The Sports Bar- Hour 2- Mike Catalana

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys move the conversation back to the NFL draft. To help them out, Rochester sports icon Mike Catalana from 13WHAM news joins the show to give his perspective on the Bills approach to the draft.


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Just what the green jacket so was. Call. It's just it's. The could really impressed me the way after briefly on Sunday was the fact that every time we needed to do something he did it. Every time he made a bogey bounced back she never had those two bogeys in a row and Mike danger what would appear that you're starting to move in the right direction didn't Buffalo Bills you've got the right GM. Looks like every GM. The right quarterback change exactly what are your thoughts on Allen to me he's the most divisive player in this draft the favorites are the favorite at this point. Common denominator is supposed to be ready for training. Camp and got to take the next of them faucet starts now starts out here in preparation for next season I mean. Sixteen did you play in the playoffs and they're going to be for the next few months and then web video console. They're very active until. You have to you have lost its loss of one of the game multiple times and just. You know we need to get back to its. Feet. Myself opening tip aggressive itself and it's it's it's tough. Rochester sports leader and I'm 57. Yes yeah. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and attack Leo we appreciate you listening on AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester dot com marked. Streaming through the radio dot com app on your phone wirelessly to Bluetooth your. Smart device might danger below which seemed tech would. They danger great talk in some hockey there with the Scott McDonald then Tom Locke again to. Our our phone number 454 ESPN 4543776. Might cattle on a thirteen way down. To join us here. Post rigs and in the sports. And yes this week starts the fence post season all of sports the Stanley Cup Playoffs now in the hockey playoffs they use does seem that the teams one through weight in each conference. For whatever reason they don't do that anymore so. Now we're gonna have to the best teams in the east in the first round playing each other Boston against Toronto. One of those two teams Boston or Toronto won't make it around here we have the Steelers against the patriots around one know. Did we have the cops against the Dodgers you know BS is here no doubt that. It's going to drink to that. And. We love hockey. The issue or else I'll drink to that great kicks and cheap shots and Josh Allen here in the sports bar and after watching retired quarterback dork Dan Orlovsky. Breakdown of plated demonstrates Allen's decision making as an issue rather than his accuracy. In this clip that we twit death earlier this afternoon NB SP and Rochester on Twitter trying to convince Jeanne let someone else take Josh Allen and certainly. Do not trade off for. No no and in fact if he's still their numbers twelve depends on wells is there at number twelve I said it would be fine at number twelve on us to do that but I think the bills have. There's. Sights a little higher than dodge owners won't solve drink to that to all New York Yankee fans freaking out about Giancarlo Stanton. He went three for 28 this past weekend he struck out five times in the game not once but twice. First player in Major League history to strike out by stands and gaming golf hitless in his season and yet we're not even on April 10. Look. Have you not want to Jean Carlos damn that's what I'm just gonna die this is who he is he's not a streaky player he's super streaky. Write this out. We do comes around me sitting ten to fifteen home runs a month you'll forgot about the. I'll drink to that. Post it's baseball it's such a long season like to think that he's gonna continue this clip. A lack of production for this long I forget cute he's going to be fine yankees you're gonna be fun to solve. Drink to that savers locker cleanup day we spent a lot of time talking about this Ryan O'Reilly. Shocking new media today about owning up to the team's failures and these losses and loss for the game and became OK with losing cage just joining us this is. Ryan O'Reilly earlier today. I feel. Go to your boss. Lost one of the game multiple times in this. You know. I media factor because it just it's just eaten myself opening the other guys who just myself and us. It's it's tough. Meanwhile. You wanna talk about a reversal and color contrast in aid in attitudes from year to year the state judge Michael cleaning out his locker today. It's been a tough three years but. You know it's I mean I'm I'm fully invested in this team this organization the city so. From here for awhile and you know I'm I'm I'm excited about imitative of the future I think. You know things will get better and it's source of me so I person I need to get better and I think that that's one of the ways that. You know I needed to drop that in and you know I think they've had done it over the year I mean you guys can attest to that but. You know I think it's all part of it it's all part of. Process dear Jack cycle say after a horrible season with the sabres I'm excited for the future gene I'm not gonna know I I does that aren't. Contrast that the last years comments when it was actually Jack cycle its socks and results. Needs to change everything needs to change. Just that little adjustment in attitude I'm impressed by his growth on and off the ice if jackets and sporting the C on his sweater next season Jeanne teams making mistake when they should have given us. If you're gonna give mall that money gimme journal and with a player and if he's contemporary. Connor me David got the C I don't know why Michael didn't get the seat he's growing into the raw that's you're seeing still a long way to share. Action namely there learn how to play that right the course solved drink to get details now on Jordan Matthews a new Dili so the patriots ready. It's one year one million dollars at six. Let's look at assigned for that little. I is that not clue there wasn't a market for Jordan Matthews to begin when I mean maybe you wanted to go to New England but. I would think maybe if somebody was offering a more money now I've read a lot of things online today about Phil's fans being upset. But look those fans to be upset. Three surgeries last year alone he's got a lot to prove it was apparent that you wanna be back in buffalo I'm OK with the patriots taking a flyer who. You'd be shocked if he doesn't make it through the pre season I wouldn't be shocked if he gets I mean this is such as caused minimal deal a minimal investment. We zero risk for the patriots having. With with what they have there if Jordan Matthews isn't cut from the same cloth as the other receivers and they've got plenty of receivers there that will be competing for for for jobs. It wouldn't shock me Jordan Matthews that's on the cutting room floor. After training guess I'll drink to that aren't you know a final note on the masters ratings were up overall this week with Thursday and Friday. Of forty and 55%. From last year respectively Saturday and Sunday were a 24%. And 14%. From last year double digit growth in ratings from year to year on all four days great term. And nice it's nice to see it come down to acquire with a bunch of great young players. But for me tiger is still the draw and you could see the further he was away from contention that the lesson that broke you solid year to year ratings. Personally. I was seeking out tigers rounds anyway I could rather than waiting for the network coverage tiger is the draw he's that important to the game. Well I mean that's what you see in the 40s55%. On Thursday and Friday but on Sunday would retire have. Giant stadium wasn't part of the Sunday story and all danger or mean. 14%. That's a great sign for golf when you had the Jordan's defense making a run how you. How YouTube unit turn that off and to see it re just trying to hold nine you had McIlroy you had. All these golfers. On the leaderboard they were all two point seven or younger. I mean golf is turned over where you'll accidentally Eliza that that's little one thing that I don't feel like yoga but guess what were the old guys now these are. Golf has a turn in new leaf and it's certainly feels like it's ready to be embraced again the way you after a long lull. Where tiger was just kind of taps into disappearing. I think the old guys us we long effort for tiger to be great again we long for for him to be in contention week in and week out and hope that's realistic yet. Give him enough wraps seat can stay healthy and of tournaments down the road you might see tiger. Performing at that higher level we've all grown accustomed to the right now. Young man's game I mean think about big you know Fowler speech. Read all these guys you know. All. It will rain don't Rory wrong he's got a young guys. Competing. Every week it seems like at a very high level so it it's also a good place right now. And that was some entertaining. Sporting action this weekend. Laughter. Absolutely loved it here's what I I heard this weekend that I'm not a fan of true or false Jeanne they had them had to push back the start of Saturday nights and a Merck's game at the grocery. Yes. So. Apparently. There was a lighting issue danger now I don't know this is true or our friends over less glamorous reporting netted something to do with. The roof. May be perhaps a leak in the rule things causing lighting issues well I don't know lighting roof. They figured out Big Apple light sign but they saw had to be pushed back to 8 o'clock. On it. We're not talking about a ribbon board when talking about an outdoor patio for smoking. We're not talking about taking your 1980s televisions and just reporting the standard HDTV monitors in the concourses so people don't watch the action. No we're talking about the roof that doesn't leak we're talking about lights that go on when you turn on the switch. Infrastructure. That infrastructure blue cross arena is dust. Your sabres and you might think that keybank sinners in need of some repair. A listen to that that's fine that's fair it's hot and I hear a Reno okay. Public to 75 year old Serena that houses your NHL team that's now got multiple leaks in tab multiple leaks in the roof. Not to the point where the lights don't turn on you need them to turn on the and you have to push back a faceoff. Oh man. Until we get playoffs coming up our and I hope this is just an isolated and meet two. However. Let me just say this and this is going to impede my eight by our politician this will be my campaign position. You're gonna hear more and more about. In new stadium for the Buffalo Bills I think we're talking about this more than anybody else in Rochester. That's fun let's understand is going to be paying for that it's you'll meet everybody else in your state should have passed. This is the age old problem in our town this is what I would advise. Every Rochester sports fan that they dig your heels. Buffalo. Buffalo Rochester. Is not a suburb of a ball below. We loved buffalo teams not a suburb of buffalo. In other words. You want to build a news new. Stadium in buffalo for the bills. They're gonna needed at some point we can all agree on that how it gets done I don't know. Ball when the conversation comes when the ask columns. Eugene to make clear to school sports and entertainment. We need to fix the arena issue now here's the problem I have zero faith in our leaders in this town because the Monroe County executive says. Cities problem. That's a city arena and the city owns the arena were kind of bystanders honor OK fair enough. What's the city's plan we have ten million dollars in state funding that's gonna come toward arena improvements. At ten million dollars the lot. Where where did that go now yeah lighting issues and you have a roof issue when you have this issuing you have that issue get my point being. When there's a new stadium built in buffalo next decade for the Buffalo Bills. People in rock sister have to say. Give us car sheer. Make sure and no danger you say fear share fair share you know that something that you hear too often on on social media but for crying out loud. No band aid is gonna fix that arena. We need a new air arena in Rochester New York. Not just a mandate. When you factor in that these renovations is part of the rock the railway project gonna take place probably within the next. When they say within next five years I wanna say by that point you're talking about an arena. Was renovated over twenty years ago and will be over 75 years. It's time it's time. And and scale. Build it tier scale build a oh bill that no way that you know you can keep it profitable. Build it no way you can attract. Some great shows. I mean year Bruce won once every few years. What else have we gotten in there. What are what are the standards. That we ever yet Maroon 5 05 the couple years ago yeah. Yeah you got your it's like rusted were coming a lilac festival every year I mean it's you know you kind of know what to expect. I I would love to see somebody with some vision. And we talked to some community leaders who have that vision. Build a new stadium. And maybe it starts with this team winning. And having a deep playoff run maybe it starts with. With the community rallying around the emirates getting behind this team seeing them through a championship which you know I got to imagine they've got a window of opportunity here. To be consistent and good in the HL year in year out given that that. The new focus on development from the Buffalo Sabres. Support the team. Go out there. And and recognize. Yet there's a need it's it's a new stadium. Well you're gonna have. A new version of the Carrier Dome before you know and we had some wild acquiesced and what's new moment in the state dairy. Who dares to lease sidestepped that question does an outrage to announce that but you better believe they're having that conversation on Syracuse. As far as buffalo in the opt out from 220 for the bills in that stadium no they're not gonna opt out that's when the full court press will happen. As far as what do the bills do as far at their stadium situation there already having those conversations that's a typical told us. What are we doing here in Rochester. Part of the issue is the guy who owns the bills in the sabres also owns the Rochester Americans if they have a bills issue with the stadium if they have. A sabres arena that that need to work I don't even know how you would describe what needs to happen here Rochus Q what is happen. An embarrassment. What are you talking much and well I think it this way in Minnesota with a vikings hot of their news stating get dealt another roof collapsed only got we need a new state. I'm close airport right if you have a playoff games coming up for the lights click. When the lights turn on all awesome okay I'm here everybody just wait outsider and it sounded a dinosaur I'll start it tonight 8 o'clock. Nobody worried here again that's that's an embarrassment to me. I'm embarrassed. Here's showing no dog is paying attention on Twitter at ESPN Rochester dom tweeting us the Americans infrastructure is dust. That a reader has been around since Dirk was dust. I'm sure the city will give the good old fashioned kick the can down the road treatment. Like they have for the last decade just doing nothing. And you get reelected. On has been paying attention yes the secret to success of politics and Rochester do not saying. And you'll get reelected. Do nothing. And you'll have success in politics in this time. Insane. He's in six we really upon the field for the real mayor for a Chester let's get it from. Director Roy pro am so that's that's his deal. What does it mean and what what more can we you know Jeff thirty million in renovations let's say going into. All that's aged thirty million. Each week into the Google has taken a little extra more do we have the conversation. Him wean gosh. Came we have 75 million for new arena. Because how much is that new bill staining and cost in 20/20 three whenever that is going to be. It's not going to be a billion it's can be billions. They're gonna ask the state for ya I name we'll have be honest conversation that we afford this or not. Well. Let's start the conversation here Rochester folks I know if you just do you know they're talking about the read it yet we have do gooders like some. On Saturday night we. He won't the American actually play out to go to Rochester who went out and got Stevens and were. Ready. Parents well the lights are not here but I work they're working on that right now the crews are working and now what you commissioner. Hamster in the back of the world. The back in their arena front and on the whale. Rocking and we'd never know sticking growth. Usually thank. They have a roof. Not too much to ask. I favored as the TV you prefer that the TV's. This that's my favorite. My favorite is the tube TVs. Bracket and against the walls throughout the arena. Just. Hated. Hated this really all you can take in twenty years ago. It was nice you remember twenty plus years ago when the when he first made those enemies such. But he can't get a big kick about with another band aid at this point and I don't know how you can. Improve data Rina to the point where it's yeah now we're back. Well it's that's why I'm holding. That we weighing we learned that the sabres were shopping me am works which they work. We were told hey don't worry there's a plan won't what happened at ten million. The city just oh we forgot to put the paperwork and or did the city say. Did the coolest sport sit down with the scenes that we're gonna do something. Hoping next play and hope. Mormon institution in Rochester blue cross Serena or thirteen win sports stricter Mike catalog. He is he Rochester sports icon on time which when it better my kennel on. You don't even know he's got. I'm enjoying my next moment in he's got fire back at me like yeah. Why don't losers April 9 minute news and heard a Philly guy and a lot to cheer about listed right I love hot or I'm going to. Compliment him on a sixers Philadelphia you've won fourteen in around. See on our I aren't willing to Obama and on and shake the Philly fans know process. Trust the process watch they're gonna end up in the finals. Bold prediction by Gina tackle it. Mike had a lot of thirteen and sports joining us next in the sports park the German tightly on ESPN Rochester. Best local sports talk in the flower city but John Murphy Joanna sports bar would be injury and exactly. Weekday afternoons on the sports leader ESPN Rochester. Always exciting when we came welcoming entertainment sports director and Rochester are sports icons. Mike headlong into the sports car into the tank with fresh from vacation Ager is your hand sabotage soon. I'll say it yet. And welcome back to Rochester war other. I'm Mike. Start with the bill appreciate your time and it brought us today they go out and going out it does scout Sam Arnold. Are we to take this is a good sign because there and wasting their time of beatings think there is a realistic chance that can move up to one or two right. I think they wanna meet that every one of them know when knows what's gonna happen and check and look and it could bomb Braun dollar in the number one team right yeah. Okay though. I know they changed management and everything out then all of a sudden there are excited because they've brought in a few players but it still the brown. And who knows what's gonna go through their mind I mean they've built wanna move up to. Well there's no guarantee that the brown undertaken and Arnold number want me right that they they could they could do anything it appears the bill and who knows. The ground may be willing to deal epic I mean I I don't think activity indicate an Ambien at one point four. On the bill I'm ready I mean there's no guarantee that they're taken to Arnold a one billion must both be ready. Acting. If they don't pay them one of the giant and on Arnold it would be number twos though. I think the built in just just gonna be outlet with every one of these quarterbacks and do their best that China get the ball. Nothing to expect between now and draft that right Mike I mean it teacher like to meet that it's gonna be quiet until the dominoes start to fall. In just yet waits. I think it it could very well be literally. The moment that an uptick comes up because if you're than the old and meet so many things can happen I do believe. I don't know how far it goes with a guy like cattlemen I don't know it number two today at the parameters of the deal that but even then there's no guarantee. We used Arnold was that example you're the giant it to pay the bills wanna move up to take Alan rose in May feel whoever they wanna take. And all the sudden Cleveland passes on Arnold to China and stepped on him today than turning call back. In a branding they branded card but there's no deal word make an OPEC like all these things can happen why I think you're right I think. It well I think there's always a possibility of them making a bet that the guys are making one more move before they go up to two. It. But then something in place to move up another notch and and get it to I would I would think you look at involvement. Mike on thirteen when joining us here in the sports are live thing that it's changed here since we talked to less than nominal patriots have. 21 round picks Mikey if they hit the thinking was. That the bills could get a great defensive player Alexi rope on Smith twelve and and wait a neck quarterback it's when he Tuesday that media Mason Rudolph. Maybe Lamar Jackson would be there it's points here. With the patriots having 21 round picks are eighteen behind. Buffalo at that point would that change your thinking if your brain and deem that it's a little more dangerous to wait for the quarterback when he took. I think they're waiting for quarterback at 22 I don't think they've done all it. That back and wait a 22. Out of what the patriot but do but it Patriot Act. You know I thought somebody's report you won't have a patriots are in positions straight up. Really. Win with Tom Brady at quarterback and who knows how long Belichick's going to be there and it gave away giving drop over the second rounder now you retreat to one move up. As does not seem like the patriot way at all accurate and that there it back there and and the ammunition. Can move. So there what do we think this would be an order. You know we're waiting because New England could jump at you to get eight in Rudolph. I don't love me we're about to begin with Anna and I know a lot and it was in the is that their keep your picks and wait for the guy. Know England it maybe a little bit and spot because maybe Brady took played a couple more years but. I think it built wait for a quarterback 22 it will be met this. Mike what about if they are not able to move up in the draft in the do you stay put it while I mean you know when you think about. The kind of hole that it's gonna take just to get inside the top ten for the more into the top three you know you have to start to ask a question or any of these guys. Worst that kind of hall for the team and is there a team that is willing. To make entry to get out of that thick when they know that they're gonna get a quality player if they just stay put that pick I guess my point is it takes two teams to facility facilitate a trade. And just because the bills of Donald the slate were to move up in the draft doesn't necessarily mean that the gonna be able to move up the draft. Why make a good point because let's just say the bills have done it like work and let say they believe I don't know let it they they believe. Josh Allen is the only guy we're treating not to get that spot but just say they get for whatever reason they can't get too. The giants don't wanna make a move. And has any goes to read it again like all these things can happen in your bill that their talent. You know I I I'd look at mine that that I hear lot of people like well you could get up there and get one of these guys I want I want the bill. To love a quarterback that's right and go with that quarterback I don't want them to go out if we're like like you did not look this is one. Brown on the grounds to take it on Barkley won and we get their quarterback it for. Really you're gonna let two other teams dictate Q which quarterback you get the you can pick a running back number one. Not that kind of move the ground. And I'll give them that in their past would make you like letting everybody else dictate your opinion that they. The bill you're gonna have an opportunity I would think to move up somewhere. Because if you don't in the that we like to make on the ground repair and on land air on child by pet thing on any other quarterback then there. And I didn't Belichick traded out in the home came and you could have taken a lot and when you were there. And are you going on those in now you don't move up and make a move when you have the ammunition and a and I look at ago. Next year there's going to be 2345. Quarterback they're based gonna talk of the talking about him at the end I was beaten and earned during the trial but the but at some point you're gonna pull the trigger a quarterback. And that is the year where there happens to be. Where I've picked guys who most people believe could be trapped somewhere in the first round. Toledo and you wait until next year I hear two years into the process and AJ McCarron your quarterback in your looking to next season when you only have one number one picks though. I'll be very surprised and and at that point they don't go law and go get. So who would that be top your top target might Carolina thirteen win joining us here. Is it Cleveland at number four would it be that colt's linebacker number six may be Tampa at seven. I mean seen box and have yeah signing up with Denver at five I mean you know yeah. It's gonna take a team willing to basically give up surrender that that top ten pick. For 21 round picks in media first round pick next year right is that does that feel like that's gonna be the going cost a draft night. Had any of you if you look at it you'd figure that we are drop back like that and yet the low that may be the ATP. Mean you know seeing it back that extra step and whatever don't have quite a leveraged that you do to get figured tempered by. And let's get made a lot Josh may think these guys and then they make a move or can't make a move to get up. Are they willing to make that trade at and then also that you don't well players there. You may be willing to do a deal with a built from may be a little. Then hold on the pack your island here that there and you're not getting the quarterback you don't get. Chopper Barkley where we think is right there. I ego cook and readers Spain here we're moving back well we get a very comparable wire and maybe you were adding. 22 and a two next year maybe not the build number one so. It's all about leverage it all that got the leopards there and right now I think brown they have the most. Gore. And the giants at the time to why. But. Giant there too. And at 37 year old quarterback. You talk about put pressure on yourself are you really passing on all of these quarterbacks except one. Right you're acting on everybody else. Or Eli Manning are you really don't match so that convenient to think what giant. Like on thirteen when joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN details came out today Mike about Jordan Matthews contract deal Matthews from his days. Cop yeah Olympic. I'd like to give the bills to benefit of the doubt here is I've read today online while the bills couldn't run back at that price but. I like to think that Brit Britain he is on staff would have known hey you know what I don't care what price it's okay that he goes in going. I like Jordan that he's I think he's a good football player I think you need it actor quarterback giving them all eating at that buffalo last year even when he was. The brief time he let healthy he's not a speed guy but he got catch the ball in traffic you just gotta be willing to grow until. So I think if you were Jordan Matt you were looking to go elsewhere any out like bill to reshuffle in the back a lot of wide receiver I didn't see any particular reason. To bring Jordan back he's back any Allegheny could've gotten that that amount but. I don't think he's the difference maker in a couple of Foxboro we mean we into the port I can contribute right away. He's a great teammate. I it would change the belt and they get to see him healthy and playing that way but. Now I am not surprised you know not surprised at all that he moved on I'm not write the bill. I liked him in Philly Mike I thought it was a productive player there in Philadelphia that it was kind of unfortunate that is. PCs and a buffalo was marred with injury I don't know that necessarily means what it with this kind of prove it deal he's gonna make the roster in new England and and I'm certain if you're Jordan Matthews this is not high you saw your second contract looking. No not at all it put up those numbers and that the thing you know all the I knew you leave an organization. Each one way or the other. And other teams look at Q a little different I mean. Amy Lockett I hate not hate I'm giving back that are handicapped eight but he on their organization. And Italy and Brandon Cox like act. I will say and our but he given the patriots credit for getting Matt kickback but and they keep. You know they say they made that move because they needed that player and now they don't have that player so. With an interest in movies that talent we've gotten Allan is there were our organization a year so. If it did surprise me at bit and certainly Jordan. Who is off to a pretty good start to his career but. You've seen that before he could come up put up some pretty good numbers in one year ox repeat get a chance and then goes on camera that spilled young. I can a lot of thirteen wham joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN today Mike got the sabres cleaned out their lockers and normally locker clean out day just get the standard everybody looking to the future. Serve mean bad season let's look at positive positive but. It's meet this sounded way different than normally what we're used to hearing we're gonna play a couple soundbites here first from Ryan O Reilly. I'm talking about what brought him down this year and then after hearing these comments read back to a home of the reaction. From head coach Phil Housley here's Ryan O'Reilly. I feel. You have to your boss. Lost love of the game multiple times in this. You know. I need to get back to conditions tests eaten myself opening the other guys who just to soften us. It sets up. Then now it's somebody read back deck quote to Phil Housley here is howls Lee's reaction. I didn't I didn't see it I mean and look at. Our team and I look at the individuals. Some guys had career appears some guys were right on spot with their their career. For Ryan O'Reilly I I don't think you lost the love the passion for the game I think it's just a result of where we are. Oh my gosh I won't what's worse here Ryan O'Reilly admitting that he couldn't do what he needed to do is a pro Mike. Or the fact that Phil Housley was out of touch and he didn't realize that one of his players needed some extra motivation there. I didn't see either of others the way I see Ryan O'Reilly is up about I mean that the guy who's made a lot of money. And he's part of the reason by the team has played so poorly no matter what the numbers say. And I think it down like fill out these basically trying to soften the blow the top players. Top and out in pain lost the love of the game you know there's different reasons guys play it should be winning. But you get pretty big paycheck in the papers and for a guy his aides talk talk that way while while I guess I appreciate the arm in. It step it up. Epileptic more ownership not to and I have to be battered is saying you know I lost the love of the game. I I've I've put a lot of the blame on a guy like. That huge disappointment that what they broad agreement to do and I would spell out thinking about I'd be looking to get in now. More than looking to make excuse for so. I like the late Jack Michael stepped up a little bit today in different that he like eight the year ago. East these lose a little bit of that young dark in at least. Taking more ownership. And and I believe that next you're the gun put to be honest yes even a young guy and they go ahead. Lead the team and at least he takes a little more. I say take more ownership that I that was really good point it not again we want honesty people and I get that good that he Donna but me was that a cop a highly. Mike I think you would iron complete alignment you know I'm so impressed. But what Jack said today verses how he reacted last season at this finally got your members congress last year it was a simplest but Sox. It Davies immature is it could have been last season vs what you heard him say this year which is I am excited for the future I'm here for the long haul I'm invested in this team. And then to talk the right rally comments to me. You know everything you're saying makes sense to me except for one thing I don't know any way you gonna be able to deal or get word that guy. Giving that contract and given what he's now set I don't hope I love the game loss look at what team is gonna take a chance I got its publicly admit he doesn't love the game anymore. That's a good point because not only did he perform poorly but now it lowered it down about you to go elsewhere. I mean I'm sure there's a way it you know they can. Talk in it talk his way into another organization it was just the frustration at the end of the year in. Pollute the bad blah blah blah blah blah I don't know but I think that. I think it regret that signing to begin with an eight he was goes in one of the building blocks. And all you hear from people tight in the papers. Locker room is that is it any bad. And I'm not blaming it all on him but Peter King on you know and it is the guy making money there along obviously Michael. And outpost so I guess so. At some polling somebody's got to step up at stepped out I stepped out. My Carolina thirteen when joining us here as bad as the sabres season was all gets a look forward to in Rochester the hammers. Go to the post season. The first round can be tricky Mike what's your outlook here for the hammocks. You know I think they get the get they've got these reinforcement. Quality players come and and Asia but a lot of got and come back the other night. Against two run out and I think it organization. Desperately need some playoff success and they did that even just advancing one round like I mean I know they would love to see them go. In and continue as long as they can you know all the way they could but it's been along with and least expect at all. Even make in the post and let alone advance it would have been coup. Fix it and I think yes I'm actually hand it that in in the event in the light up. But did it seem that there are insisting that the little different I think Chris Taylor does. It on the pulse of the team and I think the combination of the veterans that have been around and these young players. I don't think there should be any excuse it citing this as a team that can match up with some of the better teams in the league with the talent they'll put on the site and buy out. I think it would be a pretty big disappointment if they didn't. Get an opportunity to get past the first round and and he used it right used to be just get it was my one round to round three round what with a hammer gonna do. And now we're in here hoping that their chance I I think this team goes into the playoff. With the ability to move on. Thirty mile sports director Mike cattle on our guest in the sports partying German tag lay up on ESPN Rochester Mike I wanna put a ball. On other masters this weekend I mean I don't know how much you had how much a chance you had to watch and I think there's probably debate as to whether or not Patrick reed winning is good. Or bad for the game of golf when you consider all of the young talent that was behind him on the leaderboard and this guy that's kind of viewed it is the a caricature of arrogance in the sport of golf. Ends up winning the whole tournament where do you stand on Patrick reed moving forward and end. How great was it just to know that tiger made the cut and you could kind of follow along through the course of the weekend. Well I'll start with tiger aren't very happy being do that I would like it meaning make that putt on the last hole at least get it even. I think that's the thing that keep in mind with and the you know in Spain on the course pain healthy which he looked that way. But you know he's been out of competitive golf for a long time and as much as he loved it got stat. You know to get it back there I I think it's a good sign but. You know that windows can be still pretty tight for him it and now it's eight each. And that is injuries are the other player XP which is thought yesterday and eating guy you know a lot of people report. I didn't have all the problems that a lot of people have read you know you're watching your and a watch him during the Ryder Cup in president company embodies. These sort of beat Sergio Garcia where the American team work is done so well. In the international competition. But he had been you know he's that he's top five players who will call well there are times he played out on the numbers don't back it up that in big moment. Those events he really sad and I giving credit you know it on eight at the end win there in the result in the response was. Pretty lukewarm or an American who played college golf in Georgia get back kind of response by. I think that that the guy he's going to be. I think he's always going to be that guy that not a lot of he is like by the people he's got an arrogant stretched to them and I mean there have been other guys like that. They've been around off. And it's funny like I copy tell me stories about. Jack Nicklaus but when Jack Nicklaus first came out. Arnold Palmer was by far the most popular. And Jack used to get people gallon Adam column Jack nobody wanted him to win it was a different world back then. And he'd fought through it in one now in that way I give him a lot of credit. It was it was pretty cool to be about those. Ricky and B make those runs and but I'm glad I mode let them and win in Iowa it three out of it all go ahead in Wayne he deserved it played great all week. And he held on and on. Mike would you guys working on today and got red wings opening day in. So we'll be down there yeah very idea you know on the battle today. Practically balmy. But I'm glad they finally got a game and you know they're getting engagement and I don't that'll be good. Talking a little bit about the that dark opening with bill. Where we're start to Pete Edward I'm going to be gone down the draft and a cot are going to be Elin down there to Dallas. And we got a special show coming up the night with a draft. 730 on thirteen or 7 o'clock until thirteen and I were to draft so the best part about it is you know BA. Fluid saying like where you know we got a lot of things out stories on all the quarterback optics that would put together by. Who knows right who knows could be there could be decisions it made that tight and I get trapped. To report that together and and you mentioned neighbor get them out there room today all of echo on and I. So in my tune in its sixth when he tonight and give the sports bar a little mine here for our listeners so they know what's it's like a little wink to the camera here Mike. And radio what we did when you're given a schedule tonight baseball to say and tonight the Yankees are off. And the first place Max play in Miami going to do that were asked to do them and I feel like your profession in their. But how about that what I would say is I can exceed it. It's been great today or tomorrow and. Tumble believable. And I don't I don't all outlets and I told gene were about accountability in the sports bar. I want a cubs Mets DS or CES. So that I can take him to the friendly confines he's never been to Chicago I think that would be good for the show I think it would be good for our partnership our friendship. I so I'm going to be pulling for the Mets but I'm not ready to throw that were re getting in listen this guy. I you know Jean Tennant taking it nice and nice and even keel here to start the season with his first place Mets. I listen I think pretty good here money but yet here is it just kind of funny if you do know a my attorney general manager and then you know it going to be like you know it's like the what the series of pitching injuries you know and a. That's it's every day this is why. I lovingly refer to Mets fans as social misfits a meeting that is how excited for for everything and then it just all falls apart of that you know the the redheaded stepchildren. Piling on Mike I was raid did it compliments on the sixers winning fourteen overall in saying hey with the knicks not doing anything that was willing to offer my support by. We'll see played a better record. Have won fourteen or the playoff there. At that time but it. It's a long season very good on. It if it got to get warm up. And then cold again we're really they. Richard court in Rochester you know we are now by nada if we allies he got a lot of aspects CNET. Not they got. They're really excited and elevate chanting let's go Mets really that. Love it it. It might love avenue did not appreciate your time this afternoon is always in the sports or look for you tonight thirteen when sports director Mike catalog our guests enjoy your evening Aaron but. Are renewing your net are. That's partly its ninth tee you're right you're one and all law and your tonight stuff and I think spike exploited. If April. Your first place New York Mets hey seven and one best record in the national. Asks. Who. I'm sorry I can't even fake enthusiasm for AG. What do you wanna do you wanna run through these appetizers and bigger and it might like always if you're new to the show here danger and I blow clocks so. Don't tell all the time that constantly like you don't go to actual sports bar like they might put the clock a little bit ahead of schedules that they get out earlier called closing time a little bit earlier than normal here we're the opposite we'll look at layers like K I am going out for the game tonight I'll be home at eleven but. Arrived at bats are probably yeah let's start with. Well as we mentioned the some of these quarterback prospects that are going to be visiting the bills we were talking about a visit we Josh Rosen. The bills we the first of fourteen she's gonna visit this week he's gonna visit the giants to jets cardinals as well. And at the back the bills brass will be traveling Los Angeles later this week up to try to work out with USC quarterback Sam Arnold. If there's such a thing as approved it the only NFL that's what Jordan Matthews signed. Did he tells coming out courtesy of hamper your best side. That Matthews course with the heels last year signing with a New England Patriots it's a one year deal worth. 1700000. Dollars and available and sent us a bet money just a 170000. Dollars is guarantee. Yet that is fit the definition of approve a deal let's stay in knowingly gene where a free agent. A sleeper running back on the came for a visit talking about a Orleans star quality Marbury for the New York Giants is in the patriots today. With Dion Lewis going to the titans in free agency last month. 26 years old dark what he could be that suitable replacement for New England with the giants last year a respectable year. 751. Yards on a 171 carries for four point four yards per carry. And five touchdowns. Now some teams being start there'll TA is now if you were a team with a new head coach Dan under rules you can have an OTA this week. And that's what the Oakland soon be Las Vegas raiders a dork. Hole there's one issue here Julio Mac didn't report today and the first day of old CA's nap or make just over thirteen million dollars this year under the fifth year option. And would know remaining signing bonus pro rated. All Mac can boycott everything until he gets a new deal with the fines are missing man to court Torre mini camp to the daily fines for skipping training camp. The only financial incentive to get Mac show one. And in while we're talking about players not showing up should make note of the fact that O'Dell Beckham junior did. Show to the team's organized team activity so where you thought maybe O Dell Beckham junior wouldn't be available he's taken a step towards. Being a part of the New York Chinese at least. Putting on a good face and showing up in OTS and it's that's Smart move by him after the whole Paris bode ill saying so yet. Back on the field are let's get she was happy hour here in the sport's mark. Danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester our daily special on the way next lot recap some of what we've already learned today in the show including who. Then the save vs cleaning up their lockers today a little bit disturbed some. Funny are any you know it when it comes a locker cleanup day your your standard quotes are well oral report next year put in the work blah blah blah blah blah this was really. Dear friend and I think it's very telling. As far as why. It's coming up what happened to a goal over the whole Saber story with Ryan O'Reilly on that's coming up a good those cities Syracuse Orange danger. That's OJ percent social negotiate for sat. Is not gonna declare. For the NBA drafts sold to have him back next here and feeling we have thank goodness for social media you know he tweeted out a few pictures of Orange. Oranges and you know that is cumin. Look aborted coming back so this from the man himself. So good news for the Syracuse Orange as a world can forward to a good basketball season you're born to update brought to buy Bentley Brothers.