The Sports Bar-Hour 2- Josh Lewin

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys get back to football with the latest trade news in the NFL. Joining the show this hour, the voice of the Mets, and UCLA football Josh Lewin to talk about QB prospect Josh Rosen and his potential as an NFL quarterback.


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Son of the second round for the Syracuse awards tonight taking on North Carolina in the ACC tournaments or is finally winning their first game. In this tournament since they joined in Tony fourteenth at 9 o'clock your time tonight you'll be able to watch it. And you lesbians do we've got trades in the NFL this just coming in that giants getting linebacker Alex or will treat from the rams. In exchange for a fourth and a sixth round pick defense all still getting a seventh round pick. From the rams this the Austrian Michael Bennett to Philadelphia for fifth. Reports out of Seattle indicate that Seahawks. Ready for part or about ways with Richard Sherman Jerry Jones agrees to reimburse the NFL two million in legal fees sports are about to buy liberty mutual insurance got nothing to worry about every day insurance. Shouldn't be one of them legally force behind when liberty stands with you liberty mutual insurance deep tackle and 95957. FM. ESPN Rochester. Plus boards box with danger and jag media. The whole thing with the as we just. We had a great stresses that the issue much better than last year. Go to school. Play this weekend Mike danger when the wind overweight force a win over North Carolina be enough to get the orange into. I think beating North Carolina tonight will be enough to get him to do well why it came exactly ten. Bjorn gonna be the ACC champions. He's okay champions. ICU or just a six and. Fabregas. Sam Arnold was the number. One pick your glass block. Why this one's no. Obviously is the safest all the quarterbacks Rochester sports leader. 957. ESPN and welcome back to sports bar we danger of tightly we appreciate you stop buying it however you may be listening this afternoon and night 5957. Net down. Our website ESPN Rochester dot com if you have the radio dot com happens to me radioactive. Seek this out there a couple of great ways to listen on your phone and device connect wirelessly to your call that good stuff. And you could also write to us on Twitter calls for fight for ESPN 4543776. We're looking at the quarter feel all the time right to a said he has been in Rochester Garros followed dom riding in. Giants moving picks or players meeting their going to need to restock come draft time. And who has a surplus in draft picks coincidence I think not. They have something to that. I don't know I mean it helps you sure of course. If if that deal happens you know it's because. Of the relationship between Gelman. And being polite if all things very cool. Breaks. The bank you. We really don't know how that relationship ones now. Gentlemen kind of a jerk the players hate him right Gelman was a deck yeah as a deck yeah yeah I mean if you're an NFL GA and at the heat really beat down the players. And in the end it got a met a ticket out of luck Carolina got fired. Yet that's it you're seeing are you know dumb I'm not gonna dismiss what you're saying I think that's that's actually interest in why. That doesn't mean the bills are our special meaning their plenty of teams that can offer up picks. To the giants if they want the opera what a perfect day danger because who would you be trading up gold drafted number two. If Josh Rosen was there Josh. Rosen. Come and appear in a little better guy. Would Rochester roots former voice the red wings and his voice Matt's voice of the UCLA Bruins football team I think Johnson Lou win knows a thing or two but. Josh rose George Bush ever again. You're going to be mean to tell his story when he's coming on air well god says another another time may be another scenario later now. I want I want everybody to know I think it's a great story. The truck that's just the trials G trials and tribulations. You can't just have one you have to have both tribulations of of the young Jean to tag glee in the broadcasting industry. And you have a we could write a book to. I caught the split pretty good story for you Franklin act are I gotta tell story now have to do all you. Look you're telling I I don't wanna be that guy that hits. No don't be that guy now know before. All this great technology our right is how old line and danger writing them. When you get into his business ER on the Borg you guys know about this right nick frankly under appreciated it gonna be out to under eat if you want a job in this business you don't. All listen and out and have the knicks show okay every run in the port for somebody thing that I'm doing right here the thing that I'm standing behind this is called the board and all of these different buttons and switches. Make things happen and you have to know how it all works because how it all works is how you get to hear the listener. How you get to hear what order of business before frontier feel there was a place called silver state. All right so overstated all of the Rochester red dot flow and was the voice of the Rochester red wings. So here I am young knee 21 year old me getting my first job and I'm running the board for jobs well one during the break and this is lately than the technology is so while dated back then. And Ono not about the rate freeze but had any advanced the point where you can hear the commercials coming back on the altar and you could imagine sold. The way. Josh at the stadium would figure out when it was time to come back from break he Capital Radio when he turn up the radio only listen to commercials and. He'd hear the music can you know okay turn the radio not in time for me to go back up. One I don't run the board and Josh turns. The music. Yes static I pick up the phone line you know the hotline hurdles portrait and on Sunday. There are. And is going on. Josh Josh wouldn't that tavern and older broadcast. Errors. You know just yelling. At me. Well come to find out or how quick outs that yeah night night in no way it did fine but they happened all within a couple of minutes. You know Josh has in the Jewish people a little bit of a temperament Nadler I'd direct area I give your producer you gotta just kind of put up about stuff so yeah. Yeah I've I've lost my cool and a couple of board option timed time as well Gina at we weep together collectively we've lost our cool on people that we've worked with. Well you know short time this well can make you very simple. There's only one way we do things around here hold the right way home painted pieces that can I do home care. Get it done don't care. And credit Americans Dell Intel is now off I heard it say. I heard somebody say recently that excuses are just justification for mistakes. Just that it's just a way to rationalize a mistake. It was my mistake I I geez I sure would have liked. Way and not all not unlike yup the engineers on top of it don't let the play by play guy telling a year off the Americas and Europe got its own right. No excuses. Like sword to sword which is my favorite time of the sports bar you know that I call the engineer up you know like K yeah I've he would think it's the tower while that's the wrong way to phrase vicious and who high here argue. Guy yeah question I'm hired him huh. I year do you guiding Jerry Whitney and I know because I Dwight. Cities so well anyhow jobs Lois and John by the way jockeys who knew the good guy dual model and yet tell that story when he's come and I don't know and. And you know I think all pro nor temper tantrums every now and it sounds like he's just haven't won their you know this guy that now is. Has had a professional crew broadcast not just. The Mets. The Bruins was would deter what that charger I don't even know how that especially I mean I just wanna ask I'm just curious how he's able to do that on both sides because I know that we have these. Things called airplanes now that they can get us from one side of the coast to the other in about five hours or so but. Didn't see any. I look it you Sloan Carter cross country I have I'm songs every time I do and I needed data recover I don't know. I you do that Vatican says the magazine did used to. The Josh Lewin will have. A fresh perspective on he got he called for his entire collegiate career just rose. We know about Josh was what we need to know about Josh rose. Kind of a player is eighteen getting in Josh Rosen. Where in the story lines came out a couple story lines that can mana on Josh Rosen you know one. Well he's just he's too Smart piece just out of smoke free speaker can't have that. That's one story line the other the other story line and come out of the Columbine is what he's comes from privilege. He's come from extreme wealth he's ever worked at data his life okay. Calm down now let the young German dude yeah sure. I'm sure that the name and Andy's the club that is Stanley holds open some doors for him. You don't get opened doors for a lot of people would watch. Now he's visual Ali didn't work out for a guy that won the Heisman. Was drafted in the first round as quarterback as seamless and I'm talking about men's cell sure men's Al came from wealth in that. Let the problems but yet different issues and just you know fuels the fires as. Absolutely. So kind of a player are we gonna get. Marty saying we want federal player on the team going to get. If they decide to draft Josh Rosen. And if you're just joining us the trade just happened a few minutes go between the rams and giants where. The giants and a couple of draft picks of the ranch for a linebacker Alec Ogletree dog quick to point out. Okay yeah I say draft picks. They need to draft picks who's gonna get those skeptics like a lot of teams that can move around draft bills aren't they yes they have some draft capital. But a lot of teams have that in any team that wants to move around can move around if you have if you find a willing partner and you can get that deal done. You get them to sign. On the line which is odd because. Only one thing counts in this life get them to sign on the line which you've got it. Gentlemen being. That's the whole bright if you want the bills to trade up you could jump. Still gonna take a lot I mean if you're that shines you want to trade down looks more attractive you better love. Josh Rosen yeah gonna make that move you better low of him without doubts well that's the only reason why you're doing. Like if you're hoping he's gonna fall the five or six. Land in no way he if you decide that's the guy you want uncle get him Philadelphia what you got let's. Mean there's so many instances there where it's worked out there's been instances where. The Redskins cost them five years and RG three kind of block after a year I X. It works both ways there if you go up and you guessed wrong then get your resume ready because as the only shot yet. By the way you mentioned the Eagles and it reminding me news also it earlier today trade between the Seahawks. And the Eagles Michael and it. Is going to the champs Michael Bennett a seventh round pick to the Eagles for Marcus Johnson and a fifth round pick who's Marcus Johnson. Oh wide receiver. Undrafted free agent out of Texas 2016. Five catches in his NFL career. And this defense for Seattle as if they move on from. From Sherman and in the stores are today is that that's happening is gonna be a different defense. In 2018. Commute team that's Russell Wilson. I'll scoring people. What in that division I mean 97 even with those pieces on defense and you're there yeah there and rebuild mode on that side of the football as they should be. It's been a few years take choice actually just before we get to Josh Lou and to respect you little bit worn. On destinations for Samuel Arkansas. And I had the other day all right so Sammy Watkins to recap. Not getting the franchise tag next week. On a restricted free agent who would have predicted that this time last year you would have thought the bills would attack them many certainly would've thought. The rams were attacked them by here DA's. Unrestricted free agents a which route to seagull does he take the one year. Prove it deal. What is the goal for comfort maximum years I guess that's where you kind of start meet the way I look at it. Knowing the little I know about Sammy Watkins he's not going to take a deal where he'll be second or third and targets. So for a team like. Houston GAAP wire okay you're gonna pair him up with Watson and their friends and they. Rule. Yeah and now he's because Clemson connection got Gary clemson's ball distribute on it yeah Watson Hopkins or that. To lock key that is Hopkins team okay is why you Watkins gonna go somewhere where his second Darrell. Hard for me to see that happening more than might be just that a good landing spot that would make our offense certainly much better but. Watkins wants to be a one day. What is your hole you think. Well putting dirt in my ears free for your suggestion zen do you think he belongs with the bears some honestly I'm not I'm gonna laugh. Just as much as I laugh on the bears traded up to date your boy to be a ski yet. It says it's unwritten we'll see how that ends up but I'm I'm not excited about that prospect of theaters might have other ideas. No the team that popped into my head is teams with some cap space young team. Rebuilding team team that just signed their quarterback and now needs some weapons. Timor he would be the number one a team where he has. A relationship you would assume he has a relationship with last year's leading receiver on the team. Talking about the niners. You get to stay on the West Coast. Asked to relocate the apple are each Gold Coast you play with Jimmy grapes mark he's good when is there. Now come behind. That's a good landing spot me give you no matter. How bow. A team that Tolkien. Former Buffalo Bills the contract. And you thought about that the coach it's a command name they had a broken relationship. Talk about the dog more wrong. Jacksonville. Who needs a true number one they're gonna let Robinson walk. Why teens is better than Robinson. It double role in the coach now a lot of that Tom Coughlin kind of mold word. All things are equal he's gonna go to the comfort of knowing a player the pluses and minuses that's a comfort signing I could see each Jackson deal making a play. For Sammy Watkins. I can see Jacksonville overpaying for Sammy why yes yes. I could see separate Cisco signing Sammy Watkins on improving DO. You are approved cooling my New England now I go unchecked. Into an idol for Richard Sherman if he gets the street that would be an interest. Richard. Scherer main. On the new wing when defense old might danger what would you do don't do this to me what would you true. Or bills fans don't know. Yeah congress Ryan. I don't know I mean what what is the price tag gonna pay. You know he's. An you're saving a lot to simulate eleven million in cap by getting rid of him. What's the price tag on Richard Sherman. We eagle somewhere where he's not gonna be nice big corps. Obviously that would be Gilmore. Can't imagine going went screaming enough cap space. Richard Sherman at this point will be chief we he would be ring chasing at this. Part of his careers that too soon to say he's a ring chaser got rings. Knew one another one. It's like I did. Swooned. You think that love him. Want him on my team. Take camera I would take him right now on my team love that guy. I don't care how old doesn't spend money in free diet a UK airport out of your mind I don't care that is Achilles or jello I don't care. Smartest player in the league want him on my team. Don't tell me he's going to England and when he I'm not listen that she's. Martellus Bennett just released by an us. Ever relive that there nick just drive shot me in note is a potential landing spot for Samuel Lanka's minute shoot shoot down teasing greenback. Q imaginary Roger oh okay and are now how mark and nick that whale was the last time. Green Bay spent money on that they don't they don't they adultery they don't do anything in free agency now. Now I have 'cause if if if you're Sammy Watkins you don't know where you need to be on a given Clady to Karen Rogers is gonna put up with that. That they can awards now non Sammy wants us locked your San Francisco faring. It fits my criteria meaning I'm the number one guy I can get paid. I'm in a good place to live yeah San Francisco looks very plausible. Who was taken Josh Rosen. What do we need to know about the cross at the quarterback out of UCLA and hot prospect that that many speculate will go in the top five. In next month's draft let's talk to the guy. Who is spent the most time calling. Josh Rosen talk about Josh low in voice of the UCLA Bruins also the voice of the New York Mets. Yelled at Jean went back in the day. We won't get into that put him. He joins us next in sports bar danger and the tangling up on ESPN Rochester. Oh sport. In the NFL today did giants picking up linebacker Alex all the old tree from the rams this and exchange. Worry fourth and sixth round pick that's going to LA meanwhile the Seahawks have finally traded Michael Bennet the defensive. And going to Philadelphia in exchange for fifth round pick. Jerry Jones agreeing to reimburse the NFL. Two million dollars in legal fees sabres posting Calgary tonight also tonight. It's Syracuse basketball and make it into the second round taking on North Carolina win tonight Mike put the awards in the tournament. The 9 o'clock eastern time on ESPN two sports that are brought to by liberty mutual insurance you have enough things to worry about every day insurance shouldn't be one of them. We were behind the liberty stands with you liberty mutual insurance. Gene that's actually 895957. FM. ESPN Rochester. Bone crunching hits. Backboard shattering dunks back flips and hat tricks on the sports leader he had 950 and 957 Afghan ESPN Rochester. Welcome back its export danger of attack Leo on ESPN Rochester we only talked to the best and brightest minds of people with their ear to the ground the people that make you smarter. Just for listening to ESPN Rochester guys like. Josh a little Josh lol and of course former voice of the Rochester red wings and now voice of the New York Mets. And UCLA Bruins. Just so much to get to wanna get the Josh rose in the Mets certainly but. Working on to coast. Just of the 365. Days of the year how many of them do you spend in a hotel. A you know and by the way and make people order a sense that that's not. I got not a big bag of I don't hear it it could collect in the air. At probably. Up under a year or color mute the layered creepy. Oh gosh maybe thirty. Not during charger anymore you to get up or B one. XT one haven't yet probably went 31 or five. I judging gene was telling me a little bit of your back story and I was blown away we were working as the voice of both the Bruins. And the Mets how does that even work being on two different coasts are you able to pull that off. Airplane I mean it is not that bad pattern. Your period a conflict here and they're at in the net been great premiere I get at that at number of these the year right who think opt out there. You don't vacation days tiger you are you calculate out. If it it's fine you know any time they're a little better. Read night. Reflux against you can call it where albeit not be for it they're spelled credit I've got you'd do it in my kid and I grew up with. Know what that was all ballot it. Very fortunate. Satellite. That under the apple or go out spell I don't complain about it. A lot all. Rochester native Josh Lewin joining us here in the sports bar 957. ESPN Rochester. I had about Josh Rosen you can imagine night here in bills come country Josh show a lot of talk about which quarterback the bills. I would be interest in I don't think roles and will be their number 21 certainly. For an NFL teen drafting Josh Rosen and what kind of quarterback are they getting. Well I don't know if he'll actually get to that guy accord and that current skill at and confident in ability. I would Payer rocker cop if you want vicar general of murder and you want amp Arnold got you at stake. Not EPA if you want or a little height. There are a lot of those guys out there earlier right now I'd I'd like it a lot of mortar. You know straight out pocket passers are they got talent that god wrote. That are coming out let it be buried. Packed year term quarterback Allan. Buy it yeah I would agree it erode compiled we will get op in the Bert why are and that's a really weird happens and in a big primate feel the need more role wild card electric getting. We've got a got a great are great on. He's the voice of the New York Mets and the UCLA Bruins Josh Lewin joining us in the sports bar danger the tightly up on ESPN Rochester you mentioned. That that he has a good mind agree reminded it that Josh Rosen. If we've heard any knock on him through this pre draft process is said he's a little bit about. A free thinker why is that. Viewed as a pejorative wise at a knock in the NFL. Yeah I I think it's a little locate any. Did it but it you know broad term view where you guys had interest the football can become a Lotta that yet he's. And then. But he came on you know couple errant that are really quite brilliant people. You know edit it or not in a ball forty or Evan guy I don't think they're that you ate it for a light. Gary your being here a valued. Even I older you know whatever. It collect current dispute batter out and using it at a hearing in Europe. I think it is what it it grew up better in an eight billion dollar out they're you know very bad are. Our code called California and it is at the ball surgeon general of the United States out. You grow a lot connect at a higher up you got them. I'm pretty great. It's been edited over from other people that maybe in other parent couldn't. Paid for by the and that by that fire a worker poker current paper required a quarterback that. Why is football IQ spoke it well I don't think you run but you know at the privilege. But it got to meet their idol. Or he got the final game for the Rochester revel in the silver stadium now the voice of the met sandy UCLA Bruins Josh we'll win our guest here in the sports bar 957. ESPN. So if it's that's not the free thinking. Mean people might point to the won loss record may be you've heard der ability the issue or pocket presence and Josh if there was one thing that might be. Holding Rosen back from being a consensus number one overall pick one thing he's got to work on I guess at the next level Josh what would you say would be it. I would actually think it is sometimes he has those kind of threat are. I'll be near or eat yet. They he never should. Ever gonna get all. It is just trying to art in heaven that type of what you would you would on team work. We're pretty mediocre. Bunch of ex Dick I ain't their year. We UCLA. Elk you know article would get up and eat it by our year ever Ella people. In interceptions and had a couple I'm really let because you'd you'd year old ball out. You know in terms of your ability. They they aired on 9 o'clock anymore and what injuries older entry which. I outcry. Buyer future L players air current state and in that epic shoulder. Surgery or get any. By it you know these two teams out here where. They weren't sure it was that action naked on the eighth. You know Alec eat Baghdad in nearly all of the belt the Edgar I don't think. It. Pretty careful. Josh alone as the voice of the New York Mets and the UCLA Bruins go with this time in joining us here in the sports partying German tag Leo on ESPN Rochester Josh surely you mentioned. You did some time with that the chargers play by play the voice of the charges which ended when the team left San Diego and it still. It still doesn't quite feel right calling them the Los Angeles chargers could could more have been done Josh stepped. Dickey and by the league to keep that team in San Diego. Sure yeah that means and end after awhile it got a killer. App that. It's considering that he certainly could have done or that that the team could've done more to be earlier your victory in particular not that. A good environment I think the league who got and there are strong arm people at the table today. You know that about being petty but it is that in could be. A big market right reach completion via the purple and the perfect. Super Bowl city and about it very short sighted and Diego. Ethnicity in order to realize that hey you know here. You bet at Super Bowl pretty edit kind of a good thing out trying to hot and that. By you know that the team might think it the end. It just kind of throughout the hand them in and stop crying in pain at their eyes on auto April while and that's related by indigo but. You know I wish him well but yeah you'd be all. And the chargers removed it turned out. My time with them and then you know it may end in the Kirk. Well and I'm asking this seriously it was since the landscape there in Los Angeles. He's UCLA football more popular in LA then LA charger football. Yes I mean everything is pretty much more pot or in charger football fortunately it went up there pink area at pretty. Pretty easy time with thing and yet there they were ordered an LE reader or content board. But it you'll really guarding him Leonid didn't equity like it's completely wait it. My decision about which woman accused the charters that they you know what what it would help the team moving about two month the end. The I think the only time well the only acres it a poll they weren't there. Quote I doubt pork. I call it sports banned in LA and at which team. Do you but it showed features elsewhere in that great that that are doctors like 31 per it. You know lakers were may be dirty Kirk and and ram and a little bit of a hole there may be eyeing for it. That the only count he. Soccer team 82%. And it charger literally parked eat bureau or your. Hitting it well you know now that was recently telling. And now a lot of work. In all respect Alec the WNBA he you know that mark vote chart sport out. Yet it it got really really pay. Josh Lewin the voice of the New York Mets and UCLA Bruins joining us in the sport sport danger of attack Leon ESPN Rochester. And aside from from Bruins football you also call Bruins basketball Josh were were curious if if there's a team out west that we should keep an eye and a watcher now for this. This march with the turn right around a corner. Yet but now I'm actually on the way right now in the airport Ed out they act well. Turn it and hopefully you LA is it go or quite a ball squarely. On. And it elected are little right side of the ball well but that it. Could match not it was a first round. Turned out. Yet you're attacked well down here and Eric go to a B Tibet. In a can be at. Any given day UCL AP been out I don't know that there's not a juggernaut outlet I think a lot of the real action here not bill O and the team east I think it. The FBC is very strong. Odor that perennial. North Carolina area area beater if you're duke are up like that. Big and being be out acts all beat down. You know you'd like me or on. All right Josh. Mets fans here in Rochester give us some reason for optimism for 2018 house team look at. Well at the injury situation can't be any or. Yet it is a pity recently LP. They're gonna compete they've got the altitude data and they're fortunate to be in a division Edward greeted the early art our our escalate the brain they get pat. On those teams. I think they ever he's got to be wild card back. They need the pitching net to stay upright in that the typical. Year. Josh we know how busy you are we really appreciate you giving this time before we let you go off and you get back to Rochester we know yes mystery here. Yeah not what I'd like to my mom out I really don't and we hear any more. Brand. People with the red wings are always. You know keep keep tabs where the great I thought that. You know badly let avid charger plate go Erica time they backed by. It's it's been awhile I'll wait for your packet back. Don't BA any remote calendar cover it up but I island rut here early view it it made my career. You know battle Lotta we can to edit both old beat. It still a degree or down you know it got Sports Radio out of your ears you know all our all. Port for the Tyler. Report you can find it weird number but really get up not that. While Josh shall we miss you we love all the work you're doing and now we're grateful out for your time today Josh Lewin. Voice of the UCLA Bruins and the New York Mets here in the sports part Josh have a great day. They'd look at me Abdullah anytime they side. Josh Lewin that that was great little insight there on our Josh Rosen UCLA. And what team might be getting should date select him in next month's draft what did in does that change your opinion eight million dollar home he lived in. And heard that detail before or Whitney's dad attorney general. Perhaps he was in line to gather that's. You know with the wealth. Sometimes comes a responsibility to right yes yeah and so you don't know that kind of wealth and that kind of Kristi you'll won't get you through a lot of doors that opened a lot of doors for you. But I wanna believe that that he's kind of shown. Again through his actions that he's made the most out of those opportunities shouldn't have to apologize. For how he was raised just like somebody who's coming from a impoverished area shouldn't have to apologize from where they you know. We're talking to Richard earlier and he's content is raising up to. Not using that as an excuse for pert you know how he was raised he worked hard to get where he is and I'm sure. Meal from a weird Josh Rosen seemed type of character seem to have the built in and we'll see. How it all plays out for him in the NFL but it is a different wiring it is a different. Background it is you know I'm not going to at fault in NFL team. If they want to question him a little bit further. About how we got to where he has about his work ethic about. Time he spends. Got to where he is working hard but again all theme today show how hard are you working well. And in it in a weird way. There's one objection that comes off the table I'm going back to mine I'm bill's drafting Mike Williams excuse you know it beats the example were the bills strap Mike Williams number four overall hand in this big pile of cash. Change guy. And Rosario has money comes from well I don't have to worry about how we're right in the big check in all the sudden. This guy thinks he has a may knees by the cars and live in the lions remain. And pretty much has that right now I mean what is driving him at this point I think that actually goes with favor daddy comes from this background. Kind of a backwards way. Let's get to a NFL appetizers plenty of stories to get to changes in Seattle trades happening in the NFL in owner. Have to go guy having to go to the commissioner with his tail between his legs and pony up and so much drama in the offseason the NFL we're gonna get to those stories serve them up and bite sized form. Stand by for NFL appetizers in the sports bar danger Emma tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. This news from around the national football. That little boy today. There's no assurance that tent and we are serving up. Aren't that play was six. Now in a sportsman. Starwood news out of Seattle where the Seahawks. And Richard Sherman apparently discussing the future Ian Rapoport NFL meter reporting that Sherman has been saying good bye to his teammates over the last 24 hours adding. Nothing is set in stone regarding his future. Germany's meeting with GM John Snyder and coach Pete Carroll today discuss what's next losing German. We clear a significant amount eleven million dollars in cap space setting this offseason of change for CEO. Part of that change occurred via trade this afternoon as the Seahawks traded Michael Bennett. And seventh round pick to the Eagles for Marcus Johnson hit a fifth round pick. Bennett has three years left in his contract in the capital seven point 400002018. Johnson and join the Eagles as an undrafted free agent out of Texas twin sixteenth. He hasn't played much just five catches in his NFL career but. Maybe he'll add something to the Seahawks offense. Whether defense gets an offseason overhaul. Dollar order trio linebacker played his entire five year career with the rams being treated Divx giants today at a chapter reporting. The giants will send a fourth round pick. In the sixth round pick the rams are Ogletree brand's 20197 round pick will be also part of this deal another rants have been active certainly on the trade market they've also. Traded for corner markets Peters from Kansas City. And they traded defensive end Robert Quinn who dolphins know all the trees point six started every game for the rams last year except for the meaningless week seventeen game. Pulled a seven million dollar roster bonus that was coming up with a three million dollar base salary. That surprise the rams want the ten million dollar hit off their books. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had a hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell this week about the league's demands Jones reimburse more than two million in legal fees incurred. During the easy Gil Elliott suspension litigation. Of the league issued a statement closing at all. Today quote after hearing with commissioner in the finance committee even Matty the matter of the reimbursement of legal fees has been resolved. To the satisfaction of all parties that chapter of ESPN is reporting that. Jones paid the more than two million dollars in fees sun up by the league. Sure Jerry jones' and chipper mood today. He had curiosity about a certain quarterback prospect will then. ESP n.'s QB camp that was a show he made time for it pretty good with the show's host no Jon Gruden obviously now back with the raiders yak shows over. How would program be filled well I cornerback. ESPN announcing today that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson loans for half hour episodes up QVQ you beat. After the call you before this year's draft. And he will minter prospects share experiences from his transition to the NFL and it export mental conditioning during the series. Wilson's pupils will be. Oklahoma quarterback maker may feel the Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph Ohio State quarterback Steve keep Garrett Penn State running back seek one. Barkley back war effort so vital will be named QB Tim Harvey. Episodes will be premiering April 17 with the draft horse in Dallas April 26. For the Steelers and let him tell have been able to work out a long term deal with the fact that the Steelers are in the bottom of the NFL available cap space. Steelers receiver Antonio Brown revealed today that he has restructured his contract guaranteeing Brown's pay this year but pushing some of that cap hit to future years they should. Help give the Steelers cap relief this year brown the league's highest paid receiver is among. Other highly paid players who agree on restructuring while not actually reducing the amount of money don't receive that year. The Steelers even with Brown's new deal aren't expected to be players and create execute that limited cap space to yeah. Finally how much money could pay Manning said should he made a move to the broadcast Booth well there that. Reports that Manning received treatment offers from ESPN and fox. They'll get this came up that ten million next year. For ESPN at eight figure salary represented. A three and a half million increase over the annual compensation they were giving that Jon Gruden. But broadcasting to make coincidence and really injured fifth coach the raiders now have the money sequel fox arguably. Would provide a better opportunity with a bigger audience and is scheduled to allow Manning to spend weekends at home. You can also in Perry joined me Joe Buck Troy Aikman team for a post season games. And also fox says the Super Bowl. And I chief media stuff that you are Peyton Manning in the Booth with Joseph blockage Troy Aikman he still not you still a lot of pressed. Will be obtained Manning has an analyst you have to sell me over the desire here for Peyton Manning so everybody understands. Mean we want athlete to date it is more seals and buy gas sweeping Manning no longer an athlete but still athletic figure. There's more sales friendly than Peyton Manning between insurance. And heats up in cell phones in and the satellite TV yeah I mean he can't PH. Anything he is the definition of middle. On America Tom Brady what was never one to do when he is up Peyton was always the guy bottle away. The categories peaks up reportedly dangers that opened for Peyton Manning. Ali idea he sold 31 of his up Papa John's franchise is just days before the new agreement between Pizza Hut. As the NFL's spot pizza sponsor was announced so kind of fitting time they're he's gonna end up in the Booth that's too much money to turn down. Are you kidding me. Ten million player. To head off yak in a meeting in like gruden no we are Cochran we'll go back Peyton Manning or could see him. At some point accumulating enough money to take the John Elway solar role or maybe he's the de facto Warner but home the shots that's certainly a possibility for Manning number. That is NFL appetizers let's give some love today to one of our sponsors market feel liquor and yeah the only liquor store you'll ever need gas prices to a selection most helpful. Stop arguing on tonight mark if you liquor Jefferson wrote in Henrietta Jeanne I'm both excited for average hockey on Friday night against Providence app blue cross arena we. Had a hammer head coach Chris Taylor with this in the first hour the sports park he missed it here on demand now what ESPN Rochester dot com and if your interest dead. Well we're gonna get the suites with the Swede left junior us. The looks of opulence in the streets of blue cross arena. Gene will be listening to his Ludacris I will be listening to Steely Dan. We'll be enjoying arch talking. If you wanna pair of tickets join us in the suites. And the Irish night M works commemorative T should that they do every year it's my favorite average teacher of the year that he knew every year capped an Irish IT shirt. We got a couple of those for you as well let's go caller ten at 454 ESPN 4543776. It's Friday night it's blue cross Serena it's up in the suite with gene and I the sports bar with the Rochester Americans. For Irish night against Providence Bruins look for a senior they're good luck again four by four ESPN happy hour next. Yeah the special is upon us. Had you wanna be great. It isn't there there's so few athletes have to pull this off danger but who with the news about Sammy Watkins. And athlete that has the talent but. There's something missing there I wanna talk about the something missing OPEC the diamond that more next happy are the winds sport sport teacher of the tank lay up on ESPN Rochus.