The Sports Bar-Hour 2- Ryan Talbot

Hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys continue draft talk after the combine with's Ryan Talbot who focuses on what he saw at the combine, and what the Bills could possibly do in the draft. 


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And big victories heartbreaking defeats no matter your team no matter your game and he talks sports on AM 950 and 957. At Canada's sports leader ESPN Rochester. Us welcome back to sports bar with danger and attack it is in the Columbine wrapping up an Indianapolis who wanna get you through it's many different skills angles as possible one of the best out there Ryan tell the New York upstate dot com. Joining us now in the sports bar with danger tightly hairline I meant. I am doing great actor Ryan appreciate your time I think you've done not a great job here as far as of the danger I used the term breach quarterback here. Comedy is far is what you need to know all. Six reasons why nap more will be the bill starting quarterback I Shia and Ryan a doll really. Really can't you can't sell this on me right. Not if not I'm. I would they'll need nine point nine that meant that story where. All varying nag. And I expect. And I'm not going to say that it will likely that the if the Bill Cowher is stable but we're going we're going up we're gonna get on the top three quarterback Madras. And we need a bridge guys. And you're looking at Teddy Bridgewater who want wondered if you're he'll probably go in the range of all idol by and Miami that arranged by. Is the college going to get paid. Sam Bradford is probably another short term bridge and it will get a bigger deal but is going to it'd be a mile. Or you could sit there and say here's a guy that's played under Brian gable is the guy that knows brain and beat Carolina. They you can get under two million dollars a year that can literally just eat the heat warm. Until it Josh wrote donors and Donald their peak army field is ready to go. That was the hypothetical and in that article. Idol being viewed abroad and unless they are saying we are going out and giving one of those out three guys by any mean net there. Right so that New York upstate dot com our guests in the sports bar. With danger and the tag Leo Ryan blaming the case can be made that they have the perfect bridge cornerback on their roster already and Tyrod Taylor couldn't it. Yeah you could make that argument I mean it is buried there they're willing to. Take on that roster bonus they day they are willing you know he and partly it's an app. You don't need these then you don't have to worry about any app being implications of that money or anything like that. And you know it diet that helped you get out. He's gonna and I get it from the bill and that are ready to move time. And ire at Italy eat not a clerk recorder backed by any means. But you need to operate a lot better than they were last year. Did take quite a few well he can keep plays alive with the beat. He's not going to manage that are anticipating. You know grows and knowing what you're getting opener and they're great. But there are bumping each infused though if you are looking bird bridge quarterback you can do a lot worse and there are. Pay you back to more I mean it's the right you had to purge decked. Who would be does that trained guy is assuming that the Buffalo Bills would draft a quarterback and then you're gonna need some other veteran guy and here. Mean is more the Smart money just because of though the reason you laid out there with the familiarity with the GM has with him. With Brian Abell had a work are there any of all the other bridge quarterbacks that day you have kind of broken down here. And it do we have that level of a familiarity. Indeed affordability. That a Matt Moore might offer. Affordability is a race there I mean that's the big man more eat eat and let current or adult and two year deal worth less than one million dollars. Are both the bills are not that I'm. Back in oh trek dot com and about seven million dollars apps they. And I know you can restructured deal you and moved the money around I'm sort of going to have more than that when greed EP yen. But you still have a lot of players he'd a lot of old address and layered rap last time. So where you know the money come from somewhere and it and again that more calm down the aspect that. The the bill would ask them if they were thinking about Matt Moore at all and that is as being secret court they would have to go up one post op. Ryan if you look past the quarterback position. What would be the biggest most glaring hole at the bills need to fill this offseason. I would say defensive tackle. Even if Kyle Williams returns you're you're probably looking at one last year. He is that into his Oscar either way he. I'll Marseille Dario obviously mistreated in Eaton last year you know leading to that level played it earned in the money that he was making an up or understood it. But when you lap due to either there was they didn't drop off in the count on the roster. And they don't really have anyone there are still while other free agency bringing one guy and what they're being cute guys in the trap. Whatever they need you out what they tackled really I upon oil. Brian tell you could foam that Ryan tell the bills on Twitter followers worked New York upstate dot comer just here in the sports bar on 957. ESPN when you talk about the other defensive tackle in Kyle Williams. Where reactor as we've. Is this the norm would you say when you wanna give a veteran as much time. At what point do you. Grow concerned it is a free agency is it April 1 after free agency at what point do you think. Our eight net now now something's up if we don't hear any news regarding. You know Kyle Williams. You got I think it after they hit the starter free agent Yuri and and that eagle and bring windows out beat. Because you need to know is whether or not he's coming back into that then we have. The offer on the able to become bank is going that it is what he'd done. The builders sitting on their laurels. And these greens will be going not the board quickly it doesn't take long or not only at op. And the tackle and the players are coming out the port built seat plane be playing the plane deeper other teams are getting bank right away well they'll. The bill I'm I'm thinking they would wanna know an answer here by the or create. Right we're looking ahead draft day and try to think of how the dominoes could possibly fall and certainly. The results of the com minor one of the things that kind of lead to a speculating where. Things might fall on draft night and given what we saw. Out of sync com Barkley do you think the browns. Could take him at number one overall. Leaving two very viable trade partners for the Buffalo Bills at two and three in the giants and colts available. To take the first quarterback off the board. It's the browns but I wouldn't put anything at him and and that's not an. One art I think he can be a very special in this league I understand the browns have the fourth overall at. One of those quarterbacks on their laps. Odd that they might like but if there's one guy that you look like all of the ink is head and shoulders above the rest and quarterback. Have to go off and get that number one. Was whether it's Arnold rose in May deal. Even if they're involved with ounces and some of the speculation. I'm not adjusting on it and the act the the completion percentage still worries me I mean it will greatly and there are we in many quarterbacks Brady in there at the end of the big arm that a lot of people on bobbled but. We're when you're the browns need that quarterback Andy you're sitting there and I get at you or you can get one of those other guys that all that. Or guy at quarterback and number one can't. And the buck like this even if it means blame you guys like Barkley. Should we be pulling for Kirk cousins to go I don't think Cleveland but certainly going to the jets are. Somebody had anywhere but Minnesota right Rand because because Minnesota that doesn't exactly. Help the Buffalo Bills in this I game of dominoes. Yeah I would think Betty if you are buying you get a quarterback in the strapped believe it or not arch. Join the jets stumbled on it because he had put that out pretty agent cornerback on the market. All but yet you want to look out guys that would help they'll. It is. Eagle landed in Minnesota like he stumbled and you have maybe the Broncos beat these you know. There's been some rumors about that but that I don't need that out a quarterback early as we've gotten a lot of our. In beat the jet reportedly are. Making it more likely they can get a guy in the draft you would hope that our land a jet. Ryan tell that New York upstate dot com joining us and sports partying germ attack Leon ESPN Rochester Ryan. I did about bills offer a second round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles this weekend for nick pulls. You know that that's insist they have I was reading about that and they may it be Eamon when you really law. Although could be that scene in at number cute little while the deep they're burst prompt maybe they would stay at that point. Why an address two other pressing need. The jets they have the money to be an errant cousin idol in it that you you would think that the brown might be all and I need to him in areas like. Outrage or is a guy like you against the rookie. OK to go up and down immediately of the bill maybe it was the Broncos. Com I acted it being either of those seem. But you know whoever why has it been like Eagles and look for more and I went by too much at that deck I was reading that. They're opening you don't want an up or and I are brought up is great at all in the Super Bowl. The able won an order for Ole. Second. I I think Beckett if you're committed to. Are signing him resigning him or bringing you know keeping him around for years if you think is the guy that you can win went absolutely because that all the sudden. He spoke for the first round. You can address a lot of the other needs we know the people is you know does that night dealt with our you know he met. Brian be able to be using here in buffalo though that there are worried that I would you know he is probably where they occur on it but I would not. Ryan Talbott is the bills writer for New York upstate our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. News about a former Buffalo Bill. Not going to get tagged in Los Angeles will be Sammy Watkins right considering what the rams. Paid in terms of the sec around Dick does that surprise you but then you know on the production may be didn't warn attack. And then there's no way the bills would be in the market for Sammy Watkins on in free agency would would that be. I would and David B. In the mark and I know that lot on it and I about a month ago we never never and that we create it happened. But I think you'd be its market there's going to be seen that over age or service and the he's still young it's still development. And that often last year and only scored eight touchdowns but something like 38 that should. I he would never really. And out the way I'm sure the rams thought he would in terms of being true number one speaker did a nice job at the stunning area. That out and pretty on the watch and you have a lot of weapons. But part of me understand what might they mean we have to bring back. Joyner that they eat on the range he's more valuable scene then watt in that this. Time and there it looked like is that it be otherwise it is maybe like Allan Robin. Maybe either ran a purse do it looks like the object and move on him. Or the guys on the market that they go Acker current lack money. Oh April. Right tell that your upstate dot com. Here in the sports bar at danger and tightly on ESPN Rochester is the new league year is set to begin. Next week and free agency opens up in the bill's got to kind of from day one of the the McDermott being regime never said that they were going to be big big buyers in freeze he not gonna make a big splash your freezer which certain. Certainly departure from what we saw of the Whaley regime with a Mario Williams saying those signs are there any. Three days that are out there that could surprises me like he brought in Jordan's lawyer and Mike hi Lester regret we knew who Micah Hyde wise but. Those were the big moves were made in free agency more of the same this offseason are. Or could we be surprised to see maybe elect a starlet to lay in the I was screws in objected to but it will look to eliminate the tools Le Le Le tool. So it will play you don't defense tackle as you mentioned a need for this team. If they can get him at the right price. From name brand moves in free agency. You know I think grave there that that would be like the big name them bringing in someone like are bringing in another and tackle with. Not some name her mission and they're not going to break the bank for most players just because again. Situation Eric box are now even if they rearranged the money here or open up some more money. Where is next year you know the eighty million cap space or something in the eighties where they could be a bigger player next year and address need. Maybe bring in one or two big name guys. I just don't see it happening this year on meet either the big name players to put on the market longer than anticipated. And Bob well can work out a deal. Back now happening region where. It there's more players than there are opening. Whether that quarterback that somewhere out a musical chairs so to speak out. If it happens a big mean guy common and that I think Libya to tackle or had a media position of need where someone is on the market longer to edit. Right how about the other direction there's always a cat cat volunteered series should we anticipate this with the Buffalo Bills this year. Would be the most likely candidate said the bills would let go away in terms of their veterans. Boy not that's the great question arm. They allotted early as a lot of these different players like it that I don't think that they actually directing fire I'd killers at lime tree and it it. After they pick up that option is then that deal a lot more manageable current team. I think already going to be a guy on the move as well so they could be looking to shed some of these bigger contracts in the previous scene. But you also have a look at that dad happened agent was spelling bee. Something that you get to keep in mind and my theories that someone help aid on the roster and others do rather than letting them now. God and then look at the depth chart behind cheating the court running back it's crickets I mean it Ryan. They got to address that at some point the draft don't dent. You would hope so it if there's one does it that's the deep ocean at my personal opinion. I truly think take it into a starting running starting right at the future McCoy. I'm date very early. On or around five at it literally I'm. It's that in India a starter. Is couriers poker. Bryan Talbot from New York upstate geared our guest here in the sports bar nights I seven years can't. All right wanna get your take on Terry the cooler here that is I'm sure you saw the report Dodd John creek from the frontal side. Spotted him in the shadows watching the quarterbacks during the com buy and which. Some may say well that's normal blood I would say. No it's not at least in my mind you don't normally see owners means visibly at the com buying here. Right what do you make of steered the school doing his own little scouting over the weekend. You know I don't mind so to speak in your right maybe it's not usual. On but it but as long as he's meeting he's going in and he wants to hear what the code book are not that or not. Chiming in saying this that the guy I want you don't want that vehicle owners coming in owing to Yamon and the owner current coach. That this is the guy that we need target because that's not what he's you know he know you'd be owner but. This is his career perfection is not he's not the data evaluated talent for all these years he doesn't believe that to the coaching after the general managers better. That he just wanted to go and look at the quarterback and an eighty year com. Option on the term and Brandon beans and grind able there ought. I'm OK with that you know I would hope that the builders saying we've we've kind of rested on our laurels wait too long apathetic and out. When it comes to trying to get a quarterback. And they really haven't had a long term brand says quarterbacks they would do in Ellie may be at juke let's go for years here but realistically in terms. Com brand says court Baddeley Eric it was by the best they've had over that trial in terms of long term. Ryan all of these prospects in this year's draft if Gillick that their none of them are perfect but there are blemishes on all of them and you can't find consensus is for is pretty clear cut. Top quarterback out of all of these guys who do you like one. And it does say something unthinkable. What do beat OK okay if the bills just didn't take any of these guys in and waited. And maybe you don't play another year now if I wanted to help her but let me seriously like you're gonna invest Richard and invest in the guy. Who may not be the guide you actually law. Evidence that they aren't being noses while living. Someone in this strip and I give and I understand where you're out. All but my number one guys dot grows and you'd is that number one I do you have baker me feel very close though is why would they won Pia when you. I know is concerned about is Heidi and if you know the way he acts on the field on the side line I'm but I like that competitive nature. And interpret the height of not being. He'd been batted ball payment from the others there have been guys that that that. I likely bring some people say you know where he played here or we played against it Specter in by road and my number one I like him the most. On not perfect by any means but he is another guy where they say is the unique personality but. The coach is will they'll talk and that you know what are in the pocket if he on a guy like that. Donald my number theory that we're really awkward throwing motion and that bothers me a little bit. And I know grossed out by any means but in the end up bellied you need to have a a well at least. And the turnovers aren't my that probably second internally at Arnold. Those are my top three guys and there's only there's a pretty yet in damage and talking about the light of Joshua Allen. And Mark Jackson. And and I like to act as being eaten duties. Woes the badly but it is actors in a little bit of concern as well like Alan. But it if they're sitting there 21 and they they can move bot you do you have to strongly considered Jackson because then is that there's a pretty big off app that. You know maybe meet and root but I. He in the net they'll impress the comment is gone now. That's my point I mean you feel it you're gonna take a guy just because he's there not because you love him your investing. A talent who could really really contribute this team for a long time in the first round but you don't love that economy. Oh I know what you mean that the same time that's Procter and it even if they eat it eat Tyrod Taylor you're looking at another seven and nine when eaten. And then you're you're right back where you are in the middle pack he and you don't have the draft capital. Even if that means moving up to. And there are a Lebanese and getting me it was like that I would rather see that it would look to retreat. This is the best opportunity that getting guys that. Maybe is off if you want and that maybe the best and they're going out. Because this roster is not going to dull and beat you next year or two in port eager green thirteen so. They're not going to be in the and it rains. Someone next year's group either so the they have to be Smart about the capital that they. And deciding whether or not this is the year. Bryan Talbot New York upstate joining us here you brought up Lamar Jackson what did you make of bill points comments. In our Bill Polian Ian many years in the league he he clearly. Mean he should be respected for that but I. I think that's pretty great it is they today he should he should tolerate too wide receivers. Should be playing there out of the gate. You know I I know there have been other players. In the league and it immediately transition to overdo it our position but none of the those quarterbacks were first round. I felt like that occur all. Over drafted but Irvin a few cases where players have moved over. Com match known years ago jaguars. Like he was a more soccer is on the at wide receiver Lamar Jack and eat it strapped in the urged on it as the order. Now you. Years and now he has been developing. Maybe you'd say is now the panel app item fuel you you at this athleticism that we lot Q have you on the field much pot does not working out but. No you're one year to your victory needle and be recorder. Right tell you can read his work at New York oxy dot com joining us in sports bar danger in the tag right and so Ryan I've got the big question here for. How is it Bonaventure is not ranked into the top 25 came not mean are you finally this they're you upset by this too we've put Bonaventure. In the NCAA. Tournament. Body Brad Bryant out. I'm not happy about the I mean that the twelve when that are low long streak in the nation pretty big wins during that streaky they're against Rhode Island again David and on you know. Ended up tying or they expect it in the eight and an obvious that they have that resonate from all over the years while big win over Syracuse and other. Keen that all into that that here one though I thought it it's of the week they should have and is not in the air at the bottom out on five. But apparently it is does not seem muted he can. I in terms. The NCAA tournament I think there are to this point I I would like the beat them win at least one game in the eighth and Ernie. Right Talbot saint Bonaventure graduate. Joining us here in the sports bar danger the tightly on ESP and Rochester appreciate all the work you don't cover the Buffalo Bills for. New York upstate dot com running great with your time and look for talking again real soon all right. Thank you Ryan always appreciate Brian stop combine a silicon much smarter and whenever he comes in danger of all means. You cannot entertain the possibility. Don't even show up to work on that Monday after the draft if the Buffalo Bills to not draft a quarterback this year because people will be he hurried. Draft a quarterback I'm just saying. If you don't love one of the guys in the first round. One of the guys it's available in its Lamar Jackson as they're 21. Just take it because he's better do you love the Mark Jackson did you do year due diligence did you interview the guiding you put him through that the pace is. If you if you did and use you liked guy in your life like him enough to take a 21 great. If you love somebody you go again if you like somebody in the first round. I don't know what that's. Why I'm thinking either that you follow me here either they won't date will not have the affordability mark my words right now. They will not take a quarterback or 21 of 222. You'll be one or two things are gonna trade up because they don't want to miss south after your loss. Or like you're saying them a lot of light but I'm not a lot of yeah. Let's wait to the second round you have to who sector brown wonders and that can be somebody like Kyle Lott how a lot of we all think out for denying Michael saccharine. That's where you might take a quarterback and then it doesn't pan out you try again next year. I was a new gulf war when you love the guy and none of these quarterbacks. Are getting glowing reviews. Consistently from everybody like there is it a clear cut consensus. Overall problem. Arm Levy would call it paralysis. By analysis what am I missing would Josh wrote. Is it the fact that he he speaks his mind danger. That it. Were they did he was not a bad UCLA team like that was his fault. To me it's Rosie in and then everybody else at the flyer there including Arnold like Ryan mentioned with the throwing motion. By the way we're gonna get the voice of the UCLA Bruins the job next on the show tomorrow. Rochester native Josh link here in the sport Bharatiya I wanna I wanna learn more about. Rose up next in the sports are a danger Mattel actually we serve today's top NFL stores and bite sized form we call him NFL appetizers are free agent tag. Has been applied to we know other NFL player from the Dallas Cowboys this time and linebacker troubled linebacker has been released by his team will tell you the story of Eldon Smith as well and fill up ties is on the way next in the sport's mark. Danger Ametek Leo on ESPN Rochester. This news from around the National Football League. That little boy today. Served up in players. The are serving. Aren't that play us. Now in a sportsman. Deadline to apply the franchise tag of players east tomorrow and so far only Jarvis Landry sinking into. Of the trying to experts Levy on bell. Had a tender applied it then the latter occurring as we can now belt signs this dinner to make fourteen and a half million in 48 team. Cowboys defense vendor Marcus Lawrence at the franchise tag applied to him this afternoon. Other names who have been mentioned as possible attack recipients include Jack wide receiver Alan Robinson mayor's corner Kyle Fuller. And what will the rams to do with former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins as it stands right now. It's looking like Lee walked into the testing the free our agent market next week. The raiders announced they've released outside linebacker Eldon Smith after he's involved in domestic violence incident in this weekend Smith hasn't played. It's November 2015 was on the reserve suspended list and having already checked himself into a rehab facility. It's past time to stop thinking about it Smith is. NFL football player when he was you know when he was on the field she. Was available earning 42 sacks in his first 43 games is a profit. I don't Jimmy Graham trade to Seattle that didn't work out his time in Seattle appears not be over it's unlikely he'll be off and you deal by the Seahawks. They won't be getting tagged out there. So where will he be playing tonight and it's when he team. How about fifteen Rory made a name for himself Tom costar of NFL media reports the saints are expected be. One of the hunted team consisted of landing brand's signature on a contract. Graham played five years of the same from when he took the point fourteenth caught 386. Passes 4552. In yardage in 51 touchdowns. Over that span the scenes have failed to equal that type of production at the position since his departure. What's gonna take for a team to acquire the services of Super Bowl MVP knew full well. More than a second round pick that team was reportedly offered by AFC team this past week and it's gonna come by. This court that Chris mortenson of ESPN the Eagles. Looking for something more than the first and fourth rounder sixth wire from the vikings for Sam Bradford if they were going to do such a deal. If that's true richer teams blood and it scares them away perhaps it's by the Eagles design thing about this gene of course went. 88. He is recovering nicely nobody he's one of rehab stint away from neat site filthy and their quarterback if Nicole would be dealt. Finally Fox's looking make it big splash with its newly acquired Thursday night football package so why not learn. Peyton Manning into the broadcast Booth near post reporting that call. Fox wants. Troy Aikman to work on it's Thursday night pregame show giving eight mean another high profile role in addition to his job at the top commentator on FOX News Sunday afternoon games. NBC and CBS always user leaves Sunday announcers on Thursdays but box. Want to separate Thursday night team Manning would obviously provide a draw but ESPN is also set to be the top place. There plays Jon Gruden a Monday Night Football by the way. Still unclear many either wants to take a broadcasting job even though there are reports that he is in for. Here's it's going to be hard for Cramer for anybody going into the Booth Jay Cutler any with Tony romo's at this unbelievable bar last year. And Manning is good and he's charismatic and end. Yeah he's funny in the SNL skits and he's going commercials can he do what Tony Romo was doing in Abu I don't know this weekend. No boy yeah he plays while the middle America I mean you can get more from middle America and Indiana that's wired paint Manning's pitchman for every bit all by the way. Plus one of the client's right. There's a poppy John spokesman IN television has so knowing indeed so yeah you wouldn't that make up that salary you know you don't let let's get Peyton Manning up in the Booth. I guarantee is one got a did that would take Peyton Manning over Tony Romo any day of the week Tony. Get off okay. First of all you're intruding on your play by play man Jim Nance who's just trying to give us if we like to watch the game okay. And you're not going to be hit here's a memo to all of you people losses great. Is not gonna happen. The further the more years you spend a wave from the league get. You're gonna no less unless about the personnel. It's out on the field so on employing that I stop the hype OK right now. What but it must worker. You know his thoughts are disjointed with you drinking in that fight I mean I like like other satellite the Brent where he's not losing or he's winging drinking cold. The sheriff Coleman. And may be a winner too. The brown must burger I wanna watch Tony Romo game with we could sheriff Coleman. And may be a winner too angry guy. Stopped the height putting a stop. You've got to win my home battle like family vacation and tea or at least taken wipe out the biggest I really wanna go to brits casino. That a great deal honestly ever been to Vegas. I mean today it's yak about fifteen years ago I would imagine it's life has changed Baghdad just constantly changing out there and a yeah it's been awhile for me to. It's great. I oath listen sports bar road trip let's make it happen we could sheriff told looked as they feel one or two. Let's serve the negotiation on that one geno. Sports are weekend in Las Vegas we Kucera Copeland. And maybe a winner to. With one destination in mind only one we're going to must burgers book that's it's not that's all we're nearly Kucera cold one and may be a winner too. You don't get star struck and trying to base from trucks on the old dangers the program director PX YU do you look artists every level. When danger we jewelry star struck it must spur walk through that door right now. I feel would treat him like a regular guy right if he would treat it was like honestly when I hear him say we each are cold one maybe you went to I think that's that would allay their breath. Let's go one please say wow. They would rethink that line in the orange not waking tomorrow edit so let's start right yeah yeah I'd I think Ed treat him like a guy. You know I. I don't know. What celebrity. Or what athlete or away who would make me. I don't know would meet beyond comfortable or who'd make it awkward I don't know I don't know who that person it's. I thought for a second maybe you'll be like slash from Guns 'N Roses like a slash was in the room right now. I'd probably be like oh you can't slash is in the room would we get a sense. Athlete wise. I don't know. A locker. When you when I snap that was an area. We sat down with within cut me now yeah and that was huge Q school it was gray top open near intimidating about those guys well. No we don't you forget like they're freakish athletes. But there's still guys are still you know still have a lives is still wanted they still do the things that we do they saw families is still in home. Aside from the fact that their job is athletics snapped. Normal gotten I don't know why I've never been one death. I'd prop up to idolize any of these guys he's kind of look at them as humans first and then. Admire what they do played it's it's. Humble I don't think there will be star struck in front of mos burger blight follow me on this I would be. Nervous that my level of expectation when the Mac. 'cause I would expect to walk in his casino and there is and let's talk about to hand and now we think sheriff cold blood. As they feel one or two Kia and you probably couldn't bring up like DD Bonner to Cameron it's like that does that make him uncomfortable. AJ McCarron like what do you think of AJ McCarron go like actual athlete I couldn't see him into the conversation now McCarron the bills went down. God does he didn't for that I don't think you wanna bring that up again you know. You probably want to blow this stop the height put a stop the heart yeah. Newton who look happy hour is upon us our daily special lessons sports Bart danger and the tenant. I'm gonna tell you why the Buffalo Bills I think tip their hand this week we watch these days do. Which way they're leaning I'm Tanya it's that it's it's at how dangerous they set. Our sole many needs for this team the team believes. They tip their hand a little bit award and that net stay in the sports partying German tightly ESPN Roger.