The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Kent Sterling

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features Kent Sterling from CBS Sports 1430 in Indianapolis to discuss a crazy 48 hours for the Colts including the potential of Bills defensive coordinator, Leslie Frazier, becoming their new head coach.


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But sports bar with danger and attack via radio wants to prolong his career and a five equipped etc. I think he feels he needs mcdaniels I don't think it's harder to connect the dots to say he can convince craft of that. At assurances can be made to mcdaniels that he will be the next head coach. Mike dangers the patriots could screw the bills over directly and yes. And umpiring Leslie Frazier should the bills be concerned about losing Leslie Frazier. I don't think it would be huge blow to the bills the worst part would be the timing Jeanne exactly we're gonna try to get to the bottle. What's actually happening. With the red wings weeds its. Horry now the question is this lease expires at how much more will be counties pay and should the right to direct the kids get more and it did debate that have been. You know hampering the twenty game seasons and last year. Buffalo general where they're deep. I think one area. That we have to look at is their defense. They've given up a lot of shots the last three games you just told our guys to have this shot mentality and try to create offense that way. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports Bartolo console and join us Mike danger along the team to tell we appreciate you stopping by however you may be listening AM 950. 957 FM ESPN Rochester dot com the free to download ES PM Rochester out. We're searchers out on radio dot com the radio dot com happy as well. Aging. Nothing happening today quiet all right solely be Thursday out our town nothing happening with the bills nothing happening with the red wings yeah. Maybe we should get to some of these thoughts that we have circling around and are empty brains what he said most of. It is I know round. Poultry and in the sports. So Governor Cuomo was in town today where he announced. Fifteen million. For the city to improve the downtown area around the river. While guaranteed state money will that actually you know we weren't invited news press conference danger wonder why won't tell you why question number one for me. What happened to be ten million dollars of improvements you promise for the blue cross arena. Yeah I have a feeling that money was user loses an hour over the use them to get an ace on. I'm only worn something different Arenas that was once so there's nine Milli they're okay we didn't get that. The brilliant idea of an outdoor patio. Smokers Mattingly get that I that the declared. No we didn't we still have the old fashioned TVs in the concourse to the way I mean I don't know what it would cost to really do the arena right. I don't know if it's ten million is enough but when did you hear this complaint. From Friday night when the arena was actually full. That it's just now like to cram like the seats are. Too close together and we've gotten bigger like all of us have gotten bigger in those seats are the saves size that they were. Do you know twenty plus years ago. I take it is really doing right. Pride normal thing over mind. Yeah yeah yeah that kind of solve drink just that bill's message boards were just lit with the rumors. Yesterday the braided beating you bigger problem at a dinner together last night leading to speculation about three team trade between the niners in the build the Redskins well today. Where did you bigger drop below the niners have agreed to a five year. 137. And a half million dollar contract. That's the biggest deal in NFL history on an average per year basis Jeanne keep doesn't even half. The career starts. Under his belt while. If that's a market for free agent quarterback this off season the bills can be lucky if they can grab someone like say bad knees Sam Bradford. You know we Eldred event I mean today we had jobless Galley on earlier in life he said something in the life bomb went off in my added this is where the markets that. Wait for the Buffalo Bills. After the draft to address the veterans part of the quarterback equation here it's just too rich right now. The other point to make here is is the death benefit of hitting a free market. If the draft didn't exist. There's some of the top paid players in the league would include the likes of Sam Arnold Josh Rosen. Baker mayfield. These guys are catching him because they can't you we can't be mad about a dollar asset in ever unrealistic market it's ridiculous. So I'll drink to that as we mentioned we now have a deadline that's march 1 set by the internationally. The county in the red wings get a lease deals done wolf. I would say one nice thing about the counting car right in this whole thing or at least they haven't gone did this card yet. Story out of Cobb County Georgia that's the county that paid for the new Atlanta Braves stadium on yet they couldn't afford it so now. They're claiming they're broke and therefore they're going to close libraries. As this next step up period at least we never reach the public okay Rochester you choose you want baseball. Or shall we knife. Tackle result wearied crisis. Hello I know we have three weeks the deadline still OK I would just ask the county police. Do not go to this tactic that we're gonna close libraries of we get a Bill Belichick rapids. You could plead all you Jean but that's the only leverage that these politicians have at this point what leverage do they have other than it is going to affect your quality of life. We may have to raise taxes business grizzled yes. That's really all house is in terms of leverage and internationally knows he used the leverage we have to stick urging somewhere else and you gotta live with that void. In your community moving forward solved drink to that made me go down as the best ever to play the game whether you love him or hate him there has never been a player in all of sports Jeanne. With the kind of gravitational. Hole. That LeBron James has teams built for him they stared down to get him they need trades to appease him the entire league. Revolves around one guy. Yes the king and mean in a nutshell Cleveland blew up their whole roster can hit it's great to block it to. Isiah Thomas go to lakers wait wait go back to Miami. Com and for warmth. Stay in Cleveland wouldn't think you'll that's more seen solve. Did that our bills fans on here to cheer you up all right so you heard the story Leslie Frazier defensive coordinator. He is officially interviewing. With the colts but have no fear because you know a lot. There's a man out there might be better as a defensive coordinator. A man danger he played in the super ball from his head coaches Super Bowl well listen great defensive mind all right and Amanda. Who knows the definition. Of mediocrity. This man. Hired Jeff Fisher as your new offensive coordinator buffalo. That this Jeff Fisher. The repressive brand of you know and what he's got out of backfield. You know it's really get he would do it I have an addition to Fannie and you know you discuss. Yet playmakers all around all around so they'll play sound defense. He was trying to get fired right that's the only justification liken it removes the first had coached the B diagnosis CT and I'm Tony sixteenth season was not kind Jeff Fisher or record setting pace with our punt team. Where a record setting pace of their team. That's the highlight of the 2016 LA rams season does he get another job honestly. I think he does everybody resurfaces somebody will bring him and if Gregg Williams could get another job Jeff Fisher is gonna end up as a coordinator somewhere he wants. I mean if you want your team to be depressed share go ahead. I said that tongue in cheek I hope everybody realizes this but. In danger if it ends up Frazier to the colts it's gotta be bad which ranked. Yeah I believe so I had and have a chance in DC experiencing is a DC and Chicago remember those years. You can do worse. You can do more continuity or continuity to be nice and and and look like Kevin Frazier on the staff because he has a head coaching experience. And Sean McDermott is not a veteran head coach I'll you don't dammit I wanted to ask. This Cali about analytics because I'm really really fascinated. By what has been done in Philadelphia. And how that. Application might help the Buffalo Bills and we found out what a couple of weeks ago that they basically blew up there they're research analytic department. What does that mean going into the when he eighteenth season like war. I feel like that's a tool or resource that if they're not taking full advantage of it. They're gonna be behind the eight ball they're going to be behind about a bunch deeply than just didn't embrace this trend. If you don't coach might cut your coaching by data. I needed to have Petersen head coach of the Eagles have been assisting coach up the box for the one we do. Torture going forward here I mean net debt that's trust and that's trusting the numbers. You can coach by gut knowing that the numbers favor what your gut believes and if it's a coin flip blog and you really. Just striking changes and distrust my gut but. It's you really usually it's weighs one way or the other and you have a better idea of what direction you should go. I've I don't want to discredit the Eagles I don't wanna I don't wanna. Understate. What and what role analytics played in their championship. And I think it's gonna easier to see other teams jump onboard knowing that it's a secret anymore leg knowing hey maybe we should make that kind of investment. From office I'd like to think bills were ahead of the curve by blowing out their analytics department because whatever they were doing it was not working now whether rule is just for make. Kind of you know money balls standpoint of crunching numbers that way or whether it was actual scheme being management. We say analytic citizens abroad phrase right now danger but what the Eagles did bringing it in to a game day situation. Now. That's debt and now you're gonna have every. Which drove for our thrust his fans that's batter what's the watch teams punt on fourth and one at their own forty I don't. All four. More offense. More entertainment. And by the way the numbers show that that's actually smarter. Yeah I I I love. The idea of making those decisions based on statistical probabilities. Rather then. We'll my gut looming cook told me wish upon an owner. Who flew from their forty. In the snow gamers who knew Phillip who's written duke. What do you have any doubt in the back that upper he's just making decisions based on emotion that seems a little dangerous. That's a drink to that the sports bar with danger of tight lipped oh you know what our next guest we have you mentioned this yet. But we we've gotten in inside Indianapolis. Kent sterling former sister station fourteen now thirty CBS sports. There's been some action there the last 48 hour. Yes pink. What the colts went from Peyton Manning winning Super Bowl always contending now to four in twelve. And team laughing stock with a dysfunctional. Front office with an owner that that's a little knots right is that kind of my oversimplifying air corps organization that's gone into the tank at least that's. The way it is looks right now and Andrew Luck has you wondering what am I doing here what's going on within a lot battle with. We have conflicting reports mortenson might need surgery other reports K I'm fine. RAI and I'm curious to know just as everybody else is because. Evander lucky right then new king kind of figure the colts are not going to be in the mix net division all in by the way. We the colts being interest in trading with the Buffalo Bills would two number ones. Being off for buffalo to get up the number three. Yeah I'm curious sort I would take it in case you missed it this was Chris Ballard and his Mike drop moment yesterday at his press conference. But make decisions people kill people now every day. They tell people know every day. And that's his prerogative and that's his choice and he he chose to pat each has not been an ample scope that's okay we'll move forward. Thank god. The rivalry is back on. Your GM saying that. Are you tone deaf he's talking about the patriots right at it your your foreign. Twelfth. How is this a rivalry right now. Really. Why is like same buffalo knowing where the rather know what that's saying that that's a GM. Making that claim. Hey dude. You didn't get this this year. You'll problem Ballard the rivalries back guy. You got outsold you got out boxed. People say no every day well yeah apparently you don't know the basics of business. Get them to sign on the line that's dot. Because only one thing counts in this life. Get them to sign on the line which he's got it always. Be closing. In close danger can close the door now. It's funny EEU would have expected that they would of taken extra carry Chicago the story came out today that Chicago interview Josh McDaniel is did mcdaniels as well and they didn't proceed with him because they got the sense. This goes on believe New England. They moved quickly to hire meant nagging isn't Matt Nagy was also an Indianapolis is radar. By doing that they left Indianapolis no choice but to further pursue Josh McDaniels which isn't a bad choice considering his track record and his Reza mention. But they also war torn on re able. Vrabel goes to tank this cease up. Look you know maybe this all works out the colts in the end and you know from from ars from my perspective I would ball to see frank Wright get the job. At a healthy Andrew Wachtel would be interesting I'd like to see that. It's gonna be Frazier GA is there is no it's gonna be Frazier because now indirectly the Indianapolis Colts. Have screwed the Buffalo Bills through the New England page rule is Frazier mentor Tony Dungy. Who has the year of the owners Tony Dungy. We're going back to the future in Indy with Leslie Frazier who can be a calming influence on the team and you know look I hire some offensive coordinator they're gonna help the quarterback. Well the difference wise. And his career you know what evidence quarterback right now is at a look at any backed can't. I can't answer that question may be our next guest can answer that question. I let Leslie I would just say just like Josh McDaniels. Hit the pause button here are eight. It probably to pay would be much more and that that would be hadn't. Beyond the end of the day I would say yes probably. Head coach of colds is better than buffalo bills' defensive coordinator but. If the quarterback isn't right. If you're starting all over what assurances are there that your gonna be there long term. Is that exact much better but Diop. I would say it's a better job head coaching indeed and defensive corner buffalo but I don't think he's a big Japanese think. Kent sterling from CBS sports 1430 gonna join us here in a few minutes in the sports bar with danger detect Leah. Before we get him let's check point Jim and web search for 54 ESPN a gem. Our post Jim. Armada I'm not worried about greater than I think it's going to be right. It and he has a past there there are many. Years. I'm hoping it it's like. I'm not even. I'm not worried about about greater than an equally good. I I I would say that Leslie Frazier leaving buffalo because if it's gonna be bad pitch black I I think though the thing that hurts the bills the most is. Well yeah you need that experience of Frazier has as a head coach in the league previously with the vikings Jim appreciate your call thank you for listening for 54 ES TM 454. 3776. I think it's too early to call you know somebody in this race here for the Mexico didn't amount or any pressure here. The last job I can take two weeks here they wanted to know. Then that can you imagine that if we if the bills actually get to say the mud. Month of march in there all the sudden are we needed offensive coordinator on the bills at thirty B. Better be talking ball what's the contingency plan here in buffalo should Frazier leave and I'm sure they've already had that conversation. Dying and Ellis and this is still Sean McDermott's defense it was it's we Sean McDermott's defense last year Leslie Frazier of course DC but. It's built on Sean McDermott's defense so. A defense according takes a little bit of a backseat to the head coach on now one. And you bring a lot of trust your offense according you offensive coordinator in hoping that you get more out of there on that side of the ball with. Table it libel I think. Dennison and ago now Dennison was not the first choice he was in the second choice didn't have that trust between now I don't see. Here's the thing Gina we are you seeing good teams. They have continuity good teams keep the guys around me they. You know you've seen a lot of changes here from good team you seeing changes in Pittsburg here you know that you've seen changes in Seattle like our cards are they coming to the end of there. They're beaten. They're rain is Asian some of these elite teams I mean I really think continuity has something to do with it. I understand you have to get revert Dennison it's unacceptable. But what offensive coordinator is going to be able to do anything. With the talent on that side diet. As well it's not about last year it's about moving four hours and forty new quarterback. Acting we can all agree whether it's top of the first round whether it's a 2122 wins and second round draft quarterback. Do you trust do able. Or Dennis. I made. To meet Dennis and didn't do anything Tyrod Taylor regressed in that offense. An eight year name failed his rookie year and like most rookies do but that was spectacular failure I. Look. I'm writing goal would next guy up recognize that that Dennis in day in buffalo you can do better than that. And now little dissent that blind faith that table but then able has a history with McDermott and you know you would think the two would trust each other. I've just joining us here in the sports ordained German Tagliabue the Cleveland Cavaliers are not the same team you know than to be. You haven't seen this many moving trucks since. Smith hotel left with the mayflower trucks the Baltimore right. Let's see so the big one being. Isiah Thomas he is because it's so Isiah Thomas. Traded for Kyra Yuri Isiah Thomas sensible lakers. And along with Ford Channing Frye. For jordin Clarkson in Larry Nance junior. The lakers also gate Cleveland's protective first round pick in when he eighteen. On OK I guess from the standpoint danger that it wasn't working. Thomas is not being cool like let's try something different. But to me this just seems like a lot you know prayer right now we're we're just trying to what he's thinking here with while he's here for one last run. And if you wanna know what it's gonna take to get a franchise quarterback through free agency the role. It's a good franchise quarterback not encourage dialogue really I think you're topple all its fans its efforts this golf you're niner fan and you should be excited about. All right I'll get it absolutely you believe you have your guy. Your committee to him five years. 137. And a half million dollars making him. The other richest player in NFL history and an average per year basis. A man with less than ten career starts. Under his belt. I want he's agent. Which is named rod needs someone that. He's. Brady's agent is well. Wow. That's insane what are the bill's gonna end up getting in if you know they take that that the route to jokes Dahlia. Who joined us last hour by the way if you mr. conversation Joseph be checking out online. It's on demand right now what ESPN Rochester dot com. If they do go the route of waiting to get their free agent quarterback until after the draft. How much you think they're investing in that connect quarterback. 156. Saw a seventeen there that's what they're going. I outline not too rich for me ending garrote below averaging. And again the map all would bonuses I understand this is not a true number but the average on base here's 27. Million. Dollars so okay who's the next guy up next campus Kirk cousins. Is Kirk cousins a top ten quarterback in this league right now. I think what we can play the game here I think I would have trouble putting him in the top ten. Right now you be paying him on potential guess why he's gonna make thirty. Some team is going to pay him war the engine McGraw absolutely Kirk causes gonna buyout Microsoft. That guy play it absolutely correctly whether it's the jets whether it's the cardinals. It's too rich I can not see the Buffalo Bills doing that dangers that is just way too expensive is it you do that then you're not fixing anything else. Better to go to draft roots find your quarterback trust your scouting department. In get that quarterback in the draft mobile get a wrong because if you do it's going to be your job. But that the that's right yup that's right but do you think Ted Thompson in Green Bay thought well you know but I don't trapped or writers here it's going to be much. It's your job is why you get paid correct we would all trade positions there to be in at the GM do that sort. He is the host of the Kent sterling show on our sister station CBS sports 1430 in Indianapolis Kent sterling. Joins us next in the sports bar organ a recap a crazy 48 hours for the colts next on AM 950. And 957 FM ESPN Rochester guys. 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Guys like Kent sterling post of the cancer early show on CBS sports. 1430 in Indianapolis and of course plenty happening in Indianapolis over the course of last 48 hours can't Dario. I'm great because just heard attract and I'm not going to be able to cash I'm afraid I'm not in that in on an in band quit. And in knowledge don't give a shot. Or at least as far as this does story goes. What's five indeed be right now canned are hurt. What's the level of anger if you're amongst the colts fans when it comes to Josh McDaniels. You don't cult bands are very interesting in that they all bank that it 2000. You know they like that that the colts franchise is built the colts franchise that order Super Bowl. Went the double digits every single season and they don't understand. How other people don't view them through that prism. And what we found out over the last 48 hours is good judgment Daniels didn't see no way. And they don't. Have very well the rest of the country Crist yesterday when he spoke the media. Eddie sent the ride his back ironic kind of dropped the Mike back trying to bank. The rest of the country not what the hell let it would you Dylan. A comedy that tiger is the general manager for or twelve team. But the city of Indianapolis they kind of opt 'cause they're still crowd and they don't think that they're adept eight Manning. Bill Polian intern Jane Carrey bracket type franchise and they're just not. Can't it did the colts Louis Josh McDaniels or did the patriots win him. Well I think that the patriots kind of it it. Is not action colas are Rudy neck and a bank they promised trashed the keys to thank. That's my guess Arctic Robert craft sent there. Bill Parcells has written jets and with Bill Belichick said okay. When I'm done. You're a die but you gotta stick around you'll swear upon it right now. And and make you really really comfortable what you wait this thing out and I think that that was the deal when it come here. The situation with Chris Halard they got out. I don't really good dude he's got to put together a roster this thing is ready roll Andy and orchard a part of the deal is the way. Wayne mcdaniels payable to try to political behind the eight ball all the guy. Eight annual and he was. Plain TD. App and cheat are all. The table and other guys left for Ballard to try to call from and hire new coach. Back guys plan each order plan animal or plant you know you don't we're weight on the list. Well IA ten you may be affecting us things here in Western New York Kent sterling he is mid day host CBS 1430 in Indianapolis or guest here. In the sports bar today the Buffalo Bills like granting permission as I guess you had to to Leslie Frazier. How real attended do you think Frazier is for the calls right now. You know he's spent some time here night but he did are really tight job or for dirty Dutch I I but he did good work with the vikings. And naive you guys I I'd like this likely creature creatures. To spark but all dot. Spent time in Indianapolis went over lunch spot. In. Bad colts fans. We would welcome him with the same enthusiasm. That they would welcome rank right. You know or whoever or candidate that it'll. And a centrist think the media and there and let it Frasor obviously you got that Buddy Ryan coaching tree. And it it took mine that we like he spent here and and it's not we don't want. They said defensive minded coach who rep referred over the offense in my head coach I mean you work. You were hours away from announcing Josh McDaniels. It and committee I'd rather have a defective on it's head coach. And all you really good offensive coordinator. Then an offensive minded head coach and defensive coordinator that you try to get along. Defense wins championships. And in the defense for the Indianapolis COLT. Has absolutely don't count might the last three years they rank near or at the bottom. Yeah and a belt for the last year's if you bring it looked back help. You've got why don't need to check oil yemen's serviceable offensive line not a great up at the online baby grunt he drastic one Barkley. But not be all it's kinda. Caddy is and create crews just through personnel. That defense is terrible blow things scheme into personnel and that's got to be a drug. Course the big unknown here will be everybody's trying to figure out what is going on with Andrew Luck. We have by conflicting reports one says he should be thigh any other. Offer more and sit on Super Bowl Sunday says and maybe not a ten what are your sources saying what are you hearing it in regards to the Indy quarterback. You know every time over the last year we believe anything that come out of balance. Indianapolis Colts of social minus Chris Ballard. There's been straight up about this thing the whole time. Anytime we trust Jim Irsay or we have trust truck MacDonell we've gotten bird national media has owned information. On the Indianapolis Colts I tend to believe Chris Ballard because he was absolutely transparent yesterday. In talking about it a lot. By Chris mortenson has had spent shell after his hands up and that stuff has come to pass. And in so don't eat past is prologue I'm not that against mortenson but in what looked out in the guys. About a month ago. And that luck this is where on Matt this is what I used to it and Amsterdam. This is what it is that training one does this is how I perceive my prognosis. And this is what I think I'll be doing moving forward. And and you look pretty result. In in his statement to citing kind of blew it then. I don't know it's sounds like a group look believes in doctors believe. That he's gonna be ready to go by training camp an acre lot that that he'd be ready they'll mini camp. We will see who's right who's wrong and really all these conversations about the colts if Andrew Luck can help the girl academic typical it went about it. Posted a cancer early show CBS sports 1430 Indianapolis our sister station in our gas can sterling joining us. In the sports bar with danger and tag we can't Josh McDaniels turning down the colts head coaching job. Even after there are some. Assistants already in place to coach is already in place for a new reality. Talk about who's left on this on the charter who's now there on this coaching staff and who they'll have to beat up whoever comes is gonna have to basically adopt a couple of coaches that that are on the staff that they didn't hire themselves. Does that present any kind of problem for the future of the colts. I yeah. You know what it doesn't make that head coaching job anymore attractive doesn't outlets they trust well let deeper when and trying to hunt to coordinator they believe he's going to be. Coming out of dallas' linebackers coach you've also got. A defensive line coach who has been signed and really that's kind of my deal with it. Where where I kind of looked like. I did Josh McDaniels because it's similar to Tony Dungy week. You know what he'd do what. If you are put together respect after calling time is literally the saint they'd be back out of the deal. And you're talking them into joining Mueller the plate and all of a sudden pull the plug. Well you know what kind of a manner you to put that what members of your staff who were going to be on your staff. And trusted you you've put their careers in jeopardy at least in the short term that's not a real got. You know and in the thing I'm kind of wary about what the Indianapolis Colts it's not that Josh McDaniels decided that even critical back. Delinquent instead Crist spent art and Jim Irsay didn't understand that this was a guy who might yet but urged the plane kept. And and that they allowed him they trust it camp when he hadn't done anything to earn that level. And I got to coaches are comedy in and buy homes or apartments at least it is. They can plans for their Q school. All the while Josh McDaniels is back there in New England late and it come emperor of the up and I think that's just not work that article that they're out. Hopefully guys can adapt. And every critic worked together but it sure in the traditional way to put pull one out. Look at you mention. These guys and and how much is at stake these guys have have moved in there of their building their lives in Indianapolis now all based on the belief that Josh McDaniels. Was gonna be their head coaching gene and I debate about this ever since this story broke it. I don't believe that Josh McDaniels is going back just to merely be the offensive coordinator in 28 tried for the New England Patriots I mean I. I I'm of the belief that Bill Belichick may have coached his last game as a New England Patriots head coach where do you stand on that. You know in either that or he's got one more year that. I've talked to people who know Bill Belichick really well and have worked on its apps in paper placed. And and the one thing that they all sent me is that if there's a report to rip. Between Belichick Brady in crap are accurate it wouldn't surprise them if Belichick just completely unplug. And you know what I'm all done here thanks very much. And that he would go to navy and the and the head coach at navy if they have any of that action and all whip their coach. And in goat kind of finish his career where his dad coached. And and eating it we saw him get a little bit nostalgic. Over Super Bowl week learning at the door and back at a bank or out to be interview talking. About and built ourselves. About their past Bill Belichick doesn't get nostalgic very often the object gets in the way of operating in the present. And planning put her in because he did that. I wouldn't be surprised at what point he not done one either burger in the immediate. Future. Order maybe after you have. Can sterling our guest he is the mid day host CBS sports 1430. In Indianapolis I think can be in danger and I agree that. Yet in mcdaniels is a snake he's the blame. However were all homeowners I doing all this I was allowed to move in until I signed for the mortgage. So how much Blaine. Do you assets to your general manager Ballard for letting this all happened based on a verbal your putting out statements that Joseph hired all based on a verbal. And an agent that you share with Josh McDaniels and that I've found fascinating too is it that it Ballard and mcdaniels. Well up until yesterday have the same agent. Yeah and that they that is the problem but I guess because of that agent Bob LaMont. I don't gave Chris Ballard pop that he could trot. The word. Josh McDaniel. And that what what news being told by his agent and coach agent. Where is going to be something that he could trot I think what we all are what you work in media that you work in real estate it will in sports. What are you working on that that time the current managers that you're the most nervous is between tiny come there. Come to a verbal agreement and the time that there's ink on the paper at that point in kind of exhale and you can try to relax. And I don't think Chris Ballard had learned that last. You know you you've got to get a guy that side of the line which is that it. Or you make any overt announcement. About a dot com and and I like how he art that I really now. That back at a bank happens again with the Indianapolis COLT to wherever course that core that you. I mean you don't know that even in media it would have been media management yeah hire talent. And and you come to terms and he talked at GM and you say it looks okay. Until that paper fine don't tell anybody about that and certainly not the media. Candy you mentioned a sake Tom Barkley for the colts in the first round of the NFL draft I'm curious. Do you think that's the direction the colts go if they have the opportunity if he's there or. Do you think that the colts beat team that has their quarterback situation figured out will look to move out of that pick move back into the first round. I don't bet that it they don't pay Bradley job typical scrap rate and they don't eat it Roger Goodell doesn't want to podium. In day out you know the church and he went to Bradley child. Bill you know there's there's nobody who isn't in love with that yet doesn't speak his skill set is being generational as far as being ample put pressure on apps are. But champion that daequan Barkley REIT we had cobra and so a couple of and guilt sent. That this is. That is the best running back prospects and Adrian Peterson this is a guy future oak boxes. Beat that kind of you know. Back got a great talent. Who are saying that Indianapolis COLT comet. And I think Chris Ballard going to be true it was word gotta take the best player available if he doesn't rate down and it wouldn't prize speed seemed trade down. Yeah and that brings me your next question we we talked about this before the blizzard game tends. Don't blame us for the blizzard by the got sucked the in the possibility of buffalo now we know buffalo its when he won. And 22. Buffalo desperately needs a quarterback. It is 41 point two attractive to the Indianapolis Colts side to trade down. I wouldn't think so high I you know I think that there would be poured on to drop read it. Maybe do a deal with the jets and it and you drop on the three spot you that you saw kind of the bounty that they're Scott or is that the yacht. I'll predict it would it would or not and never won the bears they jumped once spot to go take Robiskie. You know they got some some twos and and that was a pretty good all I I think that that COLT. Like here at got to change it somebody dynamic. Up into the twenties the dynamism. Ocean kayak crops. And you're not gonna wind up where you're a white. Baby barter work to. But you're not gonna group that would appoint that can help you win a championship. He is the host of the cancer early show CBS sports 1430 in Indianapolis can't has been our guest here in sports bar with danger and the tag they can't I hope we don't talk you again soon because. If we do talk you again soon chances are you've hired the Buffalo Bills defense of course not. Well I do we are. We do too we get a nice way for the New England Patriots to inadvertently screw the Buffalo Bills again I. I mean that's just how they'd deal unbelievable can't great with your time really appreciated as always look forward talked against some. Pretty. If you missed any that can't conversational cancer and we got enough for you on the mat shortly here the only ESP enroute to. July tell you any kind of coupled that with our conversation with Joseph the Scalia or we asked him mare who would be there at the bills just sat tight it's warning 1220. If you think Lamar Jackson will be there at when he won that enticing you better love Lamar Jackson where you go to guy. And if you go like they got hired guy that's a it probably isn't 2122 to trade the number three. No not what other teams need a quarterback like the jets. You'll probably have to kick in another first. Our second. And that's it it's costly. Too rich for my blood counts are. Mount them in. Our careers aren't almost a little and with that decision that's and the job of Mineta though GM is. This is a birdie you better be sure that's an insanely. I risky proposition to make and when you hit your head when you don't. It's giraffes. And done. Seen time and time again that was great good having Kent and hope we don't get the chance stalked him again I don't want to bloodless solution on the buffaloes. Let's serve that is up NFL stories next invites us form with the NFL appetizers and sports bar with danger to tag let. Some he got paid big time today get paid. Grind going to Hollywood is there anything you think you're wrong acts. Drunk act in Encino man reboot. Drunk no lines. Bronx screen test. Round table read. If the rock can do Crockett. Right and. The rocket formulated sentenced Jeanne I don't know if let's see. Will get to that more next NFL appetizers on the way in the sports bar with danger tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. With the broadcasters most listened to sports thing. Sports bar with dangerous bit. Chester wrapped. Gestures points leader. By examining. ESPN Rochester. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. The score. In Rochester. News from around the nation will call me a little fun today. There's no assurance that. We are serving. Art display news. Now in the sports market. Another forty niners have secured their franchise quarterback Jimmy garage below agreeing to a five year deal wore it. A 137. And a half million dollars and 47 and a half million a year. It's the biggest per year average and a long term contract. In NFL history. Full of right now we don't have any word on how much of that money is guaranteed so that's the disclaimer there. Rob Lowe played very well after arriving last season in the trailer the patriots the 49ers are one in ten. When throttle became the star but that went five and older games he started. God next up Kirk cousins we'll buyout Microsoft say to. Colts have reached out to the bills about setting up an interview with defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. Frazier just completed his first season bills does have head coaching experience of course with the vikings and spent two years as a colts assistant under Tony Dungy. Other candidates for the colts head coaching job right now include saints tight ends coach and former dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell and Eagles offensive coordinator. Frankly right. Not following up on the story we told about yesterday it was called a news mcdaniels and everything else most sacred story here to really crowd got to leave. Rob Gronkowski. Possible rate higher meant to pursue career and acting while eagle Tribune in Lawrence Massachusetts reports that. Dwayne the rock Johnson and Sylvester Stallone had urged grunt to try his hand in the movie business. Gradkowski sits Sunday after the patriots lost for the Eagles in the Super Bowl that he would be willing to take a few weeks. To assess his future. And he did all the idea of retiring. That's grunt goes to Hollywood it would be his first time he tries and handed acting gronkowski also appeared in commercials for Dunkin' Donuts and tied. And he played a police officer in the film you can't have it. Missed that and then he had only one line but he was featured. On the movie's poster prestige. Does narrow down on your Philadelphia Eagles victory pay operating highlights to one man Jason Kelsey. Who stole the show Kelsey dressed up like. Revelers and the annual new years bombers paraded spent part of today walking the route. To lead pens and rounds of no one likes us we don't care you referenced Chip Kelly. Pushing top personnel exactly how we rose minutes side it said rose and returned two years ago with a purpose the drive to make this possible. Chelsea closed by including Philadelphia fans in the group of underdogs and left a final message of apple. To those who doubt the Eagles this season if you have five minutes away from the kids tonight. Away from the kids that this is not safe for work they do yourself a. Every pivotal sin just like a rival all right I can email describe some meat evil character and drive it. What is that I mean he looks like a character out of the Super Mario video game. And and and look for cost from lucky charms I really I look M I'll I. God bless them. Do you wonder though aching get Philly fans can't say long suffering user. I mean do your baseball team won a championship ten years ago OK so if your Phillies fan you've seen a championship in your lifetime. I looked down at the city down the road here. What was that teepee like whether it's the sabres of the bills. Would they actually do something here Rochester. Yeah I listen. I hope we get to experience some day I mean is that what they're going through this week in Philadelphia. Zero productivity. All they're thinking about is that the Britain tomorrow forget it everybody's useless may be come back to work Monday with the little bit of normalcy. Let me tell what it's like in this town. When the hammer temporary that's the one team everybody else OK here we are at City Hall yea I mean you need. A parade here in downtown Rochester I would hole. That someday and it ain't dead. I'm getting way ahead of myself for the bills ever won a Super Bowl could they do something here and in Rochester to perceive that's supported them as much but downtown Baltimore can even imagine what that would be like. Super Bowl 45 shot down the town the next day when they lost the Super Bowl. Watch the video there are few words too young to to remember that. Happy for people feel at all. Gap now you know what hit and and they've embraced that role of the underdog. That that you know and Kelsey references to it his his speech that you note. People don't like us they don't like you is the fans were the worst fans in the league no one likes us we don't care. It's so Philly it's perfect it's really really. And my favorite quotes. Is talking about how hungry dogs run faster. Exits book if I don't need breakfast out capping pissed off if I don't eat breakfast I'm tapping this. Sound lower. It's really it's poetic it's awesome. Yeah give yourself five minutes a watch that if your chance and an. Sir are daily special and a round of shots here and little to go around the world of sports. And tackle the top stories of day that's all coming up in this. We're we're now. Are at our top story today and we're gonna dive into is we now know it dates the internationally has set a deadline so the story advance saying and now things are getting a little more realist first the red wings. And frontier feels 128 team world will dive incidents here. 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Three area as they transform the dome into a garden parent. Most unique designs displaced class products in more for tickets check out Rochester flower show. With the eight and 9:15 PM 957. Notice fortunately here ESPN's. Rochester.