The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton of WGR joins us in hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to break down all that's gone wrong with the Buffalo Sabres this season and how a plan to develop through Rochester may provide a brighter future.


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But sports bar with danger and it sadly it gives me great honor to join Naomi and announcing that Monroe county and Rochester community baseball has finalized a new long term leases that will keep the red wings here frontier field for many many years to come. Mike danger the lease term is ten years from April 1 when our team and our April 1 128 includes a mutual option for another ten year renewal thereafter that could keep the Rochester red wings in Rochester all the way through 2030 and Jeanne but sadly. A math we don't have the gold through this next year OK now at least we're not gonna have to answer these questions again until your 20/20. Eight. What if the bills don't move well get the premium pick when it comes to quarterbacks I think you wait the bigger quarterback away and that because I think the built the baker felt. Buffalo giving a live Mac to the points ten dollar ripped one just I'm. So much. Still have at least future buffalo I think that these things are inadequate for the team in the standing there. And they're very consequential for itself. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back here in the sports bar with danger and tag we appreciate you stopping by giving us some of your time in most valuable and precious commodity we're here every afternoon from three to six. On AM 950 and 957 FM also ES PM Rochester dot com. The free to download ESPN Rochester now surges out on radio dot com the radio dot com app is well. You great conversation last hour with mineral county executive Sheryl an awful also. Talking with the head coach Dino neighbors Syracuse football action packed first hour and it only gets better as we talk on sabres hockey few minutes with. All Hamilton former sister station W Joseph buffalo. Yeah hi I mean who are you would think we're at the low point of the sabres season right which Jack cycle I'll vote now are only thirteen days away from the NHL trade deadline souls. Who are the top candidates the move. How does this affect austere Rochester danger. All comes back the costs houses affect me the hammer fans that are based should be thinking Paul Hamilton will be joining us is he's got a new article up on our web site. Jason botched roll has a plan for Rochester Koppel Hamilton joining us tournament. This right it's yeah. Post rigs and in the sports. Lemon let's start with an Olympic sacred. You are watching the Olympics Nadal well he had denied champs last night holy yes zone was nine watching the ski jumping last night. C'mon NBC do better. How easy it that we do not have these jumpers. Attached to some device like a goal brought to their helmets. I want the virtual reality experience well what it's like to go off the steep job. How can I understated look to put a goal brought diesel we ended aerodynamics okay yeah but. Plus if we have such things is Google glass. Then why can't we have ski jumping. Call BS on Eugene. The copy so I. I think this existed you wouldn't do it because guess what it does exist. BC sport story. Seattle is out there I know this because I spent my entire weekend watching the Olympics and what I saw how about that must be kind of cool the live the Olympics through virtual reality slant is. Now I'm too lazy that Portland for a bit hall you have to have the right kind of gear just wait wait a second so all in other words I can view what gives life. Jumping off a ski lifts. And I reckon I can't wait watch yeah. KB eight. Yes yes it exists now I believe you have to have a certain type of it quickly in answer to befall with a headset all goofy thing but yes there is it NBC virtual reality app that you download on your phone and it allows you to experience the Olympics. I think I sound like they're promo right now like you've never receipt of all our. And I imagine that ski jumping would be important now the question is Jean. If you have access to that technology. Would you use it or would you if you really want that. That that experience and it exists which you invest in that technology. To go up there again I think that's where you lose a lot of yes I'll drink to that parent if you ask a question of metro public hold up map reader. Ben Roethlisberger had words for Roger Goodell in the media. Would make a little bit more noise than what Alex Ovechkin comments dead directed at Gary Bettman did. He was asked by TS a reporter Darren Gregor. Hate watching the Olympics the vets who replied no. Gregor pressed on a little bit and not gonna watch hockey or otherwise. All that's your response. Maybe hockey but you know thanks to that didn't. Big deal anymore because criticizing bet bid has become so commonplace while. Or drag here he knew we could get Dan answer because it was an old vets against the brightening just don't walk away. He loved mother Russia so much. I'm not gonna go after the Stanley Cup I'm gonna go out. Well yeah I ate it you thought about it yet they bickered BO laughter for a bunch of money. But look Gary Bettman. You know nationals awesome but they don't think Gary Evans awesome so I'll drink to that Brad evidence is one of our guys bought. What from Yahoo! the big noise. We are way. Way off base he is putting Syracuse on blast today Syracuse basketball fans are firing back. Here's what noise set. Well Syracuse historically. Lazy patsy nonconference slate facts are facts. Okay who love to hear the facts to locate big noise back to backs. Vick like number two Kansas it's yours to play Maryland they played Georgetown last year you got Texas and then when he hit it. The saint John's Iowa cal team boxer this year but it could turn the team. You want to point of the fact that always Colgate Cornell and a bond but I don't like Cornell made the tournament a few years ago. Oh by the way. I have been since excepted are in the heat she'd for the shouldn't tomorrow yeah. Think Jean king you say he's off base. First of all this whole conversation on Twitter spam from him saying he had Syracuse has the last team in according to his projections the last team. And so we're getting upset about him saying that Syracuse this game that turned a first of all. All he's pretty good at predicting who's going to be the dramatic the last two years Brad Evans. I'll rejected. Minority jewel and party whoever pretty good easy private colleges the expert why does knows his stuff as well. I can't really argue with them like not conference scheduled for Syracuse looks a little powder puff it and yes he has accepted our invitation to. He will probably pilot Jimmy I'm a little bit tomorrow when he joins is at 325 in the sportswear with major tag leave Gina hope you're ready hope your arm. Are you kidding means guy Ares could be green green you'll it was a solid Rick to back the are NFL on ESPN article today titled. The key to becoming the NFL's leading tackler. Stop eating Wendy's. They take a look at pressed him rounds journey through this past season became the NFL's leading tackler one of the things he mentions that he cut back on. His burger consumption well in the social media world that we live in when this article was posted to Twitter by NFL on ESPN win these chimed in. Just simply saying not cool. Compress the browns on the we'd respond but I still get the occasional frost. So this is a true story that Preston brown was eating fat put the Wendy's part aside he is diet wasn't what it should be danger and that's what they're citing for the he's got hot out our free agency under about eight. Business not speak of the Rex Ryan air like how do you not know earlier athletes are not doing everything they can listen. I wanted to bring this up during all during that just as I think you know I've I believe that gene is we worked. Together the longer we were together we find out more about each other and there are certain tells about your personality. That that you know their questions you can ask a man. Wiggle that that will will determine what kind of up a human being you are wearing elements Gina do you are doing you not. Did your Fries in your frosty. Now. That's why you went hired. It was a co exist yet now when you recorded a person does that kind of animal dips their French Fries in frost no no they're not meant to go again. They don't don't. Don't tell me accountable for her that don't that states. It's inhumane and it's an important issue. We are not saying hello I'd never had the outlook every once in awhile you're you're going to be. We treat yourself absolutely. So I'll drink to that how on earth do you evaluate still housed in the Coachella we had Dennis Bernstein up in the fourth period yesterday. Exit and Scotty Bowman couldn't win would this group well. Also Bernstein pointing out. After being Vicky and brought me back January 20 danger what was January 20 and sabres history this year. That was vote loss to Dallas. The sabres quit that afternoon remedy at seven and one of the big house league did these skate to a YouTube drag on Sunday and the team went to western Canada and he wants three straight. And you thought okay there's this big turnaround. Well maybe our state every week is what this team needs actually. I'll drink to that and it can't hurt I mean it's not like you're gonna get. Worse the guys are worn out from skating his heart as they possibly can during a practice you know I'm so excited. That we get to talk to Hamilton here a few minutes just because it's been awhile first of all that we've been able to talk to me and you know what at what point did this. We between it and like definitively know this he's it was going to be as disappointing as it is I mean he's seen every game he's reporting on every game. Was doomed from the start because I got a lot of the same pieces this year as you have last year. What what is what. While any eight yeah it doesn't explain how the power play went from number one in the league too. Terrible. Doesn't explain this platform is still how we came in a we're gonna expect our defense to jumping on the roster we're going to be it is more attacking. Now the offense overall is terrible. I may take a problem the Saber team it's not hard to find problems with the sabre team I'm also concerned when we talked to Paul. About the errors. Mean every team goes through a little speed bump and eight uses a little bit more than a speed bump right now a team is in third place. Sixth place in the conference. Which stats still playoff team right now wire two out of the last twelve seat two out of 111211. Liaison mark's last regulation we game. That was not as an amber it was a one game up a mob culture so I don't know I and I don't believe it's and is an Omar problem but it seems like. Between. Deal Lee in new Lander these these names we've had here. Not pulling their weight Danforth got pulled up today by the way from Cincinnati the former secret harp players so. Eating he was leading on that team in goals and and with a week seven last Jack so that should help Bubba my point being. RA trade deadline comes my concern from the amber standpoint is this. You're gonna trade Evander Kane for walk on May be a second round pick Matt. My concern is. There can be a vacuum going up to buffalo because this team can not coast into the playoffs we need to play that being the app works. As we need to place strong if you have all the sudden these players getting called the buffalo. Because players are being traded in nothing's coming back a return as far as body is an asset walking Jason bottle make sure the cameras. Are glorified. Because if you have this vacuum and then the team isn't ready until. A little first week before the playoffs. That this is going to be a problem here danger then you're gonna BM marks Lockheed to get into the playoffs and who knows how you know that we able to flip the switch or not. And by the way it's already starting to happen not bite their choice but Baptiste is up in buffalo when's it gonna come back. I'll probably not any time soon with Jack cycles ankle injury. Paul Hamilton from our sister station WG arm buffalo will be joining us. It just few minutes here in the sports bar with danger and the tags lead Jeanne I just happen to stumble across an article just literally a few moments ago. Up from her body Matthew fair Vernon New York upstate doc comes Turkey's post and of course there were joins us during bill season almost every week. Religiously and in what this articles topic is it's. It's Tyrod Taylor and what the advanced stats say about his. Aggressiveness Sami if you've seen this before we all kind of say Tyrod Taylor just doesn't throw the ball just is throw the ball is not aggressive. He isn't funny you know he doesn't see the open receiver. We've had a lot of quarterback discussion here in terms of what the Buffalo Bills should do over the last couple of weeks with the season coming to when and of course now the speculation of free agency and what the bills could do potentially in the draft. Do they go in free agency get a bridge quarterback today do they go freezing get their franchise quarterback. Our. Or do they have. The perfect bridge quarterback already on their roster and in Tyrod Taylor and we know we know we've seen what we've seen but how much of last year's in effectiveness. He's on Tyrod Taylor how much is on a wide receiving corps that just can't get separation. And this article kind of breaks down. A little bit of watch. Tyrod how Tyrod performs when trying to throw. Into tight windows and we don't have to dive. Deep into it into fair burns articles a lot of analytics and it basically what it says is lucky you know he isn't a big risk taker. Certain six foot 5235. Pound quarterback out of north go to state. Through into tight windows 25% of the time tyra Taylor only throwing it 15% of the time to tight windows by the way that's when he 5% by Carson Wentz. Led the NFL. Biggest risk taker out there. And not surprisingly news is Carson went and talking about here Tyrod Taylor. 15% of his passing attempts into a tie when we get these are all. Next gen stats a courtesy of the NFL. That's right we don't throw is defined as a row on which the receiver has a yard or less separation from that defender so. You read all of defenders of Tyrod Taylor will always go to what card first doesn't turn of. It yeah right complementary football great defense or on the football Tyrod union managed game blah blah blah yet. Well in 2017 bills receivers averaged fewer yards of separation roots than any other team. In the NFL. If Taylor wasn't overly aggressive but his receivers and always given the chance to be. Overly aggressive and this is probably when your bigger reasons by the passing offense. Just struggled throughout this season you have a quarterback who's not gonna throw to a tight window and receiving corps. Who will consistently get separation. I bring it up because again you know we have these conversations stayed in day out in and yesterday was another one where. You know I told him it's because the latest it to plant his flag. In the Kirk cousins bandwagon I want Kirk cousins paid a man bring him to buffalo. Well if if your confident that he has the ability to be a franchise quarterback then and you. Your brand new meaning you've met with Kirk cousins and you've decided that he is. The epitome of what you want in a franchise quarterback for this organization and yet you go make that move. Same can be said for anybody in the draft that you really laugh if you meet with Sam Arnold. And you decide that's the guy you want. He's the guy that can't missing your brain and meaning you're gonna. You're gonna attach or nay to that quarterback. And go get promised that. But you are gonna assume that at some point you're gonna need a bridge. To that rookie. And maybe that bridge is already on the roster maybe just maybe you can going to free agency and the draft and actually build. A team around the quarterback position rather than reach for that quarterback first. Before having all the moving parts around him in place while it. The big factor here being at what cost you know are there. Better options is a bridge quarterback sure. I think there's no doubt I mean you could it draw thirteen am you can draw Brad for any of these guys I am not. Interested in paying his Sam Bradford at the marquis is where it is eighteen million dollar salary when Tyrod Taylor. Okay it's in his book like sixteen because you have this six million dollar roster bonus. But the point being danger that there are other NFL teams right now can we agree they're having this same conversation. The jets Broncos the cardinals a team. Teams they need quarterbacks. Hey listen the guy I would like to draft and who should be our breach quarterback in you know why. They're probably throwing out Tyrod Taylor is an attractive option knowing that he's gonna be released and he's gonna come cheaper. And he's not gonna rock the boulder all that stuff and to me. The answer media on this roster now the question is. Are the bills just don't know what. The owner don't get share. Eight and look maybe your dealt with in case you know he's not a guy it's gonna get you to the Super Bowl. That's fair. But maybe you don't need to ask him to be the got to get to the Super Bowl maybe just need to beat the guy that acts as a mentor. For the next guy that's coming up what does that next guy's a Lamar Jackson as an example. You know think that would be exciting. I mean you know he's worth the six million dollars to keep them on your roster. To see if you can land a quarterback that. Taylor can mentor through his actions through his work ethic through his leadership analyze why leadership and locker room. You know the idea that the bills. Are walking away from Taylor is seems like everybody's already it's you know sign him off like he's gone he's gone they've telegraphed to date they know he's outlook. EQ did just get rid of only get nothing in return Foreman we might. Curious thing is doll. Normally when you're trying to build up and NASA you pump up the tires just a little bit. There weren't we're not and pumping up tires thing I at least I don't sense that. There was the one quote from random dean I think it is season ending press conference where he said nice things but. Sean McDermott down the Senior Bowl in wanna talk about Tyrod every opportunity. That the the hierarchy here in the Buffalo Bills is that. To talk about tyra tell it by a margin Pakistan right. So in the into the signals are giving out eggs and their dog I think that's where this is common share. And that's fine if they wanna be dealt with Tyrod Taylor certainly we've seen enough that would show if you know if he's not got its gonna take you to the promised land. But in terms of what you need for 2018 if you organ indeed invest in the young quarterback in the draft which we all kind of suspect it will. Well whose average quarterback who's gonna be used to be Essen. I'm taking Tyrod Taylor over the eighteen or sixteen or whatever you might have to pay. A Sam Bradford or the twenty million plus you would have to play pay a taste Keno. What are you paying Teddy Bridgewater peas album you don't like these are all. Eyes. I don't know I don't know third round pick for AJ McCarron. Write something like that and write down. So just another. Piece of evidence that that kind of says. And not so fast on and Tyrod. Hitting the bricks in buffalo. Just yet. And and we've all reserved our ourselves of the fact that he's not the guy that's gonna win a suitable forced gas get. Be not not asking when you were super boy you're asking him to be a leader which is shown that he can be be a mentor which we assume he is. And work with whoever it is that they decide to bring him. The young guy that the new franchise quarterback assuming that's the direction they go in the draft. I just thought there was interest in wanted to share with you. Let's get Paul Hamilton next. Paul Hamilton former sister station WGR talks of hockey we'll talk to Buffalo Sabres. It's been a second since we've got Hamilton on with us look afforded that it's on the way next in the sports are dangerous to take Leo on ESPN Rochester. Brewers and Rockies from salt river fields at taught. Three double header. Any secret sort of ensconced. ESPN Rochester dot com and enter for your chance of winning this national contest this spring training pool party concrete double header. Sports leagues. Yes. The NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your hopes for my exports is 98 PM 957 FA SP sports leader ESPN Rochester. Innocent if you're Buffalo Sabres fan you know about frustrated with the turn this season has taken it. Think here in the sport forward danger of attack that we always like to look at the positive that the bright side of things that you don't call mr. bright side from time to time gene. Let's talk about what's happening in Rochester now given her. Weeks the little bit sketchy I. Led to believe that maybe there's a plan in place here that that GM Jason doctoral. Has laid out in its talk to us more about it his article which is required reading Jason doctoral does have a plan which includes Rochester the great hall Hamilton. From our sister station WGR now with us in the sports or danger tightly a whole volume then. Very good judge guys I had that was always the bright spot well this is not a good year for the sabres but hey look at Rochester who we can't say that anymore and is a number of reasons but. Pucks wanna start of course a lot of talk about that the trade deadline coming up in. How watched do you think I Jason box troll is going to look at Rochester and helping out the air Merck's come trade deadline day because. My concern from where we sit here Rochester is that. And that might give vacuum so to speak in other words if you're gonna trade this player for draft pick in this player for draft pick will bend you're gonna have Amber's going up and all of a sudden you're gonna have a shell of the team maybe they don't even qualify for the playoffs so. I guess my question is. Trade deadline day can amor fans at least expect. But troll to pay attention to the roster down here. Target price Thabeet didn't but you're right it means they're could be call -- also now the polyps may be strategic kitten you know like who leading news called up probably a result are always have to do it sooner Nelson an indoor. Our. Number your grip it was proper awhile somebody like that soul. No shock me at all the see him. Even split traitor to Rochester but one thing I guarantee you won't do is just give away here Judy our young kids are more quickly and were. A bit like that you know somebody that they take a lot of they're not retreat to a bill like that just to bring somebody into Rochester. Paul what do you think guy is on the market right now and we all know about Cain easy sought after earlier we've heard. Interesting names like Josh Georges Ben while fully ought to mean any of these guys do you think available for fur buyer in the trade market this a coming trade deadline. I don't know how much interest there would be a jar short is out there armed. I think. I drive it to Iraq letter to be somebody that they've as possibly might. If somebody were interest and a goaltender be willing to move it wouldn't shock me if that happens on this Gergen and I think we definitely beat somebody in America I know it's somebody that's been talked about. Are so old you know whether he would be a guy that. You know that winds up going gets trade deadline. You know you are largely might be somebody they do look you know that's basically editing make a call and and launch. The names I called Google he had. Little stat there at Oakmont your golf you know I leaky yearly you have somebody that's gonna it's gonna be attentive don't think. I'll beat you didn't mention Ryan. I mean is this is the player that maybe needs a little bit more time to it to find his way here in this league. Well 2018. Has been very trying to embody displayed. As well or better but he did as a rookie year when the only real time news quite well I'm the sabre awards you know as a rookie so. That's gone well rewarded and the problem is if you ask don't tell. About Jim Reinhart the first thing out has not been OK keep opera. It's just keep saying it and you know you're you commute Nixon's somewhat rapture that. If you if you happens march figure play well you can over on the speed dating and I think that's what he's been doing. Stop playing much smarter he's been willing to go into the quarters and win battles which he hadn't been doing. Just a lot of the little things could really hadn't been doing at all well Bob. No that's something I. I don't want to get I think he'd be open to. I don't know if he's making phone calls about Bruce somebody. Appears to trade debt but troll. Should really help the club vital strategic bill because right Archibald and a. Well yeah you mentioned a couple weeks ago and it may be nine couple weeks ago this was before the ankle injury but that there was a chemistry. One night between Michael. Rodriguez. And and dumb Reinhart on the same wind together the first time we saw those three on the ice together and and they have themselves. Are a real nice game now of course cycles injury derails a lot of that but is that something. That's a look for towards in the in the future I mean you know if Jack comes back at the end the season do they do they bring that back together again and what did your I see with that line. That night at the arena. What we're we're we're real world without mineral services it was Rodriguez using his speed in conjunction with cycle there's. It was a three players that knew each other very well it. In article it Rodriguez and then Ryan art and Rodriguez couldn't. Your careers eventually put Bryant hurt a little bit. You and appreciation to Seoul. You know that wasn't what a big deal in beaver soul. That's a peak achievement. In hockey should be status no coach is really to put lines so I mean what what's the line today you lose a couple of games not to be aligned tomorrow you know it's very very clear where that light stick together almost every coach double blind to and so it's. It could be something that you Richie but probably not from her law. WGR reporter Paul Hamilton our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN of course you looking from buffalo. Here what's going on in Rochester. IA it's been a slide here Paul I mean is certainly there are some players that. Are not pulling their weight so to speak out from where you sit what do you see happening near Rochester. Well you're always gonna perhaps. You know some adversity at an 82 game schedule and live your. Ray player Roger about the quick way to cure there. But. In your always the am really they haven't had a whole lot of they've been able to get away with giving. Absolutely not we got the letter. And that's confinement but it'll get away with Daly being hurt also a year but that's worked out before they'd be able to survive the callebs. Whatever it may be and still be able to play well they've picked as kids here but I. I don't know it's panic time or anything like that and as you guys mentioned before you just don't know how the next twelve days are gonna go as far as me the media awful make straight digital picks and they don't give players bat. They got to put people the lineup which means some people are coming up whether they're veterans or whether they're kids they're. Whatever that may be that certainly is not going to be good to Rochester now. But her. A couple years York overall it was a route they've made that trade were not properly was Binghamton. That was basically completely for Rochester. You know that they didn't I. I don't digit road too much or a bad. It was a minor league type trade in reflect reflect three. That that wound up happening so. We I don't I don't cheap but troll ignoring it. But he's not going view rip apart organization either chips that make it happen he she really really really believes. In waiting together. And what that would accomplish for young players better together down there all bark Cooley dismantled what it would eat healthy it and they believe whatever you might talk about dog bear keep he believes in that that's what they did in Pittsburgh keeps things waiting. Peaches a lot and that's important now that level so. No I I don't seem ignoring it doesn't facility don't expect him to be it'll swap its second third round picks to get people of player Rochester. Paul. NHL. Linas hallmarks last win. Came I keybank. For the Buffalo Sabres. Humble you don't didn't. Does going up its early this hallmark and you've basically proven everything you can with the exception of winning the Calder cup at the HL level. You know you complete the NHL level 91 at the NHL levels of mass of the players had do you see this happen with goalies and other instances who will we awake we expect to see. Linas hallmark look likely miss hallmark again. I think that can get near a little bit you know I always appear don't we're not clear what game I beat pretty UT with Columbia Alberta wants repealed type of thing so. Day here it means it's probably you can call yourself but he's been sort of fairly grounded kid and I don't really worry too much about temple I mean I'm. I also don't watch the games all up until I can't. So I can't tell people playing well and it just to keep it firms not play well are reluctant a bunch. Goals that he wants back her that type of thing I just don't know that because I haven't even games. He can type the kid bit. I think what it all shakes out probably is going to be the goaltender in buffalo Internet probably by next year whatever. I really don't he would be Robin letter I I I don't think gate. Broke their decks to keep all marked by way. You don't giving up the draft pick elevated to make sure they kept the method to do that her reason I don't think you do register registered duck leader hope these girder or cover. I think that's a bit the grip of a trip may two homes though. I don't worry too much about their mind I birdied two and the ability to strip are so I'll. Paul Hamilton our guest during the sports are 957 ESPN I'm gonna ask your question Paul I don't know if you know they'd answer to this but give it a shot. How do you evaluate. The job Phil Housley is doing with the guys on the ice right now. I can't I mean I don't know all the agriculture it is not because she's going to be a couple. Coaching a bunch of guys sort of built in some cases were the Greek coaches. Who basically cut it to girls playing and you know renovate the case. There are very frustrating to watch they've been inconsistent for a number of different coaches. Sometimes it fares sometimes they're not. We put latest example. Political volatile here in Boston biggest achievements. The second best team in the NHL and in points for an addiction. It's right behind Tampa Bay and basically dominated amid girl building a team that was a red hot. 247 for export the last 35 games of the midnight that's not afford to be ordinary dominate a the minutes globally Colorado looked like you don't put the game before. Polls about it that's the Buffalo Sabres in a nutshell and and you know until obsolete gives them the game plan that I don't protect much like last year the complaining about filed Monday in America. I don't hear that I think they believe what how we try to teach your biggest local do. And I think a lot of old don't have the mental makeup to do it. They're not mentally tough. Let alone and its finger get a little bit tight they get quite. Pan and they're either you can all all the till the world but that's the way you react to Travis adversity and certain things. You're not going to be good how much you put other thought Leo what a lot on it and with that in mind with this group of guys. I can't tell you figured coach or not because he's got some guys there are just like to do things girl I. Always look at that Dallas loss from a few weeks ago it was just horrible. They responded by having a big practice on a Sunday where the they skate until they keep their guts out they go to western Canada. And they went straight three straight off before the all star game when that suggests that maybe this team lacks a little bit the discipline and needs a little bit more of that grit. Through drill bit of this is you know some tougher practice and we can't spend every practice you skate until yet your guts are on the ice but you know week. Is that in order. All want to just skating Conchita Baxter accents probably. John Mark or bomb it is they're scared don't anymore. There it's it's skating with the parks it's skating in drills. That's. Coaches think backstage or complete waste time diary they want ought not very they want to be able accomplish something and they're here now. I move that ball are doing it. But. It'll be embarrassment of losing bet badly at home. Abandoned the practice so you don't walk in my upper pregame instead. Perhaps spears that's who these guys are I mean you David off ought to get in in assets to get Ryan O'Reilly. You paid him an awful lot of money. To beat air. Apatow and maybe. I don't know he's got a pretty good. Couple weeks McNamara FactSet appear a couple of weeks he's really started to play the way he's supposed to be playing that there's too many nights where you leave gold. What are you doing. While why did it do that in rare you can you know traced so overtime goal that some sort of mistakes he made you are. He's supposed to be the best sure one of the best two or forcibly and it hasn't worked out that way and you know that was under by outlook that was under Patrick block that was under. Under so I'll play. So when your best players archer best players every coach says such simple bring your best whether that be your best players whether or not. You're the problem. Paul Hamilton from WG our guess talk and some sabers and talking some hammocks here in the sports bar. Paul take us back to September training camp and I think a lot of us were buying into this narrative that. Okay the sabres in May to plow spied. Hey if you have a full year of Jack cycle and now you have this new system more than offense rather than standing around they're gonna jump in on the offense is Phil Housley had as one of those platforms and you have some tweaks to the roster and we all had this optimism going into the season. At what point this season did you realize. Or maybe it was a great beginning that hated this is not going to be a playoff team. Pretty quick as you could see that guys aren't responding they're just the labor where they've always played in. You know sometimes they're good sometimes they're not a and you know it's. As tensions to again when you will be analyzed it was no room walked salt also a statement drafted into the NHL. They've played for three or four different cultures they haven't performed it consistently for any of them. They age. You know they're very keen political laid out he go to practice what they're told to do once daily blog I can do another and you know yeah I mean that's I think that's ultimately that our actual public didn't realize that it is spared a bunch of guys who are mentally tough cookie yet. You know can't figure out what what once we donor they can figure out they just don't do it today. They go into a map and a colleague talked about many times they just panic. Well when things are going bad then and so yet became pretty evident fairly quickly that during your order change. I thought I ultimately you bet they probably make the playoffs but I thought. We still be talking about meaningful game that we can still be talking about meaningful games in March. That you might have a shot at doing yet so. Two that. I think by November we realize they're workers gave him being provincial march. Paul design check just to get the start again tonight against Tampa back. Gap probably simply do that Johnson played well. And Boston. And we walked the next game champion basically done that it seems like you. Chart dual core Rodham wonder that Robert what are some a couple of I was just problems of this neighbors particularly now wolf that. If you ask we should he be the goaltender of the future are peer group. Pearl and pipes so it I don't know that there's big departure at certain goal problem. You know there's nights he's an immediate start awful and there's no excuse me greatly what do pretty long street pearl while that he was very very good that. You know lol just try to Jeanette but at the bus but bad news release all its government at all. Always got reason here Rochester to watch the Olympics that's because Brian Gionta is next happening a outs in the US team and boy if you could have been at the blue cross arena. Now one Friday night nearly 101000 people Gionta scoring his one game. Question dean this. Having trouble figuring out is they're actually going to be a market for Brian Gionta to make a cop Ron with somebody because of he's not. He easy hinting that yet he would come the registered in help out the hammer so I guess the question is Paul what kind of market do you think you know NHL teams would bring in. Brian Gionta if any. I'd be surprised if he that is an hour event itself came just because there were offers up there at the beginning of the year. That for family reasons and he just couldn't ability to take. Sole. Reusable bring it off port from its neighbors and it didn't. But. India's which sort to audition here earlier deeply group marched into the playoffs. I think that changes things so what they were the doctor and I do we use it because they're dealt Puerto Barley. And meg meg okay well camp are going to be gone that long so maybe where that wasn't going to be an option to the cartels even because apparently openings maybe politically shorter period of time now it becomes a viable option so. I would be rather surprised that the team didn't come Apollo didn't. One last question Paul Marty Iran not. Just curious which on this body of a Marty thereon story he is going into the camera hall of fame coming up by this Friday night and it's gonna be so we're gonna have him on the show later this week got my concern would Marty Paul is that. You know I I would imagine his speech might go on for a half hour they don't set some limits on him. She's. Well that's about Matt Cooke kick in Mexico accused despite all the time they're in Rochester. As you know I used to do some news on bear on TV bet Mardy Isner and it took quite a few more than. Near the end of the tribe might tip the did the mirror and Marat or what ever reopen and I don't know what it'd. Marty gold against what I did games was a company like point 85. And it was double figure games but he tablet after the games he did were shut out what I can all work out. When I was spared a 2.0 or eight at the meego it's what I get the ball flawed bit therapeutic role they're doing all my games. Conventional Mardi hoping it'll work all the time there are all you're inch. But to digital speak like every top pro is their party was just phenomenal but Mack truck fighting MacBook all the time look that much. It would begin on time what a quarter and checked Matt Matt cook typical order. An advocate. What Marty beauty here late charge to weigh 240 pounds you do it expects that the Brett state media are quite a rivalry recurrent. Now we're looking forward Maarty going to the amber hall of fame on Friday night at blue cross Serena the great Paul Hamilton. Former sister station WG are joining us in the sports bar gain German tag glee of the good news for the sabres tonight. The lighting of only won six straight in buffalo. So Paula we appreciate all the work you know what this team doing God's work really watching this team in reporting on this team force and keeping us up to Dayton and diving deeper on. What can be troubling the Buffalo Sabres appreciate everything you do appreciate your time and enjoy your night and had a right. Thank you Paul. Now I take his word. I'm Brian Gionta in teams being interest we had Dennis Bernstein on yesterday any kind of wait dot now. Now there's no team is going to be interest in Brian Gionta. However. Paul is. Close with the representation. For Brian Gionta is a Pittsburgh based agent there are so I would think that. As long as witty it's within a good radius that the Brian Gionta is gonna sign with a team after the lump. Hollywood know until we see among the Olympic us bright like all. I'll believe that he has. A chance of making it back to the NHL if if they perform out of their skates if you C team USA. Winning games that you didn't think that they would win or winning an improbable fashion or EGC Brian making an impact out there. Then yeah I can see that happening but I'm still skeptical and and while I trust Hamilton and his connections. He'll Bernstein feels like a guy that's pretty plugged in to every team in the NHL and and seems to know what these executives are taking what direction they're leaning. May be some heads turn if you see Brian Gionta playing at a higher level in South Korea. Up till Saturday and I that the US team claimed 7 AM to watch tool hockey was the captain can on Saturday evening out and they'll go fishing is awesome. The sports bar with danger detect it continues next with. NFL appetizers will go around the NFL -- today's top stories of bite sized form a quick look at NFL appetizers next in the sports bar. Danger Ametek lay on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rabbit speedy. Easiest way to connect. And with Rochester is most listened to sports. Ford's car with a dangerous bitch back. ESPN Rochester wrapped. Just fortunately you're. 57. In Rochester. Rochester new homes for amber sort of you're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. This news from around the national football. A little fun today. Served up in black. Here's the during the attack we are serving. Art display lessons. Now in the sports car. In Rappaport NFL media reporting to camp chancellor. These Seattle safety intends to play for the when he eighteenth season with this caveat. It's gonna need to get medically cleared or for that to happen chancellor has social media host late January they can they might be retiring. Ferraro then update the Seahawks safety hasn't made a public statement about any kind of return. Chancellor six point eight million salary for when he team became guaranteed last week. He could be released without any injuries settlement this yacht worth taking care that an additional debt money under the cap if they moved on without the back. Discussing frank Reich with the Philadelphia context she you'll remember. This theme emerged. Nobody really knew what he did on the Eagles offense is the team's offensive coordinator. Rob port also reported today that Philadelphia has no plans. The higher offensive coordinator to take breaks place now he's moved on to be the head coach in Indianapolis. Running backs coach Duce Staley wide receivers coach Mike Rowe might get more responsibilities and planning the offense. But not a promotion to coordinator role Eagles coach Doug Peterson of course. Makes all the offensive play calls himself so the need for a traditional offensive coordinator just isn't that great. But another round of not who you know but now what you don't know who you know rather. It's Mike Shula has been a pair. Her as the giants new offensive coordinator and is expected to become a quarterback coach as well Shula fired at the end the 4017 after five years coordinating the offensive Carolina. Of course for date gentleman was the general manager of the Panthers lose the first for those years before being relieved of his duties in July you courses the new GM. In New York it's another situation where the head coach in this case had Sherman. It's expected to call the office to play left. A little more than five months from now will be our first glimpse of the 2018 sees the hall of fame gave us that take place on August 2 this year. Can't we'll host my Chicago Bears and the ravens former bears linebacker Brian her locker next ravens linebacker Ray Lewis of course inducted into their. Paul came on the first ballot in addition to her locker room Louis this year's class consists of Bobby got their. Robert brazile Brian Dawkins. Jerry Kramer Randy Moss. And TERRELL OWENS I'm sorry Jean I I I we have to. When necessary we have to bring in some and it felt we have to talk NFL it's good for sole. Absolutely. You what's good. They're making updates are ready. Think I'm wrong I mean I know we are solved far away from the scheduled release that usually the third week in April before the NFL draft. And put down and hand margin salukis steered danger I look I'm excited just to see the Hulk all all of thing here and yeah story time with. Mike danger. My daughter Leah my oldest daughter is now a teenager. Grew up at a time when the bears were actually good right she was. I shoot 234. Years old when the bears were either contending or making playoff runs two years old woman with the Super Bowl in 2006. But I gave her and her locker Jersey at a young age in Urlacher Jersey she wore. It's a rags I mean she wore this in the numbers were feted and wash so many times the whole thing. But she knew her locker once she heard me talking about or locker loved or locker. To the point where. When he retired. I had fully years ago I what is it four years ago fighters you know that five. She would have been. Actually been like eight years old I told the writer her locker was officially retiring. My baby girl shed a tear cried a little bit. God did it he's warmed my heart at the same time as like sweetheart who understand it's not that big of a deal I know you're upset. I'm upset too but it's going to be fighting explainer that this is just sports we watch it for entertainment we don't need that now. What's up dude your daughter game well you made your daughter cry. Getting to something here let me finish. Would days August 2 August 2 is Sunday rise up Thursday. Oh moved it there they moved to primetime yet know it's now Thursday after the game is on Thursday night nine on Koran has ruined my plan I was gonna say. Her birthday is August 4 two days after August 2 and celebrate her birthday weekend watching Brian Urlacher getting inducted into the hall of fame. Father of the year. The air. If you could sell that bomb no way yacht you're right it is Thursday so the August 2. You wouldn't be able to get down past the hole. Is a tough one Thursdays at double Ike get. I wouldn't be my decision it would be her decision. If I said to her Leah listen. Or lockers going into the hall of fame. Just so happens to be the weekend of your burst. Wanted to help. She would probably say yes. She wants to spend time with her dad's. Soccergirl locker. That's the whole point of this story yeah she doesn't care about bears football during care Bob Brian Urlacher she wants to spend time with their dad. Of course and we would spend time no matter one out sick and wanna golden venture. Two article an adventure. Cat Ohio short drive. You can waive your old Urlacher Jersey like like a terrible towel. You can't Wear anymore. Maybe a month wow I mean now that town is gonna be old bears fans rate in its in its. Mean and and that that revealed many ravens fans imagine their abuse and rape is a show for Ray Lewis. I think Brian's liking financial operating office's. Hours you can TO nobody showing a certificate that's deal. Well bill it will the bill mafia represented TO better than AAF fan base or semi beating case. Worse. Happy hours upon us more next in the sports bar with danger to tag including another round of shots of gore around the world of sports. 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