The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Rod Mawhood

Rod Mawhood, host of the Niagara Sports Report on Newstalk 610 in St. Catherines highlights hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys discuss Johnny Manziel's decision to join the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. News also breaks on the Bills releasing Richie Incognito.

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Thus sports bar with danger and that sadly the one I think it's going to be under the gun immediately is going to be Josh Allen. And I think Josh Allen has a chance you know could be the opening day starter I believe he could be Mike danger what the expectation for Josh challenge indeed. This summer what's a fair expectation that gene exactly apple T yankees kicked that golf. They can start to do some things that resemble a ball out there you know you start to get a clearer picture of how this team is going to come together as a whole Roger Goodell once Johnny Denzel to have an unbelievable. Canadian. Football league to hear Ryan if it indeed is two years come not just. Coming here that it's do what I need to go back down to the NFL NBA conference finals action now this weekend. Every showed up in this particular game that's that different body play like a two time indeed meet. Particularly in the thick and have with the LeBron James leaves or not if these days and we've been. He's never winning another view championship right now Marc-Andre Fleury is playing like the best player in the world. So it's hardly a bad against Vegas I'm sixty well. To fly out. Rochester sports liter 957. ESP yes. About the sports bar with danger of attack we appreciate you stopped by on AM 950 and 957 FM these sports leader ESPN Rochester ESPN Rochester dot com is our home on line. You can hear conversation from last hour with WGR's Paul Hamilton on demand right now. And ESPN Rochester dot com also Donald the radio dot com it's free putting your phone. Take ESPN Rochester with you listen anywhere anytime I am I danger cheetah tangling with some breaking. Yes so Richie Incognito real lease from the reserve retired list was this meanwhile. ES in cotton need no words you on to retire. And let's just assume that that is true that he file the paperwork with the league. Then he's a free agent he can go sign. Wherever he likes to my knowledge danger he doesn't have an agent right now at least last we knew we fired his agent so what is basically I think danger that the Buffalo Bills are doing the right. Thing you and he. This guy wants to be somewhere else okay see yeah by the way I don't know he finds another job he's 34 he's not. Baggage beyond belief Richie if somebody wants to pay you what you think you are worth then good luck to. Yet interest single by the Buffalo Bills but if you wanna say. That they do this is is the right move mean. Big shot in the past like no you're gonna on your economy with a squabble and as an example who were not gonna release she'll. We're gonna. Me Q honor the contract the terms of the contract that you signed now that's a little bit of a different situation and I'm not gonna compare the two because yet one word got played for at this organization played well for this organization guy obviously showed up for a few weeks training camp. Ford said he wanted to hang it out but me and maybe that's what it comes down to his. You know just a simple plea by Richie and to our I'll cut off I'll cut off the antics you know the all looking for is an opportunity to play in this. Now pay back part of the bonus that was part of the deal the bills to recoup their money if he does that any wants the place somewhere else immediately. So it's a different way to get owl of the contract. I say no team would want him via. I stranger things out Archie a tornado could end up on a roster. A roster that's desperate for some offensive line veteran help. Who. Has a good running attack danger. That hey coach has ties to off 120 you seem go to Jacksonville don't you. I could seem goal of the chargers. It CA I mean there there are not paid coaches that have been around and know the pros and cons of bringing back guy and a lot from but that the one year thing. I don't think he's getting one your five million from anybody that's the thing. Well. It that this thing about Dean Mcdermott is it they've given themselves but it could drop they've really give themselves plenty of role. To hang themselves with if they want to write I mean we. Know we can kind of say lol why they do a living questioned the move. But really. This is all part of processes and at this just another process move. Dollars in it yeah. Radically altered I'm ready let's do. It is our rental car world yeah. It's time for post rigs in the in the sports. Sports. Start with the other National Hockey League Alex Ovechkin did you see this danger he played ball with twelve seconds in the last four to happiness. He's a game five. Develops a vet you were Canadian. Canadian to be pulling formally be celebrating it he ordinary game. We keep pulling for him the win next championship I said this before 600 career goals. Alex Ovechkin beat you could drop Chris Paul I don't think there's an NFL counterpart. Mate who wears the title today yup that's. Athlete never to win a championship. Better than Alex Ovechkin parent there that's the title right now normally legal for a guy like that. Seem race for the seat John Elway. About LeBron when he went back to Cleveland. But of match games where I don't get that same feeling it. And I think the fact that he's Russian has a lot to do. Absolutely. Absolutely. We want to believe that the Cold War is over pulled words but clearly. The Russians and needed it Laphen and it's not write it and and everything that they are doing it all of the the the plant did social media and the judges to have their way it would. I I we want to pull for for greatness and Ovechkin got a great career under his belt. But it's hard for us to relate to a Russian athlete and get behind that Russian athlete. I can do how can not relate though that guy is how they're essentially the the last five minutes if you wanna come with the oh well here he doesn't do his best in the postseason he scored eleven goals this year and by the way. My opinion of them or bad skin has flipped. There's the mean gold look toward a few years ago where there's a goal in the post season that he's not even. Back checking just kind of gliding along army there or pull post seasons where he didn't show up but now at age 32 I think the guys learn something and how can you not respect. That's fine I'd like to see it for a little bit more than one post season because a lot of those memories of him slumping off in the post season. Still fresh in the mind and I'll remember for the game where he played all but twelve seconds of the final four and a half minutes I mean that's. That's impressive that's kind of grit and kind of heart that you wanna see out of the champion. But this is really the first time I've actually thought well. Veterans really getting after it. He's prolific goal score yes but effort in the post season has been lacking through the course of his career and and now you're starting to see it. I don't know that that I'm pulling for him I'm certainly upload form against Wright calendar in Tampa Bay and maybe next year's a different story and and maybe there's a little bit more sentiment there and we can see bud. That this year feels like Tampa asylum drifted at a below the critical of the NBA post season. Because we are expecting both conference final series of the ultra competitive and entertaining and this is what we have so far. I mean AA if you're somebody who picks a 41 point beat down is entertaining I guess it. A lot of people say were to be the real NBA finals a Western Conference finals Golden State Houston. That series has its news or Gina. Now you're being kind it was terrible basketball might Houston last that they had all the feel love a now Tuesday night off back to back in the month of February last night 193. Other Western Conference final on. Is a downer because okay what are we leading up to. Colmes state Cleveland. Okay haven't we seen this before conference finals are out of the NBA finals are gonna be worse I'll drink to that. The NFL has determined that Detroit Lions take coach Matt Patricia will not be subject to any discipline in regards for the lions organization for that matter. Regards that previous sexual assault allegation that happened back in the year nineteen. 96. Day here's what we NFL knows when they need to close the done something really quickly holiday gift what a foot on the pedal the error but the investigation rather quick. Now those lawyers know what they're doing there. The ivory tower not Madison avenue the embassy here in our cap they know exactly what they're doing their it with the NFL Leon let's move on from that nothing to see here. Let's bury this story let's make sure it doesn't resurface anytime since filed. To that did you see this you know smack down. We're gonna talk some wrestling smack down may be coming than network TV the Hollywood reporter's reporting. That WWE and fox are closing in on a five year one that. Billion dollar deal. For us to bring up next week we haven't announced this year have we next week we have a special ball. Has cast with yes we can announces okay let's talk about it yeah. Who's coming to the sports bar Tuesday. Sheikh this snake is coming into this chase to seek a week from tomorrow yes parts of freshly Memorial Day holiday tune in the sports bar a week from tomorrow. Jake the snake Roberts in the sports bar. Oh yeah I talked to be solved. Tip that the number one team in division to three lacrosse are a team they lost. 1918 the final. So the season ends with a warning line that. The one record that's it. Think about all the work they can't summer fall winner all the work it takes to get back to the top of that mountain just get back to that's tough. Losing a one game playoff he could so devastating. Do you know why championship there's celebrated. Because they are so. Hard to come behind. Absolutely. Can't take anything for granted that's tough geno. I mean you're easily the favorite going in that turn right this that it seemed well this teenage played a big crossed him last year twenty to six. I'm not close enough to Dahlia well okay these guys showed up thinking well we we got this one again while halftime score 116 Romo who. Loo woo woo hoo and then the rally happened in the and the Baltic and chance to tie so for our 98. Great season. Probably yes the best he's never had number one undefeated up until that point. It's just so hard you can't slip up once the one loss cost of. Our interns are in studio with us and age you know young will. Many. Your project now is keep an eye and Richey and Todd needless Twitter feed. I have a feeling we're gonna have a series of I'm basically talking to gets back on Twitter what's he tweeting about now geno free at last free at last I mean he's a free agent now he's. He's off that all he he did that would make too much sense. Honestly he has it has the feel of I've had a few of my sister Eminem is gonna put something out there and it doesn't make any sense anymore. When he gets on social media. Yeah I mean what's the worst case in her routine Gagne you know ends up in New England who. He's 34. East 34 danger. At least it's funny that 34 year old that everybody was crying about when he decided that go sideways I mean you know 34 year old that I think the bills would like out of going into this season or nobody was questioned whether or not he was gonna be valuable this team in 2018 prior to his retirement. I don't know that he's going to make it a lack John with another team. But we can't. Six years fans it's like well well now he's not a bill lease is courage washed up over the and and and and man everybody. Was looking forward to that guy and Eric would both coming back this year and contributing on that offense. Well to get we haven't hurrying cut Neil story on this may be he does want to stay retire. And this is just the awful bill saying hey you know what. We want nothing to do it you stop contacting us you're done. Not sure that those of the sort that we won't hear about it mean. Oh I mean Dini sale at all my body's falling apart my doctors are not delay plan which okayed maybe that's true and will take you later war but. Sorry Richie here throughout your career it's hard to take you at face value well. Yes your actions speak louder than words and the actions abridging card you know this offseason have been bizarre scene Italy so you know that could be a very real possibility bills is that you know what. Our phones been ringing off the hook for data unit BDO is like the annoying girlfriend that just can't. We don't remember back in the day you get like. Back in the early days of cell phone bill knowing god I missed fourteen calls. All from the same girl the time to move on. Time to move on. The old answer machine back in the day. The told you how many message you have fourteen messages and you listen to tape pulls it back to the tape you're like oh my god. If you've got to move on now. And going. And I think television. Or you can come over the what do so you writers of the year you opted. Yeah if I got when your deal with the psychology and try to do when they're dealing with a -- story time kids are dealing with this cycle you have to DD. Delicate with the situation so. No you're dealing with the cycle your brand him beating you gotta psychotic linemen. With all of these addict yeah I would say let's look at dust settle on this a little bit and let him down a little easy OK and you thinking you better out there go ahead good luck. Down yet remember he was threatening to come for the first week OTA's. I'm gonna show up Monday you know you imagine the behind the scenes security meaning. Mr. income of new shows of the school. I just have a feeling it you know as much of a god. An asset as he was that offensive line you know if you're brand name being is that your first choice. Is that the guy you want representing your team organization when when you have the chance that he's trying to I was proud of. I was gonna say then when Rex Ryan came in what was Rex Ryan all of the out. It was about new owners. That war in Bayer's my head coach quitting on them and they had no credibility and that's what Rex Ryan did but let's be honest Rex Ryan just got fired in self. So Rex Ryan in to see himself. The bills and Rex Ryan weren't good. Day at that time so supportive role in bringing in another guy that had a bad on race yet there was nobody else we've it was gonna take routine kind you know murdering Daniel team in and it basically the one year deal that was. But don't come to me and say oh god you lost none and and and now just a few months ago you already for reaching content you know. To be the anchor on this offensive line. And the news of him retiring with shocking to everybody. Now I'm not saying we have to pine for the days of Richie and content you know. Now playing guard for the Buffalo Bills but don't don't turn around it at all is diminished get none and yeah you're all about reaching content you're just a few months ago. Well it's I cool it down. My read on this danger it's as simple as Regina and cog Nino was asked to take a pay cut his agent said take a pay cut. OK I'll do away and then he regretted it. That's all they see is yet one year left on a deal and he's seen other Payer players that didn't mean anything that team. It's like starlet to a late get their money and that's the way this league works if you're at the end you're not gonna cash in. And I could see how that could just pester inside a guy like reaching and got me out and I don't know that to be true that's what I believe happened here why he went sideways on this team. He was bitter about the pay cut. Chris Pearson on Twitter at ESPN Rochester cheers to the sports bar hash tag altering to that hash tag. Ready for baking though there's Chris enjoying a blue. Good for you Chris enjoy your time off all got Memorial Day weekend Jeanne just crept up on us. I mean we got action this weekend. It's not yes. Rib fest this weekend. The lead our work this weekend. Maybe game seven Wednesday night that's what Nate in hopes for danger. ESP Rochester native Ryan how dare you not root for all these split over a thousand games a thousand point 600 goals year old Stanley comes to solidify his legacy is one of the greatest players ever he needs the wood a couple weeks oral hockey fans are really worried they get it. Churn it and I'm not a true hockey fan because I don't like Alex Ovechkin okay right. I think you're right that's it listen I just don't like the player I EL I I recognize and respect what he's done. And I'm allowed to be suspect in the I'd like to see a bigger sample size of all be doing what he did. Over the weekend I would like to see more about you know if you do enough that furloughed and appear to title and alive and creating is staged and ninth. Yes if he wins at home and set up we gained seven and gets his team to the final. Are you rooting for the team that didn't exist. The Disney story or you room floor. Again greatest app is somebody wants to point out name me another athlete that is accomplished as much to. Hey there hasn't won a championship if you're gonna say Chris Paul from. Saying yeah I know Chris Paul's never being considered in Michael one of the top violator I don't like Alan are you ready. How important. Can it had a right not Knoll that Debra wall was coming that was gonna walk. Pool pool another. John excel. Maybe gets chance of winning a championship north of the order. As he signed with the Hamilton tiger cats over the weekend gene I look I think this is big is a big deal for the CF fell. And now I'm watching. But it would people actually gonna go a lot of people candidate care about the CO felt. I he's a friend of mine Bynum on the sports bar for the first time whose Toxics tensing Catherine's. Rod mull hole and it what's the reaction up there in Canada right now was this mean for the CFL Johnny football by the way there's no escape. The digital app. That okay you leave the idea they can play good for a month or two and then go back to AFL on. This contract is iron clad he using Canada at least to the age of 27 is a real opportunity here. For the CFL fact I make the argument that Watson's Ricky Williams they've had a player with this cachet go there yeah. It'll be uninteresting watch for sure this summer CF fell. A football actually become somewhat relevant if you're an NFL fan or just a fan of yeah I am a fan of a good comeback story I'm kind of curious to see what Johnny Mann tells able to do with the opportunities presented to him. We should call my ex girlfriend candidate Dino line. Could you never wanna go north of the border want to because it was big north of the border. Al hallways so close we go to north of the border next. Rob Lloyd I'm sorry I'm rob my hood. And a symbol what. Can send to break let's go to break here in the sports nature technically in the con ESP at Rochester. And a rebel sports league and you deserve us. Dollars I. Each weekday starting at seven at that topic each hour will announce a Cold War when you hear it takes a code word nationwide test seven. Dollar signing. Yeah he's on us boards later. Bone crunching hits. Backboard shattering dunks back flips in the hat tricks on the sports leader he had 950 and 957 FEM ESPN Rochester in the sports bar. Danger in the tag Leo over the weekend Johnny mental side with the Hamilton tiger cats and my reaction actually was more shocked and surprised when I realized. Oh that's sort June Jones has been hiding. Jim Jones head coach Hamilton tiger cats socks and CFL what this means for the CFL geno. Yeah drama Lloyd host tonight or sports report news talks extended Saint Catherine radical friends to ride it does not Johnny men sell me the CF fell. More or would you say that the CFL actually needs Johnny men's Elmore. Charlie excel it's absolutely huge up or ship well I I I heard obviously after shot there a basic goal. The second story on ESPN. Already hit its future is here now our course. I don't you guys probably realize this but the last quarterback with this kind of marketing I know it was probably got booted then of course left distraught or not become chew up the ball well built the Jammer wake shares collapsed. Big game she FL player that is church so ordered I think. Johnny but ball so big that you met actually at the actual order. Rod it's one thing (%expletive) and take gets signed in the play in the CFL but we we you mentioned Flutie. The 41 in the CF felony AD you know does men's cell have to prove that he can still win games. In the CFL ever get a crack again and again it playing in the NFL. Sure I think you shall they get chided creation yet spelled it kind of felt. I'm finished this dark green light on the first six months that John immense no direct help apple saw I think he's been out of waiting. Opened decided to try to create short golf. Nothing materialized. Are they a little tired out old is right is urgent you and your a lot of action here are. Due out to NCAA football to the NFL what are your thoughts and there are there'll be a match made note. Ramo Hoyt Saint Catherine 610 news talk our guest here just south of Hamilton our guest here in the sports bar 957. ESPN's so if it's man Zell gets that too weird deal without an Al clause in other words he's there for the two years prize that surprise you that the rules have been set up this way where. Are you wanna go north of the border Yang come on back to the NFL for two years. Lack a better term how I judge our days where it's OK your court decide got a but it works two years I think is gonna be a little bit of our. Credit card judge urged preceding game so it's a week jar or next Sunday. And it'll be released perhaps yesterday the first practice was so you really took it day watch sort of terminology. I don't created Dell so could dig a little more stops but. There's gee I sure I discussed Obama Bob ball girl came here Ballard is a different gay and yet the only grade hour course outpatient. I'll lie or move a lot for a bottle lot or are we edging up a lot of which are perfect bet they'll seek. Rod and give the casual CFL fan a primer what kind of a team is he joining Hamilton. And how does the league shake shake up against Hamilton know what kind of chances do you give John immense on the Thai cats of actually being competitive this year. Georgia George. Era or that are purely. As well I am a camel Berry Eastern Conference. Like apple had no gears of course a great job our greatness but one would not change at least. I should measure marketing as well they wouldn't be old and it won't get court Spielberg you guys appreciate it up course or guilt but there aren't bad. JO DR goes in need of that marketing boost but I know the first couple hours are inside a sold our most ordered. Number you Jersey. Out east to date are of course withdrawal. And it helped and Montreal. I go to the main change and he's the worst square. Others warm or cold. Of course cut short agree daughters the writers Eric Eric. But Jen are a great great debt pay. Are worse and used. Barging crowd are all not bad that there would Olympic Stadium. They'll play Montreal Expos split it by our airports also mr. marsh mall or stadium they get doubt they get good crowds. Eric that try to catch bigger crowd they hit it straight nurture or local thirty doubt what are those doubts ball. There are almost sure all our courtyard go to trial are desperately Johnny and Dell are just belt accurate WP do they were dry. A new era big trial they are all right now there are washed. True so Rob Lowe Lloyd joining us here ideas from and Iger sports report news talk 610 in saint Catherine's our guess talk and some Johnny meant sell the CFL. Roger and I are old enough to remember the CF felony became stateside like okay this gonna be the the newly USF fellow words you're gonna have this secondary leak here and had a team winning a championship in Baltimore new had Shreveport had rather. Nine NFL markets in the all kind of went away. Why. Did not the CFL ever take this mantle of prime development league for the NFL because now. It seems like you're gonna have this AA FL come along next year I'll right after this of also mean it did the CFO miss an opportunity over the years how come it's not. Digger shouldn't this be bigger rock. I think you are all all doubt that dollar and disparity at all dollar L. Twenty years ago JR dollar on our. US dollar ballots not so OK guys are also figured I. Might and you mentioned. AF LO are also hurting our guest earlier this too that Mandela Strider all OJ what kind of money they do offer a better. But I believe that you guys. Economists were big. Big big men had to build that the press covered there'll ever eat the other that early show at giant red bell ever player that week so. Bidders beyond the field situation. And each and every interest in children can young football they're trouble off dealer declared it a result of the demon that we all know boat didn't. You can do. Yeah it'll be an interesting story to watch and now I want it quickly go back to Toronto could these what you said about Toronto us it was surprising to me I. You know talk to me about the CFL the legacies now if I'm not mistaken is trust is still the coach in Toronto. Oh there's your reason why I mean the noble morneau warbler coached in all professional football the mark trust minimum no wonder nobody is going out to watch an artist. Well we're putrid trash and of course are Smart our actions are watching here there are a lot Ezra recycled. Most coaches and that's one big check Austin. Of course there are other darker US art of course a bit without Bart got a lot of coaches. There's a lot of former duke peace as well article chip also checked she did you just say June Jones. No one's finger and it won't get it it took a lot of but I guess what under French Lester despite an easier. And then shot her matter Horry Broward URL we talked bogus or. But our rivals been derided our autos are very delicate apps look PR nightmare. Saw boat and get injured at giant wrench oh out of a playoff. I mean hey you brought up so why is it in Keating called sure. No we can't give our browser a second chance but John men's out c'mon now we're going to be a second chance of her. You're right and I think it just did they had their auto market gave it there's. Post post game except at the western band based IQ aspect where you are out. I think you're due out there on the very strict judge what they drop big step up big all spoke out big. We're sorry our option sporting landscape at each other arterial it. Edgy and you know a lot I I think the bill stand based a couple of years ago. All were Jan 2000. She's a judo or southern Ontario are able. Oh are based that they're go to bill gave get a dollar is the big boy a lot you know it's. You know trying to speed up at bat speeders shoot just dump that. That are Eric doctor HL affiliate edit edit edit isn't it a lot of waste now. To Seoul. That being said why did the Buffalo Bills in Toronto series. Bombed the way it did rod. I think ROC the bill how strong your. Trust. I think the way to bill are struggling to get or acquire a chart out a last ergo the course bladder and outright but. George. I restrict the chair okay. Are you watch over how that legally jet jet out at our guys it's. Earlier Gerald L does allow. I just there's just all speculation let chipper out it. So right and that's interrupt so so listeners understand here if I wanna go tailgate at Tim Hortons stadium for a black cats game. I can't hold a crack open a cold understand. It. Is it is it is it based on what province your enemy you know and I saw those shots up from outside Winnipeg arena. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs and have a hard time limit that was a sober crowd. Note your record good quite but I worst our streak. There was are up by Manitoba government quite so almost all the old Serb. Congestion stand every out their banners and sell illegally bet that day if these words Campbell stadium out of the car I like hell has become Jeremiah a lot of Obama spoke. Well color a lot of true football fans there. But not really around that he did it or think what people are going gamble which import bill you are judged and they won't specially now. Johnny football but in around used to it there's absolutely no effect. So. But again just like there's like torture are right. Still getting it allowed legally get Orchard Park. Rod is somebody who covers the Buffalo Bills we of this the story today god Johnny men's L being released. From his excuse me immense so. Indicting and sells on my brain ride I've talked about what you had gotten Hedo are being released from his contract. By the Buffalo Bills I mean you think Richie and gotten you know finds a home somewhere else. Should deteriorate BI already. Jiabao duck quick thought I think she does because so weak. Weary out spore is or retire early spurs early. Are shopping more are about are all get a ball coach would history may actually precocious but there's obviously more army were you talking surging in the appreciate guts. Alan why release a mother then you know this guys just not seeing I'd I organization mean you had among the reserve reserve retired list there's really no other explanation. As to why the bills would release him other than that it's time for us to part ways we don't see I die. And actually showed up other bills that come up player like data global player like god and McDermott of the new rationed off will shape. If you wanna be part of Barack. Archie are still does. Baylor big. Ramallah and host of Niagara sports report new stocks extend saint Catherine's our guest in the sports bar with pain German tank Leah. I've given us a little CFL primer what joining until signing with the Hamilton tiger cats means for the league and Ron I got a I can put jumped last little bit you're talking about those western Canadian teams in and no love for a team that I grew up watching northern Minnesota what. Mars rock. An epic blue bombers knew who our stadium as well are they just don't have back. He hit charged pet potential damage or yell what the bombers are. Our Jeanne stay sure. The soul. That you give me what is the most popular team is a Winnipeg they want it seek all of the most championships at that I know. Now. Screenwriters just actual hard on our birdie. All. Well travel Everett based on the jury got the best bridge our terms of bad at now. Is it so are they the ones they're the ones are allowed to do some tailgate before they feel like I've seen specials on. One of the fan bases getting a little bit rowdy crazy before the games I can remember if it was Edmonton or Saskatchewan. Depth and our peace eagle I guess it probably earlier actual on. There are potential cover just got upstaged we're provincial governments here. The Argo is as far as sports relevance in Toronto I think acting guest they'll build you knew you correct me if I'm wrong here rod. It's the least 12 and three. Followed by eight. Filed by the jays. Raptors. Opel the MLS team mad at. And then early in that then my question is that does that do there and do the Archos check in a number fibers there's something else that you put ahead of the art goes right now. You know Nigeria ever ours got (%expletive) that you may try a lot you know they are out route cooperate more when they're playing or look store they regard they do they are an area the trial. Be our goal. Our our our our trouble Busch mark but again that that has been around. All century or keep them but last year they're to be you know we're real stretch out our players and people I don't get it all about. Or a little out or get together. Aria the barge bitter route exhibition stadium more but it didn't mature like like Asia there shall. I think it was under Joe's expense. Term. Rod Rod Hood post in the Niagara sports report news stocks extend saint Catherine's are gestured in the sports bar with danger Maytag limb making us all the wiser. About DC FL scene what Johnny men's cell signing up formally or not I actually I'm doing some homework I saw that there was another. Ex Cleveland Browns first round pick in the CFL who's actually not at training camp. Trent Richardson has been spotted in this out algae did you know that all Wear wet with what team. I he is with all right you can pull up probably quicker than I can he is width from the very important to know I know he's wits a sketch when he's with the rough. I was just gonna sister actual article or they're there they are orange crop prior art or perhaps. Why can G this may get a court order to which I got gate this year. And we'll take a road trip to go see tiger cats game I would look heavy you know we're we're reduced to seeing. Us is CFL action late night on not ESPN during training camp is like a little almost like a little appetizer for for pre season football in the N. Yeah a rod I would never too mean to a CFL game but Johnny men's cell has my attention because I know there's something there. Yeah and I you know when he hears stateside we all love the big comeback story and here's somebody that one Heisman Trophy and and self destructed in. He's paid his price and now he's trying to put his life back together and I mean you got to give that. Purse not through the best news you told us about Johnny men's Els that did the pregame tailgating is nonexistent that's good news for Germans are. The other there's an area and have all been doubters up McMaster university. And as a college coach bought college and there's so little. Drinking area if you will throw the university student code has village. And the warnings went out on social media watcher it has go to Johnny and belt now so Lola. Well or she what happens without let's hope they can spare trouble Ed Ed how is this historic contribute two days later is still big news. The border area. Yeah I mean listen we always have IE SPN on in the background him and they were just talking about it on their program so yeah I think still two days later it's still something. That people are at least curious about is that. The arts let's keep an eye on this and see how this plays out. Billy Idol reject the mission district sure why you're there are only thirteen expired years ago when he when he played. Asia actually like we really reduced and are good numbers despite years ago so easterly on the panel maybe willow are actually. Shore earlier OC. Jenny men's Al signing a two year contract with Hamilton over the weekend our guess is in rod no ploy to. A host of the niners sports report news talks extend saint Catherine's rod you be good ol' Woolsey had done bills camp here shortly. Beltre jet that though we all are Latino ball or get us up to a but I can't give or take all Cha reached our. I sense a road trip and our future she's gonna that rod appreciate that invite the look forward talking you again real soon join Dresser afternoon. You got a problem but. He's the host of the Niagara sports report new stocks extend saint Catherine's are gestured in the sports bar with danger of taxi that needs Anderson because you always a danger you bring guests on make deals are I had no idea the cardinals were doing is portal we as they while you're at city you know listen Palin's not eating here is mark Tressel has their head coach. They're doomed. Joseph and his organization is like your offensive genes get him out of there you fired have this guy got everything that guy touches turns to garbage get a lot of there. Toronto get a lot of there. Not doing any favors. I might be wrong but I think he won a championship in Toronto to you might wanna breakup I gotta go back and see a list of sip now what does he. I don't care he's terrible the worst get Ahmad and a rod said that's all they do is recycle coaches up their more so me and a title. You're Jones who John you are you ready for that can't coach of the whole why you rainbow warriors. Right he was in Hawaii yeah. And now you're in Hamilton on terror. When mouse Davis should reject the Jones Jones did something that I know why that's why he's north of the border now I don't know what he did but he had something to hide he's hiding right now. That would be the prime spot right now we head coach Hawaii football and you get to recruit there from the mainland it's an easy pitch come on now yeah. Why would you give that up why you moved to Hamilton Ontario from Hawaii like she did something horribly wrong. Then why any of us would move to Alaska what did we do here that would make us move there. Hers love watching those Hawaii highlight today showed June Jones and he's he's got to lay on assets some sites holy playing the part of what that coach in Hawaii would look like the the the act totally forgot he's now he's the guy is going to be in charge of resurrecting Johnny men's l.'s career. If you miss our conversation with a rod mode at fox and C a felon Johnny meant Zell signing with the Hamilton tiger cats will get that online for you cannot demand it the only ESPN Rochester dot com next. In the sports bar we serve to his top NFL stories in bite sized form NFL appetizers geno. You ask stories in the sports bar we are talking of course the Ricci Jean Cot neo story which were following. Armed. You have fewer retires he can sign with any team will say explain that also. Some Super Bowls are out now ready to. Rewarded oral or lord if I guess would be the better word what's there with a Super Bowl be headed here in future years. Extra. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered the demand audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar would feature and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Let us fortunately. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader of the radio. That is the official new form of ESPN Rochester. My apple cart lady or android on the wirelessly yeah speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957 have been the sport's leaders ask you. Master. This news from around the National Football League. Have a little fun today. Served up in place. There's no assurance that. The are serving. Art display was six. Now in a sportsman. A couple bills are granted Ricci is not need go his way. A few days after announcing his intention to retire last month in cut needle is placed on the reserve retired list in buffalo. Think I need a more recently asked the bills to release him silly would be free to continue his career with another team. He merely becomes a free agent is eligible to sign with any team that might want to employ him. Time will tell he finds a bigger offer somewhere else or and his willingness to play for less increases outside of buffalo. Tom Brady is absent from New England so TA his ability as a voluntary Brady is free to do what he wants this. Set capacity considers this on film work to be valuable. It's fair to wonder if Brady and Bill Belichick are on the same page seeing as a a handful of new receivers including former bills wideout Jordan Matthews are missing an opportunity to build chemistry with the quarterback while. He goes her private workouts with his personal trainer. Alex Guerrero. This week in Atlanta NFL owners who meet to discuss poignant topics from anthem policies to Super Bowls now we know the location for the next. Ford Super Bowl perennial plant as coming up this February 2019 fell by and Miami Tampa Bay. And then the new stadium in Los Angeles Daniel Kaplan sports business journal reports that. Arizona. In New Orleans will be awarded Super Bowls 5758. During this week's ownership meetings. Recently NFL did away with the traditional bidding process. And selected cities to host bidding happens if the selected city declines. To host the games. Orleans was bill salty after losing out and Minnesota Super Bowl bid this year and now the NFL's offered up the chance. Toasted again and looks like that's gonna happen. Rams defensive tackle aaron's Arnold isn't taking part in any offseason voluntary work with his semen. Doesn't appear likely to make it OTA appearances well Donald has been looking for new Contra for the last two years. And is largely stayed away from the team during the offseason while pursuing that deal the only mandatory rams practices before training camp take place during a three day mini camp in the middle of June. Now Donald did make an appearance at minicamp last year after skipping OT games. According to Adam chapter ESPN the league will not discipline either lions where their head coach map for Trisha this after the 1996. Incident which thank coach. Was accused of sexual assault will be met with the lines in portrait she'll last week. To discuss the matter. But the case never went to trial as a woman who made the accusation didn't cooperate with prosecutors and testify against him since the incident was well before Patricia was involved in any NFL business. Probably can't punish him under the personal conduct policy. Giant Mattel isn't the only former Cleveland Browns first round pick making headlines in the CFL this statue of Rough Riders announced. That place running back Trent Richardson on the team's suspended list as the open training camp for the Tony eighteenth season. Richardson joined the Rough Riders last year played four games ran forty times for 259 yards and two touchdowns. Reference head coach Chris Jones mentioned earlier this month it. They expect Richardson to be absent at the start camp due to quote some situations. Going on at home. Still wouldn't fly in the NFL you've got to situations and albeit just feel freedom did not show off to training camp. You know that remembered that's where Michael Sam went to member of the year first openly gay player drafted by the ran as well he can make the rams following year he went up to Montreal and OK here the cameras and then. Oh yeah I can't make it I've got some personal issues going on at home I mean there are I guess it's that did that wouldn't be viewed the same way as it is here I agree with you. All right that's NFL appetizers and sports bar with danger tightly happy hour is on the way next will die a little bit deeper. Into Richie and cut neo being released from the Buffalo Bills are for the aim off of the retired. Sigh I can tell you why. I can tell you why it's the right move for both parties in and go back to a certain moment in time. Aren't all the details I think it's were really easy to figure out why the Buffalo Bills made the move they made today. And where could he possibly end up will he end up anywhere will will speculate on that as well say in the sports bar danger and the tag lay up. With more next on ESPN Rochester. Baseball is here. Or celebrity. Most listened.