The Sports Bar-Hour 3 10/3/17-Bills Path to Playoffs?

The final hour in today's Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia featured the guys discussing the fall of many AFC teams through a quarter of the season. Then the guys serve up the day's top sports stories in a round of "Shots." Finally, we revisit our conversation from earlier in the show with Syracuse head football coach Dino Babers.


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Thus sports bar would be dangerous do exactly kind of understand their case. That's now. How many. A touchdown pass from Tyrod Taylor. Nothing face just changed everything going to be perfect every week. We've been through a number of different situations and to our games over the past four weeks guys have been doing. We expect to win those situations and made her go our way but we don't blink when it doesn't. Mike danger who were four games into the season. Point 5% of the sea and as we now behind us. You know just as your question or the bills go through the first four games is it yeah they've been good enough to be a first place better than the patriots that feels good to say she be tackling. Danger just recent history you'll tell us okay you could feel good bills fans but this is a long. Long season and we have a lot of work to do between. Now and what happens in November and December that's why. We have to continue to. Pushed towards is our quality of play every week Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. Welcome to happy hour in the sports bar Mike danger along with the team to tag glee on AM 950 and 957 FM also on mining ESPN Rochester in the free to download. ESPN Rochester LPGA. Abbreviated week in abbreviated week here in the sports bar with danger to tag Leah because there's just so much action going on. That we can't pack it all under 24 hours in one. At there's there isn't it there's with all the baseball you're about to be even be consuming. With back to hockey season is he's on our doorstep. He off Merck's action on the radio this weekend he'll have MLB postseason action on the radio starting tonight at 730. Twins and yankees so we set a Reno from a yankees against Ervin Santana twins tomorrow. We gene and I will be back to the distillery how much hope avenue you wanna meet your Rochester Americans this season. All that your opportunity they're gonna be out and look at me you bring the Stanley down come out of work a little bit early join us we love talking to you what 454 ESPN. We love exchanging tweets with UN DSP and Rochester on Twitter. But even better having you and there in person meeting you face to face. Not so look for to more than anything is meeting listeners of this show. That'll be fun tomorrow so the show were out there are new the first shot three to six. The meet the air Merck's portion of this will be from five until seven but if you get their little early like for example Chris Taylor will be joining us. Not tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock hour so there will be M works out real people out there all afternoon but the players will all be there at 5 o'clock. Tomorrow. We'll have a conversation with Syracuse head football coach Dino neighbors are coming up before 6 o'clock if you're accused football fan. Stand by for that as we get prepared for hit come into the dome this weekend. And if you missed our conversation with ESPN dot com's Mike wrote back. It's uninteresting to say about the bills making the moves that they've made today Jeanne. Yeah eight it's a. Clue that Ramon Humber and also were more number and in Jordan Matthews essentially same injury. But not the same position meaning Jordan Matthews who knows when he's going to be available Leo of the thumb injury and if you need surgery wealth you need your hand to catch the ball. How many times you see a defender a linebacker with a hand it's clogged up. We still don't know if that's going to be the plan he may keep a number out this week in means they have to go to kidnap Milan know once again in the Lotto taking. The majority of snaps in the second half last week. Bought the fact of the Buffalo Bills did not sign a linebacker today instead brought into safeties that might be a clue that. Long term they're not concerned about the Ramon numbers injury because he's been kind of the young sung hero leading tackler on this team. Through four games so Ramon Humber arrived he's offering me a long period of time that would certainly not be good for the Buffalo Bills. I gene also earlier made his survive and advance fantasy football here. In the sports or if you missed that you want to just play the music danger but people are not. Or are we wanna help people them. To survive and advance my survive and advance peck. Well here's what it'll do if you missed it shame on you Tuesday's it for now. But it is available on demand right now if you go to ES dot Rochester dot com you can hear. Jeans surviving it can't advance week five NFL survivor football pool pick. Learn after watch I've played music man hipper lane but that beat the ball that would be that would be that would be cool and I Ellerbe and Estonia. Q Berlin yeah. We learn after watching Kansas City and the first quarter of the season undefeated last night she naming EU watched the entirety that gave him. Never really felt like Kansas City was. All know did anybody really think while loses a big upset in the making here. Kansas he's gone now can Alex Smith when you know really counts being the playoffs Abdul Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger well. He now dual Brady two years ago you know Abdul Rauf was murder last year. Blot we can say with certainty. That not only that she's the best team in the NC they're the best team in the NFL right. Canceled then Maine right now is the AFC west winner because all those all the teams right now have there issues Denver. Our right their quarterback isn't that great I think we can I kind of established that. Oakland home like gosh. God bless ship raider fan if you got to deal with the EJ Manuel for a month or so. By the way are we not the most vindictive. I mean we kind of look at what's happening like I. Can't wait to see which EJ Manuel does to the raiders' season well not because I hate the raiders but because it's EJ Manuel. Well you know that's a good point you bring up because when EJ Manuel was here in buffalo into what wrong. He he said all the right things yet to the right way and when his time was up. I didn't hear any asked talking out of EJ Manuel. Can't save the same thing for the guy playing corner in new wing labor old losers no losers lose underdog game both things are so different here are remembered bit. Yeah that Gilmore yes would you be vindictive to deal right I'd give you permission bills fans for the but he is going to be interesting to see what happens to Oakland I mean this was a team a lot of people had playing in the Super Bowl and it could still right the ship I mean that's up. Talk about a gray area other two to six week injury for Derek parks. RI TV did ends up being on the two's side I think the Oakland Raiders are still. In the all on obviously the charter forget about it. Right off the season they're playing broke games for the entire season it's that you met and net. How I'll be self. Our two teams coming out of the south danger. Right now I don't think so effect I think the south it's completely up for grabs. I think the winner of the south is probably 978 Nate I don't think there's a wild card coming out of the stuff. No I think Houston's the class and him not ready to crown him yet is Watson's been nice the last two weeks. But look let's face in new England's defense is terrible. In Tennessee at home like you know I don't know what happened Tennessee's divas if you'll sleep well bay and is and is wildly inconsistent this year in the AFC south. Yet if you missed it earlier on brain and we have with Simon and titans that's not a good signs of Tennessee's without aerial for a time that's. Kind of like car and it's not going to. Check mark in the bill's favor how about the north. And to me is this steeler team any different this year I guess that's what steeler fans have to figure out here. What I can tell you about the Steelers is they're gonna get fat and happy on that ad. Division if the dangles that one in three are your chief competitor right now I'm not even counting Baltimore Baltimore's got there issues. And we we can't even bring up brown. Pittsburgh should win that division Biden need December. And likewise danger if there's any team not that division might be a wild card. I beam routine that the Buffalo Bills are playing this week because if they get to to win three and then all of C it was just our offensive coordinator we fix Staten. Marvin Lewis. I bet that's why this week is actually important for the Buffalo Bills mortgage say hey the best path. When your division obviously. But if we have to take a survey here of wild card teams. Ari Denver whit Trevor Ximian. All queen if they can get past this rough patch. Nothing out of the south we can say. And may be a one in three angles team danger. I don't want to get bills fans overly optimistic. But through the first quarter of the season it okay bill right now the season ended today the number two seed as you said. Great view of New England rises up as well expect him to. I tell you why I made it they're just doesn't seem to be a team out there that. Should be scaring the Buffalo Bills at this point like Ohman got toward not at that level teams that are not the bills are not at that level Kansas City. Pittsburgh. And it. 25%. Of the season's been completed that your disclaimer. Right now. Yes the bills belong in this conversation. In the west I'm not even willing to say with certainty that that the wildcard comes out of the west because. Again I think those teams each other up I think you're gonna see Kansas City split with Denver I think you're gonna see. Denver dropped one to Oakland down there you know like I won't let me by the way San Diego might get one over on an AFC west opponent. Is Denver awhile currently set at San Diego by now you can say San Diego flight myself first thing. Los Angeles sorry mind if Anthony linking say San Diego charters you can sable. Sandy archers. I don't. So proud because they don't suit Billy Georgia's shoes. Happens to all of this are just beat the soundtrack for their franchise this year I think John Elway. Team complete your bottoms up I thought being danger eight answer this question answered no other Denver Broncos while current team. I don't I mean right now I would say yes I. Op then the bills hold it high yes yes yes that's a big win and win and if you beat Cincinnati there's another AFC win another AFC opponent yes this is this is rarefied air for Buffalo Bills. Fans we we don't know what this feels like we usually are talking like this for weeks into the season. Or our way are we just setting ourselves up again Gina I don't wanna keep going down or up half of. While all 80 reporting a lot yeah we last decade we've been here twice before. With quarterbacks named Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Act Tyrod Taylor better than them. Well I mean we're looking at that you know we might be biased in favor of Tyrod at this point. Like I said Yasser. The thing to me. Well two things one OK we're pointing out Sharma permits the laws here because we look animal under the Jewelers lies so to speak. What this is better coaching I would take Sean McDermott any day where Chan Gailey and picture. And I think you would tip even with ten men on the field for the key deciding play right. Right I mean but again where we live in we live in the alt 12 hey man I tell these guys has got to be lucky that is because I'm telling you. We have all point to access back in 2011 or 2000 K okay we get the go pro football focus we're like coaches now. The in the information is sold glut. Zack and also the defense that the feds decent year he's superior. 12011. In 2008111. They got the bills a fast start because. Flashy offense fits throw the ball around the defense stock. And you lost eight in nine that was. This year everyone stays healthy in his defense should keep you in a lot of gains if that's the case well then you should. Not goal. Lose eight of nine at the end of the season I think that would be a minimal expectation. I think like most bills fans right now I'm. Nervous about this Sunday. You wanna see them win you wanna see them prove that last week wasn't a fluke that the week four wasn't a fluke. You wanna see them play. Not down to their competition and in Cincinnati offers you that opportunity to played down to a team with a one in three record and this is not. I don't think this is a one and three team in the last two weeks and it looked like a one in three team. There's a lot of talent and yes you have some familiarity based on the fact he's played this team last year you were able to beat them in Cincinnati last year. Albeit without AJ green AJ green exiting that came early. I'll go back to what our friend Nicaragua from Buffalo News treated out after the bill's victory on Sunday. It's a pathway to ten wins that starts with them being the dangles. This Sunday. And you tell me Jeanne if if any of this seems unrealistic. Or too daunting a task because this schedule now all looks a lot different than it did. At the beginning of the season based on everything that's happened through the first quarter of the season. You beat the Bengals. You gotta be the jets the second time you play then that's a short week as of Thursday night. The chargers are oh and three you got to beat them you got to beat the colts won in two right now. He got a suite of dolphins. And that you got to win one of the following. Against Tampa Oakland New Orleans. Kansas City or one of the few times you face New England. Is that. A bridge too far. Ten wins no it's not it doesn't feel like a bridge too far to ten wins. No way I reported different way what if the Buffalo Bills played 500 ball on line now they're 500. You won the first quarter 500 ball. It's are denying himself I don't know 97 gets you in the playoffs. Police seen other wild card teams to 97 getting into the playoffs. And so you gotta be one game better than 500 and that's essentially what you know Veronica saying there were were where Google's queens. Com for a I'll tell you why. They are not going to sweep. All those games that you consider must wins meeting. The jets on a short week the colts may be Andrew Luck is back. The dolphins twice is those are divisional games in your playing pretty darn close the chargers. What the heck they're going to be two chargers but Cincinnati now he can not chalk. Off no dangled a game is being away. I think it also stresses how important this Sunday's game against Cincinnati is it you know. The opportunity to play down to an opponent is there. And let's hope that they don't do what Pittsburgh were probably doing playing down to an opponent calling on the road in and eat your IP right and and by the way with the dolphins. When you get to those late season match ups against your divisional foe. The dolphins consider that there are why we can happen in week one. They're going to be hired they're not gonna get the rest of the bills are gonna get. Year after reporter disease shake Kotler going to be trying to push his team to the playoffs or is he going to be thinking only two more weeks before I can go to Odyssey that. You got to factor that in the other factor is of all those teams on the schedule there's always helps job a little bit. How many coaches are fired. I think the new Indy Coulter candidate. McConnell we know he's he's on thin ice in India if if the colts. Are you drowning out interim head coach in Chile. You know December in buffalo I don't see that colts team being all that motivated her rise up. That could be one coach right there. Not Sean Payton in the league Sean Payton Mike dean is last you're renowned thing that happens by no now. They've done enough I think he's done enough I think polls as dumb enough the first half or first quarter of the season for at least now opted to get at least one -- cheek off the hot seat. But you know it does feel like this is pains last year in New Orleans and make the playoffs right right but it's not that that's not gonna happen by November 12 and they play tour. It's interesting conversation and and end its fund how this conversation incentive. Picking apart all the things it could potentially go wrong with this team. It it it feels good in him just enjoy it while weekend. The Buffalo Bills are in first place and if the season and its aging they would be the number two seed in the AFC are looking at all the power ranked power. Rankings power teams that are out today. And so the bills is true. Our pro football talk is may be a little bit. Really to be taken too seriously just doing it to collect period yeah yeah belly mafia and but it's there. And it's something against the look for 21 Sunday. Big game against Cincinnati you can hear right here and ESP in Rochester pre game starting in nineteen let's get to shots next in the sports bar with. Danger to tightly just because I wanna give us enough time to talk to coach Dino beavers here before six clock. Yes so why shots we have coming up the USC is leading the I don't know what the right word came to see a recovery but helping out the victims. In Las Vegas will tell you about that. Also a lot Rick Pitino update this guy's not gonna go away quietly. On that the National Hockey League opens up tomorrow night there's a home for young armory on refined who toiled all that. Shots has brought you by market feel liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection in gas prices. Give market you liquor shot you'll be glad you did stand by shots next. In the sports or danger and the tag lay up on ESPN Rochester. Hello bills football. Starts with a playing hard Smart this. Your every player of the 2017 regular season this Sunday the bills are in Cincinnati did take on the Bengals coverage. It started now. Kickoff at one with John Murphy and mark Kelso brought to you by northwest. Which is northwest. And bicycling or Barnes injured don't wait call or text feet. My name. We're doing shots. These top sports stories with danger and attack. Time for another round on shot. In this war on. Other USC had just opened their new world headquarters. On Las Vegas boulevard no USC employees were. In the tragedy the death told this morning was at 59 at least 527. Injured. Wanting to do something down the OC president Dana White announced that his organization is donating one million dollars to go to the families of the victims quote. At the end of the day this is our city. And we love this place like telling ESPN. Meanwhile the biggest golden knights hockey team say they plan and making what they call eight significant contribution. This you know. The golf ball is not want to take the conventional route the bar is pulling his son lament a lot of chino hills high school in the Melo will now be home schooled quote. I'm not diligent coach over there at the Bart told ESPN I'm not dealing with the administration over there. I don't want no distractions on Melo so therefore I'm going home schooled him and make the best basketball player have birth. Future eligibility to the NCAA is also an issue as well Melo is the only high school player ever to have his own shoe deal. Speculation is that we'll mellow gold playing in Europe for a few years before entering the NBA draft. How are being vindicated those the words. Coach Rick Pitino former basketball coach whose departure from local right now is in process. Pitino has put his removal area home up for sale and is moved to the other home he owns in South Florida he says he wants his former team to go up there and wing quote I love the voice I hope they win the national championship. I'm not doing anything but laying low. After Washington State upset USC the home fans stormed the field. That's a basketball and football field the NCAA wants this to stop that's why it. The pac twelve find this goal 25000. Dollars for the students running on the field the conference is fine structure is. Point 5000 for the first offense. 50000 for the second offense and 100000. For the third. Let's point out. In the true inconsistent fashion that is the NCAA that the Washington State home crowd also stormed the field on September 9. Against Boise State and they were not find for that. Tomorrow night the quest for the cup the national hockey league for games opened up the schedule with the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins at home against Saint Louis. Elsewhere Toronto isn't what it takes San Jose hosts the flyers. And the newest Calgary flame you might have heard this guy 46 year old young they're younger siding with Calgary it's a one year one million dollar deal. I expected to be able lineup for the flames visit economy created in the Edmonton Oilers. The Yankees and twins battle it out to the American League wild card coverage beginning tonight on ESPN Rochester at 730 the other American League series schedule has been set. Sox fans might wanna be cutting out of work a little bit earlier this week Boston playing Houston Thursday for a late then. The two teams play game gave to Houston on Friday at 205 key for the Red Sox this post season. Will be David Price in his new role price will be the lefty specialist coming out of the bullpen. College for the rivalries. Are the best especially in the SEC take for example Alabama. The Alabama Ole miss game Crimson Tide. 66 to three over Ole miss rice at the end of the game though as it did a winning the game isn't enough the stadium DJ played the song. Money for nothing by dire straits. Promus right now in the middle of their own payment scandal involving football recruits being paid cash. One person who's excited to read Tom Brady's new book BTB twelve method how to achieve a lifetime the same peak performance. That's a Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh who received his autograph popular male. My must of got lost milking the of course Brady went to Michigan so it only makes sense for Harbaugh to make connections and alarms of the school now if Harbaugh should implement the the breeding methods into his program. No doubt be interesting to see how many how things may net may actually go over no more fruit for you wolverines will not be. Eating a strawberry. In preparation of the game and by the way drink lots of water we're gonna practice in the summertime and you will get a sunburn. Now if you drink water you don't get sunburned so says Tom rating. Yes. Genius or copy didn't get them get to listen Tom Knoll and I eat the look you give me that copy I'm throwing a right over there in the circular file OK Glenn I'm not reading the Tom Brady Boca and how to drink water. And the fact that you eat pro team wow it's no. So our shots brought Cuba market feel liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection and best prices give mark if you liquors shot you'll be. Glad you did art I want to give plenty of space here for coach ideal they were Cirque du said football coach Dino beavers who we spoke with earlier in the sports bar with danger to tag leave you missed it. I'll get a story next closing time on the way in the sports bark ESPN Rochester. Where every Haiti's national name. You're in the sports bar with dangerous exactly. On 957. ESPN. Welcome back to sports bar in danger in the tank Giuliani and 959 at seven FM. Many ESPN Rochester doctor. Com after a few weeks on the girls or kids born to back home this Saturday 1230 taking on pitted the dome and then the following week you get the national champs the defending national champs climbs in coming in. Because Dino neighbors our guest coach thanks your time not how do you view these last two weeks for your program. Well I've been frustrating and and play well I mean we went to two places we play too bad as the football team. All of them came up on the short and sort of sticks so to speak. But I think. Both of their performances in the effort they put him to have been good enough we've just been made two mistakes to actually win in those companies. We knew that this was going to be a tough schedule we talked Jude during the pre season so I guess you you you can feel that sense of pride but you know historically it seems like slow starts. Have been an issue for the north what's best way to fix a slow start to a season. Well try to make sure that you start fast and we're doing everything we came and make sure that we try to have an opportunity to start after the game that word that are remaining on the schedule you know we just can't come out Apple's smoke first testing program. Ally your quarterback is certainly you know kept in these games coach would what are your thoughts on the play of our country so far. I think that we wouldn't be in the situation that we are thought it would be still in the way we feel about this team without the way that he's been playing I think he's been playing really well he's. Never been perfect by any means but he definitely. Start of the straw that stirred the drink so to speak when it comes to what we're doing offered to. Had a pretty good connection last weekend with her Phillips is we talked to coach Dino Bieber Syracuse football coach here in the sports bar with danger the tag Leah. Talk first sector about the wide receiver seventeen receptions last week that. Not only breaks the school record by other great art monk and that's an ACC record now now what do you do was coach. Get helps to keep both feet on the ground how talented this kid beat. He's super town to not open we have to worry about is these really well grounded. Kim and it spoke for the old guys understand at this year isn't trying to do everything they can't help us get to a ball game to win the conference championship those things are not out of out of the woods yet but surely accepted term has been around mr. put them dead on the board is going to be able to accomplish those goals. I get a shot this Sunday night at Pittsburgh excuse me this Saturday you get a shot 1230 to kick off at the dome. Seven 661. You don't need me reminding you Dex score laster coach but I I'm just worried about you personally I don't think your heart can take another game like that. You know that is that's way too much for me when someone scores three quarters on you you scored 61 in the news. That's not how football supposed to be played in don't get me wrong I like the 61 I don't like the other and others I I don't I can't beat this game being like that game might mistake it's going to be a closer game I think the scores will be a lot lower. Whereabouts. And actually look at the chance to talk to you here but before you you take on Clemson it's not every season that you get the defending national champs coming into the dome. Zero chance you get looking ahead for that game right coach. You know we're not looking into that at all and and when you have Florida State and clips in the conference in two the last four years they won national championships. We do have national champions come into the dome at least every other year so it's not something new for us but we know that we're gonna have our hands full. We also will start with Pittsburgh we'll worry about that that we did it. So what is your team have to do to come away with a win over Pitt this week coach. We got a clean up the penalties we have to start basketball since we cannot allow them to run the football. Running the football is not good for us is that good for our defense and then we've we've got to go back and try to put a complete game together kind of like the central Michigan game on offense. Along with a deep into games have been common. Before this last thought our defense the first or gain was really really good more than adequate and we've got to do our part of the offense and special teams. Pulled this thing together we can get a team victory. Syracuse head coach Dino neighbors our guest here in the sports bar with danger and the tag Leah coach looking over the rest of your brutal schedule earlier this season and me pave the way. A for a bowl game for Sarah accusing do you do you see what where do you see opportunity for the rest of the season with that with his government. I I think the way I see this start right here on Saturday I think the biggest stage that we the bigger mistake we can make is looking ahead to. Other teens and not taking care of the team right. We got to have these games one at a time. And as it is we handle our business when the smoke clears will be in a situation. That maybe we can be proud of but right now we can't think and have to get to the stuff. Too much problems going on inside. To be looking ahead we've got guys in these are mounting up and that's what happens when you play good football team we've got to do we need to underbelly of our program to step up we get back up guy in the game better. He's got to play consistently enforcement or expected to make the plays of the starter makes what he wants. But he does got to play at a consistent gains so it's not about the war on our side and we are working really hard. One to continue to build depth on this team so we can go to this brutal skirts schedule and hopefully have stopped yet and to turn twelve games in the third two. But you're not North Carolina you're not in Death Valley you're in the dome. How big is that going to be for your team made it to get that crowd going this Saturday coach. It's gonna be huge and we need all the Rochester stands to come on down come get the card do that drive the weather's fantastic. It's New York upper state New York the weather is fantastic it's October get down here are some support the orange in the dome it would. Salim let police Wear the sleeve just sort of steadily to it'll be smoking in there to be nice and warm come on down watch football. Coach I mean I'm I mean the drive to her own I want to turning stone last week in his start to see little peeks of fall foliage so it's a pretty drive it's not a a daunting task to get somebody from Rochester to go it's an hour intend may see yet in a car now support the orange. There you go god ordained through it and do nothing but good group good luck this week he'll get a win against tent and we look forward to catching up with the everybody got to thank you so much now Dino vapors head coach Syracuse football our guest in the sports bar with danger and the tag Lee thanks coach. You. So much action this weekend genie is Syracuse with though winnable game at home. They're favored against Pittman out their favored you have that you have the hammocks opener Friday of the hammocks in Syracuse Saturday night you have this. Is Beatles game a lot of people are paying attention to it of angles on Sunday all yet we have the baseball classic job we can do not. Yankees twins. If you don't have a horse in this race how effective the twins. 25 man roster. Over half this team you'll see on Yankee Stadium's grass to nine. Played in Rochester. It's crazy isn't it great. I mean. Doesn't mean Yankee fans are Yankee fans are die hard tried and true. They're gonna root for the Yankees over the twins regardless of who the farm team for the twins is I would think. Brooks twinkies and I hear from Minnesota beauty and a prize I'd no up watching the twins win World Series in the old dome. Kirby Puckett and her back I mean ire I do remember watching the twins ranking by Oleg and slam NN. Bert Blyleven. Yes okay so was the third baseman. Jerry. Yeah all these guys I mean there are winning games and they were when shots are not lock your secondary these guys this guys B now and and Kirby Puckett finally gone too soon. Announced on too soon what a great global. Guy he was in that twins team was was an easy team to love. And it was fun watching them win those World Series so yeah I'd go lower our body to be more Chico when no I don't twins fan alerts. All of my degenerate high school friends back in Minnesota armor for the twinkies tonight let's. A while and this is what's fun this is business like the NFL. One game that sick let me I will listen to any sports argument except for this fall I'm gonna take it right off the table. It okay loser this game Yankee fans if you listen I don't wanna hear this who. You put a 162 games in it kids don't there is a nation via best two or three that way it's. Stop. The objective is to weaning your division. If you don't win your division in the then you're left with this if you're lucky. So. Yeah I trust me. I will cheer for deemed a loss though while Karl western do that being the Mets that's very painful. It's awful when you pay a whole season then jam one night it's overweight weighing your division you don't have to worry about the locker. Teddy is a Yankee fan. Aren't colorful Rochus or any Teddy how are you watching the sports bar with danger the tag with. I adorned that is serious saving you grow up watching the Minnesota Twins win the World Series. Of what true. All man that is so embarrassing should be ashamed the bad. So World Series. Beecher threw to Beecher Jerusalem a cubs fan for somewhere my cubs as you're dead yet reported burglary or gotten. Molson entitled a game. Now on your that's not the I'd listen and I noticed any I hope it goes your way tonight might strike that would hate I would hate for you to call back tomorrow integrated. We detail are we learned. Certain groups checklist of plan. And Chris Chambliss. Good trio met Teddy you know enjoy the game tonight by the way if you fear. If you're not glued to your TV you know it'll be on ES PM Rochester with a pregame starting at 7:30 PM no excuse she's. Stay connected to the wild card matches both the AL NN now. You know what's the over under on how this game land tonight what time. Its past 11 o'clock this. That's one thing about playoff baseball okay meeting pitching change Q did you every at bat takes twenty minutes and everything at stake he had that it's a date yet if you're gonna watch tonight is just. Off the law because it's going to be a long ride tonight I would put the over under at 11 o'clock. The time this game gets over tonight. Once again a 730 tonight pregame starts here on ESPN Rochester we'll have the National League. But tomorrow evening at 730 is well and then of course the AL and an LDS. Happened starting Thursday and you saw that I now aren't here any us yet. And have an abbreviated sports bar show on Thursday to bring you the Red Sox Astros game but then again you're going to carry under with house Kelly Clarkson on Sar Carrie Underwood how's it Jeanne. They're all the decision they even have to maybe I'll find a way. I'm sorry Kelly Clark in carrier under a difference between Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and arrogant out of the big difference. One is. Talented in the other one is singing some F football's open to both not now no carrier was very very talented as well. Except for the yes but I won't be here Thursday you'll be here for half an hour before. We get to be coming out no doubt to eat you gotta have about the op kind of enjoyed. And then. Baseball weekend of course and Merck's this weekend as well. And Buffalo Bills taking on the Cincinnati Bengals pre game for that Sunday 9 AM here on ESPN Rochester. Alex tweeting at ESPN Rochester the quick random prediction for you guys bills vs Kansas City gets flats says Sunday night. If bills and chiefs each have three or less losses. Now I mean in member what's Sunday Night Football is is not just necessarily best match up bloody it's all souls. The biggest audience of the biggest audience so if you are do you have the giants penciled in the giants may be terrible boy asked why it. And I got to look up who they have yet if that's another interesting point. Cool we actually have a bills game that would beef blacks and we're getting ahead of ourselves. Calm down let's Cincinnati. In week five or about Scott tweeting and what worries me now with the bills. Is they were a team that felt like opponents were looking past them. Yes and we predicted that at beating the season this is not a team that teams are going to want to face come the end of this season. They're going to be competitive they're not gonna beat themselves. And you're seeing it unfold for four weeks of the season let's see if continues on Sunday. Now so Lou. That up bills game that is in November let me just see you okay what just for fun what would be the Sunday night game. Now your year is patriots Broncos now have flex our interest. And it's. All right we got a Major League Baseball post season action to deliver tonight 730 yankees twins you can hear that action right here. Jeanne not back again tomorrow afternoon starting at 3 o'clock we will be live at the distillery a mount hope avenue meet the players that with the Rochester Americans we look forward to seeing you there. Loan money isn't. I listen anyways news that retirement yeah. And notice today. You know it's okay. Lauro. No name. These live. Yes your rap is the easiest way to connect. With Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Sports bar with a danger in the Jack. Chester wrapped. 57. In Rochester.