The Sports Bar-Hour 3 11/15/17-The Peterman Principle

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, November 15th

Hour three of The Sports Bar starts with more of your reactions to the benching of Tyrod Taylor before Danger and Battaglia serve up the day's top sports stories in "Shots."


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But sports bar with danger and exactly as I continually evaluate our our roster and our goal to become better I decided to start -- Peerman. As a quarterback this week. I remain confident in Tyrod Taylor and his ability to help our football team and we'll obviously disappointment I don't agree with the decision what does this decision was made it. Tumbled four yards a dream come true obviously to get this opportunity. Been through a lot of really get geared to yourself it's certainly not done though. All comments on front of me and I gotta go work to earn it. Mike danger while I believe Tyrod Taylor still. Gives you the best chance to win I'll put an asterisk at the end of it and say. That if Dan has seen it doesn't want to change his offense to suit Tyrod Taylor who then yeah they should consider making change these computer. Tyrod Taylor in a position to one Cambridge actually. Don't. You need to keep your main goal in the air right now and haven't seen this season do not even come with Steve did you see how the offense look. On the one drive he executed it's either Tyrod we're not in Rochester sports leader at 957. Yes he had. Not so fast Jeanne the tech didn't indicate. If the coach knows more tonight 24 hours ago. Welcome back to sports bar with. Danger of intently on ESPN Rochester we appreciate you making as part of your drive home. Wherever you may be listening AM 950957. Have to am ESPN Rochester dot com. It free to download ESPN. Rochester. App. All right so were we starts. Yes we unite and lead today gene were grossly. And I'm prepared for today show. Okay let's get into a Tyrod Taylor's been benched Nathan Peter ring gets the start Sunday wound up here yes. A lot of people are you could hear cheers in the hallways are better come Rochester when this announcement was made this morning. Listen I I'd I'd look at social media like everybody else is seems like a pretty popular vote yes in dongle which is debt Tyrod Taylor's next block. Here is the way actually. John McDermott by making this move. He is going warn no Coke is gone before an NFL history of time on somebody pointed out follow me. Team in this situation does it ever happened before a team playoff. Contention holding onto a playoff position right now. Let's go up benching of battering. In Bieber rookie. That's only around him. The team without Tom Brady what about that press guy. Right. Wanna take those out lighters what about that that's different breaking it out of necessity anybody remembered all the Louis deck press guy. Well couple things went his way nick bolts may he said he rather go to Kansas City Tony Romo is back finally gave out. Never before has an NFL team attempted days move again bikes or ice. I get on talk about Goran will rookie quarterback that the top routes. What bills get suddenly better did it to drafting in every other team Italy. We don't know about he's not right for the as yet make their. He just moved all his chips in the middle of the table by doing days. This. Is reckless danger to reckless I know it's popular and everybody's got to feel good about it but we're gonna wake up Monday morning say. What was that about. Out fifth round pick he's gonna call me and wing gains good plate batter all does anybody remember the learning curve when it comes to an NFL rookie quarterback. Particularly a bit around quarterback. Yet to make some good things all over. Something that Tyrod Taylor didn't and by the way you're gonna see how bad this offensive line really it's about Tyrod Taylor's scrambling around. Going to be different offense. All go to bat the bat can outweigh the good I'll hang up and listen at what we talked to a lot of. Spark people who watch a lot more football when we do here in the sports bar with danger in the tightly sales. We want shooting to gain knowledge we want chewed it to be smarter as a sports fan just from listening to ESP in Rochester. And the last time we were talking anything Peter Meehan was was really that the in the pre season right I mean. The bills got off to a start where. You know I don't think anybody had them winning five of their first eight games. He kept this said today it is this idea of Nathan Peter Main. Being your starting were becoming your starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor gives you the best chance when we mentioned it yesterday at this time. Hey look if your offensive coordinator he's willing to make concessions. For Tyrod Taylor concessions that better suit he's skill set. More so than you already have and go ahead and make the change to Nathan Peter red because see what you're doing. Clearly isn't working it's not enough. And they saw enough enough toward making that change. Back to people who watch more full balloonist Steve tasker I think everybody would agree pretty knowledgeable guy bills legend. To be you know on the sidelines every week watches all the football has seen it all has done at all. We asked him. This pre season what it. And god forbid a catastrophic injury to a player go what if you see fifth round rookie quarterback Nathan Peterman starting games for the Buffalo Bills in 2070. They completely did contain the issue of little bottle bill he can struggle under the two great about it it's a tough spot to even. And honestly know sometimes you can kitchen in the ball with a young quarterback can. Get to the playoffs are melodic and we're template for the most part the guys struggle because became so complicated and some fast and I think it is rare picture you see a lot of course rookie quarterback has six. On earth would they do indicate they won't drop in. On. The deck right situation with the great and great writing Internet and it seemed that. Doesn't talk it over and playing with it begins to get a lot of turnovers so no question it can be done. But it is very rare little pool. See here tasker there and what he said basically if you want to distill it down as if that happens. You're hoping to catch he said lightning in the bottle pot if you're like this loaf. My advice to you. You have a dollar and a dream the lottery is right there go make your millions. You're punting on this season and get I've listened the argument that says and I've said this before. Is the goal here to get in the playoffs or is the win a super. And girls went Super Bowl right eat critics see the ball hit me in last year's championship in your bands Heatley. So I would listen to arrogant like Kate. Let's find out all we have about Peerman but that's what makes the sole unique danger you never seen fits the bill really. Looking I had a bit. The decision making process they think about 118 yes. Yes they are they wanna see OK it is Peter made it does a guy we can build around virtual week what we don't know and yeah. We don't know Jeanne I think is is did they see something and maybe they are arrogant enough to believe that they got a steal in the fifth round in Nathan Peter and that they got their future that they got their franchise quarterback. Already. And if you see it happened in Los Angeles and if you see glimpses of greatness against Kansas City over the next four weeks. Against teams that don't have film on hate and Peter may and then maybe you can make the case. You have your franchise quarterback already that you found a guy in the fifth round that you believe it that create an enlightening anybody absolutely it's what we hey watch it more than we do they see it more than we do and this is where you have to believe that Dave scout of the got to the point where they know are right he's going to be a better fit in this system and Tyrod Taylor was. It can't be any worse that it was on Sunday. If you're wondering and we had sell pot you want with us earlier because this was my question. What is it is really. Sean McDermott's call. This is the owner we've learned that likes the watched tape during training camp. He calls any had its weekly if not daily conference calls with head coach and GM he's hands on but he's not in front of the camera don't misunderstand it two. Was this a call from upstairs. Telkom populist talk to people he is saying no absolutely not this was Sean McDermott's call. Okay all the Sean McDermott's call your all for fight for ESPN 454 threes. By the way I'll buy that I mean everything that Sean McDermott has done it does feel like he's running this team that he random be hearing concert in running this team how they see fit. I I just don't know what led to this I have you know what led to this but what we did decision where just you know 24 hours ago Tyrod Taylor's record of error after the odds on it are Taylor's record macd. Did you watch the film with with Rick Dennison in and did Rick Dennison for Tyrod Taylor on the bus. This year. That's probably what happened right right but it I'm calling a good game we had can gate ten days to prepare first drive went well. What went wrong after that he's checking on October look he's got somebody open look at this look at this. What Wayne when Sean McDermott says this is my decision not his coach's decision on the on the flight and that. He's got into law alternately out he's the one that's gonna be held accountable for subtle play. For saying that it's his decision it is his decision he's gonna make it based on the input he's getting. From his coaches Scott in Rochester thanks for joining the sports bar with danger to tightly. Brilliant built us up. Not to notice all the guys would all stand up there to watch in three years under the game watchable light on the field wide open border. Detectors it terrible in the guys and Kevin about it you know the first tribal what we're gonna go. That putt scholarly effort by the the bowl wide open was vital. Then came into the later again in the third try to rid of the back stretch in the actual sport all of a terrible pocket passer. The last sports recruiting that be awful side we have a pocket passer we've been able quarterback and that's expect it to be that tyra we blew. You're not Eckerd and often not gonna be. That guy we all lost their conservative pre season I took are beginning to figure it out as a little still a long while we start because it looked erotic they'll want pale. Product in the connector of the department look for the first tropic. The paperwork while we wait it'll stick on but really got the double quarter. He's very accurate. Yeah eight rookies critical mistakes very accurate that's very important well he told the boat sport to be any guitar part and calm because larger cycle. What is he doing. That left him that you played and Boris sort of book oil and guys that guys are multiple wide open it's predict what all. I hear what Scott is saying except for the part of he's very accurate we haven't seen that yet it and that's. Normally like right now I would tell it he let's play wears a line with knee ligament out there and we can't look as we don't know when you can't you don't have a big enough samples hasn't maybe that's part of the benefit of starting the human is that. NFL teams don't know what neat hearing is they don't know who he is they don't know his streaks don't have film on him they can't study up yet to be limited. Knows a lot about Tyrod Taylor strengths and weaknesses. He doesn't know all about David Liederman so this might be. A move made to give you a little bit of a competitive advantage against a head coach who certainly knows this bills' offense inside. And out and you know it wouldn't it doesn't feel like a stretch me to think that they already feel like they have their franchise quarterback even if he's a fifth rounder. Like let's see I'll play out let's see how it plays out but if you can't. Tell me right now that he's a better quarterback in Tyrod Taylor because what we've seen need to Pearman is pre season action. And action against the third string. Teaming garbage time. I'm not feeling well. Everybody answer this question for a who gives you a better chance in November 19 when he seventeen. It's Tyrod Taylor whether elected or not but I hear what Scott was saying that I've seen enough. We need to move on air and that's the flip side it is and you playing your coach you for this year coach coaching process. As we inhale the process markets calling in from Rochester hey mark what's the wanna. Hey guys let the so some. I had well bigger that it didn't help the big but he got up and I guess they are are currently going to LA. We order back. It bought at and try to lose this game. I think jobs and hurt that bad hole I'd be here. Are your absolutely right the full blog gods are testing the bill. They want you they're daring the bills to lose this game you get a gun in there with a quarterback gives you the best chance to win but no. That wouldn't be we're gonna pay guarantees the football gods were to start our backup quarterback Rex started rookie fifth rounder against Los Angeles chargers Jeanne. That's awesome mark absolutely are. All year on challenge accepted you think we Keating Ringo and therein and win in Los Angeles let us show you what we're about here in buffalo. We're gonna start a fifth round rookie. Against Joey both sun and Melvin Ingram. I hope he makes the first half and I hope we make it through the. I'm just afraid that. Our conversation Monday is wow what happened the war offensive line how'd they get so bad. On yet Tyrod Taylor mobile quarterback will sometimes mask those deficiencies. For 540 champion mark thanks for the call 45437. Cents a. Hate just a side note here we're getting breaking news an easy kill LE will be dropping his appeal and serve his full suspension do we finally have some closure there thank you. You're welcome rates yet wonderful. And out tomorrow at this time or tomorrow. North to reach final say 325 we're going to be talking to. Legal experts from CBS Sports Radio. Indy dash talk more about that point counts. That was downloaded show here tomorrow for 54 ESPN is our phone number one thing I've heard. How many people are just excited for this game on Sunday. How many people may be had checked out on this team just for style points they cannot wait I'm sure you heard this too danger that are excited just to tune in to see. OK Peter manic. Quarterback I don't know I don't sing I get you and you get excited about the unknown but. To say you're not excited about a team that's in playoff position and well ahead of where you thought they would have been at this time Moshood doesn't feel like. You know like that deeds and to me that it is like watching the bills is a chore for you. Well it was a toward these last two games let's be honest. I've read that's the paradox here that via the bills are playoff contention and they look like the worst team in the league last week. And the week before against the jets but I just keep going back to this you wanna make the pro playoffs. Your best bet this year's Tyrod Taylor I understand he's not your franchise quarterback. But if you want a break seventeen years in the Buffalo Bills they finish up seven in nine we're gonna look back at decision. And wonder well would've been nice to get in the post season but we had to make that changed appear. Jay in Rochester pull the sillier in the sports bar with danger tightly. Very good afternoon at one passed into the picture on impairment. Why Powell and Diego. I've heard this too army and I remember hearing this back when Flutie and Johnson like well. It is can you tell us secrets to 100 people. Even more than and organization. In other words the game plan you're gonna prepare your gonna prepare you're gonna prepare the other thing too is every reporter is allowed keen to practice on Wednesday. And everybody would see really quick was taken those first street wraps so their it is kind of a gentleman's agreement when you watch some of these practices that you don't report and everything. But word Oregon now something is as big as quarterback change that's why you couldn't. Keep that a secret till last second I'd like to see something try that someday provide. You whatever days teams feel that now we couldn't get a hundred guys to keep the secret here. Away when we had suck putts you along with us earlier in the sports bar which is by the way on demand right now you can hear first the first hour of the show a BS in Rochester dot com. I am curious about that you know I assume that it takes an NFL team. Some of the neighbor to four weeks to catch up four weeks' worth the film gives you an idea of what a team is doing. I had to. So then dismissed that maybe the bills made this move now all going to a really tough part of their schedule knowing that teams like the chargers and chiefs. More have anything. Any kind of scouting report. On Napier. We what was the one thing why identify with the scant. Who's the opinion when factor Anthony Lynn knows the weaknesses of Tyrod Taylor okay doesn't even need look at the film. That scared me and with that defensive line that they have that's why they like this match up. Okay anti Laney your guess is good as ours of his Buffalo Bills and office below with the rookie fifth round pick and then this with. David collector in the sports bar with danger and tightly. 080. Dame eastern guardian anybody how are you. Baird got it. Our. It is big purses are glory it'll are a bigger part gutsy move. Why is the. Her coach of the bills. Were. It's tyrant. Are your your outlook. Out of they just really quick. You know when you when your talking to somebody you haven't seen a long time and you know you wanna catch up with them really quick and you're asking questions about hey. How's your family doing you know yet you're sign holders on a genius what eleven idea guys don't well yeah what you what your daughter daughter you know daughters who last isn't really doing some plays and really into Broadway musicals it's great. Hey Jeanne. How is your brother Kevin. And haven't gotten. I hate it it's so that's code for heavens and able. The ultimate says Tyrod is Tyrod think that we get a you don't like the guy. It Tyrod. But no let's go to don't know let's and I would boatload. Tyrod. Debated franchise quarterback like I'm Meredith suits bird year and it's the same Cairo I'd. Every year. And all of saying eight pier and then didn't do well. And meet New Orleans Saints I mean he's playing against a trip intrigue and prosper. I have ballplayers were heard about about. Do or what do they gave no come on yeah that was garbage time. Morals looks good in garbage time I mean you can't say that that's a big enough sample to know that he's going to be successful. In Los now why can't I can't count any of the pre season two when you're facing second and third stringers you're facing guys that are gonna make that team and it's it's not the same. Which could play to the bills. Benefit in that other teams don't know you have an impediment. But when you're facing leaked rushers elite pass rushers like Joey boasts. Melvin Ingram I hope it makes it through the first Latino market alive let's check in with Trent Rochester in the sports park Trent Howard about. Then I'm torn great and that just talks are so read what. Sport. But who can help. What it bring it. Coach because it Tyrod Taylor is. This guy or re argue the author we greet. And it kind of bought the lot often supplied. Oh blocks so long or call. Eight years. Insert in the gate where the ability what you often that they all. Our art and apple are shorten their good why you create our guys create 06 point two. Iraq can't go out and toward lower in great limited now at what's okay. That. I'm I'm telling. Me that let it I it over to install. They are out there at this point oh. Or. Out. That make me look good bat the next. Guys so I'm Ali. Yet much game. Fully on our spit and I believe that they will always so run burst the other way and they are a wide. Are you because forget that our response. Trent I I don't. I don't hate the move to Pearman I don't like the timing of the move yes to Peerman you know even at the beginning of the season word we we I think everybody kind of figured at some point this year we're gonna see Napier. He when the bills are out of playoff contention will scenic Peerman. I don't know fight it the only justification I can come up with for the move now. Is where you are in the schedule and other teams not knowing how to game plan. Really well and and that's the riskier because of this blows up in your face and Peter Mim wasn't ready narrowing to direct this gets confidence by putting me into soon. All we've got to go to airline had all week at the patriots. Ole all the sudden your five and seven is another non playoff season Chris in Rochester here in the sports bar with danger tag list. There's gotta say I I think it's a bad decision just rate now long term and might and now but is still in play out though that oh. And I just think it is in the pull the trigger he might it better than this from the back. But I. Understand and meet it wrong but it is and raised our look like it though. I bought stock of the bill goes on critical. Also you know a little bit about reckless because there are repaired it well that we want big. Barger yeah you know my ear right about that gene. I'm not the energy plan that we've got to let's talk about I'm not gonna revisit the Portland pick over it's gonna I'm not really it's got to be not gonna do is no suspense and the think we're gonna get it out a way there's and you want to name really right. Friday and we will be crowing will take care. We want your pets right now he's going to phase 80000 enemies that Thursday night can you envision. Any scenario I'll know where the Kansas City boring G ultimately is calling goalie in the digital box for Bill O'Reilly not. Happening. You take your best that we want annual let somebody else grew up. You'll let the bears never cooked Al kids you'll let the browns shocked the world right. One of those games it's gonna happen at night which ones not that's getting away with it is your week one survivor back. Now you'll thank me out. Chris just sets them up by not come down. Thanks to the senate there Chris I appreciate that thanks Chris. I was feeling good about today and then not that came back 454 ESPN is our number 454. 3776. Can also write to us on Twitter as Reagan did. OK we we know the end of the story with Tyrod Taylor it doesn't and wit. Came on the stairs of City Hall in buffalo holding a Super Bowl trophy in victory celebration that's not the guy. I don't think dole this is the time the Nate that mole. Most fans are you ready to haunts the playoffs into when he seventeen. To deal for a Super Bowl that's my interpretation. Of the move. Today it might work. He might look rating might lead into the playoffs but in reality he's a fifth round pick. There's never been a fifth round pick since 1994 that's led his team the playoffs in this fashion. Caroline tweeting in ideas in Rochester Jeanne it will 2003 giants benched Kurt Warner wanna were fighting for an implant position for Eli man yes and that's what okay I'm Manning was a number one overall number at bats and that's what I'm saying there and we have all their instinct series where you have your known. Commodity known mean you paid a high price for Jay Cutler over Jake plumber down at the same situation that was later this easily to always play well. Yes you can even say to shop what will you know a first round pick it is of actually go to stuff and we don't know. No appearance gonna do. I the rays for this game are gonna be huge. You know he's gonna do it in May be great maybe awful maybe somewhere in between. But no there has not been any instance where a pick. Why coach's choice. I'm talking fourth fifth sixth seventh round freeagent that you benched veteran. While the team that was in a playoff position this is never happened in the wake. Thanks arriving at 45 Aureus cannons are fun. Aren't we kick each we get two shots. We surely. Around the world of sports are today's top stories not related to the Buffalo Bills and Tyrod Taylor. Shots has always brought you by market you liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection best prices give market few liquor shots. You'll be glad you did a lot to get to hear inch. Boy things are going well Papa John's they've kind of reversed their course to remember that story is well. And why it pays to do something silly edit bills game. Yes the streaker is coming to Rochester dean torn about that. All right that's well coming up shots on the way next in the sports port danger of its Anglia. On ESPN Rochester. Losers could ever do. Adding yet this is the joke for you isn't the tiger. Welcome end to another version of Mike I forget its goal doing godaddy. Surely now I would guess all of your window come on. Felt special one person talks once guys. Thanks might. Do we know beginning November 27 1 AM 9:15 PM 957 at damned sports leader. ESPN Rochester. You're doing shop it's. These top sports stories with danger and attack. And around she. So. As Steelers in this to business owners pulling your advertising is not always a good idea. Papa John's pizza announced that they were pulling off their NFL advertising because of the anthem protest you remember this CEO John Shatner. And it has now apologized for Smart shot is the guy you actually see an old commercials also wondering do they put like extra Grecian formula is aside for that to win gripe. Right he's not that young that's never solved in the company tweet this statement offering to quote work with the players and only to find a positive way forward. Papa John's added that it is open to ideas from all except I don't neo Nazis. The pizza chain previously tried to distance itself from white supremacist who praised shot Newt comets saying it does not want. Those groups divides pizza the company's stock has fallen by nearly 13%. Since his comments. Tires barrels toward 23 of his career high 28 points in the second half Frank Howard played often at forty minutes last night he warned outlasting Iona. 7162. To moved into an all on the seasonal in attendance last night some heavy hitters Mike to Rico Bob Costas. Bet my Owens Shaun McDonald. Three Eagles being honored at the Newhouse school of communication receiving the Marty Glickman award for sports leadership. Next up for the orange Texas southern clones of the dome on Sunday. President trump is asking for thank you with three UCLA air basketball players. Putting the marbles on our back in the United States with their legal troubles apparently behind them for shoplifting in China the Michigan resolved impart things to trumps your quest. The Chinese officials when he was over the Twitter quote. You think of three UCLA basketball where people say thank you president trump they were headed for ten years in jail. Mean three UCLA players have been suspended by the school indefinitely. Baseball postseason awards continued tonight is coming up at six we'll learn who wins the scale and NL Cy Young awards for best picture and Jameer kind of the American League right. Chris Elvis Sox won 78 at two point nine ERA zero point 97 whip in sales of Moses and his own striking out a career high. 308 batters in 214 innings now on the nationally or interest thing Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers ratios. The Cy Young award the gallery this time due to injury that might feel for the war. The next shirts or someone else. New college football playoff rankings route and of the season ended today Alabama is the number one seed followed by Clemson Miami and Oklahoma. Its interest in the plans and with their one loss to Syracuse he's head of undefeated Miami the reality is that. Could the ACC championship likely just one of these teams toward getting from the conference. This would open the door for the team ranked fifth Wisconsin. Badgers are undefeated on the season this week they face Michigan. Sabre fans down after a loss left tackle here I'm gonna give you some feel better products. At least you're not the Arizona coyotes the coyotes lost the Winnipeg for one. Dropping Arizona's record at 215. And three inches. Both of Arizona's wins this season did not come in regulation thoughts. Congratulations Arizona becomes the first team in NHL history to all this season with our old green in regulation. In their first when he came just never happened before. Also wears on his at the feet the Jetsons that team relocated from Atlanta in your Tony a lot of. Finally Jean we joked about this in the sports bar earlier this week how being get ready for the Buffalo Bills streaker to make public appearances and it's not a joking. Real news streaker 29 year old Tristan Lambert was scheduled to come to Rochester. It appeared a bar. Which we will not be gaming during. The bills chiefs game on November 26 that meanwhile yet the T shirt company in buffalo that some. Bill strategic and what he's proceeds to benefit the buffalo city mission. But the attorney for the streaker now advising against the public appearance. My guess is they call the whole thing off. That's shots in the sports bar danger to tag Leah. On ESPN rod. Chester yes so 454 ESPN is our number 4543776. Who want your reaction the Buffalo Bills in play opposition. This move you never see in the National Football League a coach's decision to change quarterbacks should all. Not first round pick not a second round pick out of a veteran that has experience. Two unknown commodity. Nate Biederman hold my gosh water risk here. By Sean McDermott. Let's say more of your reaction it's 454 ESP immigrant a few minutes here before closing out a Stewart. 11 we got Tim Tim from child I exam what's up. What's it. We think him out but what are off that and we serve or opt out there. You know it and everybody know all. And you know when air here. What do we ended Taylor played in my body field and made this move. I end up I don't required still not even know though at least we got back or. I think the question that they gene Robb rather the scenario the gene played out earlier makes a little bit more sense to like if you're that worried. About Hillis for force did that much trepidation about moving forward with him an entry deadline just two weeks ago. Could you couldn't continent could pick from Denver that is with a contract there's a delicious country for any team that. To get figures don't take it from Denver Denver would have taken them. Cream day. And eighteen he needs a quarterback now you could've gotten at least a second round back. It's it's awfully reactionary because. Would we wanna say day Lester games are terrible at revisionist history with the jets game folks okay Tara wasn't great that night wasn't the reason they lost game. Aaron was tailed terrible and to saints no doubt. The entire offense was terrible parent it's our team once awful. Ride in Rochester pull the sillier in the sport more with danger to tightly. Yeah remember to mark aren't you just are out our what I mean I kind of agree with that statement aka though it because of the fact that. If you have I dispute your return charters rate you and your first game is on the road but luckily it's going to be what premise that our people. May the majority of those in need pills and following that and music in this city chiefs to our our. I think like what bottom third at the front then debt we have the worst ST I. I evolved I'm in New England Patriots so these are having boredom again not one of the greatest tests the front and then you have the off Spain com when we buy them at all mentally there. He and did their pets and it may be you know mills looked at is that. To me he's not going to be going up against an elite heat and I mean in my eyes. In the big issue with our our pillars isn't. I just to me she doesn't go through progression he lucked I don't want my receiver and that it's not their checks on my overdue in keynote restraint at. There's something silly like that. Nen that we just throw the ball out. You know the six why you start the ball almost every single time it is the easiest to your sister and a bank is. Now he's titled banking manager and doesn't wanna take any chance. In mind that our. Not preach I mean I hear what you're saying appreciate the call 4543776. I would not have made his move now. Because he's not ready we talked to Steve tasker we talked callers. Okay did we forget the learning curve. When it comes the quarterback position we all think of now Matt Ryan did and Roethlisberger to press Connors a fourth round pick. This is mid season fox. And what are we what are we looking offer. Okay we're looking off of one good drive against the saints that took off 473. Game and made it 47 tech. And we're looking at her he sees it that's its. While these ease any risk I hope he knows what he's too. Today if it works. He's a genius. But. I don't know that I've seen enough out of Sean McDermott as a head football coach in the NFL to say yes this is a genius move. It seems a little desperate feels a little desperate Zack and Webster you're in the sports have a. Eating are paid on his act. I think is absolutely you grow that guys. In the recent foray. Mean to me that it can even the play out number wonder five Horry after the control imported here art in the bank pervert. At least if these are evil can this is our our. That immediately and definitely eating an apple and I wanted to act to game our east Norway and what that patriot COLT. Yeah yeah so I mean and how many don't get this game if you don't get this game five and seven and it's lights out we're talking about the draft falls. And that rocked the running game and then I mean there Joker they. Have or are you a bill without. It is all the box and they okay a little bit to a bit in me is. An indirect peace and that they don't want to make the playoffs this year they're the book and reload and attract. Quality. Zach appreciate the call 4543776. Saudi hammocks tonight we'll get to bend a little bit here's while Rochester taking on Binghamton. Yet John Stevens a standing by and let let's rifle through these calls really quick drew in Rochester here in the sports bar with danger detect left. Big big threat only to try to call on their Irish are. I think it's a playoff team and why. Oh where they went they are going to. Ivan or on the way you would would would be nine and under way and art Brooke but will it over Matt lynch. Currently record and a requirement. Loud and big sarcastic. And a being sarcastic in that Russell Wilson. Dollars and one that was a big that was in camp yeah I think he started we want. Yeah I made this move at the beginning of camp if you want it to mean you have the opportunity there. You know tyrant was in custody you play the guy gives the best chance salutes why this is a little bit the surprise to me. I still think Tyrod Taylor would give you the best chance to win this this week. I don't question the move we all thought we would scenic and human this year or question the move now. Joseph Rochester. My job. I. Ended. Up back. As our air and the pity and dirt at. Well breast. 88. The whole ball drop. Let's see do I drink bleacher like bite down on this cyanide capsule it's gonna be less painfully can win in the one czar gosh sorry for your problems Joseph let's check in let the robbed from Webster before we check with Don Steve hey rob how worried. Gary. What's gone. It don't I agree with my important pillar of the all time. Last two weeks you know he ordered that all of the law. But he at large burst and it might it ended. Up with 20% of the that we can at the 1% of the game. You know it came to my whole outlook bank debt. That irrigation. Sitting here and what part of you know the portable propped up and learn. Part of the process. The thought they brought. Right. I but I think our inner ear and now. Where it shouldn't they actually. Really arrested beaten and both do and bail out what occurred there. A lot of process for me to handled it poorly askew you. On gas bills fans we love also process the process of medium and isn't the guy at least we know now we can go into the draft and re getting us now we can train all those draft picks for high draft pick in the process yes. I don't know we're gonna have time for Don Stevens I'm sorry we're a we've got a lot of calls while ago las opponent let's take a break let's come back let's seal we have time for can get done in before. Tonight's amber section blue cross renew we will for a preview of tonight's action. Stay in the sports marked danger tightly more next on ESPN Rochester. We'll have a stool and join us. The sports bar with the injury exactly and. 957. I we appreciate you giving us some of your time you most valuable precious commodity the sports bar with danger protect lives and Merck's action tonight gene. Starting at 7 o'clock we'll cross arena. Yapping and Tinny opponent harper also coming in on Friday as I've Don Stephenson voice of the Rochester Americans tonight 109. Dot set us up for tonight what do we know about that tonight's opponent the kicks in Binghamton senators anymore because you just saw the senators up in Belleville the Binghamton doubles correct. Now I've been working all day getting that straightened out of my mine to making sure the bite I'd say those words you'd just it's big and so much for planning that in my mind. A it's the devils now Binghamton levels and I've got to say it over and over and over again. I didn't say that with the senators the other day indelible it is say. Binghamton a couple of times unfortunate but it's particularly just doesn't it doesn't. Really ring doesn't Binghamton levels there's still room dusters to me. We're not getting into whale that's right if you. Of course order out there at the Rangers Rangers. On an oddly similar Edwards has been always in accidents it. Yet no change. Note changeup so wet tonight so it first ever look at the doubles it's that you know pretty good although running on some tough times lately a four straight losses from them and average are looking to we continue that streak for the little hospitality you know to keep that screen roll and so. I would get a look at but it's it's probably typical. Albany team because Albany of course doubles moving from Albany or to Binghamton and and dead in New Jersey farm system has always pretty consistent very defensive minded and and but the average have done well in breaking through spurs' offense concern. The average serve. Who stepped to second place in the division just behind Toronto loosely in the division and here's here's one that's really good when was the last time. So maybe on the first week of the season you're seeing the average as high as eight in the overall standings lead. Through that right now eight out of 31 teams so that's impressive. Don we'll have a call for you at 7 o'clock tonight Tim Schneider with pre game just before 7 o'clock here on ESPN Rochester Don enjoy your night things you can missile at a time. You. I Jeanne let's collect our breath let's. Return tomorrow at 3 o'clock we've got another. Another amazing sort of sports part danger down on them. We'll talk more hammocks America why it will stop buying so why will talk of course on the game it's hard for coming up Thursday. I'll we will talk to WFAN slash CBS legal expert Amy Daschle can afford that interview. Yeah we got some legal news today easy kill LE it will drop his appeal and serve his six game suspension. Also how is that collusion grievance with Colin Kapanen going in you'll keep us updated on that when she joins us tomorrow afternoon at 325. Also Mike wrote back tomorrow to love because this bill story is not gonna go away and it will be more angles to this so. Possibly as from one bills drive ESPN's Mike wrote back tomorrow the sport. Thanks for listening this afternoon every afternoon takes telling a friend from three until six the sports bar with danger of attack Leah. Back again tomorrow afternoon. So then the money is next. Anyway let's use that time it. And notice today. No it's okay. Lauro.