The Sports Bar-Hour 3 11/30/17-David and Wendy Dworkin

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Thursday, November 30th

Rochester Rhinos owners Wendy and David Dworkin join The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to discuss the decision to suspend operations of the team in 2018. Next, a round of "Shots" where the guys go around the world of sports and serve up the day's top stories.


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We'll come from process in the fall it's brutal. You know from my institute of time and time and stands you're here you're in there. Agent Alan between I don't tells them and don't watch Buffalo Bills football. What I will tell him what happened to me. Your body hurts it physically painful it's completely to Terry your body he feels so Wie eighteen easily grinding teeth and process and you get down so hard. That your gums are you bullying and you just have to list in your mouth. And suddenly Alon process anymore. It will need some money for pain. It's not worth and then the highs I got are words what came after you well to just get up and do you know McCain's aides married Mary scan and I. RJ can tie and they've packaged it and land right coach McDermott will say this is now it goes this is what will happen but it's it's it's process and nothing kills the way that people expected take out. It's almost question about patrons who so that date some Muslim public game. That Phil and they won't be you know so it's always but they sell special pages. Mike danger and let's just respect them for what their daddy is coming to town on Sunday goes through this forty years old iron out it's incredible. You know it's incredible what he's never do it through it throughout his career he. You know and stuff I know. Not only what he does on the field weight is off the temperature in terms of what I've heard it's preparation their entire team you know I think it's every great okay like move on right. Because we know it GB tablet and a. You're on your way to. What scientists call Stockholm syndrome you're coming up with scenarios with the patriots will win and you can. You love your kaptur you've just to make you love Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Murder and one of the slope there really need to. Focused on buffalo. Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet they care about anything else right now. But he he was reaction Jerry Sullivan's question was whistled and ask. Sesame but no you know as in the comment on tax reform that's where we are right now. Were real media folks are trolling because you can't get Bill Belichick to say anything. Regional or insightful about the match of Selena what let's just goof off and have a little bit of fund so it that's where we are today would you rather. Maybe the bills would rather they be loose going into page three week we rather they be tense and and feeling pressure does that feel like they're loose right now I feel like. This is his looses they've been. Since before the the losing streak obviously. I mean maybe that whole thing two weeks ago mean nothing to be you know that that's. You get the self created quarterback controversy they went through the pack beat hoops Porsche wanted to boost heading into this game. You want to be Aleutian wanna play with energy in May you get the ball rolling and there's two instances where this happened. 2003. Opening week yes that was a long long time ago but that was Tom Brady and everything like. Right that date 31 nothing the bills won that game you remember that it 2011. Hey everything went right that day to edit it took a Lindell field goal and at right at the end Bill Belichick getting all medical and get the ball back at the end that was wonderful. That was also six years ago Ozal hats high the bills beat the patriots. At new Lara feel danger so yes why not be loose this week. Let's be honest I mean one we're talking to people how can the bills pull this off this week. And nobody's really coming up with some great answer it's all your standard cliche run the ball create turnovers and blah blah blah blah blah so why is in the points for at higher. Only in the half. That look like a good bet for the patriots what does Vegas know that we don't. Has the patriot defense been playing a little bit above where they're mean gays could adapt your regression. What is it good is countless some acquire all of a sudden showing up on the injury report today now we talked Mike rolled back earlier it's a nice fine he practiced fully today. Bly. I think it's always the little bit noteworthy or is it John McDermott playing a little bit of the patriots game and his gains and shipped there with the injury report. Yeah you you've got some. Brady on the injury report is well within Achilles injury right he missed practice yesterday backed practice today fully self. I would too much into. Like it put too much in the ocean in court making an entrance and the injury report. Tom Brady wins. On Sunday. Does he tie ties Drew Bledsoe. As the quarterback with the most wins. At the stadium. In the drought air the drought error on the 2002. Present day. So this. It is this debt it it got a lot of chuckles around the nation who has the most wins. As a quarterback at Cleveland's. Wherever they call a FirstEnergy blob blob Los field. Not a browns quarterback it's Ben Roethlisberger. Oh my god. If Tom Brady Wien is this gaining not the all time winningest quarterback that's Jim Kelly but if you just narrow it. Who are seventeen years of misery could be eighteen who knows. Tom Brady would tie Drew Bledsoe. And Bledsoe was only here three years mind you that was it. So did the fact that Drew Bledsoe and as far as quarterback that's that's all you need to know right there the bills have not committed to a quarterback. More than three years. You think about that. I had to get the revolving door and you're gonna have somebody else. Now the door because Tyrod three. Or it'll be up here and in just a few months. That part MOK with. I feel like three years of quarterback player in the large enough sample size you can make a determination as to whether or not disguise your future your franchise but. That the revolving door of coaches. I think is is damaging that the botched draft picks EU with in the first round it's such a back but. The idea that you know it's been two years and gone for a lot of these coaches. And that that didn't help us through that through the dry years you. More than anything though it's pre more than anything braided it's Brady and is complete. Ownership. Of this team this division. So what is it what what what can we look for to what can we look forward what can be exploited. From the suing the patriots team I'll tell you the one thing I'm curious to see. Will today. Try to create mismatches with. The patriots lined up thinking four and that's the weakness. Of their defense and get a ton of a pass rush either. Could it be different Charles clash. I'd be curious to see that. I don't know that I wanna see them testifying Gilmore because zone to give a weapon that's gonna win that out. May be easy Jones didn't they you know I I do I would rather see them try to exploit of a bomb match up like. Charles clay vs a New England. Linebacker. Of course LeSean McCoy. Maybe then just may be. It is the NFL. After that it. But how does this narrative change all the sudden it's if you beat the patriots and those words come autumn I'm mouth and I'm just doubting them okay so just suspend belief here for a second. What what would it be like on Monday then it's wow maybe this team is for real maybe they did figure out their problems on defense 'cause. To me it comes activists. Which bills defense is the real bills defense is that the one that just got Rand. Over pancaked by the saints. And the chargers and the jets for that matter or is the one that that scheme pretty decently. Against the chiefs it was a differently had EG games back that's one thing might my gosh somewhere between while. Yeah my hopes are herb. The not too hot here you're facing the greatest quarterback of all time you're probably going to see something similar to be. Charger game that the jet game missing game their eyes set. But what if what if Mike danger of the defense plays good enough to limit Tom breed it's when he points in the bills somehow find enough. I'll room to put up 241 if that happens well. Mean it's got to be an ugly game that they you know kick it into a shoot out not built for that but if you can keep it ugly keep a close. Stranger things have happened. Just is it feel like it's gonna happen with this team this weekend. The other big story of the day today of course the announcement by the Rochester rhinos that the 2018. Season. Will cease. To exist they will close of operations for season. I'm being told that does somebody from the rhinos to shore David went on and so yeah I did is getting your car no rival soccer and when he eighteen. 2019 they're gonna hold true regroup and again appointed to the same things basically the the whole tell occupancy tax. Which let me just point out to our public officials. That's not. Our tax dollars K that's up for debate where those dollars get allocated. So for. Cheryl did not flow to say she's represented Monroe County taxpayers. Zach is in the Monroe County taxpayer paying that now unless I stayed downtown hotel. OK let's tee box that's OK it's differ money. So. I'm upset Arab leaders. I know this was. I tight deadline might danger. Where's the city on all this and yet we keep waiting for the CD to speak on this but it doesn't seen it this seem like a problem that. Court have been fixed. Blight it just doesn't seem like anybody was willing to lend it to work in a helping hand here. That's problem number one. Problem number two. Will work with the corporate community on that's where you're not asking for a lot of money for eight. In relative terms for the Jersey sponsorship. And again I don't know how many leads they have I don't know like. That was the other part of the pie that that was not the field on this so if you wanna be angry at anyone today. Deflected away from the war in Stacy the team here for two years. Being mad hatter city leaders. OK we're just. They that they don't seem to be interest it. In helping businesses here in Rochester at least it in least in this. Since that's my own little mad at us as well not you and I've got us collectively. The warning signs were here we knew that this was a potential. Possibility. After last season. And we didn't take action. And I know that the number one reason why people would say that they won't take action they won't go and support team is because of where the stadium is located. And I can't get past that I can't get that out of my mind I I understand. What your eyes are seeing is an aesthetically pleasing and it tells your brain that you're not somewhere. That you want to be. Where that you're not safe. That's a false narrative to me when you have zero proof you have zero. Issues you have zero instances. Cars getting broken into war. You know somebody getting their their their pocket picked. The violence. In. But because your eyes see something that they don't aesthetically like seeing. It looks like a bad neighborhood doesn't feel safe. And the dozens of times I've gone down of that stadium fur for gamer otherwise. Never once. Has there been a time right didn't feel safe. With my family and we can't get past that. And that's disappointing to me. You can look back is that while the seeding should have been there in the first place and you could I would listen that to. But knowing it is where it is can Joey some of them are you really wanna support. That shouldn't be the thing this option. Joining us now the owners of the Rochester rhinos David and Wendy. To work in David when he we appreciate your time we appreciate you guys do what you did the last two years how difficult on other decision was this for you today. And and I haven't really been in order. Particular moment in digest the whole thing completely and it. There are a popular players update all around our staff. It bury it. David dumb. This is the cynic would say give me an example of what time were a team has been docked for a year and then returns to some sort of prominence or success. Gimme gimme a positive outlook. At all. I don't Wear it. And tell me about much real tell the story for people that don't. Montreal. I 1989 I believe that's right. Between 1999. Because I'm not making it back. You know I don't let your listeners. Check it out. They took time off like we did when obviously eating them at our. And our quote unquote jobless. There is absolutely AD. An example of that that occurred. A lot what's happening the last two weeks Mary. And while it way short of where all Nicole. We still read meaning congress begins with people and we haven't I. Eight aren't there at declined the opportunity to support and prayers one year high. Current and not just so. We had to sit when he's been really great support. On the Spartan spoken to. To really continue their support or stadium. Team and for what we do it. Where things stand right now weigh in terms of what happens at. This stadium in other words are you still the Tenet do you get to stay in your office do you get the least what's going on with the city of Rochester right now on the stadium David and Wendy. We understand it be that they. A release it coming out before the close of business on the saying it's already been released I have not been. And Williams or you're gonna find out when we all find out. Yeah I'd I. Unlike you I'm waiting I mean lead the lap. It's just don't see any. You'll find out your future at as a tenant in that stadium the same time the rest of us find out. Well I and I mean it I guess what I'm at least ten years. You know I ate my rent a car in my application. I don't know what is indeed it is going to be I think even I mean I didn't know that what is Bateman like. And it is that you let this statement the political and business. I I presume authority and it spiked when I mean. Once I'm assuming authority out I just I haven't had a chance to look like. You got I'll be noted that. We're looking right now to me yes it's an atlas but I mean how. David I know you're probably biting your tong. How has it been working with the city Rochester. Always have been working with the city. In my landlord that's correct. I mean look this city let again today. There have been great. They've been and certainly some positive things that happened we got any Jumbotron and we got any scoreboard. Those have been very good things. One of the parking lot went right at me I don't you know it is not not all the gluten in the everyone says but yet there's a lot more things that we would like. I'll hotel act being one of them and has been made clear that they can't control act and the county included they don't control. So I don't really have a good responses to. Wouldn't open their other than that Italy or Spain which is in the gate we have a bands sweeping Capello is what medium in this facility. And we should be receiving we're so. What hotel rooms that are occupy. At this building and whether or not. Whatever I said before something about bureaus there. At the end of the day it is our hope within IE get a get that the fine. You get state colder at all levels of government and all levels of the community on being paid. To preserve. The team and the jobs and do what's best for the region and it could. Be a real quick I mean if we're able to do Montreal it into nine uniting the country all Pamela. If we're able to do we gave what they gave him we can come back next year in nineteen with our plan. We have all all year now people you only have two weeks he does not time well we actually years to tell people what are like where. We have unified security. We have a year to work on the L. If you're aware that our corporate sponsor and and you know those are things that matter and you know our hope and expectation is it did come out better and stronger. It is all done. What professional soccer will you have this summer at the stadium. We will have united are currently matches here we haven't been able obviously are. Yeah they get built not done yet to I can't get anymore eked out other than we will at US don't matches in the. What happens I I assume I know the answer to this put all the players right now they are free agents what's what happens to your your staff I mean I would have to imagine that you're you're forced to downsize her. We started a conversation. Not very pleased which is kinda like yeah opulent. I've never you know I in our company inspired people for reasons. I'd never let someone go it is doing when it job in the air for fashion. And it is very new. Not something certainly that I relish in. It's an unfortunate thing that there's so many people that are gonna be without a job be right before the holidays through basically the it would just. Not able to do we do here. David when he dork in Rochester rhinos are joining us in the sports toward danger tag glee on ESPN Rochester cell. What's the plan then between you know let's fast forward a day a year from today you know between now all. And then what can we expect to hear see. And be apart of in terms of Rochester rhinos soccer what else in the community do. To get behind getting this team back on the field and 2019. Well I think the first thing and we're gonna continue to do what we in the last few weeks the last two years we're gonna be relevant we're gonna stay in the public mind. We're gonna make sure this facility get used are intended purpose. Our stadium and we should play soccer and it. And if the last couple hours of call with Parse our sponsors and some other larger companies. That we populated part of the over the last two years continues. And are open in nineteen. That we were burned to a better place and we are now and it is unfortunately it it would result in an avid that your raw. Long term stability and then I guess that of the problem that it. I don't. To appeal opening it is now. I'm not for your commitment for the 29 in the and then. Brought to play and when he nineteen and come BP and accidentally left out in the stadium the ruling and. And that is something that we think it's important to be able to happen not here. That professionals are turning to Rochester because right now. The writer or poignantly at matches are being a professional soccer amnesty. Which is a terrible thing. And that was the reason why we chose to reach out the league in and week indeed did it. He stopped for a lot and has been professional. Guys in 2019 and when we're talking about fielding a team you're your your basically collecting players from a pool of free agency mean it's essentially. The writer is becoming an expansion team for US self correct. In some senses yes I mean if we do get one benefit which is a lot of these players that they brought out billikens evil we can get some players back but it lived in Rochester. There's some players frankly. There are significant other and don't wanna leave what the RR a are all this morning. Dynamic yet down below that your life but unfortunately. You can't play here next year the right so in some ways we are gonna be like an expansion team in net. We're gonna have that you're debate to get everything that foundation built in a positive way and then you know next Gianluca go to free agent market but candidly. In any given year world leader at least. 60% of our team our new place. And there's no players out there just have to go out and find buyers who want. David are you smoking Tuesday and I think Dan with so much we don't know I go back to this press release are waiting from the city that your waiting to see but. Things like section five football things like the drum and bugle corps we. Or are you pulling back from that as well or will you if there is an opportunity will you be looking to bring those events into that stadium assuming that your still. Everything's cope the senate with the city here on that front. Well I think yacht it is true now we have more. Weekend eight now. That we had the opportunity to host more than our stadium and we would have Wayne's those eight to reserve the radler last year and the right. So that he spent there were able to utilize those eight where it. With respect inspection by well all we're operating other aspects of our sport we did apple well as everyone knows that if they don't. He partly the other goal post is here. But we're gonna continue to reach out to those sport trauma it will unfortunately it. It's a wait for two years another city so we gave up that the next two years. We engage on in Concord Asian. Completely and our is. Action I op are on and we couldn't make it more for our. This isn't for twenty passing team but we did have a congress speech in and out we will be regarding. Bringing them hopefully compact. And I've there might finals in achieving medium but when he. When he waited David's work and joining us in the sports are dangerous tightly Gaza just wanna give you an opportunity to Florida shores. You know hole any comments to the fans and supporters. In the nonbelievers anybody that wants it to keep soccer alive in Rochester anybody that may be his doubted this whole process. Before the GO. Well art in your pain through all the band aren't better than those that is chill support. Be it ticket or whatever it is there email and everything out and wonderful and they'd been there to report saying during the height. And that average lawn net of Cochran did the F. Rally others. I'd seen the report that there is to support this team and how to eat any solid foundation port is being asked. David and Wendy. Tough decision it's a really tough day. But we thank you for you know everything you did hear though the last two years and moving forward I'm looking forward of that day we'll see the Runnels on the field on the pitch and when he nineteenth. It went I appreciate it much stone back I have. You got it when he David working joining us in the sports toward danger and tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Point. Stop stop and I think. The toughest part actually. There you know the dozen or so people are gonna lose their jobs here is we've moved in the month of sound. That's the part that sucks I mean you know I it you can not play the the trials here in the did that tradition. Mean you and I danger we both grew up with the NFL but there are so many people so many fans I know Ole big goal back. To the team when it was born was actually born born at farmers stadium in 1995. And it. It just hurts me is a Rochester sports fan there were having this conversation. But I'm telling you. What can we learn from this. Red wings and Merck's. Night hawks'. What's the old died Genesis. Song and then there is an album a name worth three what do we learn from this. Go support your red wings Emerson night hawks and on the Ryan knows if your business or is leader in this town they come knocking on your door take demeaning. Listen to what they have to say. Because. A city with a soccer team is a much better city in my opinion. In a town with. Such strong roots community that is sold rooted in soccer I mean you know. When families are investigating soccer. You spending time with your case it's on the pitch I mean you've got. You've got this great opportunity. I hit it sucks it sucks and it's not there. It won't be there this year. I am. I'm not happy about that I am I by the way data and have to come on our show today. David and Wendy you and Dave nor I mean that we always see our great. They don't can be. Save this team yeah I can't I can't listen to anybody that that wants to question. What they're doing. All they did was save a franchise. Now all they wanna do is breakeven. Can get a business break it you can't be mad at them if they decide. Hey you know what we're just we're not the business of losing money. It. For Cheryl them off law. To put out a statement. And just basically asked down. Amending my my language there. Yes she told news ten ACC. On behalf of the county taxpayers. We're not going to divert any more hotel motel tax from the arts and tourism at this point. Second Cheryl that's not. Tony taxpayer money we're talking about. Why go away. The arts are important tour or is there were is important you know what's important what I had adds to our quality allied sports teams now it's three their goal. We went from minor Wii Sports capital. To a bad minor league count how did this out. Hot this happen. Well it's attitudes like that I am representing county taxpayers. What. I'm a year it and I and that's stupidity. That he's not my money as a taxpayer that is tourism dollars we should all have a conversation. Iain. And if you disagree if you agree with me on that we'll think Alex Caldwell county executive. And tell her that. Oh my gosh. Somebody just needs to call around that is not tax revenue we're talking about the right notes have never. Asked bread dollar. Up public money. I sit again never asked for a dollar public mind this is the hotel. Revenue they're talking out of attacks. Geez. There's another terms let me tie yeah. Cause I gonna play out of the Buffalo Bills Sunday when they won a new stadium it's not me and I'll tell. That's it's gonna paper Newsday came out. So. Let's let's get the shots I use a stiff drink. Or on the we'll sport's top stories of the day I think we have our top kicker story of the year who won a virus. Ports bar. Mean it's opportunity. To me. Have launch with a marks sports are favorites predict you know update okay. Our shot is brought to you as always by Marty you liquor 11100 Jefferson road. Just off the expressway for the past election invest prices give mark if you liquor shot. You'll be glad you did you know what would begin everybody in a better moon some free tickets that we do half yes okay so. You may know this coming up. It's going to be on sits at December 16. It's the Alaska or advisors rock city hoops classic saint Bonaventure basketball mightily upon his good they beat Maryland agency that. Saint Bonaventure taking on Vermont. And it is your chance right now to between two tickets against Saturday December 16 4 PM the blue cross arena saint Bonaventure basketball. Vermont the opponent two tickets to color number seven right now. At 454 ESPN 4543776. The tickets are your first call right now. Shots that's in the sports marked danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. Its goal again window love the music awesome did this I know what else. This is amazing and also you guys don't know about cliff like I know about Oakland. How. We just played all the great tunes I like this from crazy love equipment users honestly I don't care what else happens out. That was a man. It scored a window on AM 950 and 957 FM best sports leader ESPN Rochester. We're doing shot. These top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round she. This. The tigers back playing competitive golf for the first time since its most recent back surgery Tiger Woods over lose three under 69 the first round a hero world challenge in the Bahamas. Woods hit several impressive drives and approach shots it was made a few lengthy putts but also struggled. He jumped to chip shots at one while drive that led to a penalty struck. And also missed a few greens but it off a pretty good first round forgotten hasn't played since February welcome back tiger. Major League soccer's announced its four finalists for expansion on this day here in Rochester. Where the future of the writer isn't serious stuff that's pretty ironic considering the city was always brought up as a candidate back in the heyday of the rhinos the finalists for expansion in Nashville Detroit. Cincinnati and Sacramento. Not making it help or Charlotte Indianapolis. Phoenix Raleigh Durham Saint Louis San Antonio San to San Diego and Tampa Saint Petersburg from the four finalists to will be selected. Presentations will be made. This coming Wednesday. So all of that's come out what their desk sports rankings in America best cities while which reports its objective. Buffalo ranks 26 out of the fifteen large sized city. And certainly that's debatable anyone who's been to show Larry these teams ahead of buffalo puts in at Buffalo's better sports number whereas Rochester would. It just it won't Rochester listed as a mid sized city there 108 cities that are midsize number one is Green Bay. Take a guess on a one way or Rochester finished dance. Sand beneath did basically the bottom quarter Syracuse ranked 49 doubles or he's doesn't support the crunch and she's like we support the wings and an Merck's. Hard to ignore the fact that sir he says division one football and basketball that we don't. Philadelphia linebacker Corey when it was in high school. Gillis magic whose guidance counselor who likes her BMW as motivation. The guidance counselor told him that if Clement ever made it to the NFL. That car would be hits. True to her word she gave the running back her BMW thus making her the coolest guidance counselor and for. Hi this is going to make you fuel thirty years ago tonight. Monday Night Football what happened to commit think about it. K thirty years ago tonight what was it. Right now meantime. Bo Jackson ran for 241. Yards in just eighteen carries in the win at Seattle this game's best known. For Jackson whining over Seahawks linebacker. Brian Bosworth thirty years ago tonight a place so legendary. That recent car commercial. Included the duties of the still a football coach at the University of Tennessee won control job on the vaults. Has grabbed a lot of attention breaking news Kim Jung and has turned down the Tennessee job those words accompanied by a Photoshop image of the North Korean leader involved here. We coming from a man who many would consider public enemy number one involves nation that's Lane Kiffin. If it wants quit the Tennessee job go to USC Kiffin now Florida Atlantic. So busy it is new job he has time to troll as former employers meanwhile. Produced just play on this turn them down himself with the surge at Tennessee continues. Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Kerr models has been looking to Celestine personal quite some time looks like now he finally has the suit. That was billion there billionaire Tom Dunn in the it's in talks to buy the canes now that classes all the Dundee and indications are that her morals would retain some level ownership even in a minority role there is one condition of the sale. The team would remain in Rawlings gold relocation. Finally. What lunch with former Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Bailey yeah. Imagine that you ask him. Here's your opportunity you get paid on lunch. Don't want to whales at the west edge here because the proceeds benefit the Tim believes the foundation. I don't know them saying their I Q is it investing communities in South Africa. Estimated value for the want to Doug Whaley. It's 185. Hundred sort of porno means for the men and a 500 dollars I can't believe it bidding and seven days from now. On December 7. You know it's I'm looking at this right now. How it is possible you know I'm not paying for Doug wins to get caiso. For his reelection pulled away. Not paying to have lunch. With Tug and lately. Out here you must be at least eighteen. Ballot for one person so you know I can't split the difference and go out want to whales. You're you're timely and it is ninety minutes OK ninety minute Doug and there's been all day with you break that down okay that's if you if they get the 47 and 2.5 hundred dollar debt that's 27 dollars permit. 27 dollars permanently Wales the cost of launches include little thing going. Right but yet dear you're probably going to you know some fast food joint right can't be resold or re auction blacked out DO dates may apply. Travel accommodations not included. So we wanna have Whaley coming here. I think I'm gonna go. After. Be great for the show your I. And this meant big 500 Boggs I don't know nobody there Jeanne what are we gonna gain that we don't already know. I can tell you a Doug Whaley lunch in thirty seconds. When in this business it's about two things. It's about players and way. Really is whether it's a wheeze done it. The key to having include he's done bush. He's having fun. And eating non-GAAP. Where's my when he 500 dollar bit. Well this is acts NFL GM he has no big zionists. No and don't understand if you want Iowa. Old winning eBay you wait until last second I would figure you have at least one right there's got to be some super Beatles fan is not there today. Jordan I don't want to say danger. I want no part of it. I like money thank you very much. By the way going back to that story about. League Clement the running back for the Eagles getting the BMW from the guidance council yeah sure Delaware and try and teacher thank you so much in order vision here's a car. We would do anything accepting a BMW for what he got one thing that guidance counselors ever done for any. 000 in order to do he can sell the car. And then use the proceeds. To buy lunch with former bills GM Doug Whaley. Put it to good use. Pay it forward. Current bid be the first to be a danger we should tweet this out. Money to the sport I created out earlier did you go to the dollar earlier yet still I was begging you know I'm short of belt off my hands and knees begging. Please somebody. Did it on lunch with the whales. Please. I like some of these rules and regulations we expect all winning bidders in their guest conduct themselves appropriately. Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to rules and parameters on long worse boring once that. Ankle they drinking what dog and not enough let's Jimmer is also at the launch tweak we throw him in there and make it worth my while. Let's let's wrap up shop next closing time on the way in the sports or danger to take in a preview of more show next. On AM Niger the united 57 FM ESPN Rochester. Its goal again window does she know where I'm Nora I'm normally sitting on the other side and I'm normally. Looking to my right at a non athlete. Now look into my right on looking at a non athlete and a half days and I'm venue relative definite now as someone who was an athlete but not that creative well we all athletes at some point excelled at kick ball that's athletic well that's true. I was a seventh grade quarterbacking a team to what do we say any thing in high school now nothing more I think he's he's more iced tea like literally any organize organize more workers along what you do it played. I did a lot of do a lot of fun. Broadway drama C. Did. We do know let it start to feel like Bill Joy do right now. Yeah exactly you were one who brings this out mention away from their feelings for women nice with a nice buffalo mozzarella there and a half hours it's torture window on eight and 950 and 957 FM sports leader ESPN Rochester.