The Sports Bar- Hour 2- Dennis Bernstein

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys talk hockey this hour with the injury of Jack Eichel. Dennis Bernstein, writer for The Fourth Period joins the show to talk about the upcoming NHL trade deadline.


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A sports bar with the danger and exactly break new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. I have no idea it didn't go to but you've got this guy that was part of the shaft let's cut off site thanks for Jon Daniels and Bill Belichick doesn't do it now you've got the Super Bowl winning bomb threat to coordinator over the Super Bowl losing off red course there are good look this is there any English to adults. It's one day began to look old but it's another thing frank needs more western. Offensively defense she's a better team around Andrew Luck Mike danger paint a picture of what it's like to be there which team USA. Representing your country and being part. Of this global event for the Winter Olympics got beaten up. Jeanne exactly how we also have Rochester people who root for a we have more and she you'll die in the Mobil's we have of course Brian Gionta. It behind the vet the that is Jack up. He is it's something. But the game was unfortunate. Reporters could do. Come back to Rochester sports leader at 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar danger of attack really appreciate you stopping by AM 959 to 57 FM ESPN Rochester I come. You can also search resolved at radio dot com radio dot com app on my danger. I can't play my port Richey to take Lee is to pull for the Olympics guy who. I'm not too cool on his own plan my whole day around like you know what I sense now what I saw parents. So why my score because I'm. Is mocking their. X game quality of this because I don't like to watch figure skating. I'm sorry that doesn't make me a sexism I say I saw a little RR OR I am not the target demographic for figure skating thuggery meet new media there OK so what does that make me too cool for the room guy a. Yeah it is the no. They need Bibby. In the latest soccer scores riddle who drove cap yeah. It's Brett goes re reviewing what's happening on the Olympic ice with the team it'll lead in the team figure skating. Little or no attack. And it kept leading. Me. I was expecting in the fall last night yes I do watch a lot. Dennis Bernstein a senior writer for the fourth period dot com gonna join us just a few. Dennis knows what we're going to right now Jeannie just sent out a tweet inviting his followers to tune in and and hear his hit. Here on ESPN Rochester we're gonna talk sabres he says. Because we have team. Oh he writes he's right good. Do people view with the sabres is that irrelevant franchise I guess then Dennis is based in Los and other press Italy cast your item media always your download. (%expletive) your ears. You're racing in Phoenix to the bottom. The coyotes. What are they hey. They're a team that couldn't get a head coach. Merrimack they finally able to settle on talk kitten. Oh actually. Not only is this date there but somehow they stick around them. How many arena deals itself through own not that bad ownership bad everything that's ever. So the bottom without franchise that's where the sabres are. And boy the one bright spot to you had the one the one guy you can watch to maybe provide some sort of entertainment. Is now off for six with a high ankle sprain and Jack cycled a guy that accounted for. Almost 50%. NBA involved almost 50%. Of your team's goals. Who's. Danger that's too high ankle sprains in seventeen months. He's not injury prone raising now stopped now. Not fine. Them. Alex injury prone either I mean eat. What what does that even mean locate me you're not terrible house back. You couldn't start last season can't end this season we do this again next season that's all you call it trend. We say you. I'm just pointing this out that you 42 overall this money to Jack I going Internet. Is a weird play where is ankle kind of gave out in no way you know kind of slump and older in the Boston players trying to land opt they're realizing something is wrong. No I have no problem with what they don't check back. You pay that guy what you pay that guy no regrets and it is it turns out down the road we sweet we have this issue where he can't stay healthy. I would still pay him what you pay him because he's got a town. Well. This could be the blessing in disguise and follow me here because we are going to the playoffs and Jack Michael this vote. President thought that was my brother putting ten blocks down in Vegas and I got how soon they shot a foolish okay Knoll they were going anywhere. Sol let's see what else you haven't by the way you wanna be part of this team then start stepping up its funny how. And I have seen it were to have Paul Hamilton on tomorrow danger guys. Sam Reinhart and all the sudden his stepped up to this team here in the last time few weeks so a player like that who once and former number two overall pick and had was playing on the top line and then. All the sudden last year I didn't do your benched for one game because of some silly team rule meant this year dropped to the fourth line now. Eight okay the value is going back up so Sam Ryan Hart yeah I think what I'm trying to say here my roundabout right way is. This is still young team that's a young player. And may be with cycle out of the way all other young players. Will be forced to kind of step up a little bit. Leave the team themselves and not Jack Geico. Can that happen now. Where automatically saying out this team it's forget it you nit acting the realistic expectation of the rest of the year 500 hockey. That sounds crazy when you're be selling off all these pieces but that should be the benchmark can this team. Finish one point better than 500 from here on now without Jack cycle by the way. Technical really gonna calm back danger six weeks after that I mean I would hope that team we like to gag you know why that knack. Will where is there's a couple weeks left in a season that's a loss were were good don't rush back here by. Until we move teak is at last time Merrill cable oil with a player like Jack status. So you may wanna go let him make his own decision on the I want to look past the end of this season for the sabres and start to wonder the price what's the prize for the suffering what what's. What are we looking at this year's draft. Considering savers are gonna have a high tech. Who he's being you know come and I drool when I see those highlights a Casey middle step lighting it up at the university Minnesota. And yet another nice dinner out over the weekend that I saw just looking. So skills. Looking ready ago. I want more of that gimme gimme some more optimism some more bright spots you've got a handful of of players data Rochester that that are gonna step up and be fine goalies going to be fine we're confident that we think hallmark is going to be finally gets up to the NHL level pretty confident of that as well. Questions about out seal under a lot of questions out kid. But what I've seen of Casey middle sets so far. This season of the university of Minnesota pool. So is there anybody else like that that we can look forward to the sabres drafting early. In that first round and then you know the trade deadline is looming who's out there who's buying who's selling. Who are the savers talking to who will they be talking to what can they gat. How is this trade market and of play out going to be is active is this really is going to be here is going to be able to listen user. Dennis is in the now he's he watches everything he's he's got his fingers in every knows all the cap situations. Everybody T. We hockey nerd. Is a guy eagle two he knows. Everything. Well I guess that's the question is okay loved loved let's assume that there is interest in Evander Kane and some team will trade for him. Who Welles is anyone else on the same routine. Would you trade for an hour and spoiler alert I've seen him kind of not traffic signal Ryan O'Reilly will what he makes animals and ham. Dennis joining us a little bit you can always writes Wes at ESPN Rochester Zak writing and look at the bright side of the C overseas in an Michael's injury. Sabres tickets will be cheaper than networks tickets he's acting worried she Burr are ready for the guy going to. I mean you go to stub hub six blocks six books or probably Laura they've set the floor lower. Each. Yeah. Well Lou that so that news is disappointing. Good news for the Buffalo Bills you get to retain Leslie Frazier again he's not going to Indianapolis frank Reich is. Jeanne you believe this is a move more to PR move and now we just hired the right guy move it is and I know this is not popular here in bills country doesn't. We all love frank Reich great guy. How much credit does he really. Deserved. It in Philadelphia as we pointed out here on the show. Not all voted for for Philadelphia's success is certainly Peter saying the flip all. The quarterback coach Wright was a piece of it applied to meet. It's a quick move to appease a stand raised it was just jilted. And last time this happened recent NFL history. If I am days there was jolted back coach I looked down the road of buffalo and saw the quick hire Rex Ryan. Everybody felt good about it we all. Don't validated that we're still love viable NFL market when Rex came to town but then we realized. Who I mean now where they were saying in New York dole talked at it did the problem here for India is that. Not much there may we could say. Still howls you could say how Lisa back Cotto who who cool it possible. Coach this group of sabre players to play out front and not met. Without mineral block who cool it get the colts defense that a player could even finish that sentence right. It and don't they don't stand a chance they don't have a quarterback to win this roster is made up right now. Yes I eighty and you saw that on full display this last season out of her good team so free Craig inheriting a little bit of a mass sit in when we had. Are our body can't sterling from Indianapolis on with us last week former sister station in Indianapolis he he he basically that relic colts fans. Really believe it's still 2006. That this team should and will contend. First Super Bowl every year. Instead of facing the reality at noon you know very good now a lot of talent. And if you quarterbacks not healthy playing at a high level. And the pieces around him are very good is probably gonna be a bad team. Again next year. We are we big Saber friend Tori. Think you minutes till 2006 of the teams make. Runs in the pull ups and let it go public sabres are core I know it's a big. Topic of debate on the Twitter sphere whether or not the tank. Was worth it though if we take for this this is what to take the tape wasn't worth it to tank was worth it to take what. It drives me insane I yeah you rise Sully in saint I don't care TE you know it's what what's done is done. Can we talk well what's going to be done to make this team better to make make this team relevant again. They're not taking this year it's not a good year you can address your head coach you can say. Hey he. This went horribly wrong. You might not the guy that we thought you were. Demi Jane you and I were talking off there middle of next year houses could be gone right well doesn't turn around well I didn't. Play this out. Is Jason Matra gonna make moves two weeks from now yeah this is his sabres season right now all right off yes. Willis sabres make improvements this offseason yes yes yes and as you think there was ever much improved roster next year. And would better improve roster and some of the debt wake wanna on this team and then if we get into the holidays in the team is sitting in 14 days the Eastern Conference. That's when the conversation kicks in for real bright. So to me is scale patent it's such a tough question asked in it's a tough question and answer is still positive good head coach or not. I can't say yes but I can't sing now. Desperate scenes as senior writer at the fourth period dot com. What do you know this is stashed tech question let's ask him yeah all right he's he's in the know we'll ask him about the the trade deadline here in the NHL. The sabres who they might be looking at who they might be looking to get rid of Dennis has a great job he is a senior writer for the fourth period dot com Dennis Bernstein joins us next. Since sports bar danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester gentlemen. Valentine's is Wednesday it's been a busy winter and with it being almost Valentine's Day this seizure chance your big moment during the romance pre to the table. And get a gift cards the spot Del Monte for her she's not always gonna tell you what she wants but. You know that a gift card to the spot the Del Monte will shore you've been paying attention to make the right move and purchase gift cards in store or instantly online. And Del Monte spot dot com if you want Q. We're on filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come to the right place AM 950 and 957. Advance notice boards leader ESPN Rochester. Dennis cursing is the senior writer for the fourth period dot com here to talk to Buffalo Sabres and other NHL matters. Specifically with the sabres because we have to. Dennis I'll orient. Secret that you are doing great but they have defense. Sure well I mean we've we've kind of resorted to the gallows humor part of the season if you can add to where we are you know when everything that we you do get at least we have Jack cycle alone can not now we don't have Jack. Our goal I guess let's get all the sabres questions are away Dennis here first Dodd Dennis Bernstein the fourth period. Dot com it's okay so Evander Kane who else would you say would be an attractive commodity. On the sabres roster come trade deadline day. Everybody look at her defense of Josh Georgia's restricted the indices I think certainly it's gonna be. Play and you're the guy that that under the radar. Who you know that the sabres don't have a third round pick. And what we got. I think would be helpful like on historical are like dumb might grab her New York a guy who's not going to be sore but certainly could help. In some came on the depth played so I couldn't get their third down. It back but they traded away Pashtun but. I think they'll be helpful so I think beneath that helps some people not Jordan don't expect it really company by the so I think you can certainly came. I George's arm and pull that our rental basis to be one expanded talk about. It got returned it to one of the US in the Olympic direction probably look at. Would be a more or scapegoat but. I'm I'm saying is so I think you should keep him and he part of guess every poll baby in the army to here in Buffalo's that that is what I look at the prospective trade market I wouldn't tell Robert wardrobe because the entry to the the primarily in and none in Philadelphia I think he could be a possibility do they go as well I don't think the part of what Chad Johnson but. I think that is politically a bilateral got to take all calls that's just what they want to do going forward but I don't think even a problem could be experts well. Dennis when you consider that the sabres just lost a guy who factored in and close to 50% of the team's goals and the other guy who can scores probably gonna get dealt at the deadline how horrific as this team gonna look down the stretch. I'm going to be tough watched not been adamant a couple of charity you know it's like I wanna see. Policy attitude policy trial much younger temple multiple blunt are based. I wanted to see effort because that tell you in other coaches is in dealing with a group. Right because I know you got to mention about you know what's taught how at least future in buffalo I think that. He's under in consequential for the team in the spending and a very consequential fell. There's no question what kind of effort he gestured with a team that the data rates that best buy out which the second district could be going a couple of weeks. It's very very important key to try by this team I'm in more Jimmy. I'm Dennis you're you're kind of answering my next question that is Phil Housley would we know the roster isn't good here in buffalo but. How do you evaluate. He'll still house ways self. Effort maybe hasn't dean there this whole season I mean might get tough question to put do you put up to this point how would you evaluate still pals Lee head coach. Scotty Bowman couldn't whom distrust our guys know anything for houses and doing it right so. I gotta give them another year. Got a human W to see what I and I got to give him I don't know here but what he's I think got to mention it the first twenty games coming out of the box if your father fifteen. Doesn't look at yourself by it so I think you got to give them the more into this season because of it's been disastrous season the roster really isn't that good get some opening sparked. But I think coming in the next fees and they have to have a decent start a monotone and I think of 155 out of the box or. All look forward to working instead but you know 101012. Foot made up like that would they readable Marines were expected 28 and I think oh this could be another crappy seats for the but the sabres beat. You really can't have that the stuff that's not the case so I think. The termination of a couple things I want to welcome to get them shipped would have been. Post Jason Dunham recast this team in the offseason and how they gonna start but I include giving it to get between thirty. And we're looking at you know 1415 in the vision. Well and covered. There can got to look at another option on the bench. Dennis I mean do we talk about this roster not being good this is essentially the same Ross of the down bowels my have last year I mean I never thought we would be saying at this point of the season. Man how do we make a mistake and moving on from down files look. I don't think so but in that the despite living about. About this team that the support offensively and build a defensive coach. And yet it's certainly cannot a real good ball Marlon Peter Laviolette natural intent to have that special poorly defensively. That's that's correct flack from it because you would think okay maybe this team is that a score could go to the spend better and they happen to spend it better so that's the one issue armed. I'm not a Big Ten PM Boswell yeah he won a couple of Pittsburgh because it didn't geno and and then I'm probably a good player so I think that was threatened to move on the question is can still be head coach and that's dvd is not if I don't think one way or the other. I'm not gonna make a determination if you wanna be the guy you're you're good definitely tried it multiple occasions this season in between Mexican that this can never sparing them by then. And then you have the right to question if he's actually on the right back on the bench with chips. Dennis Bernstein out writes for the fourth period dot com our guest here in the sports are 957 years can certainly you wanna. Not visit the fourth period Docomo come trade deadline day so that's obviously we know the sabres can be sellers but I'm curious quote you think you're gonna be the big buyers in this market and you know what's what's the early outlook here how do you expect the trade market to meet. I think it can be better than usual because. Normally you have teams on the costs that are pretenders the figure in there and endured. And they should not the case I could tell you wouldn't because the Rangers just deals this season mysterious because summaries and you have to know nineteen they're gonna so. By that should be challenged like in a team like Florida in the west you've got Arizona Vancouver. He's got nineteen to themselves I think there's more. There's more players on the market this year and because of that it should beat up a buyer's market not a total market the causality B sample be within expander came. It a couple of the sabres. Panicking is not the only left wing on the market right now Rick Nash why can't spin. Patrick maroon promised panic. If it bit by duke mean to remove Mac actually ready to give it a problem here because. You know Hoffman green next probably without carried out because they're McCain's reputation is limited to market and because there's other options in the market. That might be trouble for bottle it really notebook because of the character of this player itself. Are but I'd players can still be interest in what they have been to a peak chilly Saint Louis they need any help or front. I would think San Jose would beat goods clinics opera because. They they always have challenged score right so I think that it's national let me be clear I'm not sure they understood spirit but they've they are gonna Gulfport if they meet their big trip November. But got caught source but I think we can have doubled down. Try to go get the most boring when they're they're gonna be mr. matchup they come up short on Nash I think that bad at national could be another player. And biggest book you don't have the biggest all the might have been via fire. But the deadline which feet you know I know are tow order has their own PD historical ridiculous. But I think those are some of the things are gonna get there and I think Boston could be an option as well because they're playing very very well but I think that when they look at their team but they won't force quirks of older but the mix of probably five or sixteen that are interstate. Oh would be you have big time players and their cable will be cleared out but the for a defense. If they go get our request on a maybe people the truth or to have the misstep can run me out of there. Then they're gonna be really really company go in the top contrite he mentioned the best record in league. Aren't there were about to expedite I don't think he could arguments satisfy that. The deputy had on the twenty Michael Canon the not a defense and so is opportunity petition boggle your he's got multiple aspects. And if you know what we Barbara sixteen there are legitimate contenders and it be moved up those people. And you actually can get to more more passer penalty gonna bring back any roster players but he's dusk but certainly could get drastic computer sort of I think they'll be admiral Penelope went for recognition by pro Tibet are. And Dennis they haven't the sabres haven't talked Tim Vander Cain about any kind of long term deal and free you know what's becomes a free agent he's gone he's not coming back to buffalo mixture she might as we'll trade him for sure I'm just worried wondering about his his. Yeah does he have any kind of future at as a buffalo sabre. They are sort of residue would have been dot. Yeah that's exit and and now looking at hit at whether or not there if there was a deal done right now. He would you be sweating as much as you why are we Jack cycle going down or worry that maybe Jack cycle might be. Injury prone. But I'm putting the crowd that setting I think the Buffalo Sabres and had a lot bad luck. And here's another two example of their bad luck chuck it's not the same ankle and that I ankle sprains. If that's a function of this game if it doesn't commit people if that was to being treated had molested years and god you're right in didn't report but how high ankle sprained. It's just it's a function of playing this game that's being present time to not have played and I speak to I don't think you can it was the same ankle over and over again I would say yes I'm I'm nowhere project got caught up going to back. Dennis Bernstein writer for the fourth period dot com one player we haven't mentioned Sam Ryan. Odd the case start out well and then one point last year gets benched for breaking a silly team rule in this year on the fourth line today and recently okay planner write. Hard to put my finger at least for more ice and Dennis on what the trade value for a Sam Ryan. What could possibly in an open market samurai in our get back at this point. There are paying our PR Serbia I would teaching them right or he got that the other stuff building internally you can't move seven different pieces off the response and I would be willing to give them with. What would get him I thought I would get your first round pick your topic that you accepting and future I may be burned except maybe but I think in the two it's probably secular. And a future which I'm going to do this Bogota. Unless somebody and all the paper similar degree of pressure on spec. I do it's not going to be the first trip to a speedy Huston but I think if you. When he got back Morocco which I don't see that the team are playing that they'll make a move by the that they keep them home and I just try to build around him. You know with him and Riley and I and Jack and and just. Try to let me Google open a post it was well but I I'm not I'm not one of the most in my dorm room and overcame which I don't see in the market right now. He's a senior writer at the fourth period dot com Dennis Bernstein our guests in the sports partying German tightly on ESPN Rochester Dennis. We get through the trade deadline and then near the safe this season comes suit and unceremoniously and for the Buffalo Sabres we have. While we have the draft to look forward to and it's familiar position high draft pick at I I celebrated at some of the pilots have seen out of KC Mittal says the university of Minnesota whose surprise going to be in the shares draft considering the sabres should have one of those high picks again. OK let's assume that there's just too much deadlock in the state of the number two. And he Aaron don't have a get out of number one the director as Colleen who's probably the next. And I'm an anecdote with which have so that he is a great player but that the sabres could go to one that you automatic pick but. Based bid to just two really good players I love and probably saw on the world changed pretty good chuck Matthews younger brother. He he's he's a bigger faster better contrast the beyond dispute they got him. I would go and the other guy that task but they'll probably get the property could chuck is that there are aspects trust a complicated. Promotional opened Barry was playing like sort of goal game open Barry kept some pros that's got to he's already an actual player. And the drop Harold and Mary Nelson beat Mary Nelson and the sabres got him. That's a great draft so I think it's either but Russian K and Barry or pretty picture it was going to Boston you right now it'll be great pitcher and certainly Obama spent the week. If you look into the first victim it's Darlene and then. You're sitting on the block for another tenure. Dennis you're on the air here in Rochester new hometown Brian Gionta whose the captain of the United States Olympic hockey Seaman although of course being an Olympic hockey team. I without the NHL players not as interesting too many but question being about Gionta a player was expressed desire to give it one more gulf. Kind of market you think for G on its will be available for him if he wants that sighing quick with a contender. You know here down the stretch. I don't hold on Middleton left arm and very unlike the Saudi primarily come up watching not Manila the truck already been accounts with you but. I'm actually looked at Mike Fisher can come back. And anybody the compact now the question if he Qatar with the team after paper 26 but he won't be out of the playoffs. So I contending team we have the water on the team. I want to help them down the stretch but that's it for the last twenty days. I'm not sure there's a market Barack I think what he really need to do accept a really Special Olympics. Com go back in and maybe at the page and try to get some traction in the offseason I don't think he's a fifth year but any contending team because of the timing of the Olympics. I'm an advocate a but no matter what so on a bone so I think that the current stocky he's probably playing. War may be a key TO next year special trial what you can't be put public Olympic Committee that's about it they can you say no I've won here. I went to Korea I still wanna play as the one to complete active but produced. On and it had been held may be some really good tomorrow when your deal may be AP TO the tourniquet I don't seem figuring in the mix here. But this season all. Dennis precedes a senior writer at the fourth period dot com joining us in sports partying germ tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester Dennis I just glanced at the playoff seeding as it stands right now and I'm curious does. This Toronto have to get pose in the season to Italy to revert to the old method of seeing what what needs to happen. I don't what do what do I know the people wanna cut like the second round because too keen to really between display took a I mean you could go 18 if you wanted and and get rid of that the divisional play but you know. Being here Los Angeles and things secular master between the stocks McCain's I want that. I thought I I don't think he can go 116 right because they have the you know at LA played New York they've been seeing travel the first round that would really hurt both teams so. I'm not a new people clamor about it because you have Washington and Pittsburgh played in the second round bye in that. That's an anomaly I've read I'm really don't think they didn't spend a big girl can't do anything the public you look at it. The only got beat hoping they would do would probably go 182%. In you know yeah this picture or five. But I you have. Seasons where you have to is that what five sixteenths all of what we supported each other at the really good match of two so I think maybe he can depend on the set but a little bit but you know what. When the gates like you who complain about that since the losing team in the second round complained about the match. Are right that's so I was and that's I was asking about Toronto specifically when Toronto loses in the second round. But is that an ailment and is on the flip side why we have a sense and we work with here he was all excited to see even some. Well auditorium and sell it out there I mean any any too many I wanna see the best matchups. I hate you don't you did an MBA kind of analogy. I don't wanna see cavs warriors around two I wanna wait until the end so you'll give me the best matchups and and we're. We don't have to run a while and I mean it's gonna. That's gonna get some attention right this thing without though right it's like beat the NBA despite. Three contending groups are mostly tuned to hide it typically can edit I mean the great thing debatable but you've got teams like Daschle came from the eight people who want. That's kind of got to defend a cup final I don't why are you complaining about the seating and the people who ate one I came to cup final here in LA they came from eight. God and so I think it's. You've you've got to win sixty games it's the hardest talking golf rush what sports to wait because of the way to the play up front. You've got to be really fatigued so I don't think that the students methane gas the players. Can the players care about the seeding. If the fan does that mean to complain about you know it's like to hear what they're just do that to get in the playoffs that's where were the best. And we'll take our chances and anybody so I look at the players care about it I think the fans look at the media doesn't think nobody nobody in Washington wind. About the seeding question when it lost game seven at home patch it up by a more concrete floors so. I think it's an old Opel being by the fans the media and to the players care and I just look the competitive nature to play out so I really wouldn't talk to our European country. On Dennis I'll give you credit I was down. On the NHL down on the sabres down I'm pretty much everything having to do with hockey and and talking you bomb back on our reignited I decided they we don't have much looks forward to with the sabres brought will be paying attention. On the stretcher and and you know to start with the Olympics American Lyman a plea guilty pleasure I will I will opt out Randy are now I will watch all out all I don't care if it's not NHL quality Augusta watching on the big guys but did Dennis. Your your enthusiasm is infectious for the game we really appreciate it take its timeouts it's kind of guide us through the navigated through these waters here towards the end of the NHL season of course. All the struggles that that the Buffalo Sabres have we have to talk about the buffalo six we have to. At this mandatory if they do but I knew it was big party appreciate. Are you gotta dispersing read his work at the fourth period dot com. Really really exceptional stuff at that website at your hockey game by the way I think it here's the thing which sabres who paid lip looks pushed Cain aside. Would have to lose the most attractive value on the trade market to name join knicks back to Georgia's Georgia's Emporia ten. I mean you're looking for affordable role players. Get difference maker unit tray for from buffalo but it didn't get that third line Sadr or defenseman that you might put in you know top four pair. Look that's what you want herein that think that says something Georgia some Blair might make him a two sabres on the move. If you missed any of our conversation can relate our conversation with tennis person would love and on now for you shortly the only ESPN Rochester I come up next in the sports are we sure today's top NFL stories and bite sized form. NFL appetizers Sheen we've got San Francisco 49 or who's in trouble with the law. And we've got NFL player who might be calling it a career and a way too young and. Gas and then we also have this press conference coming up at 5 o'clock between Sheryl the lawful and Naomi silver. Dating holdings to say hey ha ha who were working on it you call press conference draws there's a deal done at this point. All right let's hope praise Jesus let's see if there is a deal done between the county. And the Rochester and when to mean actually sir talking about action on the field not off the field that's coming up at 5 o'clock is well since sports bar danger and the tag Leon ESPN Rochester gentlemen it's been a busy winner and now Valentine's Day is almost upon us it's Wednesday and this is your chance your big moment to bring the romance to the table with a gift card to the spot the Del Monte she's not always gonna tell you what she wants you know that a gift cards the spot Del Monte. We'll show or that you've been paying attention made to remove and purchase gift cards in store or instantly online at Del Monte spot dot com. This news from around the national football. Oh boy today. There just didn't play. Here's during an attack and we are serving. This play was so. Now another sports market. Former Eagles offensive coordinator frank Reich the new head coaching in games. Quarterback coach John deep political taking the offensive coordinator position in Minnesota. I'm Doug Peterson has some coaching vacancies to fill here and his staff Ian Rapoport Venice film meter reporting the teams are expected to promote assistant quarterbacks coach press Taylor to quarterback. Coach after B Philip left last week there was a report that wide receivers coach Mike roll we'll become the quarterback coach while Taylor would. Move to working with the receivers that was before white's departure hall during the eagles'. They have devised a new plan to be offensive staff as a result. I was almost a year ago that we were questioned the character of Alabama Alabama linebacker prospect Ruben Foster well. It's a little less than stellar month for the niners first round draft pick Foster was arrested yesterday morning it's a flare up on charges related domestic violence. If you possessing an assault rifle. Foster's second arrest in the last month. He was brought in for marijuana possession in Alabama on January 12 he's being held 175000. Dollars bail 50000 for domestic violence 25000. For the assault weapon. These off field issues you just to Foster runs a risk of missing significant time for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy. Could see another NFL career ending early due to concussions Texans tight end CJ for doorways may be walking away Fedoruk signed a three years 21 half million dollar deal. Last off season. If you believe in the final two years on the table this after suffering three concussions and Tony seventeen alone. Now because for doorways did not receive a signing bonus seat all the tax is nothing if he retires he's five million reseller for 48 team is fully guaranteed. But for the Houston Chronicle good produced two point eight. Unable to play due to concussions. Last week we told you about the average bills' season ticket price hike by 3% imagine if they created deep part of the playoffs James. Off of an AFC championship loss to Jacksonville Jaguars are not only removing the tarps from ever rank field and raising their ticket prices by 11%. They're also been announced that says that they've also announced that they're going to be getting new uniforms and helmets. For next season they should be unveiled. Later this spring. Finally this whom we. AJ McCarron is gonna find out about his off season status McCarron challenging the dangles decision to place him on the non football injury as latest. During his rookie season. To carry her shoulder and a year on the NFL list would mean easy restricted free agent this off season rather than an unrestricted free. The NFL there's only requires her injuries suffered away from the scene. McCarron has filed a grievance that is expected you roll by an arbitrator on Wednesday to you by chance the arbitrator rules with the dangles McCarron as a restricted free agent. Then this team team can still trade at. That is at the trade partners in the Cleveland Browns. Her idea he don't don't let the Cleveland Browns make a trade for AJ McCarron that ends badly it. We're at a McCarron Jeanne I've McCarron I lets it I want a goal. To saint John Fisher College coming up this summer and who wouldn't want to see. He dean Meyer. Bit with. When your quarterback in Alabama. You see that lovely lady that you don't. What was it that you also this Alabama that's AJ McCarron. And right there on the ride is dvd owner. That's it is wow I tell you quarterbacks you get all of the good look at the guys a lot of beautiful it's. Day doing well. I'm very observant Alabama. So I get the folklore its. It is sweet sweet music what is wrong with the fact he's complementing a beautiful woman we cannot say oh woman's beautiful anymore danger and a what is wrong what micro aggression we could sheriff Coleman. An idea winners to remembrance. The that he wins is grievance and it becomes an on restricted free agent. And the bills decide that they wanna waits in the free agent market for quarterback personally you'd imagine McCarron probably would get gobbled up right away and. He's not getting past the first wave here. Bly. Let's say they league says non you know in the medals are right so you're restricted now you get traded. The rom tech shirt. That's in there and I don't know I mean clearly. I think you know that that there's a part of me that that's intrigued. By AJ McCarron albeit because it's a small sample size we'd really see a lot but then the other armies like as a got a couldn't beat up Andy Dalton. So do we really want that guy is your biased enrich. I am not sacked during in marvelous Lou it Marvin Lewis decision making is as far as AJ McCarron not be in the star during. I don't know maybe the end it big surprise surprise Bolton is we got ends up freeing clear. That could happen. We we've heard dollar experts say when that be something after Andy Dalton not all of his love from hail the Buffalo Bills and they said he ended up in buffalo and he ended up being that bridge quarterback. I think the end of the day danger what are the odds that Cincinnati in week one next year has bolt bolt in am McCarron. On the on the team I don't seats. Either from being on not odd I'd see did not look the roster not being bowl full. Gosh yeah you we've got some happy hour upon us here in the sports or danger tightly and boy might actually idea how the hour because we have a press conference scheduled for 5 o'clock. Between Niemi silver and the Rochester red wings could that mean we heavy lease agreement in place will follow up on that end and syrup or daily special. Daily special yeah how old figured out I mean it long term weeks. No one year kick no nurses no one year kick the can down the role that's the one question here that we're still. Waiting to get answered. Aha he warns danger yes cool all right so they got a wing yes it was over Wake Forest but how are here's your order to update brought to you might Bentley Brothers Syracuse is moving to 166. Now in conference play this after the win over Wake Forest as 34 points and ties battle it was a career high. For the guard from Syracuse the awards are pretty. Shorthanded right now only six scholarship players available due to injury and other issues but he org make it to go on that they've got a big game Wednesday night against North Carolina State the only meeting with the wolf pack this year NC state on the season. Also at six and six in ACC play George update brought to you might madly Brothers thinking about new tractors zero turn. Or our TV wielding get to Bentley Brothers and other Rockport. Or Albion. Putted and chainsaw leap lower string Trimmer they've got debt until Bentley Brothers for all your power equipment and service names save a horse. Ryder kimono online apparently brothers' stock problem that say this for Smart danger potentially more next on EST in Rochester.