The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Randy Sexton

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia features a conversation with Amerks GM Randy Sexton. The guys discuss what needs to be done for the team to climb out of the 2-0 hole they're in and which players have caught the eye of management through the course of the season.


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A sports bar with danger and it's actually great fields just you know square the conversation to become an immoral offset their draft as a roller coaster that's for certain kind of I guess southern Poland so is I don't think ability to trade off. If I would the bill I would hold on my pick. I would probably you break down from what do you guys have so when people what actual what you guys that we can develop the mayor Mike danger what do you get twelve. Could still be a productive piece of view of your team moving forward and it could be a quarterback Byron York wrote that the number one player in the class. NBA that it perfect for the bill farm bill plan that is the first guy that I thought gene exactly yeah. Don't beat down and hammer fans this series is not all home Wednesday night games where Emerson taught. I think bought it may be a better team than the one and it hasn't thirteen which went to the Stanley Cup finals. Having said that this easily goes probably seven games what surprised me either way the wind is that it's Zach. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar danger of a tag Leo we appreciate you stopping by on am 950957. FM ES PM Rochester dot com with a free to download. Radio dot com map by a Mike danger he is cheap attack me. By the way I think that was the best game we've had so far in the NHL post season last night Toronto 31 over Boston up and down and and a little controversy. At the officials actually got a right there the goaltender appearance. But luckily for leaf fans that didn't end up causing a team and now we do get one game seven at San all the other series of wrapped up. Game seven tomorrow night. Back in Boston leafs and Bruins we'll talk more hockey with a hammer she M Randy sexton set to join us here in about 1520 minutes in sports bar. With danger and the Tagliabue NFL draft Thursday night of course we will be live. Pull against east side bar and grill now we're doing the show live from three until six are big draft extravaganza and then. Hate it out. We've yearly I'm watching the picks is AM fault. Allegheny this big box of goodies today giveaway winners so we LB Avant lots of stuff and we'll have some things I want to give away but it we superstitious here in the sports very yeah you better believe also RN UR I am not okay. What are what is your superstition on draft night. And not paying into the N double trap to about hockey team year in town. That. We can have things to give away. Provided tickets jinxed it. Up provided there's a game for war on Friday and apple we have tickets for game three yes. We'll give us tickets away for game three for more rights given to crossing the Hubble is 2.3 here before 5 o'clock. In the sports bar with danger tech we look forward to hanging out with you draft night. Thursday at hooligans he sidebar girl and Friday we will be at the exchange. Are right down the street from the blue cross. Yeah and set outside patio there it's going to be nice and hopefully we do get a game for that be a lot of fun there'll be an amor pregame that is of course the hammocks win on Wednesday night. Jane I spent some time earlier today before we gently into the sports bar because ZEO Wayne you're analyzing the quarterback class and you're talking about draft prospects. Eventually it's going to come up. The wonder elect score. From. And yet and when you're talking about the quarterbacks. Not necessarily got a high one Ehrlich score it's who gets the law wonder looks score. If there's one thing I learned remember the wonder what's not an IQ. Tests. It's a test. Here's some information figured out in the clock is running. What is it sixty questions you have to answer and you gotta do what in twelve minutes and that's it. That's the challenge your danger we're all these questions I think given time. You could figure out but the fact that there's a clock that's Dex did web part of this process that I learned that okay. What position do you have to decipher things really quickly. Got a quarterback. Force fifty questions twelve minutes and I I believe you get a point reach question that you answer correctly in that. In that timeframe. I got a Tony for kind of being mean I got a 22. You know most of it's going to. AJ McCarron got a twenty. Oh. Feel better myself yet Baghdad the one Nate they. They got they also pointed out gonna point to his breath far Michael grade at the same board relate score is that guy. Now if you're wondering before we tell danger what he got. Boy give everybody questioned her dangers as one team would of these questions are right. Or some of hum arm just simple math questions that you can figure out C a simple. Now the other addiction and Nagin didn't subtraction but you've got up. They grow quite a was aren't athletes. Let's let's just declare its first student athletes. Some of these math questions might not be simple math question that's true. I'll give you the one verbal one and some of them are words that are scrambled he's got his cipher. So I'm ready to give you letters everyone. You do the wonder lack and the you've got ten seconds to figure it out reading. He app see see why there. What word in my talk about Pacific yep we got. Did you get that question to. Find out why don't want similar to it it's it was a scramble the word. I don't have the the actual letters written that's the scrambled word was Argentina. And it's said if you want scrambled word what does it represent and it says the state to town. A country so you have to one figure out what the scrambled word is in the and you have to trigger a what is Argentina oh it's a country okay well we. Yeah I mean look it's. After taking the tests. I understand. Why a a team might put some value into it. I also understand why you might say if somebody does really well that does like okay well that that's just an added bonus. If if if somebody has. In its athletic ability let let's use the Vince Young example right coming out of college everybody was high and Vince young and of course. In one of the greatest college games of all time. Vince Young Vince Young Vince young men. The junk comes into the NFL rookie of the year Vince Young. Being John Hughes scored they were. 66. Motor yacht six. By the way when you get danger 44 point four. So young writer yeah. You know what I see some of the some of the other groups Ryan Fitzpatrick. Got perfect Juan harbor Greta 48. Owing to her 48 out of fifty on. Yet don't know that I see that has the highest score here is actually a hunter number pat Mac now yes. Scored fifty. And I think that's. A that's got to be perfect score right you get fifty questions twelve men to be all fifty of right then you've got the perfect score. I wonder. And now when disdain age. If you are propping for the draft in prepping for interviews decompress for the wonder elect so just like the ACD year the SAT. So how valuable is it well I guess it's valuable their quarterback in gonna. Improve girl wonderfully scored by taking this thing again and again and again I guess it would show a team that if you. Prepare for a wonder like why open your gun don't watch film into other stuff that'll help you prepare life. I can be a lot I can tell who didn't prepare for the wonder elect that's been done. With a six. And Lamar Jackson Seattle Mark Jackson with a thirteen. Seen. Mean honestly you'd even if you're guessing it have an easy should be doing better than a thirteen. Com what are the prospects. In this year's draft scored 37. Pretty good score. Just jealous or are set literally don't do that to me. OK. So that's why that matter why why created so that video you pointed out everybody where he can't. I did it by a simple where it's in what the hot read is if he doesn't know hot three. Better then them 37 on the one. Mean it isn't all it's cracked up the B Josh Rosen. Geared to step up. Cerebral guy I'm gonna say thirty. He did better in January 29. Close. Public sands Arnold's. Younger guy ain't one. Of the dangerous course of 24. Twenty eights them. But he's a film I don't I'm Betty took one look over and over again. Baker mayfield. Baker may feel too I really see baker may feel putting in the work into an extra one or work. What does he did my score twenty to. 25 Iraq. Score better than both of us. Always prospects to Jean. Well three curious about. You mentioned Lamar Jackson each. Thirteen and who spoke with who's. Who's. Always Rudolph. Didn't take it. It's interesting exercise. If you have the means. You can find online that the test is. You know it's twelve minutes of your day. But after taking eight UE develop an appreciation for. Why teams would look at this why it matters why they do. Go through the exercise have taken a what are Lichen and Jane I believe if you are prepared for it you probably do a better score. I wasn't prepared for it now unite just days I don't know when Israel blindly yet to go blindly and in. Which really brings me back to Vince Young in the state. Everybody made on Vince Young was not going deeper on what was upstairs you just fell in love with the athletic ability. And I go back to the story Donald Jones told on the air when he was back in the midday slot with Murphy. Where he pulled the story and a deals priests easing in others Vince Young beat up Vince Young at the end his career in and out for any job where the play comes in. And young looks up in the hot own as a pre season game and says okay pointed down you run a day you run an out you were you running golf. And while what what's the plaque I don't don't worry don't listen to you run a day you run or not you're gonna go dolphins of lying about what what's the protection. That's obviously not the way you'll play sand lot football. But the point being that Vince Young just you know was. Apparently all about the short cotton in police paired with on a real NFL offense the nets one of the reasons why he flushed out all of the leak. My question you might danger. We talked about yesterday. How Lamar Jackson wow skills wow athletic ability wow wow wow when we talk Mark Schofield I ask that question hey. It wasn't six to thirteen a low one Ehrlich score is their connections and then in and out that's an unfair comparison because. Young had the mother emotional issues of your call. My question is might danger does these keys you pause for concern. Because when you draft a quarterback. He is the base all of your franchise he is the guy making decisions. You're hiring an executive on the field basically doesn't give you pause or concern. When I tell you Lamar Jackson scored thirteen and a wonderful no. You don't want. To tell. To take several what Jim Kelly's wanna look scoreless stuff. 101515. Worked out OK yeah. If you have the ability. If you can command that huddle. If you do the work if you prepare. I'm willing to ignore you wonder look score. I think BB a guy like Kelly our Gallic Marino. Guys that are in the hall of fame they have lower wonder links course. It worked out pretty well for them. They had that he gets yeah. And if you have that it's. And Lamar Jackson might have that it's we don't know. Don't know what that guy's gonna be like. In an NFL hall. But that's the upside. On a guy like Jackson might ought. I hold oh god all right here's what I hope I hope the patriots are drafting Mark Jackson. Oh god no. Anywhere you winners the Petrino offense is a little bit of the air our offense which is the descendant of what they're running right now in New England dangers. Brian Cabell has a little bit of that is well with his experience in New England so. Not hearing anything not hearing any dots connected Lamar Jackson Nazi and that's who the bills are going to war should take. In the draft. But I'd say if you're gonna say all well is dull me thirteen don't want to click stop. Stop it. It might not be free you know what in my empty for a lot of student athletes. You not really a student. You're really an athlete. Chip Kelly had a fifteen. And the Reno had a sixteen it doesn't matter if you have it's. You'll be fine. Let's get Randy Saxon and. General manager for the Rochester Americans who tomorrow 19:3. Am Merck's. And Syracuse and just curious did his thoughts on what he's seeing on the ice. Also what this could mean for the future so in an interesting conversation for sure if your hockey thing wanna stick around. It's always tickets tomorrow night's game when he sat on let's do that that story now. 454 ESPN 4543776. We have a free pair. For tomorrow night's playoff action a blue cross arena as the hammer host crunch. If you want them they're yours caller five right now 454 ESP at 45437762. Tickets. Two tomorrow night's. Calder cup playoff action between the networks in the crunch that blue cross arena. Ready sex and Amherst GM joining us next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. You dreamt about that one touchdown. Dreamt about that national titles. Now you dream of hearing your name welcoming you to back games that you stay. About dream becomes reality. Thursday. Like seven advance does sports league. ESPN Rochester new and modern sound on you lapel hole. I Backus court for a teacher to tag sale. And ESPN dot. Steve always hammer tickets for tomorrow night blue cross Serena. Only Tylenol. All known I don't know. Hey maybe I'm guilty of going a little too confident in this series she. I mean maybe sing and works in two was just a little bit too confident going into the openings. Well yeah when three are all but first things first. On tomorrow night as we mention game three and he is in Rochester. Donnelly of the call 705. And one more tickets for you to win coming up later today here in the sports bar it's always a pleasure to have Amherst GM Randy sexton joining us in the sports bar danger in the tightly Randy how are you. By Graham I'm sure be better for bail the team was up to wall but. I this story they came down today Randy outlook what are your thoughts on the suspension to Andrew mcwilliams. Where on that play I guess I didn't I didn't see it needed no penalty called on it what are your thoughts. Crop while you know according of the rules and it you know. He's been such a copy then we'll talk about it returned choke. The expendable and well. Illinois can. Yeah they were Randy sexton amorous gym joining us here with the earmarks down 02 to Syracuse. Hosting the crunch tomorrow night at blue cross are gonna do or die for the Rochester Americans ready will talk more about the length of the series in a little bit but I I'm just curious. Win win there's so much riding for a lot of these guys for the team as a whole for individual pieces of the team. How difficult it is the visiting your position to evaluate talent in a short series like this with a small sample size in guys that you need to make a decision on this offseason. Well you know that. The crap is one segment of the overall we should. We evaluate their players that would be cracked me about only the beginning when we break the heat and excitement of the side mental evaluation it. If not backed a call. In fact it refreshing because at different. Other circumstances. Albeit at a familiar opponent but the typical of the circumstances. The intensity of a sort a couple of lies just another thing you can be able to evaluate our guys put up a typical. Political. Randy if listening to the game Friday night aiming have listened decades that Don Stevens seemed adults sometimes just by the inflection of his voice how the game is being called it seemed like Syracuse. Was taking a few liberties I guess in game one and by the time the end Merck's adjusted to what it was it was too late the officials. Calling up a post game up both season game a little differently it is that fair to say that it's Turkey's going into what that was a sign of a a team that had been there before. I don't think so I need you know about the competition. It is what it won't buy them. You know we were don't treat up to the second period of the industry industry break away and can't get to post so the score could've been different. I thought it was important that they're here that archer chief I know compete. Level in our overall we didn't quite match and that there therein lies the difference. I will play on the on Saturday or out of our guys are our guys battled hard could've gone either way. You know quote one goal playoff game whipped one bouncer there are a little but elected quote from these are gone the way it. Every guy and artsy to a man to compete while horrible it's a very typical. Borderline dirty pop. Playoff game but it was predicting normal. Already I mean you mentioned the physicality and and listening to the game on game one on on Friday night. It sure seemed that the cameras were mismatched physically at least to start the game and it picked up as the game picked. As the game wore on and then of course in the game two was well. Talk about how these two teams match up physically wearing no they don't like each other physically speaking how they match up. Not to pre well. You know we're a little bit older than they are they they are a little bit younger. That's when I look at our roster on Friday at. Back at the hotel what we had ten players and our lineup who were playing. In their first professional playoff game so that kind of he'd been so no okay no argument go if you guys are corrupt. You know technically your prototypical left on. Laughter and so you know you've got to kind of got over the slot that's part of experience that part of you know being in the cup after it is part of what will development process. I would say that typically this week we got a pretty well they're. On media actually bigger on the back again not much. You know I would say what would probably shade bigger up front of the Balkans a big doesn't get goaltending sold you know I I think. You know you look at her record your report I don't wanna get them a lot of Gary most means you know the sixteen game on Friday that it could go will. Score indicated the quality of oracle also playing actually the one goal game. On Saturday looked like an outpost. How close it in aren't despite the fact without these are. You know our our whole focus want ship that aren't Smart guy but would membership the membership of goodwill became a bad. You know move on Friday night. Game three tomorrow night NE SP and Rochus to the pre game begins at 650 or guest Randy sexton. General manager of the Rochester Americans ready to things I would love to see changed I don't know if there is. Any movement for this to happen but. And the fact that Casey middle step by rule could not joined BM Merck's your thoughts on. On that could we see perhaps it won't help this year but maybe in the future if you have a situation like that. And then sexual we can't we talk to Chris Taylor last week we asked who would rather have a best of five or best of seven he said well. A best of seven now I'm gonna ask you that question obviously from Rochester standpoint. We would love a best of separating felt like. Eight if this league's about development and benefit everyone if the first Ronnie HL playoffs were a best of seven instead of of a best of five. I I completely agree. Quarter and we quite figure out months we'd almost be peaking so that we can hurry up and how about. About why that. It makes no sense I I don't know the history of what I go though Janice and I don't even know want to come. I think about that. 7 NEWS is the way to go we do almost everything mirror image of what the National Hockey League best which makes perfect sense because we're the number one development we will be in the chill. But every. Yet every morning chill was about to side and so I don't know what the the thinking inside I certainly hope that upcoming meeting well spent some time that Arctic. My partners until you know why we wouldn't go past this if it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Ready we are where we are in the situation where it is a best of five and game three is Stewart died tomorrow night for the Rochester Americans are backs against the wall you mentioned. The team happening go out there and really examine every ship to win every shift in order to win the game needs to change from what you saw in games one and two. For this team to win game three. What other than just will be a little tiger Earl and our own result. On Saturday that particular I don't think we need to change and our guys can vote will be lots of energy we can now we created quite a bit of our parents you know. Our specialty scenes were respectable. But the guy competed hard it was hard. They were hard on pot they blocked shots. And I've got to leave no doubt it if we greet the same energy. And the same level of compete. Two more very different world now that we thought we played what Saturday at churches. We're gonna in this series and got no they're out of trouble built my mind. Randy sexton has not tomorrow night the afforded team three blue cross arena. Brady you've want to seem now for full year it in gear we know the big names on this team then and many of them went up the buffalo. Give me a player on the Hamburg this year that you would say. Open your eyes and that OK this player has a real shot. At moving up next year. I think I'll block well. Mean he's not a household name he's been on a trial and it went from a tribe in America league contract. College just bent over to force all year he's. He's doing tremendous trust the coaches and of the management group he he brings every ounce of energy everything practiced. And every second of every game he he can play in a partly he told and we should take you police stopped. He can keep our. He's a great cultural Porter. You know war opposite I'll call but industry but you know he's a guy won't could very well surprise some people. Eric Sheehan Randy sexton are gas in the sports barging German tightly on ESPN Rochester. Are readied a perfect world Saturday night you're not watching the NHL draft lottery because he hammers will be playing in game five but. Whether the sabres picked first or they they picked fourth how is the talent level at the top end of this year is drafting your opinion. Very good guys I mean. They're voters appear again what are cool I would I would like it because number one. But thereafter I think early on to seven or you can you can even art into the eight. Is it very interchangeable if you want somebody little bigger or you want some little factories want to be maybe one of the better scorer. Where you want that right shot at our. Last shot at that would. So all they're so. I got absolutely no doubt that we will be well prepared for the drop amateur scout dot. Pounding. The globe this year such in the Al Arab. You know apology I get number one of the lived through the east and get number one. I'm hoping that we got to but you know what happened not got to level the we will be crying and on our belt will be getting ready to pick where we pick and we will get a very good and regardless of where we pick push. Rochester hammocks general manager Randy sexting joining us you came to this organization in two. Work which Jason bot troll and a as you mentioned no one expected the sabres 331 the late August insert. How is Jason. Holding up after what was a very trying year here. He's great yeah it it wouldn't crying because you're trying absolutely. We learn a lot of what people that we what the are we going to make change you better believe it. Aren't you know I think we would win. I couldn't pass in the pocket of the sport under that should keep an advocate evolving cancers like got a bunch of people multiple date index of mistakes are pro was. You know we need to change couldn't upgrade to the front which we did and fortunately you know what I go to that Alba and waited this year Jay McKee the entire council that. I put in the lack depth on the back and that squarely. Having an impact on us and most importantly I mean I think we really understand people that we have here the players that we have. And we are now well situated in a Goldwater best estimate and changes to improve our team. We've got. They're the types of players that we want how long term the ball well we're we're we feel very good about. You know that process takes place every day you're at opposite so. Certainly certain open at security first was appointed by the you know Port Angeles and a quarter but Carter days ahead. Now and Randy you've you've been through you know the multiple organizations he you've done this you know it it did from parts of your career throughout the NHL you know. I'm curious as to how much culture plays into what you guys are don't we heard a lot of development development was the big big buzz word when Jason was introduces general manager last year and I think you're starting to see that kind of play out in what the amateur able to do when a short amount of time here from season to season a pretty good improvement by the Rochester Americans credit TU. And your staff but what about the overall culture. Of the organization and how does that change here this offseason. Well but you don't have to change the culture and we have to change a culture crossing terror organization it spits. It's easier to cheated the American League level because we don't have a salary cap of very few players have more than one years but once you're on the contract so you're able to affect change more quickly than. And it. You know I've I've I'm really proud of the players that we that we had a Rochester this year and I think our leadership group there and an outstanding job and will continue to do an outstanding job. Probably understand the kind of culture that we want we. And it it it sounds like mother would not apply but it's pretty simple. Tell yourself every day on the top ball off yes it professional. Combo work every day he rested and ready to work a crowd. Com to work everything is ready to compete what you're competing look at Indy Lights started a and meet our special assignment will be competing with your opponent com ready to compete. I'd be a good team that you know treat everybody in the organization with respect treat achieve mutual respect. And Syria are so quick a well thought about it the culture that we are working to build here. And we've got a good start. Rochester we got a good start in Cincinnati. Where we have made some progress in ball well but. I did you know organizationally. We're not quite where we need to be incredibly have to be. Randy sex in our guest here in the sports bar one question outside the organization you being somebody that done I'm sure is watching that the playoffs I am just. Amazed at what what Vegas is been able to do it for folks that are not familiar with the background you were the original Jian all the Ottawa Senators. Meaning do you wish that you had those rules back it up we're not always set up because. Biggest certainly took advantage of you know the system that was set up for them this year Randy. What they get I mean. We also have to remember. Are Kirk spent European auto legally buy up like under by archer we had a pony up 500 in what was the English. But clearly. Clearly it in and I with a big advocate this might have been in the show about what. The rules what we definitely not a law school together with Tampa Bay were significantly different in terms rules and need access to lawyers. Where were significantly different and you know camp a lot both struggled we'd we built Turkey as we went but it would typical getting getting watched. And you know we had to keep it to believe it doesn't do anybody any good. Not our opponents and certainly not teams and our market cap struggling teams. Stock we'll see what players and give them the chance to compete and have some success because that's good for everybody and in order all the time but we. I think taken that approach and they have I think what George McPhee and his organization have done and that there's nothing short of spectacular. And guess what. It's really good for power of the I mean what do exasperated at the school might are only just the national hockey in all local sports. And I hope that of the leak as it looked experience. Hate the model that the NHL generated others in their team a chance to compete give them a chance to succeed because this country everybody. Randy it's great having you on with us love our conversations hope we have the chance to do it again soon and well we hope we can that taught you about more hammer hockey here later in the post season. We got a tough hill lie ahead of us here down 02 but it starts tomorrow night at blue cross Serena. And you hear that action here on ESP in Rochester Randy six and Aristide and joining us in the sports or enjoy your afternoon Randy. You are on the fort avenue radeon again soon hopefully not to that is an end of sees. I'll know I didn't I didn't hear any now it was rather upbeat and yes if you're looking all game one a Los exterior yet and an amount that was a one goal game that. Just got away late nineteen errors and whatever and then deemed too. Are any yet he never had a chance that tie the game late didn't happen in Seoul. Did they see baseball's the game in design. Hockey. Hockey is being low key is sport so yeah yeah ever to win Wednesday night in you get a good crowd out there. Heading into Friday night things can change instantly. You say it short series five game series and he was very definitive. We do playing a five game series of this is about development and honestly I mean. This is not a league now where yet travel ball our aid the divisions are sat opt. So even the most widespread at the Basra so what what he's doing there should be a seven game series. Let's get to NFL appetizers next few nuggets Frida chew on here in the sports bar with danger the tag leave the top stories of the day including. A franchise quarterback will not. These throwing. At mini camp this off season and another owner has been sequestered. In the calling Capra nick. Collusion grievance we'll tell you who that is and what do might mean all the way next NFL appetizers in the sports part danger and tag Leah on ESPN Rochester. Rochester rabbit speedy. Easiest way to connect with Rochester is most listened to sports guy. Sports bar with a dangerous bitch back. Rochester wrapped. Gestures voice leader. 57. In Rochester. You're seeing. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. In his news from around the National Football League. That little boy today. Served up in place. There's no assurance that. The are serving. Art display was six. Now another sportsman. Other teams have new head coaches get the added benefit of an additional minicamp. That helps the colts. He's not gonna effect can walk. George Romero beat and her scene herald bulletin. Reports that Locke will not be throwing at the mini camp at all. Not even a simple catch during warmup slot. Continues to recover from shoulder surgery performed in January 2017. I think you zapped by skipping steps during his rehab. Box set himself fat possibly making it harder. Then ever to get back a 100% at some point shoulder he'll be fully healed the question then. Will be how close or how far shoulder is effort to reform into his three surgery people's capacity. The rams made a couple of no brainer would stay for their roster that helped solidify and that's when he nineteen picking up the picked your rookie deals. Deal auctions rather on on both running backs like girly and the newly acquired Marcus Peters girly of course helped transform their offense last year Peters. Inbound via trade with the chiefs this off season. Both sets of table for more complex decisions. Future with a handful of top shelf players with deals up next off season or two years from now. The owner who told reporters his team will be standing at the end of the when he team because healing is called bad for business. Has been summoned to a hot seat dolphins owner Stephen Ross is only as witness. The colleague Katherine collusion grievance. But the question. Ross joins cowboys owner Jerry Jones Texans owner Bob McNair. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome rated tech coach John Hart barring commissioner Roger Goodell. Complete wide witnesses who have been questioned by tapper Nick's camp. Finally the sport in round. Reported the NFL network the giants have a trade discussions. I have had trade discussions regarding former first from left tackle Erik flowers the fact of flowers wasn't picked by current general manager gave cattlemen's important but. He's the only player to stay away from the start their off season program under new coach that's a big factor as well trading him now will. Also get them off the hope of making a decision on his fifth year option some familiar. Flowers has talent but did not turn into the corner stone tackle and he was widely criticized while he was in the New York interest and see if Erik flowers is a piece. That could be dealt. Thursday night maybe. Now in word is out there and or flowers is somebody that they like to move on from a I don't know bombing inheriting that problem upon now the Buffalo Bills no worrying news for some it is not going to be around for a while no thanks we'll draft somebody better in. It's a no I never got a very flowers being a difference makers so that is. And it'll appetizers here in the sports bar on 957. ESPN are you not concerned if you're colts fan when you hear Andrew Luck is not throwing a football it is. Point. You kidding me. It may next week to do not know that this is what's great about cults of excuse me when we talked to our body can't sterling. From our sister station in Indianapolis and he really. He paints a picture of a fan base who view is this team through the lens of 2006. Really believing that the colts are Super Bowl contenders. Every single year there really is not that this is still a team that's led by a franchise quarterback taking guide them to the post season into the Super Bowl. And a web. It's not that team they are so far from that team that they have they have no idea. How how. Just on the verge of relevance the colts are there already they. There are there they were a terrible team this year that went three and thirteen. Bly part of this is fueled by a G now. He's delusional to when he talks about how what nick Daniel spurring them the rivalry is now it's our. How are you yeah you know Ballard is him he might be a little bit loony. But he's looney any was hired by somebody who's Loney air. And he you know it starts at the person is crazy. Are these crazy. Not crazy in a good way and now. Nobody could he be crazy enough. And she just wondering. If if he did look is not picking up a football. Could that be the crazy move. What colts drafting a quarterback. Look. It's something that should be considered until it luck actually throws a football. Aided their scouts say hey this guy is a franchise quarterback we need to draft him. I'm not waiting around to see if Andrew Luck shoulder. It checks out if it does great wall cross that bridge later in will be able to deal. Quarterback cats we just took a number six overall. I'm just saying that the idea that the colts are not gonna draft a quarterback. I would put a small percentage on it after hearing this story. Today you're not throwing a football yet. At what point does it become okay. It hasn't been a year its been 618. Months since that initial surgery it's still look right. Had a shoulder is this. This sounds very serious and about the colts I am not closing my eyes and hoping will be the same Andrew Luck no I'm. I'm becoming a put a plan B if our. Gonna take a break here in the sports or a danger to tightly come back we've got more and Merck's tickets for Wednesday night to give away in the 5 o'clock hour before 6 o'clock you win those tickets must. Do or die game for the ARRIS is a host crunch in the cold cup playoffs game three. From blue cross through and it's more at a game you can hear right here on ESPN Rochester Jeanne I think we should also. Put to rest. Any rumors and speculation as to who the that the browns will be selecting with 'cause it changes it feels like it change already opened two or three times. A day so we'll get to that in more next in the sport for forty cent. On the rumor of the hour here yes I was rumored usual or next in the sports bar danger to tag Leah eight and 950957. FM ESPN Rochester. In RT you know I just red wings are send you out on the six race could be boarding a Wilkins RT out downtown buffalo next year round. Fans don't section and red wings baseball. We've received by me. 957. Amdocs points leader. Chester.