The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Sal Capaccio

Bills radio sideline reporter Sal Capaccio, from our sister station, WGR in Buffalo, joins Danger and Battaglia during hour two of The Sports Bar to review and react to all of the moves the Bills have made in the past few days.

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Thus sports bar with danger and exactly bills and Bengals will swap first round picks bills go to twelfth. What was it all by the quarterback mean that's been bitter cold. Fire off speed to go over kind of franchise quarterback that's west. Just got a lot more interesting things buffalo is looking at twelve on the prowl. Cornerback Fred envy certainly a lot of interest if you are frozen team that was ten. Had Tom behind and he says that you make the trip out to California to be and Mike dean you're sure you're defense starlet to let this season for. You didn't think you guys don't. Getting ready for when he actually becomes part of this machine exactly what's happening. Kyle Williams we've been working on us for a while now. Our really bad ones where but get this done and where everybody should be happy it was big item for the marble falls to the Bruins are here deservedly so. And I have a very difficult match up against saint Bonaventure and I'm telling you UCLA. You better not overblown. The money back court you know you really enjoy being back held their backs and detonate the battle and compete you know this is that the atmosphere injured and putative father. Rochester sports leader 957. Yes yes good afternoon Don Phillips stole and join us the sports bar with danger and potentially open for business and proudly serving you. Appreciate you stopping by AM on 50957. FM. ESPN Rochester I come. But the radio dot com athletes are just ESPN Rochester listen to us along with hundreds of our sister and brother stations I'm Mike danger he is she detect. Call one day here's danger of not free agency didn't open bill morrow feels like it's it's almost over but we still have mic here instilling out sitting out there. Others reports linking bridge watered the jets but nothing official on that so there's still a lot of pieces do move here in free agency in the NFL. I think we know the answer I think this I think Branyan bean is telegraphed the answer that date is may twelfth. That is when you can expect the bills to sign some veteran depth. Well. I don't see it look like to draft there's tears when it comes to free agency. I'm not waiting the may twelfth if I wanna get AJ McCarron won't be an error or are Teddy Bridgewater. But it makes absolutely no sense to go outside and Matt Moore right now it makes absolutely no sense decided just right now. It's gonna hurt your formula for Tony nineteen and that's really what is. Prerogative here of this. Bills' front office and initiative better word there to accumulate more picks then wait until that. Perhaps there's a mini camp I don't know all the mini camp schedule their day you know the first week of may. That would be the only reason to get a guy in hearing get in the playbook can get learning but. It's a veteran that should be able to pick this up may twelfth seems like a very good date to the Buffalo Bills to go get a quarterback. Soccer podshow bills radio sideline reporter will be joining us here shortly in the sports bar with danger but tightly will last about that more coarse a lot of big happenings are on the Buffalo Bills today will get to that was selling just a few first ultra to that you know you're ready I'm running. It is a round. Post rigs in the in the sports. Hotels into have a lot of fun right on Madden if you're living in Charlotte right now you can work your flight if they had. You don't even have an old now I think yes no yeah if you seem McDermott. Dean Benjamin now woods who will make its pilfered it. You know you can pick from Carolina I can't don't. The candidate they Charlotte we take your whether I take it up. What do you do you care about that what college sports are really using NBA team up here let's stick that to Alter that to Charlotte's. And by the way you have enough intruders in your coaching staff the give some of those of two if you want to. I'm worried about Charlotte I'm worried about the mental health of of Ron Rivera moving forward. Cam Newton has a grownup. Thank you don't have an owner we all know it starts at the bottom. Marty Ernie was all me I mean it's a bad cement that is going to be a masters and there they're they're going down this year it's going to be a bad seed Caroline south. To that Jean is our friend Rochester sports icon. Might have a lot of pointed out earlier today on Twitter the vikings have operated at quarterback by having Kirk cousins in the free agent market but. He's still the third best quarterback in that division. And if she north. Gee should Matt Stafford be insulted by what capitalize insinuating there. Stop. Stop the. How I wanted in it for folks who don't know dangers a huge bears haunt you grew up the bears fan you're cursing for this team know your in luck. The only way it may be happier today. Was it that bears would assigned Sammy Watkins and he would had to deal with Sammy Watkins Chicago Ben. The word was the bears were interest dated citing Sammy Watkins listened. I'm glad. Because they don't think the player would've helped the team but I looked at what he's making in Kansas City. Sorry that's your overpay for that guy. I'm not adjusted. Moving on solved drink to that if the playoffs were to begin today in the NBA get a lot of this. The San Antonio Spurs would be out yes Daryn a tailspin right now they've lost eleven of fourteen noteworthy. Because every year since 1997. This team is qualify for the post season has there ever been a dynasty like this birds. News because so under appreciate I mean the only thing I can think of all the top my head that's an equivalent will be Detroit in the NHL. Right we Detroit won few cops in and they had a playoff streak going in. Did it would fly you know five cops don't own no there is very any that you're you're superstar was a robot Tim Duncan. During your coach. Makes bill bella Jack looked warm and Fuzzy so. Yeah that that's part of it to appear from the PR angle a quieter now a lot of experts are secondary market nobody really knows who goes on sanity and insanity and that's it for San Antonio. It's the spurs sand and the outlook don't yes solid drink to that have been nice to see the bills and play for Paul Richardson out of Seattle. He speed in the outset would have been a nice welcome addition to the offense but five years forty million dollars or one. Passed. A good move by the Buffalo Bills not to overspend knowing. Can't buy everything in free agency just like you can't buy everything in life. At the wide receiver position I know it's gonna hurt Phil's fans but this is one until you get back quarterback in place. That should not happen until 2019. So I'll drink to that speaking a wide receiver Sammy Watkins they weren't too good spot in my opinion Kansas City. But if he can't ever gig going in that offense under Andy Reid and it's never gonna happen for Sammy Watkins. He has shown flashes of greatness. You can put up some numbers in Kansas City three years from now it'll lower listen to really cash in three years from now Gold Beach according. Seven net. I'll predict what's gonna happen. You ready we roll the tape on this parole a day like danger Sammy Watkins is grossly overpaid for what he's going to beat that team. He's the fourth option Jeanne. The fourth option in the on offense. Kelsey. Hill. Hunts. Then Sammy. And again all the physical tools you want Roddy watt receiver EU flash is it needs your your eyes bug out. But he didn't connect in a prolific offense last year Robert Woods was more effective last year and Sammy Watkins. I don't know how you justify. That kind of spending. If you're the Kansas City Chiefs. I like the landing spot for I'm I'm you know like good for you Sammy good that that's a good team in. But I do not think the production will equal what they're paying him as much as I would look to say at three years he'll be of the cash Sheehan. In three years I don't know that we're going to be talking about Sammy Watkins being anything but. Lost. Now I am extra for under Andy Reid's offense. I mean to go back to Philadelphia had mercurial character is back then they have DeSean Jackson in his height LeSean McCoy it is height. It guys that carried. You know a different personality and I locker room but he made it work in the end date to meet. It whether Sammy Watkins is a hit or not in Kansas City doesn't rely on him. When everything else. Whose throw him all Patrick Holmes is he really ready I mean is it has it been an NFL team in recent years that is rolled the dice on a second year player of the week. Don't know much about but you're gonna pay that high price meaning pop and this is what you must do so in the Holmes. It's more homes they're ready or not in Kansas City. You have teams just wildly spending mentioned Paul Richardson. Sammy Watkins. Twenty million for Sam Bradford and Arizona John and Hilton. You're the sports bar with danger to tangling hey John. Hey guys first off Paul Richardson. Not worth forty million dollars so it's. Not even close. And that really made more money out of the end often being mediocre than Sam Bradford. I mean he did sign another deal worth a guaranteed twenty million. I think its first contract Woodward armor deck that Kamal like fifty or sixty million U the last quarter Beckett Sino under the old system where wasn't plotted. I mean this guy just rake it in Serbian mediocre and hurt. I don't know why Arizona felt the need to get Sam Bradford Don right now. Yeah I'm reading this article right now his career earnings equal one million dollars per touchdown pass. I mean if it's just there's some bloody ways like Sam Bradford. Hit the market the right time and in it and go back to the twenty a lot of locked out he was probably the one of the main reasons why. Why are we giving all the money to this quarterback drafted number one overall two point tech. Has not worked out Sam Bradford. On my gosh is sold that contract he did receive my understanding is not 1000020. Million overall prayers on the fifteen of it is guaranteed. Those hands which do you feel left out date feuding get Sam Bradford at fifteen million guaranteed to mean that is stupid money that is Tom Condit he's aging. Working all over. A team that didn't have a quarterback that was desperate the Arizona Cardinals. In name that I mentioned last hour and talking to Mike road back has somebody that bills could be targeting in free to see a wide receiver. Sources close to falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel. Telling Zach Klein. That he is signing with. AB. CTV's. John appreciate the call opens up the line for 540 SP and 4543776. Before that signing while including that signing. Danger. Total cash earnings for Sam Bradford in his career. 134. Million chance. Pursue ham stinking Bradford. When he allowed in seventeen million dollar signing bonus with the Eagles got eleven million sign up bonus. Another fifteen million signing bonus today and all the pace along with it. Pondered this according to the website sport Trac Ers yes spot track. System very good website when it comes to keeping track this a 134. Million cup. Blow things up also coming across the largest now Jean this from crushing Garrick. Remember he's up from our sister station in New Orleans we guess unknown wrapped up for the bills lost this hates. Jimmy Graham to the Packers. What on home. Give that weapon Aaron Rodgers oh wait wait wait wait wait the Packers did something in free agency new day are you kidding me in new Dallara. It's. Like wait wait wait why we just cite somebody who creates an error happens here. AG do you have a problem with how much money. The vikings are shelling out to Kirk cousins. No just because for a player I'm of the belief go get we you can get if Ayman NFL or I am collecting mad. That the entire. Contract for cause it is guaranteed eight. Correct me quickly if I'm wrong David Betts it's new ground in the NFL right we never had a player get 100%. Guaranteed money right. Mean that's okay great for the player but if I'm an older I'm looking at that he will the vikings owner saying what the hacker you don't want. What you why you said breaking new grounds and I'm this guy. I'm curious as to. In eighteen states where it's worked out for a team that is paying a player for what they believe he'll be calm. Verses what he actually is. Used to true weight. And Oakland is immediate examples of that you sign your quarterbacks to these egg lucrative deals. In the hopes that they will. Deliver you a Super Bowl you paid them as if they're the high the best player at the position. And they're not the best player position and right now Kirk cousins. The highest paid player in the NFL. But very far from the best player in the NFL. If I had to pick one instance in buffalo bills' history of a player that was paid days Stein. While speculating like your saying a quarterback. It was a guy bills traded a top ten picks for. Top ten pick ended up being Fred Taylor the quarterback ended up being Rob Johnson. Hey Rob Johnson was entering the last year his deal but we hate we want to let him hit free agency so at that point this year was what you was at 99. Skis in 98. Fighters 45 million that was ridiculous money for Rob Johnson the quarterback at that point that it only served one game. One game he was paid one of the best quarterbacks salaries. In the NFL back here in 1998. So. This is nothing new I guess paying up front dollars based on what you think will happen right but when does it work. Wayne has worked didn't work and Rob Johnson had to say that yes he did have a few nice gains for the bills yes bills did make the class a one year by rob Johnson and an opinion. Not worth that investment in my opinion for the Buffalo Bills bomb. Is there more well to stick for the bill standpoint Mario Williams no. Teel was fun for a year ridden old. Main break the bank for him. No I. I think specifically to your getting paid. As if you were the best. Your position you're the best in the league. We're paying but but with Kirk cousins you're so not that when you're Derek Carr you're not that wow what we got Matt Stafford uniting the best quarterback in your division. You're getting paid like you're the best player in the league when he signed his deal last year I mean it does it ever were you ever works well I was at your Minnesota fan. And enthusiastic that you have your quarterback. I would I would throw little tale of caution your way I'd say. This doesn't normally work out you might be enjoying eight knee and 2018. So why when the vikings what do what do they know about the triumvirate they had last year your your keen in your Bridgewater Bradford. As you've got to gotten out a lot cheaper and you could've taken that money. In fortified other positions and made the defense team get better in Minnesota they can do that. And the said he felt the need to go do this to me Kirk cousins looks like fools COLT. I make fun of the Redskins are a lot of Mose I don't think they're entirely on what you've seen a quarterback like that hit the market. And it blows up in the face of the team that let him go. I know one instance and his name's drew Greece but that was because Drew Brees had a major shoulder injury. And even the dolphins passed on him only one team wanted Drew Brees that year that was the New Orleans Saints of they had Drew Brees they didn't get. New Orleans guy. You understand why it was the injury. Quarterback sic acting this way never seen good quarterbacks at the market like that. That would be the buyer beware is Washington really that dumb that they really botched. That hum no there really that dumb but in this instance I don't blame them for parting ways with Kirk cousins in. I don't think Minnesota is necessarily dom. I just don't think it's gonna work out for them the way they think it's gonna work out if they believe that this is the missing piece that's gonna get them to the Super Bowl. Rarely has this worked out where you make a player that lucrative deal. And he's immediate dividends it just never happens like Ike I'm struggling to think of an instance where it has happened. In fact usually the opposite happens you make Joseph Flacco the highest played it really paid player in the league they have they still haven't recovered from right. Let's itself populate this next in the sports bar with danger tightly appreciate you stopping by this afternoon. Sell from WG our sister station of course in buffalo and bills radio sideline reporter while gave his opinion on everything that's been going on from the Tyrod trade on Friday to the signing of starlet to allay today in free agency of course assigning. Becoming official tomorrow in the league year begins. At 4 o'clock Sal joins us next year and in a stock up my five hour energy because tonight. It's bodies basket saint Bonaventure. In the late game tonight. And I am ready I'm ready. For this tournament to get underway five hour energy helping me every step of the way feeling a worked feeling energized zero sugar just four calories drinking and sec it's. Feel within minutes it lasts for hours. The plaza stay up late tonight we'll watch saint Bonaventure take down UCLA. And advance. To Thursday's action in the tournament and then. Three locked out bracket. That real time brackets five hour energy brackets dot com I'd like you to join Gina myself and wall play along for bragging rights. It's five hour energy brackets dot com. The elimination. Of the busted racquet you can change your ex switch losing fixed in any game. Up until four minutes left in the game you can play at work you played all we can Clinton got on the go there's an app of course the goes with this is well five hour energy brackets dot com. To get started. Get ready for all of the tournament action starting tonight. With saint Bonaventure in the league game against UCLA and get yourself some five power or energy set up the game winning assist this month grow to twelve back. A five hour energy get that feeling of energy focused watch all tournament long five hour energy get back to 100%. Asterisk in the week we have merged tickets and good super bad sports junkies can come and he fights everything. If you want fewer on filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come to the right place AM 950 and 957. Afghan sports leader ESPN Rochester. Really wish us some actual pick up your free agency we're gonna talk about the Marlins league year officially starts gee this is being CE. Jordy Nelson. Released by the Packers why. What are they up against the cap simultaneously. Bringing Jimmy Graham just one of the many moves let's focus on the moves into bills have made their for itself but GO. WGR buffalo and Buffalo Bills radio sideline reporter Sal hi event. They record our record. You are eager yet talking and ensure your low connect the wire and everything coming out dot let's start off with the moves that deals may today. What do we know about star looks who will lag I haven't heard the numbers here but sell what do you think this mall the Buffalo Bills like getting a defensive tackle from Carolina. Well and another idiot there he widow. I don't really want had too much of a desperate. I would think that a guy of his magnitude probably an eight million dollar in your somewhere that they were didn't work out the you know the bill definitely had a need at defensive tackle and in a question mark out ways to allow. But we're getting our to a lady really kind of re on what they had a Marshal art he are so the art. That fact that you kind of martial art is like. But you know went oh what what martial arts is going through it didn't play a lot item or more last couple years you might be getting more. You know obviously available and consistent player on the field but here's the thing about. He's not going to social a lot of missed actually formed due not to be penetrating and getting quarterback back there. Tackles for losses what he's gonna do it is going to be a big presence. I met on the line kind of the standard kind of a ROL linebackers to make plays. And he's really also I was told one big reason underrated reasons why those autumn guys. On those allowed to any quarterback to step up into the middle their pocket last year avoiding it back from the edge and start to label out that not. Until I was gonna ask you sell because of who we know the connections from dean to McDermott their Carolina days together but I was gonna ask how. How is stat sheet looks and how he grades went when you consider that you don't really care a lot about starlet to lay on on the stat sheet but nobody hearing that he is going to be a force and presence on that defense of line now. With Kyle Williams though alongside an annual with a Kyle Williams signing what what is. The expectation for wins at this stage in his career. Moving to 2018. I think it's really exactly what is that you know college is suspend a guy that is consistent in waves. He placed opera weekly are helped against the mine out in the past while out differently. On net 35. Athletic iceberg is for it he'd even been it would used on the being able to use get low in. Caught something happened on the line a little bit so is a little bit everything you know now. Gravity got to take care of the body buried at a few more days off here and there there are doing that the last year's when they wouldn't practice sometimes but I would. Consummate professional going to be ready to roll. Take care of his body the right way and now is the expectation is to be a leader in the locker room. And the leader on the field really can produce a lot of a lot it is quite a lot of snaps last year got a thirty or I don't expect that the slow out there because he is. In our other defensive tackle. 'cause the dolphins Washington State in the air dizzy you know I everybody's got an opportunity to start here but. Coop could he take over for Kyle this year how would you grade a goal for us is when he seventeen campaign. No adult watching is not going to Serb plant currently has started to build actually try to treat adults Washington last offseason. They really couldn't find a taker. He did actually play a little bit better I think people expected. Last year gave them a little bit of value gave them some are good apps what I think the real news. Sean McDermott on this for forever Carolina and buffalo rookie defensive offensive line especially defensive tackle those guys play a lot as. I think at all but really any showed the team last year these valuable that center court in any is the same thing. App happy Cayman. Last year that they think toward the end of the year these are guys that we're valuable any rotational basis so I expect that to be missing the trial lawyers was desperately. On the field more than any other defensive tackle last year. Probably start will be this year I think I'll be suspect most of those guys are valuable. Sock budget joining us in the sports or danger the tightly on ESPN Rochester. The bill still need to address. The quarterback on the defensive side of the ball in the middle linebacker position we can talk about that a little bit let's talk about what the bills that yesterday's sell. In trading up to get to number twelve. In the first round was Cincinnati giving up forty clan but certainly putting themselves in a position and putting the league on notice that we're prepared. To move into the top five perhaps the top three to get the guy that we want. Yeah at this point it's gonna be disappointing and surprising at the bills. Are drafting why accurate I think people get in the top three I think they'd love to get. Number two overall with a giant which is possible they cattlemen of the general manager there. He was to be bread and beans and Sean McDermott awesome Carolina they work together that relationship there. I and and here's the reason why I think they'll wanna get the number two. Number one of course you wanna get your guys. Maybe they'll they that would maybe they would have to be accurate I wrote and are maybe wouldn't be. All that you know would we be pretty close but. Maybe ground they'll take a quarterback that you get its pick of the litter but big street and as if you don't get that to let me go to war. How do you know that horror Altman and you don't jump view. Indifferent to get that re excited where you get a chance to get lighting the bills like get as high as they possibly can't. Because they wanna assure themselves of getting it. He did these guy or one of the two guys they absolutely cop. They'll sell either making them move they made yesterday and I know we still have pro days some interviews and all that it. I have an idea at this point year after the com mining is done after watching the film they know who they want at this point do they not. Absolutely. That there's no doubt in my mind a at least our. If they haven't targeted at I would think it broke out in their own mind that they're pretty dark comparable with a couple of different guys probably in their mind. But they're there's no coincidence here guys. These trade happened shortly after the com mine which is the first time. That these executives can meet with the players and learn more about that as an Arctic. What I would think would happen is. Let they Josh -- is the guy that they say they really they elect Astros then he'd the most talented guy we re elect them elect. We got questions about the passion litigated but the other thing people talked about all he'll be all interest has. We'll get what you could become mine. Sit down and for fifteen minute you say what commodity here really knowing that our guys and then you do. Look at anybody provision that example and that you make peace deal because you're more comfortable. Makes all the sense in the world soccer watching joining us here in the sports part danger of attack Leno wanting that might have. Some fans scratching their heads as we continue to see free agent quarterback dominoes fall. Whether. Will warn the bill's gonna do is they're gonna be a bridge quarterback comedic. Cell eat there's a date at that gene I have circled on the calendar that that windy. May twelfth if they sign a quarterback after may twelfth. Does not help them and compensatory draft pick formula and me that be their plan all along. While they wait that long bracket and I mean these aggregate stock. The league who would be but I can't see. Who left out there he even care at what they report the jet which I get reports that they're working we don't know what. If that happened when he got a gimmick here jot account. Matt Moore I mean I would think he's aggregate bind more than wanna get in there somewhere. It's quarterback a different animal you want a guy is you can learn the playbook it ready go to these Nokia days. Our own you know Rick receivers and things like that so whoever took. Of war that they are gonna win I think in the builder Gunner I calmly but yet and that would. It would impact the Coptic formula that is something that said that he thought about. Buy it open and I'll give that guy. Public place it would doesn't have to be not a really big deal out of brick quarterback you might not be impacted all of that record. Tuck my gym or joining us here in the sports bar you hear is Bill Sadler reports will be GRI good enough to give us here a few minutes here. On the back to the middle linebacker position here. Are the Buffalo Bills trying just to wait out the marquee here where Preston brown or do you think got. If you how do you read the tea leaves here as far as a what the bills wanna do a middle linebacker south. How they can build a better really had a real real. Big appetite to bring Preston brown back I think it's always been one of those paid you really want him back she will take a good football player. But they're not in overspend and have they're Evan number nine. And that number news. Basically where they're gonna hold on Preston brown look at. I mean Preston led the league in tackles last year he's the poster child for being available he never missed two games at Oak Creek a lot of great quality. But he simply not quite be that they ultimately tree defense you want some more athletic linebacker. In the middle and then from what I just told about our to a used that a guy like that because you'll want an athletic guys aren't in the two run around and make way back slightly looking equity. I mean look quickly play great. But part of the reason he is so great because he's had guys like star and one short front and allowing him to run around the plate idea that the Preston brown bat the ball well but Preston brown. Can get eight or nine million dollars a year late in the kitchens just got a bone from Dallas in this city. All our Preston brown is a great great young man and I eat up ought and the apathy. Really turned into a nice career here and make a lot of money but that's too rich for the bills. Seles were speaking you another quarterback is off the board a one year ten million dollar deal for Josh McCown. To the New York Jets so now Teddy are going and going back to the jets one year ten million this according to a Micheal roll so maybe that Teddy Bridgewater some speculation the jets Ozal preemptive or adjustment. I would think that might be the case I mean because. The jet at a rumored to be in this quarterback market here are armed. You know rookie here for awhile and putting it in medical Albert what are your rookie that would make. No it's all over again I would seem like there organist still take at a rookie in the draft at some point right. Right but but but. I think in the counties don't do that secret lottery that would like OK you know all three right still. That didn't think I wonder now well here in Amman told you that you probably anything but I wonder back an expert water anywhere else but remember. I think the rap or all of that yet again. Are targeting Britain water which he had other option I don't know what those other options are that would be applied to the awful I I'd settle on I think it'll. You know what it. Really fit for Teddy Bridgewater I thought I don't report was always a good for the bill I like Teddy Bridgewater and heard about that I'd get it but before he. He got hurt. Really tracking well it looked like it would entity of the even the portrait with the it would and it'll be all the other people were picking them to eat under any of you because they have. Sally there's that I guess two schools of thought where you can Burgundy dialect McCown to be the mentor for young quarterback that you draft and I think there's another school of thought that would be like hey bring in a free agent quarterback or veteran quarterback to compete. With a rookie for the starting job which camp are you waiting which one do you think is more effective for an awful quarterbacks. I'm sorry things like committed play regular commitment to. I'm saying if a rookie comes in let's hypothetically say that debt Rosen is the guy after the bills and let's throw that hypothetical down the rodeo further say the bills have signed Teddy Bridgewater or an AJ McCarron. It training camp McCarron or Bridgewater would compete. With rose in and you let you let them compete to see who is your starter on day one. Look I mean. You're gonna sign what these guys debris water starting when he and I can't believe that you're gonna not do that now granted it's always possible. Like Russell with the the year that they Matt when I'm here yet in inside that plan. And then Russell Wilson done and and I think that's what I have been an injury but still they were pretty much healthy critic and suddenly it's like. Oh my god Russell what we got like really really. That always there's no doubt about that. I think it. The bills are so Oakley approach here with their rookie quarterback draft I think you're gonna draft. They're gonna try it by W conspire. You know in 28 and then the other. What do you get your 28 scene and you have a guy like Rick water or more some. Might not be younger like a brick. And you know he does well for you you make out again and it's when he met stopping them. If you're confident young guy. Pittsburgh water off to ask it anyway and that would like to do with the guys. They've collected look at the eagle it would Bradford to give the Minnesota made an injury the hatred of her first round picks so a lot of guys seem to have a lot of collect some good players and let them just go in the have a good rule and let them battle well. South podshow joining us here in the sports or can we just give Brandon dean and the executive of the year award right now because more rights it sell you tell me do you agree or disagree. I never thought. Hey you got an article interestingly enough there's as a way back when beginning of in the off seizing your see it laying out a scenario where the bills could. Trade off here or not cost you wouldn't. Actually team you identified today they did it. But I never thought the bills get a third round pick. Tyrod Taylor south we just give the executive of the year award right now to Brendan being. But. Yeah I that the great unfortunately it you guys now. You know the you know when he hopped it doesn't matter as we were reminded by Rex Ryan appears no one else but you know you're right he's got a really good job. What he worked extra money they still have to figure this quarterback situation now and you know I think it all the good will he's brick building upper Taliban and I think he has. If he takes the guy that in our happy where you're the top of the draft you know I'm here like if it. Our Peter told me what victory Josh count on the mat but it got don't you think the further away. From some of these guys and I understand that so you know we'll see where all that goes on you know you're right about that Draper Ira I mean. I'd if you have called that he ER on Friday morning instead. Hey guys I think innate ability to get that 65 pick overall Ira healer. We the last if you oh. Because that is what that who would have thought that would let it and I agree with you then meeting the only they get the 65 pick in the rap. Brooke player they would know it and you know having on their roster when he eight. Yeah it's insane you could've got for free but you got to third round early and great move by Brennan beating Seles were talking you have more breaking news in this. More bills related in the Josh McCown story of the bill signing. Safety Raphael bush for up to 400 net four and a half million over two years this according to Ian Rapoport NFL network former seat safety. Now on buffalo. All right we'll have to look into that has after it happened not that immediate understanding I mean at safety so. Or they'll have to really think. Right so by. At debt dollar figure two years four and a half and again I'm learning about Roth yelled bush you're on the fly or maybe a scene think an outsider but. Opt to meet at that sounds like backup money and I'm I'm at least glad the bills are dressing. You know some depth here in the secondary nothing can they would be all sat. Yeah exactly what it obviously you'd need a little bit that your. What exactly where they go that will look Mort who the other side of the border area or you're doesn't quite a big deal. Probably this would be more special teams signing the. And and sell we we should also talk about the other moves. Made today by the Buffalo Bills retaining all four of their exclusive rights free agents some of the guys. Hedo made somewhat of an impact for the bills the Germans argue that that some of them were actually productive for the Buffalo Bills talk about that person. Well look I mean. There's there's no downside and we take your exclusive rights free agents the way what is. All you have to do is often resemble the minimum how many years typically that's. And you don't hear that they've become created your attack somebody for that. Or higher anyway be that the league but I'm. So you have a Yarborough is very valuable electorate Jack awesome especially when Al Yarborough. You started this you know play well let people wanna nick O'Leary in the only reason he's on this list. Is because your rookie year. Release before the season and then he was. Restarted at practice squad and he lost to recruit Stephen because he took so long we're going to be activated again. Obviously nick O'Leary at a minimum salary while you're not. And then Logan Thomas the mafia mafia curricula and that allowed me to bring back right so there's no no downside. It's Al before we let you go and we came on here with the breaking his adoring Nelson's being let go by the F Packers I you're just your initial reaction that news in nine. Boy he was looked good and bills uniform what Tina. Yeah hectic that he would expect that we'll be I expect. In the extremist even built unit wide receiver guys they have to get back storms record or government speed. They have to get back certain position they don't have enough speed at depositions so now we'll see where that goes to Jordan out or not that was started when I read that would. Sure he would fit the bill or share. So we know you have an out and out we appreciate you giving us some time this afternoon to review all these moves happening before only here you're either begins tomorrow. Starting at 4 o'clock and appreciate all the work you're doing now of course our sister station WGR ES in Rochester dot com. And inside my for the Buffalo Bills sell pot GO enjoy the rest your afternoon all right. Thanks a lot while busy guy here today and busy all this news coming in what you wanna react to first I. Well let me react to the bridge worthing that he actually it's timely by the jets because I haven't seen anything official really official the jets. According to Adam chapter and you can book to chapters as a Josh McCown resigning with the jets this to go move. Don't have anything that they were talking to Bridgewater. And if they talked to Bridgewater and they get a deal done with Bridgewater after signing the count in my by the way just how funny cap space to make these kind of moves Bridgewater. You know what might be a more expensive option that what they're paying one year in ten million for for Josh McCown. That would give the illusion that they're not going to go for a quarterback. In the draft but would you really believe. They're not gonna go for. Why is there a better move OK it the better movies for a career back off and Josh McCown who had a nice season last year as a starter but he knows. What this league is all about Teddy Bridgewater new signing him to be a star that will lose what Bridgewater one. To meet you signals that yes the jets are going to draft a quarterback that is routine you need to get past. And Denver to I'm not buying back tee scheme and signing with Denver today. Pop that's not the 2018 version in my opinion. Cook of Chicago. Signing Michael Landon and drafting a quarterback high taste teen and to me is just a guide you in a season in Minnesota. But no I think Denver could do better than that and John Elway has his eyes on somebody you better believe that they're gonna spend their first round pick on a quarterback so. Yes it is divers in the bills. Drafting a quarterback and the first round Knowles still a lot of forecast to happen here before drafting. All right chino let's I'm calling it audible at the line here before we take a break let's kind of scam over. The biggest stories here in free agency NFL appetizers you normally hear at this time rather than. Gig give it to you in depth let's just kind of scan through some of the a lot of satellite high since 3 o'clock since we came here in the sports bar and we mentioned. Jordy Nelson being released by the Packers in the Packers also agreeing to terms with Jimmy Graham see Taylor Gabriel going to the Chicago Bears. Another wide receiver for the bears who also wired. Alan Robinson in free agency and Trey Burton from the Philadelphia Eagles of course the news of Kirk cousins. Becoming the highest paid player in the NFL com by the start of the league year this is according to multiple reports a three year. 84 million dollar deal with the vikings. Fully. Guaranteed. And half a million more per year than what jaw drop global earned. For the 49ers. Unbelievable deal for Kirk cousins and he'll hit the market again in three years at the ripe age of third do. If I'm in NFL owner I'm cursing CD wills. Owner of Minnesota Vikings why would you go down this road there it is the first fully guaranteed contract and in Philly history. It goes to a guy. That's average Kirk cousins is average viking fans I'm sorry you didn't solve lawyer quarterback problems he's better than what they had last year but 84 million guaranteed no thing. I keys key number. They got it cousins is replacing in Minnesota signing with the Broncos is so late last night. It's a short term deal somewhere in the neighborhood of eighteen to twenty per year 820 million per year. The and and the numbers haven't officially been disclosed so what happens she by the way I feel like that's. Because the numbers aren't that sexy that that the aging doesn't want those numbers out there in the team generally care the numbers get out there probably bit bored holes. Winning the jug portals make it into the championship game. And getting eighteen million this offseason now you've got both losing. Championship quarterbacks making eight million the following season he's keyed him to Denver. Sam Bradford going to Arizona two years twenty million the report leaves fifteen of that twenty million. He's carried to eat so they Arizona as a quarterback on the roster. That she's. They were busy today and at first they got cowboy linebacker Anthony hit James that's a dealer pay a nine million per year that sets the market at linebacker. As we spoke owed to earlier are Sammy watched games. Another new home for Sammy Watkins is thirteen year. In less than three years pack less than a calendar year for counting is Sammy Watkins goes to Kansas City it's a three year deal. Drew Brees is staying in New Orleans the surprise of no one assist two year deal. 50000027. Million guaranteed career Brees really no leverage in this deal because. He has wife have made it pretty clear we don't wanna leave New Orleans New Orleans. Giving him I think you deal that's probably fair considering. That that he really didn't have any kind of negotiating power whatsoever even though the yesterday the vikings took a swing. At Drew Brees there's really no chance that he was leaving. A New Orleans and now that eighteen million dollar charge that would have gone on dead is dead money on the saints cap for 2018 wheel gets spread out with this new deal being announced. Another team that draft a quarterback you're one and in your tube goes the inning gets the piece is talking about the bears. Bears are busy today they thought signed former jags wide receiver Alan Robinson the Penn State grad. Heading to Chicago three years 42 million at tight end a lot of people were looking after the bills. Trey Burton at Trey Burton of course Super Bowl hero there I his deal he goes to Chicago for four years at 32 million. And not is sexy a splash but give it up to the Jacksonville Jaguars signing Panthers guard. Andrew nor well this a lucrative deal with the jaguars. Five years 66000030. Million guaranteed this will upgrade. The jaguars interior line and helped topple one format and Blake morals. Dave Gelman losing out is the giants were in talks to land of the former panther government of course with experience but in the instead. The former giants head coach. And net Tom Coughlin getting the deal done for Jacksonville. So it's nor well to the jags five years 66. Million I feel like we might be missing something I'm sure. All all well I think we've got to recap for anybody jumping in your late but the bills did today I get the bills high marks what they did today. They get perhaps the best defensive tackle in this free agent class star looked to allay. We just adds up a pot Joseph on says starlet told lay can't say Taylor winds is that Marcel Darius is level. But he's a guy that you know you can count on for sixteen games into an al-Qaeda. Keep that pocket collapse it rather than Nike did intact so that's a good move for the Buffalo Bills today and yes they did bring back Kyle Williams how Lincoln's agreeing to a one year deal six million dollars overall five which is guaranteed six million. Exactly what the Buffalo Bills were going to pay Tyrod Taylor in a bonus interestingly enough this week can't say you can connect me to be but. How planes coming back for Tony eighteen to the Buffalo Bills are right happy hour of federal. The corner Gina let's take a break here server or daily special continue to get your reaction to all of the moves in free agency including and especially the moves made by the Buffalo Bills in such a busy day we haven't even been able to really talk about the fact that Jack is back on the ice for the Buffalo Sabres but. Because who's on a laissez. Yeah yeah so look at that more it's a sports market is danger to tag Aaliyah say with us this force leader ESPN Rochester. Rochester rapist the easiest way to connect. With Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Sports bar with a dangerous bitch back. Rochester wrapped. By examining. ESPN Rochester. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. The score. In Rochester.