The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Dennis Bernstein

We preview the Stanley Cup Playoffs with Dennis Bernstein of during hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys also discuss what the Sabres should do with Ryan O' Reilly after the remarks he shared during the team's locker cleanout day. 


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Welcome back to the sports bar danger of attack it we appreciate you stopping by this afternoon wore on him 95957. FM me can read up on the latest bills and sabres news. And our home online ESPN Rochester dot com and look for us on the radio dot com have free to download it in your App Store who will play. Can take this with you wirelessly everywhere you go on your Smart device I am might danger DN's Jeanne attacked they. Another he's going away from the Rex Ryan Parent there was a player that fit the Rex Ryan Arum buffalo is Rick Jean guy near right. Talk a big game played pretty well let's admit that when he was in Buffalo's second go around. The bills have the number one ranked rushing offense and he was a big part of it he was a Pro Bowl. We hate to see things end like this in. Ill to meet the way he fired his agents on line last week and some of his behavior online. Okay. But there's a better way to go a lot of this worthy case he claims. That there were health issues. That led to his decision maybe that's true but that probably they're reaching cut meat always. We never give him the benefit of the doubt right I wanna bully would. Saying and hopefully woody sank I just. Let her guys say I tick that baseball bat wrecked my own Ferrari not by that I don't leave that. I mean if you're saying that because you want police to come over to a file charges against somebody that did that to your car that I would believe. But. How do you believe this. Oh. From. Richey and Todd the 34 years old. Now after agreeing. To take that taken after agreeing. To that restructured contract. That bridge guarantee you're gonna have a roster spot. Come this fall. Go back and try to hold the bill's feet to the flame. I give bill credit now he can't do. Have a precedent he setting if you say. Richie we're we're sorry what with a one point six million that were shaving off from your your deal yeah you can have a back no problem. So what does this do for the Buffalo Bills and yourself were kept level a bit of color here Jeanne we can kind of dive into this and you can that we can you know figure out what all means in terms of dollars. They should recover. The one point 15 million dollars having Communist signing bonus from the 2016 contract. That was paraded to the final year of the contract he'll also have to surrender. The one million dollars he received as a bonus this off season. Two point 15 million in actual dollars saved on the salary cap. That'll come off as well he's three point 65 million dollar salary and 100000 dollar workout bonus. He won't count against the cap at all. If buffalo gets all that bonus money back if you got it all up. The Buffalo Bills have just saved five point nine million dollars off their salary cap with the news or Richie Tug you know announcing his retirement. Couldn't get ugly it could a guy that could get ugly when you factor in the NBA and in whether or not he wants to pay it back. Yeah eat this can go to arbitration and by you here's another thing terrible. He thinks that it's climbed. I keep thinking event. One bowl and right ankle humbled and retired okay great like Lex you know this is it the patriots were available and known. We have the rights you have to come talk to was worth the Buffalo Bills. That would be interesting if the bills. Get their money back for me Jean cog need Elwood the Buffalo Bills if he has a desire to play here's the bottom line danger. He was going to make why close the five million this year when you include the bonus was that Britain UK would have been four point 65 cracked. A this year three point six hole loss the one million dollar bonus. Her for me to imagine somebody was going to paid that. 434 year old left guard albeit gaudy but somebody who has a bad pass like Richie in cog needle that's why the Buffalo Bills did days. They knew they could save some money. And I'm just glancing over with the money that they say them just glancing over the list of available. Free agents offensive line free agents. Yeah yeah it's not a it's not a pretty list. No lead you know you got it then now it what changed today nothing changed in terms of your desire. To go get a quarterback but if Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier is good as we think they are. They were able the term dies and make a great last year. In the secondary right. Sure there are all point out specifically for the office of lilac pladich costs with somebody we didn't know a lot about going to training camp. This kind of found a guy and certainly in training camp the pre season that dude was a turnstile. But I thought. I thought he improved as the season went on you heard less and less about applied to costs in the negative. He's signed through 2019. He could be. Your right guard your starting right guard to begin to when he eighteen out. Mean what does that mean does that mean that. You move John Miller over the left guard. Possible. Possible trying Roy. Could be your center could also be a left guard. You brought in Russell vote on a voting. 09 Bodine will not let them regardless Bengal fans were not too broken up that you cash app. What this all means is whoever you are taking whatever quarterback you're taking please. Leaves a redshirt him don't wanna see him behind this line as it stands right now. I would think if you're going to draft a quarterback this would be the perfect time. Draft and accept. That if gore like a plate guard vindicated having competed. For the left guard position. Bullying bold nine doesn't make that team more you keep them as a back up. And maybe you could squeeze another high year out of mills or right tackle the better yet you're drafting another. Tackle this year you got. I wouldn't be posted drafting offensive lineman in the second and third round this year. 454 ESPN as our phone number 4543776. Are gonna talk stem the cup playoffs with Dennis Bernstein of the fourth period. Dot com in just few minutes before we get to that Rick who's been waiting patiently from Clifton springs in the sports bar with danger mechanically what's up Rick. It ally it's. Hey are. At or. I think we've picked early happy whether I. Reached it. While Cleveland's in the in our news cycle now because they might be one of the guys rightly that might be one of the team you're looking to blow up. Oh. I thought our rent don't eat right that there are up or at the board. Now we can all speculate. So it's. A RL. I. Really hurt your people. It at that. Should not being all Barack. The art in it he's got a great are. At a. You're going to be right Ira parity order there. Utah for the browns. Were. Here's here's more on that we Josh Allen we touched on this a little yesterday in the sports bar you know specifically in terms of Josh Allen going the bills 'cause we've seen a lot of mock drafts and have. Josh Allen now going to the bills. What doesn't what bothers me about Josh Allen is his completion percentage. And the positive that everybody will Faraci first is all the strong arm strong us. You need a strong arm in the NFL like the idea that the guy attic and he can throw the ball eighty yards down field is that that's not. It's not a viable skill to have in the you don't need that skill the last twelve NFL seasons. Just a 106 passes were attempted an even 55. Plus Jerry arts. RG three. Had ten of those throws. He completed two. The NFL 320. Point 8% this according to ESPN. Bombs or desperation throws it's not a viable strategy there for what difference does it make if you're the god can throw the ball eighty yards downfield if I'm nervous about Josh Al with anything about anything about Josh are between rivers more than anything and and a lot of you saw this yesterday this is going around on nine draft Twitter yesterday. Dan Orlovsky former NFL quarterback broke down some Josh Allen film and and I thought did a great job of breaking announced doubts and Josh on the what bothered him. Was it bill lack of accuracy of Joshua was the decision making process. And the idea that Josh Allen before the snap. Has a read understand needs to understand where he's going with the ball. Everybody on the offensive side of the ball knows where he needs to go with a except for Josh Allen. Eddie looks confused. And you know this place specifically. Yet hot read with his running back is running back was wide open in the flat. Alan panics. Doesn't deliver the ball and we didn't we can see really how the play unfolded what we saw was confused quarterback didn't really know how to read the defense that was being presented to. Look at I and I saw that yeah you retreated a bit dangerous. To me you could find it a bad piece of tape for any these quarterbacks so I'm gonna caught in my up. Pass on that however. Here's the problem when it comes to jot jail. He's Wyoming the BCS school. Is he basing defense is like yes he's now all. Know he's not. So for any of these quarterbacks. That are not playing at the top level I know we all want to cheer for the underdog but they had better be beating up on the competition. And 56% completion were present at that that's not door any order for me. You can go back there is gains unimpressive stats you can make all the excuses you want. Eight. I'm not porn now in my top REIT I am sorry I'm just not have seen reports that. He still being considered number one and a search pretty simple if you be you're drafting Sam the. Listen it's a seasonal lying. So I don't know all I wanna believe everything I'm hearing in and you're the same way we can be skeptical all we want I can harbor which one of the guys apple which one of the draft as appalled that made this. This point you know what it might then you'll was it was burglar dame burglar will be joining us tomorrow. Made this point today on Twitter. He said that that it was right around this time last year. That he started hearing the rumblings of Mitch Robiskie to Chicago and he's hearing the same kind of rumblings right now. Josh Allen to Cleveland. With the number one overall pick doesn't mean it's gonna happen is this season applying. But you take everything in and there's probably little elements of truth to anything that you're hearing. You you can make a case that oh yeah of course were were worried for sitting Josh on where interest and all of these. You're these guys are doing all of their homework and all of these prospects. All of the time leading up drafting in the gut every scenario to find out is why it's a compelling knocked why you know we're so jacked up about it. It's so much is gonna come down to what Cleveland does with one. Followed by what the giants to a tip IV or do the bills are the bill's able to pull off the impossible move up to number two. We're getting close to announcing the world be Thursday and Friday and I are both gonna be out for opening night but also tries to dictate to. But then opening night of the draft present in my Miller lighter NFL draft she knows how we'll have that announcement coming up soon. Cal late it's gonna be a lot of fun what are we are approaching two weeks my god. If that happened at the heart lives will be changed forever oh yeah changed the NFL draft changed my life. Changed. My life. Let's get birds you know with this toxin Stanley Cup playoff hockey. Big kings fan. Course the kings in Vegas I'm just curious to get his thoughts are we gonna see a day were we get a Reeves can't playoff seeding. System here in the NHL because to me. I hate the fact that we're getting Boston Toronto. In round one at feels more like a conference final mile round one that. Well Dennis for a season best fourth period dot com or you can read his works he has work he joins us next in sports for a talks in hockey also what what are the sabres do with Randall currently my god. What it's all that more next did dispersing the fourth period on the way in the sport's mark danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. You dreamt about that one touchdown. Dreamt about that national titles. Now you dream of hearing your name welcoming you to elect team's biggest day. Dream becomes reality. It's the end modified seven there. The sports leader. ESPN Rochester. From the field to the court tomorrow rink to you were sports on AM 950 and 957 ever again. He's sports leader ESPN Rochester. Here in the sports bar we don't wanna talk to the best and brightest minds out of the people who make you a smarter sportsman and a better sports fan and with. The Stanley Cup Playoffs at the start tomorrow who better now on. With us here in the sports bar. Then Dennis Bernstein of the fourth period dot com. Proud LA kings fan correct Dennis. Exactly I mean the you got to remain in my yeah. You skate and I do yeah of course totally cured but yet popular associating now implied that it can I ask you. We love the work out their car at the fourth period dot com required reading for for any hockey fan and of course this is the best time of year if you're a hockey fan is negated the Stanley Cup class Dennis and we lament all the time about things he NHL does wrong in the way. Boston Toronto and round one just feels. Wrong. There's a lot of thinking the play of guys that the problem. I'd been an old very competitive and who have been the one about the meeting between them lose back around to right and I think his Pittsburgh warning about street last year I and they give in on you for that took its. It's going to be tough but only because these teams are really really good if not a I mean other than. That none of the middle of the sixteen people tell us back and get prepared to not compete national but other than that. It's highly competitive it's really good teams and that's what happened I think if you need to win went to eight is the only way he can really go. I think the 45 matchup would have probably two to twenty so I can get away from it I just think it makes for intriguing about India ought to Ronald gonna be made. Does Bernstein of from the fourth period joining us made penguins seven opportunities something that hasn't done since the owners that's when three cups and Robert. Death is curious to me how. At least from where we say or not not many people are picking the penguins to repeat year won't won't be your opinion on that the Pittsburgh Penguins as they had to the post season. Well they have to have ethical and I think I mean if if memory and I could be LP in the smoke is not etiquette and they're gonna go to another rookie do that but. On I look at the competition and I and you know. I get the point where people say may not compete at repeat because it is massive. Beat in the Stanley Cup Europe but when I look at the weight and the being trotted to and I've been bought and played it too keen that we think. Can emerge. By the way they played down the stretch especially this weekend. It looked like nobody wanted to play in terms. I mean ever had a chance that when division get a wicked Paronto and if they lost that ought to have the opportunity for New Jersey and they'd lost stokes. I'm not confident in. Into Tampa Bay or Boston rising up the beating. On the pats are playing with the one team. And could name and identity and in the first Republican has actually no pressure got an east. It's Washington. We talk about drinking. Can't debate Austin. And and picked for. I Washington won the division that he expert there are two quarantine. Nobody talking then maybe this is here with no pressure on the team with low expectations. Maybe they march. But you look at game one in Bridgeport Connecticut met here so I think I'd still like Pittsburgh I don't think it's going to be a rematch of last just been a while. Really write up wouldn't that be desperate I doubt that it could have been intense series it's going to be a Pulitzer in spot. I look at people who want to look at their goaltending with Brian Elliott may be Grassley. I just got competent that he can defend against it Pakistan much course buckles imminent Philadelphia so we in this struck a deep cuts were getting troops. Tough broke wouldn't have been possible for Pittsburg so I don't like him because although the equality tribute to quality avenue room. If if if Pittsburgh gets by Philly and if Washington gets by Columbus and and you got a nice second round matchup there again between. Pittsburg and Washington in because you brought Washington to a we have this conversation every year Washington always does well well the regular season it was got a high seed they always get a hundred points. And you mentioned the idea that whole week isn't gonna start the series at the gonna go with deliberate Bauer who does he have a playoff experience mean does that speak more to how loose this team is going in to the post season. They'd better be loose and that the president drum forever yeah I didn't make it this year that lute and I think again I think it's lowered expectations I think we took the mix of teams that we look at the bigger the spot group fighting to become if the cup final Dmitry promised in east when that part about Washington and yet like that had been when the division. And I and that meant to help the that they want Torre they broke up their core it is some more mr. Hampton New Jersey they'd be eliminated a lot of players didn't sign call them back to I don't but this is expelled the team. But if you suspect right. One guy I plucked out in the open tournament and I can score the big bowl. I could I local backpacking trip in Washington lashed him and everybody at Washington winning and beating Pittsburgh finally and they got shut out he didn't score. So I think it it I think all the personal pitch control those unpacking at the very typical series programming common. But in Columbus and cracked out on pick and competent to be conscious about like the goaltending. The defense by. I I think the one opportunity to the captain that. Nobody picked the that they look at them is like the report and seemed content and talent but probably not be it probably rival. I would ticket because they've beaten to the may be Austin both respect the panel is just gonna put at all because they can they producing a big spot. Store but they haven't made with no pressure on them well but. I'm a ticket. There's Bernstein from the fourth period and our guest here in the sports bar is the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs to begin. Tomorrow night out west at the top seed being natural which is the the complete opposite of last year you had Chicago was a topsy and then. Wait a second national that that they won the first they won the second and nobody solid national what they're doing how do you think Nashville. Will do now in his new role instead of being the underdogs sneaking through is the eighth. Now they're the favorite outlasted us. I think that you find your first round I think the finest secretary I'd like them sweet. Burst out because I think correct Colorado discreet in the they wanna basically playing against Saint Louis. But they're gonna go to the burning it and you know if you can find him I don't see that it's a great story. It to McKinney couldn't be MVP the Hart trophy. I like them the certificate is an easy win. The national and then go get tested when a tech guy like a lot I think they'll make. Actual work of Minnesota and then that's going to be a fantastic series except when I watch national Olympic play each other bad. I just national on the way to to win games they scored a lot of goals on Winnipeg and the question Winnipeg is going to be passed car help gonna play a player and OPEC and the place. Pressure is going to be to predict that yet but right on the actual work on outlook he got a great piece and probably the runner up in the business that the packet but I'm. I look guys that were called paper or spirit. The game changes right now gain any trees very deep and immediate to collect national lot because when we have the BB Pristina and talk the players. Other than national in the west privately. The one seat they want to what was being. Ability to be doing what they expect spot but the picture is of any other bit this sixteen cents. In the in in in the west but it is a war based national site content they're clearly stated the conservative paper because remember guys. I think with respect their scoring I think. There are some with their league scoring he's the dispute leading scorer in two feet. Think that a like committee that great he's been through a great goaltender. I like them big time and I like them to come rather essential and then I think will be challenged by who have become Pacific but. I have the tape of misty because the epic and epic battle. Dennis let's say the west mean you mention the Winnipeg jets advancing you you said fairly easily against Minnesota as it. As a kid who grow up in in northern Minnesota and remember the old Winnipeg arena and Andy did the white out to hold it with the Winnipeg jets how much is that. Playoff berth how much does that mean for that community that hockey community and how much momentum does that give them going into that first round against Minnesota and potentially in that second run against Nashville. Well as the reconstituted jet that the board a player and so it's gonna Supreme Court that this that this could beat the year before when the play out in. I just got their offense that I think it's amazing to Patrick chronically like we work or try to is probably the best senator nobody knows about cock Connor rookie. As thirty goals this team could score and score score in the posting about Minnesota's. Even though they're Smart they're well coached. You know an opponent super. As usual and Jared Burton sorts coming back from a torn hamstring he should be definitely but I. I don't see how they have firepower. To give the get past when a guy like Winnipeg confide in August but there's just so deep and so talented and they want Omar to patched. Great run by Minnesota there won't be themselves but I just don't see them being that commitment and it's. Dennis Bernstein from the fourth tier guests here in the sports are 957 years the end. Dennis you're on the air here in the middle of us sabres slash share Merck's contrary and really don't have a rooting interest well maybe we do. If the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup Dennis the sabres get upgraded to a first trumpet that. A vendor keen trade. Eyes is certainly seems like that team deal worked out well I here's Evander Kane first time in his career is actually going to the playoffs. All that being said how do you like other sharks chances against the ducks from what. I think this is both the close with most closely contested. Round eight I think this is a seven games here's a smoke like if the meat. Among like the duck and seven era I wouldn't be shocked if if trucks found a way to that the pitch count and then is that and the they're trading may prevent or McCain was necessary out of reach its it has been intellect when we're look at the short a look at their right side and I see him killed spot there. And do it that's going to writes on a customized and that's what I get concerned. Network there weren't the battle think either one of those guys really popped expire at this point economist Joseph sport as well but you know can. And it can Chris burns brought up as joke about right now look at that course been great and what can mourn don't match. New targets and tapered shape like that that keeps series. Is that about certain I don't walk over here because they've missed in camp our. And who knows what junket than to keep this all due respect mr. market so people he's a great school that it wouldn't tell speak and it never help so ideally you get on. It's always something within the classical and despondent that it is in there and play golf seven collect them step in what shall not being eaten curious and I. And that might help team and yet the other bracket and that they definitely came. Our bracket because I think you can have a war in and out there and integrity and probably be one of the most penitentiaries that we have in the first. And Dennis and Dennis person at the fourth period dot com let's talk about your LA kings can and let's not wait that that king's. And Vegas golden nighters to me we all season long we've been seeing Dennis. And they're just an expansion team there a nice story they're ex how far how far in this cute expansion team story go this year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Political scene Cinderella is going to be 1201 of the pumpkin if there is to carry component DuPont and equipping the with big by. On pound for pound the rosters don't compare I mean you look at the middle Colquitt tore corner in the middle Caspian beneath. Became even with the patriot that BP in the martian so when Acosta has that they don't go carp about. They don't have to do parity in the flu like what they do have. It should be too cold and in more corporate more if they're gonna win this series. March corn exploit has that the lip that. Pat speak well apparently is it's going to be tough it's going to be compared to their big coincidence but this team will hit in regulation losses. In the season in between mobile we had five analyst when he won game felt a little bit of you know that he's got to open along a lot of editor says. It's great when if fact it's great when you have a great home cracked it's tougher when he's happy he had beaten a team gonna play out. Playing 76 or seven time to with a bad static. Well your platoon we took our expo itself that adult doesn't compare. We're perspective LA and they expect between clearly yelling at the the pound advantage intangibles picket debate between a corporate rival here. I expect it to continue but to become telemarketers more content or it can happen average due respect we won't know when the simple that the cost contested. But I distinct because compelled they have up front I think of course can be a real big profit and beaten they defend cope with trying to like became. Dennis Bernstein from the fourth period our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN while these teams are all getting excited all these fan base is excited for the class. RA it's your number seven enroll here in Western Europe without the plows yesterday Dennis was locker clean out day gonna play a sound bite here this season trying. All Riley yesterday and this is not your typical looking ahead sort of locker clean out date SoundBite here was Ryan O'Reilly yesterday in buffalo. I feel. You have to your boss. Lost love of the game multiple times in this. You know. I need to get back to conditions tests eaten myself opening tee other guys who just to soften us. It's it's tough. Tennis you never hear this out of hockey player hot a how does he come back to the Buffalo Sabres after saying something like that. What's Jack Cochran about. Ticket ten million up here I mean giving overall numbers it's 44 goals and 37 suspicious but he he. He might have been dragged down by the one thing he can quit because that'll. He's gonna pick and probably gonna play in the world championship and Denmark beat Serbia and it doesn't matter to look at me if I could make it seven I have my doubt here. Can't anybody gonna get ya gonna get the quote when Alan. I don't know whether it was Jack tackles reaction to despise. He's going to be a leader he's been at the cease its own as Turkey at some point in time and he's gonna be the Arctic are looking like he needs to prospective. If he's gonna lead the team he's got to go to Ryan O'Reilly and clearly make sure he's important exe in the became an important. You try to move in my group B but can't be stupid to make penetrate because it silenced you know has been tracked down my bones so I don't I don't play him. I don't claim our rights being human here that's what he's been doing an Obama and I thought that I want honesty from a place I want them that what the humanistic side I just wanna say and we need to be better. I hear that much real top yeah. What does that mean. Right I want to say Dennis and I guess it's hard for me to imagine a guy coming back from I've lost my love of the game he'd be like. Me going home to my wife and saying you know I just don't love you anymore that's probably the first step towards that relationship being over now I'd like your saying in terms of Jack Michael. Having to deal with this we hear a lot of negative stories on the sabres locker room and I'm curious may be may be there that's part of what we hear that that there might be. You know is or is that called the place where you've got the date elect some petty feuds. But it stars with in the locker room and and one of the one of the stars might be exiting the sabres locker the goaltender Robin Laramie you know could be part of the equation what does. Does a change of scenery and it in a different. Injection of talent next year. Cure some of what's ailing the Buffalo Sabres in 22 between nineteen. Well you know I mean does that mean that they have to start well. Became startup spot at fifteen out of the box and you're just gonna. If this is just gonna faster and faster after spike could look at that GM look at this and that the barrel say OK I mean if the applicant the public statement he made it. GAAP when I let them know what I think in the context of what he said he liked. He's gonna keep trying to not quite anything yet. Look we are playing you know the Carolina Hurricanes in late march. And it is meaningless I get it in human being it doesn't have been in maybe it is just going through the motions can play them. It's a collective. I think that every. Player in that we need to spin up that they need changed in the well the roster of course they do I would it is unacceptable these this year like I had them in ten or perhaps spot look what happened there. Right so it again but again I go back is a cycle like he got this ten million dollar long term deal like this is the year he needs to change the monitor in the room. We'll have helped and coached outcome from Kiev but it got a company will concede that politically jacket I would exceed. Well it's funny you mention that Dennis because I in that did the conflict converse reaction to Toronto Riley was was Jack Michael's reaction. Yesterday I mean if you look at from you thirty year were his last season. A disappointing season as well for the Buffalo Sabres Jack cycle and at the end of this season base that you know White Sox it is what it is it sucks things need to change. This season and locker clean out dead different Jack Michael. A more invested Jack eichel jacked recollection is said I'm excited for the future that sounds like they got it should be wearing the C on this what are next season. I agree should be the highest paid player he could be where the future of the scheme that's right and it. It is to be. The thing go grip on Iran in particular are you gonna be part of the leadership group in which is just missed the cuff moment in the past these that we just spoke from the heart attack. Or is how you can feel coming into Mexican they have to sit down. Or Whoopi or coffee or something at some point of time before training camp starts to say I need do sporty jacket that would allow. And it took in hockey's a very in export this is not like I mean he likened basketball LeBron and can carry. You've got twenty guys in the room you need more than one leader yes so what it is without the benefit greatly should. Group around and they want to extend the cuts jacks and he intended. To grind or rather be when he was gonna. I believe so absolutely the guy I don't pay them for anything yet but I think internally in the room you have to determine if Bryant on board with this program that is not. Try to move. Dennis Bernstein the fourth peer guest here in the sports are 957 years speaking and when the sabres hired Phil Housley was on the platform that. Well he's a hall of fame defenseman. He just coached up this team in Nashville with his great defense he's gonna bring this new style the buffalo Dennis it was anything bought. And you can give we can goal for the reasons but. The bottom line here is how much of a leash did you think judges and barker will give Phil Housley next season. I think he's got probably twenty games so mean remember there's no coach far this year until he got fired in the seat and I took everybody kept their top. People and other Tony news look at the roster CP process and improve I'd be scared the the coach could look guys. In November I everybody was calling for jarred that nor the people fired act out for a big one trait due to market and his team have been hit by. So I gotta give me some bleach but again I'm opposed this team. And remembered that if they bottom line driven sport right until I would give important means if you don't hear appreciable change. You'd look for another option yeah I would look toward now let's certainly keep the government shut because there. You know I'd just with the faster I think everybody deported to it and he coached well it's a loan is GM managed. Why it's so I think but I think he is the quarter pole. And that's not it ABC this is being here next Mexican early on and I I can't beat analyst pat and productive and not. Dennis after being unfairly characterized as anything but an objective reporter of the NHL by my cohost I wanna give you the floor. To tell everybody listening right now NE SP in Rochester where they can read your work and where they can get more Dennis Bernstein. The fourth straight back come on we have all picked all the rounds up are. Crew are cast of characters myself and but if there are around our NDP government in and I can read or distort our abdicating them looking back at last he's in there. Their picture to the plate because overnight and in this round so this sport spirit dot com and the only work there and it totally. Unbiased and I'm. Dennis I ask for your forgiveness. I'm his new best tennis appreciate your time as always us safe travels. You gotta dispersing the fourth period dot com too it's really amazing work there your hockey dad. I checked that yeah. And that was a good breakdown of the Stanley Cup up lesson that he's pick in and against Washington. Gave it was surprising as you laying out the reason why this could be it or watching like. Yet now they're playing a hot team in it in Colorado. So this area is giving Columbus. I know I IA and watch it just can't get over. Can't get over in the idea that whole he's gonna sit to start the series. You go with the I was zero playoff experience. Interest staying. How's that gonna work. He's got a rematch. Of last year's cup final. Pittsburg. Nashville. With Nashville winning it all. Lot of people have natural now it's not an actual on the west. Winnipeg. Could the wars version what the sharks G and I you want we want to sharks I want that first round pick. Sharks. Shalom beer. Got to remember chum beer yeah asks. I want the team that serves about your called shalom. Danger he got a cold chum. Got the job a lot of beer that's one letter off from Berry got a cap. Shelton appear. Go sharks for that. If you missed our conversation with Dennis Percy hits and insight on an interesting insight on what the sabres should do with the rhino rally to a like that. That was different viewpoint right and you gotta make it work out but. This is part of being captains of Jack cycle is going to be the captain next year that's that's on. And then we'll see how tight that relationship is moving forward we'll get that conversation with desperate scene up for you online. At the only ESPN Rochester dot com shortly next we sura today's top NFL stories and bite sized form. Including Jean the next big scandal. For the NFL will tell you about it in NFL appetites here's next on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect. With Rochester is most listened to sports thing. And sports bar with dangerous bitch back. Chester wrapped. Fortunately you're. By examining. ESPN Rochester. Rochester new home for amber sort of you're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. This news from around the National Football League. That little boy today. Served up in place. We are serving. Art this way lessons. Now another sportsman. Top story today another bizarre public display side hills start rethinking kind neo ink kind Neil telling victory to the Buffalo News. But he's done. With the NFL because of health concerns that includes a scene of his liver his kidneys crew G is shared more from his conversation with thinkpad media always says he's quote. Absolutely not. Changing his mind about retiring the economy does says he's spoken at bills owner Terri could hula coach John McDermott in general manager Brandon being about his decision being called it. Time to move on from a career that started with a brands in 2005 now for what it's worth bills running back LeSean McCoy made a public pleas for Inkatha need health. Quote my favorite white boy ever to return by offering him 300000 dollars if you reach 15100 yards. And its far. With certainty that he'll be available at three in the draft of the jets are doing their homework with Sam to Arnold to be stopping by for a visit the coming days given that. The jets are in need of quarterback the idea that Arnold wasn't on your schedule to this point is a bit on the Donald is going to be a New York anyways also has a visit scheduled with the New York Giants. And because no shortage of issues and scandals the deal with from sexual harassment claims to CTE settlements nailing finance them. Two domestic abuse policies well here's the next scandal to be coming to league. The treatment of cheerleaders from the objective case CNN centralization. To the critically low weight criminally low wages and extensive overreach of their none curing it meaning lies cheerleaders. Must be willing to sacrifice in order to succeed the NFL now is known about these issues import treatment of cheerleaders for years now. Cheerleaders in the Oakland Raiders Cincinnati Bengals Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a New York Jets have all sued over pork pay. And we know what happened to the jails of course in buffalo at the end of a truly wants to expand their audience to include more females. Perhaps stream their female employees a little better will be good stuff. Finally the man behind one of sad NFL controversies is being questioned under oath today. My NFL lawyers the first this is the first deposition in Paula cap critics collusion grievance filed last year so far. Texans owner Bob McNair ravens GMG Ozzie Newsome. And coach John Harbaugh having question of more depositions are expected this kind of predicts lawyers continue the process of building the evidence. That either will or won't convince an arbitrator. That collusion. Occurred. And it feels more fun to talk while we can talk about the draft we go we'll go back talk about the draw. Yeah yeah and these these we can't brick story is never gonna go away right 'cause he's not going to be indicted is gonna all our other things go away. They're checked with you guys gonna take a check them sign. The RG three signing in the announcement of the RG three signing when they announced it is. It's convenient for the Baltimore Ravens they made that announcement dating somebody made the announcement that they were assigned him the day before they were going to be questions did that case so. Just to clear up the air why didn't she take a while we like RG three betters a better football player if you don't make that signing. Then I don't think you happy you have to answer more questions about why can't Africa is an on your roster if you're in the market for free agent quarterback. It's just bizarre because I don't wanna go rekindle old camper next thing but believe it's all about winning. That you have these scrubs like Brandon wheat and still then shots and a. And a problem. Is that let's talk about the NFL draft more fun to talk about then yes cheerleaders and then their misuse and cow college cabernet can listen we have. A good legit conversation to have because. Reaching cod needle. Nazi was retiring today. Okay. Well now the problem is words you had to fill Eric Lloyds slot analyst candidates curtain. I don't think is any coming back I don't think bridging guy neo wakes up tomorrow and changes his mind from this. But the paperwork has yet to be filed. What does this mean for the bills draft what should let me. What does it mean for the bill salary cap. What does it mean for the bills' offensive line. What does it mean for the bills cornerback in 28 team we'll get into all of that more we love when you join us at 454. ESPN 4543776. Happy hour next in the sports bar danger amber tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. These days yeah. All summer do you. Match ups including Sunday night baseball. Most listened. The sports league.