The Sports Bar-Hour 2-Sal Capaccio

Sal Capaccio of our sister station, WGR, joins us during hour two of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys discuss Bills OTAs which begin today, the team's decision to release Richie Incognito, and what positional battles have our attention heading into camp.

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But sports bar with danger and exactly we're allowed to do it forever self rule a little bit more from me. Offense vs defense standpoint. You know that were allowed to. To do some other things in the NFL rules that were not allowed to do this time of the year. Mike Dee injured vets come to town for organized team activities what you can be paying attention to Jean exactly so Richie income I need no real lease from the reserve retired list PS. Being content you know words you on to retire then he's a free agent he can go sign wherever he likes capsules and Celtics before. Clock at triple. Okay. If this goes seven games I don't think the cavs won a game seven. In Boston I don't think this supporting cast in Cleveland this year which show off for game seven in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and we have the Eastern Conference final Tampa Bay with a chance to eliminate the Washington Capitals a fireside held. The appellate execute other Rochester sports leader and 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar danger of tech play a happy that you're joining us however you may be listening at 95957. FM ESPN Rochester to come home online or. The free to download radio dot com where you can take ESP in with you everywhere and listen anywhere. Any time alongside gene tag glee I am merely might danger. Was that the deepest conversation we've had a sports car with a HBO's John Franco right now it's up there now it's up there are looking back getting my mail. Use this. If the drug deal gone bad mistaken identity torturer. Is just a terrible terrible story that the hate to have associated with our community. That conversation was pretty deep. This and our conversation that we had earlier this year back in March wit with pack a lot of it was a deep conversation but he got deep because we just out of your concern for. For pat in his post. Hockey playing days. Are you old enough what's going on. And that kind of tied into our conversation just now. With Jon Frankel of real sports on HBO. Who tonight. During his segment on new episode 10 o'clock. Dives deeper in the NFL's CT east settlement with former players. And how that money is being distributed. And how a lot of players. Were suffering symptoms. CT. CT a disease that will be diagnosed until you heard dead. These these players he's former players with symptoms are not able. To get access to that settlements. Yeah I mean what's alarming. OK everyone named players you know all. Dad passed and were diagnosed with CT post concussion he saw the movie would know the name Mike Webster right. He came in whistler and Mike Webster. Because the years they bracket at this is part of the negotiation Mike Webster's Stanley got nothing. Yeah a good look going to sleep tonight. Honestly if you're part of that in that. So what mr. Let's get to altering to that here before soccer party joins us talks in Buffalo Bills OTAs in just a few here in the sports bar. You decide to run. It's time for post rigs in the in the sports. It's. We'll get to sports in the second but the reason this came up just so everybody knows. Today we learned in his seat DO TC you're gonna see tonight the former Syracuse George player Chris get me. Took his own life. Now on the outside get knee. Doesn't fit the profile right ex jock lone Stanley global skiing color commentator on the radio for the awards and sitter for Syracuse working in the development offense. Look point is there's no profile when it comes mental health for some reason there's a stigma when it comes to mental health in our country. He Canada they do something it's called the bell let's talk initiative. Maybe that's where we can start here despite talking and just spineless and gesture. Exactly words starts and where we are now is a far cry from where we were even five years ago it's getting better. But yet the stigma needs to go away people do need to be free to talk about what it is it's bothering him a week. His friends his supporters is because people in the community that cares. We need to listen so I'll drink to that. Arizona New Orleans are each get a host another Super Bowl in twenty point three in 224 respectively. Snooze. The Jeanne let me know when Vegas gets a crack at Augusta and because once that happens you're gonna watch the Super Bowl there once every four. Re a lawyer I'm sure the ogre reported rotation maybe not every three even and I can guarantee every five by the way. New Orleans snooze I've never been to New Orleans I want to go to La. Setting New Orleans how many Super Bowl at New Orleans has the record right definitely posted more Super Bowls and ready. And Miami look at Miami does in in New Orleans hasn't had it since when he thirteen that would have been blacked out. Correct the black out here yeah okay say they've made renovations of the stadium and now you did to the superdome when you would have met. You would imagine. That they would be better equipped and not have to deal with that kind of panicked again eight New Orleans you're skating on thin ice Vegas is right around the corner stab a solid proof to that. And while we are on the topic of awarding Super Bowls next decade Buffalo Bills are gonna want their new stadium we would figure they're laying the ground war game. Now what was put this out OK if there's no rules no no no models not the beginning Super Bowl. However. Awarded he would pick too much to ask danger. If you're gonna build the NFL stadium if there's gonna be public. Money can vault. Can you ask for in return the NFL draft. Our leaders behavior got a feel for all over state dollars Freeney to ask something nice in return. Guy and I would hope that our elected officials and beat that the NFL is calling on them to regulate legalized sports gambling that our elected officials are are taking down phone call in working out some deals now. For what can be you know potentially down the road a little bit of assist. In building new stadium in buffalo. A holding our breath. But it would be nice I'll drink to that let's go to alternate reality Baghdad keynote courtesy of our Buddy Ryan Talbott of New York upstate dot com who. Shares a story in New York upstate dot com and how Antonio round. Ignore a call from the bills ended up joining the Steelers instead. Story goes that the two teams called him simultaneously. On separate phone lines that he had brown chose to answer the Steelers call. We selected by the Steelers with a 195. Pick in the sixth round the bills. Took Danny batten linebackers so go to stayed at 192. If all they call the browns. There it felt good golf fronts that are the real proud. The receiver for the bills right now now. No wait a second. Backup you mean to tell me did Antonio Brown did he screen his calls that lawyers say he had always has no idea OK okay caller ID was an existing to this point. We think that Eric Johnson puts up what. Yeah let that go to voicemail. No and I'm not here now. A new strategy I Doug Whaley. I know Doug Williams it's OK now it's our it's a global let them go straight to Roy Smith's. Solid drink to that all right a little is something more uplifting and I'm pandering you didn't mean on this one danger I know we're gonna agree with me OK when I laid the ground work on this everybody's gotta agree with me. They used to be the fourth of July for me. Now comes sooner or what am I talking about. While gonna have a little more time this week and Ryan. Little more time to start thinking about something that's going to be approaching for me. The fourth of July was always the benchmark when the things which hit the newsstands and he would start to think about it and think about your draft. No no no no not that maybe it's Sunday night maybe it's Monday morning it. I'm not working on Monday morning danger I am already. Salivating. At the thought of doing homework. And. And see what wow you know yeah and and you know what this is why I would say your early front runner early contender for a championship in the office late this year. There won't be long before we got that championship trophy here just over my shoulder just taunting me mocking me because you're gonna put an extra hours. You're gonna put any extra time you can start earlier than anybody else. Hello Mike Anderson and get beat by the female on the office and doesn't really well all along no baby has her boyfriend her or husband do the draft for her that's who's gonna realize early on my new team name danger. And hood. Yummy Graham. Monster burger. Yeah yeah you're not have to be your avatar has the beeper must hurt to have. You we here at quarterback and Alabama. You see that lovely lady there she doesn't offer of one of the net but she also this Alabama that's AJ McCarron. And right there on the ride is Dioner. That's OK I'll tell you quarterbacks you get all the that good look at the guys a lot of beautiful woman wow these kids gave good well. It was right there was a very dumpster in Alabama. So I get the football throw around the backyard would. The best part of that is you are more dangerous city DD modern than you are and Catherine. Let's read the seal of approval on dvd buyer has you so reiterated figs do that that's that's right in the top mindless. And butter in the fifty in the Bogle a category danger. Come on you're not an easy area and it is this summer you're way need a good team yummy grandma says that choking. Yummy grandma with an icon with an avatar of brown must honor or out or or. Plus he you know he posts a picture of TV I think the rest of the that. Teams in the league my eyes and LG really does have a problem there's a little bit of a thing there with older women with more mature women. Expect genes his story and pewter. It but he sure so got to go out. Amateurs only like an employee of America and you hear about those scandals all the talk geez going to mature is only dot com. Perk for fantasy draft strategy it. Stated our time I think it is like our advertising what. All things. That's what this is all debts like a Tinder for yet extender for old people truly inspired people around like gods you know church troll our time dot com. Just from material. It's all in the name of the show the good stuff. I'm not there yet. And and maybe that makes me you know vulnerable to two that you know to pray in Tennessee football. It'll be fourth of July 4 of July because when else really. And and I know you're gonna hang out a little bit extra time this week I don't know that I am Monday morning you're gonna wake up late. By the way we're not on the air Monday we're gonna carry baseball Monday Memorial Day Monday. Are going to be like we have the president knowing don't. Owe. Them home tomorrow what is he writes all teach just takes off leading moment when you. You get your rain here in your hat. All right maybe it'll crossed my mind but I'm not gonna do any extensive homework not yet. You reading. You can put us how cool. Reading sounds like work right now for fantasy football. You know the magazine is an hole no end and by the way I'm not reading the magazine and if I'm being honest full disclosure I mean it's described a one of the web sites and I've been getting emails from them every day. Giving me updates on every team so I kind of have a sense of what's going on with every team. Not just from a fantasy relevant sample but just every team Michael who signing who who's getting who Wear OK with how does that offense finally you wanna know everything that's going on. Throughout the league. That never ends that's that's the 365. Day year commitment. That's more I am. I don't know that I'll pick up a magazine and Arnold I mean last year I remember I had a magazine I think somebody sent it to us one of the fantasy sites sent us magazine. And everything and muscle that was fairly satisfying. Picking up the magazine intangible. Published piece of work in reading through it. But by the time you get it you know a lot of that information. Specific information to didn't individual players is it. Don't yet you news but they can crunch the numbers and if you can look at historical data that's always helpful for you when it comes to some of these offenses. And on rank are ready I'm looking forward to this weekend. Only Tuesday. And I'm looking for the weekend to isn't sure many of you are as well we appreciate you stop them by the sports bar danger in the tightly here on ESPN Rochester. We believe that he is fresh off his appearance at the mother ship. In buffalo at WGR. Us south pot GO Buffalo Bills. Radio sideline reporter what should we expect a vote TA is what's battles are we paying attention to what is the Richie and con you know release mean. For the Buffalo Bills and there cap situation now and that somebody brought to compensatory formally I don't think it has anything to do with the pastor of all lacked clarity. From the guy who knows it better than anybody south pot you joins us next the Buffalo Bills. Radio sideline reporter joining us next in sports part danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. In this new robust sports league and you deserve us. Dollars ninety. Weekdays starting at seven and that company each hour will announce a cool. You hear it takes a code word nationwide test seven. Dollars signing. Unless fortunately there. Streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com. News scores and. On command audio book Marcus sports. ESPN Rochester dot com. Always appreciate the time it's dog podshows gives us from our sister station WGR buffalo you can hear him during the season on the sideline for Buffalo Bills radio cell joining us now in the sports bar. With danger of attack is so high event. Pretty good guy is. Back from Florida actually really we did not there. I had so little time off their exam. Now now now every guy every year isolate donors and every year I go back for a weekend. In play it pay out a alternative alternate with but you guys report must actually grown to. Pretty cool and we played basically 36 holes Saturday axles Sunday and other you know on Monday. We rank everybody we play off the critical actually a good time and Graco your body is mean a little time to kind of decompress and get away from. Easier your friends that you grew up with frenzy met in Florida could colleagues were co workers who we documents. Straight regular Florida friends. You know I mean I grew up here so why I moved out there on out in my twenties. Friends that I many of several that I coached whip echoes their kids in Little League their kids are out war are grown and grown kids. Or in high school football or in high school baseball. I coached a lot of on oh with them and then topic people I worked with people I've met and it always new people I've ever met who come into the group. You know for the first time we had a friend years ago. Back in 2011 year move back to buffalo actually. A part of our we were playing with it's been like eighteen years gullet. And we we different election was so important killed a motorcycle accident. He was up from buffalo originally it was a big bills and the on the now we try to do some things in the comes then and now it's the trio one of the courses it's grown now take pictures we do some things for the family it is. Kids and grandkids that it's critical so it's a good weekend all around a for the right read. Sell it sounds like ought it awesome time and also sounds like the calm before the storm I mean really. Now with OTAs starting when does that stop three of you get a broad break here in their fourth of July but. Next thing you know training camp is gonna be here and we're starting OTA's today you know we get access. On Thursday what are we looking forward to with this front of OTS. Yes so the way it works size they tended to vote CA they started to eight point nine last. The street this week three next week. Six and then they'll do too. Early for the following week was when they off set any patent and when it Tuesday there's a party actually wanna wake up in the back of those and as a mandatory minicamp. Everybody have to be at these are all browser that does not count among its and the texture that you know what their dollar that that. And on July comfort you in the tenth I believe once we're done that. There and then as they're done that period nothing until the end of July to about six weeks there's this dead period so between now and you know the end of June they're going to be out there are and the like thirteen fourteen times maybe or go commit toward Macon county and down. You know they're they're they're regular practiced pretty much except for the contact allowed eleven now eleven and patted them. And everything that you'd normally see any regular training camp practice Saturday in the actual you know equipment wearing contact. So there there's no role. Nobody that first of all they're voluntary you that you said that you know it and you've just not really distorts and anybody that show up but we hear stories out in the wing lane where a Tom Brady is not going to these OTA is neither is Ron gronkowski. We don't have any story like debt in buffalo right or any player is not showing up again for these voluntary workouts. Well we don't know because we're not out there yet protect at. Oh we know an accurate talent that. You know as an analyst eighty Geithner bearded voluntary so inequity that abducted while they're trying to. They'll figure out I think we've seen so far as the rookie mini camp you know we did EE conditioning. And look I mean. Those those fees one conditioning thing is a conditioning and stretching and lifting. There's several guys that are there are recovering from injuries Osce has they're going on so it's really hard and while we're out there. For those days. Actually a couple of different times it was like eappen was out of the deal what he offered was in don't need we can't eat out so well by Mormon there's we will. You know few people follow along mean. And that's where I'll have you know. List and state that I didn't spot at practice but it kind of guy that we don't know it aqueduct Ellis and their now bigger out. Sell them besides all the strange online behavior and and the threats in the in just bizarre antics of Richie and cog you know what led to the bill's decision to release him finally yesterday. You know I think they basically just. Wanna did not have a distraction and by distraction I mean something they have to deal with questions about it would be installed to don't want to you know I mean. They've they've said many times in many different ways we want guys wanna be. It reject ideas of what I wanna be here perspective I don't think they can get an asset for him. Gonna be 34. This year 3334. Point three million dollars a year comes with a on the bag of cat and it was years ago. A look at storm I doubt anybody is gonna get many people so. Then you say you know what is going to be here. We really wanna wake up every morning India with a week. We appear to questions about or happy answer question a press conference were guys not even here ever players have to talk about what are trying to focus on. The guys who are here in that locker would football and I just think if you want that so they said OK just Ugoh Gucci gotta do portable. Do you think there's a market for Regina in cog neo right now I'm assuming you know heat on retires and it's free agency. I do. I mean look it as long as. Checked out medically all the things he said. Because you know you gotta think about edit your wallet doctors have ever shutting down all that kind of stuff right I mean why is he checks out medically. They're gonna be our. And you don't want. Good football player. A probable. It would have replaced when he made last two years and then it that they thought though. What teams are willing to bring in the guy who they will have to talk about it until it. Those questions from the bat in the opiate in it because those are still with them is another three or your remote eager to sign up now but those stoke public. If he checksum medley medically cell mean essentially here admitting that we're gonna employ a liar on our roster. Who was saying that he had all of these issues when right now he checks out medically now maybe he had those issues. Earlier this offseason but I look at a team like I don't know Seattle as an example. Where they're offensive line could have been much worse they were last year and got a head coach in Pete Carroll who savvy enough to deal with those kind of off field distractions I mean to me that seems like. If there was potential landing spot for for Richie Incognito a team that could use his services is there in the great northwest. Yeah I think that's great and indeed they have to bottom it's protection I was listening to. Put April today in a radio show now you know probably what it on the radio nailed the pendulum on the Obama plane out watching trying to catch up on. A golfing organisms are trying to catch up. And I saw him he was on night on network and immediately eat eat their grip just came from that team which made it more Celia and you know which is. You know they went out and mr. at least don't need to protect Russell Wilson that'll protect Russell Wilson got a shorter career I'm breaking news their corporate I have the was just there to say that we can just stop it means that while it even guys know where there how much ish how many issues at a look at me you know. I get rich he's probably going to be. He's probably gonna go where the money is then you know to guide you especially at this state this state of their career I don't street wants the win. But if someone as well and offered three million vs them they operate in out they'll probably go with a three million. Talk about your WGR guest here is we are talking to Buffalo Bills football OTAs beginning the first day the way it is opening the media's Thursday's learn more there. Sell roughly two months away from my training camp but it saint John Fisher College in. Danger now we're talking earlier about camp battles and while word talking about the offensive line is it fair to say that. Lopsided Dion Dawkins every other spot right now is is up for grabs on this bills' offensive line how would you assess. They camp battles up on the offensive line nine going I guess from right to lots starting with the right tackle. It sounds like you have new houses a serious candidate perhaps the challenge Jordan mills. Yet very fair to say that four out of five are definitely open. I think you know will go right to left what you just Marshall knew how come in east started in this league start at left tackle. But this spot now be right tackle. He's gonna challenge Jordan metals and most you would echo or no advocate you're last year he's been pretty good that he got here. The right guard by doping let it costs as a leg up. Mean he's guided HO last year because one Euro. I'm at work with him in the past been liked it and it and he started. Pretty much every elector armor correctly not most of them. And I think that you know John Miller is much as he was pretty good a couple of usually it's like they are in the it's probably roster bubble guy at this point with the Regina didn't get much chance last year but I will stand. With the law and a new scene you'd never know most of what else it did so maybe John Miller get that shot again I would think that you've got by the way. Like you got me it was one of the more durable well built they wonder at the end of the year but it went pretty well we're the end of the year yeah. And then quote I was slightly better but he. In his dumb operas called us. He was or he's got to compete right Rory the start better job I could totally invasion scenario that rocked the boat guys. Get a better job whether you win it or not an equal right to left guard. And you know because they are just better that way right you're better with older veteran Corey parity or. Or that are vote on the bench lever inserting ear I would think that I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised either way but I'll. So you know they may really value Ryan great versatility to play any of the interior spot they look he's our leader next guy up whether it. Batter got hard workers get an accurate in every week and he's available so that would make at left guard spot or rather than you do that I think about why teller that the case can be distracted. Out of Virginia Tech. And the fifth round in Italy Ricky. Release it you know bring this white collar more to play nice you know that Ricky coming back and maybe white collar can earn a spot it's very hard for offensive lineman drafted a middle ground are in the and I felt I wouldn't count on it. I think he's the kind of guided that you would make a roster be active in the back up a reserve guys so we'll see where it goes all the the chance to come on get cut from another team this I mean here's what happened delicate spot today. Why exactly eagles' Michael Kendrick get released and those that kind of thing that happens every year and if there's somebody out there wouldn't be surprised to build the tires on the line. Sell you mention why teller he he was one of the guys at that I was intrigued by as we head into camp. A through this OTA process somebody that you you know I'm I'm curious to see how he looks. We had the chance to talk to Harrison Phillips last week and I think both GNI. We're just impressed by the the character. That this young men has and it really I think speaks to a bigger thing that that they're trying to do with the bills and that they're bringing in. Guys of that higher character guys with a different kind of work ethic a different kind of mentality. A different kind of background. Teller probably has it I would imagine. You know we we we talk to Phillips he certainly has it and I would imagine a guy like. Boston troll probably hasn't given his make up his DNA his background. How much. Could he impact that slot receiver position we have jury curly and there how much of a threat can Austin's role be. To the tell it to Jeremy curly in that slot. Well look it here you know I mean I was impressed with an order very limited rookie mini and we had a you know he's seen it run good routes and catch the ball but you know they were doing a lot it was very Vanilla type stuff. But you know he got opportunity and in the belly cast so we'll see where that goes I don't expect him. You know I think it here right now I gotta be treatment roster projection I would not include. I would put on the practice squad I think I think that he would. I practiced lot written all over him by the way he practices. But he he would be like this year rated rightly. You know maybe you'd see some things in the preceding you know executive play. And then you know it admin Rick Reilly I got back he bomb. They wanna really haven't put him on the practice squad but they felt the year he's letting him know it to learn some iron to watch is appointed position and I would be surprised if that occasion the guy like. Austin also armed. But is it your curly I think is. And underrated signings for the team I think he does improve the wide receiver corps. But they don't leave something on the outside others and Calvin bench and I don't know that's gonna come from an eight you know I don't know that to come from Montreal. That accompanies somebody who's not on the roster right now. But somebody who is what we're not picking up because they you know haven't really had a shot yet in the NFL I think that you need more help on the outside because. They don't have anybody. Who makes a defensive coordinator worry about that on the outside. Throughout the week. What about a guy a cell that was impressive in camp last year and not talking about Riley. Body and rod Streeter it in my opinion I thought Streeter was on a have to make that 53 in many has the injuries so. How would you assess his chances when you look at this depth chart. Totally agree with you out of date right Streeter guy I remember at street and every single day tweeting something along like. Either broad street making another fantastic catch like an everyday it was happening. He has yet speed. He has experience in this league he also had some injuries go you know now it acted yet so injury in back out of that one of the preceding. But I think it factors and the thing is the hypocrite about it but don't like right because. What they say they kept them around you was gonna make the team I'm pretty sure pat him on reserve and begin injury them because what the government. The whole year or want to play records are still on the car passes. And they were going to from what I understand they were gonna resign. In public rate per common Benjamin that was right around that time they were allowed to. They were gonna go down that happened and the trip Benjamin in eager restart Streeter but that what they do it sooner than it was over. And again to a reserve interest contract so to me. That means they like him and now they they continued to watch him back. And probably should reform that means to me. I think he has a more legitimate shot to make this roster meaning that other guys because that would coaching staff already knows about him they get out of active guys. If you're playing the Miami Dolphins are they worried about hot sure reader on Wednesday Thursday Friday practice. Probably not now. Cell. Ought to stop the timer because I can't leave we made it this long without talking about quarterback. Josh Allen I was gonna get a shot with the veterans and we saw we saw in and rookie minicamp and it was certainly an unbelievable scene inspiring scene to see him along with Jim Kelly. Up from one we I believe was airborne who we had a with us last week who said it would be a disappointment. If the bills went into their first pre season game and Josh Allen wasn't. The second stream core Baghdad in beat out new computer may and early in camp. But I think it's fair to think about it terms. If he hasn't earned that spot yet. I don't think it bear. The first simply looking at the depth chart because there are a lot of reasons why that app mine uses. Later he might only be the second best quarterbacks you know that at that point a to build a great deal. There and act and that over and so quickly this regime does that there they may feel book. He's got we're we're back at let me know where that you Ry which by. Go to that that are receiving game he's still you're still buried and you need socialist more in enemy guys that we need to work harder you work are so. I think we all kind not jump to any conclusions based on how that are receiving game looked for example how the burst. He weeks of treat blood stock Allen may be. They wanna be the best quarterback in the first two weeks my my assumption and even at that the case. He built an ever recorded that third week because. They want him to earn everything yet and not just Adam something but as street and goes on peacekeeping games go on it still that guy. That you would see him right up as we go further on the. It's Al there's going to be information that comes out now I think back to previous years or we get the reports around this time of the year where. Okay acts quarterbacks threw ten of twelve and this quarterback went three of them seventeen. I guess my question is for anybody listening right now that wants to learn about how these quarterbacks. Are doing I mean is there anything we can learn here in OTAs or do we just have to. Put our expectations up on hold here until we get the training camp. Look I mean I think the number one thing you'll want a note out right connect apparently after missing after getting. Wide receivers in at least eight missing taxes either the reaction going to be while. Is he ain't easy and it brought that car or early in the you know he's worked with a new playbook receiver and all the things that you say about that stuff. Yeah I think after. Reactions are going to be either a CI knew that it could do it yet he's gonna be really good or being. Gallo the plain Vanilla defense is whatever so I guess you answered your question as. All your perception. The person who want to see it because you can eat it anyway for me. I do wanna see those things those are important means but more importantly I think if we focus what people should think about when they watch these. And they watch and they read reports and they go to Twitter name eagle online reaping the biggest thing that for the quarterback is. How much are they give. You know what are we seeing from the ready. I actually read the whole field an eagle entered a progression or is it like rookie minicamp which is. Got out of three steps in the volatile on the one guy that's from a caller part outfield and there so now what most in the that these wanted to be his equal and they wanted to. Exist ask yoga throw some guys. How how much are they putting on these guys the more they put on their plate. I think the more competent they aren't there doing the right things and they can advance in the process. Suck but GO WGR Buffalo Bills radio Sadler reporting joining us here in the sports marking German tank Leon ESP in Rochester. I sell really quick that we had a couple of questions yesterday from listeners when he caught me goes news broke. The bills releasing him does that do anything to the bill salary cap situation does it their release if he signs with another team mean anything to the compensatory draft pick formula and talking about distractions one that I think is lingering that we still haven't murder I'd I don't think we've got a resolution on his is Eric Wood what's the latest on the air would situations well. Distort already banner would. That air wonders vote should put Eric would be out but he. And I told you guys before acting burst that he date the I don't know a lot of times you'd burst triggers a lot of different things happening in the league. Almost see it may be there's a resolution air would situation. Look it's it's a situation where the union got involved. Others might be paid out guaranteed money they're trying to work that out by understanding your reward maybe they have exit date there. So we'll see where that goes I don't know how all that impact cap until we know almost half. Are as. Regina tech you know what's interesting is going into went one lap he demanded if you look at this year in salary cap Ricky was on the book reports that in million dollars. It they take a pay cut they re they cut it out it was six point sport reduced it to 3.2 able. Arms so they immediately got three right out separately you gonna cost and other out anyway. To be on the books and that happened. From what I understand the way it turns out is. On because he's an electorate you know there's really no future years to be paid out there is a one and apple in dollar bonus there have to be counted. That should be the only debt money which means that they should get the ball a little less than two million dollars more off the books but spoke out about it. So old Richie didn't pay back that bonus then that's not a bad deal little. Probably not. I don't know it needs of the Paco was you know a lot of teams go after that recoup that by that. And the retired situation there just releasing an animal they can do that because you know like any other players that we pay me that you released me so. You know I I don't know that would be the case in this situation. Cell we appreciate your time is always really look imported training camp and at and by the way can I just I'm gonna wave the white flag. You're yankees man they ate little hike the real deal how fun cheering for that team this year. Yet it's fun watching them coming in the Arctic labor Torres strait they treated August Chapman operate. Kat wins is what they're because packaged it in court is just unbelievable he's great to watch right. He Soka. And then I think it finally have a race in the Severino they really do use is a really really good player we're gonna Cleveland a few weeks got to watch and played it on Mac. He would play out there Cleveland that you. Celgene is a Mets fan I think in this whole lot of pride need to give you that that no other yankees Jeremy. Hey in Michigan I should use up just a little bit here four or three formats geno I mean c'mon the greatest I thought they were planet AAA team. Well now. We're happy giddy with Howard Simon need to get together some misery cop. Yes absolutely cell appreciate your time is always enjoy the rest you have to know but. Suck budget WGR joining us here in the sports bar danger of the tag Leo on ESPN Rochus Hamas that. So Ricci and carry near restructures the deal converts the base some of victim bonus and apparently. Mills release him yes he's got a hundred or got a mile and a half yet and and that's gonna count against the cap. And for the why is out you jump dated DNY. To the Buffalo Bills released Reggie and god need help now hold onto him for an asset. Way to big of a distraction it's Richie starts acting up. Why deal with it that was cells take what the players would have to be asked about it and turn it would be asked about it. Let's just move on so that that was kind of the thought your lease that sells freedom as a. It doesn't really get you don't really get the impression that reaching cog needle fits the mold of liked. These guys are trying to build from a culture standpoint. Lots of baggage big distraction. I mean how you got to imagine this a Jones adds a Jones situation if that's if that's the worst thing that happens is offseason and they take note of that they're gonna make sure that something like that. Doesn't have a with their players ever again they don't want those kind of distractions anymore 1000 nobody wants those distractions that you invite those distractions. Given on the the type of people you bring in to be a part of your organization. It feels different it feels like there you know just based on the the players we've heard the players they've selected the players they've picked up. And based on your hit rate last year that EU were able to get Mike hi. Jordan holier George employers specially got a cool what it turned out as good as he did that the performers trailer wide mean. These guys have some character we talked pointer. You know this character guy that's got its earning. Dieter ink you can use say while that's easy the bills picked on now not so easy. He was in Cleveland any got hurt in Cleveland. Mean and connect credit Doug Whaley from the pickup addition have to little bit. Yeah. And it'll appetizers on the way next I put this in NFL appetizers does it just kind of came down a few minutes ago. The NFL owners' meetings are happening in Atlantic gene and Mimi we talk about this more during happy hour. One of the anthem ideas. That they're discussing I don't know. If they think leaving it up for the home team. On whether or not teams come out for the outcome. In if teams do come up for the anthem potential that teams could be assessed fifteen yard penalties. For kneeling. Could that be. I mean how out of touch. Are these voters did not believe it or kneeling via the what are your worst idea ever. Come out of NFL owners' meetings. Well. They same brainstorming there are no dumb ideas. That is the biggest lie in business there are plenty of dumb idea as in this was probably an idea that was flawed and brainstorm never made it to get out. I seem to lean. Sane. Penalize the outlets that report according to Albert brewer rear. Tweet that out for bush and sour NFL appetizer go around the league a brand new owner in the NFL finally. Confirmed oh get to that more next on ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and an expert. It's. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. He's 57. Not a sports league. The sports leader and listen lives 24/7. Probably his deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when teenager and exactly how. Stories opinions in the context he'd only. ESPN Rochester doctor. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who. This news from around the nation. We won't have a little fun today. Yes and during the attack and we are serving. This play was so. Now in a sports car. So the NFL made it official today at their owners' meetings in Atlanta. The new owner of the Carolina Panthers is billionaire hedge fund manager David tapper. This approval was the first item on the meeting's agenda and was never really gonna receive any resistance Forbes projects tempers network. An eleven billion dollars. Purchase the team and now eat up 2.2 75 billion of that that number by the way is the most money ever spent done in north American sports franchise. The former owner Jerry Richardson decided sell the team after a leak investigation looking to allegations of course placement cut misconduct against him. The purchase will be finalized in July. After taking visit with the bills last week free agent wide receiver Russell Shepard is signing with the New York Giants Shepard made the announcement in its program post last night. Panthers released shepherd last week after meeting got declined to pay cut. We've signed a three year ten million dollar deal Carolina. 42017. Off season last season but only pretty seventeen catches. 202 yards and a touchdown we'll reunite shepherd with a man offered him that contract in Carolina. Current giants general manager. In our resident meathead. He did tape element. Terrelle Pryor's site with the jets and margin was his new team's first OTA has sought seizing you'd expect him to be active right. When he's mad at the New York Daily News reports that fire is not taking part in practices recovers from an ankle injury prior when he seventeen seats it was Washington. And also landed because of an excellent. Required surgery to repair it before you hit the market is a free agent. Pryor's coming off a disappointing season in DC getting just when he passes in nine games every 77. Catch. Just over a thousand yard season and into when he sixteen with a brown. Saying with the jets as quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. We've only played a handful of plays since injuring his knee in August 2016 backed up Josh pounding quarterback drills with him Donald the third string he checked the routier's. Bridgewater worked in team drills didn't show any limitations earlier this month. Jets coach Todd Bowles didn't seem sure what sort of participation would get out of Bridgewater and it would appear and things look good in New York. We'll have themselves a healthy quarterback bad. All headed into training camp very. Similar I would say it probably what the what the bills are looking like as they had into training camp as well with OT is leniency Josh Allen and third string roll like Josh. Or look like Sam Arnold is right now in New York with with two veterans in front of him one being a guy in in need human that you should do. Should be able to surpass fairly easily at some point the pre season. Well AA that becomes a story if you seed Josh jail and taking the wraps with the third string right what's wrong with Alan that's what's wrong with Allen so. He might not deserve it changer but my expectation is by the time July rolls around it they're sure that. We'll have Allen with the second string just so you don't get asked those questions. Yeah and Alex else why let what sell said just few minutes ago was suck apology joined us here in the sports bar. It that this is a regime these are guys in Dean Mcdermott in this coaching staff to not just gonna hand anything over cheating and make you order releasing gonna make you feel like you have on dates. You have to work for it. So maybe I'll exercise a little bit of patience in terms of expectation I don't know that there's anything wrong. With Josh Al and if after week one of the pre season he's. Still sitting at number three and the depth chart I would imagine that his play will dictate that move up. And they'll do when time is right. There's another I jets move today. This cap being done just a little bit ago Christian pac member treated too well. 2019 S conditional seventh round and I didn't make any mention of the fact a Christian half converge. Really wasn't throwing me passes jets OT I took a step media that I've hit if you're like wait is that he's not here we have an eight year old with all by the way. Does Oakland just like leasing draft pick what what possibly. Could you see in Christian hack ember. One at a loss on some effect on EJ Manuel and Christian Achtenberg looks like one hell of a deodorant who always second who's The Hague. Coach there all debts will write I know quarterbacks. In I can see in the film room and I would just get down with Christina had. Achtenberg and I I and John and Rudy now I am correct this player out of Penn State let me tell you sultan. Good luck with Akron here's a guy here a hard here's. Here's a guy who's tasked with turning his career around. Good leg of that project grew and happy hours upon us rattle late there was cell always idiots alum with his two missed that conversation we'll have an up and on demand for you shortly here at ESPN Rochester. Dot com are on the way next. Let let's continue that conversation is at camp battles. What might be looking for two here is is a routier's begin for the Buffalo Bills. And and I got to revisit we got to bring back that that idea. Out of the NFL owners' meetings all we want to penalize a team if somebody decides to Neil. For the national. Rant. Raid idea let's get it that'll be here too happy hours upon us in the sports bar danger Emma tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. These days yeah. All summer do you. Match ups including Sunday night baseball. Most listens or.