The Sports Bar-Hour 3 11/13/17-Your Calls!

Hour three of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia showcases your phone calls and reaction to the Bills blowout loss to the Saints. Then, the guys serve up the day's top sports stories in a round of "Shots."


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Those sports bar with danger and exactly and. I. Crusades hammer the Buffalo Bills by a score of 47 to ten. Well a big piece on the and then getting time credit Davies and and I got to coach better we have played better that's the obvious. What we expected hand we've got to take our look at things Mike danger we order did for me. Changed. My my life. Changed my life can be tackling. Track after you left blank chips but we're certainly respectable five important game ahead where you were last year you know we're building and you know we continued to. Be honest with ourselves we'll look at the tape and now like I said before we got out coached and starts with me and we have played so. If they are looking at Rochester sports leader 957. ESPN. And that's a fun job head coach after that kind of a loss. There's nothing you can say that's going to make that effort look right. I I will save is still on the war here McDermott the more I hear Andy Murray. Andy Reid's goats do. Stars would mean I had a coach fares starts with me. Okay. You ought to know off Paul can only do we hear shock. Well I'm not wrong does start with him in and I was concerned that if we saw the same kind of effort that we saw against the jets now you have. You had reason before question Sean McDermott questioned his preparation in his attention to detail. His motivation ability get these guys don't we give a couple passes earlier in the year. Whiff the way the Atlanta game and do with the way that first half of the Tampa Bay game and did. Those game in any differently and and were have a different Sean McDermott conversation prior. To that loss in the meadowlands but now after two straight a dismal performances by your team and specifically. That was worse the week before or after you had ten days to prepare. You start to question the process. Well here's what and by the way who call 454 ES being is there's plenty of blame the goal round what did you see yesterday bills fans how do you fix this. Here's the problem this is where many call McDermott McDermott said today what was the problem yesterday it was technique good news that we can fix technique. Okay I'm gonna point to one play in particular did anybody Texas one point. Alvin Kamal are pretty good running back out Alvin com Mara. Trips over his own feet. It's a simple Ron off of right guard the hole is there holding Camara. Has enough time to get up and realize my gosh is still isn't anybody over here. Eleven yards I had never seen that on any NFL Bil bid at running back could trickle hole. Back up and holds the open and gain a first step death to lack effort that's problematic to me. Iger and and this was exactly what you didn't want to see happen. Yesterday. After the kind of game that they played a week ago Thursday. So not yet everything is is up in the air and yet here we are. Miami loses tonight. The bills are still in playoff position looking like one of the worst teams in the league. But in playoff position. Bull. Say that it came on a Sunday he travel west to go to San Diego and you should do what good teams do you should beat inferior opponent in. I look it San Diego eating given how bad the bills have looked Anthony. It's Anthony Lane I still look at that as an inferior opponent or the. Thought I am so proud to be difficult since he Billy sources. It's. That's just kind of capitalize everything that I feel about the chargers. Home they're done well this dump the big dumb mistakes and just don't team. If this game more in San Diego with real fans I've beaten I don't know about this but I'll give my chance because that. Stadium's going to be at least half until they built Somalia today outstanding and a Max you're in the sports bar or danger to tag with thanks for the call 454 ESPN was up. They got it on a Mac just great yesterday burst thanks for. Where do we go. I agree with Daria you know shipment aria I aren't here that there seem OK with that. Obviously number one run where we gonna go from here being they have a blueprint now are. Try to run our growth look what we do. What is that they Miami right bill idiot forceful play operate we're gonna need to do something you constantly. What what word of the art. I would still okay right there next thanks for for comment I mean it I mean it's a combination of things but I would I would start with us. Lorenzo Alexander is not a senator outside darker unpacked it is time. Has come and go on it from you as a starter. I would put malign Allen that would be start number one and I would give less drops the columns I hate to say that the more I saw yesterday what better way to see. Yeah. And Preston brown stop. Yes seeing. He was guessing and maybe he was going role in his coaches in saying that. But Preston brown to many times was guessing and a gap and it was a simple cut boom ten yards loan twelve yards. I've never seen anything like it so to single out one or two players. If it was a collective failure for their fronts have an alt and by the way sure Reese right is useless how many times you see trees Fred wasn't even attempted to wrap up just throwing his body it players speaks no. Get him off the field as well. 454 ESPN is our phone. Everything you're describing is kind of what coach McDermott said the day need to fix technique you got a guy that's not tackling you got it. Has no dat die gap discipline said he's guessing as to where the ball the ball Mike going. You have to be able adapt if you're good. You're an NFL head coach worth their weight you are going to adapt from week to week. You're certainly looking at film and and now the bills are exposed they've been exposed as a team. That you can run the ball against. And it makes me nervous for the future and less than we haven't seen yet and less this coaching staff has the ability. To adapt has the ability to make modifications to their game plan moving forward. San Diego is gonna be close game I still like the bills on Sunday. I still like their chances. But it ain't going to be easy it ain't gonna be pretty. And down. I'm curious as to what other teams. Now have seen any other thing and I think cattle Lana says this right it's not who you play but when you play them now you know the jets. By the way didn't do right DEC collar college did you not think Fitz Patrick was going to beat jets I mean c'mon now you while you knew that was easy that was careless and that was a lamp. But you know playing. New Orleans now. That that might be one of the better teams in the league right now if not the best team in the league right now. What the best teams in the league without question all preside in the NFC the Eagles the saints the rams. Take a look at the vikings. The what the bill's cap going drone the AC is crap right now is a bad. Conference so if you can't get in this year. It Jeff. A dude you're you're getting all the breaks this year in the AFC. And take advantage of this if you can't let's check in on Tony in the city hey Tony how worried about. I'll order I don't do it. 00 and that are the cool it down on that atrocious. So. I am truly I'm truly humbled Tuesday. Kyra we've got to go back to hearing what we've all stated. Who were on a day ago we rewarded old where we are right. So I think it was like the late break any dreams. Oh are. Bet it's just that has been going up. In an instant as or bare boat you know we all its core ideals. Are remember. You know that's what I don't think a year. First your coach and in the building year. You know most other trick record your little weird but now we sit back. Look at the facts. 00 they're just sort it out. And realize that you know what we've seen that we all it and it. And Tony it Tony I I hear which you're saying the one thing that's alarming to me is. I saw lack of effort yesterday that doesn't fit the process that doesn't fit the narrative well we'll talk a little bit more about what. You're seeing on the field the players that are actually cute or not executing I should say what that means for the future one thing that is alarming is if you would hope that you would be. Ahead of where you were last year you made changes. This defense looks worse than Rex Ryan's defense of 2016. Right now. Funny how when you're not taking the ball away your offense is going to the ring and out out things go sideways. 454. ESPN if you're driving your car for 543776. Ties the audience can sack column from Webster days act. Yet I don't. Well I at that point twenty. I mean bill look like nobody gave proper. Are we may be reconsidering. ER is actually giving away a marked up area because he's gone I actually had any. From a front that an awful I know you can get them motivated by it. You may be just wait it yet either incredibly motivated and instead of getting rid of a project on the topic. Well I look but the Marcel trade debt was gonna happen sooner or later you clean up your cap. It didn't hurt you in the raiders game. But the raiders didn't have a running attack the jets give them credit they exploited. I think what you probably I'm just speculating but you know from what we've seen out of this regime so far. Does it seem do you like they're going to get value out of their players and if you're paying that guy what you're paying that guy for that kind about what. No we're gonna get something of value for you while we still contend. Which is why the Marcel deal my opinion makes sense that you can't keep looking back to me like oh what if we had Mercer what do you had Marcel. Lazy. Slow. Less than a 100% effort Marcel coup that ball got to make things different I don't know. I don't know I iron Omar sells one bad choice away from getting a ten game suspension was already in the program for four. Zack always appreciate your call 454 ESPN 4543776. Talk about the bills in that disaster I say it was the worst loss in buffalo bills' history and not. Exam drink at home by the white. Marcellus Marcellus just put a bone. If Zack and brought Fortier and sports bar with danger detect what's up Zach. As the end of that on and didn't get near an all white. They are so I'm sure it was benevolent but there is that it is up. At our way to do. You got guys like you're in them what those not even watch the game on everybody about it. Because they didn't appreciate the fact that. Or no way he's. As it. Happened the last week and I'd get at one point oh is that this year of that but the last week Adam Barrett. We're not both be at about that. I'll get off my. Zach hey listen the effort last week was surprising to me that he was surprised a lot of fans as we hadn't seen it yet with this team. But now that you've seen it two weeks in a row yet you have every right to question everything at this point gap you can question all of it. I don't know that I would agree with everything you a question like we're just say about Marcel there's I don't think that's the problem Manning get remorse elders is what they thought was the best way that's the that's. That's their ammo their MO is. Value and who fits our system system and that it's the patriot way for crying out lie trying to do is create what the patriots have. Done successfully for years and years and years system. And value you find the players who fear your system and you get them added value. So Marcelo you know I'm not a question but you know yeah after two weeks. Of (%expletive) poor effort you're allowed to question all of it and you're allowed to be upset. All that said. It's the end if this season ends in this team wins. One more game. And they finished negate the or six in ten like real sad isn't that. Them in the first place it that it's funny how it works out I'm not saying that that's how it's gonna work out but it could. And we would say are they're kind of where we expected them to me that that's the trajectory right. Zach appreciate the call I and that it would follow me here because they don't get the charger game. Car for me to see they're gonna get the Kansas City game you're not gonna get the patriot game. Oh boy then your five and seven your plane out the string and ink on the colts and MIT win number six. Bitten this season is in danger and 2004. Since that year only one win on the West Coast and I know it's the chargers I know they're now on a Smart team. I know you realize the chargers this my favorite stat about endangered. Since the beginning of last year. They have lost. Fourteen games by one score and think. How maddening that must be if you're charger fan. Anyway capital exit if you're a charger fan. Now terrible I'm sorry there are no charter for Jay in Rochester here in the sports bar with danger in the tightly hey Jack. I. Don't think about the team is. Don't be a real picture I ever perfect permit real good job of creating a robber at least for game. He took a lot of guys by and put it this way but by the midpoint in a while he's in the greens are brought it up and we don't Iran Iraq and that sort of immediate. Thing that wind anymore and now. And and I think. I think there are the real the real cream rise in the opera started he'd been equalized. A little bit. And now and unfortunately the result is the result then is ordered by the court or not we're not as big we're not as strong. As fast lone team right now. In the and so we load in the draft that didn't. The edge I see where you go with this and we're gonna talk about that 12 here in the sport or danger to tekelec is our body Mike rode back. Another very interesting tweet earlier today in this in this sport or we're gonna talk about players that could. Be potentially a part of this team. Moving forward and believe it or not there's only about eleven players. That roared back his opinion is that these guys would be considered locks. To return the bills next season and what you notice. With this pattern is there guys. That it. McDermott's system or guys that they've acquired or guys that they have extended the mean they're not going to be satisfied. Until they've completely purged the team. Of all remnants of past regimes. And with that but that does take time. 454 ESPN is our phone number lot of good takes what. We don't even really gotten that Tyrod in the offensive minded religious religious soul topple the Buffalo Bills yesterday realize 1940 what was last time that happened. 1941 lines have a team had six rushing touchdowns without punting the ball in the game. Team has gone from China lyme lyme one hates him welcomes sports bar or we got Tim how are they Tim. But are quick question. We know collect our burst your boat brought. I don't winning. At that. The first coach that had a winning season. I like Adam case last year to Miami in the playoffs. The bill out of the bills. Room came closer and now. No double wrong was after. Not in his first all this is a good question. No I do know the answer today. Mike Malarkey too now. 049. And seven Buffalo Bills may lose the Steelers on the far right don't get in this threat now that that so 2004 Tim would be answered question. I bid battle port here and I think we're OK and then. But I think you guys were all that we are irate I'd only get motivated but it games. I don't it's chocolate that charter hurt are our don't require. Really doubt balk at the app that not all. Yeah I don't know I mean listen. We did it seem like you know motivating grown men isn't easy job and you've got. You've got to roster of guys that are making a lot of money more money than they ever dream they can be making playing a game that they've been playing their entire life. How do you get them motivated how do you get through to them. Is it is simple as saying we're gonna protect our dirt and giving liberty a jar of dirt you might have to come up with a few more wrinkles in your game if you're Sean McDermott just. Instead of turn. Turn over change we could have turned and remind them. Eric is caller from Rochester 454 ESPN as their phone number hey Erik days are gone sour. Very good guard there have been looking for awhile and you thought about the level effort players but. What are we have the question of what are the coaches do is that those are up to lead because there would note changes. It a game plan whether it was in the first ever respect and app I was waiting for them to stop the rot in never stop the run. Well great never had arrested the game by Emma broke well I'll hang up with what that. No higher you're out there right out and and that's what we're saying earlier lately but this is. If if if Sean McDermott wanted to an opportunity to prove what kind of a coach he is what kind of head coach he is. Well this is the week to deal. You just put out to (%expletive) poor efforts techies of weeks now you've got people rightfully. Wondering if you're the right guy for the job. Well we hear about the preparation we hear about the work ethic we hear about the discipline. Have we seen it the last two weeks. No well Andy Kennedy and if you talk about I. I will stand by my statement on Sean McDermott I think he's an excellent Monday through Saturday coach. Prepared to everybody on the same page saying I can't say with confidence and I'd sucked okay me my points Sunday. How many times we've seen this year whether it's Tampa Bay at the end of the first half for ten men on the field against Atlanta war to Eric's point. You know lack of adjustments yesterday on the offensive side of borders and we haven't been. Yelled given damn many see here on this game a here this hour in the sports bar. How could you not hard date Kelvin Benjamin after that first drive why on earth. Design some place Dennis saying get with their quarterback. There were receivers open yesterday and for Tyrod Taylor and that all of that yesterday. That was it equally. As bad their performance but it's not as glaring. It's why is it not clarification on the field all that much when you go three and out your gone. And then you got to watch is terrible defense not get off the field. Our excellence talk about some international soccer. Wait what I can think they're gone all right now. Which Joseph cup record gonna do Mike wrote back our buddy who joins us frequently here in the sports person on and interest in tweet earlier today. He's belief that there are only eleven players. That he would consider absolute locks. To return the bills next season now says in these guys will be back no. Questions and now this if you had to say eleven locks. I can now everybody think they think about that right now. Who would you say without question all the guys that date traps to write your previous why yours A Jones. You're Deion Dawkins everybody at the top bull Lionel you could throw and then next. Then who after that we'll Benjamin ages gave up a third round pick he's certainly will be back next year. And after that I don't hear and have Tyrod on that list no. The list is he's eleven players Mike correctly will be a lock. To return next season Peerman. Benjamin Zeta-Jones. Eric Wood who your extended in the pre season. Dion Dawkins map Milan know guys drafted tree devious white guys you brought in free agency like Micah Hyde tour employer Stephen how bush got. Nicole and Schmidt. After hacked it it's debatable. So much met apps that you need him back the sequence. You go doesn't either potter or any team playing the bills doesn't need upon her. I don't column. Speaking of pale. It just for a second don't want it. I don't wanna come off as elitist or anything like that. That's not you. You're you're you're a regular guy senators agree Harry you're yeah you're you're you are not come up pretty centered guy who lives in reality were com. Sense rules right I just try to think in any situation. I try to use common sense and try to think in common sense. After going to the bills' game yesterday and this my first bills game in probably four years. And a remember what it was like the last time only two bills game and I remember thinking to myself you know what. OK if I don't do that every other week OK if I don't could do that eight times a year. I'll give you credit if you're a season ticket holder and you put yourself through that eight times a year. Now I understand now I have some sympathy now understand why. You'll get is is frustrated as you doing why you can be as impatient as you can be. It's justified in my opinion because you know with with everything that goes into a Sunday. It Orchard Park. And end. You know whether it's it's the fan next to me who keeps dropping slurs. Towards Drew Brees now questioning his sexually is sexuality that track. Or that the the woman behind me. Who's had one too many. Who is clever she can be as. Pat I see the eggs if you can be. She's the female Barney from the Simpsons that's who was behind me that was intelligent. First that was with her they kept continued to say. There well. Bullies Drew Brees never thrown a touchdown pass new era filled. He trying to beef. Funny horror as we know he was he was armed with that knowledge ready to unleash that nugget on everybody as if it matters when your running the ball for 300 yards. Against the bills defense. It has we're leaving the game. I hero raucous. EO what was left of the stadium was just. Averaged a roar from the crowd. Com. Peter must be in the game. Wasn't the streaker. How it was Biederman. By the way my favorite tweet. If we can I re not my favorite tweet on the streaker just really quick Golan. Its interest in that local media is giving the streaker at the bills game so much. Exposure. Are now that's that's the turning point for the season right we'll look back. Like last year was it was the adult why outfielder Tom Brady in daddy's on the not now announced. That's the naked guy run across by the way he was he was arraigned today stands at nine prison you look at is happy in his mug shot as he did when he was running room and you alone know it looked so happy run across most of worn off followed guess gray was that he ran the length of the field nobody Fatah. Stop the guy then and now. But kids. It starts with one. Hit why you don't bring your kids what bills game I'm sorry. Domes and you don't wanna hear the person next year calling Drew Brees affect it. Whoa whoa he's added not me that's what he's had while that's not talking this talking about don't want to UP. Experience. Got experience of my life and it put things into filters does it make money or does it make me happy if it does either I don't want anything to you we're okay hold. We're security and because of using a doubt worded board want to see that word on the air. Sorry you should be out of the game I have to say anything about that guy doing that comes around people who argue that's just normal. Yeah targets are proud people who'll throw all woman to draw flaming car table as if it's just normal behavior. Hot weekend here girls white girl wasted in the parking lot shocking. Crowned directly from the bottle I want to buy a guy who has a woman on racial hurt it looked through. Didn't throw we're through the card table well he. After a lot because that's happened before. What. I think Biden outlook reports are it's not this way because ultimately it's not this way everywhere. And and bills fans again I'm not trying to be elitist I had a blast. Yesterday. Tailgating with friends he enjoyed a few pops. Haven't some great food. Many many laughs were had put the closer he talked to the stadium until worse if not this it felt like a death. Or it's about this guy is okay guys and they're around. Around his waxed and everybody's belligerent and angry and in all third. And and you got to drive along with those people. On your way back. And I know you made the rookie mistake this is not my fault here this army this is not my fault I went with people that go to bills games that. Shot at my friend Seth shut my friend Trevor Kelly all of them. We had a great time. But we have female sitting in the back my truck says I have to be my. Have to piece we have to stop at a literally counting the seconds the miles to get to the rest stop. Okay Pembroke it is man. And then there's just saints fans everywhere. Loading. The these CNET you've got mobile and that deadline for gas a camera I tell you what bills fans. I will sympathize I understand now more I feel closer do you now than I ever how of I want to see the bills succeeded. The bears will always be my first love I want to see the bills succeed. But now I understand a little bit more clearly might my vision is a little bit more clear as to why. You have a little bit of impatience why you you take this is seriously. As you do. And did they sell we seen the last couple weeks Jane. If you're angry it's justified it week week you know week it sale last week after the jets lost it's not Tyrod Taylor's fault. We can make you know we could find little pockets of that was pretty good as they Jones had a pretty nice game before he got injured. There's nothing to take from yesterday's game now. There's no redeeming value from yesterday after. Coaching. Talents. That's what's most frustrating of your bills fan is that this team. In the last two group weeks has taken as to. A giant step backwards as possible. Scott tweeting and add ESPN Rochester the problem with six in ten as of right now. Is for the fact the AFC is wide open and it would be. As if we threw away agreed opportunity and the drought okay well is it about the drivers of dollar billion championship and I would throw this statute. You play fantasy football right. You wanna make the playoffs you wanna win and Darren thank. But those are winning anything this year. OK would it make you feel better they got to succeed and they got their head handed to them in Pittsburg Kansas City or wherever where it gets the three. That's we're talking about. I don't think they get the succeed now. They're hanging on to a right now Miami loses tonight I just want tomorrow morning up the bills are still in a position to make the playoffs after all lap after all that. But the reality is this team is nowhere close. To being a real contender you know that I know. And I think they know that too by the way Jean I think VA. Understand. What he says process is a talking point but there is truth to it in the process doesn't happen. In six weeks now and in six months. Health sometimes it doesn't happen in six years but. You have to get the right guys seen at the right price you're trying to build something that's why I've found or next week to be kind of interest and the idea that there's really only eleven guys that he considers to be a walk. To return of the squad next year are running late we gotta get shots in here another round of shots in the sports bar will go around. The world of sports and serve at today's top stories and it's all brought you as always by more if you liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the vast selection of best prices. Give mark if you liquor shots you'll be glad you did. Yeah a lot of things who could be coming to the university of law Warren as their head coach taught me the bills are bad. Guess who's really bad to what that hack happen now and Syracuse over the weekend. Baseball great has retired today will let you know who that was. That more coming up in shots. Losers could ever do. Adding yet this is the show for you isn't the tiger. Welcome end to another version of Mike. Forget its goal doing GoDaddy hello too early now I would guess all of your window come on. Felt special one person talks are once guys. Thanks might beat Georgia window beginning November 27 1 AM 9:15 PM 957 FM bonus points leader. ESPN Rochester. You're doing shots. These top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round shot. And this. Football playoff. Its top floor would tell you won't beat Notre Dame. Fighting Irish picked up their second loss of the season as well against Miami so Notre Dame is out of contention what does that mean for Miami. With the committee putting two ACC team to a Clemson had a woman offered as Georgia's stay in the top forwards but getting throttled at Auburn Auburn in the Wisconsin Badgers remain a factor although Wisconsin's. The strength of schedule has been impressive so far so much so that. Even at the badgers finished this season undefeated. That would not guarantee them a spot to dating the new rankings come out tomorrow night at seven. On ESP yeah. Born football team feels to get to a ball game then we can look back on this season to two losses. One coming weeks you went to dome against Middle Tennessee State. And then this past weekend when it orange gave up if you missed it 64. Points at home in the loss to Wake Forest. Goal one of those 64 point Syracuse allowed an eye popping 734. Cards often he's been and indeed against. That was the most Syracuse has ever allowed any game of the carried off. Fallen by the way of living or get on the schedule this week to get the ball when the top collegiate quarterbacks Mark Jackson Bobby Petrino a staff. They're enjoying watching the tape for the Syracuse defense as we. University of Florida has their sights set on someone as their next football coach in name that should get their fan base excited. Yahoo! Sports Pete Campbell reports that Florida. Is already doing a background check on Chip Kelly the former Oregon Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers coach. Kelly left organ amid an investigation into violation which led him receiving an eighteen month show cause penalty. From that show cause penalty is not believed to be a deterrent to Florida or any other school from hiring Cali. Your baseball fan got to get familiar with the name of show Ohio Hani Hani is at 23 year old free agent. Who's been described as the Japanese people through what time you the best picture right now in Japan this past season a one point 86 ERA. For the Nippon ham fighters. Which makes a tiny even more special is that the duke can rake here he batted 332. With a 940 you'll be yes. Major League Baseball has negotiated twenty million dollar posting the with the Japanese leagues many meeting any team that wants to sign a tiny we'll have to pay that right off the top. Bought the salary growth target will not be outrageous under the new CP eight international free agents under the age of 25. If we paid the same amount as a rookie being called up from triple. Forty year old Carlos Beltran announced his retirement today going out on top Beltran winning the World Series and the Astros this year he. Retires is undoubtedly one of the best switch hitters of all time in what he did not reach the milestones of 3000 hits or 500 home runs he leads with 435. Some believe he has a solid case for membership in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Stories like this next one they give the NCAA. Amy reputation that it has from college basketball Houston cougars rob great was suspended by the NCAA for one game. Great serve the suspension is season opener against me he stayed know what a great you have something act academic know. Is there something it involves accepting get may not. Grave received a one game suspension. Because it was discovered that you participate in a church directly game over the summer. Thank goodness we have the NCAA protecting its athletes from doing inappropriate things like playing any church reckless. Last week it for the sabres just one out of a possible four points buffalo. Falling home of the Panthers 41 before taking Montreal the overtime failing to the Kenya following the Canadians. 221 Chad Johnson may 27 season loss on Saturday. Giving up the breakaway golden Max patch are ready in overtime with a 593. Record buffalo is only ahead of Florida in the Eastern Conference standings. Things don't get any easier for the sabres as they are Pittsburgh's morning at seven that's game we'll have to be right here on ESPN Rochester. Over really wanna slow Irish football team won its falling to the number two team in the state of Lancaster by nine nothing score. A chance to class they Wilson they're also while the wildcats losing to west cynical west forty to 22 section five soccer though wow what a great weekend. First McQuay nights they became the first section five boys team to win a state championship. Since 2004 in the semi final. Equate survives thanks to Justin looked around school and double overtime then in the final when nights cruising to a six nothing victory. Or perhaps holes he'll West High School. Congratulations also on the girls site's offensive force. They become the state coach chance after 22 draw against pearl river secular in the role of the spent support girls won the state title congratulations also going out to acquire this. As the girls doctor team also the clamps. Chance of class beat. Finally Red Sox outfielder who keep Betts has a career in waiting after baseball Sunday best had a perfect game. In bowling cap. That's rolled up 300 in competition it happened in the final qualifying round the World Series of bowling in Reno Nevada. Best is competing in the World Series of pulling for the second time in three years. Entering Sunday night he was averaging it to a four point 71 score through 35 games ranked 156. Of 195 players not quite. Good enough to make the cut for the PBA world championship perhaps he should know what the rest of us do. So few Beers and watch those bowling skills in Peru. Bowler in the that shot brought to a market feel like her 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection and best prices. Give mark if you liquor shots. You'll be glad you did. Fun family tribute danger my brother and walk actually had a bowling scholarship. From Nebraska you can we've been there at there are such a things in those big schools. A ball. Which today have learned they give up bowling scholarships in the rest of the more you know. Or weren't all of the late select let's take a break here give you a preview of tomorrow's action sports bar with danger to tag Leah stay with us. More next sunny and 950 united 57 FM ESPN Rochester. Shell sports jock. Hanging out in the sports car with the injury exactly on right gestures towards liter 95 yeah. Yes he had 454. And you know big picture perspective at this point says in the playoff hunt so right now I'm not concerned about that at all and I got to believe in them and a lot Roland. I'm excited about where we're going. It's our first year together. So you have to keep things in perspective. Saying those. Sean McDermott wants the opportunity to show the world what kind of head coach he is. Now it's time. You go into Los Angeles you put a beat down on the chargers you make everybody forget about what we've seen over the course of the last two games. I'm maybe I'll believe that you how would it take. It's Iowa were reduced. Settle for a win don't necessarily need to be done by the way every charger game is the same right they're gonna get a lead they're gonna give it away and do something Doumit DN didn't. The bills might prevail this game. That should be a fun atmosphere it's going to be a different path mr. our buddy Matt servers going out there on third and I don't know. What to expect this week as far as the Buffalo Bills but it will save this danger whenever you get out of town went all grain gloomy like this. Tingle a little bit of a bounce don't underestimate that going out to LA. In all that well in LA last year against the rams are the subtle how the model little difficult when out there. Good time and I feel better this sounds strange but follow me here. Better than teams getting out of town because. If the bills were to play this game at home and things are going well at the beginning of the game. Yet that that would be a fun atmosphere it's good in this this road trip comes at a good time to look awful. But let's talk about something important what is Italy doing Italy is not and it didn't qualify for the World Cup Jean. Is your family devastated. My family is now in colonel and a night look if you're Italian American in Rochester New York you don't have Italy to root for the World Cup. You have USA reform in the World Cup would you do. Ease up watching sauce are watching soccer and a that's that's funny to me I mean. Here it was one of those without winning game and the next day yeah pretty much when one armed presence I don't think that's the conversation they're having an ill specs and that's a bigger deal just rule and the holidays and Sweden knocking on Italy out of the World Cup qualifying sites. Appreciate you giving us some of your time your most valuable and precious commodity here every afternoon in the sports bar. With danger of attack lea from three until six we are back again tomorrow afternoon with a brand new lips of starting at three. We'll have sabres hockey for you tomorrow night is the team travels Pittsburgh take on the penguins. GAAP and we hope to get what Mike wrote it on the chauffeurs Tuesday appearance tomorrow talk more about the idea of a future in the Buffalo Bills on this roster might shape up he's an interesting piece out there week. How we put out for it also talks and fantasy on the sports are tomorrow night that's welcoming at tomorrow's episode the sports bar with danger tightly again thank you so much for listening this afternoon. It's an English. It's that time it. Moose today. No it's okay. Laura. I. Leaves here it's now the door open fire Steve. Nowadays you see what America does in college football and we want the the speed does little woman affordable and realistic is it that talent is not an issue what is an issue for the elephant all this is. The biggest challenge we have teams are really. The best college football matchups live on PM 950 N 957. At fans and sports leaders ESPN Rochester.