The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Mike Rodak's Mike Rodak highlights hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Mike shares his views on Josh Allen on the heels of rookie minicamp this past weekend.


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Thus sports bar with dangerous exactly especially my career be regarded. City of buffalo like luggage entail and I think that's every quarterback replace your wants to be in the same sentence within just because of what he isn't. You know what he holds the city you know it cereal is the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills out Mike danger that's come to town for organized team activities what you can be paying attention to UCL AJ McCarron org Jeanne exactly. To remain tendency in here we are we having gotten that hot at the L linebacker look date is very big either of big man for NBA playoff action it's a hard time. So quick. Want to have zero little concerned that the solution on the number one on phenomenal to. Don't political season I really like Washington's chances against Tampa man to wanna wanna cross selected as a rhetorical hole. Better go that's your door. No I need to get a chance for the offense the full life again. Would you want auto let's get very good day good drive news. And the favorites are not on the Stanley Cup Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back of the sports bar danger and tag we appreciate you stopping by AM 95957. Of them ESPN Rochester dot com home on line to the radio dot com am free to download. Good listen that. ESPN Rochester anywhere and any time my danger along with chief exactly yeah. Fun show we've had so far when it thinks thirteen wins Toby multi guys coming up today if we're gonna go. Two buffalo ESPN dot com's Mike rolled back of course we had bills rookie mini camp. What happened on Saturday. And now buttons going off everything here in just one managing stay focused and we rated slipped into the eyes are I think we're rent a wreck coming up at. It is no right no yeah. Holtz rigs and in this sport. Sports. Yes it's gonna go back to Friday for a second here UND grade I think does deserve mention once against seemed Xiamen. Kelly Jim Kelly. Who many people so excited to see. You know back on the practice field. Seeing that whole cancer has taking on him. Seeing the physical conditioning he is seen today it would have been. Easy for Kelly and frankly I don't blame them nobody quit if he wanted just live his life out of public spotlight. Can just enjoy life but to go on front of the cameras like that. That requires real courage. To meet danger he's doing more in retirement or more hopeful ball then he ever did in football. Jim Kelly you can get now that title of hero to lot in my opinion. He's an inspiration to many battling this evil disease I'll drink to that. It's a little off putting you seem at first you don't really know legacy is not what you would expect. To see at a guy that you grew up watching throwing touchdown passes in leading your team to a Super Bowl Bud Day I will hold true and say that seeing him out of that field. On Friday is better than the alternative. And to battle back from what he's battling through it to be there to have that kind of straight that kind of courage. Inspirational is is putting it mildly genome so I'll drink to that now let's talk about the team on the field. Ross Tucker mentioning to our pal Mike wrote Michael be joining us later this hour in the sports forward danger timing of the bills quarterback offensive line. And wide receiving corps may be among the worst in the league now while. A lot of the line issues are out of the bills control they believe that they drafted their franchise quarterback quarterback of the future. It's still no excuse for not upgrading the wide receiver group G. It's very easy you're building toward one need to one point. All right I'm I'm perfectly fine like what they're supposed to go out there and give Dez Bryant money he once. This assault waves on the wide receiver but to me if it were me I would want to thwart competition on that offensive line making sure that. At the very least. That the quarterback you've paid this big price for. The yen as the year upright so I'll drink to that danger could just raise a glass to a friend of ours. Today he the United States but some may say were divided feel like it's a big deal when you become a US is it. To my friend dear friend Scott McDonald today the RT women's head coach became I US cities away. Scott congratulations. And welcome on the very proud you honestly I was very proud knees. He's doing is black well that's a huge acknowledgment my mother went through the same process and she lived in this country for years and years and years from Spain originally. And just a few years before she eventually pass she legally became a US citizen we had one hell of a party for that gene Emilia you know. Here's to you have a lot of fun tonight at the into crazies out there are laws in our country that via the ball solid truth to that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban predicting at CNBC that legalized gambling will result that the doubling of value. A sport teams in each of the four major leagues good time to get in the NFL if you're David temper temper purchasing the Carolina Panthers for someone neighbor of two point 12 and a half billion dollars now imagine a few years down the road. He's investment could be worth double according to Cuban insane. Old. When the Memphis Grizzlies went for a billion. Big you can name one Memphis Grizzlies player though now that that tells you all you need to know be great time Libyans were too by the way congratulations to the book coolers for watching their investment essentially double here within four years and solve. Just act. Today Syracuse University announced plans for a one. Hard great eighteen. Million dollar renovation. To the Carrier Dome. It's always been one of the great punt punch lines right carrier in the air conditioning company. They don't know our conditioning while that's gonna get fixed that one of the improvements and new transparent rules. Great new seeing it's going to be great for the accused is a massive. Massive project we'll talk to John while that Syracuse eight. So danger 118 million. What would it take for a new arena in downtown via. Curious as to how much that is private and how much of that is public. And also liked gradually to Carrier Dome and taking bold step into the year in 1979. I guess except for error the dome. Congratulations solid proof to back. Eight elicited that this is a monumental day ride we would we talked about it earlier the Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling. Here I am Jean waiting in New York State I am impatiently waiting for the day where I can now bet. I'm WNBA games legally. Had a secret from. Listen you know like the Minnesota lynx LA sparks summer action wow a Connecticut soul and I get it again. But it does it get a WNBA geeky you name WNBA team collect data I know that's all of letting that's an easy day a new York New York Liberty. There I don't think the Houston Comets still exists in the Houston Comets you get it comets rocket. The Seattle rain. Yes oh yeah you got to Minnesota lynx the Minnesota lynx. And did LA sparks yeah I was familiar with the also Karzai is also a G. I out. In the WNBA there's a Tulsa is how we lost their mode Jill painter when we had every sports league under God's green earth here under the sun. Mixing man metaphors. We never got to WNBA game and you think maybe that's who we knew and we stuff votes I'll drink to back. Actress Marco kit or died today tutor primarily known for her role as Lois Lane in Superman. Margot Kidder was. You think about a world which she. She does the eight to 69 nice and it's it's a funny how. Time please tricks on your screen teacher gets it wouldn't OK I still picture her as a young actor yeah Margot Kidder I remember. Let's see the first of red come I was at 1997. He had as a C 7879. So I was. Loan that needed to HBO is probably watch that when I was like 45 years old. And then you know that this this sequels that followed which weren't as good as your original. We'll Superman movies were big deal right right and then. Once it in the ninety's that Kidder lost her mind and and was like seeing like walking the streets of hurt that's right I forgot to cut now she she kind of she was it something. There's a mental illness there or some kind of addiction for a period of time there. Yet time flies way for everybody is that he earlier Gena we know what to meet the parents and a Saudi that got released late. Holy ass at least eighteen years old. Yeah. It goes by the way too fast. Why it's a danger family favorite because meet the parents yeah that was. Yeah I wish you mean here in law's body. And a bit saying go through the process of spray paying a cat. You wanna you don't you you cherish and value that except to see you you might say or do a few things that are a little out of character. 454 ESPN's 4543776. That's her telephone number you can always pull the stolen join us here in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah ESPN dot com's Mike wrote back joining us in about ten minutes yourself. First reckoned Rockport you're in the sports bar with danger tightly what's up Rick. I followed OR what's correct while men ready for all ready for it but there. Are that the there. More. I read why. We got to get you out there right now. Forestry in that make any money at all for it in it at that caught my. But it would have more raked in by one point mark my word now that it is is there. The machine that they have ball up for. And on it all off track betting unionize. The great way to break the union is well built. They're the bottom line. It great for everyone. For spreading but we re in the adored it is because they're gonna get rid of artistry in in net really to buy one though. Like adding bike rack and April 8 or want it you know drop in green it would all about eight people got. And you're not in it yet people become out. You rate rack he don't have. Or if it is you know you know it artistry to bring them there. Actually now we've got that I've written for bringing younger crowd. It. Well native Rick I appreciate the call there and yet the slots were brought in to help prop up Arum the horse racing by. Danger the way I read this whole situation. When sports betting becomes legal in New York State. You're hawking B money. And the point of sale is going to be the case. When you're watching all horse race out that's part of the enjoyment is that you're gonna go to the track and that's why they're set up that way. Com most people watch sporting events from the home for all of their own living room. And if you wanna make it bigger but what I envision is something in downtown Rochester. Like a 716. Monitors. Everywhere. You can invite your friends out. In your old game might normally wouldn't care about the NBA all the sun 9 AM really really into. Tonight. Almost like a satellite sports book hats. You know I mean I hope we think a little. BA. Bigger than that Ang Ole. In downtown Rochester for whatever reason and this could this conversation could veer off into a different direction but we've always had that. X yeah we don't want a casino here not talking about it in sports betting is going to be difference. Then your standard slots. It's gonna it it already is everywhere. Yet the president Batavia downs saying quote we are looking forward to working in New York State officials who enable legislation that allowed this dynamic opportunity to become. Our reality of course and at the same time you have your your beer lawmakers in your politicians say yeah. You're a lot about it other than you know the risk you know owners there's not really big lobby for this what. The state wants as much of that money is staking get their hands on. And they won't give us more peanuts Mariah. To whoever is is interest said. And that will be that. From state assemblyman Angelo Moore now I truly not heard much in Albany. I'm sure there before the end of the session there will be this will be acted upon and discussed. Whether it comes to the floor for a vote for the end of the season is unclear. Before the end of the session rather is unclear it just seems that the decision will be made more towards the tax revenue concept. Rather than what the people once regarding this issue. But don't tell me what the people want they'll take care of itself. Or are we getting called the direction in all of the lottery. Other words danger you being in that. Bar we go to bars all the time. It's mesmerizing. When you go low bar and what's the name of the game where you just what they edited the balls 11 the one under and I can bet right now and that balls tunnel and no. 47 it's gonna you are talking about so if you imagine the I same shoe in to New York State. Something along the lines a lottery war I'm sitting at the bar and at 7 o'clock pool. Wait a second I can watch him. Michael watched Celtics cavs tonight and I'm going to take the caps minus the three and lost. Whatever it is making. Tech every borrower would be in favor of that because unlike. The little team making sure that last sixty seconds in the you know that your your done whatever I can't think of the name making one. You're watching the game you're going to be at a bar them for two hours watching it. Whatever the whatever the restaurant lobby is in Albany I would be in favor reporting this. Mean every sports bar in New York State. Because that would. Oh my gosh. He's not I know thinking you're talking Iowa but it's not five. It's on the tip my tong and it's it's that I got that will gap right now it's called. It hurts that I can come up with a what it's called have never played I've never been. In compelled to well into well into your order it is essentially it is on right now. 4540 massacre had no birth order business council in the camera with mark all in order on the line via the it's currencies on top of the number one in terms it's gonna tell me I look at that. And of it to Colin Tommy went way to go call. You think not know what's your name where you call from. Are bent on quality raw Western New York. It's thank here forever connecting the dots course and or have you ever won on quick draw. Aren't what it. It would not. Yell yeah I grew up in Minnesota in the Minnesota bars they had pull tabs you know that that the paper games aegis pull back the tabs and it's like. You know people play yeah I'd see people don't. Hundreds. And all of dollars a night. On the east he would pull tabs just in the hopes of obtaining a vulnerable. Soul. You'll have these groups and you'll have this course now coming if that's going to be the next dangle this story and watch it'll be on the news tonight I predict. Every news director in town is gonna say you know why we need the other angle to this because this is gonna promote something bad in society more banning is that it's everywhere right now. In my as well be illegal and I really you know it when you ask that you know players when you ask. Managers and your ass coaches they're all on the assumption that has been going on anyways. They'll still come to us NFL with both to protect the integrity of the game now we see right through that. You're saying no where we were against this because you or against any thing. That you're not getting your quote fair share love does the West Virginia is gonna pay a fifteen million dollar. Integrity fear whatever that is and say it. If your state that gives that gives up that kind of money for integrity feet. In saying. It's just something these leaks though when it comes to the franchise. Monopoly of moving teams around and do we keep the team here or not. And we don't pay the integrity and you wanna an expansion team in my past too. I think that ESP and stands to benefit. Now I know that this is what they're going to do them. But if you ever played streak for the capture. ESPN's fantasy games or any of that stuff thing they've got it kind of built in. Digitally right now where you're you're checking in with them every day to scores the highlights. What's to stop them. If they're posting the schedule. When they're already putting the point spread on that's on the post from just having a little button that says here click here if you want a debt. On that. Little while. It's going to be great if you're one of those guys and the time outs. You've you've heard those guys are once you have got the winners tonight need to call 800 number. Guess what danger. This is a great time to be selling for as supports it. Station because two years ago draft canes fans all that's all you saw on television those acts. Number the one guy in the old fashioned patriots Jersey jumping around they show that at how many times that. You are going to see Seoul. March. Advertising when it comes to sports gambling you you you won't believe it and it's gonna happen as soon as this football season you watch. Our body Keith let's go hammers at at let's however screening at ESP in Rochester sports sports gambling can be legal now. I know this city that needs a new or re not perfect way for a city to immediately jumped. And a funding resource. Teleport we're talking big term vision long term vision. You wanna read we want or revitalize a section of downtown. Nor Reno. Casino. Sports book. Her sure. Perfect look what they've got around key banks and Herm awful. You've got to casino right there get the arena right there. You get seven point six right there all that's really missing is the action. I'm Tanya symbol on six and has sports book kind of and sees it. They're missing the lounging chairs you don't mean like but that's that's what you're really look forward to go to the sports of parcel bought any. Is that is that performing arts are still going up the world. Did you ask this coming oh that's gonna gonna be on that title. It's nice one time a year lawyer. At the same house Parcells I've it was and then. Oh yeah I I enjoy the online updates of the at lunchtime with full bowl games it happened on a pile of gravel. From the neighboring businesses next Parcells thought I would hate for that to go away LB terrible. That's real now. You know you know listening invite us to playing those games to enter hi hey don't care. Don't. Care. In Cutler on that get me. Some action. I hoard less about what people say a more and more about their action. We hired somebody overseeing the project. OK great to see your hammering checks to do what oversee a gravel pit. We can move right. Well hold on you've got opera too easy now. Hold on it do you want sandy Parker on the show. I'm curious as I'm telling you invite her on because it yeah eyes she was hired to do his job. I don't wanna like hammer without knowing what exactly is. Hello I flattery and it is sandy Parker is that who it is like I just remember the mayor touted this is the person appointing to be charge of good. Are there and me you know press releases everywhere. Okay where we act. But a couple months. Anything don't. This is how slow it's going to be all our it is not getting renovations until. 2020 that's all we can expect new bathrooms. Wow. Wow. Xers this is a big opportunity. Should the state decide. To legalize sports gambling. I hope our elected officials are ready to take advantage. Cool my kidding. They can't pave freaking roads. Still be fun. A study on the wrote wreck on Gerrard has some point of view on this the NFL issuing your statement it's it's comical it's a Kama coal. Statement. Just really quick all please please and there throw. I'm standing and unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of our game remains. Absolute. Harris. Has long recognized the potential harms posed by sports betting to the integrity of sporting contest and the public confidence in these events. And that history we intend to call on congress again. This time to act the court regulatory framework for legalized sports betting. We also will work closely with our clubs to ensure that any state efforts that move forward in the meantime protect our fan. And the intact. Gritty of our game all my god. That is awful. Can translate that we didn't get away with the Supreme Court so we're gonna try get a taste out of congress. But don't worry the integrity of the week where you would not go state by state wanna goes. That's a lot of work let's have the politicians of them congress do that workforce. Thank you supreme court for taking this over to the states honestly like hey you know wide we've got other from a high this world. And states you will figure this out is really want right. Where there is there are you got to take. Are you mad enough to take it. Because only one thing counts in this life get them to sign all the lion which you've got it. It. Now. Socialist he and by the way. Everybody with in the NFL knows. That day was a very very very good day for their lake. Interest in their Lee. Just grew. It's it's. Once it's rolled out. It's going to be insane. Every week stands to benefit from this. Burden of missing two Neuberger. Shut up. It's get road back in here. Micro Iraqi He's viewpoint from bills rookie minicamp over the weekend. Pressure off some thoughts on this as well also wanna find out hey. What conversation with Ross talker like Ross Tucker. Government FL network basically saying. The bills quarterback offensive line a wide receiver situation might be the worst in the NFL. Womb. Arguing that. Roared back joins us next in the sports bar danger of tightly ESPN Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy can bills wallet Famer Steve tasker gives you all the latest news from. Exclusive interviews like puppies any intent to NFL analysis Murphy and task are taking wins I don't. On the sideline to keep you up to date with everything hills right here in new 3COM home on the Buffalo Bills EM ninety and 957. That's Ford's leader ESPN broadcaster. We NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your home for life sport sees a yen 950 and 957. FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester. Back to sports bar Ross Tucker ended up in now our buddy Mike wrote acts mentions on Twitter. Mike wrote back and let my products By the way did you see like Rhode act the cardinals somehow he got them mixed up in that thing over the weekend what Florida was doing a report but they put up the wrong. Chiron Mike writes doings are important underneath it says Josh. Rose in practices for the Buffalo Bills I don't now that puts one over their man how are you. He spent a top couple days to. It is just spend money. Taking currently either have a good crop cotton crops buyer but we are shorter and it's. Distant nightmare that you could scroll through yet yellows today. On Syria are hoping and Syria are like rock soccer. But that game after the hit. And he tweeted that the think bill have the worst quarterback art speakers an operative line in the league and he added. I told that Mike wrote back here today were attacked in that it all the let them get all these tweets from bill you know the news. Typical road that being negative but those suckers they. Yeah in the once shared the opinion that's tremendous Mikey you know what it's somebody once told me every now and then it's good to. Hash tag log off me maybe that's because that's an IP logged offered you know might be tough because of everything you do over for But yeah I got to imagine that that Ito getting tight labeled as negative for something unity it's okay. Little bit maddening. Right well it entertaining if nothing else who liked what did you happen on Friday. Where I did it hit four sports that are announced are what Josh now. Josh you know bills quarterback but. You know isn't. Screw up or get back in Bristol where somebody accidentally put Jon Gruden on the graphic in almost out of time you know. But it subject very a Twitter battle between the cardinals and bills there. Described as an a on all the different web site that pick up those sorts of things didn't. You know get Owens took Borough back into the street and all all that are but take a guess that entertaining it. It's comedy I'm gonna what the that your read it just Arabia. Have a few laps about it. It does bring home the point though that. Like it or not for Josh Allen he's always going to be measured. Against Josh Rosen the guys they came behind him that's part of the territory and I guess that's was struck a chord with a lot of people point. You know I mean that that's probably part of it. And other leaders in theory is that you know the bill and who really wanted them now. You have rodents that goes out the first news broke at sure exactly what happened. Back near buffalo so. Well but disconnected how those work back there. Yeah I mean there's actually that that it around I think we call on that back in that it was an adult then it was Josh and it. Alan that are roses at people who were in the bill draft party that that world where are being held. That had people tell me that there's sort of a collective. Air being let out of the room when that happened. Just because people weren't enamored with Josh sound as a prospect but it does seem within the past. Three weeks or reverts back and Matt and seem to have. Popped back on the Joshua Allen trade war which you know rob richer Freddie draft pick I think people aren't are so do it. From my standpoint it was dissuade me and I don't really they get bigger and not a one way or the other. What are the right move to take gallon over those that are not. Will say but what I didn't say that these are the decisions that GM are judged on did say that a lot riding on. This call for branded Eden. But he did we fire is just around the ball but. But certainly take it away heavily edit it out as he does that really by the years. No question Mike recchi Wanna get your view point from Friday the rookie minicamp what you're able to observe. There are one bills drive but before that I I've noticed that in that thread that meant that Ross Tucker thread from earlier today when your colleagues at ESP in my clay. Chimed in. Basically that throw more dirt on the grave of of not just. The Buffalo Bills but the AFC east save New England the jets the dolphins in the bills arguably make up. Three of the league's bottom five teams according to Mike clay and why that gets my attention is. Claes a numbers guy he divorces himself from emotion is just looking at the numbers. This clay have a point I think clay is also the got a predicted. Earlier this offseason for the bills would finish the season two and fourteen if I'm not mistaken. He did and yet some pretty bad record for the jet in for the Dalton as well. You know which would take a lot of take basically keeps beating each other once or twice every but he L. Do you know but it also awed by kids. Until Tom Brady or higher is so tangible change in his division it is usually got to beat the patriots are never pretty L. Not many other teams make the playoffs is east of Beers such as. Simple fact they're everybody knows that but. In terms of this year in terms what they have. You know even at those positions but compare. You know wide receivers and then top quarterbacks in what the jets during what Dutch town slash Sam Arnold. You know what an average receiver what do at all to see her repayment or a public out there. Richard wager this injury is right and it rule going to come back in beat the same player. In the build obviously it opened back and visit creation. Pretty big question mark quarterback at least in the short term. Who knows I think there's a potential for all those teams the bad. But there's also potential for one kind of separate themselves from the pack like the built a last year returning to a heater and I would team that they debate the well. All that that two years ago to. Sort of out of the blue. That happens sometimes as well but yet insist latency and that we really know at this point. Micro like The bills practice Friday was open to the media Mike got I'm assuming you're there what it's not. What was it like seeing Jim Kelly walk out onto the field and greeting Josh Allen. Yeah that was. But I would of the day just from me eager to Joshua Allen didn't really get much work in practice. It was a Lotto Ryan epic take EU was a trial player should spurt university. Shorter guy. On the quarterback you'd get a lot of the war properties one look at him coordinated job Shalit knowing that Josh count your along call. What practice was over jobs Eric in a job Shalit and walked over to the sideline. And McDermott briefly introduced. Pop Allen Jim Kelly. And do look awkward because you know others twenty TV cameras around reporters swarming Knapp has the epic conversations urgent Kelly was a I'll. You what you're really saying much she's used that coincided much stock you know crack at these incredible Eric. So out of this. You know slow walk back the locker room where does start of that question. You know Josh don't talk about how oh orders to be around you know all in early that it eventually that they get the locker room. Which state when and there are you know talked about you know whatever properly. So you know that that's the sort of visual historical but I think they'll stand once the seed that. Sort of crossing over from the other the past to the present and future. And hopefully that. It changes how things have been in the last fifteen to forty years. Without a quarterback it's it's sort of make it that great you make that action. But look at it happened before remember well that was 2060 wherever cargo don't distracted you agent Elliott Ricky many can't but it. Walking up the you'll card don't you talk to him as well so you know. I work hard don't know what he's doing right now but certainly not on the possible Middle East or not. Now you know becoming the franchise. Answer as they hope that production will. My bird Becky joining us in the sports bar danger and tag clear here on ESPN Rochester Mike good friend of ours up. Mike had a lot of rookies after the draft for the first time. In decades. There will be a true quarterback competition. At training camp this year for the Buffalo Bills and when used to need CNET headline you might while big competitions. For over this like a true. Quarterback competition where it's like it's all up for grabs you got three guys and you don't know who the starter is going to be we won or or do we. Yeah I don't think we do although you know there's. There's certainly has been I've been advised that you're here and as then outbreak edition 12015. With. Absolute iiroc tailored to Emanuel nobody knew that our sailors starter. When we opened training camp and back a thank you lawyers and a lot of people died considered number three. Economic came out of nowhere com Matt Cassel that are the paper paper for most of training camp. That year and in 2013 and those. That close I walked in outlook for years sort of ingenuity. What was considered a quarterback competition so epic that exists that you know I'm not the told the story bad stretch I think. There has probably been times over the years are as bad situations like best and I think it's really a question of how much a factor is Josh Allen in the competition. In camp. Or dedicate so. They're gonna take him along. Slowly about a wide must see light the world on fire preceded. There's no way starting week one and it's day. Com competition between. Agent carried me Peter and for the starting job we want a possibility as well summed it up even relate competition truly. It could be a separate the two veterans getting shot star production talent getting used to it down the road. Well sick you know that we're epic wrap extremists. Com and preceded to. And how to structure out before. The Kennedy I've been in the first quarter of gains and it avid first half or C. Sort of mopping up in the back after the pre season may be had a 120 quarterback rating in guys or eat. Out of a structure that debate rotate those guys at least he's in the papers. There's going to be a lot of questions of how they do that and just how they're going to be each wanted it how old each one be evaluated. In the context. Where they played appreciate. I think its interest in the he's going to camp is the number three quarterback because the aft if week one of the pre season your ear out there. And he's playing against third and fourth stringers he should be able to lighten up it's almost like he set up. For success immediately in and out of in elevation up the depth chart just based on statistics alone against albeit inferior competition. Where it and I think the other part of that you've got to meet that will be important will be. In practice as well when they go into those you Lebanon he let a girl. At the crux practice when I'm standing there is no. They play by play any like I think it's important. Are they giving. Russia on any first team reps because. A lot of coaches will sit there say they want one quarterback and 82 quarterbacks take those wraps. Just because if you try to the item op with two quarterbacks to stay the Al with about practiced on it yet there's not a doubt pleased. For any potential starting quarterback get ready if he's trying to put up burst he perhaps went to a quarterback. So that situation where they do Aaron most of them that Nate increased what reckon he'd route to computer rated Alec. What goes column at this point you know that copy Aptiva sat down and decided that yet. But that's going to be ordered with that battle. And just like that the pre need to when and where Josh downplays just in in trying to evaluate what they have. And destruction out lighting a record thirteen. Does that give them a legitimate shot start or it really need be and why would first he replaced in that first DP and per. Democratic Mike out what is going on this week out at one bills drive. Much just a yes it. Just enjoyed the good weather and now you know players right now are. Away. Or order for expenses you know Specter adding from. By any teacher so be Trevor laws. That the club the other night I mean that's sort of what players do right now. Javier rookies around a little bit but there's nothing official. Really until next week we have access the their ability to see these players next Thursday there will be a practice run of a week Thursday urged that. And now chances the the ball the other that point. Micro back ESPN. Dot com before we that you go Mike thoughts on the the supreme court's decision to strike down pass block and the eventual legalizing of gambling in states. Yeah I mean that obviously a big impact on how legitimate are these games going to be stopped several years. All these scandals and you know what's he grows that are going back you know go to Blackstock and you know certain influence and getting into what we think is a genuine. All gave it adequate in that that's really question your own sports week. Thought that in some cases. They don't want gambling to be around their gains but we also know that gambling everywhere now. I have friends who were you know batting on. The players championship or current and a lot last week at your head that some sort of bad Holland place so. Open it balances those two. Sources but. I'll. Yeah I hope that in five or ten years and still covering something that's. Genuine and legitimate as a sport I think that's what Americans want. Oh that crop that. Against some of those forces of a gambling. People Pastrana. Earn about Mike. Is this your goal this week just just don't get involved in any social media things where. Elliot your ESPN is it miss identifying that Chiron and beneath you work dale Ross Tucker says something in your getting blame for it. I just just lay low this week. That you know if if I wait a Little League play golf. API yeah. It. Wreckage of the weather enjoy your game we'll talk to you again soon appreciate your time is always micro Nike joining us in the sports were begin our but. You got to McGraw back. Always great to have Mike in the sports park yeah paso was yet there you have it can be quiet week one bills drive. The oats yea you start officially next week once again. And as far as bills mini camp yes Saturday. It wasn't any media access was only Friday so some of those rookies there are staying around. And you know if you guys there you know still using the facilities so it's not like it's it's a ghost town over there but as far as. Not organize activities. Nelson's. Once thought to be one of the NFL's top cornerbacks is calling it a career will get to that and more as we serve a day's top NFL stories and bite sized form next. NFL appetizers on the way in the sports bar danger in the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Street and. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. You guys you've covered. Sports bar with a teacher convicted. ESPN Rochester dot com. Sworn sleep. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader of the radio. He's the official new home ESPN rush yeah. My apple cart lady or android auto industry to wirelessly you. Speakers were just awesome earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957 have been the sport's leaders. Master. This news from around the nation mall. Little fun today. Served up in black. Here's the during the attack we are serving up. Aren't that play was six. Now in a sports car. Eli Manning's in the news this is not good jury selection commences today in the civil fraud trial against Manning. The claim states that Manning deliberately gave 915 use helmets. To be sold to collectors as dean certified game war. The settlement option could happen in a more likely scenario is Manning testifying in open court to defend himself. Campbell's personal conduct Polly expressly prohibits fraud. And Wally NFL put draw a line between criminal and civil fraud. They're frauds fraud and is in the Bay Area. Could imagine the double standard in the hypocrisy. If Manning is found guilty a civil fraud and faces no NFL discipline. Do you genome fox confirming the kind of already expected NFL fans get a double dose of cute old block. Troy Aikman each week but hey man. Who are already that's genes doing who were already the top Sunday afternoon duel for the network will also call the news Thursday night package. In the past the NFL require it's Thursday that partners CBS and NBC to use the tops an eighteen month Thursday's this year elite made no such requirement that's. What prompted fox to guard they're trying to Peyton Manning. To call games before the sun go with buck and Aikman when Manning said that he had no interest. I'm Gerald. Men and high read. Next cat. Kansas Helmer. You're reenacting first. I say I switched to Virginia jump on. After fourteen seasons in the league DeAngelo Hall is calling it a career hole is fine with some broadcast. Course he has. The potential front office work at present at 34 years old retirement wasn't a shocker for the freeagent he played in only five games last season for the Redskins due to a knee injury. And last played a full sixteen game season points thirteen. Paul was once considered a top corner in the league but he transition to see the. In more recent years. And finally a tip of the cap peer in the sports part of former Buffalo Bills coach chuck Knox who passed away this week in the age of 86. Knox served as head coach of the rams and Seahawks in addition to the bills and is the only coach ever to win the AP coach of the year award with three different franchises. Let's begin with the bills in 1978 turned around struggling team improvement to 115 by his third season. After failing after falling short of the playoffs knocks his tenure buffalo was over after five years Knox was an old school coach. Old school approach. Approach allowed in the mold three separate teams into winners. Chuck Knox. And 86 will be missed. I don't have a ton of memories as him as a buffalo bills' head coach is at all. I young dad at that to me that's Meyer early childhood that 1980 bills team. Danger they won the AFC east in this would is think. You know you win the division and you can go right to the divisional round they go out to San Diego in May lose in the final I think three minutes. Dan fouls touchdown pass it loses the chargers and that was that was the apex of the chuck Knox there is chuck Knox as the coach of the year. For three different French yeah. Pretty good Eddie's. Dad is impressive. Yet when we talk about greatest coaches of all time. He will never come up in the conversation for the hall of fame. Now what he has more wins and Parcells you know why because he never got to the Super Bowl that's why it. I'll remember him. Is coach has Seahawks wanna start paying it really paying attention the NFL up. Took not Seattle Seahawks the user for nice little run turn that expansion team it's time into you know something worth watching. Good old school coach chuck Knox all right next in sports or happy hearts upon us. The legalization of sports. Banning. News today that Supreme Court is abolishing past month. Leaving it up to the states to determine whether or not want to legalize. Sports gambling the question I have trio. 454 ESPN a 4543776. Because you're gonna hear a lot of people. For or against this move here in the coming weeks it help coming years out could stretch out. My question is if you don't currently bet on sports. Will you start. Because it's now legal. Think about that will be back next in the sports bar danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester. Time now for your orange update brought to you by eight Bentley Brothers big news out of Syracuse today the school officially announcing their plans. With a renovation and all of the Carrier Dome 100 in eighteen million dollars is the initial quote here. This is gonna include air conditioning a new trains parent roof. Brand new seating of course this is great for Syracuse and they hope to get this all dine at. By the year 20/20 George update brought you back Bentley Brothers thinking of a new tractors zero turn our our TV wielding get the Bentley Brothers and other brought Porter Al BN. How about an a chainsaw leap or string Trimmer or what that got them to. Bentley Brothers for all your power equipment in service needs Seattle horse right to vote online at that bleep rose ink dot com. Bruce pitches and. These days. All summer do you. Most listened.