The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Mike Danger

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Battaglia and Hausmann begins with another edition of "Ask Haus" as we dive deeper into the Rochester radio legend's mind. Next, Mike Danger calls in from Ohio as he chimes in on today's topics. Finally, we serve up "NFL Appetizers"! 


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Most sports bar with danger and that sadly it is a done deal the Dallas Cowboys. Have released wide receiver Dez Bryant when he talked to people close to desert dry I would imagine was. They pay cut off for maybe something severe but certainly a pay cut offer. In the end it's not clear if that came. Who was going to be the team that's going to pick amok it's really interest and with three teams in the AFC east all looking to get quarterback's attention this year when his buffalo in that scenario gonna pull the trigger Mike danger she Houseman. Always stepping up to the plate when we need to achieve exactly. By the way he's a Sox and the Mets then we'll make the World Series plans. By New York Mets have won their eighth game in her love. They go to ten analog that they give this season. Stanley Cup last night to. Better can't add two goals in his playoff debut carries behind. Great first playoff. First shots proceeds go. It's always nice to finally got off a cliff atmosphere in. Obviously nice to. Get some my first one in the playoffs you can Rochester sports leader in 957. ESP yet. Three games in the National Hockey League tonight including Vegas we're gonna go off to all on the kings Pittsburgh we're gonna go up to all. Kinda the Philadelphia Flyers Healy game tonight when to take a Minnesota with the jets leading one game the nothing I NG exactly with you today danger is driving his Cincinnati having rejoined. By Steve house and from the dean morning coffee club. Steve dissolving covering sports in this town. I want to arming ourselves. 31. Years. How many years over on broadcast on guys. This month. And I kind of proud to see it actually this month marks fifty years in broadcasting company. And 981968. In little tiny radio station in Queens evenings. Just about ten miles South Boston in February okay so what was your first to Simon in 1968. And April I had to her. I had to do a radio show a fifteen minute radio show before they were in their Sunday church service of fifteen minute radio show playing all Mitch Miller music. All me two new songs and you know that the snow I wouldn't. Yeah cause that Mitch Miller of the Mitch Miller segment. And did you have a catchy radio name org now your house not what I thought Steve Clark. That's women part of my dad said notes no proud house and whatever changes name. So I had to be. Blame them and William and. Accident can't you would hire like minded. And elect another guy might end and who's being in danger area there anybody in the world means danger. Mean it's a real but now it someday he's gonna come out of the closet so to speak. Yeah Shelby engine so we will look. Let's as I guess and it got show on a completely wrong direction and that. Let's do the game I like to do whenever I see is here called ask house in the sports bar many fire up that musica. God puts in a good mood in this is your genre on the UUN. Got questions we're just gonna fire at Steve house in night recapping some of the news the week as well including the Buffalo Sabres who did their locker clean out. Notable this year because former L while current buffalo sabre Ryan O'Reilly. Says he lost his law of the game this season. Houses of fire able offense and a player says that or is that just the player being refreshingly honest. Nine million bucks and he's not happy nine million bucks a year look we just mentioned have been doing this for fifty years of I walked upstairs money morning incident should penalize my passion. They find someone else in the minute. Any job in the world other than pro athlete. Tempered pro athletes really bug me as soon really burns me. Now I would agree on that. How site in the Red Sox are in first place it is April 13 you excite don't worry. That's too big time he teams in first place. You know they they lost opening day of the bullpen collapse the Red Sox a loss to Tampa and everyone Abbas and go up maybe next year. Yeah but you know in first place the teams split oil port cell pitched great last and it looks like he has some of his Cy Young stuff back Chris Sale there. That'd be very careful with him this year is who doesn't want his arm three quarters of the way through this season. Bogart's is off to a great start though he's in the deal now. I think the little score will be easier than I chilled with this team is that night that C win or like we're not gonna roll over for you guys when Dustin Pedroia who's on the DL. It comes charging out of the dugout to get involved. That shows me that this team has fire it's going to fund sees it I yankees Red Sox the angels out west Lotta these teams are playing really well Perry how do you think the twins in spiel. At this point they got to be thrilled to teams in first else. And that of course the Mets I'd look I'm excited. Also April 13 c'mon. It's unique act maybe that dangers beer into me and I were playing ask house here house here in New England guy. Chappaquiddick the movie you interest in seeing so I already use a shot last weekend okay is that I don't. School this is the story of us Senator Ted Kennedy. At a party on Martha's Vineyard back in the seventies. He and a young woman. Who was one of his campaign workers off a little ride their car careens off a small bridge in Martha's Vineyard. Into. The creek and the only tragically passed is the way. But he he survived survived today reported that there was a big cover up I his that they. As someone who lived it I was gonna see it but to me it's not a movie theater movie. He could have easily beat. And HBO type thing I was gonna say because how do you stretched out out over an hour and a half probably did a good job. But you know and I think the people were in the theater even had some sort of love for the Kennedys or knew the story one thing that was good about it they the only access. When I when I see a movie that shot in New England yeah see how the actors here we accidents. In the early pocket cap perfectly. Fitting didn't. Steve harassment and yeah I guess right here in this points so you don't have at night. Not literally no no this box box box box box box and is caught flat flat stock in Iowa calls have not yet. Did the streak that up Fenway Park is on it's called the yawkey way got yawkey way Iraqi yawkey way hockey hockey they change it back to Jersey street by the bright his jockey was a racist a little. And overturn it in the Seattle and if there aren't assailant who I have ever in the playoffs you covered two Calder cup runs in Rochester house what's this town white during he called a conference. First one was an. 86. And 87 is seven you know when they first hear god here I still had my you know major market bias Stanley Cup called cup doesn't matter who you still you still delivered major while you can the but what it comes to the Calder cup. I mean it's the closest we come to a big time championship a means the bills aside in super walls and all that but these are this is our team. This is our prize. And when they did win the cup. In 96. I'd like everybody else in Rochester can proudly. Proclaim that they sip from the cup. And that's something that I would have never had to do had a chance to do. Even if the Bruins have won a championship that only one attribute it to you know the cup didn't make the way make its way to. From bar to bar down and it's what is great about right to start up lyrics I hope we get another opportunity not even the playoffs is great. Red wings won nine in fourteen innings last night which okay that's nice it's notable. CNET Miley baseball not as his rule where you start with a run aren't second if you like Darrell art. I have to attend the game and see how worked before it can make a judgment on that. We did you see what happened in this game it was what three to three afternoon. And then a total of seven runs were scored in the extra innings. And I would like to see what each scenario was. I mean you're the guy starts the second did you bunch of over the third did you try to. Right so you know yeah this is the unexpected. Side effect that you're just gonna have more scoring and and maybe year not every stop at the top five video that Lazio those who don't like it. Of course the pitchers. But I wanna see a policy of lies deceit did make an opinion about it. How do you feel. I don't like whatsoever. I just I'm a traditionalist. Nothing wrong with the game in my opinion I know this is working inward at the old man so we did yes and you didn't like dizzy duty here. No no now add in the fact that they're saying DH now in the National League at last. I don't like the idea that a pitcher's cooked after 100 pitches. I hate that he can meet the Mets last in the couple nights ago house. The kid from Miami is in the seventh inning. Has thrown 69 pitches him and they pulled he's going to know where I did see it but it's hardly get to protect this and I guess now there. We're talking to draft obviously like we always do. How's the worst draft pick an all time by the Buffalo Bills EU's. You know you wanna say Mike Williams. I'm gonna go there in me than. How did you know Mike Williams is going to be out of my mouth off because he was the next to the worst ever. I mean don't eat woozy the fourth overall fourth overall pick that was the year when Donna hall trade for Bledsoe. In my theory on that idea was completely distracted by that negotiation because I think how weird doubtless. That that prayed. Happening. Draft weekend. Yet it we'd never be why I don't know what you could do it like Beckham junior getting traded Thursday night. Well it'll be no different than the bills trading on draft night to move up to number two offensively when you do get we gotta wait to the last minute to make these trades but that trade that was for our first round pick next year boy the Bledsoe trailing them was in no rush to make that trade but there was almost. If Belichick was trying to get bills off their ball. I believe tell you why nearly OEMs are there. Use it all American out of Penn State seem like a good choice. But in his two years the eleventh overall pick in owned and we'll be had agreed in total from two years he would agree in total of one tackle per game on average. He had 24 tackles 25 tackles and 24 games only god not a single sack. I would say or somebody that goes and top eleven on wine sack a game he moved under the sea FL and couldn't make it clear either. While I remember seeing him on if Fisher ever outside linebacker he double click the safety. That was what was dumb founding to me how's it it that he can pass the eyeball test that only the guy Eric. Counted it was not cut out for that position Erin made it worse draft pick ever I would go in my quarters but gosh. Hopefully we don't have a repeated the Celtics. Will open up the NBA playoffs as we can they draw Milwaukee in the first round. How some picking a Milwaukee offset would even consider that an upset considering how banged up the Celtics are. I like how resilient the Celtics have been since well since the beginning of the year when he went down for scheme of the year and now to Kyra Irving is out. These seem to be rallying around that. I'll tell you more after the first game Sunday. And I really well I mean if David my fourth if the Celtics win that first one that'll tell me that they can they can take you. Deep breath I think we're okay in the first series at least so I'm gonna take the self. Now remember these first series now goes seven in the NBA. Filing housing spent time in the sports car yesterday talking about legalized sports. Gambling later today and I was yelling at the radio of course usually never agree area I had isn't it it's the fun of the shelf. If it becomes legal in New York stay I guess it should say landing it becomes legal that's the way it seems to be heading out would you weren't wagering patterns change. If I was still in my thirty's yes I'd be all over. But as you know a guy who kinda. I doubt a little bit down the what do you think I would be I would be neck deep in debt. For fifty fledgling if you could bet online it's. Yet no money and I'd should be just awful that I be looking to recoup. And then I go you know if I don't think elegantly well if I was to. Still out there has been and if you're wondering about house. Steve how is meant ladies and gentlemen is the reason why we have 200 bowl games every college football season release it seems like that. Yeah I like to he had my four. Whose sister. It Jeanie. We I'll take it we all of a draft. Of the sixteen games we have to pick all the games. By the point spread. Each when he hit correcting get a point. If you designee to his key games now and those who were two point and of course won't than those most points wins ten dollar point difference from everybody else. And you find yourself looking at every single game. Every you're watching every single game because if you don't have it someone in the pulled us step it just makes college football bowl season beat this time a year. Well this is other voices Steve Houseman dean morning coffee club I didn't catch him Monday through Friday. Show 53530. To 1010 yes so I'm 36 is kinda like the practice half hour you know price. So you're kind of warmup see what they're going and then let's get the good stuff ready and 930 to ten is you know cooled down. So fearless and listen between six and I'm not. Which will be collateral or advertise during. Because. Steve Powell has been an extension Monday through Friday we will or talk to host of the show always. On the road today but he's nice and of the call in might danger by the way text me this morning at a 102 fever. So he's driving with a fever today and it your guy gotta do what you would what you gotta do for your family so. Curious to get his thoughts of polled by more into the is Dez Bryant story. As ESPN. List the four best destinations for being new freeagent Dez Bryant under for the cowboys Cottam tonight. Delist the Buffalo Bills as a possibility. Millions of a New England. I would that irk you. The well. I mean if they're taking Jordan Matthews in the need receive obviously Levy when receivers wanna take a flyer and his brown in the of the money. Well. I. Maybe not Dez Bryant money Brian. Said no to restructure and I don't know if the cal was actually offered that restructured to let. Let's assume that. He's gonna make less than twelve and a half million base he was due to make this year. He could always spin it like this house if the market isn't there for the money. I wanna go get rain. And the cowboys come knocking and they say hey that's one year five million. We we took a caller lawyers and David does she deal for the ball and you can't do that for buffalo with Dez Bryant's talking and always gonna throw the ball number one. Number two you. Can feel comfortable saying I've always wanted the ring I'm going to do vase. Part of me thinks though that won't when you saw this play out today on social media and in the cowboys to reading need to bring him in do demand demand based talk at all that this had been and much differently about a the Dallas Cowboys part of me thinks that if debt aids Dez Bryant uses motion into making a decision he's gonna end up somewhere like Washington. Port is somewhere that's going to play the cowboys and try to get back. We've seen this happen before. I can see that happening now but I'd do your appointment of the New England now. Wouldn't you just indebted to salute you move. And I'm not a patsy you know that I am bills only yes yes to your credits at and so let's review Red Sox fan. You also a Celtics fans a Beatles fan and just cannot hockey observer and slowly I you know I go to C was games I've followed the Bruins a little bit but if you are going to ask me about hockey I would. The fall to you savers and feeling yeah yeah. I'm a Bruins games ago through. I used to go a lot. Back in the Bobby your duties and it's as somebody who lives in items in. Hi John and Hilton John what's going somebody does Bryant. Hi John. Hey I don't know if it's common. How much ground before. I don't mind phenom. Mike Seahawks take a shot at Dez Bryant as long as they wouldn't have to overpay him because we're so depleted at receiver. And also think you're talking about a bomb. Might Seahawks. Worst draft pick I can remember do you remember Aaron Curry. Yeah is that he knew he was all mind during college like he I remember I was so excited a year because. I really retain you as a sure can't miss pick of the draft a kid I got him. He went in there and I'm a guy could you would run into the nearest blocker he looked horrible. I would go with the quarterback. I'd say Dan McGwire. Who first round pick Dan Maguire always Mark McGwire brawler and he and he flamed out to you I appreciate the call. Seattle's he thinks Seattle see any anybody's welcome a call had shoot mountain. Odd to disguise the bears fan who join us next enormous might danger co hosted the sports bar. He is a somewhere but ticker bats here. I always like to bat. He has a wife and two daughters there Iran Syria or Iran or Syria and the like if we have to pinpoint all you ever do this we want to bet on any combat. Just because I like saying actually Beulah asked if you'll. What are the chances at a loss to zero they've got off the through way. In the trying to find their way whoever this hotel is this budget motel if they are and that's terrible because the bill right out of wherever high high. Hi is easy. It's easy to get out of too by the way I believe it yes. Each just a state area Ryan right through looks best in the rearview mirror that's what we'll talk to danger coming up next it's Steve house man. Along with meeting to tag where this is the sports bar knighted by setting ESPN. Shell sports guy yeah. We're hanging out in the sports why wouldn't dangerous exactly on Rochester sports leader in 957. ESPN. Not born to run an ego yeah yeah little yeah well this guy is on the move driving Jeanne the titlist Steve house and today Steve always appreciate you coming and yeah from the B morning coffee club. I it's funny when every calm and I get in more remote to talk about action embedding but it we talked a lot about this yesterday. You British Ted Geisel put action on any thing so here we have a friendly wager okay our next guest you know him as the co host. Of the sports bar with danger to tackle it he is in route to Cincinnati. So now we have we're betting a drink here sure okay. Where is my danger right now I'm gonna say ash to Buell. Ohio which is. Our right over you get over the border I say he's already in Ohio Steve Powell's been. Forty cities well. Knowing limits of 500 mile trip from Rochester to Cincinnati current and knowing that he left here. They talked to his wife at about 10 o'clock this morning. I am going to guess that they are just about if they look at it exit sign the gonna see the city of grove city oh okay so grove city Ohio coming up. Where is that is that before or after Colombia's right they think it's right around Columbus aka parents so. Here without any previous knowledge we welcome in our next guest. Which is kind of strange has an almost. Mike danger on the run my query. An op. Earl I don't. Mansur many Google that wears mentor Ohio. OK I never heard a mentor. You know I don't doubt it I'm we're coaching. Like that. That. The Columbus oh. A sea -- that Columbus uniting in Columbus merits of his going to be close soul mentor to ask you mile mentored grove city. We'll see who wins this bats. Mike is eight. It's it's like. Okay who is. Pete yeah house is closing. All users make while we'll wait to many will come with a roar. I'm Mike Graham appreciate you calling in years today I because I know you were sick you know hundreds of fever how you feel much. You know your army last night I was struggling and went up but I went home despite ambit Ehrlich are going to be honored. Well I. You know it all right he'll like you know nobody thought you know what. It is an option oh. I've dedicated. I broke this morning. I'm not a 100% but I am not feeling good not only by group or are we can but girl spot. So you daughter is playing in the tournament right. Yes this is the the blue chip showcase. It. Now you Ohio or. How ironic would it be. That would your 102 temperature you'd daughter catches it in cannot play all stops if a stock. At the. You'd like girl match. Got that a body at the derby. I could hit it a both are against Mike danger who is the calls are normally en route to a the blue chip classic word of the Cohen and in Cincinnati Mike the top story today Dez Bryant. Caught by the Dallas Cowboys and cowboy fashion until little theatrical were that Jerry sits him down and and you know you see that the Bentley SEV anyone knew that that we made an SUV but did that would Dez Bryant just driving. Let's skip ahead here Has put out. What Bayless is the four. Most likely destinations. For Dan as bright. Eyes delist new moralists and it makes sense says the you know fuel we have so much time would Drew Brees that would be a lot of fun to watch B list Baltimore. Certainly makes a lot of sense of ravens always in the market for a wide receiver they haven't gotten that right. They scream back. OK Green Bay is not a team that spends money in free agency that seems more like a wish but OK I'll hear that out. Might danger of the fourteen mail list are the buffalo. Bills I will stay JC you tell me if I'm wrong or if you disagree. I can not see Dez Bryant fitting in any such way not with the timeline how this team should bill. Not with how. You know that you would fit in the locker room and certainly not from Bryant's standpoint does run I don't wanna know what's gonna throw the ball in with the Buffalo Bills segment where they would even know. Mike Dayton where do you come down on the possibility. Of Dez Bryant and Buffalo Bills uniform. Yeah opt out not make you I I don't know that. Here's the court is my career is it Quebec culture that the current bill. In all blow up and furthermore I don't know yet guilt that that. With that that diminishing that diminishing year by year. You know John L might be on the up. Be right. Out. Kind of cap group like that happened to work that. He would make it app I've kept me out. In a while Al billion dollar. Gap that was his said that was his base this year it saves the cowboys around eight million against the cap but. I can't see eighteen pain and twelve and a half million dollars. Don't know what and end and you know given. Well what was report to eat it or not there again more but not yet been among. I don't know if you need. That kind of yeah what they're going to bill you are. You can see the reports now whoever's playing quarterback for the bills and not getting the ball enough. It's all about me. I don't doubt it always says that that Alan. I'd say wow that's a dramatic pause all we. Ways and development countries cannot complete data plan now you know maybe those cellphone towers devout and Ohio. What time is using how come Jerry in mentor mentor me into mentor. Aaron yeah I'm all right so he's certainly still talking are you guys talk and waiting to realize here OK Mike where we watch do you really got it only says trial on Trump's. Character I can finish this sentence. At the U lawyers say is I've I've heard so many times to give finish that thought. They got talent trump character but. What they're doing and up all what. Comic there has been right to do it and building a group out of Alter. And during his way he does he elect I've got a lot report or would be outlawed group. It culture that there aren't built. Where we UNT always signed by the bills now where we physically the war where's your head at is the bills Finland when that Terrell Owens was signed by the bills. Is this any kind of same kind of thing where eight. Right like everybody I can you where I want it out on paper. For a party are a lot of relative or a lot of road at an ever. Bought I got up we've got you know got the help. I really. I went back. Big deal. I bought all right like that you're Bryant. Total played that out a little bit let it one Emmerich early in EO gave that one year was. Being being. People why he could come in one year. Now really act on it aptly put built a lot. No data yet as bright as bike walk or any year pilot who want to curb curb. You'll want orbit I don't know that Brian. With the build. But if you ever expect because of the built proper where they need a lot deeper. War or what court terrible and Brian I cool right. That you know police want to have Victor called I don't believe he well. Maybe you make up. Well I ate him from his standpoint it who Tuesday he's going to be doing this through and if buffalo was really a possibility Mike danger goes the sports park. On the road today. If that was really a possibility he would want to know who's throwing him the quarterbacks dole. Can you make Cuba as Bryant wait a few weeks seared away after the draft par three to to see that happening might. I don't think dollar and again I think you want our guys are back I want to see it can't wait out there certainly a lot of that take back but I don't think Bob. But this flyer Mike. Bill Belichick says we'll give Dez Bryant a flyer. We'll take a chance on them that just irk everybody in Western New York. Yeah our right you don't like and and we've got to beat the Bill Belichick. All are but we don't project that dale while at. Here you're not going to be doing the eight member quote oh you know like. Early picked that you get that Randy thought leader they're all that well it would be. But the patriot would drive or great he I don't order but am. You know letting with the app like Jack. You know for our division beat Jack in the pulpit currently have eat what he brought to the bulk. But at. But ability at it would he did that I'm that the money. But the jets have the same situation no idea is Brian would not know who's throwing the ball to him. Well. Good situation if you Dez Bryant yeah no doubt might danger on the phone here he's in route to Cincinnati. For his dockers daughter's soccer tournament. Other bills story today he had danger is that the brass there're all out Los Angeles there are taking in sand Arnold. Mean this is it realistic right I mean it is Jim Donald to the Buffalo Bills. Really you really think danger there's an opportunity because to me Sam Arnold. He's he's either gonna want her to write. Oddly you know maybe. Are all work got them out there in our ability. Which are specifically at that remark earned about George Allen number one overall. Brown beat you straight up get Arnold worked out. You know doing their homework on top of our visit it is. And doing what would be should be making sure others out there there dropped more on that note that they want where. I think this is them looking at Donald in case the browns do take Alan. And Donald falls to them and they you know they can trade up with the with the giants then deciding do we want him is he the guy we really want making a final decision on his with a he would be their guy should they make that trade up to number two. App ever I think if you make that item move up and Robert Hewitt I don't look at Arnold I don't war. But I would certainly there are out are not judged on brother John Breaux has at Buick dot big bat out of I don't wanna bulk and Arnold Brown I don't know that it ought I'll. Yeah I mean that's the way if feels like who we have this report that in our division giants and the bills have this. Finger called blueprint for a deal in in the place I mean. Danger how much credence do you put into that report. You know up a little bit about it we've been talking about are now I think. You know. Energy they're between Italy and McDermott and and it's not Ottawa although our ability but. You would have bought and whether or not a portrait of a portal all. Wood eight a lot of Arnold. The bill better. You know getting our quarterback. Barkley you know. I'm not. I'm not saying that. 888 ballpark. Early in the or at war Jack built. Year or that out better and it might work of art art art chop it. I don't know what it ought. A lot to get get out of it. My danger out cohosts the sports are 957. ESPN OK we need final ruling here Matty ice you won this back. Again the beginning of this because the house tonight. We both like a little bit action and it on the tradition in the name of you can turn anything and action we are playing. Guess where Mike danger is. I said ask you Beulah. You say grove city grove city Ohio any answer was mentor Ohio saw Matt please explain to watch where mentor is in who has The Who is the closest to the ten year one of that. Well action boot Beulah coming in at 35. Miles away oh. When is orders grove city grove city. Don't even have to know I'm gonna faulty use far away hundred. Jeanne Jeanne there. I know my co host six. I can present a danger houses like they were on the road and Ted and Mike do you have any idea they see they're gonna be on the road how many times have people will put a stop to go to the rest areas. We haven't stopped yeah yeah we let that one I'm out all right I don't really distracted ought got my beautiful wife. Are riding shotgun right now should be here got my. I felt like I. Or have a good. It's he's confused as waiting drastic yeah and it's did body drive safe we'll catch up with him Monday in net and enjoy some good. Soccer actions with. Hey thanks for the opportunity in failing to you know I appreciate it might. Quiet quickly let me get eight years incredulous as I thank you. Thanks a hole fought hard I hope that I don't want. You. It's been fun every step of the way and you know this is just one more thing that I get to do that are really you know why I have the best seat in the house. Right. That your. Bank cinema danger I reaping normally hear on the show he's being in the dad. Not today driving the Stanley out to a youth soccer tournament Ohio I thought for a minute maybe we should bet on his daughter's soccer game but I think that would have been totally inappropriate for television about well. I. Draw the line somewhere. While now like now the catch it when it was 601 at the bar got to collect here it's important policy when you have now flooded ground I guess a draft huh. How you are easy fifty years is a radio professional folks. We will be draft night. How coach Wilkens Webster. Hooligans. East side bar and grill it's on ridge road to nowhere it is a lot of space there are as a we're gonna have a lot of phone we've been talking about this finally that night it's going to be a blast. When I think are good friends from Miller Lite this week by me in the light. On Miller Lite that'll be coming up. On not Thursday night. The 26. Sports are broadcasting live three to six and in danger nine hanging out there is we'll find out together. How this story ends of the first round in a culture. Are coming up next we will logical round some of the top stories in the NFL today. I again Sebastian genachowski signed by the Seahawks also Dez Bryant more on that coming up. My name's dean attack with Steve Howe's name for danger today our producer Mehdi seltzer in days. Is the sports bar on 957 years yet. This news from around the nation won't. A little fun today. Served up in place. Here's the no assurance that Hadley are serving. Art display lessons. Now in a sportsman. Top story today comes from Dallas Dez Bryant released by the cowboys a first round pick in 2010. Right over a thousand yards and a season three times in big. The percentage of targets. Is caught in point fourteen Brian very respectable 64 point 7%. Of the balls thrown his way. Point seventeen however. That percentage dipped just over half of 52 point 3% this move saves the cash strapped cowboys eight million dollars in cap space this season. His base salary when he eighteen. Was to be twelve and half. Millions and those are cowboys is still paying Tony Romo nine million dollars he has had not and a while. Well our lousy weather here in Western New York it's great time to get out of town Mike danger. In the bill press of doing that today as well they are in Southern California on a business trip to. Wink wink yet the NFL's Ian Rapoport says the bills are conducting a private work out for USC quarterback Sam Donald. I think we don't know it's pretty fair to say there is little to no chance that he will fall to number twelve in the draft so. Today's meeting with the bills and Arnold certainly fuels the speculation that the bills are looking up maybe to get him at number two perhaps of the browns. Now law affecting. Pull everyone get your tin foil hat on because. Courtesy of TMZ dot com their pictures of Penn State running back seek one Barkley. It's a one Barkley went to the barbershop in his town. Can clean up. And he was spotted wearing an NFL swept sheer. When I guess which team's official gear he was wearing. Barkley was wearing an official hoodie all of the New York Giants. What could this mainly be drafted by the giants who knows probably just means. Was given some free gear by the team. The NFL has suspended Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontae is perfect for game violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances. This is from Adam Schiff during ESP and he said. In March that perfect was facing his suspension for failed tests around Christmas time of last year. Perfect of course we know has been suspended by the league before but this will be the first time he will be suspended for failed drug test. Johnny Denzel played in his second and final spring league game in the results. It was tennis sixteen for a 188 yards and an interception. Including eight to 10145 in the first half men Zell did rush a little bit point seven yards rushing on six attempts. In two touchdowns on the ground now should an NFL team if not offer me an opportunity to CFL's Hamilton tiger cats own men's Els rights. That's an option this summer Mendes also Kuwait to play in the AD AFL. All our summit call and at the awful. Yet the awful which begins play in February. Finally enjoy doing apps but who doesn't like a little milk shake action and trying to. One for four Buffalo Bills having a milk shake is a very big deal of Jim Kelly was able to eat for the first time today with a defeat to. This guy Aaron shared a picture of Kelly whose new job on social media day. I Jim does he became a walk is part of his tibia who's used to restructure his job when he saw the picture and sipping milk shake up in the clicker happy these guys and. Yeah I and it's it the toughest guy you know and symbolizes. Are part of the country Jim can only. As he continues his recovery. And also they're saying he could be our at a hospital as soon as this weekend so that is certainly great news tip managing him and opening being looted Orchard Park yes will be drowned him out. Bring him now off. Please be fired off here and chills and Brent and I wanna milk shake tuba quick significant. Shoot 60000 after the Glaus and tennis the dean of the Rochester sports media know that. There's no sense fighting it and you can keep saying it. And I have just been I've just been lucky to have a good seats from fifty years have thought. Nobody can bring us perspective. I and stories and one story we're tackling today I Since. There are four. Likely destinations for Dez Bryant want to guess which one of those four destinations. Yet if you listen to show you might you might know where we're going with this right. Does Bryant the public can't be. Will have been these teams doesn't belong yeah eggs exactly we'll tackle that next we have time for your calls for five for ESP import 54. 3776. Were. Under you're choosing us the sports bar 957 years here.