The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Ryan Talbot

Ryan Talbot of joins us for hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys discuss Brandon Beane's first 12 months as Bills GM and recap the draft including the selection of Josh Allen.


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But sports bar with danger and exactly Herbert ordered dinner their whopper like about doctor Allan we really love Josh in terms of his sizes athletic schism. He's played in the type of conditions that we find ourselves in here in buffalo and he is Buffalo's. Mike danger moving forward their goal is gonna be built this team around Josh Allen GB tablet app so much talk about Alan let's talk a little bit about Jermaine and since we haven't talked at all about Jermaine and it's inside outside guy rush the passer or cover highly productive highly athletic physically gifted. Ordered everything I think you'd put everybody know by the Mike linebacker spot continue to work to go make plays the Dark Knight met Harvey and he. Had to go somewhere to get this fixed so that Matt's. Didn't have much of a chance here. He's just got to focus more on being a professional first and foremost. Chris Paul was able to take over their game and we have now it's. Can all of those pieces combined. Be good enough to beat the best team that we've seen but I think golden state courts find a way based on experience and better overall talent can be great period. Rock gestures. Ward's leader 957. ESP yet here in the sports bar we appreciate you stopping by AM 95957. FM ES PR Rochester dot com where you can hear our conversation from last hour. With Brian blessing of Vegas hockey hotline on demand again. ESPN Rochester Docomo hold on line also find us on the radio dot com app freely download. You can listen to ESPN Rochester anywhere any time alongside gene the tag lay up. I am Mike danger. Danger I joined today by a beautiful day parade down trees signs. So what we wait for yet EL I'm so excited about the weather finally breaking into the thought that you know I can actually put the snowblower away. As we approach the middle of may I might actually gets more yard work done tonight when he coal. Fired up and the keynote soak every last minute of sun that Terri it's. To be outside just to soak it all it. Well you did that's your neighborhood don't you get the yard competition. Yeah I don't even engage in. This job done that this is some ceiling of the backyard papers. Got thrown out some sealer on the panel backyard doubt patio. Worse seal. Grout sealer for its carcass aren't. Indeed you should've seen me on Saturday G pride as a man who appreciates a good hard days work. Does the thought of me covered from head to toe in filth. And minded and moss from power washing my back patio. While the mosques and grading grind just kind of grew in between the joints of the pavers. Power watcher was on the Fritz was nearly get to differ. Pool of yours all oh yeah. It's clean now it's good. Little sweeping sand. Tonight the sealer. Nothing more satisfying in the good power want nothing now are satisfying and good power washed nothing more satisfying and good hard days work. Outside. Good hard days work here in the sports world continually get done here. You ready for a drink and I am right it does that. It is a rental car world yeah. Poultry and in the sports. It's. So all we had her third no hitter of the season last night baseball James pack stint on the Mariners did this let me point out he also walked three. Since third no hitter before may ninth last time that happened the year was 1969. Points. No hitters aren't special any more danger for the home run or strike out mentality. No hitters are more free points but besides the players get on base anyways this three Toronto Blue Jays did last night what we celebrate anyway it's. Perfect games are the real accomplishment for baseball only had point three perfect games last book coming into when he twelve to meet its not. News royalty and no hitter is barely newsworthy today. You don't get any kind of anxiety watching a no hitter out get a little anxiety watching no hitter and I was with a Red Sox fans today. That's has so much anxiety can watch the series against the yanks he suck he's just so emotionally invested in he can't. We can't do it he has seen. You got issue eighty you can watch baseball like that among the men and start out oh my god we gonna do when he gets the policy your solved. Provocative act says that a shot to Dan who reached out on Twitter to remind us of the changes about to occur. At Syracuse is a war memorial the onset of this off season here's a hint. They'll have more abducted area that a marquee sign with the mayor's name. Again and I simpatico with the vision of a new arena. With the can now every watered down roster but broad street Jeanne talked about and talk about attraction downtown but let's. Let's these street ourselves patting each other on the back over the new green space walking down there who have read. You're old not a three great base. Dangers. You're overreacting to tell don't why don't you know that there's a project right now. Then there's going to be improvements in the bathrooms in two point one dollars one way let's see what you want don't you know there is being a project discussed where they're gonna. Expand the exchange street near when he when he. Are you satisfied being a minor leagues around. The phone we'll lose. I doubt I appreciate you yeah that's a bunch what are we did that just the virus up today did you did solve. To that can we just put an end to this day penguins fans Armitage just put that stuff before you go back. No one at that time was broken up about Marc-Andre Fleury been exposed to the expansion draft. Playing with a chip finally shoulder flurry he's one of the primary reasons why this goal my team made the conference championship. Series now. And dull Monday Morning Quarterback this man's man's glory in Pittsburgh this year would not have equated to another cop likewise. Do not meddling here do not blame Pittsburgh man drip for letting go. Agreed guys you know what you saw enough of him the post season he was off he was down his time in Pittsburgh and I don't think anybody shed a tear. Our immediate few fans shouldn't hear is anything he had their preference of Florie was the guy but. It looked slurry is doing and exiting carrying this team any you know for good part of the season is when it's done and certainly this post season he's been great. It's a pretty good story and you know if your Pittsburgh began trying to second guess. Yeah where were you. During that expansion draft that you work. He really shedding any tears then worry us. Solved drink to that I did not not really a provocative thought the world of sport just indulge me for a moment here gene maybe you agree with me outside. My wife. Sandy. On a mission. To purge all cargo shorts for my wardrobe. And I'll bring up the cargo short. Jirga sports talk show because a lot of men listening to the Shelly and meteor like meat. You'll have my cargo shorts over my dead but. Of course subtly you match the functionality and ability to carry cargo. Holy share that I looked damn good in my cargo shorts jeans just. We must rise up do not let the fashion trend of shorter shorts. Flat running shorts overtake. Our spring and summertime uniform. The cargo shorts. Yes I mean that you where the dad you rock the dead uniform there's no question a cargo shorts the teacher and the dad dad. And in their in the sandals ago this and I'm I'm I'm saying if it's a dress year vets are more buddhism and also mr. Putin ordered her. Maybe I'll shell the cargo shorts don't have to be a little bit fancier for the occasion but you David and dad knew. And the cart it away anyways so can you gotta be exaggerating here and now it's always tricky if I could I don't wanna sound like I'm critical of my. Friends wife it okay. But sandy danger we agree on this. Darius in a more frugal person in Rochester is staying your wife so what does she won a gold. Spend money on short when you don't need them that would be easy argument for you would a win. Through this in the argument. If there is no argument she she presented it there's a video on FaceBook that she did each and she she presented to both my daughters and they both shot her doubts furthermore I think everybody commented on send video. Shot heard out. I like cargo shorts females that like cargo shorts. Cargo shorts or sexy and meant that you know he's good with his hands they look good on guys I don't want a guy wearing flat fronts. What kind of man wears flat fronts short corny you wanna guided goes yacht club sort of diet could get up power washing Doreen you're all gonna. Wearing a sweatshirt and shorts turning on the cheek what track. When you're right the cargo shorts working the power lost track a rocket that all day you cannot stop me so I'll drink to back. Peter Gammons if you are strike he's now with that website the athletic he tells this story. About the book he's not a ray were made he's retired but he's not playing baseball Ichiro Suzuki. This spring training last year each euros in the coaches room and gets this text message. And recognize that. That's all happened to us right OK where's this coming from if you go I had eight you know it's nodding your phone who is this from. At first saying that hey I got your number from Alex Rodriguez. A bad guess I gotta read this. So he goes seemed to talk to the coaches. One of the coaches as well look what's the guy's name each girl strolls the end of the end of attacks. Some guy named Tom Brady. Who'll be asked is Tom Brady yeah. All right can I just say this. Each drove you're a liar you know who Tom Brady is I know you want every one that big. You are solely Beijing focused on baseball and baseball and nothing else matters besides baseball but come on. Nick stayed in not knowing there was a presidential action in the next day. Nick Saban thinks your way. Now the man. There's something about this like what does Ichiro have to gain by lying I don't know that there is something about where they get. Ichiro probably had no idea. Who Tom Brady was the what does he have to invest in American football for. Please grow up that nobody about that I thought I'm sorry he's led the United States is all want to know. A whole. He's watched eight ounce of all I doubt it. I doubt it that. It would surprise me if this is accurate that this is true he knows who Alex Rodriguez is. And at this Tom Brady and why don't you wish we could all live life is blissfully ignorant as Ichiro living in Western New York how great would our existence be if we do is walk around all day think to yourself yeah. Just all break. Oh. We all wish we never heard of them but don't elaborate Tom Brady. Was he at a Brady Bunch. The boos are pretty. Good for you Ichiro a little bit jealous. Wish to know Tom Brady once. Buying it. I'm by woods I'm not buying it not buying it. Were a little bit later gonna talk to Buffalo Bills football next right hand held at New York upstate dot com Syracuse post standard. Over the Buffalo Bills we'll get into it with Ryan next in the sports the danger Ametek Lia on ESPN Rochester. In this new robust sports leader. You deserve us. Dollars ninety. Weekdays starting at seven at that company each hour will announce a cool. You hear it takes a code word nationwide test seven. Dollar signing. It's easy on us fortunately here. Epic victories heartbreaking defeats no matter your team no matter your game. He talks sports on the end ninety PS 957 at them not sports leagues ESPN Rochester. Our mission in the sports former danger to take lead to make you a smarter Buffalo Bills fans Smart sports fan really we only talked the best. And brightest minds guys like write Java covering the Buffalo Bills at New York upstate dot com Syracuse post standard right now or anybody. I am doing great things certain. Ryan Dunn today marks a one year for Brandon. Seen as a general manager of the Buffalo Bills and danger that we're having some fun trying to. Put a grade on now yeah what brain and being is done so far I think by most accounts you know bill's fans like some of these mules a lot of them are to be determined but. If you had to put it great on a what would you say right now. Guy at the bill maybe aim mine is just because in the first he's the seniors able help the team and their seven year player out Rowell. Used very aggressive with a lot of these trade that he's made. Koppel you know last year what locked in in derby of course. And a use this year to to move up a number twelve and cannot be looked at that and in and get judged on I think a lot of and like he grabbed the net. Hobbies like that back. Ended a playoff drought and happier about that anymore honestly I I think in he had a very successful burst your. If there was a move that defines his first year with the bills would you what would you say it is would you say it's that. Going up to Josh Allen would you would you put it on the Tyrod Taylor deal to it to Cleveland what what move do you think defines Brandon beans first year in buffalo. Well I would actually call the Darby locked in because those are on the same day act the bat and it motto don't. Aum is built at their for their first inning game and our honor and the like the first freer or app. I'd argue is supposed to be the number one cornerback quit. Odd Gilmore relieving urge New England though that tightening mania is biggest moment in his first year just because the king not a great deal. I am getting the bill back in the third round and it. Candidate dating and EJ gains to a category one you know as one year integrate you're up all last season. And then Jordan that he didn't pan out the way I am sure Ian vision but use babble. Here but yet that that was a one day they're really in doubt in my mind and your. We're talking about you're number one brand in being was Ryan tell me that I can read his work New York upstate dot com the web site. Our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. How would you valuable group wait the evaluate the Reggie Bragman trade. One year later you get a fourth round Hank in 2019 for a player you might have caught. But the downside is while they seemed to be optimistic. About Rangel and long term in Kansas City so Ryan now the word you're removed basically from that trade what are your thoughts. Actually being billed as a good deal ample. Just because and rate was coming out just not anyone that looked in that the data in a bribe a pre or eat. And that's what Rex Ryan ran in the bill drafted and so it seemed like a good match at the time and that not that they that he can play in or three. Armed I don't know opulent that's really the critical bit that the bill vision. In their defense so look back rarely get a fourth round pick but the guys being in the women in their estimation. For the cheat so the win for them because that's the defense they Iran. They obviously at an eating there Jan last year was easily stack with the raiders. I am now wreck when he'd he'd played better and better over the course select you then he should be completely healthy this year and I think they'll have a great year. With Kansas City so that that's one of those deals that I go in at the end of the day. Right tell New York upstate dot com Syracuse dot com Syracuse post dinner joining us here in sports marketing term Anglia. The talks in Buffalo Bills and reflect on the past twelve months in the branding being regime is GM. Of the Buffalo Bills run we haven't had you on since prior to the draft Randy means first draft with the Buffalo Bills. Grades all over the board in terms of us scouts and analysts grating the Buffalo Bills and curious as to how you would have graded the bills after that draft. And it and you just overall thoughts of Brandon dean's first NFL draft with the Buffalo Bills. It's hard to throw a great on Internet is indeed he on the field burst. On that but I think that he had really good at in the rap. Admin giving him a number sixteen is something that you envision in including being well obviously. You know that got these young kids that project is that out and nick. I a lot of guys a lot of threats and a lot of doctors and I'd. It's the need obviously Ian ball a lot Eaton played malt O line that spot I'd be decried the line backed off this year. Why and what all the improvements that they've made sense of why the mile run around really well. That's the move that a lot of into La. Here's the bill ought to another move that it being built and apple will really enjoy this year. He's a guy that I will be an amber treatment act in terms of their rotation. Potentially replacing Kyle Williams. And I mean grundy react I like some of those guys they argued Atlantic to the back. I mean in aaron's parents Dan and or any ill. And then I realized I was big and why Allah they ought layered and should have on it was a quarter line eight you it. Well I mean to build guys that maybe this year you know in our regard I I could beat out. Of course the district but that it conducted an island in value this is it going to be buoyed the built early martyr. They knew they were doing with this guy when NATO and that they be music yet yet those anchors the issues in terms of leisure percentage. But they knew there's a lot more to that other has dropped other laws. On the run game which is often the coordinator recently that they've the other run game went down under Garrett game from. 20162017. And that fact is completion percentage or into the court and yourself. Whatever may yet it is they judge Ellen you're gonna look back on this quiet being one of the best on the bill had in years baby dec. The trade up to get Alan you give up to second round picks. For the Buffalo Bills. Have waited till number two could Brendan being waited till number twelve Woody Allen have ball in there in your opinion right. I don't think he would have an end you know there's nothing out there are saying that. The cardinals had a competing offer for the numbers seven and but there's a lot out there are things that the cardinals wanted Josh Allen over Josh gross then. On this they were buried his appointment and that missing out on him up for Halloween now because I I don't like it they what goes on in the war of maybe it'll take all the tablets we also have an offer premieres on on the table there will be viewed there. And Kenneth Conner against all means I think that not being at a be aggressive I think that one is. Early maybe it is. One a one beat site and I think they're also am barrel on each. But I think that one dial up the board they were they where are you finding a way to get Josh Allen. And they end up working out their behavior where the Broncos and the back out of the deal they had in place it is done it would have been able green Edmonton. Yet they they did have to give up a little bit more media and a lot of people auditor or the but is it that the quarterback do you believe in distressed by each franchise guy I think that you should support that move any day of the week. Iran I'll give him credit for him the courage to stick their conviction and picked Josh Al over Josh frozen all admit I was. I was guilty of saying that that Rosen was the guy that they should've drafted in that position when they traded up yes. Go get Rosen and when we didn't hear Rosen is neighmond when you hear rose's comments after the draft about. You know nineteen to made mistakes before me I'm porn part of me thinks are all that's a difference in attitude between Josh Allen Josh throws with the army says you like quarterback. Playing pissed off a little bit of a chip on his shoulder and certainly seems like that's what Rosen is going to be once he gets into the NFL. All without a doubt I Rosen is the most pro ready quarterback in this track that eat it he would day one Carter. I I actually added and my number one prospect in strip by I completely understand and I look at him move and not all Josh is on the board. If they wanna guys in the ink coming right Elaine the real Rosen was I think diet. They they did their homework and all prospects then. You know maybe it wasn't anything that Rosen did wrong in its back on track Mort I. On meet the brain being Allan green in any help but think about am new quarterback that. Yeah obviously knows very well is timing airliner in terms of that size and stature and being able. On the dirt reality aspect that it where you can have the history of injuries. That Josh Rosen and two concussions last year on the shoulders or doesn't seem. It could have been any one a little factors Olga I completely understand why some bands we're we're all here wrote him. Friday's going to be uninteresting day Ryan because you have summit aren't talking to the media you have it's a mis rookies made available but. Or boy I everybody's gonna be charting what did Josh jail and due here in practice. Eyes as the coming year we just have to remind ourselves it's only the second week in May. Absolutely. Means. You're gonna here here's some raised about business things that need it while you can hear about the negatives you may be the overthrow the guys about it and if you know hired. Maybe he fumbles. Like Sam Arnold did outburst. Greg beat fumbled on another one later. Audio and definitely not anytime overreact and evening. It is going to be some highs is going to be some lows but at the end of the day remember that they're all Angela. Is only. Off he shouldn't read anything here too much in any other. Right with that rookie minicamp kicking off this week and I'm curious if there are any of these undrafted free agents. That are per year is up a major us go a little wide. Yeah out ball quarterbacks actually I'll leave my wallet and mine are all out of Alabama cards out of one then. The Bill Bennett have much depth the quarterback going into the draft obviously iron giant and they trapped in the fourth round. They brought in they'll gain dot he's been to compete today nickel cornerback Japanese ad. What indeed that they are not Q. If they carry it cornerback Ike is he Wallace and grind me a plate for all spot. That's not be against green and orders a lot I had an idea being that all guys are very talented. Our wide receiver there's an interesting names there it's sit them. Even a rookie I rookie draft pick as of late haven't made much impact his rookie is. But I really do like our Robert Austin rather elegant guy I like him built on it eat into an appeal to you why be so. Those guys that stuck out immediately and other region. It's done not who was soon it does start thinking not camp battles so when we talk about camp battles I guess. On the number one battle it would be that the quarterback battle I don't know if he necessarily call to battle because. Sooner or later will be Josh Allen but. What are some mother you know intriguing competitions that bills fans in your opinion should watch closely as our you know just little over two months away from the start of training camp near Rochester. One the one cup mile and it might it be the man roster projection is wide receivers because he only. When you look at out on paper that you'd like man who's going to be there or five X wide receivers what their role going to be. I'm going to that spot you'd say okay and then in great John Jerry currently being that you Currie. Under home maybe number or because of the special teams. But I needed had a hodgepodge of guys and you're wondering. Who are who's going to be effort is that in your writing Streeter who. Had a great camp and create you know a great camp questioning ended up injuring his toe in the crease he's Napoli are rare in the clock how are they going to use him. It was a late AP you'd think he'll finally meet the three man roster and when you have. Well a lot of unknowns. And are clamoring for Brendan Reilly last year while you can get an opportunity based on. Players that are currently here to earn a spot. On milk I Dupree a lot of and and when they brought him up to the mean not last year Kelyn clay. He was more were turned out last year on the may be eaten stretched the field for you and then there's just some unknown they're two out and col one grade. And then the undrafted free agent like an inch and bulk Robert Oster. That's one that I would keep an dynamic in that very intriguing. And then obviously operate the line just because Richie and I you know that requirement. I hear what having retired due to injury how's that going to shake out especially along the area the out of line. Does Jon Miller and won the starting job and then go back to. I'll eat played in the tech is where you made great gains helped being in chose the more signs of that and the and the power blocking. Pot who wins the butter battle between writing glory in a row a boat nine and then can glad beat out actually perform well on this new call offensive. Belmont that that will be right this year because he was excellent the biggest prize last year that I they have there eight expectations and he had his moment his ups and downs but he was actually pretty there's that shot on. Right tell it ear cups state dot com covering the Buffalo Bills for the Syracuse post standard our guest in the sports bar danger and tag Leah. On ESP and Rochester rice canyon bartering yesterday for a visit no word on. Whether or not he intends to sign with bills or any other team right now I'm I'm curious about him because. He certainly feels like a different type a different style of back to what the bills. Have kind of stocked up on now this offseason signing Chris Ivory and let's face it was Shawn McCoy. At some point is gonna need some somebody to spell him Jim a brought her to us throughout course of the season what are your thoughts on the back field. Heading into the offseason for the Buffalo Bills. Yeah that that's another position where it is a lot of on certain terms there's a lot of bodies by. What who's gonna step up there and is our data might come in might eventually nine. You know more so offers special team here is courier on but you cadets showed some flashes last year in terms of he could play and special means he could catch on the back healed and he did pretty heated fairly well is given not to run the ball. Taiwan Jones stuck with the rot our crops electric use special teams why. The he has some guys like airing green Marcus murky eat order and draft greeted signing. Who cut could come in and get those now. On the eighty closest he's as mean they released like you'll Lee. Supposedly his roster spot endangered New England you know a special team that the bill does an okay we. Now McDermott in coach kemba we go to. This guy Ron we've seen him run that may be on the chip on racial that can come back to ot and play and that the patriot two times a year. Maybe even play I think that's not a position that they're going to continue to evaluate all summer. And look or someone else army and not only compete for that dot they're running back up at me. I agree. You can be that number to bet that bill. Our guest is Bryan Talbot at New York upstate dot com certainly worth a follow on Twitter Ryan tell the bills are guest here. I 957 ESPN when you're talking about the battles a wide receiver and running back yes special teams matter void. I try not I'm having trouble war rice it figuring out how will be es new kickoff rules. Impact. The return game and what what does this mean I mean. How do you think this we'll look at these new rules and you know what kind of return or should teen look for with these new rules and 48 team. You know that's a great question because we're getting to the point where it's going to be how are they going to eat. Well all of your years of her players they purposes. They're not they're saying and I'm going to eliminated any time soon but eventually be on the Abel and all the sudden. You strategy has changed and these guys you bring in these are the bottom party that chart and maybe they're not as valuable anymore arm. The kick opera Terry and you know as they be expecting to be up higher last year either team to be as many. Were turned obviously so maybe you don't. Outweigh kick returner is that I failure value them as much anymore that might take away from their value. You still want those guys that return on because that's still going to be part of the game obviously you want those guys that can be gunners. Like market he's pleased B for buffalo that was really where he added value of the game. Lead is still going to be some aspects special in it in a that are valuable whether eighteen or nation around me look more like a punt return which is something I was reading about one of the consideration they had. But maybe they don't value kick offered earners Eileen mark just because. Lowly team meeting is now more and more. Right tell that you could follow him come on Twitter ask. Ryan tell the bills Ryan what are you working for the site. You know I'm gonna keep evaluating. The players that currently that are being signed rookie many can't eat any of them actually time that he. Players that are greens being brought an action that for the tryouts. Ott might parties stop or spotlight yours here in and it looked intact latches were biased performed. And kind of looking at too literal will be here in 2018. Brian appreciate the work you're doing and now will catch up was with you soon thanks ram. Right tell that New York upstate dot com where you can read his work again follow him on Twitter. Pat Ryan tell bit bills. For all things Buffalo Bills could have rhino with a syndicate simply time goes by so fast. I typically we haven't talked it is before the draft as the draft Felix so long no we'll talk to him on the the opening night who we were out to I'll tell why you dirty air web chat and he he was on the phone with us then so. Down two weeks flies by and how complex to grow. Has changed in Orchard Park here on in two weeks yeah pretty remarkable stuff if you missed any of that conversation we'll get it up you on demand shortly. At the only ESPN Rochester dot com up next in the sports bar with danger and tag Leah. But we serve today's top and it'll stories and bite sized form like we do every day at this time NFL appetizers. The top stories from around the NFL on the way next in the sports bar danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. It's. Extra. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered. Him and audio and all. From the sports bar with a teacher and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Let us fortunately. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the squares leader of the radio. That is the official new home ESPN Rochester. Via apple cart. Our labor and wirelessly you. Speakers we're just constantly earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 915 and 957 have been the sport's leaders ask you. Master. This news from around the national football. Have a little fun today. Served up in play. Here's the during that attack we are serving up. Play was six. Now in the sports market. Well yesterday came news of a four game suspension for saints running back Mark Ingram today. In green's agent claims his suspension for violating the league's DD policies stems from. He legitimate medication and also will claim that the test showing he took the medication was invalid. So let's there's morning England's case and his agents statement suggests is hard to see what grounds he would have to fight the suspension Ingram led the saints last season but he's reportedly unhappy with us. Contract for the planning to participate in voluntary offseason work with the team. And get stuff Brandon Marshall would smoothly transition to a post football career in broadcasting. After being released from the giants last month guess again. Marshall stake in his first visit with team since that release storm and on of Is reporting that Marshall his visit visiting with the Seahawks. Marshall only played five games and is when you're the giants as an ankle injury that landed him on injured reserve. Got eighteen passes for 154 yards in those periods as the Seahawks. Lost Paul Richardson free agency this season please send Doug Baldwin title market drawn around Marcus Johnson Morris are both. And tenor Mac avoid out wide out. You could yeah speaking up by giants receivers. Victor Cruz former giants receiver who still wants to play. For seven years of his career where you with the giants and New York the 31 year old racked up 303 catches. Nearly 5000 yards and 25 touchdowns a big blue happy fourth patella tendon in his right knee during a 2014 game in Philadelphia. All he never returned to his previous form. Chris telling ESPN that while he's been busy working when this foundation using his off field connections and hobbies in. Bashing mean entertainment he's been working out and staying in chick. Chris has cut last some by the Chicago Bears did not planes when he seventeen. He said there was some interest from teams around the NFL but nothing serious during OTA is your sense. Finally fans of Ohio State University certainly have memories of wide receiver standout Anthony Gonzales. For a solid. At collegiate careers he had the first round pick and Colton when he 2007. Suicides were cut short by injuries playing just forty games over five seasons well. Gonzales has moved into the world of politics and according to Sabrina Eaton of the Cleveland plain dealer. He defeated two other Republican candidates yesterday's primary for Ohio's sixteenth congressional district. With 53% of the vote he beat two challengers for a slot in the race. Representative Jim re not cheese seat filled face democratic challenger Susan ran homer in the fall after she won. A six way. Primary the guy. Probably YE you know I would him. Magic if you're an athlete and somebody of Anthony. Gonzales is stature in the state of Ohio why not run for politics you're gonna win on name recognition alone. Right just name recognition and that's part of the game and in politics app and that is part of the game in politics. Yeah you know your Steve margins if your if your Anthony Gonzales any of these guys Zacks athletes had gone on to a political career get it out. Part of it but I mean they're people in our town that I would say have a Q rating were people know their name yet they can't win. He sure soul. That's not the whole problem in our town is that people that have that name value that name recognition. Vick is too much Jeanne they just want to write to nothing just want to watch change if we don't I think everybody will be satisfy you like the blue cross know you will like to blue cross arena is. I got a second you tell me you have ideas you vision you bet your plan for the future. Yeah I hate air we want somebody is gonna last update. Paying. I don't parcel five by the way any updates. I'm pretty much a plug died I don't get a lot of headlines as they crossed my feet. Anything odd about this exotic here's what mr. Dallas has this thing about the didn't. You get just get higher recently didn't army air just hire somebody recently specifically. To head that project. Since hiring it would hurt anything I'd like that job is the accountable out checks to do not think my job with the city of Rochester. Yeah you might have name recognition. But you also have ideas view. You also have vision yacht. We don't want tax. Paying. If for Gonzales. I false I just all the little short call in Boston mean injuries derailed his career. But it certainly didn't seem like he was going to have EB. Fruitful NFL career he's won't be one of the most prolific passing offenses of all time Bryant and he's an afterthought. Lot of talent and ankles and down now aren't happy hours upon us here in the sports bar with danger and tightly today the sports bar we are celebrating a milestone and anniversary. Case I think it's a good time to get your you know your report cards out we great brain and bean was hired one year ago today for the Buffalo Bills. In a way it feels much longer. And it's probably to his benefit but what great would Jew you Brandon being. 454 ESPN is our phone number 4543776. Also on Twitter at ESPN Rochester. How be our next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leah AM 950 and 957 FM ESP he had Rochester. Later. These days yeah. All summer do you. Most listened.