The Sports Bar-Hour 3 11/8/17-Hate Mail!

The Sports Bar with Danger & Battaglia
Wednesday, November 8th

The guys start hour three of The Sports Bar with a rant on "putting your name on it." Next, Danger and Battaglia serve up the top sports stories of the day in a round of 'Shots.'


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The sports bar when danger in that tag me. Or so. We came back strong spurt to again which was good. A short territory for him for an hour every game. Loved it does relate to where we started thinking well hello we have shot mentality. We've made great decisions down. I think we all need to play better and on any coach better and does the part of growing as a football team. Building as a football team and it into what we're trying to become as a football team. Mike Dee injured. If you do you see a lack of effort on Sunday against the saints are we allowed to question whether or not this team is all lean on me process chamber exactly and what the running game. How can improve that a player personnel thing they having trouble grasping the system my expectation for the running game would be up further along than what they've shown here in the first eight games in Rochester sports leader. 957. ESPN. Welcome back to the sports bar danger and tangling. Appreciate you listening appreciate you telling a friend. Appreciate you giving us some of your time most valuable and precious commodity every afternoon. From three to six here running us in Rochester now with had a great shows so far we talked to Christie Garrett who is the sideline reporter for the scene so I was a good preview we talked a lien is hallmark cool I think it. Sunday's going to be a media star he wants to go that route. But for now. Pretty good darned goalie in the American Hockey League with someday gonna be up in the NHL so talking hockey was Linas Omar of the Rochester Americans that was fun. And we also law. I hate mail for what. But I hate not hate mail and I would not want to call it hate now would you say like and wait when you don't put your name on it can't really kick qualified his hate mail it's just mail. Is what this is his mail they could do it anonymously from an anonymous dress and I'd hate to. Email eat if you hate us put your name on it. All all this T you always your feedback your Chris but it's partly to take you seriously when you can't even put your name on it. Good gravy if people are calling in separate capitals call in show I think you're gonna shoot admit that. People won't be calling until he calls or end the show. And our back and that's what you were calling hate mail thing I don't know I don't really see it as a chain connecting the guy has. He's a listener of the show off a dot matrix produce a list of the show he set down his. L word process or. Typed out those. Sentences some of them are complete and rifled it off to us in the mail in envelope with the return address. Of what was it on lake avenue 710 late Gabby I know I mean curious OK. Google and that's pops a bad break out at the top during next. We don't don't don't drag the folk to Blake gathered even worse media works at tops Jean Nate listen maybe he works at lake avenue tops list is the show every day. Media were his only companion every afternoon from three until six police working at Topps may be stocking the dairy department we don't know. We don't. But. If you're listening share. First call I appreciate your feedback. I appreciate your criticisms. Put your name on it. Own it. Don't hide. Behind an anonymous the dress or or attempt at a trainer DN a keyboard you're not. Not owning it. I can't take you seriously. If you if you want me to take your criticisms to heart in your your suggestions more seriously. Put your name on it. Place at that a while that's just old graduated trolls come by right you get down to where a lot people. You know trying to bait you but well you see that if you like an hour to sit doubtless be typed out flatter danger. That's saying and that's why I'm not I'm not call him and I'm actually kind of jealous that he had that kind of time in his day to to rifle off to us. And so I I appreciate it I'm not being. So it beyond not being sarcastic I I genuinely appreciate his feedback. But I would take it more seriously. If it was signed. By somebody if his name was on it if I knew it was legit. If you're just patrol us. He's not here and mean knee I'm not gonna take the time I don't have the time to deal with gene you don't have time to do with trolls now. This country know that you listening have our back we heard earlier from. You know some sports bar regulars. And a Vera for me let's edit that we don't get calls weird calls. There's a lot of calls we choose not to put on the air because that's not. Necessarily I. And what we are looked indict yes people writing in on Twitter. Nick writing and don't let one idiot bring your show all you guys got a great show all I'd bust chops but I love you guys. You need to stop buyer to build tailgate some putts either go danger you got to invite your going out the saints game look. If you haven't figured it out now. We don't put every call through you're not used to this in this town it's the sports are it's our. Show I'm not turning the keys over so you can talk about LeBron or you'd like basketball or something most. Let's dare I say it's our show really it's our shot meaning it's our show but it's also your Iraq yeah but but I'm not who you know we reserve the right. To have less of view if you are not going to come correct if you're gonna come with something week. And you're gonna you know we want you to enhance what we're talking about what you add to the conversation we love talking to you. We invite you. We stayed all the time pull the stool. It's a little thing here when the sports bar danger tag lit for 54 ESPN your always well rejoin his publicity if you're going to. Take the time out of your busy day which we appreciate to call a shell. Understand we're not just gonna put you on the air. To say whatever you want to say. Rifle off your hot take the day especially if you're not take has nothing to do. With the topic at hand we're gonna stay focused we're gonna move fast. We're gonna try and be a show that is entertaining. We're gonna try to be a show that's fun or a show that's not gonna take ourselves too seriously. We really don't. Chris street tweeting in now maybe he's still upset. About taking your eliminate or pick advice from week what the other big deep. We're all going sports bars no suspense this win and we're gonna get it out of the way there's no thanks for busy sucks right. Friday and we will be crawling I will take my danger and you're yeah final hurdles final stop because stopping gene I'll stop there yes you pick the patriots week when survivor for. That we're about accountability here in the space within two months I haven't slot can I can and can't sleep at. And and a lot of people want much because of me in life lost this year geno tell you deer in the block where they were talking to Josh from Rochester page Josh I'll orient. They get it I'm the guy those that back agro work for better expect I was. Yeah yeah yeah yeah so he has resigned yeah I know we. Appreciate the big tall guys danger came out the back nine enough for the bills jets the only nine. Yeah I don't want to call I've met I've been all over the country and there is nowhere else in the country that you can turn on the radio station. You can't turn out anything out yet guarantee you they'll actually year. Sports talk radio about the bill. You know and I appreciate it I get it can't be here about my favorite Jeep. Problem guys who are generally you know you guys you guys put in a much effort. And do so much spent forget that guy forget that I islet yet everyday I love this show locally. Josh are you sure you don't want us to do some more phone calls may be some bills trip DR some yankees trivia our. You know why I wanna hear about LeBron last week. Large body art market. We don't spend time talking about that Joshua because we know that as soon as we suck up at six. You're beautiful most of that with our boys belong. Are my god I can't. Appeared about what looked like caller brought down to where was that day we'll know what they want to talk about. Now Josh we appreciate you listening thank you so much for the call. At 454 ESP 454 ESPN Jack is calling in from Rogers objected to write this letter jackets issue put your mind Jack op. A second Webster. That is our regular second Webster always calls in and always provides a little bit more depth to what we're talking exactly how Lori this afternoon. Greater deal. Call it you know wrote that there are New York City are you know nick eatery. You know not a bills stand by you guys are are gray a lot about the regional sports here out mr. Clinton that he now. You gotta keep doing what you're doing that data that. Other you to describe them. Does Zack and you know. We appreciate that we're G we're getting people saying you know like don't let this kitchen like don't don't for second that this gets us down like he doesn't get me down and up. Upset about anything it's not criticisms in the latter it's put your name. On its. Now I'm upset about hypocrite as I really don't get the shell then then then now this is not for users other show that's fine idea and and I find. Like the you can you know which is it all and show. I don't know what that means what calling show was that I'll call in show or it's continuous phone calls for three straight hours that's not only god. I don't think that's what you wanna listen to. You'll match though that's what people are condition you and I am to three straight hours of. Mr. NFL it 93 mr. I have felt I had. It dad let's go to mr. Cleveland Browns this deplete. Listerine sure your favorite NFL eighteen year age dom Burmese drug okay good news is go aren't there you know may not for not to but let's go over there to a mr. pulled stayed at collared the Monterey and then later we'll take color nine to. Double dose of bills trivia we'll give away a box of mama Lopes. And run home while visiting Iraq just Brandon. Runs in. The outcry English. It's time for something new it's time for something different that's what we're trying to do that's. Matt I'm not down on anything that this guy said I appreciate the feedback. I want the feedback I want. The criticisms tell us what we're doing right what we're doing wrong what we can do better where we can improve would be crazy if we thought we had all the that's what I don't like. Is he did it anonymously. Just put your name on it hole that your mistakes. All of your opinion don't hide behind a keyboard you troll. Don't do it. That's what bothers not produce I. I need. A big criticism is valid don't don't know what it's like getting criticized that your job. Never in my Tim Collins jalla and that didn't did not write this like now what made him. I don't a lot of calling it and you know I got about the need to be very. So on are called it quite. All called in what year that and about its. And I thought. I appreciate it our I don't like oh I'm audience but. You don't that they ought bought in worked. It up and utter not. And tonight. That's what we Tim that's what we do we just wanted to reach out talk to people there is passionate about sports as we are branded tweeting and NB SP and Rochester. You guys are saying you want a hot take on the when he eighteen when Ehrlich I'm actively exactly. Yes we'll take your calls coming up next on the Boston Celtics and their own country and like. We live here and we have a pretty good idea of what sports fans in this town are talking about in any given moment bills bills bills bills. Bills some sabres its sabers and there and Merck's let's say it also never stands. Cues Q is sure. We could be resolved this bunch times about while that allowed us now live so listen. Formula is pretty simple. Not gonna talk about horse racing. Just when I don't know horse racing if that's what you want out of a sports talk show. You have an option for that if that's at this this writer of this letter is looking for if that's what the expectation is. And I don't know we can fill that I don't know we can meet that expectation. Can't please everybody is not what this comes down you're right and we try to be as mass appeal. As we can't. Time and time does seem as Chris tweet for the first time I'm upset about the women meter. Yeah that's. I got a tweet just now at AKA Mike danger. From ring finger down can you please just do a whole show pub Matthews impressions. I can address. And that that's a challenge I would accept. Accept that challenge. Maybe for April Fool's Day. Have a stake calls all afternoon here in the sports Barak. Let's go to mr. and near Jackson talked about John Maine with how great of a quarterback he was I had. It's a little off your impression I think it it sounds a little bit like we got us here there's got to be honest with you it's a little off because they don't list sit anymore. I don't know what he's sounds like it took me. Doesn't that show a handful of times when I first moved here twenty years ago and I said you know what this is a for me. Not for me and that was it I heard enough. And I'm not saying this because I disrespect the man. I I it's hard not to respect somebody who's done it as long as they've done it but if that's the expectation. We can't meet that that's not what we are we're never going to be that we don't want to be that we're different. How weird would it sound if we just took the foot off the pedal okay everywhere just gonna take calls you go ahead. And when it's. Yes she is lazy. It's lazy. If I just came in everyday if you just came it every day and all you wanted to do was hear people talk on the or below be it about the bills. On the year if all it was take calls for three hours straight. That's lazy we are doing our homework we aren't doing our jobs. We are prepared. We're handing you the keys to the Porsche and asking you not to crash it. Gee and I both have second jobs. I'm also the program director of 98 PXY gene also sells if you like I have the gene is the height to talk to you we are busy. But we still carve out enough time in our day to prepare. Shell hole. That we hope you find. Fun. And informative. And entertaining cup captain Ken let's catch fish formative. And juniors yes. But. All kidding aside if we just came here for three hours just opened up the phones that's lazy. IE eight soul you apostle. We're gonna work hard and we do it because we want to put forth a product that you we hope will enjoy and it may not be forever. That's fine. I'm still sleep well at night. It's fine and if again the criticisms in that letter. I will send email that I don't know the last time we got an actual physical matter which I appreciate. I appreciate everything that he sang and I appreciate the time that he took. I'm assuming it's a heat to write that. He didn't put your name on and that bothers me. Well paid this latter that's not only to have his enemy in the first part its I'm not gonna read the first part of this because it takes a local franchise that town and I don't think I wanted to do that I want to drag somebody Yeltsin this doll an action now. That is so maybe there was an agenda behind the letter in the first place right which is why had to remain anonymous. Because you don't want to put your name on not agenda. Stop it. Fired up. It. Only 8%. Believe it's earlier we just hallmark when using your earlier. You know why major Twitter handle. Ice bear duty. It is like I you know made a mistake in calling it iceberg you McKnight and make mistake you all that that's you. You have to be cat lien is all mark on Twitter you can be out ice bear dude. That's totally fine he can I spared you because in Sweden they call polar bears. Ice bears and so his nickname was the polar bear. So they called ice streams like. It's like he owns the minions thing right now bringing in thing if you're wondering why does he have minions it was simply he gets called up to the sabres. Hate this matches the call her the or for how is it and many puts it on the helmet and then kids are coming up to a mayor the meaning guy remaining guy and then. That now forever he shall be known as the meaning. We've got some breaking news out of the NFL find this sort of be a little bit fascinating. Whom you share. Just because he's a fascinating figure in the NFL the top Packers. Have released tight end Martellus Bennett. Are so he goes from being hurt to kick off team him. They paid Bennet eight million this is from me Rappaport that the Packers paid Martellus Bennett eight million of his three year. 21 million dollar contract the only tangible benefit cutting him. With the failure to disclose is if they argue his entire contract is void and go after his money. So this could drag out a little bit Martellus Bennett no longer the Green Bay packer getting cut by the team this afternoon. Wow. Is this good thing or bad thing for this Packers team I don't know what to make of it but I can tell it is it's certainly Lucknow look like a playoff team. On the state the obvious here for the Green Bay Packers this year my tankers. Where's my playoff drop now or is Mora get more in here. Let's talk about playoffs you get may. Playoffs it would again I did so we can win again that's right. Fun fact that was before bill's game that that someone. That was not a Monday night before the bills anybody remember this Wade Phillips and on the bills actually lost this game ending kicker to that story was. Colts actually went on to make the playoffs team after that and yet get in Florida now. Aren't lets us move on shots Jeanne what are you seem gore on the world of sports jobless top stories let's take a call let's take a call here are from mr. and if so. Yeah gonna go to mr. at least impersonation is often really don't know what he sounds like I'm just gonna get this when I'm assuming that it sounds like it is our if so what was the bears bit and senate had a super fan is super pretty and a little super fan let's find all the you know what if he wants what do Diaz. Bills super fan is not far off from bear super Pam let's be honest. Don't buy in if you're doing an entire franchise you apparently you have to you have to mispronounce. Every possible name like blood Celek. But I mean or Vladimir glow ball where he can't say Guerrero where role or whatever it would be. It's like he. Does he see it more than I do you know the nuances of the voice I can't do it I tell when you get all your sports information in a bar and you can hear the audio I can understand I don't know wanna announce Bob's you league's name well. I I may equate the bills fan base various bills and bears fan base is very similar we can't get out of our whole way and we spent a lot of time talking about the the the good old days right like for the bills it was the bills in the ninety's of course Chicago bear for gonna talk about the buyer right now so. But you know we hear a lot of the same tirade at let me tell you some and not for not being there but does that -- bills teams of the nineties some of the best I've ever heard all hang up and listen. That's that's the same as we're doing here in Chicago would come up it's not too far off. Shots next in the sports parts brought Cuba market few liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best price election. And best best prices and selection give mark Hewlett her shot you'll be glad you did that was for free will do another one next. Or we ultimately George. Mayhem is gonna coach Trevor is if you didn't notice but I have proved he's gonna coach forever multi the story out of Syracuse he string Tom Brady's water whatnot isn't in them that could be Annika on a more reaction considering from the the Roy Halladay. His story and will give you also all the latest in the yankees' managerial. Search. All right that's all the way next shots in the sports bar danger and the tag lay up on ESPN Rochester will live for Sunday and every need every great player NFL. It's always EXP and rosters we really pleased in a contest you've armed yourself with the knowledge. Prices when you. And Rochester dot com. Wearing the crown of broadcasters best. Carter this Hillary. Rochester speaks can pick up one. Gathering place. We're doing shots. These top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round of shots. In this war on. It will fire ball is declining to speak well for. Can you know this is serious. Governor three UCL late players basketball players and now been released on bail all. This after being arrested in Hangzhou China. For the team is get who played George attack according Riley Jill hill and of our son De'Angelo ball all accused of stealing for month wait time. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports reporting that Chinese law states that these three players are facing serious time should they face conviction. For the amount they're accused of stealing all three will be looking at. Three to ten years in prison in China. Another issue these players still could be detained usually prosecutors take. Thirty days to decide whether or not to press charges of an iPhone home anytime soon now as far as Lavar ball he canceled his press conference. I had the team's game tonight in Shanghai. And so the better record than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Some say that again for Eugene. It's been mixed better record from the Cleveland Cavaliers. New York off to a respectable six and four start. The following a win over Charlotte. Chris that's freezing this set a franchise record. He's the only Knick player ever to score 300 points in his first ten games of the season. Now Bernard Kane not Patrick Ewing not any of the franchise's all time greats got to that number tonight. The next hour in Orlando. The first time since firing manager Joseph Girardi yankees GM Brian Cashman spoke on a conference call primary reason he gave them both. Cashman said he didn't feel old Girardi communicated well to his players quote. Nick connectivity. That's the primary issue take Cashman. Now that sounds familiar your outlook two does that sound like those also the main reason the sabres GM Tim Murray he says he let go damn loud murmur and I go have a cup of coffee you know players everyone thought. Does stars who's gonna become the next manager of the Yankees sources have told ESPN's Andrew Marchand. The Yankees are looking for quotes an eight. No change in the tough for the latest college football playoff rankings Georgia Alabama Notre Dame and Clinton holding down those spots Oklahoma means death. Followed by TCU Miami and Wisconsin Penn State at Ohio State fell to fourteenth and fifteenth respectively. The test for Georgia come Saturday as the bulldogs faced him tenth all over meanwhile. Notre Dame looks to hold their position against Miami won't have that Notre Dame Miami game for you Saturday night following hammers hockey right here. On ESPN Rochester. College football had their big shakeup the schools are remember that schools joining bigger conferences once school but one school level about a spot in his game musical chairs. It was you've got. For this week the Huskies face Central Florida. And you kind of doing everything. They can a manufacturer that create a rivalry between the two schools. But they'll have to say this is a stretch there will be to state the obvious you've got football is created. Trophy called the civil convoy. But the FL in the CP capital letters yet felt for Florida the CD for Connecticut joined the two states where you've got is getting fired up over this. Central Florida is not every day this week that Central Florida social media pose for throwing shade it down mocking the civil conflict trophies. Man I'm signed his letter of intent no surprise to some Jim behind. Has committed to play at Syracuse last year buddy averaged 26 points a game for games he'll quit. This year he's at prep school and a friend of ever does seventeenth Jim big time will turn 73 years old. Assuming they hunt stays four years at Syracuse that would have Jim coaching until the 78. We are in new this Gmail I'm going to be coaching forever. Reaction to news of foreign baseball with a sad news the passing of former Major League pitcher Roy Halladay a lot of players sharing their news about this court from former teammate Chase Utley he told the story when he first met holiday. Awfully showing up the first morning of spring training season Halladay having breakfast. And he's gonna decide is gonna air reduce himself holiday just straight over from the blue jays other notices that. Holidays is eating. Soaking wet. Pulled did you just get out of the shower thought we ask mill city holiday was actually sweat get finishes work on Iraq. It was 5:30 in the morning when the two met in holiday charity finished his work out. Holiday and as you may know was flying his father's plane off the Gulf of Mexico sold yesterday. Quality shared his love for flying on social media his last week and over the weekend danger. Show him. And the Little League team he'd just coach to win. This story yesterday in NFL appetizers for the patriots and linebacker replacing injured Donta hightower. Who wouldn't injured reserve that linebacker Ricky John France walked. Football is the short lived career for Francoise don't worry currently owns thirty Dunkin' Donuts shops spanning from Savannah Georgia to Hilton head South Carolina. He says his dreams he's owed fifty to 100 Duncan's across the USA Ricky. This is Lieberman Rochester it's really cool. A lot of businesses. And its Geneva don't in this neighborhood they need David Duncan is called high falls would you be interest that she. You you know your market. You're asking for a Dunkin' Donuts and our neighborhood. Blocked the street from loss of one of Duncan in every street there's not. Don't block promises coverage to four yes it's a block to block it half well that's the thing about our town. You'd you can't walk more than five minutes so I gotta get my car not Lenovo stopping it. There's a Dunkin' Donuts I'm tired from here you want and there's. Cargo of the lake avenue that's right down the street. There's another one over here I want across the street there's another one over here on too much staff on exchange. Okay right over here by spread across the street from the holiday it I want one and you have the MCC campus you have frontier feel I want right here. UISI. The FTC campus what that be too far for you. Yeah me too far wanna Acronis area and a yeah just no pleasing you your possible. Can you get asked for Duncan's. That we just got our first Starbucks downtown just a few weeks ago. Either you know I how long or sick you know we don't have a Starbucks and no doubt we have disarm and we have a Morton's. You know I'm no good would have you been yet. Correct. For Chris okay what 9 AM yeah we're excited. You'll miss I am good Morton's yes the GOK and nag at Wiranto tonight tomorrow and it's not and I take the family effort tonight a community my son Morton went. And don't wanna watch mix up the Eagles again TVs on some remorse. And New York guest houses and it. It's a Friday Saturday night. Restaurant one or two games. This. Oral about accountability at the sports urging. You got another Dunkin' Donuts of Bob block and a half from our studios right now how does this story read like a five minute let me read days Q again it says. Heidi. Balls. That's not in the high full day out walk away it's a block off of where we are couple. And if you go further down lake avenue there's another one. We finally got to Starbucks oil Ottawa or more what more can we get if they're on the fly Qaeda through the flight on Mozart. They were all double a bit with your true risky comments in your dinners Sok an economy and it doesn't always wears you. Took. Again you guys gonna kick memories downs which Eugene your bully. Big bully over there. You won you won a safe place to talk about this injured my. Did you saw how excited I was when I was struck this time the pre season at all. All over the world all the more LG. And that he gets his chance and got a head coach does not use it does not on the allows you don't only throw the ball seven times and get a handle on track again that they won by the way I I don't know. I don't know what's now I'm sorry I go through some things I didn't pay for your I was even on red foxes yeah probably my bread. And Mary are you just shoveling dirt on me you just kicking me when I'm down don't like each. I like it. Certainly see your true colors. Oh. That there be better now feel better. If I just I won't say he sucks he's he's he's a work in on grass and Jeff yeah that fair. Last year I ever heard what we think about Jared golf last year at this time. Dome Sox. Still looks. Jerry golf this year. At eight. So you gotta go find the next thirty year old head coach and run that offense in Chicago I would say that template has been laid out yes that's exactly were saying find the body for true Gasquet. Just like guy who was that there was a martz there was no yeah mark smarts it was sake now. Well they did Los Angeles fight buddy Roger Dodger got it buddy now it'll never work how angry is the Mike Martz sitting at home. Hate watching me and I. Oh so I think it around yet his old team that's now Los Angeles just hate watching them just being dad who they hired a young guy. Marc Bulger in the rams' offense was so good quarterback let me tell you oh. It'll never work this Sean McVeigh jury golf thing. It'll never work you're hired is buddy yeah. That's all I'm saying the bears need to do that's what they will do by the way that they're not gonna mess around they've they've invested too much intra discards there's John Fox is a dinosaur he's gone people fire him now. I'm waiting for yeah he had some Tennessee northeast still got a chance. It's not over. It's not over the NFC north is Oprah convinced that Minnesota is as good as their record is now that same path they took last year yeah. And a guy we have more bills talk. Up bills and say it's outside of course you can hear all the action starting at 9 AM with a pregame coverage on ESPN Rochester Sunday morning. If you missed it it Kristian garic. Does southern reports for the BSE radio network and he joined us the 4 o'clock arts and sports park we'll have that up for you shortly on demand at the all new ESPN Rochester dot com. Yap and that we will be out Friday as well we've my job to the penfield pour house as a will be broadcasting live 36 and now we are telling you. Leave work early come join us have got prizes a lot of fun and we'll talk to alive that the pour house coming up Friday as a sports are on location. All right let's such close up shop next. And the sports marked danger and the Tagliabue will give you a preview of tomorrow afternoon show we appreciate you. Spending your afternoon to thus you're in sports where every afternoon from 36 sunny at 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester. Eagles are hosting the sinks this weekend at the cap. Coverage starts Sunday morning at nine on the N 950 and 957. Am damn sports sleep. ESPN Rochester and in a world where you have hundreds of all just for your sports information and entertainment if you are chosen the sports bar with danger potentially even for just five minutes. We are humbled by that thanks for telling a friend about the show. And we appreciate of course you giving us some of your time you most valuable and precious commodity if you missed any of today's show having a feud shortly in on demand. At the only ESPN Rochester dot com. And the free to download ESPN Rochester app humble little distracted my daughters are in the studio next us right now making faces at this gene. You and I have to go record a podcast next reduce some pod some good pod could hide my wife's seven Figurs pod can alleged worries. Debts are next careers and not. A medium to becoming like an an no idea what he's completely if she wants the focus on financial she's really good that all the way a look at his might not be your next career but it might be what gets us through retirement holes. Look at it like that like this you wanna just manage our finances. Through retirement you are opposite I am a control person with the money you're like oh I I don't knowing you have to ask. Her mission to do but that's not true. I do a lot of things that I think a lot of people wish they could do I have a very understanding wife. We say it all the time marriage is continuous negotiation. So I know that if I'm going to go and do something this a plan going after. Reciprocate. It's give and take it now what it is compromise. It's happy wife happy happy life right Jane that right eight. I wanna get into this real quick here because I think is gonna be a story it's gonna mushroom here. And we did on this here which I like to say we pointed this out first during the show them Roger Goodell was in big trouble. On yeah this from outside the lines Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is threatened as soon the National Football League if they contract extension. For commissioner Roger Goodell is approved by the league's compensate Sheehan. Community. Ole boy. So now we're gonna have owners against owners who resigned to Dell's side bomb Jerry Jones getting a rocket they'll shove down. What are we been saying from day one in the sports bar the real commissioner of the NFL does Jerry Jones Jerry Jones. He's the real commissioner of the NFL he's franchises worth the most he's worth the most. He's calling the shots. You could say that. Roger works for Jerry. And that's not a stretch now that's what the commissioner is supposed to do this and if Roger. Paris stepping outside the line there in this whole Ezekiel it thing and it got the complicated issue ruled you've got that it got so what's happening right now. A lot of negative publicity around the shields right you've got to the easy kill Elliott trial the case you you've got the calling cap critic. Collusion grievance that was followed by the way is that. That is going to be action to watch I tell all in on that I wanna know every last. Written by Amy dash. And AB dash is. Is she's the illegal reporter on one of our soon to be sister stations out of New York City WFAN all. Oh sister station WFAN yeah only let the best Sports Radio station in America may be for a W affinia. AB dash wrote this article that they'd basically lays out. What strategy. Cap critics legal team is employing. In order to try and prove collusion. And there's a lot. To this that I want to get her on the air let us not to talk imagine if you eat eats like that Tom Cruise movie where they take. Colonel Jessup and put him on the standing get in my contacts OK hey Mike McCarthy did you collude did you go. Into. Well the thing that's funny you know it it basically Garrett does is try to build a case of you know that exposes the hypocrisy of the NFL. Where a head coach like bill O'Brien won Munich in publicly say. That cap but it is good football player but that expressed concern over him because he hasn't played football in a while all we go all. And hire Josh Johnson. Who hasn't it. Have passed since 2011. So there's a disconnect there you have a case. You can make the case that what is being said publicly by these coaches and owners. He's. Am completely hypocritical. When you've got a guy out there that's capable. Play and that's why these this is right now the end of days for Roger Goodell you're watching. You have this phantom issue you have this legal issue you have a the leader of the free world. Against you you think that's a big issue where it is a huge issue when you view the pres the United States is against you. You need somebody in there. With a different walk you you need a fresh coat paint Roger Goodell needs leave. Condoleezza Rice. Yeah I American mergers haven't heard that name is funny fourteen with in in terms of being the commissioner of the NFL. That would be inching out probably be a good look for the NFL. There's a report from pro football weekly that has a Hub Arkush is reported Jerry Jones is enamored would Bill Polian. As that next and commission to mock the poll leans in his seventy's you meet somebody and I need somebody younger than now with a lot of energy. He is not an easy job obviously. But it's the NBA can succeed going from stern to silver will be dealt in next for you gonna have this instant honeymoon face. And everybody would love the NFL once again with a new commissioner they came and and either here or laying down loss strongly I'm telling him the time has come for Roger Goodell leaf. Parts of tomorrow afternoon in the sports forward trying get Amy Daschle WFAN on with us here. To break down her piece that you can read right now we treated it out earlier ideas in Rochester on Twitter a you can read her website in the dash dot com. And then wells in talks bills with we're trying itself yeah I think so we will double talk Buffalo Bills football tomorrow on the sports bar as. And keep an eye on Charles Clayton. A lot of the players that the other status is right now up in the air percent all right back again tomorrow afternoon Thursday already tomorrow afternoon from three to six. Look forward to speaking with you then in the sports bar with danger and the Tagliabue all money is next. It's that time it. The good now. You know it's okay. Lauro. I don't know maybe. These live. It is. Football leagues here. It's now Bedard acquired Steve. Nowadays you see wanna miss Cumberland College football and we warned the the speed does little metaphor about being in this season that talent is not an issue what is an issue for the elephant all this is the the biggest challenge we have teams are really. The best college football matchups live on the PM 950 N 957. At fans and sports leaders ESPN Rochester.