The Sports Bar-Hour 2-John Barchard

John Barchard from our sister station, WIP in Philadelphia, highlights hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to break down the Eagles Super Bowl victory.


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A sports bar with danger and integrity if you're the Eagles. You have these ultimate security blanket in their foals I think you have to consider fielding trade offers I'll wouldn't be. Of the mind's sake of keeping me full simply because we see what happens it would cost awareness and with this case CO book in this system. It works in morning full. So I don't think bill he's going to. Would you be inclined to just give it all the way Mike dangers should the bill's trade for Nicole's. No word on my future right now they'll be attacked from place to handle that burden. Take a lot of pride and where Philadelphia Eagles Jersey. Medicine for being here jima Jack with. And I am not interested in on the Buffalo Bills in the polls even though you just won the Super Bowl. Home of the contract right now. Toronto don't allow them Buffalo Bill love went above zero love save face on there. We have a special admiral. I think it's best here to have some down visited the show resiliency and it just to keep folks throughout the whole year so I love will be that goes right. Gestures towards leader 957. PE SP yet. The sports bar is open for business danger of attack lay on ESPN Rochester appreciate you stop by however you may be listening AM 950. Maybe 57 FM ESPN Rochester dot com. And the free to download PS PN Rochester I just looked fourteen you outsource search ESPN Rochester Mike danger here. Love Harry tasker fill in on net the Jon Murphy show meek is you know gives you a different perspective but also he's not John Murphy. I'm sorry was on. My inner dialogue sometimes. Us. Opinion. I don't know a lot of follow up with that all right now I really can't yet RA. I am yeah added tasker saying. What would you give up for knicks bulls and he said the second round pick. Hope he's sorry. That's when the market is though I mean like the thick where the market is. For quarterback again this offseason now that changes next offseason Arnold that ever changes are these just. So there's such a premium such a value being placed on the quarterback position right now the teams are going crazy in teams like Washington. That you know ask anybody deed does Washington does that deal make sense no well nobody can say that it makes cents. All we had Gary Davenport I'm what does some last hour from Bleacher Report and he said something that just hit me. Across the phase like I just went outside the windchill was minus ten okay. Lies his prediction that Sam Bradford. Sam stinking. Brad Bird we know needs. Could make fifteen. Bullet here and Jack of all my gosh I wanna give Sam Miller Bradford three million I would welcome. The team and you don't hate him mid am home. Out of my Atlanta got fourteen and a half last year. For four games I mean like that's all it brings us back to where we were last year. We all agree. The future is not Tyrod Taylor. What is Tyrod Taylor poison is on this bills team I would say no. Because he proved himself you you you won't. Basically took a bad one on an eight in Los Angeles last year he came back in December my point being. That where we said there's no. Tyrod Taylor six million dollar bonus. Or these. It's too being. Projections. Which these quarterbacks at Sam Bradford is the one writer suggested to watts last hour. Coordinate add up base fifteen million next year that's nauseating. Tyrod Taylor six million dollar bonus somebody else fifteen minute. I am just saying danger that if you were going. Your plan is all along. We have our I had this quarterback. Pick a quarterback in the first round we won't know until that. Thursday April right if that's the plan. May be Tyrod is the baby sitter one more you're seeing such a bad idea. Just because of the market right now would you rather go out and spend it. I don't know forty million over three years for case Tino. Or would you just rather keep Tyrod another year. Am fortify some other things on this team and god knows this bills team has no depth. Anywhere they can position called bio linebacker. Gold buyer right tackle but by any dec. How do you wanna build this team does that's a lot of pain. If any these quarterbacks or maybe there's another option out there next trade for somebody. And in the instead of the capital being cap room may be you go and Dan brings us back to the care. And that's the other thing too idle another angle we have and explore it could McCarron actually end it win his grievance and end up on the market wall that all. Certainly make things a little more interest thing but that's not the case would you go trade for one of those Bengals quarterbacks. That looks a little more attractive to me danger than pain. Gosh if that's true for that ridiculous amount but you sick gene that can't be possible danger I think he could be possible that. Alex Smith would get paid all he did from the Washington weren't. You're gonna hear. They're they're kind of it's a murmur right now. But as we get closer and closer to the start of the league gear. You gonna hear more more people start to question whether or not Tyrod Taylor actually comes back. Where everybody was believed that Tyrod Taylor's is all but. For certain gonna be gone. Slow. Lee you're gonna start hearing those murmurs get a little bit louder than they become whispers in the next thing you know. Don't be surprised. If the bills look at what's out there and what it's gonna cost to make these kind of moves and just say you know what. Let's deal with the quarterback position in the draft. Let's not mortgage our future. Let's play out another year with Tyrod Taylor he's of an affordable option that doesn't lose us games. Not gonna rock the boat in the locker room. Not gonna rock the boat in the locker room. Even you know even itself much who we had on at the end of the season. Who said now she's coming back guys. You know his piece today ESP in Rochester dot com which breaks down you know hold the pileup Peterson Doug Peterson. You know beat the patriots by being aggressive Mike and getting after it. Mentions in his article we you know we still don't know Allred from his article quote we still don't know with the bills quarterback will be. Maybe Tyrod Taylor may be a veteran free agent may be rookie mentor is still opening we've had people. What was it that Talbot at exit 10%. At 10% chance he comes back right and it is the dominos continue to fall and as you start to see what the market isn't how presents itself for quarterback. Tempers can become 25%. He shot mr. to go an entire season. Continuing to praise Tyrod Taylor. You know it is really believe it that our roads our quarterback. War. And Lynn let me put it around here go the opposite way where we never thought. A market would exist for Tyrod Taylor night I would say today on February 6. 2018. There is not. Market out there for teens trade for Tyrod Taylor and you'd have to do in a very short window but if we are sitting here from our perspective going. Z doc which is sticker shock right it I don't wanna. Haiti for he's keen on our Sam Bradford or whatever the going rate is for these quarterbacks because that ain't franchise but to paying through the nose. Are there other teams that are quarterback needy out there right now dangers that are thinking the same thing in. Then they surveyed the landscape and you don't buffalo we'd we stop at Cincinnati but say if there's another team out there and they survey the landscape since debt. Yeah. Would you want Tyrod Terrell while. Our own or to take a fifth round pick a sixth round pick I mean to meet a would be huge win if you can move Tyrod Taylor for just the draft pick all my gosh. Does need to be a set drop it would be great. Steve tweeting in table just on the national championship with a six foot quarterback. He knows how to get the most out of the QB he can make it work while grooming the QB of the future. Different game. Different game with a hash marks and everything else I hear what your saying Bly. Scott it's something we gonna have to learn a lot more bow. And how much say do you think stable hats I guess in the whole process of picking out a quarterback I would say he's probably gonna be at every pro day. And riding shotgun there with a head coach and GM sell. Off. Who's the short quarterback in the draft we talk mayfield is that we're going to. And. Came out combo allergist up about a statement via his Twitter account do you have an idea of focus a little lengthy. I'll just read it. Part of one thing mister Kraft Kraft family in my coaches for giving me an opportunity to play for one of the most successful organizations and sports. How's it took just this is a good via letter and I also think my teammates is we won a lot of games together. And all I know is winning. I've always respected ever went to New England Patriots organization from the custodian staff. And coach Belichick in each of my four years. We've achieved conference championships are Super Bowl victories since I arrived in New England all of this. Would not be possible without taking some of the best fans in the world who have supported me from day one and always let me know how much. They appreciated me here in New England during my four year career patriots I've always given it everything I have played a high level. And would never do anything to hurt my team's chances of winning a game including this year Super Bowl. Where I visited with my family every night during Super Bowl week I never attended any concert. Missed curfew or participated in any of the ridiculous activities being reported. They're not only false but hurtful to me in my family. Although I wish I could've contributed more to help my team win. I have to get ready for the next opportunity moving forward I'll do what I have always done to work hard to prepare. For next season to be the best thing can be on and off the field finally I want to apologize to any offended battling which reported immediately after the game during a very emotional time. He was out of character for me in my character. Registry or have it he he did write that it was out of character for me and my character. And heart with God's help is what got me to where I am today I can't wait for the Tony eighteen season to get here I will be ready. OK so he's done in New England with this good bye letter to not that we would say that but he's flat out denying. And again. You don't we have people point to these on unsubstantiated. Reports that he was. Now and again we can't even say danger but he is saying no there was no Mercer ms. cure curfews. There was no Eugene Robinson in there was no hole anything like that going on here this is his side of the story and by the way. Is representation. You know helping craft this because he's a free agent he's got to be out. From the store. If he's telling the truth. It's just baffling to me it's puzzling why he's on the bench. It really is if if he's telling the truth and he didn't break any rules. And an adult tickets on truth and this wasn't disciplinary. I don't get it well and Bellic checked his bully them Boston media OK in the Boston media afraid to answer question but. Boston. Should be demanding. Answers here in regards this. Watts. Really happened and Belichick doesn't have to get up at a podium but you better leaked out the story get it out there's your side of the story because. You look incompetent. Here at this point. I understand it may be there was something that happened. And that you're not gonna start him but as we've gone over time and time. You gotta put him in there at some point allows the whatever happened was so egregiously were done with them which by that point if you're so don't let them danger. Make an inactive we get somebody else in there that would the other thing but they are droughts and that for crying out loud play him because you look like during competent. Would that have changed a Super Bowl probably not. But Boston fans always wonder why yes. So good for Malcolm Butler that he put this out there I don't have any reason to think that he's lying your danger that top. What when he says that the yelled not only these rumors false but they're hurtful to me in my thing so. You won in buffalo an excerpt. They'll be great when. RT seventy like yeah you know he'd have a chip on his shoulder playing against New England twice next year. Who'll. I can I can physically here Mal salivating at the opportunity for Malcolm Butler to play opposite tree light. While Lou. Stashed out on. That'll be fun. EJ gains or Malcolm bought EJ Gaines makes sense if you can get him at the right price but I think it what he's going to cost. In the open market he forgot that that was. Was an out there is as much as you would like him to be out there. On a few can make you can pay that price. All brings us back to the do you wanna gold spent a lot of cap space on of veterans stiff quarterback. Pretty wanna buy some nice plays on defense. 'cause if you wanna. The Arab League and relatively speaking Butler is gonna cost will more after all this danger. Even after all this is there you know his representation is going to work here at damage control but there was a guy. Close accounts worth here's a guy Bob Butler was a guy this time last year. Fifty saints were interest in dealing up first round pick for. I wanna do we we need to do this wolf like this we need to do a comparison EJ gains vs Malcolm Butler and see who makes the most sense. If you're not gonna break the bank for DJ gains. Out to you should. You spend a little bit more than what you would have spent for EJ gains on EJ gains for Mel combine or. It's production like. Butler was out there for 98%. Of his team's defense of snaps. You could make haste just because he's available. And he's been healthy. That he's worthy of what he might command and free agent market. They're about that deals fence. We upon a time of course to spec in we should compare those two it's here because let's get jump orchard on. With us next here in the sport sport danger to take leave marcher of course from bleeding every nation radio. WIP in Philadelphia our sister station degree with his time joining us frequently hear through the the Eagles playoff run he's been our kind of our our eyes and ears a Philadelphia sports. During this run and to. He just so happen to be the closest. This prediction the Eagles winning the Super Bowl out of all of our experts all of our guest Borchardt closest to the hole. 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Brewers and Rockies from salt river fields at all. Concrete double header. PC resort ensconced. ESPN Rochester dot com and enter for your chance of winning this national contest this spring training pool party concrete double header. The sports league. And Rochester botnets local sports talk in the flowers it. But John Murphy she OM a sports bar with dangerous exactly weekday afternoons on this board slowly here ESPN Rochester. Danger of attack lay here in the sports bar on ESPN Rochester I've been praising and he analog hole. Philadelphia fans through this this playoff run that they're there. I think you know I they're getting a bad rap here the last couple days because of the celebrations everything indeed be distill it down like any fan base to a couple of knuckle heads going. Over the top but how know orchard is one of my guys like this guy that I know of we were together hanging out we just drink Beers and have a blast mood a lot of laughs together talking sports talking about eighty they march in a few minutes ago sent out a tweet. What John Q do you tell but I just sought Netflix had a suggestion for you when you edit a simple suggestion back to Netflix. You know what that Netflix saying they had done we got this new thing I don't I don't know four. Well a great movie. Well a thing. You know yeah that Netflix needs of that to Alter their algorithmic that the oceans twelve is something anybody. Want to watch in their spare time. That's ridiculous could get get a ticket and recognize it L a company's special Arabia ought to an article we have ever more. He's never suggest ocean as well let's. And obviously Netflix doesn't know means you have more important things to do your busy guy you're celebrating a Super Bowl victory for your Eagles and not only that jawed. I you're prediction you're Super Bowl prediction here in the sports par that you made with gene earlier or late last week. What's closest to the tenure at the Eagles winning by ten with I believe a score thirty that's when he congratulations on that. Thank you very much Stewart went to the thing like get a free beer related duct. Now what would. IE get all the beer you want is gonna come the Rochester added John John that I have. I am happy for you I'm happy for through Philly fans who got Philly fans up here on the I just curious what. Mean it is anybody getting any work done in Philadelphia this week. Not at all not at all I actually went on the air last I you know our provision like the week off. There's nobody nobody could do anything like world is going to be sitting there and thinking about while the what the Super Bowl. Constantly over and over and over in the quality but he's been doing today like a highlight or think you are not get thrown. I think the American take a look forward to watching it after. Bill. It is just it's been at a meeting a couple of days here we get there were getting pretty late on Thursday. You know more market equity market their territory. I was right all the broad street with everybody else yet. Recruit Eric it brought directly for or worse or he would walk all the way down broad street and it was such a fun I've ever but it. There target strangers and I five it'd only one big family brother. Doesn't then you know although there Craig your people that. The site to celebrate like or hate America like an ideal world go to your. Appalling but for the most majority of it like guys they have like it was just. One big party epic somebody has like I have the record just blasting and then ever just stop at that moment in. At that and I I I know that you guys are part of that now what was their feet and how well you are left. In. Only people who have what Super Bowl. Are you rooting so hard for built there. Department get off I could look at I because it is an amazing feeling it will happen at some point to keep sticking with a. I love it John and and we talked a lot last week about how quickly in a lot yesterday actually about how quickly this Eagles team. Was able to turn around me at your GM how how we rose men over the course of the last two years really did everything he could to purge the stage of Chip Kelly. Out of that team. And turn over roster in to a winner I mean I talk about. Some of the changes that most impact full and and you know for for those of us like he of those bills fans out there that don't really realize like. We were you know this long long drought the finally comes to win and it can change that quickly. Yeah I mean obviously the first thing you look at is you know start to the franchise quarterback Carson went. I know that kind of get lost in the shuffle is Nicole Lee Abbott as our probably our I know are also capable what I gonna quarterback when a lot of backup quarterback. That is in that championship game of the Super Bowl game. That what looks nowhere close to being. That type of structure. In his entire career but starting there in just guys that you can. Oakley has the talent on the field but has that all those intangible leadership qualities which. Look at the Buick gallery whatever like that that happened a lot art a lot law about. A lot of cliches that happen export goods that guy really does have that I think that part of the culture. Right in the air in talking about that the blues to bird but there's heat and the two that stick out to do most is or triple that they're they. Where is Jason go senators go you're a couple years. Can whip in chip Kelly's system got that really never said anything about how are you really was dealing with. A big like knee problem throughout left and they. I still kind of went up there and ring the bell every content that they them you really been your hardest part and you were they didn't really have anybody like him to replace them and their part to replace senators so. The fact is they treated and they kept the market anchor there is now are. All but the wind at all. Was. And again a lot of these greens were kind of outlet is great group saying it was like OK great debate breakdown there they're right guard or if the work out of and how it. Clip from from that. Oh my gosh like this that nobody nobody can stop these guys that we can break group and that's what it would be able to get. You don't be fooled really we nevertheless these hatred and and even barely later got a retard throughout the cursor global flipping between them about the other big ones that here's still the PGA jarred you were able to lean on them. During falcon game to get things going. Did that provide Micah. Is that he had monster that. I'm never really big fan of running export it to a level that the line and different skill set between them. The Jakarta that are we along with quirk when it which get another group that probably a lot of people don't create that this it was on the engagement they will be drafted get on real culprit that. The last couple games as well well phenomenal job by them and took Douglas. Our separate or perspective with Howard during big crater at the chip chillier. He's the host the bleeding green nation radio W nineteenth Philadelphia John Archer. And that wing might not have happened had not your coaching staff just for lack of better word just been so. Brass I mean just we're gonna goal for me was this the way. That Peterson coached all year if you could just observers on the outside Michael does he think. Columns where it's beside himself why don't Purdue we're active look what he did it mean this kind of changed the game going for import that one wall you have the stats show gold for have more than one don't get New England the ball back. I mean to me that's another big story is just. How Peters seen simply how coach Belichick. You know and like for the first time that a guy and I've ever seen in my light Bill Belichick coached here. Well one helpful football. And that's what I did like illusionist kind of blow by blow. If a lot don't kind of been that way even when the team was seven and nine there's always been debate and doubt and I don't really understand it on or you know. More importantly from our front yard line or. Or at least a year or 47. Like there's always debate on why we're doing but actually culture left here. There's a meeting was two point conversion that he went for all war. That was already toxic for an entire week out just like murderers that do go play over do all the it is that the mine we are going to dictate exactly what gonna do and you're gonna play on our terms or they opponent. And you guys know just as well I do that a lot of that are there are courses. That Michael clutch go in the melt. Perhaps two quarters recorders hadn't tried to played out through to wit here in and that it is currently there. You know here come the patriots then they went by way of four point mr. global and it would have a problem that we shored that. Bill was baseless these pictures were frequent public and kind of just. Goal long. You kind of you hear these guys and anyway. You full confidence in the quarterback they're quick to restore it to the calmer out. In this aptly if they actually out. You know and Pardo like Nichols who's playing well like a little bit of an urgent. They have a policy that feel bad probably we can put like 22 under color of all of like compete at any point in. Your looking down at your head down. You're gonna put money in that Arctic rose at a early growth throughout the entire year or so. It's a little things like that be real and being prepared if you can't carrier gonna competent. With when you look at their quick duck boat but. They're just that they're prepared that they know they can go up there and do anything and do everything you do and certainly go to show that there's well being intensely creative. And has lifting the guys they can sort of like. Yet John you can certainly see there's a law of and a trust. Within that organization with that team that that dog is kind of instilled in and a belief that that they can achieve whatever they they set out to achieve an end. I love the coach is a manager of men it really feels like he's got a handle it back to. The play calling how much of those those balls he play calls. Our analytic driven and I've I've heard. Multiple reports and and read articles that say that the Eagles. OR one of the leaders in the NFL in terms of using analytics to their advantage eliminating in divorcing themselves from the emotion of any specific situation. And going with the statistical data that says the this is the right move to make. At this point of the game. Yet there is it's it's a combo of those. That like are these words just it the analytic peel. Match up with what he's feeling. And most times ago Orton and other items. He just let the analytic dictate what whatever they're doing it really just having low end. You management. Use another great actual group of lies that got your wife does yup here's what are of every one. Opened just don't that might as the and that I would Iran and the it then that happened that way in the NFL. Coaches. Quote is that you know a successful or are they don't tend to lift the audio but. He has made shorter and I don't we talk about that a lot out there because frank Reich give credit more under the they view whether that. A two minute drill in the NFC championship he tried to go kicking a field goal to go up another production war. You know certain Rezko place to give credit loot on people Apollo and you worked in the credit but it literally does with every one whatever to war between you indicate he would football game. They're gonna puke that that touchdown got Trey Burton mr. in the old Malia on a high school all play from Axl go like. He is open to whatever is going to work if it in the playbook. Well quote. There was one point against the Dallas Cowboys and you know. Political Monday night game everybody's getting ready for they're struggling in the in the first they'll let. Seven point on the border sound bite you it was too often like that I think we go run on the to go look at the overall bottom. And I expect you know. The game and they're right now couple Blake there is. A lot of different things. Gosh analytic and that was you know of corporate the old school football mentality. Michael Moore aren't on the field that's what makes a great coach that he's adaptable. To a lot of different situation and I think guys so that August would look like. John you can imagine the one of the topics here in Western Europe the last 48 hours. Well the bills you go trade for nick foals and it give you an example we've been getting calls on the show before us on the John Murphy show host Steve tasker today said well. I would give up a second round pick fruit for nick fools. Could we just put this to rest I mean the Eagles are not gonna trade nick fools. No way are. I'd get credit for. Boys. There is correction in the old trick. I I don't I don't think that they can or to this and be like well developed in the sky and I trust me I did it was political at two days at the moment here. That we just articles and if they use the order PPE. At least I think if I have a question because what the coming agreement and I wanna go buy out. Critical rep for about the global what are you are there there is a great possibility that yet and it kind of light up. But according into the future and there's a reason why they kill arbitrate that they'll buckle on the record one. They are the eight importantly active roster is cool article. And cramping at the same time that they are trading Coke percent. They they really like to that significant development if you bet you know at least two goal. Certainly only over the and being country it is these recorders the impala. Which didn't show park but sure that we would look like could be a competent back at some point it it's been flooded out because. There have been a lot of talk already in Philadelphia about well he could probably trade pickle that the body and can be Tyrod Taylor are in the backer put. Well our I do think if there's serious jail at the Eagles traded for Nickels and that might beat the bill that might be to get the brown. There are there are still root beer or McCorkle there's a lot of very very hungry. You beat it and if you felt that on the line with what I Putin oh. You're the oldest is definitely available right. John considering what Grossman's done over the last two years I don't wanna trade with him he's he's gonna win every trade a month. But people out there and I would recommend every football. Because there at the end of the day as our will mean. People going to elect in an adult or you will quicker spectacle on. You know I don't think that they quote could've done that we didn't guard and I certainly don't think that. You I don't know maybe he can't do that indicator that a resurgent in his career and we're gonna become an advocate for the rest the light let. I just think if this is gotta like like I'm right all right both players. When people. Can go back and looked at these games. Nicole without a doubt was. The beat one of the biggest reason that their success but. That'll put the line running back or urged. I guess they all were good the well so that would enable or you vote for you going to happen but we welcome all second or stroke with. Of course of course you would die I'd I IV nick. A full and Doug Peterson after the game on on NFL network it was a giant love fest in May really made me realize that I don't know nick foale's. Has that kind of performance with any other coach in this the coach that scouted him as the coach that drafted him he has love and respect for this guy. You know in and you saw what what you know Jeff Jeff Fisher can can depress a lot of NFL players but he you know he wasn't able to put those numbers up when he was. Out of Philadelphia he was able to put those numbers up Mino outside of that that first year that natural first you're the hat so I would. I would proceed with caution if you work interest in Naples and the other reason why I don't know that Philly should get rid of Naples in favor of and of dates until this. Did woods go down and is good or bad knee when he proposed to his girlfriend. Oh I think it is that the airport I. He also picked up public. What. But. That that the good Saito you know like if our party and out of about two weeks. Got rid of that security go well like you can also. I think you'll be okay under the warrior like well why don't. We view it in court than those who don't suck Korean Americans. Compaq you know a big big starting for Grossman. That you're. The court of record currently. Pick no quit that you and I think that they will have that matter what it is and I give a quick. All the all good. I think we could be a starter that week I don't think that you know gonna be a bad. That could include what are you ready market currently so. Purple little edit but I'm not come much about went to the goalie David. Upbeat back yet we won there while the other you know backup QB could come earlier. Certainly don't go to the blocking and what what could be all for predict all their group of all the people. You can do. I John that the Malcolm Butler. Mystery if you will also we have a development this hour or he releases the statement so. The PR war is begun here the statement reads in part during the Super Bowl week I never attended a concert missed curfew. Corporate dissipated any ridiculous activities being report. OK so Bill Belichick now it's your move from my question here is. How big a factor was that Butler not playing would data played out any differently had he been on the field at least for the second half. What we got Cheryl turner Eric grow and beat most of rising. Belichick so all. Eric roll out. On it it's scratch and my. In the that let you let the big suction are chipping debate. Pretty significant. You'll. You know I welcome Butler clearly better outlook that is they're grow. He's been in that situation or. The the interesting thing that we kept hearing a lot in the last four hours or ought or. Found out that he might be the sort of a cushion article. And that kind of let that particular almost like at the end of whip lash shall convert the into that we were. We the there advocate Robert that they can make up with a strong teacher the next thing you know. You give them the wrong sheet music and make him look bad so like it's kind of has that and that we. I chemical. Around the currently. Confirmed pork for the kind of like they'll look like oil. They're in their devastating picture click keep boosting the crowd just. Start hero sort Craig thing about the sort of British dude how you like them helped drive a couple of guys. Campbell last week they were doing a lot of that ultimately they have a rule let it go up to. In reporter during the on the that you are with the hatred they take you up the board immediately bigger offensive like this. They don't they don't grab you if you that we dealt that I've been corporation the wouldn't bury this. Completely personal in you that he could of would like of how they don't be cuter though while people we can let. They wanna control the Mets a 20 I'm so that could make a lot more about but. I do think it made significant different but there was. There was a lot that these that was up but it certainly be put up some pretty well. They need to make one play I think Malcolm Butler has experience and certainly the talent could go and make. One way and those guys couple out on that record gets to. You know you need you need to get a computer and there are a couple of the. Now Netflix recommended that we're watching that what lash out unless to that now I'm not any action Netflix art clinic every nation is joining us in the sports or danger the tag Lee can. Here in my bleeding green nation radio solar sister station WIP. In Philadelphia. We know that John we will be probably talking to you the week leading up to that kick off Thursday. You'll be hosting. In the NFL kick off we're we're kind of curious with the early odds on favorite is to be taking on Philadelphia that opener we were all thinking dallas' that is an issue. Thought it in the hurt ticket that I also heard that it's going to be like. A rematch you know feature a game with. How about that possibility of people opposed they're eagle quarterback coach being on the other side articulate like the siege out could prevent about him. Leading up this oil well. Gallon I commitment by academics and I think it could be you know wanted to do a question I wanna ask you get work. I leave. How was that are global in the relevant to critical. Of the party girl. We've got a few. I would say we had hit the pause button because we have a tendency is a home Super Bowl lever but. That's the way it felt I mean that's the way it felt the appears so I wanna give it a little bit of time but what more dress for a decade and a game. Defense Amir asked for defense I suppose but that didn't necessarily mean it was less entertaining mean that the pace was brisk. It plays were being rescued wasn't sloppy you had twists and turns that cliffhanger I mean everything that you would want out of an entertaining football game I think you got. Out of that Super Bowl and if it isn't the best super bowl of all time it's certainly a top three. Yeah it OK good because a lot like where and the other thing it was like I. You like you're downplaying. The great story of what happened with the game like they there's no additional oil like maybe the injury was. In September. This is what's gonna happen throughout the year and wreck or have or they went thirteen and it or what. So I I look we're due partly to. Joy in the moment I'm hoping that the bill if they're deliberately break the other side you'll. A Beijing that no more cowboys in the science fairs there or are we can show them the ring that the U perhaps other. Certainly it's a delicate record book. Via hopefully we don't let up or you guys are about opera go a little bit of. We will live vicariously through you the Philadelphia fan this offseason jump orchard a bleeding green nation radio on our sister station WI PO is great with this time in joining us in the sports bar. John if we don't talk to emigrate offseason and let's let's set a date for that that first week of the NFL season when no Philadelphia be hosting week one on that Thursday night. What I'd John Archer and the great John Archer congratulations to him. Tom Brady just like the post by. Now. Bought my god is that where we are that's who we airline did. Under on social media that must mean they're all working against bill ballot check. Or maybe just like to because it was you know a pretty flat thanks Dana. All he liked it now. Not a news story that drew him liking it is the state is a new stores this statement is that we wanted to talk him liking it who cares. Anybody should like it because it's and it was a classy statement. Are we get to appetizers next I'd. And Grover to apparent let's get to NFL appetizers in the sports bar sort of today's top stories and bite sized form quickly in the sports bar with danger tag me that's on the way next guys it's been a busy winter. Now it's almost Valentine's Day your chance your big moment bring the romance to the table with a gift card to the spot the Del Monte she's not always got to tell you what she wants. But you know that a gift card to the spot to Del Monte will show her you've been paying attention to make the right move and purchase gift cards in store or instantly online at Del Monte spot dot com. For amber soon. You're seeing. Winning goal. I'm seven. In Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect with Rochester is most listened to sports. Listen to sports bar with a dangerous bit. ESPN right. Rochester wrapped. You might salmon. ESPN Rochester. This news from around the nation won't. A little fun today. Served up in black eyes for. There's no assurance that Hadley are serving. Artist playlist of now in a sportsman. Well when the bills' playoff drive and he would we'd probably should've expected at the news that was gonna come today ready bills fans. Season ticket prices are gonna increase in 48 teams arrived about an average of 3%. Last year ticket prices remained flat. Now bracing Kris is dependent on where seats are located with. Cheaper seats actually seeing a larger high. Those were expected to craft a letter explaining the change available to season ticket holders today. Cultivated official hired patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels be their new head coach mcdaniels. We'll be introduced at a press conference on Wednesday the move was expected is mcdaniels went to a second interview with colts owner Jim Irsay and GM Chris ballot before the Super Bowl. Mcdaniels is the final coach behind this offseason so he's gonna need the hustle and ordered to round out the remainder of his coaching staff with many vacancies already filled. And let's give you an update on Pittsburgh's Brian she's here but it gets some conflicting reports on the progress the Steelers linebacker. Suffered of course the spinal injury December the first report from Adam chapter ESPN. Says that she's your quote he's engaging in a regular walking routines. The second report from a shelter for at NBC said that quote shoes here. Need support from walker or from other people to support him in his rehabilitation. Walking which remains he struggled. Before SAT easier can't walk on his own. It'll have clarity from jays here himself who who Lincoln before his report on Twitter and referred to that 115100%. Correct. TV consumption it and it's already have been on the decline yes that's is that headline that we've been reading for a while not yet today it was revealed that Super Bowl fifty channel. Was the tenth most watched TV show. Of all time an average TV audience of 103 point four million watched the game with another 2.2. 2.0 two million. Streaming the game via the NBC sports app. The top ten all time TV programs consist almost exclusively of Super Bowls. With the mash finale still hanging in there from 1983. Coming in at number nine. And now Ian Rapoport last night as far as melted now butler's benching called it a perfect storm of problems. Her Rappaport. Butler fought an illness. Yet a rough week of practice and he committed minor violation of team rules related to a curfew violation now Butler within the last hour has released a statement. Denying that he missed any cougars curfew WEEI claiming that Wally was invented multi disciplinary nature. Belichick made the decision only a few hours before the game. Which caused many coaches and players to be shocked. And prompting some to be furious. Report from EI claims that the move. Divided the locker. 44 hours after the super ball from Rob Gronkowski. His post game comments suggesting you contemplating retirement angling for a new better deal from the patriots and then. I always thought her home was burglarized no big deal. Foxboro police and officers to Broncos keep god brought palace is home Monday night to investigate a break in that may have led to the theft of multiple safes and possible guns taken according to recording of police dispatcher. Foxboro police chief William. Having his personal space invaded by thieves and the patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on the Super Bowl. On Sunday. You wanna know once sports betting will become legalized in all fifty states when the league's figure out a way to get a piece of the action right. Here's the news out of the Nevada. Course where you can legally throat on main thing. On Sunday Nevada casinos Tolkien. Overall harder in the feet eight million. Dollars just on a one day alone. And some won't bats which is the most for any Super Bowl ever this according. The ESPN. Vietnam vet legally in Nevada is dwarfed by the amount bet she'll legally across the country's. Would hope he's an in pools and yet you play square here your part of it to the American Gaming Association estimates that. All Super Bowl betting across America. Totaled four point 76. Billion. Met in the NBA. They want 1% of legalized actually well if that scenario of what the NFL will get four point 72 billion in Super Bowl betting where did a legal regulated fashion. The NFL would make it extra 47 point six million off the suitable. Now. This year I think it would take death I think it would take an additional close to fifty million dollars for doing nothing except letting us debt on their product while. Local what are we waiting for OK we did you know you here near I don't wanna make this a political conversation but. Yeah all right if you just put that all above board and you made it legal and you know of the state took their share of it. States all fifty of them. It has done. In time genome meantime a deal happen that it the happened sooner rather than later to be surprised if it doesn't. And the leagues will continue to make money out for the will make money often mean Ian I think that's what's holding this up. But but that's ought to store for now the dates but that was an interest in peace that to see how much money they could have made if they got there 1%. Off of all action if it was all above board I think that and be in the NFL the MB any of the league's would take. Close to fifty million dollars in one day. As a percentage of legalized action. Let's get back to the Malcolm Butler story. As as we've got to the statement that was released earlier. Tom Brady has weighed in. Yet it has more than just a light on FaceBook by I don't he had I don't want I don't wanna dismiss what are Alaska's job orchard brought up that he had heard. From sources within. A New England media as well let's get back to that and how might retain the Buffalo Bills next as we survivor daily special happy hours on the way in the sports bar danger of tag Leah on ES PM Rochester. Course in blue. ESPN Rochester invites you to gardens Steve Rochester premier Garden Show as a newly remodeled domain Henry. Three area as they transform the dome into a garden can. Most unique designs displays plant's products in more for tickets check out Rochester flower show. With the eight and 19 PM 957 or. Notice fortunately here ESPN's. Rochester.