The Sports Bar-Hour 3 10/12/17-Your Calls!

Hour 3 of The Sports Bar starts off with your calls and thoughts on the Bills status during their bye week. Then, Danger and Battaglia serve up a round of "Shots" giving you the top headlines from around the world of sports.


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Rochester sports leader and 957. ESPN. Hey welcome now be our picture stop them by the sports bar with danger in the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. I am Mike danger and good afternoon Jean tang Lin. Are all right bye weekend but it doesn't he is so much going on here it's been tight but bills off this weekend out tonight we've got baseball game five. Copies and nationals of against seventh there. So much action so much actions and yes he's a bye week for the Buffalo Bills but it Gillick there's still plenty to talk about with them won't get to that in a second yes you mentioned 730. Cubs nationals tonight of course who got Thursday night football tonight to foreign one teams. Going against each other. Including. A certain six what Iowa tour. Current arm coming off a game or through. Three touchdowns in the first quarter starting in my flex position for my fantasy football team to that come on ginger general come on Carson it's. Does not your typical Thursday night in the NFL now 241 teams and I here's Carolina who couldn't put it in the scurbel so why they're written they can be 51 after tonight but no they won't be in your general. Will the sabres a rebound after a disappointing last couple of games against San Jose tonight I'll. The use YouTube or your play tonight that's at 1030 faceoff that wanna see a map you can hear it bombed you would hold the sabres goal. 500 that's not asking a lot beak is. You are playing want expansion team here on this four game swing but. Expansion teams off with three L start so it begins tonight the West Coast swing for the sabres who they can get their act together tonight they begin in San Jose. And finally let's talk some Buffalo Bills we spent some time earlier in the sports bar indication mr. Crist possible and our guests and our first hour. That's available on the man now what ESPN Rochester dot com. You know it was a little bit of time talking. About the Buffalo Bills where they are so far this season where they could potentially be. The rest of the season and Ito now the couple days have passed after a disappointing loss. I feel and we haven't had really any time this week she knew and I important to talk about this many of you because we've had baseball coverage in and in. Certainly give you the best coverage that's available. Data we got preempted yesterday because the cubbies game got rained out the night before and I'd wanna hear the games that. But with so. What I was gonna say is that you know. Couple of days have passed and and this sting that you felt on Monday it doesn't really hurt as much the gurus is starting to kind of fade a little bit after losing a disappointing. I game in Cincinnati. Where does this team stand where they go you know a lot of questions in the bye week I would say for support a Sheen. I don't think anybody expected them to be three in 25 weeks in the season we shouldn't take that for granted. And that's why don't think the staying low Monday. Not as bad as other bills Mondays after a loss it will save that take for example loss in Seattle last year where you kick a field goal. Or maybe you make a play any if any. XY and Z radiant CU SA happens or goes live next game. I against Cincinnati right and never got the feeling that this the bills were the better team that. Eight it was clear to me that since day was the better team that afternoon and yap you bounces went the Buffalo Bills way but not. All of them that was the Buffalo Bills offense. That we saw down in Carolina danger mine distorted masters are dating have anybody that might as Tora Charles clay the second half. We will what is Tyrod throwing to you could drop. Quarterback in this league and they're not going to be moving the football wins that receiving corps in lack tight ends. And that offensive line and by the way 3.2 yards per carry it's not cutting it for English on the point bill's office. This is what we expected others buffalo bills' offense but at least. But he said earlier they don't turn the ball roll her now so. Anything that's the biggest reason why you're gonna see Tyrod Taylor remain the starter for the rest of the season. This bills'. Offensive line has not been great in pass protection. And Taylor has the ability with as a criticism to cover up a lot of those mistakes. And make plays. That. Really are outside of the realm of the offense you know EC it almost. Weekly it would with this guy he is. He's mastered in broad and he knows Peter we would have some of that but. He's not the athlete the Tyrod Taylor as he doesn't have the familiarity with the personnel. That Tyrod Taylor has. And let's face it Tyrod Taylor is gonna give you the best chance to win games you might not like it might not. Be pleasing to the high. It certainly isn't pleasing to the stat line but what do we know ease at three down the 3000 yard a year quarterback seventeen touchdowns. Five interceptions. Let's Tyrod Taylor I was Taylor last year it certainly looks like that's gonna be Taylor again this year. You need it Peter we give you more than that. Maybe some day. But not this year and you put that kid there he's gonna get killed. And a well nobody to throw to he's gonna get killed. OK so five games in three games have come down right to the end and I'm putting Cincinnati in that category out of those three who you want. When you weren't expected to that being Atlanta. By the Carolina game excuse me to get beat Carolina game obviously do not ipodder is that so you want into games that went down to wire my point being this. This how all the teams are gonna go this year right you would expect them even if it's the jets this really should go yeah all right down to the end. This is how McDermott is going to coach this. Teen that the offense is not gonna put the defense in a bad position you can't afford to be taking risks on offense with the personnel. Here's where I would be nervous thousand bills fan if they don't show law. If they don't compete they get blown out of they start beating themselves now I gave you reason that would be reason for me to to start to wonder are right what's going on. Because this team has looked prepared. They've. Been competitive. And they haven't beaten themselves mean any any of their games in any either five games. And the good news if there is a silver lining Ed is you know you have time during the bye we kind of reflect. On what this team is done thus far what this team he could do coming out apply. Buffalo has the second hardest strength of schedule in the league through five weeks. Behind only Washington. And their remaining strictly schedule. They're gonna be facing teams that just over five while. Not the best and I'm the worst. But let let's start here in two weeks here in this is where I think there's two things that work to the bills advance one being. I'm Tampa does that two weeks to prepare for both OK and there is an advantage for the Buffalo Bills two weeks he rest stop him pretty much they powered down the bomb clogged. Everybody out of buffalo but they're gonna come back ready to work I don't think Sean McDermott dull reside going out to you know on a Caribbean cruise with what that white. I don't think Sean McDermott was in Cleveland last night for a playoff game like Rex Ryan wants all right Sean McDermott. G yeah. Does it just reflect for a second where we were a year ago at this time Rex Ryan taking in what was it the World Series out. Yeah aren't sure just leaving the facility dread getting. Seattle way getting a limo busing go into the game when was it was back in time we always looked at midnight. Away a bit that the that was fun. Well Sean McDermott is mr. adept at 3 in the morning just to get my work out and he's not taking this week off. That is encouraging to me never to open. Kampala it's a teeny knows how to game plan against go back to the Carolinas by the way would make a tea. They call it. David they have playmakers on offense I'd get doubt but I I. I've seen what the Buffalo Bills can do the defense against teams. Would play America's endeavor had a couple good receivers we Knoll of the land they could do win. I don't K Greene got loose a few times that it wasn't the main reason why the Buffalo Bills lost that game against Cincinnati my point being. This defense at home I would expect good things against Tampa. Can the Buffalo Bills offense you would enough against this Tampa defense that's what's what's gonna come back. I think given what we've seen of this defense from buffalo. That they have enough. That they can rattle James Swanson into a few mistakes let's face it without a couple of turn over here in their for the Buffalo Bills. They're not winning some of those games and they're not keeping that some of those games close is they are you made some big plays on defense your secondary stepped up. You gotta turn over for a touchdown against Atlanta. Those are the kind of plays at this team needs continue to make if they watch TE got a few more ways. Every game is gonna be close but I think you can rattle James Winston into making a few mistakes. With this buffalo bills' defense. The question then becomes what can you do with the offense. We're back to where we start with Tyrod Taylor and I would say expect more of the same while expected to be ugly expected to not look pretty. But don't expect it to be a situation where Tyrod Taylor is costing the bills football game I just don't see that happening. What does not win you football here and have the personnel to do that calls a game manager but that's what he has. The recalls thinking manager. Right what you hear your team manager need to think Trent Dilfer you ran yet nobody closer and Abbott that's what he is a mean he's got. Deficiencies that are easy to mask if you don't ask him to do too much. And he's able to him profit he's able that to break away in and make plays this feat that you know mask the deficiencies of your profits of one of the pass protection. 454 ESPN 4543776. My concern. In follow me on this with a bottle goes off but it isn't Tyrod Taylor. We know what he is this is who yes. You can't get upset at the lack a weapons at wide receiver maybe you could get get upset a brand and being if you want for trading way Sammy Watkins I'm not. That the part that has me concerned is this. The number 3.2. What's 3.2. That's the yards per carry for the show on. McCourt watch it happened to this Buffalo Bills rushing attack and Mikey set danger it could be just the schedule. You played a tough run defense in Carolina you played a very good run defense in depth. Under rated run defense although okay against Atlanta Cincinnati had Geno Atkins. Pretty darn rough stretch their for the Buffalo Bills going up against front seven the Rommel well. Here's a couple of things that we've noticed and and having Chris moss along kind of crystallized this this Boris earlier in the show. The Dennison is made adjustments. And you know he probably took a lot of heat after that Carolina game. But Dave they've eliminated any three step passing game out of this system. And that zone blocking scheme that that he was a proponent for. And you're seeing less of that now as well which could bode well for the rush game. Here in the upcoming weeks it's what the strength in this offensive line is zone blocking scheme has not been that strong. You can also reaches on Twitter at ESP and Ron just your phone number 454 ESPN dom writing and having good like it's helpful. To the defense cuts that ought to just like since day did. He. Is using caps can't roll saw a ball. It'll look I mean. Yes that's that's that attack enemy computer we won't have time to throw the ball so what would you rather how tough guy who can extend plays at his feet. And potentially make a play downfield org guy that's not even gonna be able to get out of the pocket because of how bad pass protectionist. Peterman will get crushed if he stark. Say it's funny and somebody wrote to me on Twitter. Saying over the weekend. What would the alternate Buffalo Bills and universe look like. If they had not. Fired Doug Whaley and Doug Whaley was there through the draft I understand he was sitting at the kids' table. All right he wasn't he had nothing to do with actual drafting. We knew Doug Whaley was interest in the Shawn Watson. How different would this buffalo bills' offense looked today. Had they stayed right there number ten and taken the quarterback from Clemson I'm gonna tell you some. Do not jump to conclusion. At the Buffalo Bills offense would be all the sudden jet fuel and OK here we go with Watson and Watkins and everything now I I. It is time and situation now and I'm not sold yet by the way up. The way it's just a meaningless exercise why are we even having that conversation. We would so we can driver sells more insane it's okay we don't. Oh c'mon Timmy childlike join us in sports howry but. Oh I don't. I just got a quick question why in a teacher you know we're gonna duck and let. And it are bigger or they'll like our art our. And a well I think what the bills have done that none of us expected them to do is they have given us a little bit of help. Lou we've spent some time talking about hey this team can get to ten wins pay this teams in first place in the middle of October. We expect that beginning this all. And look at the schedule the way it goes we all New England helpless to regain the lead on buffalo. Entering week sixteen. I can't say yes not based on what I've seen in new wing led. Put another way of doing it only leads buffalo bike two games the bills are still alive for the division on Christmas Eve. Cigarette again. At all. So. Winner of the Buffalo Bills play that meaningful yes technically were still alive on Christmas Eve this bastard at all okay but again. Because doing is not running and hiding with the division to the bill stay within striking days you play New England on Christmas Eve because most of it divisional matchups call at the end of the year. The bills are going to be. In his right to the bitter end so to answer questions and which team is gonna break here are. Bill's fans I'm sorry Mikey the Buffalo Bills and that might be an awful lot of coal in your stock was the first part of your question Tim. I. Don't look at all I. Well we know we're gonna be the first Arctic we did okay. And I hit it big on collecting game. They get it at all all all of it I'm Ella as well. I just think to myself and that look is a guy that they came out and said afford twelfth. I was that guy. Yeah I were that guys at six and ten I think our team I had a war I have not I am like two and three if I'm doing that exercise. But what's changed for me Tim is this. You tell me who scored in the AFC. Any Pittsburgh. On its nobody from the south. And me it would be Kansas cities the N. Well Kansas City. New England is is Nina right or offense they're right there with buffalo in terms of what their remaining schedule looks like and and their strength is scheduled us for it be foolish and in naive to think that New England won't be contender when it's also not known quite badly when doing the look and see my point is who's who can use the bills can't compete with well right now here's the here's the one team that that I keep in my eye on. And you know I'm keep in my eye and the because they might either win their division in end and then the bills would have to worry about them but they will certainly be I think in the mix. For a playoff berth and it's the Jacksonville Jaguars who have the easiest. Strength of schedule. For the rest of the season you know through five weeks and that defense. Looks ridiculously good if they stay healthy they have a little bit more talent on offense in the Buffalo Bills do. Their defense is Harmon watch out for Jacksonville. You see you see him a little bit more talent but who would you trust more. I'd trust the dime buffalo or gambling sport beyond the Abu portals has some way he's got the Leonard for now he's got the weapons well as answer your body you push came to show which quarterback would you rather half and I mean who's the guy that's not gonna cost you a game yet Blake portals is the guy that will turn the ball out or can cost you usual game which. We don't see tyra dealer do that regularly if you do see him do that. That's the idea that I'm starting to panic that a certain asked questions about Tyrod Taylor attempt. Appreciate the focal thanks for ESPN heroes welcome to join us apple sold the sport or just like Jerry increase major how our top Terry. They were proper. Going on here. I don't I don't understand and they literally don't get a load up the bill. A lot all pop well we're. But these people they get one in a call and everything and all that you want in their brain and he'll be a hot. Yeah Jerry we we park our cars in the same garage different meaning you know what I came into the office on Monday. The first thing that that you know the coworkers that like to talk them talking about the ball. He'll Tyrod Taylor he's good shot but I don't like it. He's good we need better we deserve that we needed to we need change we. He deep breath. I get it that loss stings but look at the big picture. I have faith that these guys actually know what they're doing. McDermott has been pretty good so far I'm not mad at Brandon being for making the move she made this pre season I think it all makes sense that he all plays out. And Tyrod Taylor at the end of the day still will give your best chance to win football games on Sunday. Jerry thanks for the call appreciate it 454 ESPN. Got room for you give us a shot right now are in the second Webster join us in sports are about. They are they ought not to act. Urge. On I can in order but correct you probably know that by. He reject the bill all that quarterback issue we agree on that the most are sure yes absolutely and I don't know one product team that regard New York City or organic. Old. Actor you're right out here. News Jack for the built adequate or. I'll you know well it. It she hangs in Ely. That would be interest they write that that would be. These teachers think Perry we were talking about their earlier is that an era of caught it but boy what would they do what Beckham junior this offseason of the blue rail side completely. You know the cliche I. What that bet the farm wanted to. What trades don't happen now. Got to treat just don't happen that often the NFL just. For all about the record I mean he could quarterback back in it aren't there after they are by no doubt that you'd contract. At Allen are rebuilding or are we. The are you rebuilding around O'Dell Beckham junior. Are you rebuilding around O'Dell Beckham junior that got its throwing the ball to owed a what I did it I think yours to his point oh. You can get now danger don't. The appointee but like. To series filing of tax point if you put a competent quarterback. On the Jacksonville Jaguars right now oh my gosh. In other words Eli Manning's is plagued morals or reason whether three into. He's not the reason why there's three into Lafayette. And now they're defense there. It's as good. Public morals you know again. There are many efforts quarterbacks in the NFL Tyrod being bluntly portals being one you can debate which one. Belongs where Andy Dalton being one you can debate who's going to be where and whose. You know. Andy Dalton after starting owing to looks like the best quarterback in the AFC north and it sits it angles could win that division. That's how fast things change in the in the NFL. Giant total and five we're nobody nobody out. Zach appreciate the phone call a let's take one more Linda's been waiting patiently on hold Linda in Webster you're in the sportswear with danger of tag Lee a welcome. I'd I. Just wondering in terms. It we don't look at. Paired. Rush hour at. At and burst I'm I'm not that I would bet. At what you been allowed on and on and Ron back out now. There are. Art uh oh. My thought is what I am in the Atlantic and I think I'll go in and are you with a loud they are not a hot weather. Anchor. I hope that. Art and not well. All go well. Man brought. At that man brought. Then that great point because who led the NFL in terms of but quarterback rushing yards last year was Tyrod Taylor and we're talking about quarterback ratings well. They don't measure. Rushing yards but he here will be my point against what you're saying that's fine for the short term. I don't want my quarterback running because. Over time you're playing with fire. What had to listen this is. You know we talk about tyra Taylor like he's not the long term solution for this team we we never have said that. But until you find that long term solution you can do a lot worse. That Tyrod Taylor and he could serve. Eventually as a mentor for that long term solution if you end up getting that guy in the draft this year or or the following year after that. I like what you're saying Linda because you know it and it's another reason why. They got his turn the ball over he feels like pocket collapsed and he knows it that's where strip sacks will happen and he avoids it he avoids all the other gets out of that pocket. Andy finds a way to make some kind of play even if it's simple as throwing the ball away rather than turning the ball over there's a lot of quarterbacks in the NFL that will be in that pocket. To their detriment. Strip sack happens fumble happens turnovers happen in and the game is lost you lost the game for your team. So you know I I am. You know dumps point he can't throw the ball OK yes but you're asking him to throw the ball you're asking to make place. It sometimes you make those plays sometimes you don't ask him which chucked the ball forty years only by the way you have anybody that they can get forty yards downfield for him to chuck the ball to anyway. What some term it can only coach the players that are on his roster right now right sold this is the formula. Formula has to be you've got to play great defense. And your offense. Has to do enough and Tyrod Taylor is that quarterback they could do just enough but but the concerning part to me as I go back to running game. If you don't get that ground game going if you don't figure out on the offensive line then everything else is not gonna work here for Tyrod Taylor to move the ball downfield. And you are watching it's funny if I sit back and I reflect on all the Smart people that we talked to about this organization about this team. And what they predicted. For this Buffalo Bills team that won god that will stand out to me that we talked to in the pre season. Is Steve tasker out and tasker said some method that was really really. Smart in that. You know throw wins and losses out the window I can't tell you if this team's gonna win fourteen. I can tell you this he was going to. What I can tell you is that they're gonna compete in every game and the by the end of the season other teams are going to want to play the Buffalo Bills. And that's which are seeing and you're seeing a team that easy beating themselves and I think when you're talking about a brand new regime a rookie head coach and new GM. This is more. Than what we could've asked for a bully me I hate as a guy picked in the wood four games all season. I will take three into going into the box. And know that you have the toughest defense is on your schedule in your rear view mirror that's got a few have you feeling a little. It was set in this Tampa game boy you wanna say pivotal game. Big difference between foreign to win three in three. Three and three in your taking out raiders team that comprise playoff team you could be looking at three of four. Foreign to. Kick your back home I think that that's how close things are right now for the Buffalo Bills which way the season's gonna go. Thanks for the colts for final four ESPN always love talking you when you pull the stool and join us here in the sports bar. That's ES PM Rochester also at ESP and Rochester on Twitter up next we go around the world of sports. And serve up another round of shots in the sports bar with danger but tag Lee is always brought you by market few liquor. 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection and best prices. Give market you liquor shots you'll be glad you did. All right so the breaking news if you're just getting in your car within the last hour is that there's a court that overturned the ruling against the NFL so it's now in favor of the NFL Ezekiel LE its suspension will stand. Six games. What does this mean short term while for the cowboys are off this week we'll learn more as as as the breaking story other stories we're going to lot. Get into and shots of the game coming up for the Syracuse Orange. And Yahoo! might be the surprise team in the NHL herein as were weak in today's. And and very interesting professor down at the University of Florida will get to that dot com and appeared shy. Stand by for shots in the sports bar danger Ametek we're back with more next on ESPN. Rochester. Almost all season you're home for the MLB playoffs and World Series AM ninety. N 957 ask them those sports leader ESPN Rochester. We are doing shots. Top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round of shock. And this war. We might not see a better at bats this post season. Then what we saw Brett Gardner put forth last night in the ninth inning the Yankees only up by Iran. Gartner laced a single off Indians closer Cody Alan that turned at 32 game into a 52 game. That was on the thirteenth. Case of bad at that which included five straight golf balls. He did gloriously hero in this series now want to homers last night to get CC sabathia. And yankees a three nothing lead. And now for the Yankees it's on the Houston game one Friday night will join right after Hemmer cocky. Are sailing Stephen Strasburg earlier in the week didn't affect him on the mound yesterday and we feed drizzly Chicago Strasburg. Pitched seven innings on three boldly walking two while striking out twelve. The number eight hitter in the lineup Michael Taylor who delivered the big blow Taylor's Grand Slam in the eighth. Busted open they came in now. Tonight it's a deciding game five from DC coverage starting at 730 right here on ESPN Rochester. Really got to deal. Why managerial search in Boston now for all reports GM Dave Dombrowski the Red Sox want to bring in his guy that being forced tiger manager Brad Ausmus. But why like goal of manager John Ferrell after all Red Sox just won the division. Frail man detained the World Series championship four years ago or that narrative in Boston a fairly messy take roll all the fans we're tired of them wall. How exactly would you prove that. Most of the TV ratings ratings on NASA this season compared to last year. Down 15%. Of course David Ortiz star power not being on the team this year that was also a reason for the drop. College football playoff with the fourteenth right now most of this expected someday to expand it eats Mike Leach head coach at Washington State. He had to like to see expansion. Eighteen still Leach wants to expand the playoffs just 64. Just like March Madness even though Washington State is undefeated if you Leach just realizes that at Turner Field of 64 from the only way his cougars get into the post season. Two team in the nation comes the carried on tomorrow night defending national champion cleanse it. We'll have their starting quarterback back in the lineup Kelly Bryant left the game last week in his Wake Forest with a sprained ankle but. Hit a double Sweeney deep frying glued to go over their game against the orange as well imagine. Syracuse a huge underdog for this game as Q8 what these two and a half point underdog. Some of the sabres were pursuing defenseman will butcher at University of Denver defenseman didn't wanna go to that. The team that drafted in the Colorado Avalanche so pitcher took a free agent tour. The sabres had a shot at them for awhile there but butchered didn't choose buffalo it steady went to New Jersey. Many of us rationalize as saying you know I would just start here in Rochester anyways we have the devils are off to a three don't start. And the monkey is off to a great start with five assists from the Blue Line including three in his debut playing on the power play butcher is the reason for the devils hot start. You think they have buyer's remorse if fox sports today as well it's been two days since the United States. Shockingly wants to turn to Todd called us USA not getting into the World Cup the Russian 2018. The World Cup that fox. Paid 400 million dollars for the rights to air now will not have the draw it needs to recoup that money. All's not lost for fox at the 400 million also includes a rights. For twenty point two in the World Cup we played the winner of that here when the tournament will be played in Carter. University of Florida some ninety seniors took a class called health and human performance. It's gonna boring right. This class was not boring as professors announced there would be a guest speaker in his class that data speaker came up. And lit up the ground rules upfront place no video he implored. Who was this guest speaker. And none of them did former gators head coach the old ball coach self Steve Spurrier. Winners and losers was a topic Spurrier dressed. What do we have some stories she also shared one of his favorite books the leadership secrets of the Chilo though on. Seriously that's what was one of the most feared the conquerors in history Spurrier explained during his reign nearly 2000 years ago. Back then they just had one sport. Our press courier says you're either really good at it before you die. Awarding fall on Spurrier that there's a part of me that. That digs on the visit of pardons like. Ask these days. Act is a little tired I know he's he's act is great college enough for the pro I mean for the pros you need to you know acts and all and no I've managed perfect. It it in college is a much different gaming he was perfectly. Suited for it at that point eight he told a lot of stories in this class and there was another story he told danger where. I think he shows up implored the years 1990. And you know wanted to change the culture right. Sold there are the seniors raid and she the heads of the freshman because that was the easing naked so Spurrier walks in the locker Emery is the first you know buzzer and all of that scissors brought rating go off. And spears like hey enough that we completely. Coach this is what we do this our tradition. OK in your wealth is our tradition getting out of Boston Jacksonville get her but to walk by Georgia every year in that game. That's our new tradition is to win that game that you know so basically went in lay the ground work was tough diary at the beginning but you know what the and they want they love them for. And the boosters eat it up and floor so yeah in college you need to be part. Showman. To win it all over the people you need to influence and college said he part it too quick statement he embellishes that does he not. Heated up down there ya ya. So that gap is not bubbles are different it's a different animal and south. I mean we don't really have exposure to it as much here I mean what's the closest thing we have it we have the orange. But I've been stated I think he's probably the closest thing right like this is a major program that every year seems to be you know in the mix somehow in and you see a lot of Penn State fans you mile Penn State fans. Then there they're the closest thing right. I've put in video out port near the kind of fanatical. Behavior you have the sun mean that is their professional football in the south. Well it's yeah it did top IA it's hard for us to imagine but it's true college football in the south and way bigger than the NFL. Watch the World Cup even though team USA is a plank. I am. Well you you you weren't soccer household we're daughter likes little tit for. Even nobody even if I didn't have a daughter who played soccer I would still watch the World Cup I just I I'm fascinated. By. I'm I'm fascinated by the fact that it is big around the globe as it is and yet we don't really. Now we don't really care are that that's fascinating to me one but do you know. I love this act. Tactical battle in my loves I'd love hearing stories I you know did it that they got from Columbia who screws up a game gets murdered the next day like what kind of madness are we talking about here I've got. I've got a tune in for that I've got to see what's gonna now. You know seated in this is the difference between you and I act I grew wrought here and you grew up in the midwest but you also have Stanley. From Spain and you've been over there now. What's your article here Italian I mean you got that Italian roots I mean. The you know anybody that's from Italy we'll tell you how big soccer is in the EU now I'm you know anybody no how no real. Now why now. How hard data about a it's your desperate to so. Mr. to tackle AM raising a glass in your direct no he raised me on Buffalo Bills football Moses. Why am one and that I find it and you know is raised me on soccer I mean you know. I I remember visiting Spain I think was 84 was the year that they had the World Cup in Spain. And remember being in Spain in the year that they had the World Cup and it was a big deal but I was too young to recognize. What it was what it meant. Any of that you know it's a it is huge deal. Well let me make my position perfectly click I had not hey I don't like. I watch it danger I'm does not setting my calendar today's without the United States in there and I think that is going to be most. People is that all the US is in and okay it's on that debt that's a much. What I'm looking more forward to is actually the Olympics same calendar year. And now you'll have the United States and maybe Brian Gionta is on that team he's the captain of that team I feel like the Olympics matter less. In the World Cup I think the World Cup still has a little bit more weight right now in the Olympics specially the Winter Olympics. The World Cup is a bigger events okay from a world stamp yes yes United States not even close not even close steered. Hamas the Winter Olympics. Summer Olympics I'll say yeah that's probably a launch media an edge to the Summer Olympics. Media manage to run away 2 o'clock okay Summer Olympics or the way Winter Olympics. I could argue that. The Winter Olympics as an appeal to all America. When you watch the winner Olympic did not meant for sports guy to mean you're it's been yet opinion ads here are this you know why did they have ice dancing. It because the other demographic it's not a tree of ice dancing. I watch it for the pageantry. With a guy who does the commentator Dick Button remote like a man yes. There's shots in the sports bar approximate market feel liquor 11100 Jefferson are just off the expressway. For the best selection best prices give mark if you liquor shot you'll be glad to. You'd get. Mott Webster tomorrow we're going to be out they're a danger to win or shall live as we like to get up there during football season. Al kick off your sports weekend from hooligans. East side bar and grill in Webster we will be there from three until six our normal time if you're. Outnumber hotter if you cut out of work early by all means stop why you have a cold one with a sit up. And hooligans there on the east side in Webb's article one may be may be too much Cheryl to like our friend Brett. Closing time on the way next in sports bowl preview of tomorrow's show and custom action happening tonight teen. In Major League Baseball of course you can hear right here and ESP in Rochester all on the way. In the sports bar danger and tag Leah AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester. Yeah that's local sports talk in the flowers sitting there John Murphy show and a sports bar when danger and exactly. The day afternoon summer sports leader ESPN Rochester. We appreciate you telling a friend didn't check of the sports bar close game. Listening on demand of ESPN Rochester dot com sharing scene what we have. Are you here in the sports bar with danger and take away you you give us some of your most valuable precious commodity your time. And we do not take for granted here a Mike danger GB tag Lee if you missed any of today's show including a conversation with Matthew caller BS in Twin Cities. First pot so the Buffalo News. And it's all available for you on demand now at ESPN Rochester dot com. Revisit when you have a chance of apostles stuff is great any get a little glimpse as to what the bills can be doing with 2018 draft he's done that. The heavy lifting for you with his first mock drafts of the seas. Yeah and indeed spoiler alert does not have the bills taking quarterback Aaron Brown don't read too much into that don't read too much of that is as little a lot of go. I quick thought here tonight 730 cubs and nationals are coverage of again. A key for the cubbies tonight I GO Gonzales is a pitcher's bag can get a little wild at times so it's true of any post season game but especially true tonight if I'm Joseph mattered. Tell your batters work does not count Nate Gonzales war. Because if he gets some of those extra base some balls and get in the Washington's bullpen I think it's how the cubbies advancement. 730 tonight pregame starts here on ESPN Rochester you can hear the AL DS wrap up their game five between the cubs. And it did I see the AL DS amid the analysts. During the cubs in the nationals of course 730 tonight. You can hear that wrap up here on ESPN Rochester and then tomorrow night the ALCS kicks up the Yankees and Astros will pick up that coverage. After am Merck's hockey. Tomorrow night on the sports leader. Tomorrow gene and I will be live hooligans east side bar and drill in Webster we look forward to seeing you out there are some lights for. Some great prizes to get away stop now keep up your sports weekend with us in the sports bar as we are live at hooligans east side bar and grill. To look at for it to that danger still waiting in the sabres tonight we'll have that on CM math for you have to get in the fourteen swing. That's when I'm not a stamp for tonight below recap it for you Alter market can does it make that game sabres San Jose tonight 1030 faced. And I no shortage of action tonight enjoy all of it. Will regroup again tomorrow starting at 3 o'clock here in the sports bar with danger but tightly talked. Then Omani is next. Listen anyways you use that time of the moose today. No it's okay. Laura. Yeah. I don't know maybe. These live. Call please here. It's not Bedard acquired Steve. Nowadays you see what America does in college football and we want the compete at the highest level of the sport but really this isn't the talent is not an issue what is an issue for the elephant all this is the the biggest challenge we have teams are really. The best college football matchups live on ESPN 950 N 957. F fans and sports leaders ESPN Rochester.