The Sports Bar-Hour 2- Don Stevens

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia.Don Stevens voice of the Rochester Americans joins the show to talk Amerks highlighting the injury to C.J. Smith and the induction of Martin Biron into the Amerks Hall of Fame.  Also, the guys serve up the day's top NFL stories in bite-size form with NFL Appetizers.


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It. But sports bar with danger and exactly yet. Roger was trying to. But I think. Could've pulled back in just got to change what's up do you wanted to be out of a bad bounces involved. The effort but the hole wasn't there let's and plus and vote in so there's sorority is all you. Mike danger ties to Rochester of course days playing with the cameras and those connections will pay dividends it is he's inducted into Rochester Americans hall of fame. I. Apologize start feeling during document they didn't run that here today they're like I have people that you know. Jeanne good sadly. One bills known and a pass along your danger Vontae Davis taking his first free agent visit it's the Buffalo Bills it seems to be another indication that the bills are moving on from DJ gates quarterback AJ McCarron does he fit in the Buffalo Bills plans for a free agency Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Good afternoon until the stolen join us sports bar with danger of attack layer is open for business we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listening this afternoon and AM 95957. FM. ESPN Rochester don't come find us on the radio dot com happy as well these are just. ESPN Rochester along with chief tag Leo I am Mike danger jazz star now does some of us have a three day weekend actually from standard because the sabres play. 3 o'clock on Monday we ask those. Ports pour money you're programming note they're President's Day so company holiday frost were both off Jeanne you will be up on Monday I will be off all next week. We've got to a week of guest host lined up for next week wrecked. Jimmy's in on Tuesday Hollis is in now Wednesday and Thursday's organist it back a lot of fun next week excellence all right. Well hopefully the you know. Really nothing to be outlets feel guilty of something huge breaks. Okay and I'm not here I part I seriously want to you know to re cut the open in say the sports bar with Steve Holtzman and team you know you want any us first though give your name in their first you wanna be the sports car with us actually in house how can I how can and mess with view and you know worried when you come back and you are Jay doesn't really happy to you know our little La online program here that maps are joke where we you know got the background always set too some pawn hockey it's my little happy place in and gene goes and changed it. To the castle that Walt Disney World I think magic kingdom that's got to be happier for you right now that's where your mind is that not pond hockey it's on floor right now Newington valuing can play UV but do you look for the record over Christmas break I put my happy place a baseball time. Changed the judges noticed is economical are thousand. So what's going on that we Ers apocalypse that we both like the hockey background. I'm not gonna touch it anymore junior controls the background your your control of the wallpaper for our show on the on the computer failure you can control I think the Disney stuff for the capsule. Actual laughter was produced as I'd like to say let's get altered that. It is Austin round. Post rigs and in the sports. So. Here's my unpopular opinion. Josh McCown joining a team that drafts the quarterback. Makes a lot of sense. Yes he's old. 39 most of his careers. Bit of back up. So is Mike is now the miles on the most 39 year old and league would have yet again it's not a sexy name blocked. For a veteran mentor role we keep hearing the term rage quarterback at the discount price. That you he'll be happy for this offseason you could do a lot worse in free agency that Josh McCown. Well. Absolutely but when the jets be silly of to let Josh an economy that the answer the jets have is right there. By the way with the jets drafting very high. I would think that's got to be option number one everybody in New York. For the jets and number six number five I beg your pardon. That's it you should draft a quarterback to deposition and keep me down yet but but it's the jets all right so. Solved into that cave you're new to the sports bar welcome we we do talk a lot of hockey this week in particular we talked a lot of hockey and sports are. They would all our guest this week dangers you know it's as we had a common question we asked about the future Brian Gionta he's our own we bought the guy we're we're curious what's next. They'll all be bigger boat local guy asks me what's New York Rihanna creek ceiling Paul Hamilton came as the fourth spot market Toronto was a lot whether it's yesterday. They'll sit absolutely Gionta he's going to end up finding NHL roster. We do have another guy fell on national lighter Dennis Bernstein whose great by the way phased out of Los Angeles. Christie obviously is no emotional highs this story does not know Brian Gionta personally. Bristol was pretty definitive answer no way. I'm thinking that maybe this is a story danger work our emotions get in the way and if I had to predict right now. Based off of our conversation would Bernstein. I predicted Gionta will be an amber could come out in March. I'll take a step further I don't think easy and hammer I think he doesn't get the call from the NHL team and I think he decides that's it. It won't what's left to prove you've got a great family you've got a great like you've got a great legacy huge just. Captain team USA. In the Olympics if the phone doesn't ring or you're not able to come to an agreement or term. But what with the team that that satisfies your your need to get back or Horry isn't working with your family. Let's say no then nobody. Well after singled after practicing with a hammer after suiting up for the one game. How would the public think that dull I mean I see what you're saying he's earned the right to every once site. I here's hygiene. He was the captain of the Buffalo Sabres last year he didn't make the Buffalo Sabres this year. The Buffalo Sabres are the second worst team in the league I couldn't use Brian Gionta. Excellence and now yet solved Rick to back today's dose of common sense. Comes from Brett Favre. Believe interview that he did on CNN with doctor Ben the mall Lewis and I know what the topic is if Ben Jamal Lewis is a part of the conversation when he was asked. What can be done to make football safer part simply said don't play. And he's not wrong the date if football or any sport for that matter becomes 100% safe. Well that's that in that sport died. It's politics in this true for any sport yes mean yes yeah I don't we don't think of soccer boy you're gonna kick in costs in soccer and hockey for that matter had. Justin Morneau in baseball was never the same after you took a need they had sliding in the second base all these sports have a degree of. Watch the Olympics right triggers changed if they can just figure skating. Them are dangerous and that's why we watch we watch to see these freaks of nature but their bodies their lives at risk. That's the entertainment of any sport to watch so yeah if it's a sport. Is 100% safe. People don't really are maybe watching curling okay I'll watch this I'll drink to that. TV sports weekend danger there's a lot of time. Got the NBA all star weekend got the sabres in the NHL it erased any got Daytona. And of course obviously you have the Olympics continue on you know why. None of these are what I'm looking forward to most watching this weekend that thing gotten to Syracuse no not that either. And looking forward to the most this weekend. Spring training. Harvard he acts give me the MLB network keep me updates from thwarting give me updates. From Arizona get. Mean you can see the managing this is what today is all about getting you do your happy place. You're going to yours I'm going to mine we've made it through the winter it's practically over. We've just got a few more weeks to make it before we start to feel like spring is here and he's a little the little rites of passage to spring. Yeah I mean I know me to fight for the remote my family but no I wanna watch the coverage from. I don't care what camp they're going to be talking about I wanna learn about baseball to me. I'm excited to watch that sorrow drink to that hit the dolphins announced it's going to be made some adjustments to there'll look. With their jerseys and pants a logo the helmet all evolving Jackson really might call me a similar announcement earlier this week no pressure Tampa. And neverland mean I'd dolphin fans don't like what they bring back or Bruce no excuses. Find a way make it work. Iconic. Brands circles temple worst uniforms in the NF all right not good now and now they Jacksonville is gone. You know what I would let's see what LA looks like the rams look like next exact wrong that all white and blue thing that they had going on whether trying to mix their their heritage from LA and and their Saint Louis. And pulled over now what I can I mean. Give you another team that is well past June that looks like a ninety's train Iraq. Tennessee. C'mon titans what is that with different shoulders and event helmet others the nation much. Forget it go back to something solve drink to that big weekend in section five it boys and girls basketball. Hockey sentinels. Good luck to every athlete who is competing. Also tonight. It's a sack nationals in indoor track get beat Gordon Deal how's it all right you know danger can you give me a moment here to do what dad correct the floors roars off my daughter Allie is a freshman at spend support. She qualified in the 15100 to nine class B so Alley. So proud of you I'm beaming with pride. That being said danger right now. I'm a nervous freaking. Sure I I can talking on a microphone I can talk in front of people. I can that's got business to invest 50000 dollars with a company doesn't make me nervous but sitting in the stands watching I can not be able to do anything I don't Milo. Didn't hear that you're good. Matching your good data I you know what in it's that season where. Some high school careers are coming to an end have a neighbor. Whose son has played hockey for the better part of the last twelve years in his last game was earlier this week any recognized that he written realized. As he was skating off the ice oh my god. I just played my last. Hockey game. On. And to. As parents. That's emotional. It's but it's part of the kid it's emotional on the kid it's got to meet the kid devastated but. And I think about the amount of time I've invested in my kids in their athletic pursuits whether repeat might my youngest with the golfer or my oldest with soccer. Who's gonna miss it more when it's over the parents. For the kids I mean the kids we'll have these long lasting memory memories that you may going to watcher daughter. Running track meet that that memories that you live how will never forget. The memories I had as a kid playing hockey what my wife Tammy what they invested for me to to travel throughout the state of Minnesota and in play hockey growing up. I'm experiencing now with my oldest daughter all the traveling we do for soccer now and act I cringe at the thought of the day where that all comes to an and know what's gonna happen it's going to be depressed. You and ire in the same timeframe here of adulthood where it seems like guys every 983. We can't which is. Running for our luck isolate. Orman do all that time for a loan them money to. I mean days it does that's that's the upshot here in danger all this running around caught. Your daughter's traveling for soccer I sons traveler for hockey it's been up there. Yeah well and I feel the same thing you do when when my kids out on the field. The knot in your stomach that that you know all my god I hope you know first and foremost she sixth. I hope she's out injured like them the worst thing would be all she gets in costs or all she tires are EC Eller breaks a bone you know. That would I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. It would drive me Treo and I would do you know immense guilt. But I I you know all I can imagine is is that David does. And I mean really all you have to do was apparent is thank your kid right I mean think your kids for for the years and years of hard work that they put into passion something that they. They loved and something that we were able to watch them grow through this when I love about sports and at the past. Is it the past what you learned everything that you need to learn from being part of a team or some kind of organized athletic program. The past. It. So job for the rest the life community any workplace you go into kind earlier you're part of a team and everybody has a role to get a job on. 454 ESP as a number 4543776. Keep writing and I can't wait for my kid is playing hockey a money again you say. A key issues that we yeah I know you're joking and I know that it goes away you will miss it. And and I joked with that neighbor earlier this year is he was sick dog out travel there going air like you're gonna miss it when it's odd that's what everybody's telling. But I don't know it by the time is gonna do is so popular that no no I will I fiery now I will miss it when it's gone. Iowa it will it will be 88 empty spot in my life EE eight. It's life it adds life to hurried adds life to me that's like to anybody that that is involved and it I'd I will miss it when it's going. And I don't care I don't look it at the expense but it doesn't matter in LA. My wife was a wanna talk that way by the way black while I mean exactly why I want to answer hot when I talk about how much I don't care about how much money it's it costs that have to invest in my daughter wanted to play golf I hate the Jeep. Our reason why we're going to Florida. Hours spent a few days in Clearwater I don't know what you would like. Yeah we've gone golfing since last summer it's been a long winter we're traveling all over the place for soccer my little one just wants to swing a golf club let's golf. Have you identified any courses you're gonna. No I don't know Leo I'd like some par three years on the Soledad they've got to play you know what whereas Florida's version of but what I wanna find that I find gotten one Florida I'll be happy. That's what we need you know she's gonna chew up whatever course we go he I would love I would love to visit Florida. And engulf some of the the courses down there that you see in years oh my god beautiful pro style courses that just you know immaculate and war we're not those golfers I'm not tackle for my wife is not tackle for my kids certainly isn't there yet this again is the par three atlas have some fun now. I'm Mary you're not ready for so it is fair right here earned him I'd love to try ravenwood the clock to try. Would like those courses at that turning stone this the cast your dad who. Nice. I loved it that that. On how to play that'll that I love those courses particularly. Jewelry but I'm not SI you segued there. How my gonna feel you're going to be on the course that's what it debt that's why guys in their fifties and sixties play more golf than you are not everybody. You're on the golf pros enormous talent geno communal play as much golf to some running around all the family constantly when you've been working I mean. Yeah that'll probably take up a lot of my time golf and well public for today and when he yours India. I'm making a commitment two to get out their little bit more special since I've got a little one who's who's taken an interest in it and you know truth be told it was my favorite sport growing up a little bit with my old man. A growing up it was just frustrating. Exercise for me it was so frustrating. That you get upset with you on a cores would he settle myself. And then as a young adult any time going gulf and I was dubbed angry golfer by some coworkers that I wouldn't they just they didn't even call me danger anymore they just called me angry golfer. And spelled danger without anger that's right. That's right he cannot spell danger without a NG ER. And boy I had some is now I think Indy with a little bit of age and maturity comes. Artistic deeper it's okay. You've done that did not go the way you wanted it to and you have another shot and you'll be fine. That's a drink to that the sports part danger of tightly on ESPN Rochester trichet stopped by Don Stevens of voice of the Rochester Americans joining us here. In a few missile preview of tonight's actually get scramble experience Martin moron. Mark hammer wrong Marty were on goes into the works hall of fame. Who is funny have a Marty on the show yesterday and you know he'll be fun tonight as some Marty Iran and by the way. Mom never really need a win here Shia who okay picked it stuck at the other story here when we talked to Don here on CJ Smith now. New poll that's four to six weeks out of line up. RA Danforth coming up from Cincinnati it you know is there any other help on the way here on in some curious to get guns bought here and I would have to think it's telling us all marking goal tonight but. Don Hampshire will tell us who want is getting the nod here. All right before we go to break Gina I. I wanna wait to play this but I can't it's just too good days this autism so early this week we were talking with. Chris I can't call him his nickname that were calling them earlier this yes that's not a sales manager called Chris Peter in fact I see him walking by this junior and frankly press grab him grab Avic I can't really quick he sees what my somebody talk about serendipity you guys are having an hour gonna do really really doesn't he doesn't know what what were what course bring it on him but if paraphrase what he's going to awhile back and say so who we can't call him what we want it will work formerly is but I will call him moving forward. Chris Peter. Because he is the guy who can account is heating. Your PDT. Sure. I mean we. Found the tape actually intern nick found the tape from November. Chris Peerman joining us in studio and he. I might I know if you. Eat you have eaten listen there are few bills fans that I know that are as passionate as you. That they have as much belief as you do that really just. They care you care so much. About what this team does he read all the message boards your all with your you've coupon it would church which I love about you and I love about sports he's bonded with these children. So that he Yeltsin that he can. You know you have this on this communication work your kids are telling you the latest things that are happening with the Buffalo Bills all of this is happening. But we have to call you out win win win you you know you have one just remarkable blemish. You're gonna show is more but this one week out there's not part of this is funny it let's take a step back in time in the sports bar. Let's go to that Friday before the game against Los Angeles Chris you're out of here it was 5 o'clock and Friday were ready to car start your weekend take us to where your head was at that moment that. Moment I was excited to go home watched you ready for the game right. Excited to watch somebody besides Tyrod Taylor that's all the ball for us right yes. I was a little fearful because you have been preaching the entire weeks is the thing was mentioned that you thought he was gonna get killed by sandy was pass rush. Which obviously happened right. But I did feel like he was gonna have a good game I thought he brought a lot more to the table as a quarterback. And tyra did but unfortunately. It's that blemishes. Yeah it really hit it really. A case you missed it this is Chris. Before that Peter Mansoor is a master stroke by McDermott I think it's more than what Tyrod did last week I would consider. Driving through Buffalo Bills quarterback and that's a reappearance that's after the first corner here remain is going to make mistakes he might not make it out of the first half. I have been waiting. Since week one. And I think that Peter may and from everything we've seen a pre season and in a little bit new balance I think he's a man and you're watching her. And you're going to be show. There's no way I'm going to be disappointed Monday. Master stroke. Does that there's no worse than genes called miss what's gonna let them what you really. This is a nickname mr. strong master masters strokes alerted. You're gonna hit you're gonna give me a master stroke. Eleven batters and Tyrod Taylor in the first quarter. Nate Peter is the man who we focus on the fact that you and gene were more prophetic in this by saying I think you'd decided that and I thought he would not make it through the blues got that you have an elite teams that I was gonna get killed was the exact words he said. A master stroke of genius. They took us again. This is a master stroke by McDermott and more than what Tyrod did last week I would consider. Thriving for Buffalo Bills quarterback and that should be appearance that's after the first corner here mean is going to make mistakes. You might not make it out of the first task ahead of him waiting. Since we won. And I think the Peterman from everything we've seen a pre season and in a bit a little bit normal ones. I think he's the man I'm warning you watched him or her. You can you're gonna be shown. There is no way I'm going to be disappointed Monday. There is some sweet sweet music. Can listen well then I can't believe that I said those things yeah. Honestly I mean. Dave's always rolling in the sports bar him I'm accused of being optimistic and there is the worst example all of history. It got me. Chris that are designed by god you are god you are much better sales manager than a football props for I thought I would be able prognosticator who we'll get a second chance for an. Yeah I can't wait for your second chance again the tape is rolling in the sports are waiting. Patiently for your next second chance when they draft the next quarterback draw any another worry it'll be correct it was an anybody but Tyrod this year. So it's ABT baby anybody but tyra and it's going to be good here I don't know do you think Chris is though one of those guys. Anti tyra no matter one just a real quarterback picture. Yeah we all the snow go to the court next story yes they won't. He's addicted Peter begins the answer there'll be it's a stroke of genius I hope he's not with him as shall we know it's gonna as a hero and sister appears appearance listening to this show it's gonna damage aside you know all I. Days. Have a great week interest I should do all right Doug Stevens of Rochester averaged play by play joining us next in the sports park danger of tightly on ESPN Rochester. Epic victories. Heartbreaking defeat no matter your team no matter your game when he talks sports on CN 950 and 957 that they have not sports leader ESPN Rochester. Busy weekend for the Rochester Americans Don Steve as the voice of the emirates whom you can hear later tonight I just after some clutch putts drop images taken on scrambled very blue cross really joining us now. In the sports bar with danger and tightly hey Don. Are you Don it's going to be a fun night tonight so Marty Iran. Going into the Rochester Americans a hall of fame I mean everybody's got to Marty story so it worked out. Yeah everybody is wondering northerners pull out as to how long his speech is going to be that the bigs that the big question. Omar told us that he had to edit it down a little bit that he did you know he has some prepared statements. He did write them down if he sticks in the script he should be okay but are we buying any of that on. It now expects a now that's it that's a good part about him and if you ask me what I remember most about Marty is it just he's such a big. A great individual. I remember all lot of what is player remember more about mafia is always smiling and talking and having fun and just being a a very pleasant person of the year around. Now I know that's gonna make done tonight a lot of fun the M Merck's. Putting Marty in to the hall of fame tonight for the team eyes on Steve is allowed to call at 705. Fact is gone now the mavericks here I had how to build the team end up where word is what would you cite them in inside team in a little bit of a funk right now. Yes it's a bad role ago winless and last five only two wins in the last well also certainly something but that the thing is it. That they're not out of any of these games is just like Ollie needed to score one more gold or give up one last goal when they're winning all of those games so they're very close very into it but certainly there's been a lot of man games lost her injuries and Anderson good in the so not so good news about that in and and it's hard to players return very key ingredient so lineup last game -- between William defenseman in Britain into the defenseman came back in after long term injuries and then. This game it was he had the return of Carla Blackwell he's been out the last. It was a fourteen games are so he's back to provide open and certainly a huge part to light up but now the average are going to be missing their leading scores DJ Smith is out for a several weeks at a lower body injury so it just it. He gets some good news but it just seems like in time to get some good users that use our national along with a. I'm Brian Duff on the sabres broadcast let's let's it was 46. What he termed and spent the week. We have any idea what that lower body and we dealt with Michael we know it's it's a high ankle and had that pretty much puts it in that neighbor in any idea what's miss injury is not. Ever I it's kind of interesting that the scoring leaders reached team would go doubt about the same time with with what sounds like may be about the same injury. OK and so it is triangle we think are nurturing what is it do you think that's it sound like. Well Don Stevens have the call tonight the Rochester Americans taking on wilkes-barre guy they'd do who's who's getting the call in goal tonight Don there is a continuing its hallmark. I'm assuming it's all market had a big game meant and that certainly looks very it is. There helps third overall in the league now they moved up in answer past Rochester Americans with it's interesting makeup is that there's a lot of former. Penguins that are on the average team including up to the coaching staff with that Chris Taylor was the assistant their last yourself these guys know each other there are always either practice this morning in and day. Given each other their verbal barbs and stuff so it it's an exciting have gain Amber's came away with a 51 victory the have. Are priced to victory in the US and will Spurrier earlier this year so the penguins have been looking for little revenge. How's that worked out so far for the penguins with with so much in the that the turn over. Coming over the buffalo and and Rochus organizations is how Scranton Wilkes-Barre bend this season. Well excellent Argus says they're up to a third overall in the league and the thing as a pick that Pittsburgh has such depth in the organization depth that we haven't seen. For the sabres for many many years in which they're trying to get to it and it's it's almost like the average right now. And the sabres organization because there's so much of a Pittsburgh influence or try to get to that same place that that the penguins are in which were for me would be just fine. Because the what are Scranton and the Pittsburgh Penguins organization obviously is certainly a marvel to to go after and if they can do that in and capture what the penguins at the have done then. It'll be certainly had good times ahead your register. I Don it from a organizational standpoint I'm in the next couple weeks in a pretty big with the NHL a lot of trade deadline nine coming up. What is your sense here what's going to have been and how much of a folk you signed. You know keeping Rochester afloat is is they're gonna be put do you think in your opinion not come trade deadline that. Well certainly there's a lot more thought put into it now than there has been for the last several years which is a good. Good news for us here however you never know if there's a deal that comes along that is too good to pass up just what might happen then and how it might affect the register Americans or the other way around you could have a deal that would really helps register for this year so you just don't know obviously you're going in with your fingers crossed in and hoping that things work out and he. It you'd never know that's one thing about playing at this level as a you'd you'd just don't control her own destiny. Here at the the America rocketed level it's so much depends on what happens with the big club and and yet that's it's like huge. Huge day ahead coming up on the 26. Madonna let's talk about that for a second because as the season winds down here for the sabres it's certainly been a disappointing one it's fair to think. That there are some players that could come down. To Rochester and you've obviously followed this team and watch his team for a lot a lot of years. What do those reinforcements from buffalo mean. To the am works down the stretch and is their case be made that they might actually cause more harm than good when you factor in the chemistry that's been built. Over the course along HL season. Well the players right now I think it would be available to come down would be. Casey Nelson defenseman and of course nick Baptiste forward but I think that's yet because even now and reverend Rodriguez and it would have to go to wave and then players that we would like to see back here I mean it. Actually eligible to come back here would be. As somebody like right arch over well we know that the eichel ginger sort of deeper recession and that on that I'd. It's some of those players Ridley the other ones are ones of I don't know that they want to take the chance aren't on losing him in waivers or not. Well it Don remember the last Calder cup year. There was a college player that had joined the sabres by the name of Brian holes remember holes here in eighty came down help the hammocks to a to a Calder cup thumb or throw a hail marry. Any chance that Casey notable stat says that's my timing colleges Don I'm gonna join the sabres and sabres season wraps up in here he is with the Rochester Americans. Is there is there a chance greater than zero they Casey needle stack could join the M Merck's here for a playoff front. All right I'm not pretty and new information they're Britain is are chances pars I know there's a chance. And I haven't heard a whole lot of talk usually if you're. If if you're gonna get an indication of a player this critic from our college is probably a lot more talk about it than there has been now at its. Sounds to me like it's it's more likely that he'll be another year. In school I don't nor orchestra not privy to indeed any information it is just eyes. Would think if that might happen or be a lot more talk about it. What's the Hammerstein Stevens joining us in the sports partying German daily on ESPN Rochester are home tomboy Brian Gionta of course in a South Korea. Not capped leading our team USA and we've we've been asking anybody that listened Don throughout course of the week and all of our hockey guys that we talked to pay what you think Brian Johns as future is. After the Olympics and is there a chance were wondering for our own selfish reasons is are chance. That Brian juts complacent games in Rochester. To wrap up this season if an NHL team doesn't come calling in your opinion Don what do you think happens with Brian Gionta. When he returns from team USA. Or you know I think a lot depends on how they do. If if they come up new win the gold medal or even the silver medal I think he's probably going to get in and NATO offered to but it they don't do very well and they make a quick exit then that I think lessens the chances of him getting an NHL offer and he certainly didn't close any doors about the possibility of coming here if he doesn't get anything else so it's it's all wide open to possibilities. Busy weekend now not only tonight Don -- you do the home and home with being insane and then you've got the kids' day I gain coming up well on Sunday. And then coming back out Wednesday the game in buffalo talk about the other roared ahead here for the earmarks. Both personal Sunday or Greg brought that up because certain need to remind everybody it's a 305 start. Three or five Sunday afternoon Tuesday and then off to her up one game a year at the key bank settler buffalo Wednesday night so that's always a lot of our marriage during that universally. Back playing the F Springfield falcons at Springfield. No it it. It's circular scratch. That's just. On Wednesday and confused insert is currently Wednesday in buffalo so. Those are hours and games and then following weekend oh goody goody we get to play Toronto a couple of games so that's yet. It's it's very. Covering it. We're gonna head Don Stevens will have the call tonight Don this should be a fun night at blue cross three and we're looking forward to hearing that. Against seven of five for the up puck dropped in a while. Actually tell me AME Marty's got it agreed to give a little more time tonight ranked out of Seoul when you think puck drop will be tonight. They're shooting for around 720 years so. After the all of fame ceremonies but I would remind everybody to may be intercede too little bit early because it'll start. The F ceremonies start right on time mr. 7 o'clock so be intercede certainly. For the for the policy insert mortgage tonight. Had chances are Marty gets going to probably still Ketchum at 730 some four. You can't. Now I think you'll be good I think you'll be because now he's now he's actually in bright as he knows the meaning of being out on time. That's certainly can be a great night great after the Hammer's great night for Marty draw and you can hear all the action tonight on ESPN Rochester the great Don Stevens with a golf. I just after 7 o'clock and given some of his time now in the sports bar with danger tech leads on have a great weekend thanks your time. Thank you are much sicker. Don Stevens tonight and again busy weekend for the hammer exco is after tonight being insane. They insane game Wednesday in Syracuse. I'd like to see BM Merck's get six of eight points of these next four games I think that's. There are who these games on my account the Syracuse game meal home game and then. Bingham does now Lang great soul give me. Three out of four wins here this strike. Be nice listen I'm a greedy give me one. Give me just get we get our once I get started start tonight get one you know like here's what I don't wanna see. The camera to see what we've been seeing on the bubble like. I act either making it hard for me to get invested like I want to be investing and you beat the best team in the league I should be excited. Go to buffalo they are lose in overtime again you get up only lead at night I think it was a mile. Eleven overtime losses. Most in the league. I think Anaheim has eleven as well but eleven. Overtime losses I feel like we've seen this story play out all over and over again this year with the Buffalo Sabres and always feels like it's. Given the goal a durable lately and now you lose in overtime. Know you knew that was coming out watchdog last night cleared the freaking zone. Pour from war so it you don't what. If your hockey fan you're a sabres and you're an average fan you both teams struggling a little bit right now for the interest we won just started tonight. Take your business at home tonight you got Marty brawn born in the hall fame should have a nice crowd there aren't. I want tonight. And you can hear the action with him senator starting out the pregame at 650. Here on ESPN Rochester. I will say this today in the sports department sides are heard Doria laughs sole hard. Finding that tape of master stroke strokes a blurry is a love for Peter Main yeah I swear to god I couldn't stop laughing that last. Yeah listen it's it's not that time but timely but in that you know because we're not really talking a lot neat Peerman in the offseason but no he came in earlier this week into the sports bar. To mentioned you know what was he's always talking about free agents that are available and and who he thinks the bill should should go after in free agency. He was the one that said. All right guys did you hear this rumor that. Brandon team was having dinner which in the garage below audio taught there 100% and I thought it eight you know just ate it up now now the deals are getting Jimmy are up now. Oh okay yeah. That worked. Now it's it's been a coach didn't. Fun way to go on a vacation Jeanne you guys are kilometer we get ours our our studio minions as Wheldon turned Knick intern frank hang in on as well by the way next. Us picture here and a person how does that test go Diego but I don't want to it was a it was a success Burmese appreciated it was special treat on than did. There are we we we taught you something now we really cost and time and we clearly avatar many think of you learn anything about us in the sports bar. Now long days of ball what is it. Now today is. All that that's the sports bar away and it was different sports bar away. Rule. Well he's he's saying we're like the patriots this is not a dictator I don't know this is not dictate. Are you do you you live your life but I'm just saying though this big huge Dan you are engaged this girl. Seniors not seem like you know used to take off Valentine's Day you set yourself a standard you can't yeah to yeah everything in life you have to manage expectations. And you may not like hearing this and and may come off as sexist but you have to manager partnered. Put it who did import job. Taking advice and life please. Disappoint your significant others thought. Yeah just disappoint her constantly that way we can do something good to look all I've got the best guy ever. Yeah exactly away and yeah. I. To show up what she beat her yeah I know you get to what we look about gene is he's. Constantly work like how many apostles you actually this weekend you you actually have some time this week. Now we got kids that kids outsourcing your working all day tomorrow. Our tease out Nazi got down let me like that it does it's cause I'm always a chance Monday night gene doesn't Boehner then I'm insanely jealous of I wish I had the kind of motor that gene to tag lead us that he's always working constantly hustling. One side hustle after the other and you make it work and you may work at home as well which is what baffles me because if I Kerry you're kind of schedule. Other ivy you know my what do we folks who are you get out of here. You know around not investigate not you know part of this family go. I am where I am invested though you make your guys your age so he gets again the attack Lee away. At this point constantly and then every now and then when you step Madonna. It just looks so much now you don't be a prints OK don't fall for any at Disney mumbled to ask not who we now how much you stop with that net that tweeting out. Ask Arianna was bad. I get to spend Valentine's Day with my best friend it. Who does that. Nick I looked you're young I'm trying to act and I don't she's not listening so you don't have to worry about. It probably is listening. She'll listen in no way no it should listen. Chips and into exports that she thinks she's more hockey and she's she's invested in the state prison portion Nevada she's not football game. An off night well if you've learned anything personal note a soft second of all. There is lower the expectations will be making the rest of us looked I'm learning more from the centers. That's our panel personal stuff and life skills. We're gonna prepare you for your life your adult life name. Life skills. Our let's get to NFL appetizers necks in the sports bar with Dane German tag Leah including. The reinstatement. Of an NFL executives is bringing this afternoon Aaron sports bar with danger tag Leah more next on ES PM Rochester. News news from around the national football. A little fun today. Here's the and during the attack we are serving up. Artist playlist of now another sportsman. Wanna know what Peyton Manning's been up to fielding offers to be an NFL analyst yeah. Only to the best color commentary jobs are open right now Manning is believed to have his choice of either. Of course ESPN need the Monday Night Football replacement for John gruden now with fox venturing out on a Thursday night package Manning could be in play there as well. My question rains. When you assume Manning will be able to command millions for the job easy actually wanting to do it Manning is said to have a desire to run team's front office. Consider John Lynch is successful transition from TV analyst at GM the 49ers made Manning. He more interest in working on the TV side for the for the ride NFL job. Speaking of Monday Night Football in news that's music to my ears genome. The New York Post is reporting that ESPN it's considered replacing play by play man Sean McDonough. The feeling that McDonald lacked chemistry gruden. Plus NFL officials have not had fans but some of the honest critiques on officiating among other topics the three internal possibilities are. Joint task force Steve Levy. Deep patch. Neither test were Levy called an NFL game passion has that been the longtime radio voice of the Arizona Cardinals. And if wears on me with a bat as you. JJ watts 31 Sports Illustrated called sportsman of the year in the NFL's Walter Payton man of the year now he's about to add. Eight scholarly fluid. A Baylor College of Medicine doctorate in Houston medical school announcing Thursday he'll give Wadi doctor meant humanities in medicine. Four he's hurricane Harvey relief efforts the count toward the honorary degree at its annual commencement ceremonies individuals who provided exceptional support. Or service directly or indirectly to Baylor we're too academic medicine is a hole. In the community at large. Panthers have reinstated in Europe GM Marty hurry today it was a clear indication that the NFL it cleared him of any allegations of wrongdoing earlier this month. A judge declined to issue a protective order to please ex wife throwing. Next part proceeding which means if the effort came without Ernie being recover presented or involved. These are really is no true evidence that curry had done anything wrong moving on. Finally another team making changes to their uniforms next season. The Miami Dolphins summer on the scorer on the Miami Herald reporting that the changes will be more by quote evolution rather than revolution. Well not drastically Alter look at the dolphins adopted five years ago the jerseys pants logo and helmets are all expect to be effective in small ways earlier this week. The Jacksonville Jaguars announced they'll be altering their difference ahead of the season as well. Unfortunately team that needs the biggest overhaul the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and not announce any changes. To their uniform but danger we can. We ask bring back the creates a cults. Bring back Bruce buccaneer bruised right that's his name buccaneer proves that apple Lynette. Knife and his team their lawyer Adam Carolla Donnelly what DK for kick offs. Herbert Donald it would be okay. Our our it will be OK MR team gramatica. Follow. Bring them back. VD tested dirty in the end up in the cream circles. Our carrier terrible team got there were god. They were out of those uniforms weren't that. It's funny I could rattle law I am having trouble off the top of mine had coming up with a bad Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the eighty's and ninety's. I mean you can't you can't say. When did it really turn like the early ninety's beef board Tony Dungy got there when they drafted. Pretty much Warren Sapp bright warm Warren Sapp got drafted going back like the Sam why Riche Arum yeah. James wilder was good Wright came while it was really good yeah I remember James wilder I don't know why dom it would BK just resonates with me. I'll always remember Donald eagle began. Xenia remember Vinny tests of county were bad 'cause they were a bad team here to bird was the quarterback burnt out god. I mean really you know there were one of the teams that played the bears twice you're the old right they were in the central the old NFC centrally so I you know became kind of familiar with. And getting. You know beat twice a year by the the two wins at the bears could guarantee themselves every year was against Tampa Bay and then they going get rid of the creep circles and actually start winning games. Those all those uniforms are the computer and that they hideous right they need to change now there'd be alarm clock numbers get a guy it's time. For happy hour in the sports bar daily special would be joined died next. By Brian Duff who of course you see. Intermission report pregame and post reports from Buffalo Sabres on MSG diapers and joins horse in town tonight. For the enshrined meant his partner in crime Martin brought the idea ever saw offend. He might be in his car bodies coming into town tonight which is great so O'Brien duffel talks Samari moron we'll talk a little sabres as well. With your intermission host and MS chi Bryant off this coming up next in sports are dangerous to tag Leon ESPN Rochester.