The Sports Bar-Hour 3 10/2/17-The 3-1 Bills! Your Recations

Hour 3 of The Sports Bar has Danger and Battaglia taking your calls reacting to the Bills surprising win in Atlanta. The guys also go around the world of sports and serve up the day's top stories in "Shots" including the release of "Juice."


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WR OC AM come. HD to Rochester. Chester John Connolly in 1980 and 95 cent of their damn good. Yes and Rochester. Lake par reuse the same now for the rest of the story. The Buffalo Bills and a fourth and one play that into the game yesterday the bills at hand defenders on the field. But they obviously got away with a and win the last three and one now buffalo heading to Cincinnati we'll have a call coming about Sunday. With these pregame show beginning at 9 AM sabres still have you caught four more players by 5 o'clock tomorrow. Daily glory day. Fashion Paulson down for the cameras over the weekend the M it's open season Friday the sabres on Thursday. Baseball players begin tomorrow night the Yankees host the twins the American League wild card we'll have a game for you right here. Covered to begin at 730 Tom Petty has died. Company at age 66. Sports that are brought about Walgreens it's easy to get your flu shot at Walgreens and I'll make it different simply get a shot he hit a shot no appointment necessary. Vaccine restrictions apply see pharmacy for details feet actually is in Rochester. Those sports bar with danger and attack me. Poured in one fountains at the buffalo ten yard line I have formation play action fake and Ryan players right side didn't complete. Another problem. What a victory this is for the bills. We communicated from the guys that are really good job of communicating and not credits it's our defense is stabbed them in the in the players they were on top of their their game. Mike danger man that I I'd really like what the defense is done I think the defense is going to be the steady factor throughout the season this bills team remaining competitive skiing. All of their games machine detect. And when you're playing great defense and you're gonna be in every game so what are the Buffalo Bills do. What leading tank they're rebuilding on the fly here you focus on that process and it's really a 90% crosses 10% result that's where I expect us to be. It has to be on that focus on that process focus on Cincinnati Bengals in Rochester sports leader. 957. Yes yes welcome to happy hour in the sports bar with danger of the tag glee I am Mike danger Jim Tankersley over there had buddy. Hey you know we have the monitors on they had you know Ronald worn shell look at the topic right now. Brands are builds bigger statement when what west and the Buffalo Bills were hot topic. In the eight block of any ESP and jump what was the last time an NBC. At the half you saw Buffalo Bills highlights on the Sunday night game. Vertigo my tickets for Minnesota in February purchase and I don't know what nobody else that I mean rams deals Minneapolis. Who's with me you that you said that wrong. Mania apple is Michael's three point game welcome to happy hour in the sports or danger to tag glee in a day that really you know you could find plenty of reasons and not be happy but we're gonna try and be here escape the mean you've lost. Tom Petty at the age of 66 today which is horrible news. Of course earlier today that the news of the tragedy. In Las Vegas the largest mass shooting in the history of our country and I see a lot of people that don't really know how to feel a lot of people kind of gnome. To all of this news which makes me terrified because. We've lost all of our feelings and this has become the new normal unfortunately. An and Mina Al Wynn does enough become enough but like I mentioned today being day. As we were kind of walking awful a Buffalo Bills hang over them winning a game Atlanta. You know let's find reasons to be up and feel optimistic about what's going on with this when he seventeen version of the Buffalo Bills. Yeah we're doing a show here. For entertainment purposes and were fully aware that there bad things going on in the world today so. We say that put us sports and its contacts. Bill's fans. You can feel excite. You can look at the schedule unlike. Figure out you can get the ten wins. As possible it is possible. Now what's holding back your optimism here and I've I've seen this I've heard this over the weekend. Since the bills won Sunday night. We've seen this story with the Buffalo Bills before you don't have to go back to ball. In that drought air rock for non playoff seasons 2008. The bills didn't start just three and one. You refer hype and why they were five at war. And then somehow now. Finish seven and nine. Do you imagine that. You start 501 and you go to an eight let's go away but that was the year Trent Edwards and Trent Edwards suffered backing cautioned things were right what was the difference that here. Coaching that was Dick Jauron. And all your defense with me. Let's go to 2011. Bills and start 31 they started three you know all. But then they lost in Cincinnati but then update weighing in on statement win over Philadelphia. Perennial contender Philadelphia Eagles with a Shawmut why. That team lost eight of their last nine. We're only through 25%. Of the season so I can hear bill's fans. Feel optimistic button I've been hurt before. I don't want to share what you what's different this year folks it's new actually have a defects. And when you have a defense you're going to be in every game. Debt mitigates the odds of losing like they didn't when he allowed. Eight of nine. I don't think this defense is bad enough to go eight of nine I think the offense is confident yes there's a lot that can happen yes injuries are always the big unknown. But that's why between defense. In this comes over and master Cyrano we're gonna be as soon as I say it is danger gonna throw some days coaching feels different and a. Will save the idea that he had ten guys on the field for oh for the for the game deciding play. You know before we anoint him coach of the year the record is nice and he certainly seems more prepared. But look we you're comparing them to you're comparing him to Rex Ryan who is the least prepared the coach with the least amount of attention to detail probably it's Greece's silence of Buffalo Bills. Ever coach richter were early today addressing these ten men on the field ish. Well you look at it and I substitutions. That's not where we can improve our substitutions hey we don't we call a timeout trying to get a good look at what they are. I'll wind to get down on offense and you know we need to get better in that area as well so going back to communication. Unfortunately. They don't the rules don't allow you to cause two consecutive time now some we knew we had ten on the field. That's a positive I guess but we can do anything about it it's just short me walking on the field you know called for a do over but no great heads up play. By our players our morale their Smart football that's another air we've got to get better at critical situation again Allen doesn't feel. Yeah so. These kind of things that when they happen the bills usually doesn't go their way. It sometimes is better to be lucky than it is to be good as they're getting some bounces they're getting some favorable bounces some things are going they're getting some bow. I have watched seventeen years of non playoff football went why do you get a play like the map Orion plant which by the way that was the correct call. But every year there's a whistle on the plays dat right. And on the officials let the play go on and when I was kind of sleeping touched down a button will not one but two Micah Hyde interceptions. It still it. Where you're looking at now they're gonna overturned that no. No that wasn't a Bobble on me there or ways yesterday that normally don't golden bill's way. Mike dangers there's something cosmic going on here because to me that's what this feels like and I'm just along for the ride like everybody else. It's funny last night when I got home and and admittedly I didn't have a chance to watch the game on TV I was listening to most of it on the radio. Driving back from turning stone which by the way turning some holes what a great place I love good time on off. Who played the uncle Louie a course picked our bullets. It was challenging was fun it was a gorgeous more for golf anyways. I got back last night and I was curious I'd I'd not been on Twitter all day I'd logged off passionate log off. And I wanted to know the pills could. You tell me the appeals could probably four foot for ESPN I'm still curious or the bills good. And you know a lot of people. Kind of mean he'd be no really wants come on say after what a lot of critics of this team in the passive said this is their biggest road win since 1990s. For re. Since they beat Miami. To go to their third straight Super Bowl. Can you make the argument that this is the biggest. Road win for the Buffalo Bills since 1993. And yet we're still. We're still on the fence we've been broken so many times in the past that we still don't want to say yeah this this is this team is for real this team is good in fact it one other responses I got no Null. This is every season this happens all the time and we is bill's fans are so desperate. That blind to the big picture. And this just the existence. I don't know what that that's and that's where I say okay it's not every season but 2008. OK you weren't three wanna get your final one in no way. And you wish had again for 12011. And things fell apart the difference this year dean doll. That this is the defense taking care youth through. Only 2.5 percent of the way through this thing or two when he 5% of the way. That debt. At 60 and let me point out something also when was the last time. The New England Patriots had serious problems. In their defense. Is a tire fire right now. They're pass defense is the worst in Italy. So. That would be another reason right now. Iranian have to think playoffs the division new core I enter the mall in December. Without the patriots having wrapped up the division can you mentioned the possible. Let's take your feedback a 454 ES human we have a lot of thoughts. On now on no the buffalo bills' victory against Atlanta yesterday so go ahead and and pull the stool and join us. Rank gifts from Rochester calling on line one Greg welcome the sports are hard. They are doing well you know I call my shot on Thursday at a I call fact I talked about how Tyrod Taylor we're gonna taken me to ice the game and that's exactly what happened I called it your member. Gregor like you're right they didn't before you continue our you are no profit can you predict more things 'cause I I'd like to win the lottery there's a lot of things I would like duke. Novel when you call your side you get lucky you know you've pointed out. Anyway. And are the bill and a bill goes well I mean yeah they're not a tire fire they don't beat themselves. They are different way to win. You know I can definitely see they Joan taking a couple of big pet it and winning a game I can speak of McCoy eight. You know having on the quarterly gain the rest of the way even though it didn't happen this week I can either defense bailing out bent down in certain weeks and increase you know being the highest scoring defense. You know that he does not make stupid mistake which is which is what the bill that done for seventeen years nineteen years whatever it is. And they got a code that gap foundation that they're building apartment and I you know we often are just not the each parent is good everybody looked competent comparable. They even over complimentary early on hopefully nothing wrong. You know turn by you know they've they have had to mark so there without their starting wap deck or broke a rookie left tackle. Taking up all game the majority of snaps of the first spore game and Ambien RI they schemed around it to allow them to be cut. They that you timeout you would take away the team about what you key moment involvement. The good team I don't know we're gonna win the biggest thing have you driven injury then yeah it's like any other teammate you know they could ballpark but there are you know. Sometimes about altered your way and that looked like the thing that happened for the bill and out burger. I would love to open is saying is it's Campbell we've been saying all offseason you know you want a team that doesn't beat itself the team it's gonna compete it's what. It's what people that are close is this you kind of predict it would happen with the Buffalo Bills that by the end of the year. This is the team you're not going to want to face this buffalo bills' team. Greg days of the call 454 ESPN is our phone number I'll aside chicken with a Ryan in Rochester Ryan you're in the sports bar with danger tightly about. And it Busch cars up front. An outsider. Like I didn't. Orders like. What the regional water. And all of that you would he treat people should be mystery. What it while riding horses out streets just rejoice everywhere that our. Though our board well on lap. Three wide you beat Atlanta. Beat. UV the gap but it is going to be all about. All that but like. AP order all of this book odd that Korean won. He treats are we knew I didn't know what I would estimate liked it better that there any child or a bit. He's old and I like. While what do you do when they if they ever get back to the playoffs. My. We got a lot on Ryan we got a long way to go all ear mites ready 5% this. Way to go I mean I'm not saying I'm not trying to rain on your parade it's been fun. This team has exceeded expectations but. C at their their quarterback got her what's going on the Oakland quarterback. Things can change like that. Yet the NFL's a fragile fragile ecosystem. Richard tweeting and we're lay away from being four and oh yeah a good reminder yes. But again that's you know him is these these you know he also facing a team yesterday in Atlanta that didn't have their top two wide receivers for most of the set for for all of the second half right when it's Google bought the third quarter yeah he was not in the second half day in Scott tweeting and basically that not trying to diminish the bills win with Atlanta didn't have Julio it's a new. But the defense is strong and things are going our way he should apologize for 31. Should feel good. To Rochester so earlier in the sports bar with danger of attack way. Ironic I'm being out of his guys are playing exactly the way Rex wanted and why it was hunt is a great running game. And just disciplined well alt. Just break these guys don't want it I'm not sold yet but. They're bit on the next up and hasn't been here all along. John what would you have to see to become a believer. Are. They again next way. Or more ways that we got it. Yeah there I mean I ice did like keep doing it over and over again this it's an unconventional way to win in league quarter quarterback does not when you game by way I would Tyrod finish with a 183 yards. You'll see that while the view that. Don't exactly right the this is and what we were sold wax about Rex might say yeah because it doesn't look good on stats Ed does look gonna stat sheet right but. What is Tyrod Taylor dawn. Better than I would argue almost any quarterback literally burn over. And the one interception not his fault that went through Claes hand against the jets think about that. That's three straight games about the offense turning the ball over. Played great defense. We just say as above they jumped he looks like a rookie out there you cannot help bulls drops in now. Without Matthews for the foreseeable future where that thumb injury. Is angels had better grow up really quick it was the poor. By the way spoiled by the rookie class a couple years ago I mean when all of those rookies came out Leno and owed about all I'm kinda all productive in year one. I happen too often that he's a joneses and the latest example of pay rookies need some time to grow the needle to the seasoning. And it might be year to year three before you really see what is a Jones can look like on the field and its full potential. Ben in Rochester you're in the sports bar with Dane German tag they had event. Hey. Though I was and you obviously don't and on radio. And I couldn't really evil it happen and but I got to stated you know Ellen you are at our earlier. The long term bills fan part of my brain was saying don't get all the seat belts don't guilty competent now they always find a little news. But then there's there's there's it immediately knew part of my brain that start to get bigger these days like well. A big lead there might be some news that when we kept getting takeaways we kept. Kept moving the ball and I got to stay on that second part. I was so relieved it. Year. I'm again not in about the action live with my own eyes but gearing hot summer about. Oh they're getting which I you know pull around there you know there are start that we incorporate them what are at the line does well. I in the one game and it was really refreshing to eight years old and a you know beat the drum over and over again on the don't running. Urbana I'm curious then and you know we brought it up early with a call I'm kind of curious as to. What you're what anybody needs to see before they actually forget about the pass realizes the new regime looking forward. What do you need to see to believe that this team. Can actually be something. Oh here's the problem I mean we've got you know how many years. That wire form I don't think there's really. I think it's not gonna go away at any point it's always going to be lingering at that they get got to do it. And it starts Sunday against Cincinnati what makes me nervous about this game. Against Cincinnati the last three games Jeanne you've had connections. Between the bills and your opponent you know you you had Sean McDermott who had a game plan for Atlanta twice a season you'd. You know obviously coming from Carolina and weak to use you know now the connection between Rick Tennessean and Denver in now in week three I think all of those things you know they're they're probably. Small. Small elements it's Marvin Lewis Marvin Lewis. He's had a Johnson's old three was zero playoff when you think Sean McDermott without coach you would think so. This is John McDermott. Zack and Webster you're in sports bar with danger tightly exact. They got prominent problem a couple quick questions on I think cautiously. I guess my question is are these wins really trademark when he's in the history was greeted by their two biggest. I asked weapon. This is. Really did you win at any early date went because really about where practically in new without. He can play that while they got beat up pretty good in hard question. It is that you weren't that or any old to read. It and it has been true that. We didn't. He grabbed her and her aren't built for it and at the earliest signature win. I'm Zack Greer caught you and your gonna take credit away because Jones went out the first core that was the league MVP quarterback. That was a team that got to the NSC. Championship game and it wasn't just because a one wide receiver going out that was both signature win and that we have been waiting for now to your point is this a ravens defense now. Wait no we don't know yet I think it's still too early this mean. IC what exactly sit here like right now this one of the best teams in one of the best defense is in the league fro. Perspective they are best defensively they've given up less points and anybody else. And that matters you need more points at airports went and and if you are able to do more of what they did yesterday. Meeting your defense makes the big play and actually generates some points to help your offense out let's face it. That was the play of the game that light recovery was the play of the game that doesn't apple remnant of the conversation tonight. No question about it for five for ESP let's squeeze another line to his Chris from the city hey Chris I don't. Not a bad guy Oreo at Paris. They don't know Dario dust up alone or how is up for it in multi block bugle and all behalf. Are tying him you don't that you go to work or not. We want. There's no question about it I needed to go the Denver game and yes today. You critic kicked another wine in the first half in McDermott elected to punt it I think we're at the point now or OK if you're at the forty yard line. Old client less how should take as shot and especially your plane at home. But why he can't let go from Seattle in the first place of the money. Because I'm watching Blair Walsh last night or Walt posing Blair Walsh is a good idea Alan Seattle. I think he you know what in and the fact that Chris brought up how wished it it speaks to the ace was another. Complete team win. Offense defense special teams all three phases contributing to the team's success. And without each of them you don't have a wing you don't have a win without house can nailing those fifty plus charters you have a win without previous white. Being on the spot. You don't win it if you're offense is turning over the ball I think that's all you're really asking your office do right now they make plays but. Don't do it at the expense of a turn over now and position and yet and and played back and and they're doing just enough on offense. Sick keep it close and it to pull it off and if you can get all three phases contributing to win each of them guys that's how it teen gets dealt. So I. You'll I think danger in I think you brought this up your own set yes I'm gonna pare phrase where you were bill's fans are like. Alec abused children here army were were were kind of sheltered and thinking oh my gosh the worst is gonna happen with this team. And always fell apart no way if Phil pardon in 2011 just waiting for the other shoe to drop well. What if this easing gonna happen again one of the series the year nobody saw com yeah. I would never diminish somebody who's in an actual abusive relationship. But being in relation to the Buffalo Bills is being an abusive relationship. You've you've been through this so many times yet we keep coming back we keep coming back we keep them we have all the symptoms are all there. Maybe this time is different but it I don't blame you for being guarded I don't blame you for for not being trustworthy not believing that this could be real. And time will tell and it you know maybe maybe on Sunday they go to Cincinnati and it looks like a shell of what they've been this year cancel it. 454 ESPN news or phone or are the second one last call Jeff enough to airport you're joining us here in the sports or danger deadly hey Jeff. Other go to guy at WW. I am well I want a lot I'm the opposite about old but I do watch that been and I think I mean one of the most. State thing is that dynamic between. I put a new people on the scene one being on the permit and the second being held. The fact that he. Operatives state and the big bet that the by the yard field goal back about. They're in the suspect you'll gold LP. The other team has the ball ball 45 yard line three point gain that aren't really in I was really impressed that he is confident that occur. I would save depth but he didn't do that in the first half the he in on alien gets it's a different you know kind of feeling in the first happy you could keep that 55 yarder but I see we're going when it's that that you know beat. A Doug were wrong for example the wrong what do punted and try to play the field position game in between the falcons. Man and you're playing okay no Joseph you're playing the south could you take the point where were you couldn't get them. So icy which are saying net tonight having at all while building trust and you know certainly how she is part of that as well. You have all three phases contributing to win it feels like the team is shelling. Let's see what happens they're going to Cincinnati and I know based on their record you gotta think all the bills got to be. They got to the got to go to since they would actually be easily. In their one and three but they're dangerous 1 and 3 am not feeling is confident. Going into this game after beating the defending NFC champions I'm still not feeling confident that the bills. Will go into Cincinnati wit it's a road game it's tough opponent. And that win was nice yesterday and they do two weeks in a row chain. That's going to be a tough point. A tall order but mentally they did you're going into the bond formed on. And then you get back to back on games yeah and just because we have just a couple of seconds here. I want to bring it up again we mentioned earlier in the sports bar working German tightly we had our our guest last week nick Veronica. From the Buffalo News join us and over the weekend after the bills one. He put out a scenario where the bills can get to ten wins. And you tell me Jeanne if this feels. Is daunting now as did at the beginning of the season because of the season really my god that's schedule. That schedule all the quarterbacks they have to face hello Ryan in Newton nobody had this team finishing better than 800. Nick Veronica tweets out that the bills can get to ten wins by doing the following. Beat the Bengals. Presently at one and three. Beat the jets again joined to. Beat the chargers who were winless beat the colts core one and two. Beat the one and two dolphins twice. And then one win. Of the following opponents. Tampa. Oakland New Orleans Kansas City. Or knowingly doing it twice what yes but one win against those opponents. Get you to ten wins. Ten wins. German pretty good position for a playoff berth. Does that seem as daunting tune now as it did the beginning of the season. I think you would need at least two from group B there because due to expect the bills to me and had jets game is still as divisional game on a short week. In the dolphins we did dolphins are mass still yet win two out of three weeks short timeframe there divisional opponent. Yes you for all sounds like that's gonna be tired because they don't have to buy a week. Tendencies. Ten doesn't necessarily JUN. What I think it not only that war was working for the bulls embracing going on defense. I the way the patriots. They don't have time to fix it this week they've got to go to Tampa on Thursday night. Can imagine waking up Friday morning in the bills would have a demon and a half lead in the AFC east possible. GM month a goal we weren't talking about this team winning ten games we were talking about them winning four. That's how fast things change in the NFL. Right and if Taylor got her and and it's the Peterman show will be screaming whining to address the backup quarterback position better. Are so that's how quick things can change let's move on to shots on the way now to go around the world of sports and addressing the stores we haven't touched on yet in the sports bar. With danger imitate Li yes. Another round of shots for your ride home next Jeanne yes so why yankees in the playoffs the Mets are not Syracuse football we will get to you. And any excuse to work bring up when your favorite sound whites in the show. War have so our goal somebody got released over the weekend is that what you're talking about and not music to my ears coming up. I can use it on a day like today shot snacks in the sports toward danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Bills football yeah. It starts with a playing hard Smart this. Your every player between seventeen regular season this Sunday the bills are in Cincinnati to take on the Bengals coverage. Sergeant now. Kickoff for the ones with John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest. Switched to northwest. And by so no one Barnes injured don't wait call or text feet. You're doing shot. These top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round on shot. And Santana won all three games he pitched for the Rochester red wings back into cohesive team that wins quickly promoted him. Tomorrow night Santana will take the mound for the twins at yankees stadium in the one game winner take all. American League wild card playoff game the Yankees will counter with we've seven Reno. Come and actually wok cart left Colorado it airs on Wednesday night John Gray will start of the Rockies. Against Zack Greinke the Diamondbacks. It's been a blast but next time those words Terry Collins who stepped down as the Mets manager at this after. An eleven nothing loss to Philadelphia to and the season the 68 year old Collins will remain with the organization with the front office ruled that search for a manager begins today with. Former White Sox manager Robin Ventura's new being rumored. And if we may make a suggestion Mets GM Sandy Alderson. The red wings manager Mike Quade. Throw interviewed maybe because we're always happy when we interview Mike Quade I don't know why you invade. 8% three to Rochester all familiar names Justin Bailey picked Lori chilly afternoon. Oriented and had a clear waivers which they did to sabres roster of 27. We may have to get down it's 1:3. Here at 5 o'clock tomorrow. So that'll be even more reinforcements. On the way to the flowers and. Maybe earlier you ought to find a home in the NHL after wrong TS since peer LeBron reporting that the August camp was in talks to Calgary Flames last night. The season only two days away the possibility of the 46 year old becoming and on the active roster it's possible the younger scored sixteen goals at a thirty assist. For the Florida Panthers last season. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades win all that would apply to the Syracuse football team the orange. Closer the last two road games at Ellis do an NC state. 3325. Loss in the NC state wolfpack on Saturday means Syracuse now to win three on the season. Only orange not sharp here they committed twelve penalties on the day on the positive side as he receiver for Phillips. Caught seventeen. Patches for it in a 188 yards with seventeen catches not only broke the school record set by hall of fame receiver art monk. Also set the ACC conference record of what. Alabama crushed Ole miss by a score 66 to three so the Crimson Tide lost first place votes in the news eight people. Go to 56 to 44 those votes swing over to Clemson Tigers. With an impressive 3117 win at number twelve Virginia Tech the only change in the top five. So like USC go from fifth to fourteenth this after the trojans lost to Washington State and thirty to 47 moving to number five is Georgia Bulldogs. Thrashed Tennessee by a 41 to nothing score. Our top stories by this week LSU. We'll tigers lost that twice. Over the weekend now for a program like LSU worth all the fans are gonna accept anything less than a national contender. And is not overwhelmed one fan has started to go find me a town this break buyout of head coach Ed or Iran's contract. Is contract buyout is twelve million right now it's all love. 275 dollars has been raised me Miller lost or to help kick start the campaign. You're like gosh you woke up Sunday morning in learned of the news oh look completely out of prison last night at midnight OJ Simpson is now a free man. As the Nevada department of corrections let him. The dead of night is to avoid a media circus what's next for OJ well. His attorney says he's going to buy an iPhone didn't consider that when Simpson went to jail or 2008 the iPhone it just come out. This it could live off this tensions between the NFL on the Screen Actors Guild could range anywhere from 101025000. Per month. We know one man who certainly happy that he was released this is just music players don't give me an excuse. To play great sound byte of all time. Troops when Chris and I broke up the Jews was there for me every night slick he's not really the Jews anymore because I didn't dress shoes troops to do so will choose. Juice juice. She's just she it. Uses its Macy's just bases here. Reduce its own return you know to loosen its open. We'll certainly hear cheers sheets on a hospital waiting. I'll ask don't choose the pictures and didn't use the. Include you sugar cookies. A good chances and couldn't. It was never gonna stop being the Jews could explain a lot Jews just care about issues interactions. With some interest things interest rates this is your life. Jews Jews please troops. Just we need enhanced. It is sweet music to my ears that is every instance of the words juice from the people vs OJ Simpson. David Schwimmer. As which cart assets and that's Ross Ross for a friend Rossi brand guys use or over exactly and my favorite one in there though is your uncle tubes code that you don't your uncle juice and give you juices could man. Yikes I think we need something like that tonight and gash. Listen by the way I appreciate your check this out need to let us provide a little moment of levity or to skate from everything else going on that. And then the war and now we can't even pronounce somebody dead proper ways of and get this Soyuz TMZ who were. Ward they pulled the plug. After a heart attack and I guess I have to say allegedly now it when he came to Tom Petty but now all dangers in the report that Tom Petty is. Not then conflicting report. Whatever but if he's if he was. Found unresponsive. And full cardiac arrest and not breathing. If he's on life support right now that I'm not a doctor or just play one on the radio it's still not a good look I mean I don't know old. You know it I lost my mother the same way I I know how tough that is and at some point. Somebody's gonna have to make tough decision if if that is indeed the case that they haven't yet indeed ruled him officially. A deceased. Regardless Tom Petty its 664 to your hats. This is delay just posted this is ABC one minute ago Tom Petty. Taken at a hospital his status on now. I'm consult that you get eaten when he calms. Things like oh are mortality don't be in the rush to get a first make sure you get. Yeah now that's the world we live in now isn't achieved hash tag log off all right we re wrap up next with a preview. Up tomorrow sports bar with danger and the tag Lee closing time on the way on ESPN Rochester. Shell sports talk. We're hanging out in the sports car would be dangerous exactly on Rochester sports liter 957. ESPN. Welcome back to the sports bar might danger. A man she tangling over there appreciate you giving us some of your time most valuable and precious commodity. It's Bob's or sports information and entertainment unit shoes and your results this jurists. Eight and that's humbling and doubt plenty of talk about today what with the bills and their victory. I yesterday in Atlanta we had thirteen whims Toby Monte go on with us earlier he was there at Atlanta if you missed that conversation. Our one it's available right now ESPN Rochester dot com also last hour wind around. Around the NFL with all of the injury news. Doctor Ross Russell man alas is join us with a knee injury around out. We've been so busy week I imagine there's a game tonight to big cheeks last undefeated team in the league game against Washington LBA champs tonight. As I ESP in Rochester sports trivia night will begin right to kick off at 830. We've got accused tickets and monster prizes. And it always is the tomorrow show Wu now the orange Pittsburgh this week Clemson the following tomorrow. You'll pay universal join us on a show coached at first test and look at your heart danger coach. Joining us. Our. Didn't talk back to the. Operator on drool off debt. So this response that I don't know what it's gonna get a I don't know in two tough losses on the road but done now we come back home. Pittsburgh it was a game that won there was on fifty points list and look at mid I don't expect at this it. Coming Saturday but that the innovators tomorrow here in the sport. That's tomorrow and don't forget Wednesday evening join gene and I we will be acts. The distillery Amato about to meet players that for the Rochester Americans we got a full show chock full. That Merck's players coaches personnel we're gonna talk to Don Stevens we we've got some players lined up to it and try get. Take coach Chris Taylor on a great opportunity for you and your family. To meet this season's Rochester Americans. It is it is great he's walked up the players the very can take pictures get on a graph it's a lot of fun and to me. It's a symbol it's a symbol that hockey season he's here. Wednesday we've got the penguins and blues on the NH shell out big broadcast well as for the Rochester Americans Friday. Pall mall for Syracuse can come on meet the new team that's coming up two days before. Look at port that is well if you missed any of this afternoon's program here the sports bar with danger Maytag Leah sought to map for you at the are all new ESPN Rochester dot com also. The free to download. ESPN. Rochester. App we've got Major League Baseball wild card action tomorrow night 730 Wednesday night 730 and then. Short week for you and IG nominee Kelly Clarkson at her home in Nashville on Thursday so I won't be here. But don't more I believe we will have a schedule that baseball fans will be pleased with. Kerry king we're halves games are won four I think the Red Sox player for if I saw that schedule correct on on Friday so. We want to just let everybody know that. This is the place that will have all the games wouldn't league championship series World Series so they'll be coming up this week as long planning and deals talk. The 31 Buffalo Bills. I'm curious as to what it's got to freedom the lever for you understand that this team could be different. And the teams that are broken our hearts in the past but we can get warned that more on sports bar with danger and tag it appreciate you guys check this out this afternoon listen in this afternoon. Hope you guys are all able to cope with everything that's going on of course our thoughts and prayers are are you with the victims' families is every loss of Vegas. And of course well. We irony we know were allowed to say that Tom Petty. The passing of Tom Petty where we are with that Tom Petty the age of 66 I think he is still alive yet them head on by a thread itself. Back again tomorrow afternoon starting at 3 o'clock here in the sports part danger. Ten million belongings. But I'm listening to us do it's that time it. And moose today. No it's okay. Laura. Bruno made. In Rochester invite beautiful sense in the deficient fruitful mainly since Saturday October 7.