The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Donna DiTota

Danger and Battaglia react to the breaking news of Cordy Glenn being traded to the Bengals. Donna DiTota of the Syracuse Post-Standard also joins us to react to Syracuse's improbable invite to the NCAA tournament in hour two of The Sports Bar.


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Those sports bar with a dangerous do exactly the Cleveland Browns are trading up man round draft pick. To buffalo for Tyrod Taylor Tyrod Taylor will now be throwing to enjoy this Landry and gave Cleveland the new GM John Dorsey. Making things happen. When we started around three to go after AJ McCarron and free agency instead they get Tyrod Taylor who I think is average if they want a quarterback like that baker mayfield is the guy and the draft is sort of most closely resembles Tyrod Taylor. Mike danger Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns for a third round draft pick they could've had him for free. Unbelievable. Jeanne exactly at the Buffalo Bills currently do not have a starting quarterback but they have two strong options I'm one of free agency trade up in the draft to get one or. I guess we care to buffalo. Syracuse. Did that won't Oklahoma State. Out searchers little bit of surprise. This news. The tournament after last June's. Millions of children. Rochester sports leader 957. EST yet reliable but it was coach of any other team we would not oh gosh. Jim listen just. Go to bed earlier now aren't you all that is daylight saving thing more effective much welcome back to the sports bar danger of attack Leo we appreciate you stop them by our little slice of heaven. However you may be listening this afternoon AM 95957. After having ESPN Rochester dot com. Searches on the radio dot com that as well and you can listen to what's on your device. We wouldn't be able to do what got the help of our fine sponsors sponsors like saint John's where they offer respect drum. Of services from housing and skilled care to help seniors embrace life there way go to saint John's living dot org slash embrace. Dash future or call 76013. Hundred today and lower giving some love towards sponsors gene which talked about where we're going to beat for the start of the I. Cannot wait is one of the best days veer right on Thursday. If your. Work we're not telling you to skip out of work alone nobody is working on Thursday. I've done this enough to know nobody is working on Thursday you have no excuse not up. The least you can do goalies you can do. If you're playing hooky on Thursday is to stop by and see geno and I. And Murphy's law. 14100 empire boulevard and Webster we're gonna be there live from three until six DE one of the tournament of course Murphy's with two great locations on. Empire boulevard also 37 east avenue downtown which is by the way right in the parade runoff for Saturday. You're looking for a place to watch all the games in March. It's Murphy's law. And we will be at the empire boulevard location Webster this Thursday that's Thursday from three to six for the opening round. Of the NCAA term it's great drink specials as well geno Ford all points of Guinness. Four dollar shot of James ware in the Irish. State of mind. All kinds of delicious Irish fare as well. Open it AM both locations on Saint Patrick's Day it's Murphy's law. Irish pub empire boulevard that location will be hosting actually the biggest Saint Patrick's Day pre after party starting at 3 o'clock. Big heat tent live music that's all Saturday but before battle goes down Jeanne now will be life sports par three to six Thursday. Come on out whether it's for the whole show. Dudley will love to have yet haters up on your way home Thursday am Murphy's law and empire boulevard by the way danger. To come up with that who's the only browns quarterback. You have led the team to the post season I was distract Obama sits Kelly Holcomb no I got it I you've got Kelly Holcomb. Losing to the steelers'. 2003. How sad is that. This. The point being out Tyrod Taylor's banner and any quarterback they've had that's why it is. That's why Tim Schneider big Brown's fan excited. Sure c'mon. Look pronouncements. Hate to break it to you a boat. Okay is the bar has been said extraordinarily low. It is right no yeah. Poultry and in the sports. Think you weren't you and I debate here at times I think. It's fair to say I'm a guy that will listen dear sports argument and I will concede a point here there under the if you want argument I don't want any part because there's no place we're ready. Spare me your my eighteen being hit into the NCAA Terry and me. We. Live. Mean again in Egypt Saturday over Syracuse should it stop. We don't conference. Period the end if you don't do that. Play great nonconference schedule what you don't do that Oklahoma State well they don't do either you are leaving your faith to somebody else it's about accountability. And I don't wanna hear your argument we said the same thing last year with Syracuse didn't get in right we have the same conversation exactly your work I literally held accountable by the way if Syria Vick looked around today. You and I both said Syracuse of the getting it right pleasant surprise everywhere in transit wireless AG need to have committed the secret to happiness in life. Manage your expectations you've got solved drink to that the bigger report from NFL network Bradford to the pills. Hundreds of pills reference bills. Jeanne let's patch rumor has a spot in the bills' coaching staff and I'm not aware of for me to pass fake news. Good news as you saw my luck I mean do it does anybody really. Belief that Brandon dean or somebody in branded beats staff called a beautiful here you know what were poor or heart we're really got to grind Sam Bradford hole. We're all this story come from come. Yes that's right. Bradford. AJ it's of course there's not a market for Sam Bradford. Cool who's that desperate team that needs a veteran quarterback top let me cook up a story here fake news danger it's. I'll drink to that much more serious note forty sevens we too young for someone to pass let's give the moment your former Sergey studded Chris won't get any love to sit. That age. Did you might remember getting caught two touchdowns opening day win for the bears who play for the bears the cardinals. At the NFL he worked in the athletic department as you also serving as their color commentator for football. No one yet has given the cause of doubt again Chris getting blown way too soon of 47 solid proof to back away. And where is Drew Brees could assign a new jail. When you consider the failure to get new deal done before the league year begins Wednesday for results in its eighteen million dollar dead money hit to the saints cap. I think we have plenty of motivation to get a deal done before then and I think everything you're hearing right now it's fair every team to kick the tires and he certainly wanna see what the market bears out if you Drew Brees see what kind of offers you might get. But I think when this is also done what we've been hearing out of both camps is that Drew Brees is gonna stand moral. It's well could there be it John Elway or somebody that could do is woo him at the last second. I wouldn't put it had zero chance he leaves New Orleans danger mean there is a chance now all the sites I'll drink to that it the Baltimore Orioles did something very Smart. I I'm being honest I'll say it again the Baltimore Orioles. Did something very Smart enough beginning this year editorial games kids are free. When an adult buys a ticket. The king gets it for free. Only held the upper deck but still for sport that needs to do it much better job of connecting with the younger fan base while gold really really ought. They drive remember going to not hold gain gains as red wing fan and hope Deborah since these for the Orioles for baseball will pay off the next generation. Absolutely I I'll drink to that and I hope more teams adopt this because. There's nothing like the memory of you when your kid going to your first baseball game you'll remember forever. And get you aid get you engaged in the game so yeah yes you will Baltimore's and he's very Smart. In other team should take take notice I'll drink to that idea would love to tell you. That the high point of might weaken my sports weekend was. Was hanging out with our supports more faithful on Friday night that that was really cool now was this title but the hammer you know they kind of gave away in overtime not a great game but we had a great time hanging out of their buddies remind me come back that has won a particular one highlight. Black I had a hard time sleeping on Friday and after he told his story and I'll explain cull all this is bad yet this is bad I'll explain. That was not the high point of sorry sport where people love you but I know the high point. And by the way the high point wasn't. Wasn't finding that Syracuse. You've probably got into the NCAA tournament the high point for me. Tiger was seen contention gene and for anybody that wants to say that Tiger Woods doesn't matter. Let me point Judith TV ratings. Tiger Woods in the final round scoring a five point one overnight rating. And he lost to PDT oh wait that's hermit but he says there are in contention. By comparison. That NCAA tournament selection show where we found out that search users getting it. Shall one point 61. To one point 65 point 1211. The tiger effect. It'll by the way he's playing again this weekend amid. I mean I will be watching. New global group what are you looking more for a tooth tiger to the term credit to turn it right I will flip between both I will watch. I am so intrigued. But what it when tiger is playing the way he's. Dude did you see how fast he's club head speed was the highest it was clocked as the highest on the tour this year. He's swinging well is pleased exempt. Ursula K look he looks back with the exception of it's harder okay now that that's why anyway it was back. That you can expect it did that solved through to that parents so wise if we brought up the turn America. Here's another fun stat for the American Gaming Association. Cats and startling numbers here this week alone. Ten net billion. Dollars will be bet on the NCAA tournament again and it billion. How much of that is actually legal. According to BP GA. Only 3%. Of bats this week will be legal. The 97%. Including your office will not legal. Danger. There's a day and it's coming really soon at where we'll have legalized betting in America. Oh yeah there's no question as soon as they figure a way to make money off that and by the way we. Again I don't wanna get too deep into that the deeper into the reeds Jeanne. We've. Talking about how NCAA athletes shouldn't she get compensated but if they way to make money. Given how much money they made their sponsors for all these years and how much of these this this big business is because. Yes it's another revenue stream to figure out a way to make money off of it that they'll get their piece of it. The NBA's setting the tone the NFL won't be far behind. At some point yes the incidental. What you mean to tell me that our brackets are illegal. That not done well. Some maybe both. But certainly the one from five hour energy is Null I don't know that's the want yeah muddy day exchanges free to play right. Right on talking about it not this office but I teed off this is I know that their offices at. They might be handing out brackets and having people fill up those brackets for small nominal fee is that is that really happening people actually do it. Shame. Block. Where would world war breaking new ground here talking about these these offices to have his racquet it's the we had a blast on Friday night up in the suites at the hammer scheme didn't turn out that we wanted to for the emirates and if we're being on us again it was a willed its sluggish right we had a good time between Perry period there appeared over time fund but yeah it looked like enamored team that was. Two new lines here pacing themselves a little bit and a three day weekend but. One of the things came out we met a lot of great guys an end in front of those drew one of those conversations of our guests will be joining us from Murphy's law. On on Thursday it will Cleveland from the Democrat and chronicles big beard I wanna toxin beer with him. A little bit on Thursday it sheriff called one of Arabia want her to begin Murphy's law three to six Thursday and Webster with the sport sport danger of tightly. Billy was there as well and I've met Billy before Billy works for flooring company in town. And this is every day and he might even be listening right now I'm Billy we appreciate Billy chimed in last week on our RCM conversation if you're just joining us the RCM. The residual cereal milk conversation we night. Billy. Made the comment that. Raisin bran is a good residual cereal milk if your eating adults cereal not you know sugary Childrens are. And seeing you know my response that is the bill can comment I'd gagging just that the thought of brazen bullet breeze a brand residual serial look disgusting. But Billy was there in the suites. Billy works for the Florida company that installed. My hardwood floors in my house and you know what he said Tammy. Jeanne. So I don't yeah I hope he's lying but I don't think kids now know I was there at any serious. Billy put a Green Bay Packers card. On my floor. Prior to installing my hardwood floors he won't tell me where. You don't tell me no he just only a Green Bay Packers card leaves. Underneath the hardwood floors my house. I don't know why is isn't it there's only one thing to deal if you've got to pull up the floor of this is like when the Red Sox fan buried York tees Jersey eight yankees and him you can't do that. What this is somehow. He knew. Probably from listening to show your big Chicago Bears fan you know is this yes but the thing is he's not even a pat ease of viking fan. It's so why would you. Why would you do that. That's not cool little box on my house a Green Bay Packers card underneath of them. Hardwoods that danger this hurts. Turks the bears will never win a Super Bowl as long did you live in this how I know. I know. Which of course action I gonna fix. X and can I connect preset order Michael here's my plan my plan is this. I love my house I love my neighbor and I love my neighbors I'm not selling I'm not moving and not leaving Rochester until they knew in the middle school laughter. But he's being serious or buts. I can do without the Rochester winners you know you're like me. Maybe for the four months out of the year where it gets really bad here I migrate down south. Those for what's happened to be win the bears would be making these Super Bowl run January on February so. Maybe. Maybe there's a way out of it. Mean there's a loophole there where I can still see my bears make a Super Bowl run with that hard being in my house as long as. I'm not in the house at that time. Who might hitting the bears are going to be terrible for a long time and it's all because this card that leaves underneath my hard mistakes bill. Thanks bill drop eight that. I was gonna say. Danger that the show's overview you want to migrate that there are other shows with radio personalities in town that migrated Florida shows all already became worse. OK so hole look I don't not let me go to Florida. In mailing it in for three months OK you know war part of no you're troubled money he wouldn't tell me we're. Any wouldn't tell me who what I'd really which is kind of listening in on this conversation I could tell everybody. He pleasant pulling your lack of no really did this no serious about his sports. It wow. This just strikes if Jeremy because I'm the guy that if you're coming over to my house to work you know whether it's the guys in my performance or somebody like that I'm watching you. I am watching you work this reason why people watch contractors going in and outs of what's up Green Bay packer car buried somewhere in there. How's that is important is this story is and I'm sure this will be something that we serialized and talk about over the course of time if the bears have a struggling season cereal out like I'm going to I'm going to end up just to bring it tackle around I'm gonna bring it back up in the future trust me Billy I'm not gonna forget this we have some breaking news story out. Josie and Henderson VS PM reporting that she stole the Bengals are trading. For bills offensive tackle courting clan. Are all being wise you magnificent sum of a bitch. Another big move for the Buffalo Bills of you just shed that salary. Our age indices. I'll move danger we don't know what they're getting back yes yet. Even if it's in exchange. Of draft picks in other words your. You're giving up your for the rear buffalo to get another third something like that even if it's up fifth. Pekovic everything has seventh rounder. Just seen Anderson. Again that tweet I'm told the hash tag angles are training for hash tag bills. Offensive tackle courting Golan. There goes everybody's wish that wildly I seem corny Glen Day use him as collateral to trade up in the draft. I ain't it'll. Guess anything's possible I never thought the bills do trade Tyrod Taylor and I certainly didn't think the bills on his own. Considering how much money he makes could trade forty climbed more draft. It's for the bills. We wait and see with the compensation is what you say gene we're okay Stephen saying second rounder for land Stephen tweeting us now I don't know that's confirmed yet. Well now I haven't once you get confirmation second round will be that would be over the move the schedule according Glenn was drafted as so I mean you're not getting a second girl does go on the record right there. Being as the highest figure of the second rounder. It is the dangles. Them. You what they say about the Bengals. Angles of the Bengals have you. Alrighty so let's for group pure let's find out more about this forty Glenn deal and come back let you know what we we have to talk about the other big serve and we can don't think anybody really saw. Syracuse getting through each both you and I just no way away. And yes. Error where they orange. Jim they I'm very excited that his team got in. Jim bay I'm on wing going goal at this morning couldn't contain his excitement attorney commissioner chairman. Bruce Rasmussen on why Syracuse got into the tournament. Syracuse had a good schedule they had some quality wins in the first quadrant. They also if you look at their schedule they didn't play anybody in and not cowards that are RPI and the Latin and the bottom 100 so. It was easier for the committee to evaluate them based on the quality of the competition they play. There yup possibly he's been covering the team all year of course follow Syracuse extremely close. Donna Daytona. She could join us next yes Turkey's post standard arrive before she heads out the Dayton let's have a quick conversation with Kirk and get back to the big news that you're just joining us forty gland. Being traded to Cincinnati were waiting on confirmation on compensation but we will share that with you. As soon as we find out stay in the sports marked danger and tangling up on ES PM Rochester. Good super bad sports junkies can come and streaming on live at ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and undermanned audio book market sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and the tag Leo worry only talked to the best and brightest minds of people with a fear to the ground that make you smarter. Just listening to ESPN Rochester people on the Toyota Syracuse post standard hey Donna. Tell Lowrie got the word great done and Donna were quite frankly I'm surprised how surprised were you. Anthony's it's turkeys got it. Ill I would a little bit surprised that you know here at the bullet entered their act that we can't. Are a lot though you know every day we like into the numbers as though what the schedule wherever her current schedule works what it into losses or what but it is aware of that in the government you know. Currently for me it was it eat at the united eaten. It just as good a chance getting in his epic. Had it not in an. I thought stated then. Winning and beating environments or what abandoned. What cops for your opinion that elected. And about law and outlaw but it's were. Indy you know I kind of on either way advocate that are overly optimistic and yet and I literally at the edit out loud you have you know. And if there's a team that had a gripe against Syracuse getting in when you say it would be Notre Dame in me how to Syracuse getting. Over Notre Dame with a win Notre Dame beat Syracuse head to head. Yes but did you know I mean they they really it looked at how many we haven't caught on Arctic where equality and you went on the road. What was your non conference for the territory like that you they're not happen until it and what they them. There's nonconference RPI. It was more what you eat with a at inaudible I mean now nobody would close to having that nonconference schedule. Notre Dame who has much work remember exactly what it at what it was around a hundred you know like that. Now that they can only be anybody. Like you don't yet he they had to head. They came in figured out without bond Nicole in without merit Errol you out there that players and they'll be your key. The the daycare. You know it was one game ovary. Now along Eden and and that's what is the only and they consider that better. Note if you don't know it was the first out I mean it was you're earning an academic. And collecting in the ill or it was the first now. Notre Dame I'm not getting in it Oklahoma State's anybody else Donna do you think would have a good argument against their accuser. Yeah I think. North Atlantic Oklahoma at hat out of the that means probably. The re Ellsbury what is not laughable. About the export teams in the 300 in the RPI. Which he did you do any can't eat can't beat that peddling your conference. Championship is on the bubble. And has it nonconference strength of schedule that bad but that's why they didn't get in. You know I think I'd the name but didn't is what USC at about Kate. They didn't have any great win and that was their biggest problems are spread particulate. In that respect in the pac twelve conference that was I think obviously he valued at your side it's committee. And and now let's play I would say topic that it is a cart. Donna did go to Syracuse post standard our guest in the sports bar danger and the tag glee course reader work is well it's Cirque cues. Dot com Donna we we saw the video the players' reaction will what did you hear from the players what do the players say what they I'm saying after yesterday's news. While there are other super relieved I mean hey you know they were repaired in a tight battle it they're bearing ninth. Quiet young man and he rarely held at an emotion you know kind of just jubilant and. We came out yesterday for that but can't but opposed to. Telecast again at the college news conference I have never been that young and my output in the modeling and used a overjoyed. And you know the players we don't watch. What the players they were in there locker room and out utterly out all the way up. How they link there which is. You know operated backed by ER. A couple of doors in between there early now and I can't play it that you know what what the hall thank buying it. And her ear used and it is the eruption on the every room in the court way in the quarter. You know that they were really happy. Knowing that our umpire. What our age and that he was not made available but. Impact was elated in an ineptly relieved and elated as well. Dammit it's ought to Syracuse post standard our guest here is now after the elation. Trying to get the work you know roughly 72 hours to prepare for Arizona State are you what do we know about this opponent down at what I know is. They have this really cool thing the student section does with the curtain no distraction but. Other than that I'm not fit to what might Arizona State wildcat basketball what what do we know about this opponent. Well I get a value that occurred at the back and did not know about that idea you. It in there and guard. Their card under court order car undercut by body early lightning is a name now are people from. You know all over the country now are currently at buffalo a lot of correction not a matter. You know like a feather in the pack well I would think that it sort of been devalued this year. Italy and a great conference. But you know clearly that he was worried at the beginning of the heat in the air and it had a lot of really nice win. And they were every other sort of tapered off that you don't regret that they were clearly on the follow. And thirteen people in it they were gonna get in. I haven't done a whole lot of deep diving into them quite yet now they're they're they're good they're too good guard. And the court let out early and you know is as we take. Donna Daytona travel it was Syracuse and covering the team for the Syracuse post Jeremy not a Donna when you look at this bracket let's say he went on Wednesday and I know be Dili. Have to look forward to TCU Michigan State duke Kansas and meet the brackets held in peace for Syracuse right. Well look Larry and to me it if they were to get buyer. Hey they have a year and keep you coached by Jamie picks and being a long time and that it as. You're looking coach at Pittsburgh. And that musically or in in big time in our brand and partners. Over the years at pounded here is. You know how to play against the ground game and it related brilliant triggering panic at a time and over opponent yet fighting not only based on its not eat bad around. So at that and we really really into paying it stayed you get past Arizona State and it's like you you know monitor that and getting. You know you you ain't this in they would beat but now but in August in. A lot. Bell Atlantic but not enough work in they would and our bracket may lot. In a heartbeat that year. And now it beaten but about that I love. That on a beautiful thing about in equipment that you never know what happened anybody can when he. You don't you saying it could TCU's Syracuse I mean. The tournament committee actually did something kick cheat they never do anything like that. Now I actually don't I I I am not that they're there are other. But that there I know what the proper supply and I don't I don't think that there is going to mind like you know. You know crippling their fingers and trying to figure out exactly how to opt in really early to don't think that they have back at time. Don your body scanning I'd be remiss if we didn't ask about then it's a game. It's over folks don't know Donna played AA Bonaventure. Fair or unfair that you know also Bonaventure has to go to Dayton. You know I am really and one of the about the party and that they enough at nine under on and on if you land. I mean that's me you know that they're they have are legally hire and there are I was one or they scheduled well. You know I I really think that they deserve to not be an airplane in my pocket would be apparent need. You know I will say they've lost to Davidson and that at any age eight internment and and to meet. That was just a killer you know for some bizarre reason they allowed a team that is. Three point shooting crazy and make fifteen of 29 from the three point line in that game. Some reason it did not believe that they had covered. And that. Well you know that that would secure but they have and even though honestly I I I am very mayor and the planned plane with that and finished. A lot of that and eight and I. And because they lost a couple of a team game that I'm not so good team. You know I think that's lighter in the plaintiff but I certainly don't conclude that there could be in the plane game I think that they are just an exciting team with a lot state limit. Played at a later. You know and another bank got caught up in dealing with a really good big man Thomas Welch. That a terrorist Syracuse post standard our guests here in the sports are 957 ESPN I've done is it time you were real pretend to. Bus that. We were watching a lot of college basketball or could it if you know either that these 68 teams we all haven't checked out so as were preparing our brackets. Outlets a team or who do you think that could make it deep run in this tournament. Well you know like I keep wanting to keep on working directly in Virginia you know this crop decorate it play well. You know and I'm done underestimating Virginia under Virginia just keep winning games and and I'm particularly well or. Finally I mean I feel like what market. It is pretty late news they've beaten everybody. And you know let my team and it was elegant at sleeper team builder Hartnell or heart pick David implement a little bit annoyed that really core you know they'd age. Is that their their wanna watch that gore. I think Ohio State pretty you know there at area and are in the bracket would mean your idol is coming up of one eat the weakest of the land speed. North Carolina also inept pack at Gartner on it really really good. You know just picking a Clinton at Michigan State in Canada is bracket in a very. You know if there's a whole bunch of things. Politicking on the on the list that would flurry here that. I got to respond a lot which stop they can make it maybe in the Villanova bracket. Them unannounced exit tax really. Card I mean you know look at the arm of the beauty of these the punt game it public every game is. You know rattling and anybody and I didn't completely and nearly I think any team can be in nineteen. That's the beauty of it we're trying to figure this out one. What do you wanna ask you about a team that Syracuse played earlier this year might help him get a hand. And being Kansas Donna I have been burned multiple times like Kansas in my bracket. On the you saw them recruit here this year. Here's our number one again. Gosh you know shame on me if I go with them again here what are your thoughts on the jayhawks. Well there. Top bracket in an entity that are brought them their brat and in Canada are pretty get him pretty well but it can't have a big guys are. And so I don't know what how and what else but that is that the point. But that clearly you know they're they've done it well which is. Probably about market America. You know it could argue with their stick at it I really I urge you wouldn't of happened at that you know in their area at top bracket I mean a thing. You I look market that we are the best player in the country east. Mean in my NBA were ready player in the country. I think if they can go thirteen they're going to be really tough. Thirteen going to be cognizant of how to work against their own and yet it's parliament. I don't know you know I think there are really talk about. Just because of because it's our and that they are in because. You know they've got great samaritan and they're cracked turned in your key that he can shoot the ball. You know I don't know what it. Means that your depth of the that in mind and they have and we now have a great senior leader. In the and they have a commitment to the ball as well. Love it and get some insight on your brackets from Donna the tone of the Syracuse post standard you can read her work at Syracuse dot com Madonna we appreciate your work. All season long covering the orange is a little bit more left to go in a safe travels to Ohio will be looking forward to reading your reports and I talk to you again real soon all right. Thank you gotta you gotta die of the Toyota joining us in sports bar danger the tag glee on ESPN Rochester and again. If you're just joining us the breaking news this afternoon. The Buffalo Bills. Making another trade. With another AFC north team Jeanne. Are here the details here on various sources reporting Corey gland that goes to Cincinnati the left tackle going to the angles. In exchange the teams exchanged. First round picks so the bills. Move up the twelfth. The Bengals dropped down at its point line. Now for what it's worth the bills and angles also swapped fifth and sixth rounder is so buffalo will get the six round or give up a fifth. It also helps obviously the bills on the cap here this is executed. And before march 18 this according to Mike wrote back The deals will save nearly five million dollars on the cap this season. Danger that would bring them up to him about forty million in in terms of money to play with here for 28. So they swapped first round picks they also swap fifth and sixth round picks. Brandon being just having his way. With the Bengals and the browns making a move. You would assume. Again that top five to get their quarterback. I just can't believe that the Bengals who moved down and pick up that salary. And at the bills and now moved up without losing a pack. This to mean is more unbelievable. Then that Tyrod. Taylor trade that was unbelievable like at the salary that courting Glenn was being paid the fact that. You're not even really sure according Glenn is healthy okay last year but obviously prior to Bengals had it checked out. And what's in this for the dangles a good drop down the first round. Well the drop I can I can live with a drop after the angles and and listen it might work out for the angles because you need it's offensive tackle Portland when healthy. He's good he can be just fine for them. If he's healthy if you can get him to play and we will we speculated all your launching and we started and pre season when. And training camp when he wasn't on the field and in you know we had our very own Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills come join us is that you know what and this is pain management. For his foot deep you know taken have really get out of. You're right that was that was the whispers were not telling tales out of school that this guy wasn't doing everything he cord to get back our on the football field and people within your organization. Were questioning according glance. If we're hearing now how does not get around the NFL I'm recording Glenn is peak. His second year the Buffalo Bills what's he a top ten offensive doubt you might say yes if hours instead I would say yes give us. Give this Dion Dawkins the fact of the Buffalo Bills key there you sure left tackle Dion docket zero list. And move up in the first round. Now we're talking now if you're the giants it to you know now for the colts it three. You're the go to 121 you'll have to go down to twelve right. Twelve and 22. Twelve and 22 is that enough. Randi dean. Bill's fans are you just. Not in love with his Buffalo Bills general manager at this point. Moving and shaking. And peeling off really spare parts here. Fun is this also it's the best it's awesome. It's so much fun. AG by the way at this point I think everybody knows regardless of whether or not you take a free agent quarterback they want her date to. Everybody knows your gunning for that pet top five pick your making that move regardless of whether or not you're active in the free agent quarterback mark when it opens on Wednesday Aaron. Right the here's another move the telegraph sit and every team knows it so you're gonna give them what they ask for and you gonna move to the top five while to get. Here's why it's great because now who we were in competition with I would say the jets the jets are are big big problem well. May not be the case anymore because what could the jets possibly offer up if they wanna move up. To say number three in the number six pick looks attractive what looks better number six and a number one next year. Or may be. The twelfth the 22 and tells LC would want. Bills are now in the best position to trade up you can have or twelve you can ever second you can never third. And you can have our first next year. We think. Dot un dot okay. I still in business with you share Sam Arnold why would do the alternate close would you like our first next year or would you like 22 now. Cap. Listen there's there's so many it's it's he's given himself so many ways in to the top five into the top three. That won't. Mortgage the future which is the big fear that you have when you make that kind of move you've got enough picture you can do to us. You can do this if your brain and being appear Sean McDermott. What did did anybody from Cincinnati. Other calling any punch from what stood up according glad he's damaged goods. How many calls that we take here in the last three months well you know you could use according gland that. Everyone on the Aegon now there's not a not a team out there that would be outraged recording Glen but Mary is in net salary. Thinking of all football three years ago all according Glenn what became a delay. I'm telling you Brandon being pulled off the unthinkable here today trading according gland now the Buffalo Bills peaking at twelve. In its points you. And in the last few days Brendan bead is now move the two biggest cap numbers for the upcoming season and Tyrod. Ending courting gland and yes there's some deadly attacks that but you've cleared redder a fifteen million in space. And they are making moves man I love this has been a lot of fun. A lot of funds that tweeting and give me more of that process asks. Case pretty good today. Yes. Yes. Wow. So they go another trade for the Buffalo Bills courting Glen on his way to Cincinnati. The bills in the dangles swapping first round picks. And swapping fifth and sixth round picks as well. I mean Gina at this point you know hiding anything you are making the move that you need to make to get in that top five and get your guy. And we don't know that's what we don't know we don't know who that guy it's we don't know if it's mayfield we don't know if it throws and we don't know if it's Arnold. We don't know it's Alan. Ol you're not doing this alpha project Alan. I can tell you one thing for certain danger. You can't disagree when nobody can disagree with me and as I'm just gonna point out the obvious here if the Buffalo Bills don't go out and buy themselves this week. A Teddy Bridgewater BAJ McCarron it knows a quarterback that can start week one. And you cannot draft Josh Allen. Right Josh Ehlers a one quarterback you taking you better DPM. In bringing him along slowly he only put him in there when the circumstances are right. If you thrown into the walls are gonna damage of week one before he's ready so. I would save at a move like this. Right now the way things stand and less the Buffalo Bills goal while innate by themselves when these high price free agent quarterback I don't to judge Alan Bean that got. But the other three. Mom. Wrote I just weeding out this is where I might. Where start to glaze over called money star it was this using a conventional trade turned to score ago our buddy Mike recchi as it will be joining us tomorrow correct tomorrow 3.5. The bills have 19180. Points between picks twelve and 22 that's enough to get to number 418100. Points but not number three. Which would mean you'd need 2200 points. Adding pick number 53. We're 370 points. Get cheated 2350. Adding number 56 an additional 340 points get you to 269 the war. More than the value of the number two overall pick. So if you're using just a conventional trade chart. The deal means that the deal you would have to do is. Let's see here we see from reading this right. Twelve. It number 53 which I believe was. A third rounder right. 56. Fifty threes the second round so your second rounder and 56 which I believe is the that they just acquired from the Brown's car with 650. So 56 is your second T give a 22 routers and your first them. So first into second round yours. Gives you the value. Of a number two pick in the unit oh number two overall pick in the draft. Well. But here's the thing meg that's gonna throw everything sideways one of the browns really liked Arnold being should go number one. What is the cattlemen decides you know what Josh Rosen in New York City I want him being. Still we're not. We're have to wait this out I'd like to say this is all gonna work out boy. At the end that hey if those two GM decide you know why. We're taking the quarterback you know what we're taking the quarterback bubbles and not make these moves to trade up. Receipt one Barkley make the moves to trade up for job or anybody else here the talent the safety though they did this for. Or yeah they're getting their franchise quarterback they're getting at the draft this is the year they're getting their franchise quarterback it just remains to be seen what what position they'll be picking. By the way you think they're done. I don't I don't entered on how do you get now from twelve to the F five hire you. Yet. Take a movie were so I just it's the best. Art or behind oh by the way great conversation with Donna the tone if you mistake had a three on demand here shortly. At the all new ES PM Rochester. Dot com op coming up are happy happy hour daily special. What will continue to get your reaction on the Buffalo Bills. Brady being just having his way. The bills moving up from 21 to twelve. Yeah I mean it eat and we were planned talk in Tyrod Taylor know that's old news now after just getting in your car on another trade. According Glenn goes to Cincinnati the deals move up from when he won it. To twelve now the bills in the first round have twelve. And 22. But sports bar with danger and it sadly at Cleveland Browns are trading amid. For amber are talking. It was spectacular C. Mean slack shunning the team winning goal. On examining. The sport's leaders ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey has struck you look toward running wilderness you. Read one of four Williams can't fight deadly supplying commercial street east Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. That would Rochester is most listened to sports drink. Ford's car with a dangerous big time. ESPN Rochester wrapped. 57. Rochester what are.