but I thought it was an evil as a B Robert Kraft is straight up the double. I mean how happen you. Should be and if you Indianapolis. He you know Chris Ballard. We're paddling Derek Ross for the you know because only wanna look at how this lives right get them to assign all the lot which you've got to learn your lesson. Yeah no don't announce it before your your signed on the dotted line I'll drink to that Robert Kraft. Now he's the guy you can't trust you smiling your veins to back. Scam you these owners today in cars got a lucky stars we may be our hours he'd be a little more shrewd. And calculated but I like to hands off approach that says that the school is have it tiring Dean Mcdermott. These guys like craft Jones and Snyder then none and and and bad guys solve. Drink to that so one of the reasons Rob Gronkowski is mulling retirement this news today coming that. What he would like to do after retirement. Hollywood. Now before you scoff at this. Meet rock you entry yeah us on the ground like you dream your craw. One role. I'd reconsider their Dwayne Johnson and AK to rocky he made it pretty good trade vis now Amy does the rock really play it's so. Yeah. So yes there is a market of course wrong of course there is we here's the difference between a rock in the rock the rock can actually formulated sentenced. Mean for. Post burglarized. It prompts might. Grown catch ball run. Run fast cave men don't. Got his club when he gets off the bus and Hollywood is drag it he's dragging his girlfriend buyer air like a Flintstones home from. Drunken Hollywood. The gene. I get it that he can do it and he probably will do it and it. You know maybe maybe there's a reboot of Encino man that we don't know and say like a full house or my Glock Louie cute thought but what. Yeah broke don't know actually solve drink to that. John. WIP in Philadelphia keep an eye on how the dominoes fall here. As the Eagles have not allowed their quarterbacks coach and highly sought after quarterbacks coach to interview with the vikings for their OC opening. Until his deal ends next week now it's the Eagles want deep political. To be their next offensive coordinator frank Reich leaving the coach colts sort some a lot of their problems that. Deter this in trying to retain him and I think that is how this could all play out. Frank Reich could do everybody a favor here because of the colts are injures did frank and set a deadline. Hey if you want me I've got to do this for this reason. Because of Philadelphia I let me know all given a deadline right should call the shots that if he's gonna take that job in India. So I'll drink to that and again we don't know that's beating case is gonna throw that out there danger not gonna see a better NBA highlight these here. Heck you're not gonna get better sports highlight maybe then this Milwaukee's Johnny is updated corn ball. Jumping over knicks defender Tim Hardaway junior for the slam dunk. Mind you this happen not the same night Parker stepped we're seeing is tore his ACL. What. A way to end it makes the New York Knicks basketball has canceled for the rest of 28. And. Keeping. What what did you did you just draw can. Packets are we had to get something would more have to free throw across really I adore all you. No doubt the best player yeah yeah Baltimore's biggest here's his ACL. OK okay last year at this time you had excited knicks getting thrown out we're garden Sunday. We're about due for first some kind of knicks' downfall you should be surprised. India's present all solved drink to that. ESPN's Daryn rebel had an interesting web tool right now I feel really sucks. How many 4018 US Winter Olympic athletes can you name. Well favor Rochus and better no one right up right now. Meet the latest poll 60%. Can name one. That put a foot five a danger I settled completely transparent sports. I can mean only three. Only three Gionta. And even alleged yelled a goaltender. And Lindsey Vonn that's. 33%. In its full sync none zero only 4% six to ten sacred name in only 3% could name. More then today. The point being here the Olympics are fun to watch it will soon end but this tells me you're hardcore sports fan if you listen to they shelf. You're only casually following the. This is this Picabo Street still. Ever Picabo Street she sells game. I know Lindsay miners I don't know I don't know anybody now I'm like your dad know what you think here's the thing we won't know. Until they do something great that makes us know who they are right I mean we you know we didn't do Kristi Yamaguchi was until she Witten and toward things up and figure skating and wait you know we didn't know the illegal heading Eddie eagle we know about the Jamaican bobsled team. Bulldog. Yeah. Call me big booster 57 according to. Yet she hasn't and I know I have made in the Olympics don't I just remember hey peak poster out pick who's reigniting illusory is not. I'm only kidding me she's not out there are risking life and lay it. On the slopes South Korea which hired. You're not a no more Matt don't Picabo Street why why isn't she competing. What about. I don't know if Shaun White is in this and that's why it's okay targeting four okay all right so mobbed the four. Our new ways in other snow boarder that's there's another there's a female snowboarders. Don't remember her name date they keep selling the one on the Promos by going to all your earnings. Yeah I don't do we know any other US Olympic hockey players other than Gionta and Lazio. There was. Caddied for well. Can be pretty low US women's hockey team has room okay ya can't agree not true. Sister of Tony Varnado. Dubai pulls more accident might in my Baltimore axis he retired in 2005. In the majors she's also 46. Hits. Also forties. Coaching is she doing and if she you know she's the coach of the team maybe if she's a and assistant coach and associate coach consultant. Now she's in the hockey hall thing. Well that Mario yes I can name three and then little hole I got prompted for your probably in the same ball behavior if not worse yeah I mean I've really got to sharpen up my curling game here I got to figure out who were watching for curling. You know who won team USA really. You know hey these are these are all people from from my native plants from Minnesota rightly did told you the eve of the Duluth so of the world in Duluth Minnesota and the like were all the curly people come from I'm sorry curling. It's nothing more than box on nice solid case you know I'll I love hey let's play some watching. And the Italians in my neighborhood known and in belch. Lunch. But she looks at is what's to replace a budget Beckett subplot to belch. And you just said you just confirmed what else to me I was watching you Sammy it's bulls should watch. Right if that's what curling is social order iced by Gionta. Toward that. I'm excited for that it's sad to watch she ought to play I don't know what time that's an opener veto with the time difference when one actually get to see. Some of that action I'm sure none of will be live put whatever right I mean. But if it's a hockey game and is now live hearings not live I'm really okay that's nice that some. Let's kick David Andrea don't what this year and in a few minutes in the sports bar. I would danger and the tag Leah. David made the mistake of tweeting out that he's making an appearance. On his. Two through his Twitter companies going to be joining mr. for 25 we're gonna do we know we'd better be on time in Milan where we're gonna we're gonna dig deeper into. Some of the financial records that Andrea has shared with everybody is in terms of Howell. The red wings are doing financially and where the county could be looking. That to save some money in terms of getting in new lease agreement signed with with frontier field. And nobody wants the local verse spreadsheet right so David had a hard work for free body here and you say spreadsheet you kind of glaze over blight. The county in my opinion hasn't done a good job of explain their side of the story so we'll see if the numbers will tell us senator Ewing and David Andrea excited to have him in the sports bar for the first time. Partly report that's coming up next in sports ordained German tag Leon ESPN Rochester. HD two when W 239 PM Rochester AM 915 and nine Levi examine them. Schwarzenegger ESPN Rochester. Before lesson for me and wrap before you name bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier as a possible candidate. For the Indianapolis Colts take coaching job that suddenly became available last night golf to date the colts have not to ask permission. And your view of the bills defensive coordinator. Hockey tonight the amorous hosting Belleville Don Stevens eleven call at some of five teams met with a three game at 650. The sabres. Not much new you can say here that lost another one last night double home losing streak is at five. This after the overtime loss than dogs the islanders coming to town tomorrow night wonderful false like baseball note. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson is based full rights traded from the Rangers to the Yankees. Sports that are brought you by the afternoon temple scandal thermometer bad cold and flu season is upon us winning difference between them look we'll brings a fever. He prepared with the ex in typical scare the monitor backed by more than seventy clinical studies did exactly ESPN Rochester. Sports bar with danger and exactly the city had bad news for me I just said I just need a yes or no answer you in or out. He's he's now that's an okay we're gonna move toward a wish you best to look the punishment. Read the notes are in the last night watch either you believe that the colts are good job and you want a ticket why you have the chance or you believe that they're not and you never even made a verbal agreement I'm surprised that it would really come down to just the patriots showing him some more affection. And a guarantee of bill sticking around we have worked there. And I want somebody that's a 100% committed to partnering with the us and getting that worked out. Mike danger and the Tyrod Taylor conversation gets worked up again can the bills get anything of value for number five gene exactly I'm sorry. Just not happening. Venture revenues. Thinks it's gonna go off the stick so. It's it's it's unfortunate bit but I like the way we battled back. Rochester sports leader 957. EST yet. Welcome back to the sport forward danger of its vaguely appreciate you listening we are open for business at 454 ESPN gonna talk some red wings baseball hear these you know lack of leases. Every day that passes we are closer and closer. It's opening day and no resolution between the county. And the red wings of Roger field. Gather still no deadline there was reports on last night which we put up on her FaceBook page on and a lot of comments coming in on this and all the same thing what does Tony it was kind of doing but. Saying that big gains will be moved to buffalo all. And Syria please. All right that's the first time I've actually you heard of all other venues but that's that's the logical thing right and for those teams that extra work. Mean. I've talked to red wings staff employees the year that. The Wilkes-Barre teams Scranton where bull Sperry the yankees' affiliate came up here we remember that but. Where the staff here it was taxing where all the sudden your schedule. Gets doubled overnight so. On the U yes I could see it being a benefit for buffalo when you buffalo will be playing I'd rather than Damon Rochester okay now that game buys in the red wings it's red wings of fisons. But for a whole year that would get taxing so but that's probably the short term in any of their party kind of so net out there than this danger is. Rio the par part of a list of the part of the story I'm having trouble understanding. The county side. Can't the county executive. Explain. What this series all the than just going to be standard cue card I'll save taxpayers' money making new. Beat specific why this is a bad deal how this hurts you because that the core public opinion. A landslide the red wings right now danger right it's not like it's not coming off like the red wings are being subsidized. By the county government. Wall it. That's not true within the county government needs to explain themselves and David Andreotti is going to be joining us a little bit pouring over the whole spreadsheet. Are from the Rochester red wings being the county. Once. To go away do they have a right danger. To go in and see it in question expenses for the brought just ripped. You're about to become a landlord right. They are slammed into the land they are right now and so are they allowed to tell their tenant how they operate. I mean if it's. If it's gonna come down to it what this is all about his money right this is all about how can we make this Lee's work for both parties that were not spending more. Having new in frontier field and that you can afford. To still out operate in the black yet. Pay the rent that were asking you'd pay. Do they have the right to tell them no we we get to see it and that's what it's great we have Andrea at a doing the work he's doing meet. We can look and see. I hate we're gonna talk about paean else I mean like you just that the now just talking about a paean. Makes me well you two under our shows you'll have to think about work. Writing it we understand that for a lot of people you're dealing with Pete and Els and stuff like that but this is kind of the the story right now and is there a line on there that the county says. Weighed in expenses for this and expect to see that that's that's the part is what do these zeroing in on here or is it just. Simply the county executive going to red wings game sitting in the stands and am Mike paying for this fireworks display them in my paying for that alternate Jersey honesty I mean I don't know what her thought is it. If that is the thought and if fans can live with. Less fireworks are less guest appearances you know I don't want that any of that change in a perfect world none of that she changed. But what I would like like to see happen less than that to where I don't wanna see happen is I don't wanna see. Jobs. Lost because of this I don't wanna zone that was astounding putt I mean their their first class organization. Dan will in the entire crew there they do a bang jobs. Every baseball season and they do right. So it or nothing should change and I think that's why you see internationally getting involved here because they know. They're class organization they do things the right way. Anything that they do beyond below that standard that they've sat. It's not just about look for the red wings to the outlook for Rochester it's a outlook for greener and cash. Only it's a bad low for the county executive because she's taking advantage of the situation if it wasn't Rochester community baseball. Say it was mr. Jones on the Rochester Bremer X and mr. Jones couldn't come to an agreement. Mr. Jones will be looking to relocate the team right. But in this situation where moon yeah it's community own play. Is it really. Because believe will step in a move that team big they can take away that the charter for the red wings at any point any internationally has that power. Seoul is the Tony executive overplaying her hand in that regard. David Andrea edited join us here in a few minutes here is I think he's done a lot of work on this. And I'm I'm curious to get a stick. Spent some time last hour discussing. This storm of ass that is occurred in the last 44 hours in Indianapolis. I'm only laugh at mount buffalo right at it NS and I was the one that came up with that that that was from an NFL executive. You know we knew we knew he soars like this happen you have. Everybody Chiming in to the B reporters into the national guys whether you wrap up for Porsche after weighing in with their two cents you eat here everybody's saying this is a storm vast. Two I blame the patriots for not getting into is are blamed the colts are likening him to sign a line which is dotted to none of us should be surprised to Josh McDaniels will never work as a head coach in the NFL. Outside of New England. Yeah it there this is yeah it's going both ends of the spectrum here in danger. Blamed for mcdaniels Wayne for the colts. Why blame for the colts. Armed couple updates don't sign assisting coaches to contracts before you get colds design. Because only one thing counts in this life. Get them to sign on the line which he's got eight. Any excuse me to reference glengarry Glenn Russell take it all that supports the coffee. On Chris Ballard. Coffees for closers. What that coffee down. Instead he's. The good head coaches respect you do not typically close that's it ABC. The bricks pal and big push you are going out. Hope it's always. Be closing. I got it on Netflix nominees would watch it's very mr. Baldwin's pastoral. Listen. IE. I might might opinion of Josh McDaniels has not changed I thought it was kind of slimy and arrogant and childish. Up until we talked yesterday and we talked about the possibility of it what he goes to Indianapolis and does the same thing with Andrew Luck that he was Jay Cutler Denver watching the bills I've perhaps you are. Exploring it and the polish covet of Cheney's probably grown up them which heard he's probably a different guy he doesn't wanna make the same mistakes he made. Back when he was young America in Denver turns out he's still arrogant and childish and unprofessional. This is that is a bad look. For Josh McDaniel all. That's it. I don't blame the guy for making the decision he has made because ultimately. He is taking the better job. Sticking the better job in a better situation for his family now I disagree with. Everything that's transpired in terms of the coaches that have signs that due to deals and Indianapolis have to work under him. That had to relocate their families and and changed their lives now I. With that you had coached that might not agree with their block. I would like to throw the flag and the whole family's story line. Coaches are the most self centered people when you get to that level when they go to heed its best in my family. Stop GE's got bigger and coaching you're gonna try your family around G-8 times in the ear G-8 marriage. Marriage. Ms. he's me Daniels married or not. So yeah I continuous. Negotiation. Hewlett that Franklin to continuous negotiations. And Linda's heard diapers yet remember yeah I know we get a sign above the studio door the outside of the sports bar we Tappan like that Notre Dame played like champions every that. Yeah we tap that just is a reminder that marriage is a continuous negotiations. So. Mrs. mcdaniels doesn't want she and nothing. That's not stupid call little moreover it creations in new and Hawkins hollow or get a vacation in Nantucket airport in oh cause. Engineer on both the moon. Trust me continuous negotiations. We who have a family here who have roots here a wanna know Finland's. Should move the court to hear more money. Went to pick on jewel look. Luke and George hope trust up. How many frescoes do you think he had behind closed doors with spell check in the crafts. To come up to the talent come to the conclusion that he's going to stay in New England. It's a crazy scenario and and we shouldn't even be surprised. Knoll. Wayne you didn't hear mcdaniels get announced on Monday morning as the new head coaching knew something was up he was buying some mock himself a little bit of time. And I know there are some people connecting and that's I mean don't just retiring not so fast that guys not gonna step aside not now he's gonna try to outlast Brady you watch. Well I will say this and I said it last hour Tom can plan my flag IE there are people that are closer to the situation than me and there are NFL people that I follow that I trust. And it's just an opinion. But my opinion is that Bill Belichick has coached his last game in New England too I think that Josh McDaniels. Ditched on Indianapolis. To come back justice served as the offensive courted them mere offensive coordinator of the chance next season. Do not and I do not. Not with that guy not with his ego not with these petulant kind of childish attitude. Will say. We'll see Al plays out our let's get Andrea editing with aside next David Andrea. Of the DNC he delve the leg work for us here look at all the numbers crunch them spreadsheet champion Els just things that make me cream zoning where I think about who who who. But we're gonna dive into it we're find out what is. This difference between what the county expects and what the red wings are willing to sign off on in terms of police for the Tony eighteenth season yes that's. Well last night comedian Rappaport naming deals defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. It's a possible candidate for the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job that. Suddenly became open while to date the colts have not asked permission. Dear view Frazier. Hockey tonight the amateur back in action Belleville coming to town didn't you know how the pregame at 650 Don Stevens for the gold 705 Donald join us next hour here in the sports bar. The sabres not much new to say here at their home losing streak now at five just after the overtime loss for the ducks. The islanders come to town tomorrow night. Sports that are brought you by Dieter you're hiring would indeed most Java minutes set up screener questions than zero win unqualified candidates in an online dashboard. Get started in these dot com slash fire. Keep exactly am I fifty day by seven FF ESPN Rochester. I Merck's hockey league this year. Emirates bell bill. Tonight except on your home for Rochester Americans hockey every game all season being M 950 years 957. At camp thus sports leader. ESP PM Rochester. Sports bar with danger to Terri Leo RE SPM Rochester we've spent a lot of time. Last couple of weeks and talking about. The lack of a lease agreement between the county and you know the Rochester red wings for frontier feel we weeks spoken to Randy Mobley. Internationally president who. Kind of dropped the bombshell on us last week at this time saying that the 2018 season is very much in jeopardy for the red wings in Rochester. And then you know more people start doing a little bit more digging when you start talking about paean Els and spreadsheets and them you know I cringed. I really don't know what I'm looking out my eyes go crossed the luckily we have guys smarter than us. Like David and Rihanna who can join us in the sports bar and break things down force as he did earlier this week David how warrior. I'm fine I haven't talked to Hillary you grates while I mean great in the sense that we're happy to be here but not happy about. The whole situation involving the Rochester red wings. I DBU pored over these excel spreadsheets and what not worry able to come up with any conclusions or story as to. You know what that counting might be identifying here. Well to be honest with you and all that has been reported on former other years. What I India David simply tweeted out I'm like FaceBook page. Some of the spreadsheet from Rochester community baseball as well as the greater Rochester outdoor sports the Doherty corporation which is that shell company that runs the stadium. It just gives. Any of my followers are readers a chance to pore over those numbers themselves so basically what we're what we're looking. I. Suppose the best place to start would be just that. Figure out how much the county goes on so front yard field 36 million dollars to deal. And the county raised about 21 billion dollars of that through bonds in 1994. And over the course of thirty years old when he twenty for the county will oh a total of 41 million dollars on the spot it and to date. It paid about 37 million has been a thought they have another step in to go root point 14. And now the question is. At this lease expire how much more of the county today and should there Rochester. It in the war and at the debate that and you know hampering the twenty these incidents last year. Eight is when you mention that they're seven million left them seven million is a number that six in my head is about what it would cost to do some of the renovations and upgrades of frontier field might be needing your going into it. This next season and beyond. I gather about equivalent there that the red wings want six million dollars in in upgrades is that the eighty. But really that those things are not mean this is we're talking about debt service on those bonds that that needs to be paid and dot org account he has been saying how. How it worked out you know let me know what is your listeners eyes are glazed over here but I'll try to put that in as simply as possible. Although it back. That debt service was BP was the county setup that shell corporation. That would run in the stadium. And it would share revenues with the red it would take all of the parking. All of this week failed all of the naming rights and smaller cut the ticket sales confession advertise and that sort. And it was meant to see. The rent for the county and the county would pay off those bonds well. All of that money never really amount to end all to 88 bonds off. And B keep up with regular maintenance and everything else that goes eight go for it. In 2017. The the shell company. And revenues. About one point three million dollars. What account owed each year on those on the debt service is about arm. About one billion dollars all right that sounds pretty good right now where we're we're in the black here. Except that talent left it up to this shell companies to pay all of those things like that. Maintenance management utilities. Are insured everything else that goes into keeping up the stadium and back. Cost according to the shell companies spreadsheet. About another one point one million dollars so we've got a dipper at about 900 out all Matt that it well. Doesn't seem like all that much always the bird to get David and Rihanna hired our guest here columnist of the Democrat and chronicle. On it was in when the county is it any negotiation nearly each side thinks they have have leverage that the time to really have any leverage here David because. On the alternative to having an empty stadium mom and yet that doesn't look to to. Plausible right now. Yeah yeah I mean it is politically untenable for Cheryl and all out to. Let the red light it could barely that is just not gonna happen but it does have. I think account I'm leveraged the amount of money that he'd. The county or this shell company eight in concession. For instance. Last year in two nursery in 2016 which it latest figure. Amounted to about 35000. Dollars for the count. By contrast the revenue from concessions. Output to the red wings operations was four point four million. You don't that you think the red wings now. Expenses are Republicans actually talked about three point one or not. Like of a total profit of four point four million profit of about one race but certainly the red wings did. Ostensibly share more than 30000 dollars. Not in that one area where there where the county might have some leverage and secondly you don't want that bit the red blue. Rochester community baseball which is the company that owns the right. They they're profit margins aren't as bad as you might think you know last year or is that the total. Profit for our EP was about 29000. Dollars according to their annual report that they do about it to shareholders. However. And I huge chunk of money 336000. Dollars which lost running amok. On so you know. At that 336 that roughly 29000 and you know you've got to have a decent profit. Rocket community baseball made money directly they don't make money on the on the mocked god and that you have been offsetting each other for the better part of two years but that operating agreement. Is now over. Between Rochester community ball in the mocked so presumably there's going to be more wiggle room in our CD's budget. And possibly that money can go to the county. It sure sounds like then they they're gonna sit down at some point in the be some give its have taken and everybody gets to what their beat a little bit more than maybe what they're used to in the county side an end. The red wings might have to. Might have to give up on some of the things that they've enjoyed over the course of time in is is that kind of they. Easiest way to explain what the hold up in this lease being agreed to is. Yeah yeah absolutely I mean I think both sides will. The question that that the counties asking right now it does is acts Ayers at the stomach to continue. Paying for this stadium well I mean I would argue that. What this stadium has been a financial drain on mineral county taxpayers are going on sixteen. Years but are we eat pork for. You know I personally I don't think maybe that made it out by any other call that I get out of perspective on it on the baseball. I don't even if you're not a baseball and the poor for having me Tripoli baseball club. In the city. And at something that I think we need this sort of accounting recognizes. And certainly you know they only silver doesn't want hurdled to BP. He'd you know particular owner of the red wings. Who who took the red wings got Rochester after what is the hundred. It almost twenty years some did that affect. David Adriana from the Democrat and chronicle our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. David backing kind of why in the land here you you have lived and worked in. Other towns and here Rochester we do here we have this reveling story and we have the rhinos might be victim there might be an empty stadium over their we have. Bluegrass or you were told there was ten million dollars worth of improvements in the state that's not coming we have a performing arts center that is somewhere in the bullet. My question is if you worked in other towns do we have a problem of getting things done here in Rochester. All I don't think the any question about that. It the other echoed that saying even if you only live year. I think anyone you know any reasonable person can eat. You know I think we just have a really practiced. Political establishment here that can't seem to work together to get. The money that that needed whether the problem. The state or the county. Making it happen but on top of that to look we. You know we're Rust Belt now that he's in better days and we just also don't have the fight that it passed. That other cities I mean would look look at Photonics and eat in which you can do meant. These huge tax incentives these two companies recently we are that one of them is gone bankrupt you know we just don't have. Don't see that happening layup plus for a strong companies that are willing to invest your. If you don't like it it's a shame because they think that Rochester has a lot to offer I'd hate Michael. And years and don't plan on going anywhere else. It is a wonderful. Community and I think that around the great thing about Rochester is that wind when businesses scenes or whatever you come here they they tend to get a lot of law now I know. Of course that being that we are about you talked about them by a and the other sport in the minor league was that at a difficult time of the year you could argue well. You know maybe don't get as much as I'm the much mothers they should but that's also question. Population disposable income of Al how much do people really have spent on minor league sports you know especially when there's so. Something like nine across the spectrum of what. It didn't. That I think about the experience at frontier field for a red wings baseball game in the summer and I know you go to games as well I mean you know. It's a first class organization need to write there's a ton of excitement there's energy there's promotion. There's fireworks there's special guests and and and and theme nights I mean you know if you look at the numbers. As you have in their expenses. Do you get the sense that that might be one of the things that they have to concede in order to come to an agreement with the county is that game day experience going to change. At frontier field. If they sign a lease this lease with discounting. I I have no I mean look. They're red wings will undoubtedly have. To do more with less sprite we we we don't is that the requisite can afford you a little more how much more mean you'd need a real. Forensic auditor to figure that out. I don't think I'm in a position to say that but the red when you have a little bit but I think they'd be really remiss to two. Cheapen or less than digging deep experience for people they're probably gonna have to cut some corners. In the air in their own operations in the and one thing we don't know. Is it how much the you know bid that management. Directly to that we don't know what they were so averse. Check it I don't know. Maybe she may be she'd actually given a little bit and I guess I'm just spit balling here I don't know audience but I have a hard time believing the red one you. To come to track on the Indian experience because what you that it really is a wonderful it's a real chance there much just. Well I mean eight do you think in your opinion the Connie has a right to say hey we we see the X you know just like everybody else see the spreadsheet but. If that's been a request the company is make him we look at all the numbers is that up. That a fair request they're making. I think it's a fair request by. Is it Tony in it's going to ring a lot more. The red wings or Rochester community east all I think it's sort of state and I don't think they're gonna get that much. No or is there are a lot of wiggle like like to hear if you look at my Twitter eat what you think I looted you'd gene on. In a Tweeter earlier you don't eat some of those records. You know I I think it's fair for the county district hey it's time to renegotiate so what sit down and renegotiate. Black. The county have to understand that it still going to be in the Balkans this stadium and I I would argue that it should I don't mean it it. Stadium and be in the experience that goes along with a triple and a triple A club calls front here at its home that may communities we're living. Those parks public parks and public parks or rain on the county by. They don't bring in any revenue but are we a poor community we're having our idol. David Andrea of the Democrat and chronicle our guests in the sports barging term the tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. We had Randy Mobley the internationally president on with us. A week ago now and he kind of dropped the bomb on us did the first person to tell anybody that. Yeah that's when he eighteenth season easing jeopardy if we don't get this lease deal done well before. Opening day it was it was I believe he's deadline now there isn't a specific demy which I think it's kind of curious in this whole thing we when everybody was singing come by on August we thought that the lease agreement was. Was that it was imminent it it didn't that we find out it's not only did not happen there is no deadline for to have and I mean how does. A deadline cannot get sacked when you're talking about people who do business all the time how does a deadline for something this big in this important not get sent. I think and not not not that not that cute and yours because. A couple of days before that immediate and it gave before that. I spoke with Randy Mobley is leading go back far with me. Like he basically them that the crux of my column after my conversation well that is not as hard as people. They often move petite so you know the duke you've got as a legitimate one. But not achieve it but at any time I would argue that. I think it. You could consider this a bit misty and scare tactic like Randy Mobley the president of the International League. You know we we can move this team and where in the works we're right in the process of looking at other locations and it would be that difficult to do. But they're not giving it deadline also not naming another city. You know I think these are our key indicators that. And perhaps it is really not on the front burner but somewhere between the back for. So what you what are sought out but not yet David I've iPod does for her up and it's don't we see this in the NFL or we're gonna move. You know the Jacksonville or whatever team to act city so until we actually. Here are some report what the real uniter just kind of leaked out there that. Yeah wait until we actually get another city that's being named here and don't worry. Yeah I wouldn't work much about it honestly I do think the red stick around in the domestic round at least 2814 I mean. The county got to pay these bills can you imagine the untenable political situation accounting would be an avid stadium that still have to hate us. The debt service on those bonds and keep up the stadium that you know brought in with nothing inside county can't do. So counties directly here International League want the red wings here at Mobley has been quoted as calling Rochester heart of the lead. I I wouldn't let it but I also wouldn't you know just turn up my nose and pack kind of rhetoric I. I I I believe that there are real conversations going on about where. That the French I could be moot. In a pinch. You know I I I think that appeared realistic. Possibility. If the league wanted. Go that way I don't think it does an accounting goes into it seemed so when all those recent are factored in crime. Bill waiting for opening day and look forward it to be much. David Andrea and a Democrat and chronicle dot com where you can read all of his work as he continues to follow this story as do week the red wings in the county. Looking to come to an agreement on a lease at frontier field that hopefully. Doesn't put opening day in any kind of jeopardy all David appreciate the work that you're doing of course giving us some time this afternoon debt. To talk about some of the numbers that you're poured through those spreadsheets gob. You know and I got to ask one question you might need your question what's wrong with a Buffalo Sabres got. I know you're a hockey guy or can we catch on and other times we just talk hockey enough about lease agreements though befallen. Thank you you you call that I could I mean they've got some talent that you can't make anything work. How many games they lost this year by one goal or an overtime and the I don't really look that bad but my bet is. I'm I'm I'm but it goes so far it is say like a bird or maybe. Almost a half of their losses of one goal games it's unbelievable that it at the close. They are three in ten in overtime. They're 103 we might be talking about holding it the recurrent that's the difference there yeah. Right right they they at the close I don't I had I don't know I don't know. While the the next time we have a chance touch you here in the sport sport David it's more hockey talk and less least talked at least that's my dream car David appreciate your time is always look for senior soon. You David Andrea a Democrat and chronicle dot com joining us here in sports bar with danger of attack. Cast so I you could react to that writes what's on quarter at ESPN Rochester. Renewed his call 454 ESP and 4543776. I again there's just too much for the Tony to lose. Here. And they're gonna end up pattern you know like any negotiation and I got to get what they want to hear. But in the end this gets stuck I would be the low war if we got to April. And that opening series got moved to buffalo. I hope I'm wrong but I think this gets done in the end. I also tipped. Let's move onto NFL appetizers nexus we sort of the day's top NFL story some bite sized form the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah. Who are the Indianapolis Colts targeting for their head coaching vacancy now that. Josh McDaniels has opted out and the latest on Steelers linebacker running she easier who made a public appearance last night will. Clear on that next in NFL appetizers you're in the sports bar with danger to tag lay up on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect. With Rochester is most listened to sports game. Sports bar with a dangerous bit. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Fortunately you're. 57. In Rochester. You're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. Rochester. It tackling here guys when you. Love it your wife or girlfriend do you treated her to the very best is found kinds day well you can and you don't even have to go out either way we're talking about the world's soft disk to jam is available exclusively. At a Gemma Graham dot com that's the JAMA grandma. Dot com. 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I Caroline's a mess right now the story Panthers interim GM Marty hurting being placed on leave. Amidst his ex wife's allegations of her Rask made the NFL is investigating Ernie under the league's personal conduct policy. He supports the spokesman telling me Charlotte Observer the judge in the case said evidence does not show party committed acts of violence against his ex wife. District judge Ronald Chapman did not issue an immediate restraining order against Marty Kerney and set a February 16 here. The Panthers also did interview Jimmy Raye the third mark Mayhew. And lake Dawson of the Buffalo Bills front office for their team opening. They're also seeking new ownership after Jerry Richardson announced he was selling the team two months ago in the wake of allegations of sexual. And racial misconduct has details of these Sports Illustrated story. The colts search for a new head coach is once again picked up steam in a couple of names of no. Our bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier who once worked for the colts as an assistant to Tony Dungy. And ship our junior. You know Jim Mora junior is the other was the colts head coach before Tony Dungy playoffs. Talk about. Playoffs we can make that guy playoffs I either so we can win a game Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz eagles' offensive coordinator frank Reich. Eagles quarterbacks coach John people at all possible possibilities with multiple reports out that. Call tomorrow your quest to interview right cool we're hearing interview on Friday he was rumored to be out for the titans head coaching job earlier. But ended up not interviewing for any of the league's head coaching vacancies. The lions in their new head coach Matt Patricia continue to build their staff including a familiar. Name for us here in Rochester. As the team's new defensive coordinator. Coach he is back in the NFL coach Paul passed Maloney coming on board with surprises very few if he gave fresh job. His first top level job we've put. The Syracuse Orange. Clients also announced the hires of Jeff Davidson on the offensive line Brian Stewart defensive backs Chris why is your tight end coach. And David Carle is the director of football research council moving forward tight ends coach Al Golden the linebackers coach to defense and special projects assistant. George godsey quarterback coach. Yesterday at this time we update you on the progress of Steelers linebacker running shoes here and confirm the Michelle the foyer report. But he's walking with the assistance as part of his rehabilitation last night. At the penguins golden knights game and Pittsburgh fans got to see she's here's progress in person as he made an appearance and received a standing ovation. For standing. She easier waved to the fans it was help to speed technology the crowds warm greeting as he put his hands over its part while he's still unable to walk without assistance. He's made significant progress since that early December injury against the Cincinnati angles. And it's a lot of ties Susan sports bar with danger of attack it all right so there's I read a little bit of our Ernie stuff today. I wish I hadn't. And this is true I wouldn't want this guy working from my organization but you know there's there's no. If this is true again there's a report. You know out of Charlotte today that a with his ex wife. Who is a teacher apparently. That Ernie weighing in and left. Hosted. Notes making threats in her classroom and Wayne's or her residence and broken entered and left post it notes. So was there any violence Knoll polite. That's harassment and he can't deal with that again Dexter. Yeah it's it's not a good look for in the timing is bad for him the timing is bad for that organization pay out but I didn't mention this yesterday there are few less Turner's now within the Carolina organization few of the murders that were there have moved on. And if you saw anything wrong turns out of the -- tickets for some of them or maybe like to some behind I don't know blood nepotism bearing in Carolina. What do Manson murders are taking over are any good did they do there's a team that really needs a new Warner just say everybody get outs. You can can say everybody else out you know Jane I think he should lead the way it is you've got yourself to sit com. And you call that's it daughter too many Turner's two already turner is viewed next on you any Turner's a hole. Sexual misconduct by the other error. Low. Join us next week is GM Marty Ernie gets papers filed against him war or where where is my sad trombone all next week are too many turner is no. Who who. Our turn me on paid leave. Wait we traded our wide receiver for a third round tech. What what. Hamilton Britain. That's when he got too many turner is. Cam Newton disparaging comments towards a female reporter. Or them. So it can't miss it all know visit the F. Or needs contact right I mean this summer there will be nothing will be watching who you know a football like marathons constantly. Throw an episode too many errors and next week I do many Turner's special guest appearance by. Roger Goodell who says that team may need a new stadium. Who me. And adding up problems split McDermott in being gone on the right time the buffalo looks like an attractive option to Carolina right now how far we've come. It's crazy gentleman has me thinking gosh I'm glad I got fired they weren't Super Bowl three years ago that's so quickly things can she change. Eagles were dumpster fire we Chip Kelly they're they win the Super Bowl two years later the Panthers are a mess now we're just super. This year RIG. This week until many Turner's they lose to this saying. Bruton. Season finale next week on NFL network. Review both run all we know all riverboat ride loses his cool in a press conference no rule of law. Are well at least he wasn't disparaging to the few reporters in the reporting court. Next week on too many Turner's. Our let's get to happy hour next or daily special. We'll talk more about what's happening. We Josh McDaniels. In New England a new report from WB EI intern nick just pulled up for shelters this fawning yes some good stuff on what will dive into that next in sports part danger tag lit AM 915957. FM ESPN Rochester hey guys it's been a long. Long winter. And right now. It's almost Valentine's Day your chance your big moment bring their romance to the table with the gift card to the spot Del Monte she's not always gonna tell you what she wants but you know that a gift card to the spot the Del Monte will show her UB paying attention make the right move. And purchase gift cards in store or instantly online at Del Monte spot dot com.