The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Matthew Fairburn

A visit from Matthew Fairburn of The Syracuse Post-Standard highlights hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys discuss Thurman Thomas having his number retired, the possibility of LeSean McCoy making the Hall of Fame, and realistic Josh Allen expectations this summer.

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But sports bar with danger and exactly one point five billion dollars a year just in America about how to TNT double talk about gambled on sport every year why would you not get into the plot actually I think there's still. Forget what we'll change. Mike danger Vegas now has an opportunity to expand their brands into any state that makes the sports gambling legal and if you imagine walking into the MGM grand sports book in Times Square someday she'll be tackling. They're burned Friday we'll get caught up and all the bills news of the week that's so it's so Matthew fair it's always a test the cavs feel like the group goes arena gives them a true home court advantage. They know the Celtics are just one of four on the road these playoffs thus far Boston is a better team I mean. You've got that deep they're so good put out to their best players it's ridiculous but we always say what you have brown you have LeBron so you're gonna get by on that and I just don't know they won't this time. Jeanne I would like to revise my prediction for the Stanley Cup finals. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and tightly we appreciate you checking the south stop them by this afternoon however you may be listening KM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com. Our home online or the radio dot com app free to download you could take ESP in Rochester with you on your Smartphone listening anywhere. Any time alongside GB tag glee I am merely Mike Dee I love making funny interns here will you're gonna. Your credit goes seed Dustin Pedroia. Battery to excite and this is sure chillier childhood baseball hero right yeah. You know that you're not embarrass us an odd. Completely professed Boca me on the the bar has been set pretty low of professionalism in terms of being you know being around your your man crush immediately you know we got to look to farm and look at Mike may. Oh yeah. Oh you have folks. So I'll call it we need apple and he is there anybody like it. We don't wanna have to why don't you during BP right UA BP EE it starts in at 445 now for folks who don't know were were in high falls are only two blocks away years leading goal Herbert. Means that with the calls chameleon call and I think that Paul doesn't dry out the guy Pawlenty he went opposite view or. So long had to live right it is a little bit like OK something just happened below the waist there with such. Compose yourself may shock. You know you listen that closely it's like a Yoni laurel fingers in the guys know who rose up off. He's laughing along with it to what. It to all of them. Who's the other guy laughing you hear us. Oh yeah. Oh we have hopes. So I'll call it we need apple and is there anybody like it. I didn't hear a guy laughing you know we don't come and let you know what I you know what I heard. So yeah. Will just here's Pedroia yeah. Let's do that that's what are here well laurel. Yeah. Again and we were talking. Yeah that's. Pedroia yeah not arrogant. Interesting comment. Him on the legalized sports gambling that I hadn't thought of and I was one of the guys engaging we talked about this. Before they made it legal like what it looked like look like if sports gambling would be legal. And the idea that you know you could have sports books were a sports bars and every sports market become a sports book. And and imagine. You know MGM. Having a sports book in Times Square one that could look like and the viewpoint that that. That I I heard that I didn't really think of it I guess this is true if you if you're in Los Maggie she would know better than. A guy like me who visits Las Vegas maybe once every five to ten years. That's sports books generally. Are one of two things it's either. Tax beyond comfort because there's a big event going on or Sunday or it's March Madness or it's Super Bowl whatever might be or. There's four people on the sports book into over passed out because chairs comfortable. It's either or it's it's hardly ever sustainable. A meeting you don't have people coming in out all the time of a sports book. Which makes me bad start to wonder are so what does that look like what does it look like we. The day comes with sports book with the casino of course makes all the sense in the world of sports book that you could see on your street corner maybe not so much. Does it look more closely to. The electronic kiosks like Duffy was describing yesterday north of the border where you want laid on action in Canada. At excusing candidate does it look I mean ultimately it's all gonna end up on your phone anyways. Well I'll ask you this. You usually tell a television rules the roost is it going to be betting is it's gonna become can't. We had an NBA playoff game we had a couple of them a couple of weeks ago at 6 o'clock tip time okay great problem. And you to your point danger yes when games are all going on and it's an eating at a Sunday that's fine. But are you gonna have Dick staged more events at different hours in other words to find Jones in the lay down some action. ORA did it take for example baseball. Baseball on Wednesday afternoon particularly in the spring it's getaway day. Wanted to do that well he does travel concerns of what but. You watch it on TV it's like why do they even bother with this we have the messed jays game on no one there Dodgers Marlins no one there. It's television no one there. Well. Could we see different times I guess they it it when we get to this point we're betting is everywhere. We all the casinos will all these betting options start to pull gained times in different directions. This morning he'd dictate kittens yet like we need to be more distracted 00 now we got action throughout the course of the day it started from the moment you wake up at 9 AM your your gambling. Name by the way. Again all I'll go back I'll revert to. ESP and streak for the cash game geno you have early Clady or early mess round essentially it's just. I do this for the show well actually I got to do this and Ari there's no there's no cost to and it's free it's just a little when I all I gotta get my personal information ointment what you have NE SP in town riding ya so he's just download the happened when keep your account to Witten and mural set I was living or so ago. I think it is as I think it's with in you have ESP a fantasy app on your phone already you can probably just join it from there from your ESP and fancy while it is a fantasy sport you or just taking prop bet your picking games and you're not just picking games at night. You're picking games throughout the day again you know I keep bringing up ES PM because they already have this kind of infrastructure sat. Where there there's the lines are set they're sharing the lines that are set for these games. And not just games. Stateside. Gains internationally. 18 EU we talked about how all New Jersey has waited for this statement prepared cheers for this staying here they are Monmouth Israeli gall congratulations New Jersey. He has been the same way. They have this massive. Database. The rule Becker NC Tom DeLay free bracket game. It's free come and play you could wait and any weight we Richard it's Fareed do it. Well nothing's free and you gave away your personal information now you're on that list while ESP ending as a head start in this whole thing and it. Probably they were looking down the road to this day. And you were the first one I think danger that you know painted this picture of him looking at my phone let me locate this preview of this football game. I kinda bad here let's going to be. Geno are Powell's point you in this direction right now I am doing this Asher talking are the ESPN fantasy app which is already in my phone because I play ES in fantasy football. It by default for me at least went right to the streak game it didn't go to that ESPN fantasy football paid to write to streak. And it start the first. Item that you're able to to kick was at 6:10 this morning a tennis match. Up. The second item was at 1230 this afternoon. Another tennis match. But in you know a tennis match. At the Rome masters OK these are sporting events that you would normally not care about the sporting events. That if ESPN has its way your putting down action on. There's no action in this game because of pre game to play and you don't win anything and issue them a massive massive streak of wins. There's a golf option three to peck at 140 in the afternoon. There's an NCAA softball tournament action. Three to peck at 230 in the afternoon. Horse racing at 346. At Pimlico. More horse track racing. At 417 out and we can actually I actually just turned 417. There's another one coming up at 449 so we all these options and then you get later tonight then you get the action that we're accustomed to. Who's gonna win the matchup tonight between the a's in the blue jays. Who's gonna win the mat what what's the match result between the MLS match result between Orlando city. And Toronto FC. Well Orlando winner draw. Toronto FC win out right. These are the prop bets that you have so even though you don't have any action until prime time when you have some baseball you have some aunt and alas. ESPN's already pulling need international. Sporting events that you. The user. Can put action down on you know they're ready for you don't think they're they're going to figure a way if if if there's action going on it. Oversee this you'll audit public is that it's amazing you always have action on the line if you choose to put down money. Think you have absolutely no. Interest in you will now be interest in because you have you have some action on. They're don't I just logged in this. Streak yet. This is something that I've been blind to when you open up this you all we need this whole the world danger. And it's free. Ball. Think geno. I've. I've gotten very frustrated with that in this is partially why don't think I'm a big gambler because I'd. I don't string on a lot of wins and when vague when they start to lose. I might have Harry so what is the business model here. Because I'm looking at this whole monthly prize is 35 grand. Am playing this for freeing via what what the ad time is gonna did they get that many hits they have that many players pass by a cost per thousand guess. What you have there on screen I'm looking I'm looking at it and then I interviewed some say it I see a battery out for Geico. I see is that the dog is that for assets it no I did meet side right now I banner ads you have that that's what's paying for I haven't yet I have a US army yet yeah okay soul. Or who would join the US army. I don't think it's an old guy I would think it would be somebody I would think willing Vinnie here might be too old to join the US army at this point right. Yet that's the target here in danger my god she wanna think that we've we've got we thought Duffy had a problem he was gambling with a bookie in high school. Hey listen if your kid you have the ESPN happy you're playing streak. The issue as our need is going after the sixteen year old who likes that I think about how light of bright yellow sung I don't know any army today that. Game right there is essentially what it look like appear to be furious at future you want to make money off of legalized gambling. You have a right Derek is already built into your. Stone didn't get over the army Everett as its. Yeah play around that that's we can report back the money let me know I need I can never again I think my biggest streak believe it was only like five. And you you have the option to pick whatever games you wanna pick whenever you wanna take them. And I think usually if you can get a streak Joan of over twenty. Put Jim pretty good shape for for a chance of winning that money. And I can't get over five frustrating game. Wait a second at. That that Dallas wings Phoenix Mercury. I don't want to come WMP a guide like. If you're laying odds on the WNBA you you might wanna go talk to us. Right. Honestly what I hear is that the time he got a lot. Say this what they've been doing for years and ESPN. You and I don't have any interest in watching WNBA game but. If you were to pick them in that street game. That game all of a sudden has some value to you you have some interest in acting like. OK you're doing that we're doing a horse race of Pimlico there's no skill it why not just. Spin the roulette wheel that's right I mean that's all these is right it's always say that's. This gave it its early lead expected to have some. Based on my knowledge of football I'm gonna do this are based on following baseball you don't have any well having knowledge of government. This is how they get Eugene and I don't know if they have their on the desktop regiment known the on the mobile version table half of you know comparison civil compare the two teams that will give you a little synopsis of what. What what each team is going to raise one team winning is one team losing wears one team stand in the standings vs the other team. Who's who's injured for this team whose coach is not easy like this information that you didn't know. You can learn about on the fly for any of the things that they have posted up there. Now there be big all the money right now 82% therapy can Vegas and over one apparent. Nowadays it is it just an outright win is that we that's all that is so that just tells music is its biggest win biggest wins yeah okay. Yes this might give you different prop Mets how many goals will be scored tonight's Vegas personally take Emmys is an example. How many seeds will. Slurring my cannot here's a prop their first goal tonight NHL will have. A two person insists this is your betting on a second various say this is the future genus what lies eyes you know this is what it looks like this week yesterday this is what it. Looks like. You'll be able to make real time that's. During a baseball game during a football game those kind of prop during hot all right here's another one. Date combo the MLS NHL game. So that Orlando Toronto one you're talking about prop debt goals scored in the first half and in the first period and of each game yet 78% saying yes. How many Eagles and saying just just one goal what you gotta get a goal a soccer game of the first half and a goal on the first spare. Took I'm saying don't let me ask why starting terrible prop the year to take a drop back and take that prop. Against the greener apple with that welcome to you newest addiction geno. Doesn't cost you anything you're welcome. Kids I'm sorry that size he's Sharif children and that's what the future looks like I won in nine planned it all started on the sports per day. There's your game play let's get fair burning here that you fear for Syracuse post standard. Talks in Buffalo Bills. The other OTA on the horizon the veterans coming in F Thurmond is number getting retired. Howell clause would she'd. By the way what's the realistic expectation from Russia I'm acquire allied you can't put that workload again this year or Kenya. Kenya. Matthew fair burn our guests next in the sports barred danger and the tag Lia on ESPN Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy can bills wallet Famer Steve tasker if you all the leaders knew was right. Exclusive interviews lined up seats in. FL analysis Murphy and task or take you inside a locker ran down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with their. Hill's right here and you get three on the home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 95 cents and thus boards leader ESPN Rochester. If you want you were on filtered unadulterated. Sports can come to the right place again nine. Yeah and 957. FMR sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back in the sports bar danger and tag we appreciate you listening on ESPN Rochester ESPN Rochester not come with a free download radio dot com and apple really wanna talk to the best and brightest minds making Smart sports fan. A smarter Buffalo Bills fan that's why. But as often as we can't we try to talk to Matthew Derek we're usually on Friday Thurber prize would Matthews chairman of the Syracuse post standard Matthew are you buddy. Our garage area air well you know it's it's a quiet week for the Buffalo Bills that give by the little credit they did create some news of their own. By honoring Thurman Thomas of the number 34 to be retired. Matthew was that an honor that was overdue would you say. They're probably I mean. I would say he's right there in the conversation with the best spot although all time and you heard. That third guy have his number retired so you could argue there was overdue it was also probably overdue. Pro Bruce Smith when they did that a couple years ago so. Tying up some looser and I guess what stuff like this. They've generally done either and security retirement or Walsh came. Each year not necessarily bowl so maybe this mean nobody gonna get on the wall but. I think you know Thurman Thomas avenue number tired of the sort of just a formality because nobody warned the number. You know and and so. It's been out of circulation and now it's it's just going to be official on a bit. You know on night to celebrate a month and at opal. Yeah I think that's part of the opportunity to mean the bills let's face it they don't get a lot of prime time looks this is a prime time look. Why not showcase one of your grates on a national stage. Yet look and like you said at bay navy I think wanted to do this sooner but they didn't have a home primetime game last year so. You know you don't get a ton of those opportunities and generally they try to do it on that stage. Why that is I guess just to get more exposure may get some of the TV eyeball dominant. You know have sort of a bigger stage for them to share that moment it developers bit. A couple years ago and I was when when bill got. Smacked around by the gaps and it week Cuba. You know a ferret out so we opened for a better shown from the double game that Cabrera. Matthew forever in Syracuse post standard guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. I if you want it to have the debate Matthew who is the greatest running back all comic as you. Quit tribe it's media I would say Thurman. External overall numbers out over OJ Simpson. Odd blend. Asking the question in this way where does LeSean Mitt whole eighth date in the conversation. They. When it's all said and on how much further do you think LeSean has to go global forty say Matt you. OK no question this guy's gonna get in to tan. I think he's not all that far he's. What about 1819100. Yards away from. Getting the 121000. Which is typically. Sort of the magic number it got over thirteen thousand yards from scrimmage. Which is another really impressive number so. Thurman Thomas had 121000 rushing yards and 161000. Yards from scrimmage he did that anymore. Ron has the aero then what shall McCoy is playing and and I think you could make the case. That would Shawn McCoy has then. One of the two or three best running back simple all for quite awhile now and so. I think. You need a couple of more years she you know if you were tired tomorrow. He probably doesn't get and but he's definitely on the path to get there I think. Another couple strong season like he had. It'll play out successor something most people say oh he if you get a little bit more play out success that's certainly would hurt. Just because it gives him a chance to shine on that stage. But I think it's he gets the 121000. And you know our along the way gets. You know 1510161000. Yards from scrimmage. And I think he's making himself a little indication he would probably running back. Can you talk about from this era that deserve it more than hand. I can only think of maybe Adrian Peterson and indeed and that's up for debate so I think. In terms of guys. Deserve to get it and he's next up would probably. Matthew chairman of the Syracuse post standard gas Ferran Friday in the sports bar or danger the tightly on ESPN Rochester. Now the audio project the Shawn McCoy is 2018 season I mean EU look at what the bills have done on defense sure feels like they've plugged a lot of holes. And they shirts and things up in that defense is gonna be the strength of this team. On the offensive side of the ball of course a whole different story with a line that you really have a lot of questions about you don't really know much about quarterback. The one constant the one thing that you can kind of bank on Asian LeSean McCoy. This off it's probably gonna run through LeSean McCoy what kind of a season do you think he could have this year in buffalo. Yes count and say I mean. On the one hand like you said he's the guy on offense that's been easy to count on the one that you can expect to have. Are really strong he did not matter why. But is turning thirty years old and I know. That. Sort of the magic number of one running backs. Go off the core but this is the guy who doesn't take a ton of direct hit. And punishment to his body doesn't have a violent running style so I think he can stay fresh for another couple seasons. My main question is how that changes on the up until liner on impact and because. You're talking about to potentially three news starters. Depending on where Marshall new outfits into the equation. You're gonna need to do senator you're gonna need a new left guard there would merge and I'd veto or carry those are two key pieces for and you're also talking about. Beyond docket taking nine full time role at left tackle. In place of course equal and so. Even though he's done that before that still question market in the top of the line. Maybe all the better but right now it's just a big question mark a lot of unanswered questions. Surrounding them up front so. It'll be interesting to see at think you're gonna see a lot of you know eight men boxes those teams you know gear up to stop Iran. Whether they give returner Joshua Allen and her I don't think that all matter. Think defense is they're gonna know that was shot McCourt get in the ball. He found a way to make things happen regardless I just think it's tough to. Today you know a set and forget it at all of their yards and OB one of the best backs in the league because she is turning thirty and there are questions. About the offensive line but I think he's. He's fresher not an LB healthy enough and in shape and out. To do it usual damage it's just a matter of what's going on around him that that law out that the probability to cut them. Many Trevor in Syracuse post standard our guest here in the sports bar in ninety Tyson has been little more about them offensive line you brought the name I hadn't thought of it while mark. Marshall Newhouse at Mandalay sign in my thought OK here's somebody that these camp fodder so to speak just the bodies air bide. He's bouncing around the league that you don't really think he he called it perhaps challenge for starting spot in the offensive line. I don't know maybe or danger down her mind because he's been on every bar stools or are at on the man brought up like they keep that building towards but I guess that's a record here aren't as part. But I think they signed him for a reason and they signed him. With all the role in mind I'm not saying you'll definitely start I think. There's a chance that he could factor into the picture right apple. At the very least he's gonna give them some debt maybe swing tackle. I've got Jordan middle is play better than he'd give him credit for a lot of the time over the last couple years. But that's still a guy that they tried to replace them at first got here they tried it signed Ricky Wagner and and make a splash you're pretty cheap before falling back. I'm Jordan bills so. I think it's going to be competition I think there's the chance. Partial bailout could get that job better all the legal long time. Hasn't necessarily bad you know start her a prolonged period but he don't hang around the leaked out long by accident so. I think in Jordan Miller are similar in that regard the ball on the ground and then steadied not quite spectacular but. You know it could be an interest being. Battle for them up front I think they actually have decent depth at offensive tackle it's more the interior the operative line no pride. You know give them some headaches during training camp but they have. Some options that tackle if everything works out guys stay healthy. We know that new house has a strong. Strong Twitter game I mean as as a as a bill for bills Twitter Neuhaus is great news but let's see what he does. Actually on the field he's he's been pretty comical. On Buffalo Bills footer Matthew fair in Syracuse post standard joining us here in the sports bar with danger tightly Matthew we've spent a little bit of time this week. A dagger Ozzy out put out a piece on The Vick quarterback confidence index for all 32 teams and leagues Buffalo Bills. 32 out of 32 teams obviously but what's. I'm trying to fight anybody somebody anybody they can they can make an argument to say is the bills or at least 31 instead of 32 I mean is there. Is there any argument to be made there with that ranking. I mean it depends on how you look at it because. I think. Years looking at it from two different spots and you're looking at it from president date twentieth eighteen. What the quarterback picture is going to look like. It's fair to put the bills at the bottom because. There's absolutely. No telling what you're getting out of any of these guys need a computer rent or buy an interception and a half last year AJ McCarron has played. Sparingly throughout in the NFL career and Josh Allen completed 56% of his passes in the mountain west and has never taken an NFL so. There's a lot of questions and until they prove otherwise. People are gonna you know. Our bond and they're gonna you know buried them and every ranking war you know a valuation of this brought there by. That's not to say that there's not. Slivers of hope here and need AJ McCarron I didn't moments now playoff game that he played you know what Andy Dalton was injured and he's a guy that's been waiting for the opportunity hungry for a he's confident that he can take advantage of it and stranger things have happened earlier in the look at the year chase keen about blacks here. I would not have expected that the guy who's you know still free agent of the owners meetings. You watch it on and on the way to become. A legitimately productive quarterback in any got paid its Nazis and so. That could happen would AJ McCarron that would Josh Allen I mean look at some of the success rookie quarterbacks as. A year ago that Shawn Watson comes up I'm not saying gosh I don't get a jump and indeed shop option but. Rookie quarterback has had immediate success and all it will take. The funny thing about all these rankings and different things is there shirt like the bill can be 32 for now. Air based on what they've done which is absolutely not but basically all three of these guys but all it takes. And a six game stretch. Not a totally turned that around Josh talent of it and and played really well or AJ McCarron gets the build up to a good start. People start change their tune I had I didn't read and Galliano has pieced. My guess is that the 49ers were pretty high up on the list. A year ago that would not in the case you know they make a move in Jimmy drop all comes in and played really well there you go to it then move up the list so. It's a fine line will all things like that ultimately. I don't think the builder are concerned about it's more about. Where they're quarterback situation going to be in 20/20 Warren or even 20/20 2019. That's where they want to beat you know set up trouble long term but. You know your bill and I can see worth so little little bit of a bomber what you think aid fatigue finally. You know address the quarterback position then you go and check out people power rankings and everybody thought about it down in the bottom the orbit of the outer. And while I mean if they're looking in at the wrote when he eighteen. You know view I guess. I can understand that Matthew fair burn Syracuse post standard our guest here in the sports bar on today a quiet day. I'll order one bills drive on Matthew what sets up next week OT gays. Does this mean that if they spoon feed Allen will a little bit more next week how how does all. The next week look out at one bills drive. He had this since our our first chance at least get a look at him against some veteran then we'll get to see. Sort of the first peek at. How they feel about him and how much they want to bring them along you know she's going to be. Taking the wraps behind a computer went or will he get you know. Some first team reps I mean there's a wide spectrum of what they could give them. And how they'll talk about how the veterans we'll talk about it I think all of that stuff is very interest thing. Just because. Well we've mentioned. There's just so much unknown about this guy also yes same goes for AJ McCarron is he gonna have. I you know some moments out there are are people gonna start a rally around and I mean. You know people think that all this spring practice and okay committee can't. It's useless but this is what they're the quarterback competition. This is where it starts it's our goal but this is where it starts and this is where Tyrod Taylor picked up some ground a few years ago and it's where you know he started to pick up some momentum so. I think it's. One of these guys start to separate we might start to see it maybe it won't be you know plainly obvious an annual fearsome thing. You know maybe teammates what start react this certain led me. A lot of that stuff can happen out not too heavy into the full all out just yet. Well that is our doable I'm honored and things like that. Note pad thirty thing but. They can start to do some things that resemble football out there and you know now that everybody together the rookies and in the veterans. You start to get a clear picture of how this team is going to come together at all. What's a fair expectation this pre season for job shall I I keep thinking to myself I look on the horizon and and see how kind of plays out PP if he's listed as third string and he's playing in pre season games against third string. Defense is he he's probably he should. You should outperform that he should look good he should look better than than what the bills. Fans probably anticipated and then maybe that moves him up the depth chart and then by the end of the pre season. You what was a quarterback. Competition might lead into a quarterback controversy bye bye week one big key you see something a scenario like that happening Matthew. Yeah sure I think. I think if he starts even if he starts that's first preceding game at number area I think that's a bit of a disappointment. I mean you're picked seventh overall. You should be able to be make that interpreted and I'd know that it's coaching staff like Nathan Gator then but. And he's in the second year an all out but this is a new offense it's supposedly going to be tailored to job chuckled skills. And he can't find a way to at least wrestled the number two gavel incriminate the Peter read by the time the first preceding game come along. That in my eyes I would see that didn't disappoint us error how. Raw is I don't care you know about people saying he needs to sit. That's one thing but being third string. After you were picked seventh overall. Is not what you're looking for a specially if they computer than the one keeping you at dirt straying again. That's a guy who did not have really at any measure success. Last season and so. That's our star. But I think you're right in the sense. If you start either there or number two the expectations should be for him to. Have success and move the ball and and to keep the opera on schedule makes employees. I expected to make a few played people. Really you know wondering about is potential I expected to make some job dropping Burroughs or breaks and at gold in the pocket. If he's not doing. Some of those saying. They're they're starts to be some concern need to keep progress and you need to see it. In a somewhat reasonable age you don't necessarily expect this guy to become we use are who'd gone to be over by eight. By. At least and I appreciate you got to see some action we got to see some progress and made you know I'd settle all along that you know she can't be out AJ McCarron there you might have picked the wrong guy. Maybe that seemed a bit harsher bit strong but at the same time. At the very least. You have to show some potential and so why should because. It's not. You know maybe we are looking at a situation where it's it's only here. And then you're gone in the off season began then all sound that I would appreciate and it wasn't even active itself I think. You know it. The clocks are now at the clock already started it's started you know the moment he would scrapped at the moment it made the call to trade out. That's 1 o'clock start and I like this when you when you start to. Hope to see some progress and he has. On the field in the preceded in training camp in practices because. It's not and and one agency. You know that that's where restart to learn about that skated and you know maybe some of the concerns and base and what I think the expectation should be that he gets on the field at some point it's only eighteen. And if she's not doing anything in the preceding it and that's not gonna give. People too much confidence they gonna do it. Right out of Vegas over under our Joshua Allen at panic upstarts for the year. Which is an interest in number it's I'd number. And I think it reflects. Sort of this expectation of rookie quarterbacks. At some point he gets on the field and hold down the job. Dudley can do so. But the expectation where we want in the preceding them because I think that's what happens when your top ten pick at that position. Message reverence Syracuse post standard of bringing some great installing into insight into Josh Allen. What about Peter man because we all expect here uniform number three well. Mathieu they're playing teams that go would only two quarterbacks on the 53 man roster. I will meet here remain be in danger of not making the final roster this year. You know my gut tells me he won't just because it seemed like they really like him. But you know they like them and not the bench Tyrod Taylor forum last season which is. Still look reasonably alarming what you think about it because Tyrod Taylor for all all was pretty steady. And it made you think well this is Peter and I'm not really because it's something of practice they're gonna thrown out there are meant to either a culture. It's an scratching your head and you're you're wondering. What did they see in this I that they thought it would be better than Tyrod Taylor not to Tyrod Taylor is you know Tom Brady but I. He was pretty solid first game and keep him in the play out client and there is a pretty big drop 11 Earvin went in their so. Yes this show quite a bit of progress I mean you don't need to. Three quarterbacks on the roster but. I think. The question would be is eight in the carried a legitimate long term back up option because keep clearly as a desired start. And so you know I don't know how long contract so I think maybe the hope is that Peterman develops and it that long term back up options by. I'd I'd still would be surprised if he were cut but there are some tough numbers games that get played at the end of the pre season. And you know they see a guy you know that that's worth keeping on the roster. It debuted its article two quarterbacks I think it's certainly a lot will probably depend on word got talent. Is it his development and how comfortable they feel with and because I think that's where a lot of the development of local spot start to follow him. I I would say about betting right now I'd say Peter would make the roster both. I don't think he should be guaranteed a spot by any means based on results exceed. Matthew chairman of the Syracuse post standard good to join us here in the sports bar danger but tightly on ESPN Rochester Matthew before I let you go I mean the sports world. And the sports landscape changed on Monday it would with the the smackdown of pass blow what are you. I see is the future. Of not just the NFL but sports in general now that let us sports gambling. It is legal in states that choose to participate. Yeah I think it'll be interesting you know. Now people can bet that that wasn't happening all over the country any. I don't think I think. It's going to be alone I think to kind of work its way through before we see. You know the full impact. A lot of headlines aren't on Monday were you know. Everything has changed to this changes everything in sports will never be that same I guess the sportswear look. Pretty similar. For a little while until all the states. And had come around and figure out appliance. To implement. Some form of a legal betting on sports and also you know some other technology that that needs to get them plays. You know will make this a little bit more accessible to more people. I think it will be. Somewhat similar to you know land and dual draft came became really dig a few years ago we saw a commercial all over the place. You know they're going to be sort of disgraced to become the dominant company. And in that deal and I think it's going to be interest in there's going to be. More technology advancements and and different things that will make its. You know maybe look different but a lot of a lot of four I don't get concerned about you know the integrity of the game or anything of that nature because. I wanted to throw games or anything else they were very they're doing. State it's not like it's hard to place a bet. And the United States of America and I think the other thing too is this might make it even less likely to happen. You know that's what I want to takes big game there's going to be a paper Kerr all right there's going to be. That's placed either by that person or by somebody you know than you know I think it'll be easier to maybe keep track of everything. Now that it's above the table though. There will be interest in that's for sure but I do think it's gonna take a little bit longer. Then people think I don't think we're we're gonna roll out of bed and and be you know Paula but I happen. But wagers on games all over the place. I think. Over time out or eventually beat the reality and you know leaks are gonna have to learn how to navigate the. Matthew forever in Syracuse post standard. You can follow him. Obviously on Twitter at Matthew server we always appreciate your time not on a Friday met you have a great weekend all catch up with the soon. Thanks Matthew Matthew Everett at Syracuse post and always good talking him tempered Friday. Ever try to hang on a different perspective on Josh Allen. Basically may words he doesn't beyond AJ McCarron and what you don't. Even cracked up getting draft guide top ten overall. Haven't sit behind AJ McCarron long term no way. And the point on on and Nathan Peter may and so yes he goes into the pre season. As the number three that he hasn't shown them enough up to that point. To be the number two that's a disappointment. Come back next happy hours upon us you know. NFL appetizers will go around the NFL's are today's top stories in her daily special as well another round of shots coming up to. You're in the sports bar danger and the tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and that's. Access to them. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. 57. That's forcefully. No sports leader and listen lives when he Forsett. Probably these deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when teenager and exactly how. Stories opinions in the context he'd only. ESPN Rochester doctor. 957. Sports leaders ESPN Rochester hello.