The Sports Bar-Hour 3 11-10-17-Shots!

Hour three of The Sports Bar begins with Danger and Battaglia sharing their predictions for this week's Buffalo Bills game vs the New Orleans Saints. Next, the guys serve up the day's top sports stories in another round of "Shots" at 21:13!


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The sports bar with danger and attack me and belittling games. So whatever it takes like it to be for us what you're doing. Whatever it takes away again. That's really really looking to do and we got to find a way to get a it's a good team so we'll really care about underdogs card too and have more than ever seen might win by who have won so I don't really care about all that's that's that's so we got to go out there. There today you know it's about how good your team is and how would you match up with the uncertainty in an orderly okay. Mike danger this a six in ten team they're proving us wrong like the opposite seems true of whatever the critical mass. Fast that is out there as it exists is gene which actually happened. I think when fans get the most enjoyment from his when you're an underdog and you've teen pulls it off yeah I like being the underdog I'd like like personally. Everybody picked against us and then now in a while shocked the world for it and you know put the best players out there that. Favorite gets a chance to be successful Rochester sports leader and 9570. ESPN. Luck and happy hour of the sports bar with danger of attack it we are live on ESPN Rochester from the infield poor house. And out your weekend is officially on we invite you to come out raise a glass yet here is a sports car and guilt or osprey sports weakened ready it starts with. Some ever hockey tonight once we get off the year and we should moderate before 7 o'clock. As he amateur and they'll feel tonight. Citing match up there ever see in him bill bill tomorrow night we'll have to college football action where he was. Notre Dame taking on the U. Tomorrow and I don't know her name action that's good it's a break their seed Notre Dame can remain relevant college football playoff and it all leads up to Sunday of course Sunday morning with our coverage starting at 9 AM pregame coverage of the bills and the saints on the European Rochus had. Everything going on this weakening baseball's dominant college basketball's starting up you got hockey tonight the sabres are in action where you know the sabres week. Kind of land well you know what they're up 500 in their last ten games so if you just improve just a little bit. Her right. Game by game sabres tonight picking up Florida good sports weekend but certainly might danger the highlight of the weekend. Is it game to the Buffalo Bills if you wean its gain you get to a record that hasn't happened. In his seventeen non playoff seasons that being six and two were. Politte. That the Buffalo Bills in seventeen years I believe it they never to this point six and three would break new ground and then I'm telling you it's not. That pound the table here. If you get that feel this strongly about it. That the bulk of bills extra time to prepare against the New Orleans Saints saints are banged up so to the built every team has tank top. I don't know. The problem I have with this game danger in let me explain this work. When the Buffalo Bills raced off to a five NT star. The water were of the reasons why better coaching. Was being quarterback what was it an offense was it your pass right. No the number one reason why the Buffalo Bills got off to a five and two start was to take away give away. That is a back the Buffalo Bills at plus fourteen that one in the Atlantic gain of one you single mainly the Tampa game. You can point to victories there because the Buffalo Bills are taking the football way. Why. Happy and when the Buffalo Bills and we're not taking the ball away. Walter what happened we it was a product what you saw against the jets in the news saw all the things happen as a byproduct when the defense was out their little too long man. All the sudden you're making a network hey look like Curtis Martin out there okay he's not a hall of fame running back. My point being now you're facing a pretty good quarterback. A quarterback and I don't expect to turn the ball over the week I expect the bills to be ready I expect the bills to be well prepared. I just don't paying. The talent on this team. Is up to the task. I think this a game. Where the bills are competitive they go right down to the end just like a lot of other games. Want instead of Janus Winston points that a car you're dealing with Drew Brees this game. I like the saints to win this game 27 point. Well Jean I I would be shocked. And worried if the bills gave forth kind of effort that we saw a week ago Thursday in the meadowlands. On Sunday. And if that were the case and I think yes I would agree with you the saints will be able to the come out of new where a field. With a victory. This feels different shot electorate feels like he has these guys prepared or week to week basis you've had extra time. To prepare for this one seats he fits in well and see Steve and our New Orleans Saints offense that Drew Brees by the waging that that some of it is very familiar with another. NFC south opponent that he saw twice a year while he was defense supported for Carolina they've done well. Against teams from the AFC south because they think Sean McDermott's familiarity matters. In terms of coming up with a game plan to stop these offenses. In the NFC south. You've got some injuries to significant injuries. For the New Orleans Saints including Kenny the car. You've got an offensive line that knows they were embarrassed last week offensive line that takes pride. In the fact that they've enabled a B one of the top rushing offenses you've obviously. For the last two years. And again I would be shocked. If you saw the same kind of effort this week that you saw last week out at this buffalo bills' team. This Sean McDermott buffalo bills' team. I I have bills winning once on eighteen on the point 1420 bills. I think. I think the bills' defense bends but doesn't break. I think they do get some turnovers I think for Brees struggled a little bit in this game cold. I don't wanna make too much of teams that play you know play outside of their warm and friendly confines but he you know Drew Brees in the cold. Can't be a little bit tricky I think it's if the saints get anything going it'll be in that run game it'll be. Alvin tomorrow and Mark Ingram and screen passes that that they've just executed brilliantly throughout the year. But I think Tyrod Taylor. And I think LeSean McCoy. I think the shuttle quest big enough game here against New Orleans deep its breaks up a couple of big runs with that offensive line leading him. I think they do enough and I think people off and yet when he worked when he builds. It's gonna be cold but not today call there calling for forty to 45 you might get a little bit of sun but in the wind if anything might be more of a factor breezes in use too bad. And not through breeze coming back to buffalo I didn't realize this story we heard from earlier from our friend Rich Donnelly and against Brees. Actually paid a visit when he was a free agent the ball long. I never knew that I thought it was just he was choosing between the dolphins and the saints in the dolphins. Well he wasn't the breeze was choosing it was because the dolphins show us. Health and fans they know they are cringing when I bring this up yet shows Daunte Culpepper. Or drew breathes through resent up in New Orleans and everything work. I need to know every what's really ideal for everything else. Falls apart at least say no I go to buffalo. Our last choice I'm Buffalo's all senate panel trying to so yeah now yeah right now Gloria making what was the pitch there. I mean I'm not what was the pitch wasn't a you don't or you can come up here and compete. Which a few blocks that are whoever was that the night gross oh my gosh. On yeah I am sure he's got that somewhere in the back of his mind this'll be fun for the Buffalo Bills but. I get what ever happens on Sunday and paint you're one shock you with the bills lost this. Yelling out don't wouldn't shock me but there's something different about this bills team and and I know we didn't see you we can go Thursday when I'm not forgetting I don't have a short memory I'm not forgetting. What we saw it in that would against Oakland the team that came together this. Celebrated. A simple you know conversion. You know with with Freddie Tate yelled at that those. That's a special kind of atmosphere that happens at Newark field with this team. I don't know that the seats are prepared. For what do what awaits them when they come to Wear a field on Sunday I think that they will be kind of shell shocked not just by the weather apply what. And the fans and what that the atmosphere. You know provides the kind of home field advantage that that the bills will have and an ultimately execution wise on the field. I'm curious about Kelvin Benjamin. I don't know that he has at six for 100 and a touchdown type of day. But I'm you know the addition of him out of the could be over could be can be understated I I think. That is a new weapon that's something new that we're all excited to see and he's got experience with New Orleans defense. It all seems to make sense. I'm putting a little bit more faith than I probably would normally in head coach but I feel like McDermott. He's going to settle for two straight weeks performers is like we saw last Thursday night because he turns around and does enough to win. These Sunday. Where you're welcome to join a support 54 ESPN 4543776. Sports are live the sports party. Ten feel war Howard Stringer on page you'll road but it had built more time. Weren't penfield yes. And feel that the equipment that you'll look cooler change everything on Monday. They too want it. What it. The bills win this game and it's I shoot. And before you say out that couldn't happen you know the bills shouldn't wanna shoot out last year never closed Christmas Eve. And Tyrod Taylor did throw for 300 yards that game. If the bills. Beat the saints. Kind of a saints like game. We finally get a Wayne where people feel like you know what may be time well Taylor now I think. Until he gets that this team to the playoffs. You're in even if he gets of the flats just look at how people that just don't get. They just don't get an immediate you know we can spank her head against the walls much we want to win and wonder why you don't see what we see yet we don't. We see a quarterback who doesn't make mistakes. We see quarterback. While he may be risk of first is it losing games for you. Making plays when he needs to make plays. And improving year by year I mean he's improved again the sheer. Go more unique deceit. Out of your starting quarterback. You've got a winning record. And now granted his entire time buffalo he's just slightly above 500 around Robert 500. But until you kid and he gets his team the playoffs. You'll have more people on board but even then I think you'll still have some people. Our ally this when the big one. Well when we have Matthew fare per nine last hour and not certainly will have that up we don't mind if you miss it it was a great conversation as it always is with Matthew bit. We we talked about. Fan base is there are actually happy with their quarterback and I understand and act you know if you listen to this show a lot of people that listen to show that our Buffalo Bills fans. And I would ask you this question that you have to go to court. I don't golf fans are not happy with Brian Hill laurel conscripted and it will give the guys and I'm Bill Walton cancer done. Lions fans Stafford only got the pain this guy this much money on the I'd rather have Stafford it seems like you're tougher on your own quarterback who is actually happy. With their quarterback situation right now on the NFL and I think. That might just be. Something that bills fans they're not seen here that. Is true of every NFL market you're tougher on here all. Any candy you know company Kohler Company franchises comedy fan bases around the league would welcome me in a Tyrod Taylor yeah. All expand on that further if the bills lose on Sunday gene and and they fall two five and four. I don't think anybody had the bills. In the position that they're in right now at this point season going into the season now they get their line you have it's extend. I have it for twelve. You know. What is it like gravy because anything that you do at this point on he's gravy if they finish the season 88 miss the playoffs it'll be disappointing because we had hoped thwart got off to a hot start. But it would still mean your love. Your your your view on where you thought you were going to beat. A year it you know and and hate to use his cliche but this is a process. And year one you were able to clear a lot of dead weight yourself in a better position for your two. Like to be where you are you're whining you're you're trying to have your cake he needed to so far they've been able to do it put I don't know how sustainable that is long term. While I mean your defensively. If dean can't go all I. Pace shutter the thought it Drew Brees is picking on your reads right all that make it just be as simple as that we talk about this and that every other thing. Com that could be you did just that it comes down to OK you know where history strike Lucy guarding him throwing that. But he would make new friends here at the warehouse via phone on the way out. Talking Rockport footballer. On I. That's my point here is that this is a game right now where this is one of the quarter mentally where every where everybody's behind. Through grease their fan base everybody New Orleans loves the guy's gonna go to the hall of fame and you know certainly still playing at a high level here in those who do everything right danger they could move the ball offensively they cannot turn the ball over. They could maybe even stop the run a little bit you know what Drew Brees and just make enough plays and still be too in this game that's that's kind of the overriding factor icing it. Yeah I can see all of that I you know I like the fact that the saints are a little beat up. The key to the car won't be playing this game I think that bodes well for tyra in his ability makes class this passes late in the game if he meets still. Data putting a lot of faith in the offensive line having a better performance with enough rest after that there's an balk call. That they'll watch support level we expected to perform at a lot of pride they know what they've been able to do with the run game the last two seasons. And I don't think they wanna see that and I think they recognize hey this is a team we can run the ball against peacefully a little bit. It was some of the where the ball it's based let him do his staying. Make enough plays out bigots I I I think it's close but I think the bills do pull it off point for 20000. Times aren't so was that would be making for an interesting Monday. Each of the Buffalo Bills get to six in three that would be the first time since 1999. Go ahead Jeanne what about that graphic you have laminated your wallet next the photos at your kids the kids you playoff probabilities. Yeah I had you know bit if Tommy drilled me on that today. Which wasn't fair c'mon. Going you have a lot of things in the break from earlier today when we meter I Iowa's and we're at a high turtle I wasn't a flight I don't Ali I'm there at that time I equity said he was he looked like. The most pathetic road cone ever. In that orange shirt and I he didn't get what he sent those like dollar your broadcast that the pen to point out 20 and it sure looks like you're put into an opening act by a appreciate death. Yes percentages of the bills win they go to six inquiry OK Mike danger what would you guess six in three. Those go to 5447. For a year wow that's a pretty big difference who do not saying now. Now that it at that point 5% gap there well as the big big gap. Yeah this is to gain that the bills that never gotten by. They start out five in too much at times they've never gotten to six in three. In this seventeen years previously in this playoff drought. And it's a winnable game you are home. Problem being the scandal behind it for the Buffalo Bills at LA and Kansas City home against New England. Not das in Yuma blank chips I'm we're certainly respectable five important game ahead where you were last year if I am for what it's also done after the summit. Still has Ewing's son playoff position yes but if the chargers win it. There are only game behind the Buffalo Bills in the standings and what do they think if we win this game and where 55 we've got the tiebreak. So for folks who say out of all the games tiebreaker wise is the one good for Duluth I would say just for your psyche is the when he got a half because the road ahead. It gives a little bit of a cushion here. Sunday at 9 AM on the pregame coverage 1 o'clock. Cannot wait for this one danger you're going to be out there. I'm actually going to the game. It's been awhile you know Sunday's are usually. Lol you know full disclosure meets Sundays you and higher are you know alternating if the bills are away. You're you're out there for the sports bar and edit Ebert barge in with our for a spotlight on. I'm do the same thing for home games I'll still sneak away I have friends coming from out of town and we're gonna total bills game we're gonna have some fun. Where it's not going to you know set ourselves on fire. We're not gonna rickety tables to not break the law. OK I don't plan I don't not wanna be doing the show. Solo on Monday do not get hung over. I need you want Monday breaking the law likes him they can promise song and I don't know what you know what's going to happen. Not because of anything I do but because of that the crew I'm rolling with a little bit nervous about that. So what we you'll see how it all shakes out gee I'm not making any promises yeah. I'll make mildly my best effort to be back again. On Monday this is the first time in awhile that I can we just taken its bills game at home eight. You cannot come up to the press box sauce okay I'll see you Monday but I ought to seal wants an Auburn could avoid the press box. I'm not going anywhere near you you're gonna be professionally you're gonna be working it out to be the exact opposite of that I'm not going to be working up and that will be a I will absolutely not be professional. I will be offensive you can you're your credential goat out of the tunnel go to the press don't aren't I don't gonna tell I don't know I'm not bringing my credential. I'm not bringing my parking pass about doing any of that I don't wanna be associated. With I might need a I don't want any of them. Don't go over you know if any big you know if you if you're at the giving you see me just pretend like you didn't CB. As you didn't you didn't CB and I really mean. I wall yet known don't know feisty attacks from new I'm ignoring a man Bob I've not seen him. You know if I text you you know they don't ignore it we'll see how it all shakes out. But it'll be he'll be a fun afternoon I got a good feeling about it I'm not gonna lie cheat I've got a good feeling about the bills on Sunday. It's a big game you went off beat your feeling now like you don't. OK if you eliminate the feelings that you just look at it. What you see on the field I don't. I don't believe Sean McDermott. We'll have this team playing poorly two weeks in a rough I I would say this that we all overreact. On one iron up there. And there's a certain sine wave right. Where if a team plays bad the one week and they're gonna pick it up the next week I mean that's that's the NFL at ya so hard to predict sometimes. And IA doubted that that I I'd look and there are some two who needs more. And right now the bills need this more the saints to. The saints still have two games against Atlanta. You know that the AFC south right now looks like they can have it but you know right now if you look at deals need more. And and their home. I I like the bills this weekend I don't know what it is like the bills this weekend. I think the ability for them to run the ball where they weren't able to do last week I think we get back to basics back to fundamentals. I'm looking for sharp tackling I'm looking for. I'm just looking and looking for gap discipline of looking for everything that they should've done on Thursday against jets to show up on Sunday against saints. The bill's victory. Now the one thing I'd left tackle run Armstead. Questionable for this game so with the bills are gonna get a pass rush going media this this would be the week. It is a busy sports weekend painter got sacked five to talk about we've got the orange basketball team opening up tonight rated news and shots here yeah shots brought you as always by market few liquor. 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection that's prices. Give market you're liquor shots. You'll be glad you did another round of shots in the sports bar with the danger to tightly alive from the penfield whorehouse next. And I am ninety in 957 FM. He asked yet Rochester. My name. You're doing shot. These top sports stories with danger and attack. Time for another. No shots. And use your card. Syracuse basketball opens up the season tonight at the dome against Cornell now tonight's game. Features the father against the sun did a day time makes his debut playing for the Cornell Big Red it. Going up against dance tonight now a tradition of the Carrier Dome this will be interesting tonight. Whatever the opposing players are introduce these student section answer accused of jetBlue state. Well they do that tonight with Jimmy day Heinle state. ACC network extra as the game tonight it's also available on the watch ESPN app. Lot of college basketball team's opening up tonight including saint Bonaventure as the body's open up at home against Niagara. Gina Syracuse wants a bowl game this season and tomorrow is a win they need to go yet. Support five weren't sure at home at the dome against five and four Wake Forest. Quarterback Derek dodge is listed as questionable on the oranges injury report. Although head coach you don't papers says he fully expects that she'd play kick off at the dome tomorrow is at 3 o'clock. First time since 2003. There will be no post season bowl game. No winning season for saint John Fisher football. Quite Rondo for Paul vase Burke's team considering it's been fourteen years this year it's you and seven the cardinals will finish out this morning. Seventeenth season at five import buff state tomorrow or pregame coverage and here's near Rochester we get 1130. Meanwhile. Rockport Golden Eagles they look the close out a perfect regular season tomorrow. Nine and help Rockport playing at saint Lawrence the Golden Eagles wolf that await the seedings for the upcoming NCAA tournament. Those seedings come out on Sunday. If you love college football the this is your weekend three matchups featuring two. Top ten teams going head to head number one Georgia taking on number ten Auburn 330 tomorrow. That ABC not CBS the playoff ranked number five and number six teams meet when Oklahoma hosts TCU when he gave the BC and fox at eight. College football fans will be using their remote tomorrow night. As it's a renewal. Of the convicts vs Catholics rivalry went third ranked 81 Notre Dame is at seventh ranked eight you know Miami will pick up the Notre Dame broadcast tomorrow night. Immediately following our Merck's hockey on ESPN Rochester. Five meat section six in the first round of the state regionals in football just under way at Rockport. Another in the first major updated score Clyde Savannah 66 with an equal role now coming up at eight tonight the chance that class say the Wilson wildcats Wilson will try to use their strong pass rush. Slowed out west Seneca west. And tomorrow night the triple header classy cal mom taking on Cleveland hill clad feet Cheektowaga ticking on worn out and then at seven tomorrow night game everybody's looking at. The chance of class double let. The little Irish took whiners hosting Lancaster Lancaster undefeated it is currently ranks second in the state. The luck to all teams this weekend. Former New York Yankees and current ESPN radio broadcaster Erin bone is a candidate for the Yankees managerial position. Source telling ESPN Boone. He won the most famous home runs in yankees history came seven. ALCS off Tim Wakefield who Boston Red Sox set for the Yankees since 2003 World Series the Yankees. Had yet to schedule the interview with who the two interviews have taken place so far. The first what was bench coach rob Thompson. The 54 year old Thompson spent his last twenty years with the Yankees organization today. The Yankees interviewed former Indians and mariners manager Eric Wedge. And emotional night for Brian Boyle the New Jersey Devils foil cover this story danger whose diagnosis. Chronic violated the pinata from the started training camp in September he returned to practice one month later and now. Well scored his first goal since its cancer diagnosis of 32 year old oil. In many cried after scoring that goal and it's in the we're going to win this game in overtime 32. Finally if you missed it gene and I certainly miss did and did not shooting last night. This new reality show that debuted on USA network that pro Marty's. Following former NFL player. What could not. What Marty it is large dammit did you know Warren Cromartie. He's up at the added to fourteen he had so. Through. Team although last child. Was not the plans to Marty had a vasectomy prior to fathering. Another child he says it's a blessing from god. A daughter jet packs that was born on August 30 parties fourteen children. He fathered six. To his current wife Erica. The next shots and sports are brought to you by mark your liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection best prices. Give mark if you liquor shots. You'll be glad. You did unity these show hard knocks. People love it because you you see players getting cut people love it too because it gave you this moment who could forget the moment we're at jets' training camp. The arrest warrant for Marty minimalist kids. Ways as it trouble Antonio while I can you are right sorry I'm sorry Antonio Cromartie right. In all authorities warn his dad now and adding warrant has warned the baseball player wrote that incorrectly Antonio yeah. You know I always get Antonio Cromartie mixed up with them. Domino's dot Joes who Marty correct those who always confused me so Antonio Cromartie Antonio how it might fourteen kids yep and and then it. Had a vasectomy and had another kid post vasectomy. Are you watching the show about Washington's home don't want nine seats I don't know life over the shows you. Who watches any of these she gets the stars over the show whose show four who's watching this show. Well it's typical Marty's I'm not watching the karma by the way I also hear that connect for Marty's. ST so once we played in the NFL he feels like he was done wrong by the colts last year that he was let go. Because. Of the protest is up to protest. And that he's old and has been around a long time. Do you have fourteen kids. Even be yeah I don't worry about the NFL put you up fourteen. Kids. At least. At least as currently he is married and make it in the most of it now I think at the point of the show. That you you know this family okay and at home he's got six with its current wife but I don't know how the other rate quote in and out of his life Jesus Christ. The crowd saw off. It's hot don't worry about played football if you wanted your reality TV show best of luck to you how to lose watching that he gave us some of my life. To be anything. I would say Al wants Kardashians over the Marty's. But that's what were that's or talking on your right that's that's the equivalent wild it's united it's train wreck television meanwhile meanwhile. The one I watched nine men prepares to meet this. Was shining he was eighty. Well. We'll throw the flight Aman I I mean I wanted them to put this. I realize that a lot of his reality TV isn't for me your average Joseph trading spaces yes I used to watch that and then I'm like yeah what do I do what my life and that's enough. That will be all and now I don't watch any of that stuff I just can't do it like. Two filters she does that make the money or does that make me happy. Watching the corps Marty's does not even the amount it makes you know. Better buyer current light though is that the whole point that that we do what is not okay well you know like I am overweight saying 600 pound hound dog and not on May get your improvement is that dad but. You don't wanna not Antonio c'mon I'm not watching them. The big money does that make me happy because neither amounts. Matty blow the whistle on me here I the accountability at the flag. Warrick from Marty was an outfielder for the Montreal Expos Antonio from Marty. Was well corners on all of you wanna apologize for not want that read it like Ron Burgundy I don't talk I was like it's unless you're telling me that it's O'Neal hacked it. Like I can tell it was a big game may be in the Sunday more near the end AP champs is named after you got a little bit you know Warren but. I'm ready she had to apologize. Seventy today's baseball players or part of warm and accountability here the sports bar or danger to take that would have anything to hide. Where it is and I agree it is a re elect. Does he was Antonio put maybe that's just the nickname. That's right now. My bad that's are we we we've we've made up the bottom line it's we're not watching that garbage. That you shouldn't either. Expect more of your life what are you doing watch if you watch the parties that feel better about yourself. What will kind of like for you leading I don't watch OK what's on Thursday night football next week. That group Marty's for third minute there's an eyeful all I care summit degenerate for the NFL you know this doesn't matter. Makes me happy am I can watch from Marty's. You don't don't now don't tell me. To go on Netflix. And watch the view. Whatever the hi chip stranger things to or whatever blah blah blah blah but now now I'm naughty doing. I'm not gonna do it. We always savior in the sports bar time you most valuable prize is gone and you know who I really won his races Saturday. Need to watch your show now not doing. Not doing. Chris Baker came out tonight how cool is that one of our legal order did for me it's changed. My my life. Changed my life while watching reality here being Chris both Coca. No I I Chris I had to apologize for because he was somebody that was relying on my. I survived yeah often cool yeah I mean how does that feel to be publicly. Confronted. I'm the guy that gives you a hard time. Your picks for survivor I'm the guy that that you don't want to know. What happened in week one that we you decided that it would be a good idea for all of us to take New England to be Kansas City. There's no suspense this week. We're gonna get it out of the way there's only know one game Friday and of course. Friday we will be crowing will say my danger we want your pet. Right now he's going to face 80000 enemies that Thursday night can you envision. Scenario where the Kansas City no warranties in the days of solid goalie hope. Perle yeah I'm not happening. Your best that we want and you let somebody else wrong you'll let that airs nipped the falcons you have a little round shocked the world. One house villains and it's gonna happen appetite which ones not that's getting away with. Major League one survivor there. It now you'll thank me. The good news is Sheen is that Chris is an actual like good human being. He didn't give you our colleague buster also little bit but you know like that people up the bill like yeah this year's show that you gave me this advice and I lost because have you. Let's go outside now Chris puts his name money to the right anonymous well mentally and started they don't putters and none of that. Dies good meeting Chris could be out of the people here until four ounces horse after 5 o'clock it's getting a little bit busier here this port forward danger tagged me as we get you prepared. For an action packed sports weaken it starts tonight the universe in pell fail. I'm looking at these photos might have been in trouble for saying that what it's at least going to know bill here for I mean this looks nothing this looks. It's not even compare over the team policy in our I team I'm looking these pictures from Don Stevens on the winner. And it weighs I'm sorry I don't know why small barn yeah it's. He had to say releases this reminds me of saint Katherine are right so let's listen. There in the spirit of this being a business which is what it is. What's better for the HL. Playing in that place a full house every time you play. Or play into the barn that's a quarter of the way full all the way blue cross really has looked at times when all the do you look for many years. Yeah down a better for business of well. Okay. What could ever expect better serve the plan just artists out there would be be better off the team policies that are on woods and again full disclosure I'm on it are right field line put. Absolutely he put 4000 puts that arena would be popping. Absolutely in the better amenities and everything else. I mean do we need an arena that is 101000 seats or would you be better off this seems the opposite I'm looking at this in this looks like. What's like the military's regional ice pellets basically. And tell them don't you do not see anything spirit you can build Grey's regional wise what's right play. Events like hockey every Wednesday Jeanine I'm sorry I did my best effort for the preacher shooters are shooters. Fill the place there on Wednesday night listen fans. There's always good seats available for once an expert shot is not yet you don't have to ask me twice. Emerson they'll go tonight. Puck drop at seven honesty it's on the call team Schneider with a pre game right around 645 on the way here about an hour from now. In non. On ESP at Rochester as we continue in the sport where danger technique closing time next we wrap things up here from him guilty whorehouse. Funny about it the united front seven FM ESPN Rochester. Great job with no chaser standards. Sports bar with the injury the attack on broadcasters sports league besides. I've been impressed with the way he's he's come in Italy. His mindset his approach. He's an he's an aggressive player. He really should talk personality of trouble we want you all about the front as an office unit. These doubts surround play different positions that's been a challenge but he's embraced that challenge. The whole way so there really to this point he's played just Duffy 2% of the snaps. In the recording played 51% of believe it was so give or take so. You know Sunday's game will not be anything new for him as far as that goes. There you go Buffalo Bills that coach on the river talking about TO Dawkins rookie DR Dawkins. Getting the start supporting client on Sundays still sick of the states. You can hear all the action started with three games starting at nine A amber here. On ESPN Rochester Cory won I was terrible the jets this is not a loss here so. Put it back in these young Dawkins would be perfect in this game no blind. Certainly think it's going to be an upgrade or what gland offered him if I'm gonna say who's the next Buffalo Bill from the previous regime to be out. I mean this is I mean gain it say to one favorite is like. One of three right when you consider what you're paying him in the value you're getting on that return yeah he's gone is gone he's gone because this is an organization now. And run by Peter McDermott that if you're not providing the value cannot were hurting the what your value was your contract that they will find somebody to replace him and I we go as far to say. That it beyond Dawkins. Grades out well is this game then then maybe we've seen the last of 41 is no guarantee to forty blankets to opt back once. I he's healthy for the seat by the way who knows what he's going to be out noises one thing or another with that yeah certainly is big game on Sunday for the Buffalo Bills. The opportunity to move to sixth marine increase their chances. Of making their first postseason appearance. He's seventy years here all of the action right here on ESP at Rochester full slate a sports action starting tonight with the Emerson built bill. Steve Schneider we'll have your pre game for erect before 7 o'clock don't Steve's call. At seven for help available tonight. And tomorrow night gene and he got Arty action tonight or six official record of the regular season at cost states. Only like 45 degrees this at a high buffalo so that'll be a fun day come out of thirty for the regain their but then. Tomorrow night after average hockey Notre Dame and mines and the turnover changed the greatest thing to happen a college football sits at her. Can't wait for that gave you keep your kid is now in progress after amorous verses they'll fill tomorrow night on ESP at Rochester all leading up. This Sunday. 9 AM pre game. Bills saints who airfield kick off at 1 o'clock itself. Number the celts on the call. Bad guys you don't disagree we can sports action re hearing this right so and again you and I are divided on this one but I think we can agree that. This should be fun. Could you weren't coming down flat. Or rabbit eggs up your penfield morehouse appreciate you stopping by thank you for giving us your time your most valuable and precious commodity every weekday from three to six. In the sports bar with the nature. And the tightly that we return on Monday starting at 3 o'clock with full recap of the bills. And the saints enjoy the rest your night and your weekend but money is next. And it's that time. And moose today. No it's okay. Laura.