The Sports Bar- Hour 3 10/4/17- Nathan Paetsch and Hudson Fasching

The final hour in today's Sports Bar begins with Danger and Battaglia talking with Rochester Americans Defenseman Nathan Paetsch on Meet the Amerks Night. Next, the guys serve up the day's top sports stories in a round of "Shots." Finally, we bring in another Rochester American in Forward Hudson Fasching!


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Thus sports bar which dangerous to attack me. But the deal being done in knowing that I'll be this part of the this burger and beer good. The organization. Fredricka I'm actually have the Bruins couldn't vote they'll. That was the way he decided that doing so they decided to take the sabres offer very it just came up all of a sudden. Mike danger and here we are okay now now you have to produce. Now you have to. This is no excuses extension for tackling. Happy new year teel went to every other hockey fan now listening right now there's a lot of hockey people here in Buffalo's starting from the management down on you all the fans here in buffalo and not just about we'll put all over the place the ball. How do you signed sealed and I think that contract with the awesome from both sides and both should be very. Rochester sports leader 957. EST yes. Welcome back to the sports bar with danger of exactly as we continue to live from the distillery among hope avenue meet the F Merck's night they're all here they're all piloted in the bands are coming in and we are very very fortunate. To be graced by the presence of cameras defenseman Nathan patient you can thank you so much for joining this afternoon here at distillery thank you guys term. They sing that well so what came in to having you come back to Rochester. This offseason you're part of us. Calder cup winning team and they're back here and I you're adopted hometown. Yeah I've been obviously a member of this community for fifteen years even though I played rapids last chargers are still have a summer. How home here were chairs or your teacher and hammer the last few years cut costs I've never left this has always been home my for my family cheered. Hassan it's extremely excited to be able to come back this poor record play here again it's. Like your role with in this locker room had a chance give these guys now for a few weeks immediate you know veteran leadership Ed. And the ability to mold some of the younger talent on the team how did and we have to be responsive how they've been not so far this out as receive. Yeah I'm really accept what this group we have a great mix of veterans and young guys and if the youngest magistrate I think they're really. Really looking forward to a successful season they just seem hungry. And they're they're thirsty for knowledge I agency a lot of young guys have come up to me and they just a real good group of kids and I'm really excited to work with them. Had a long season but I concede this that I don't recall a season where. Expectations were high people are excited framers hockey you guys feel that the community with all the moves that and Nader. I definitely think there's a bit of a buzz around community and I like a set I haven't left the community I've been here every summer and I've really noticed that. Being part of him a little more you know aware of what's going on and hours faulty numbers and all through the years that the community is definitely up a couple of they're expecting things that were open delivered. Emirates defense needs to pacer guest here in the sports bar with danger but thankfully meet the average night. At distillery a mock hope out knew we had to coach Chris Taylor we actually played with here in Rochester capacity you know talking about earlier talking about. A different kind of the mentality and this is that the team that I think. We've always seen it's let it be ever supposed to talk but it is going to be different kind of pretty this toughness of this team he talked a little bit it's a little bit more on that. I think we discovered real good mixture of degree of a couple. Veteran guys in the back end that can play a physical game and we got a couple big forwards. Young forwards who got speed size and grit and got a real good mixture we've got. A lot of smaller guys who can buzz around but then we have the bigger physical guys so it's just watching practice. I think fans should be excited like they are I'm excited like now it is gone. Eight and patient who is not going to be such a deep part of this Rochester Americans think we haven't upon hockey conversation earlier with that Jack cycle and you know the news he signed but. Now it's. From a sabres perspective who gets the half didn't see he's going to be cycle be somebody else and while we will have a captain for the Rochester Americans hot. What's the best way to Europe union does that come organically this shoot that calm way you know we're trying to figure out who should be the captain here where do you weigh in on both for your team. Bob we'll sit well Artie we know what's going on there that's I'm sure you'll find out soon my own. That savers stuff I I'm not in that locker room I don't know what that all works obviously they got a superstar John conical. Maybe they're waiting to hear Philip. And I'm sure there just taken their time and you see the same technically idea that thing going on in Toronto. Get a guy like Costner masters or a series of reforms not the Seattle but they don't want that extra pressure on them. Tigers saw him it's a delicate balance and that's something the management appears to have to decide. Yeah you can tell us who VM or captain nobody's listening right now. It's not for release are right now we'll find out soon enough this course home opener Friday night is the network's hosts Syracuse crunch talk about the Syracuse Christian. Deep run last week here in the playoffs and goers. And know them well from your time Grand Rapids. You know coach Taylor last hour they said look we gotta get familiar with this team get hate this team. But what are your thoughts on Syracuse is not easy way to sort season. For the Rochester Americans now on at all I played him in the finals last year I don't get there they got a lot of same guys back if they were there are only hockey team. Korea and we were fortunate to building a pass them few more games and I rank I don't know if we don't want the championship. And with the guys here know what we're up against we know it's going to be tough I've played them so many times I played for Syracuse and order means that city and that that team. So we have to be prepared. We were expecting we its home market perhaps to go up buffalo but then news sabres signed Chad Johnson. Wow so I mean we get all mark another year here in Rochester what is alike have an it guy at that end on this team or. I feel spoilt as a defense or you're swell so that's that's what you hope you but the plus my stay here and that's what they're goaltender can euphoria and it's. Let's be honest he's going to be there eventually it's just a matter of time and I think a lot in each of teams are going to earth making sure there 34 defense is the way the game's gone. In particular time with gold and exit the goaltenders and wanted to play those games of Heatley is still play a lot of hockey games down here the other part of this team. Who you gonna believe this is new best friend Emmylou way he got shelved last year we got just took shots all. Say it was it was remarkable to see how many shots were were were piled up against me this lesser your addition Lennon and also talk about the addition you know Brian Cooley. He owes its scare with so much potential. How have you and him jelled so far at camp and leading pre season now how much influence again over some. These younger Alex why hopes that I hope a lot but I never know but she's just a great kid. Kind of like you said the talents through the roof I've never really come across somebody that figure could ski move the puck the weekend and shoot the puck. So the sky's the limit for him in the thing is when you're that good of a kid it's gonna work out permits only a matter of time before he's a big remember this at Buffalo Sabres and he's not here anymore. Well I mean for him to he's making that jump going from junior. The brawl and I guess we saw this a little bit it would mean Lander last year where it's it's such an adjustment if you could talk to that is that. Is that how big is that adjustment when your you know the the rigors of a. Program wants massive and I think there's a lot of people underestimate helping their job is just they HL it's a huge adjustment for junior hockey community challenge see a lot of these guys come in and kind of the audit how good this league is you have been a struggle out of the gate so hopefully that's not the case but it's difficulties. Guys a little little unclear even in the NHL not just NHL. And then there's an X jumped and then Chelsea well so that's that's a whole point in this league it's for those guys get ready be prepared for low and if you get the car. What are the youngsters who we we were excited about last year Alex he wondered your teammate now it didn't get chance that it taken out the ice has an injury. This pre season but we know we saw him skate last year beat it sees the look on a promise juniors happened he dominates that tournament. And comes back in doesn't really seem to be deceived players that it is a function of just that it different. The style of play at the junior level mercy HL level the length of the season does that Wear on you at at some point here at that age and talk us through what what you there could have been going through last year and also what you know of him this year in how he's been feeling whether or not gonna be seen him anytime soon. Why aren't really sure to just keep down Nazis first time I got to meet him public. But it's there's a lot of variables there and it's and it's your first he's pro he's he's young he was eighteen last year within weeks that the coach killer last hour like we were shocked at the you know like oh my god he really is a kid he's eighteen years or maybe you. Three years old Wrighster pro hockey days when he gets down mod that's supposed to open at. I mean it's tough this is a league event that let's face it takes some time and he's young and he's going to be a great hockey player written. There's a maturing and physically there's maturing mentally and that's like I said again that's what the H elsewhere for these guys to go through those learning curves here not have to go through those up after the NHL. Even nations are nastier in the sports bar and sits meet the amber tonight we invite you. To come down to the distillery on mount hope the hammer players. Chris Taylor also earlier Jody teaches here Erica White is here at 7 o'clock tonight you me everybody here high at the distillery. You have a perspective I'm Chris Taylor around like a lot of the guys on the scene what what's shooter. You know camera can't expect from the new head coach here. I think these are serious record high elite coach that's so we got we're spoilt to have a quarterback caliber to be able to coach this year. Also somebody that's a whole favor grammar so really cares deeply about disorganization deeply about these fans. And I mean I've sort of play for my couldn't be happier times that you miss somebody I've played with his friend t.'s great great news one of the greatest leaders ever replace four. And he's kind of cure veteran coaching his practice is good for straightened and I that the prisoners to go for. He could tell he's fired up to go to lake who were talking to coach tiller last hour in. In Easley who we practice enough we're world economic think you can tell he's got the fire he wants to get out there and mix it up as well it's it's exciting it's an exciting time the only that not only that he he. Talked about holly. When I have a hatred for an opponent. I really haven't heard that a long time anyone who has lost a little that we talk about nobody gonna come and and real into our building and play like today we need to hate other teams is that message come down. Absolutely I returned from the little their schoolwork I think my rookie season I played Syracuse nineteen times it is the play a song. We're maybe have a little more built up animosity towards Syracuse at some of these young guys in the and we feel that we wanna. You know it's frightening it's a huge frankly which he announced in Syracuse and we want to make sure the younger guys feel that's evening and fire that we feel. Well it's it's great having you want me to pay shy avarice that's been. But joining us here in the sports bar with feature integrity of the game that you were signed we all got excited thing off me now this is a big move this is gonna help for sharing and and he you know not only that have a guy who's called Rochester home who still lives here recently you know like. I love the idea that that so many hammers at the present and of the past have had called Rochester home and they've decided that the quality of life here is is good enough. To stick around anything you want the good guys and we're hoping for great season do you this year and stay healthy as well I think your rescues and knock on wood from las not unless absolutely. Absolutely the patient Amber's offense against your beat the average night. Happening here at distillery on mount hope avenue. Now we've got nice shots coming up danger brought to you by mark if you liquor adds a lot of fun stories get to around the world of sports we have. You know we had a playoff game last night baseball baseball full swing but. Problems for the Washington Nationals so the nationals opening answer copies you might like this story danger all cubs fans not we'll get to that in dobbs. Getting trashed it apricot scent that's not a good look for professional and I don't know what you're talking about they did the you have different Beers from different countries there's nothing wrong with putting. Could always now I know you know now always be here in the public guy you shouldn't be doing these things but I though if of that coming up I. Shots is brought you by mark if you liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway but the best selection of best prices give market you liquor shots. You'll be glad you did we continue next with shots in the sport part danger to take me alive from the distillery. Come on hope avenue when he M 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Mine and we're doing shots. So. These top sports stories with danger and attack. Time for another round on shot. In this war. Can't imagine any update tonight it's the National League wild card Colorado Arizona. Zack Greinke of the goes on the latest. Tigers in the NLCS coverage tonight begins at 730 on ESPN Rochester. Meanwhile over in the American League that wins seizing ease over this after the loss for the Yankees. Now Minnesota has their place in the record books with them off the twins have now lost thirteen straight postseason games. Tying the record set by the Boston Red Sox and 86 and 95. Also from last night danger off whatever David Zach granite yeah just the ramblings sports park guest this year. Greg committed it would essentially with a Little League play in the eighth. He had the infield hit beat out what he didn't much further Stacy ran right over it coming back to the background it was snapped up. What's going on what Max Scherzer were not really sure the east of the national staff is dealing with a hamstring injury suffered during his last start the regular season. And now his status for the first round of the playoffs is off the air scherzer is an even throwing off a mound yet. Only from the outfield grass the nationals have yet to announce who they will serve Friday night with a host of cubbies. How Hendricks we'll make we'll take the mound for the defending champs. Alexandria. Morgan appeared to be highly impaired oh that's how be policing report credit firewall is not Alexandria or you know we're Hadley former Rochester Flash Player Alex. More in now with the Orlando team. For her friends allegedly got rock of all places. That's got to hit these people that got that can't blame you can come from the sequel they were going around the world that got. Quit the British mop cut in their date this weekend. Well apparently name but a little too much news. We have been doing it because the food is garbage yes troubled can't put one of more gains of one inner group. Well cut somebody off that line in the entire group was kicked out of the theme park. Morgan and two others were giving trespass warnings but no charges were filed. The New York Islanders were the last team to win four Stanley cups in a row that happened back in the eighties that matter the islanders the last team to win. Three Stanley cups in a row tonight. The Pittsburgh Penguins begin their quest at three. As they'll raise the banner aim their game against Saint Louis as the new season begins tonight. Keep in mind the rule change now an incorrect coach's challenge on an offside play. Will be assessed with the minor penalty. Detroit Red Wings Calgary flame war Yury toddler. He's accused of having an outburst on a flight to pocket which he. Threatened flight attendants demanded cocaine and Freddie urinate on the new partners according to a report in the Czech Republic newspaper. Now 33 hot there. Said it would threaten the flight attendant when she refused to procure him cocaine. But no it isn't over drove. But at the staff also accuses the veteran of eleven National Hockey League seasons are using cocaine. In the Washington that's guy's got a party with the chief. No limit. Not only got her fly out of fox sports once she starts up ESPN on October 16 Nolan the former host of garbage time. I have a strong digital presence. And we'll also appear crusty as in programming where she will not be however. Is serving as a new cohost Mike Greenberg for the new TV morning show that greedy will eventually be hosting. Ever wonder what would you like to see LeBron James play with staff courier Kevin Durant for that matter well. Might find out the new format the NBA all star game will allow us to see things like this random thing go with the traditional. East vs west format. The league's gonna pick to cap gains and then wrap their own teams no word on who those captains meet. This year the NBA all star game will be in Los Angeles on February 18. From the NCAA remember the referee who worked to Kentucky game last year in the tournament after the loss Kentucky fans blame this wrath. And then attacked his roofing company on line. Things such lies this quote. He was Steve Perry get my teenage daughter bowl five creepy and he didn't work complete what the toilet but it could tell anyone. Love this story. The referee's name was. John Higgins and Higgins is now suing a radio host Matt Jones thank Kentucky's Sports Radio for giving out his personal information on the air. Kick ins receive. Thousands of threats from irate Kentucky fans law enforcement agencies investigated some of the death threats. Left on his voicemail. And very shots. In the sports bar with danger and it's vaguely it has always shots brought to you by mark if you liquor. 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection best prices. Give market you liquor shots you'll be glad you did I say it's the beam shots today this. Get messed up. Yeah I mean we had no the one player who played for Detroit. You know illegal drugs allegedly and Alex Moore Q what are you doing it the pink princess mind getting drunk hit app. I haven't bond leave her alone she should just haven't followed their girls. But you don't but other girls and apple caught even the British Bobby could be a little rowdy in there it's a British public. Listen what do you think that I guess is that how would you do it up dot com. They set it up for you to get lit. This is whether you are there with your friends are in there with your family. Preview and where their family. The temptation to eat drink is there I know called whatever it's coming out of touch no excuses have to have a cold one at that time that's the one. Stop that you make when you're on the Disney vacation where. It's I had not only acceptable I think encouraged that dizzy you can't not get an alcoholic beverage if you didn't know in the magic kingdom. I didn't live there and Michael you were them. Quakers I can't get appeared home businesses and allowed in the magic in one speech drunken magically give me some of those rides if I'm plus. Don't thanks. I wanted to. It's a small world with applause on the I think I might need. A bunch of them you know watching a small and you might have nightmares if you're going through it's a small world Boston either I don't think I wanna be on that car ride with the spaceship earth today we're you know drunk but no you know. Bad bad bad move for Alex Morton and I know you're in the public guy. No Lake Erie I'll learn. That's the guy we got a party would you put that guy high long. It's like going to the fans cocaine is that would stay here yeah honestly is that what he did that lets we get a stop dug this up everything. I Erica White American mother Erica Erica White. You're in game most were never saw he's here it's. At the salute the sports for a journal magazine reporter team reporter order last arena host we put those headphones on our list tonight we can have a chance. Your official title they do you have your you have your average like your your microphone their moment with you going around you're taking. Your your report you are doing your job you re wearing right now yes I am unhappy to be. Doing an actual job after a summer. I have a. Wyatt a lot quiet summer way I got a bone to pick with ya please. A little you worry you're gonna come on and talk about these hockey and also an O I I can handle doing it it's a pride day I'm not thinking yeah. Zune music I really wasn't busy because it was our ops even worse but I forget what it the enthusiastically yeah. Yeah. That would have just just don't know. I just floor you know what I would love to do that there's this guy have a lot to say about Philly it's. Hello you have a lot to say about the amber who obviously yeah I was on Arafat's Sunday at last night I can talk your ear off about the parents. Well it's an exciting exciting up pre season meaning you know some of the additions to this team that we know some of the players that that are that are going to be you know joining Tina and I. I mean your feeling how excited. Are you an idea how excited you get the sense people are for this this upcoming season. We'll tell you it feels almost like the first day of a new school. You know like everybody sold teen everybody's they'll eat here and it just seems like they're really great group and them mentality around the locker room seems totally different. In I mean granted. At the end of the season last you losing is never fun and that kind of changes the way that the guys are in the locker room and around the rink in whatever that really like. It's been like the care like it seems like. Coach Chris Taylor has found water all of course like they are really building this team based on character and there are some real standout characters. So all the like and I am really stoked and I think we're gonna go really far but also I think that every team thinks that they're gonna go really starts this season of hope yeah. It is my I'd say you see some of the guys from buffalo when I guess that's worth the story he starts actually in buffalo because. Eric you're here this time last year and we're like. Sports oh my gosh Michael just got her home we're trying to figure out is that two month injury and then opening night of Vander ping cracks is cardinals are two guys that. Stay off in buffalo than mine. Come down Iraq just you're at least as long did you stay healthy is and knock you out every piece of what he had to good start this. Yeah how well I linking it I mean yeah and you never know what injuries can't predict what's gonna happen and that's the scary that's something that obviously Campbell right but also. The thing that I finally inching about this team is real but it's a lot of college guys. And I really and really inching wrote that a bilateral taking heat could cause I'm south and I think that's kind of something that the league is evolving in no way that the college guys really are. A more complete product maybe then they are at a junior. Lenders eighteen years old you know it would mean you're eighteen and you finished junior vs. Your when he won and you finish college here at the urine different product and I think that it's interesting that the sabres organization is going that direction I think it's really cool. You were here last year with its ever seen it that. Failed to meet expectations. You've seen some of the additions this offseason Erica and there's a difference between some of the veteran leadership this year now and a veteran leadership class you talk about that person. That the veteran leadership yes I think okay. This team has so much history. This team he ever since Alec it's just a staple in our history that I think it's important to have people. That are leading us that understand the importance of that history I think it. You know we have leaders in the past that may be you know of course to be captain. Expects it and that role but don't understand what it means UPI hammer. And I think if you look at some lightning pace she's been in the organization currently fifteen years ago of course he got put Chris. Taylor knows. Exactly what it means the camera as well as the women's team wearing that Amex craftsman it's so important have those kind of guys. On our team because they added they understand. What that means and they and they can instill that group. Let me see if I get this right Derek Hawaii in game host an amber reporter yeah that's how we as we can do that okay give back. Sound guy the great Erica White our guest here in the sports car 957 ESPN. I'm curious to see how this defense and walks this year and win. Powell leaves its hallmark wolf within improved defense in front of. Let me tell you about the defense that they have this year because actually throughout the summer. I was a little bit the in this hour ejecting didn't give that to me I was I was in I'm out during camp by the prospect challenging. All that got up about clothes I was able to really. Watch these new guys. And let me tell you about branding cooling down. He is. And I don't want to jinx it but he is a superstar in the making and he is. I was speaking with me and Easter earlier. When he first sign that Rochester about Gregg who is specifically and he's coming that was so true and it was. Cooley passes like any talent like his shot accuracy. And the way he just. Tigers right if they click of a terror and executing a bone marrow right mobile site is the way to print legally pack. He's an offensive defenseman make plays he gets he's highly real cause he's so hot that it. To me right now he's one of the most if not the most promising prospect that we have. We consider that he's gonna spent some time with Nathan patient. Gets it you know absorb some of that veterans out mentality out that he brings to table you know it is the sky's the limit for critically long term. Well I totally I totally agree with that and but I think that definitely one of the most important thing here again got his twenty years old. He played with port for teens last year you know he needs stability needs some real guidance so he needs a leader like the eighteenth that Billy Porter needs. Guys that. Make sure that his life is stable and everything is people's that he can see here do his best and I think. You know Lee summit must feel pretty stoked because of eager the last. Thing that last year when that point he is taking fifty shots on net. Back to back nights you know he was somebody that held that team. Through a lot of games last year and did have a thirty. Defense and have that kind of fat that line there that's gonna help them out I think we'll make a huge difference has his confidence level. And the outcomes of these games so I mean it's exciting it's an exciting time I'm died I just wanna get started beyond. Terrico White our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN is we're broadcasting live from distillery on mount hope. As the hammer players in the coming in here any second with their sweaters on the ever player 0:7 o'clock we invite you down on the flip side we're excited about that. Young players like cooling. Gosh I I feel really go after the guys like the alien bet he's not want then you could be up so. I talk about how these guys coming down the Rochester now the challenge where they've got them. You know they've got to manage their disappointment but yet still contribute. Orderly and you know I think the alien back east. It was so interesting to be able to keep them you know in the prospect challenged and Ian and I mean in death camp and whenever they were doing because. First of economic competitive political veteran role within the young guys right there in the third year of their contract is this this is kind of a make or break year for both of them. And they have been competing for the same spot with the with the sabres you know about the same position they have like similar stats they. Are like similar heights you know it like so these are two guys that are. That probable best friends when I say in Aruba and I mean my roommate who got everything together who have. Framed pictures of themselves. Gathered I think they are they do not do anything with that each other and to have these two guys. In the final year of their eggs have a contract competing for the same spot on the sabres. It. Think like it's not like it's just it's dry I I think site jot and is now with a side like light little fire under their thoughts of you know you have to do well you you're trying to at the focus in at the end of the day it is that they're they're competing for those things my competition makes everybody evidently and I agree with that so I think. It'd be really anything to see them but I also think. That their time with the Amex this year. It won't I don't think either of them have a policies have access here I think they're both of them will be seeing a lot of time. With the sabres squad when they can't win when they can be up there. Ever exciting game post and emirates reporter. You're not a right now joining us here sportswear with the to protect the Arctic air coming up. I want to take a little video from your living promotes something that's happening overnight in America I mean I've got a right here but like I hit it fine. I hope opener. Friday night you'll be there I'm writing on there. It's all present about Perry's ice cream the 62 season it all kicks off at 705 against Syracuse crunch of blue cross read by the way. You want your season tickets for this season. Half seasons like season memberships are all on sale. Pam works dot com slash season tickets tickets are. As low as twelve plus the game at all kinds of action on Friday night as part of the party on the patio with gimmicks are hosting their though it's east of the arena. Prevent data presented by JFS. Curtsy and giving fans an opportunity this samples of the new menu options. From the various arena concessions stranger. Different course I'd eaten those samples and they are soul. Does this bill what are we talking about like amazing like easy breads and these like really nice. Dessert like just come out and eat because it actually. Gourmet food which is exciting and refreshing to be at the blue grass green it's all. Party the party on the patio I got to love the find out the party on the patio itself presented by Tennessee brew house is from five to seven of the Riverside. Of the blue cross arena you can night joy to all of your your your fans all of your friends for a firm. You know. Throughout this that they're all here tonight there's somebody that's you know ready and into the station to meet the emirates it's it's. It's barbecue season yard ESPN Rochester Rochester Americans we're really excited Erica got great seeing you thank you so much how. You beat your guys I hope that this year I'll be able to come out on the show with a forty blowing us off given that yeah. The right time. In Spain and the thing going on your right eye and how it on the air I'm sure it's important behind I don't remember what it. That's why we're not. That's correct I can help us find Aaron others aren't over the 4 o'clock you throw season. Erica White Tony is here. At the distillery like to meet the players night. The Rochester Americans filing in and we invite you to come out and that the part of the festivities here we continue next closing time away might have another player are you guys know yeah I would have more I guess you're coming up in just a bit arts in the sport where danger of tech live. AM at 50957 FF ESPN Rochester. Raising the bar. On Rochester sports stocks. You're in the sports car with the injury exactly and on 957. ESPN. It's been the New Orleans premiere last night for our cousins sit here and now don't they never madness. Some of damage when it first birthday in a few weeks and ever imagine that don't have the opera traded. Too this is my hobby for a living and it's been an unbelievable time here and it's a special on and and one another affair remember just supported in a part of the city for the next nine years and all the success is ever gonna house. Since I've been here ever owns the nothing but great to me and I just had so much. So much to offer and then does someone should prove to all the people here I've seen I wanna bring so much excitement to this team this organization the city and there are teams head in the right direction I could emerge says his future here in buffalo. Welcome back to the sports part danger protect Leo we're live at the distillery a mob hope avenue for meet the average tonight here on ESP and Rochester and joined. Up by one of the new were emirates putts and dashing joining us here yeah. You spent of course time off from buffalo and you want that's where you wanna get back cuts do appreciate it now welcome here to distillery tonight let me just your thoughts on not the sabres taking care of the guy that not everybody expected yet. Munich he's gonna get it up perfect dinner built my house now or for those guys that yeah I'm sure you. Didn't go well yeah I mean it is there that you know he is. Great players great guy and obviously he answered that you know. Damage the psyche of how doubters and how much he's you know. Richard over the past couple years since he's been you know drafted and been a part of buffalo and dislikes. All the things that he's you know he's done learned over the years and you know I think he's he's a great player and you know. Million healthy organization or an excuse his leadership talk projectiles the leadership of the law from what kind of leader was shot during your time their book. Yeah I mean these guys you know obviously he's younger than any team is not critical guys though it and you know. Look guys kind of you know where they need to be I mean he is good team maybe you can only to myself how hard he works on him he's going out there. You know late after practice and off the rookies are pretty much doing guys out there selling me a lot of time. He goes out there he's always working on stuff so you he's got tremendous work ethic and yeah he's really illiterate when what are the differences this year Hudson not only here in Rochester caught up in buffalo new part of that. Just with the coaching change what what does good things. Think that you're noticing that it yeah I mean a thing for me the most prominent thing in stride just that energy and that there is desire once more excited you know. In the desert in a little bit on pins and needles before and I really is always wary about where they were like everyone's kind of just more comfortable and just kind of ready to go play their game they're not worried about this tonight. Less distractions. And there is kind of happy and excited announces the mood in general that's. Kind of kind of pushing us forward annually we wanna win for the team and obviously there's a lot of competition this year we have a lot of players and you know I think that's kind giants forward. Spammers forward Hudson fashion joining us in the sportswear which feature exactly GE security has been. Hudson our boys were both in the summertime I know he went things golf McCain so yeah well. It's like Russell without when I won't mention what I grew up you know growing up in northern Minnesota Linda putts and those which he pilots and the watch every every weekend in north brutally than anybody little green wave is my high school within you know Alia fighting Super Bowl talk game day here at some yet some robberies back in the day and Alia we I know is actually unfortunate never played them in the regular season lots. I know I was sunlight we aired hiatus with the creation of the UConn I don't know it's variety some reasons. And they send. They weren't in our conference and I'm aren't there is some weird fear doubt with he's happy with three guys three years I was there. But we did claiming the frozen form impressionist and consent undefeated inside the while you're young played Minnesota and we'll we're actually going to be paying attention Minnesota hockey with a decent stats and what we're kind of in Miami don't get a chance to pass across the mills general who can't. Environment is that going to be the same topic yeah I was actually I was and its attendant we can't say it's a normal event which does this Phillies he's really dead. Com you know he's really focused on hockey entities. Now he's done tremendous work ethic and tremendous skills that I mean. Is that clip that's gone around announces newest ships in the pre season game and an iron sounds kind of the ability as yet he's still on his speed but a bigger environments for him I mean. Playing for the golfers is tremendous experience and mean they have to have everything you can you know and all the resources they have all the coaches that have. You know the players and highlight the high competition son of the season off really well there and these are really fit for him. I mean obviously planned the big guys played very in his hands you know have a lot of success of their. Com so yeah I mean I'm really excited for him I think he's gonna he's a bright future ahead of him. Yeah benefit. Kind of short putts bashing her gets through the sports car with danger exactly as we can you beat the average tonight. Here live from distillery Amman about who is an invite you to come out and then meet the players feed you personnel need coaches the cameras are not house here at all. Distillery and Montalban who talk like your experience so far this season with this Rochester Americans who have come Hudson. You know you've you've spent some time that you had plenty of practices what he can't expect out of this Rochester Americans future. Yeah it's I mean New Yorkers not enough about me up a whole new look from last year. I'm really a lot of veteran guys serial a lot of really good players that means. We're a pretty good decisions you look at that's that's got to the bottom line I'm really excited about it's nice you know like him I'm really happy with the no however aren't we've got a lot of depth that both. Both Florida and be an employee that marry another little freedom Wilcox. So yeah I mean where he did where did the previous Shockey was here on the set and we're going. What are your first impressions about Chris Taylor now you're playing for a new coach here yeah yeah definitely you know he's really. The positive guy you know that's it's nice to have around Chicago as such on the floor exercise of that Nomar comfortable guys that work. Positive five you know it's a long season you know if you if you're done it's often watches it makes it really hard and so I think he. This thing is these guys critiques of us doing you know. He doesn't mind as a general rule it's it's positive energy and it's a lot of energy which is some deadly some of you like this alerts have been great. Give the impression from talking to coach Taylor earlier that that this is going to be a little bit different of an analyst Stephen yeah. A little bit more physical movement sports talk a little bit greedy here he says zinni that so far. Yeah certainly I think we've got musicians in the guy's got a lot of veterans that are coming and now a great you know the body out there I think that's definitely something not homeless not easy to be physical. I didn't. It is it's not going to play against you know it's really good at the bottom line that. That's an innocent until last July is it's hard to play teams that are physical day in and day out and you can just Wear teams down. All over the course of the game it really has an effect on you and America and specifically. Man it's it's hard to plan an alien gets that much so. Lots and dashing Rochester Americans not Hudson also are trying to exert clapping game with a briefing with 650. Thank heavens. I think best of luck this is to stay healthier and look at presented in here live at the distillery is not an awesome. Awesome event meet the efforts night we invite you on thanks to a real funnel about your chance these players. Course weeds real prize is we've got autographed sticks on the ground. The jerseys all kinds of repressed tickets and more here. At the distillery on Bob Hope mountain biking down the media ever said another successful we can't side. G damn ready for hockey danger zone tomorrow on sort show because we're gonna have Boston Red Sox Houston astros' playoff baseball. You're gonna call me yeah Kelly Clarkson yeah Arlington national that's OK with it. We'll hang out their house I was invited some good looking down upon I will she's she's taking. I don't know what you're talking. With his friends. It was a back again what we're talking about we're not back again until Tuesday and you're back tomorrow here tomorrow I megawatts of hope money is that's by the way. Oh bones and it's. It's that time. Notice today. You know it's. Lauro. He's all right you know.