The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Joel Skinner

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia is highlighted by a conversation with Red Wings manager Joel Skinner from Spring Training in Florida.


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Most sports bar would danger and exactly. Has a lot of benefits. Know a lot of which has been talked about already a veteran player that fits into our system. Mike danger he already how you're starting running back at the onset of thirty Chris Seyfried is out there and his best years I think are behind him struggle the last two in Jacksonville team that has been able to run the football. Right now as I look at production and he has not slowed down Jean exactly at. Kind of that number two complementary running back you can certainly do better we know mr. Mike Tolbert the fact they brought me and Chris I moved. Chris I Avery does not affect. Greenpeace you know most ideal situation you want it to be sunny and thirty or running back try to get and snaps behind another thirty year old running back with. It was played in behind that. Comes back to the line. Bristol collided with a shot. Epic that all important first goal a power play came through for us we've got the good start that we need it and fore check was really solid. Rochester sports leader at 957. Yes he had that. After now and thanks for joining us here in the sports bar much danger once you've tank we we appreciate you stopping by. However you may be listening AM 915957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Radio dot com happy it's her job he has in Rochester was into us here. Mobile device Bluetooth wirelessly to your car bomb that is well buffalo bill's love them some Chris Ivory. Earlier today on the John Merck shell ivory. Telling all of us Cecil got something left in the take. Augusta having him alone you know for me I mean is in my opinion. You know most guys that do have those thousand USC's there again over and the carriers as big an incident to logic plus carries. It to be done but it really is is tough to do with just some Q you have to have 200 plus carries. And now it's operatives have the consistency as far as having the is being able to get in and get a feel for the game. I'd only know of any running back tickets to a thousand yards on two pairs just wanted to point that out but I get his point. I think these larger thing he's saying as I can be effective. In you know some situations here he could be that short yardage goal line back the bills might mean. Yeah I'm not excited about lesson four yards per carry last two seasons 3.2 now I'm not a sound about that he didn't mention that he mentioned if you get enough carries maybe you get over a thousand yards let's talk about the average. Every time you're getting an opportunity not really making the most of it on the team. In Jacksonville was able to run the ball. Well yeah and why did Buffalo Bills do these now. You're bringing in our guy. That's not gonna count against the compensatory formulated just like Vontae Davis did not count against the compensatory formula. When you're going to have to bring. Not paying the players. Tick can capture right now bills had eighteen. On restrictive free agents that are all gonna hit the street Smart was four clock that that line. 4 o'clock with the deadline we're teams had to announce that they would use the tag or not. They don't want surprise the Buffalo Bills did not use the tag on Preston brown. Or anybody else for that matter so they are all going to hit on restricted free agency eighteen on restricted free agents for the Buffalo Bills. Going back to your original point about Chris Ivory does the fact that you sign him now that doesn't count as a clause against that formula. Block. EJ gains as expected signing somewhere else you might be able to get a fifth round pick up fourth round pick. Maybe even a third round pick. How worn off shakes on 2019 having brain and being that is certainly a factor in his mind why he is bringing in Chris Ivory now. And I don't know how much of a story this is but I think it's interesting to point out as that franchise tag deadline hits us here at 4 o'clock. Sammy Watkins was not applied the franchise stack. In Los Angeles and I think. When you win the rams dealt for him last off season I think that was a foregone conclusion rightly go. Good day that that's awful bar we have to deal with that anymore we don't exercise the fifth year option. And yet you assume LA will put the franchise tag on a more negotiated deal longer term deal. Neither has occurred rather LaMarcus Joyner safety LaMarcus Joyner getting their franchise tag out of Los Angeles. Sammy Watkins it while Los Angeles saying they want to find a way to retain Sammy Watkins will be able to test the open market. Yeah now and I won't give the rams credit for this 'cause I don't know that Doug Whaley are Buffalo Bills would do this. They're kind of cut their losses right because you bring in saving Lockett you were expecting much greater Brock junior not expecting him to be your fourth leading receiver which stats what he was. Robert Woods was a leading receiver nobody saw that happening in Los Angeles so I'll give the rams credit. For at least not doubling down and what was. My opinion a bad trade of Buffalo's getting a second round pick for for Sammy Watkins that was Brandon dean not doubling down. I mean Sammy Watkins in buffalo last year when might that help. I don't know I think with the Buffalo Bills have been any better positioned to hole big not would not won the division with Sammy locking and so. The good the deals wisely moved on from Sammy Watkins. And the rams. Wisely not giving the tag to Sammy walk. I feel like they evaluated the talent as soon as they got into the building they saw what they had and Sammy Watkins knew that they were gonna apply that if your option. And you shipped him off when he still had some value to him. Seven Locke is gonna make a nice payday somebody's gonna overpay for Sammy Watkins. But I'll all. All applaud the bills for doing what they do with seeming lock is now in retrospect looks like a genius move that that you were able to move on from a guy who was that. They showed that little production unit in a prolific offense. And the reports that that that pirates of the stories I ran around Sammy in Los Angeles and he's just struggling with the office. In order to be eight he needed somebody in the huddle to tell him where to lineup but if that's true. If there's truth to that. And you'll hear players really call on other players. For that but really if if that's Sammy Watkins if he's just that. Intellectually inferior on the team. We should be able to figure that out through your scouting process. Hey maybe this guy just doesn't have. Capital there are musically he's got at all no he he is a gifted wide receiver I won't we I Nikki if they'll send you could disagree Libya for 54 years yet. That's the puzzling thing about Sammy Watkins in the end he was hurt so it was all moot point but at times. He was our top ten. Physically. He's a gifted receiver. I don't know mentally he's all there. That's my concern was Sammy Watkins and in my guesses. That was part of what Dean Mcdermott Cyrus specifically McDermott early on saw and Sammy Watkins. That led them to believe we can get something for him let's do it that's want. Here will be my fear. Where what what franchise. He's known. We're taking veterans that might have a little bit of baggage and I think. I think it's fair to say that that Sammy watch deal though Yeltsin got talent yet. I'm telling you cori still in her Randy the loss or how many how many instances are Stephon Gilmore Chris hole I want to get him. I'll give them credit I'll give the patriots credit I wanna believe that. Then they'd be able to sniff out of Sammy Watkins wasn't mentally prepared for a game or practice and in you know we can speculate all day long as to why Mike hill's leading get as many touches her as many games I mean you always it's simply that the guy just isn't there between the years. What was the reasoning behind that after such a great start of the season when you challenge the more throughout the course of the year just wasn't able to step up. I don't think that today from an outsider's view. You gotta like being passed you gotta be receiver first when it comes the running back position. Alma and never saw Mike Gillis Lee is being the running back they could do a little flared at a go out to the flag and catch one and it's not that he is strictly between the tackles running back. And that is not the bread and water of the major offense I don't know all he was a fit from the get go I would like to see. I'm Mike goes late get another shot some Morales may be sticks it into wing Glen. Are you might fear would be either bill well a check and always. The upside of Sammy Watkins in Europe patriot battery or anything you want a little bit of act. Like anything else at what cost would you bring an end I don't know. Get cooks. And then dole is a free agent got held in you just would upgrade over and Mendel you're. Getting that other guy back of the got a missed all of last year for knowing and MP is if he's name is escaping me now by second year not a Mitchell yes Mitchell come back. Yeah I don't know that they're fishing in now upon Jeanne there are teams that will look at Sammy Watkins our teams are gonna overpay for him think about this goes to Houston. I mean eat you know you've got to Clemson connection already there who had a third. Tiger to that roster goodness opposite we'll see full work. Sammy Watkins. Geometry Hopkins is there a scarier. Trio of wide receivers that what you haven't Houston. If that happens. See on paper that makes sense. Bought from the concrete are we had a conversation. Two years ago training camp now Watkins got dull and it stuck with me were Sammy Watkins told us here on our station that. He measures himself. Against old Dell back in junior had a find that quo. That's a meat is telling. Because all these guys they're all competitors they measure. I think if the end ends up on the open market where my the number one receiver was he the number will receive reeling now. We Zia pass softens and buffalo never lost Lou never had a quarterback to get on the ball. Where he goes danger. I just had a brainstorm. Get ready for your bare. The bears are who look what the Eagles did last year now the bears are at the point where you need to get in receivers. I think the bears her again I think compares or fishing in a different pond that I could see the bears. Mitt making that move for contract for Jarvis Landry they've been in talks for that also that the guy in not Kansas City. Third option whatever his name is forget his name off the top my head watching this matter and Jarvis. Yes yes he for that offense if you want possession guy he can't do better than terrorists Landry if you wanna possession guy. Have you got to search Julia Sammy would be an improvement but it if you wanna possession guy that can. It keep defense is honest in in the short passes that that Robiskie will hit every time. You could worsen Jarvis Landry I'd I'd I'd be curious to see Sammy Watkins in Cleveland. I'll always not going to clean water. Them and they have the money at AM. While that's for sure the pets not disputed oil relative ma'am I did they would they've never played for a month ago. That's always beat Cleveland argue on the campaign while being paid to match the offense a lot immediately people leave Cleveland don't publicly. Gosh. Here take Armani no no. Love the whispers are out to this Emmys. Not there between the ears good luck latching onto another team. It might just end up being the team like Cleveland. So there was action that the franchise tag that we all assumed would be applied to Samuel consists offseason was not. Applied. Well. And that is some Olympic look that's. Points or Brandon being. Because when that trade happen not everybody was in unison here in Western New York saying this is a good deal the fear wise here watch this guy go up LA he's gonna put up huge numbers and what the Buffalo Bills getting in the end a second round pick who cares to do better in that. No all that is called cutting your losses right there Ernie you're cutting your losses for a second round pick that was Smart business vibrant. Yeah and your again you traits happened wing both sides have a feeling of perceived value. And if you're the rams I can understand where you would think oh we're getting Sammy Watkins and it's healthy and he's still young in India one week you really. Either build your oil we knew Vijay gains all we get it now it's working for both sides right and this is why. Pitching Tyrod Taylor in the middle of the season did not help your argument to trade Tyrod Taylor this autopsy they did did not help your case that's horrid thing to do now. Trading a guy that everybody in the NFL knows you've moved on. For what we just learned this in a different sport the last in a perceived value. My goodness yes are gonna get draft picks for George DA's in China fully died in this uncertain and now. That you dealt these guys will help us Stanley. No lol no they will want to know they will not. And there will be a quarterback needy team in that quarterback needy team made one Tyrod Taylor. May consider Tyrod Taylor. Over one other options at what time any trades art is easy is we as fans like to make them to break I just don't. It works both place. Don't think that they want to trade and I mean they're saying all the right things. Their actions lassie and season did not help them but they're saying all the right things now. While I'm any team that needs of veteran quarterback jurors on hazard jett's we know the whole list. Why why would you get rid of it rap hip when you know the guy might be on the streets. Would not do that. I would wait a situation now. There's no nervous and jerky GM there that wants to get this done because like you said what's the perceived value for Tyrod Taylor following was matched. Get you package wire hangers and box of pencil erasers. For Tyrod Taylor. Get a seven from that game 00 wow he will. Easy there big spender. If you're just joining us Chris Ivory joining the Buffalo Bills. Meant. Could right that this that the NBA Schmidt. That's a pretty good cash. When Tolbert team in that was pretty much the reaction to right so I would think this is the end Mike Colbert. Different sub being this year Tolbert coming in on one year one million dollar deal this is a two year deal worth five and a half million based. Three and a quarter million guaranteed in the first year. And it can be worth. Six million dollars at the maximum. Well see my question is that's that's the day when a little bit more about that is that our signing bonus. With that guaranteed it becomes a vast stated we want when you hit the roster and you're on the opening day roster as a big difference so. Miller a little bit more about it's not a huge investment anyway you look at anyway Dyson I mean if if ivory shows up to camp and just doesn't look the part. You can move on and even if you held them free and I think that they guarantee the three quarter guarantee in the first year I think pretty much guarantees him a spot on the roster. For the first year. You can move on after that very easily immunity basically just got yourself another. Another rent to back it's it's Mike Tolbert version 2.0. The way that would work then is if he's on the roster that's when the three and a half million hits I guess my question would be what happens if you get to camp in. Now it like our other options better sorry Chris if you'll learn about it yeah I knew and boy of those other options right now Laura LeSean McCoy Marcus Murphy. So are you draft and a guy a yes you don't undrafted free agent who you bring an end because you need some bodies to compete and I don't know that. Marcus Murphy's and I'll play Chris Ivory. Come August at the saint John Fisher let's but socks red wings baseball is the manager of Rochester red wings former. Cleveland Indians manor former New York Yankee and just a great guide at talks in baseball which I'm actually put the question. I hate the fact that we're wasting time with app that's from Brussels will see joy and pleasure goers on this road. Guys so I mean I talked an actual guy who has managed a Major League Baseball team in the morning here. I mean CNN and other sports. We just get to the regular season this too long Curtis. Part of the allure of baseball always in me like every child. Every boy grows up. Dreaming of playing baseball right I mean you grow with a Mitt your hand in yours your plane catches your dad you don't think that they don't want the chance the dream. To just be out there be on the field amongst their heroes amongst the guys that do professionally. I don't wanna eight on the he's got it Russell was so angry about Russell Wilson getting some raps with the yanks. Are Tim Tebow. All I'd be so ignorant. About Chris Berman managing the giants in a minor league game it's meaningless. Who cares. There is a what is. Didn't get any work it right let's get to let's get scared to clear this up I think you'll be good got to ask Nigel Skinner Rochester red wings managed joining us next in the sports bar. Danger and the tank lay up on ESPN Rochester. Asterisk next week yeah emerged tickets. I've been Superman sports junkies can come and. Yeah 915957. Have been an extremely not mind that ESPN Rochester dot com and the ESPN Rochester wrap the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Nights of them and still be snow on the ground she doesn't we can't start thinking about baseball spring training is in full swing. Let's talk some Red Wings' biggest us. Joel Skinner joining us in the sports bar danger and the tag they hate dual hi event. Good real good it's. And I Charlotte you don't unblock. I'm past. This and this guy all my god and we had a foot of snow last Friday Nigel Skinner manager of the practice to red wings are guest. From Fort Myers until today if there's official day for your twins players report to the minor league camp you've been up looking. At the Major League level so. You know when you're just getting a queen here with a minor leaguers here I would imagine right now for you it's just. Is it tough just to get pieces associated with the names at this point. Yeah lavandera the last few weeks basically and especially want to games start you start there. If I start to feel for the guys yeah a lot of guys ultimately have to evidently. I'll roster movement of these sort the minor league camp they had their physicals. Believer they're tomorrow and then. But they've been in camp probably got the Big Apple but longer trying to stretched out some of the younger players but they are against it started at Roland out the money. Julia you've been their work with the twins for the past few weeks said twins camp who stood got you so far. Yeah it's it's it's it's really nice to watch these guys go about their business summit between them general are good young team you know they have. Obviously they're positioned players across the board. Are you that those Dario and in the middle than the other middle infielder boulder law goes I mean it's obviously with a veteran like our. And out after a line like they have a solid core players that it is that a lot on the watch. Well is far as who makes the opening day roster now we're just the twins but for that matter the Rochester red wings a Hayward he's sitting joy all I mean how much input. Will you have when it comes to shaping that Rochester roster come opening debt. Yeah I mean much in Dartmouth removed and inspect them as some guys out you know obviously get more involved. Just been put justice or bring them through February. What the plan for that player maybe. It's a little bit early for that yet that is not fair to the players are naming names is because they are the ones that we're talking about now are in Major League can't. About you know you know light the way to go about their business the way Nvidia came into camp in shape and then there was that exit after a. Joel Skinner Rochester red wings manager our guest in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester I'm curious jolt that he would that work that you do what the twins how much direction. From the twins do you actually get like their philosophy is an example. Or will Minnesota tell you hate the bat player acts it cleanup that's where we want him or do you have a little bit more autonomy. To make your own baseball decisions for the red wings. Yeah I mean you know we have these players and you know we have a plan for each player. Either lineups that like the envelope and haven't slowed them just by the way guys are playing in the wake. Certain things are going by everybody got Carolina down over the course on board game. There's a difference between baton lead out that night round under some at bats per year so you look at that picture also. But again I don't we get together we have our meeting we. Noted that it does a mock line that goes through all opinions and communications marchers it's just in the big no position to communicate that. And relatives that come up with plans regarding where they're gonna had been in those are just saying then you know you guys have witnessed that once the season starts. The other still have a load your roster and things of that nature so. Kind of concentrated time. Red wings manager Joel's Skinner joining us years were a little minute over a month away from opening day. At frontier field tool if you can settle a baseball debate for us that some might my partner and I were having on the show yesterday tell us who's righter. Mutt myself I think dole would like. The fact. That we are wasting spring training time ways Russell will see game in the past using current drugs and there's Billy Crystal will. Barreling ID and I -- Chris Berman was manage our anti giants the other day mean gene gene comes up a little from marginally here Angel and I'm of the opinion that you know for these guys in and for many boys growing up like their dream is to be apart of Major League Baseball team to be a part of that dream for even just that day rate to put on your own country. Kind of like. Spring training I mean like if you're gonna do it why not do it in spring training where you fall on this one Jules. I kind of all they're invalidated that is true I mean this spring training camp feel that law by. You know we art entertainment industry I did that. You are the players themselves the only blown. Looks like that it yeah it might be in double life might be with you don't miss now likable out here and there sure that's for sure. I mean just about not gonna miss that bat because Garth Brooks intake is at bat away as well. Those types of things are are definitely in in their in the players paper but the entertainment value is in. So I I kind of understand that to a certain degree. How does that work when you have and entertain a mean you've been to many camps here I would imagine at some white you had that Will Ferrell are Garth Brooks or somebody. Past the rules like that how to how to got to sell that book club house. They're really enjoyed it I was actually Chicago a couple of years ago we did the little girl. And it was hilarious and it was. A definite Aaliyah. The players are all on board I mean that guy was it was it was good entertainment data that making that little film out of it Horry like. I don't know how many does he played ten position. Pledged PH the whole nine yards mediate in the tailback Brad media for the White Sox but it was. It was pretty funny there really like to came in and helicopter. And the band really got to sit. Did genes that are watered it at all right. Well a little bit here GDP it's entertainment business so if Tim Tebow is gonna you know back to one and and take away some raps he's selling tickets and years entertained by watching him in and by the way he can actually play like Russell Wilson getting a few reps Chris Berman who in the dugout for for the I'm fine with all of it it's spring training after all. I didn't recruit all American won it CA English and has I think it. Yeah I think they've been at this stage of the game went in and were around spring training I don't think it ought to it every week I'd be game we play with squad game there. Arnold important Obama. Are these players did it shape and that part of that I don't think there's a problem anytime you can help the hand enjoy either experience every problem is a blog has got a evolved to sign a waiver. All the legal waivers we only know about that jolts get a ride to red wings manager joining us here in the sports part danger to tag glee on ESPN Rochus and Agile we know that. You don't spend your off season here in Rochester and in your spending your time now making trio the sum block off your face but from the people you've talked to. Now we finally have a lease agreement a frontier field and who you've talked to within the red wings organization how much of a weight was lifted. Off of the front office the wings and end wing stands for that matter. Yeah I think it's something that yeah I mean anytime you have those by the sanctions you know. Situation where you know they wanna go to Europe I guess that's part of that side of the game I don't really get involved went. I know they're pitching coach duke library it meant that anyone Maurice it would not have a we don't have a lease agreement and I get a couple days later. It's I said I thought so what we have quite a yeah and I hope not but it was it was a joke but that. No I'm glad all that statement here and because it has been nice ballpark it would greatly. It is wonderful for the players and fans in its list of the best our water under the bridge. Yeah thank god. Her tester tools dinner here is we're about a month away from the wings opening up. The 2018. Sees it I'm just curious to get your thoughts up about spring training in general you're down there won't Fort Myers with the twins at. You've been to many stops in your current board and Arizona you've been all over the place and spring training what is your favorite how owner or your favorite setup for spring training shall. Yeah I mean they're. They've really really improved over the it's amazing the quality of these complexes in baseball have been I mean they've got the back field. For the youngsters. And up for the municipality and I'll use them during the summertime in the bigs sometimes in the wintertime in somebody's blog that you're going to be our visit. There over the top at times but. What they about Felix. It's that travels real nice because you know you employee worked at the complex medical clinic gained. You're on the road it doesn't come to that. Or you know you have like yesterday we came back from a Clearwater yeah it's happened here all turned into a three hour trip. But I can run and a little bit of practice been like that but. All these complexes just wonderful. We spent a lot of time like it would be Indian in Winter Haven board which is a little outpost in Central Florida. That was a great elected it was you know we got out of a winter. Climate there were ever put out there we ran out of the pool and it was. With a lot of fun over Tibet. Tucson Arizona with a lot of on. We actually trained at the old ballpark where they filmed Major League. I Corbett. Stadium built. My opinion when you look back at the memories in different places it is beyond comeback in the people and that we. And your teammates. And your kid to a certain age so again like I said earlier that you complex nowadays are just phenomenal. Agile scanners are Rochester red wings manager joining us in the sports barging term tag Leo on ESP and Rochus now this is the most important question. You've been asked since you've been the manager of the Rochester red wings I want you to brace yourself because it's gonna have a big big impact Jack are you on a season. Joel Skinner. Have you finally eaten. A garbage plate. No I have not and I haven't. But you know I guess. I wrote before the student out. I haven't excuse right you haven't really been in Rochester. Tomorrow. Haven't I haven't been there I went there. Aren't aware for a few days. That the logistical things got a couple guys and then now. But I might have been picked out and I know I it will you know I know I haven't payoff next. That's Smart it's gonna strap well I mean have you ever done anything in your life where you did it in you wondered. Why do the super. Data is gonna be the experience you're gonna happen to play there a little below I don't well I don't I don't know why anybody do this themselves that might be the experience as well I don't wanna Wear the other. But but no doubt Thursday night's you become the Rochester plates meet at some point. It's inevitable you're gonna have to indulge in a garbage plate Jules. Yeah and that I got this under anniversary of the garbage plate so were taken advantage have edited out all poured it again it's. It's up in the cradle until then I'm all for. Joel Skinner manager of the Rochester red wings I love talking baseball with you glad you're here. Now one of lies such always appreciate your time and we're looking forward to opening day. Yeah I am the only spot in the yeah we have a right spraying and you know and inspected our area of the country when they spot goes out the it's a really good. Absolutely we're looking forward to it shall appreciate your time as always thanks for joining in sports bar. And enjoy the rest of your your time there in Florida nice. Are. You guys tools in Rochester red wings manager joining us. De germ to tag glee here in the sports bar. Busting chops serie. A this block in my eyes now. Yeah all I gotta take a shower Galveston or bury the lead gene now you're bearing a lead the lead being. He agrees with me. It's flying. It's entertainment. Let Russell Wilson takes some acts. Tim Tebow it's fine if Chris Berman wants the fulfills lifelong dream and manage the giants for game. It's spring training it gets butts in seats and he's determined or anything like this it bills camp. It's Chris Berman going out there running it for now worth the NFL doesn't have to. Major League Baseball. Needs to drum up interest as much as it possibly can I don't think that that that's a mistake hey that's where I'm going maybe that's where my bitterness seizes your baseball lover LaGuardia. I did do these things you're baseball that's fine but baseball I think anybody baseball lover would even admit that that the game has not. Endeared itself. Two younger generation. And any time you can get a headline you've got to take that headline and you gotta do it the spirit of goodwill in the spirit of entertainment the spirit of fun. But love talk collegial scanner that's a thought dude we have like you listen to his glory. He's got a character you know he's not taking he's taking it seriously you don't wanna win. He's a he's one guy. That's out of my leader wanna guy that's got a personality got it will lead by example. If you're if you have to Allard. You don't need those kind of gimmicks right. Well will every now and then have. Have a gear to try to think of the last time he needed one would mean now when they don't have celebrity's coming answer that now. Now most Super Bowl itself has gone one big gimmick now that you think about wealth. Yeah yeah I mean you have the biggest TV event in the world. You don't have to stoop low to. VO bend baseball has a lot of work to do if you're angry be angry at that. I listen I'm angry because the word. Her margin came up twice on the show today first time it was acts described being behind the and then the jolt skater you're calling Mir crew must. Budget I. The baseball stuff and in my day we start these cheap tricks. On the ball field. It's line. That was awesome love talking regional Skinner will get them up for your on demand shortly here ESPN Rochester dot com. What do you say gene serve up by NFL appetizers hold yes we had their 4 o'clock deadline coming goal and multi who attacked. And who didn't get attacked. Let's before we get to that let's it's always tickets all we're living the sweet life we yes just not hammocks tickets Friday night she's so weak tickets with laws not is always one of the bigger nights of the year Luke roster and for the Rochester Americans Irish night. The Saint Patrick's Day parade residential week from Saturday but the M Merck's will be celebrating. Their Irish night this coming Friday night. Gina I will be on the ice I believe in between and emissions at leopard come bowling might be a play now you don't want to do this outfit you don't want to be the one that's being bold. We don't address a little less pay down the line let me make this very clear tonight don't want to. I am not dressing up as a lever was fine we can still have some fun and we loved invite you to join us. And it's it's Campbell throwing a couple of those out there always awesome every year the Irish themed and Merck's T shirts the commemorative. Irish teachers that they make you want some of those you wanna hear those along with pair of tickets. To hang out with us the sports bar in this week's let's do caller five now 454 ESP and 4543776. And then covenant with us Friday and at a lacrosse string of the good time. Irish tonight with the earmarks and ESPN Rochester again 4543776. Up next we sort of today's top NFL source and bite sized form. NFL appetizers on the way in the sports bar with danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. For amber talking. Every spectacular C. Mean slap shot in the game winning goal. My seven. The sport's leaders ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans hockey has struck you look toward running wilderness you. Williamson and by Debbie supplying commercial street east Rochester. Rochester rapist beat. Easiest way to connect with Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Yes I can run. Listen to sports bar would danger and attack. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Rochester sports leader. 57. And Rochester. His news from around the next we'll call me the little boy today. There's no assurance that Hadley are serving. Art display news. Now another sportsman. Top story today from public Chris Ivory is a Buffalo Bill. Cars cut ivory last month and since he was released he's available site now rather than wait till several league year next week. Before signing with the bills I Rihanna work out with a bronze as well ivory. Flashed a lot of potential let's start of his career with the same Smith became a thousand yard rusher and his best season that was what the jets in two point fifteen. Workload diminished after he signed with Jacksonville when he sixteen he averaged less than four yards a carry both seasons with the jaguars including. 3.2 last season Eagles fans will be hoping every still has some gas in the tank. Presumably behind LeSean McCoy in the team's back at. Former bills. Why don't semi watch keys we'll get to test the open market. Rams decided to play the franchise tag the safety LaMarcus Joyner rather than what it's allowing him. To become a free agent just a year after trading foreign from the Buffalo Bills later flourished in his first year. Under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips with a three interceptions a forced fumble. After moving inside quarterback why kids should fetch interest from several teams league year officially begins next week. And the rams may actually still try to keep him as well. Speaking of the franchise tag one receiver that will not get it as well. Alan Robinson. Followed Jacksonville Robinson now on track to become a free agent next week. They'll be able to start talking all the teams about deals when me. Legal tampering window opens on Monday. Robinson caught two owner one passes for 2831. Yards twenty touchdowns during his first three seasons in Jackson Hole. Clearly caught one pass last season before going don't think torn ACL in the season opener. Martinez confirmed they won't use attack Philip quick and all deluge their exclusive rights to negotiate with the Robinson threw one. Finally Jean will NFL games even be remotely the same without the goofy smile of Jeff triplet or the big guns event inoculate. NFL senior vice president of officiating Albert were on tweet it out to the world that the word that the longtime wraps hockey league triplets were retiring. And we're being replaced in the rotation by former back judge Sean Hough Helio heads song by the way though. And side judge Alex camp popularly had been the longest tenured ref in the league since 2007. Having dinner with the league since 1990. Triplett. Has built the league since 96 and is probably best known for nearly winding Orlando brown when he threw a flag that accidentally hit the ground yeah I remember. Oh yeah we'll wait wait whoa whoa whoa well while. We're gonna get another generation hi Julie are you kidding me you know this no lockyer lease on his own doll. I'll call and turns here if we get injured here. I would say let's let's do a quick a little bit of research here on Sean populist. Real radio to a marriage Sean document I would make the case though. While you're looking up Sean hockey week my gosh. With a capital and this is nepotism is it not. Ed stepping aside gives you nearly hey who who gets promoted its show on not the alien I'm guessing show on hockey league has the guns and they'll be not far from where the apple falls off the trader who. Not looking at. It this is Shaw killing if he was a call a draft at some point. Does that's guns if it's the same guy. I'm just looking it up from laundry list of Google images when he when you when you go we'll Sean hockey league it's all pictures of is that. As a here's a thing when it comes an NFL referee I don't want to know your name. I should know what what separates you from everybody else is make the call gain Ing get out play that's it might Kerry was a referee Couric. That is a TV analyst but he was great and he retired he got the big winner in all of this is us territory right. Well who would you say. Danger yes and no. Now this hockey league school I mean I think you and I would agree that between triple or ocular who's the war front give me the arrest in the NFL. Dad if he is doing the game you wanna watch the most are leaders law. I hate sleep play him any time Oakley they like men. Lee Blake meant if I can't IE drives me nuts and I don't know what it is. About that guy. Ever since he came in the league is a refuge every game that he's officiate every time he cracks the Mike eight drives me insane. Not a fan of cleat placement okay. Mine I'm lying by the way I know exactly why don't likely clean plate when was the official. For the game that the bears lost. To the Packers at the end of this season that Lovie Smith got fired and the Packers beat the bears to make it to the post amazingly Blake and happy terrible decade terrible officiating in nineteen. Bull. Call please remember like I say hey it's clean plate men hate cleat placement. On that. And we do you know the name. Jerome bulldogs here. Jerome ball Kirk settling for three and a half hour game because there's gonna be flags and there's going to be confusion and then there's got to somehow. They let him do was Super Bowl. And which means he's not going away anytime soon. Parade to major role ball right at top but. Ferrets or all the sunset or is it that prime time game. Cowboys raiders last year where he's got to take out the index card need okay stop with the theatrics that's hot Julian. Our eight speculate aboard as. Popularly and hockey we herculean bit hot Gilead yes. Oh that's good for the glossary getaway to do a sports bar glossary hockey hockey goalie Ed. Yes it towards the red like he's now the top of my god he's got it that you think of first when you think of NFL officials right. Jeanne stared toward the savaged hand come September. Popularly had the guns stare at Torrey has the savage Tampa. Take care to all day here in south. Answer that that's Italian I. Bolt really. At them like this story on its diet wore blue whatever it is is not an on again and it's Ron I think so now. Powell. You're you're first in the sports bar. Savage can Jeanne stared toward the big winner or a guy today having guided need a dad that's genes there. Nice new dad has for the collection today EG now. Will gene not alone document her exploits at oak hill country club who tool today it was just walked in to a world of all Hewlett's Judy. Right away I'll look let's talk more about Chris cyber yes I. Can't lie. Can you do better than this yes. I vocal are willing get worked up about there's there is so why there is a while there is why they're not gonna say there is a Y and it will live and that more next the sports part danger and the tag Lee continues. Happy hour on the way or daily special in another round of shots as well thanks for joining us this afternoon on ESPN Rochester. Our city blooms. ESPN Rochester invites you to garden sleep right gestures premier Garden Show as a newly remodeled domain Henry. You're area as they transform the dome into a garden parent. Most unique designs displays plant's products in more for tickets check out Rochester flower show. With the AM ninety DM 957. Notice fortunately here ESPN. Rochester.