The Sports Bar-Hour 3 11/9/17-Shots!

Hour three of The Sports Bar explores whether or not the Bills are a playoff team. The majority of writers at MMQB actually believe they are. Next, Danger and Battaglia serve up the day's top sports stories in another round of "Shots."


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But sports bar with danger and attack me from inside out we believe that this team is capable of being one of the best ghosting is that we have to go out there improvement you know gone parliament obsolete this summer. I'm going to really good team also quarterback and solid team together so they tell us force. Who had begins before when this game six entering things a lot different. That happens that was done on the so ticker business we're focused on this this opponent you know this is good opponent on the six and two 16 straight so. You know we're to have our hands full got to prepare to play well. Mike danger but critics on the lifting their six game winning streak is his bowl all right we're just gonna say do. Jeanne good sadly play M Benjamin on the feel the same time and you only have a week to figure this out here but that's intriguing to me. I've definitely big to get him there and we have to always say. To give them opportunities to make plays and that's my job just Rico shot that has all vestiges of welcome amendment to brought them Clifford. Rochester sports leader at 957. EST yet. Well and happy hour in the sports bar danger of tightly I have my teacher he's he's potentially a 454 ESP as the number that we invite you to call. If you like the pull of the stolen join us here in the sports bar for happy hour. A daily special today Gina the bills' playoff team. Not will be asking that question right up until Christmas Eve I got a gut feeling maybe this is the year. Where you win the game on New Year's Eve and then your party that pulled out of south. I had as much enthusiasm about anything in my life as people has in saying the word dollar and Jeremy take you met everybody you're credible. And I was suite is a guy. The reason biased. Here we are five injury. Midway point of the season. I don't think a single expert had this team going five and three. At the midway point of the season. It's a curious if feels like every time we say something's gonna happen the opposite is true. We believe they were gonna win on Thursday. Dating show while. We believe there we're gonna lose in Atlanta. They whine. You know Tampa at a home he. He stays day they zag and we don't know anything that he you know. There are no experts in the NF hell. But I am curious about. Something that I read earlier today. From and QB and today. Have made there Super Bowl predictions their playoff and Super Bowl predictions. At the midway point of the season. Is Peter king and his staff at the MM QB he's got eighteen writers and analysts who all filled out their playoff bracket NFL playoff bracket. So if I asked GO Jeanne how many of these writers and analysts. Have the Buffalo Bills. Making the AFC playoffs. What would you guess be a lot of eighteen I said tan. Ten IA team is actually eleven there's actually a liven. Analysts and writers have the bills making it is the playoffs none of them have the bills making unit is the representative out of the AFC east. But you're either fiber succeed is a wild card in the AFC playoffs. What I thought even more surprising. Was that 13. Of these writers and analysts had the bills advancing to the second round six of the eighteen analysts have the bills advancing to the divisional round well and. What's the gap between the Ford five seats well if the bills are good enough and my gosh we gained so far have ourselves let's say this is the year the drought and are right you get the to see you be playing. The worst division winner who would that be. Rock but believe the AFC south probably. Tennessee or Jacksonville. Buffalo at Tennessee your Jacksonville. On right now who added Blake morals on the road ooh that's a scary game danger it's not. My gosh yeah I could see a scenario where the Buffalo Bills now you got to go on the road after that didn't win in Pittsburgh Kansas City good luck with that but. It's fun to think about these scenarios. 1118 actually seems right because when you walk the standings right now or who's kind of not buffalo a lot of the position they're at right. Now is it a four and five all quit. While Oakland doesn't have a tiebreaker of the bills beat Oakland. What about the LA chargers right now charges of three and five well. Why that game against the bills actually pretty important in two weeks he imagined the bills lost in New Orleans. And they and they lost the chargers also your 55 UB did you kind that chargers and all the sudden. At three and five bills hold the tiebreaker against Denver. They do not hold the tiebreaker against Cincinnati to Cincinnati's three and five in Miami if born four I don't know what to make the dolphins I'm not impressed by them but there they are a form four still hanging around that division so. My point being there are a lot of good teams out there. Not at all so let's not eighteen yet you don't civil map the bill should be in the playoff. You register those three and five teams what would you say this San Diego where sorry Los Angeles is three and five there are three and five members three of five using three of five. Cincinnati's three and 51 sees is gonna rise since 1995 I don't know if I agree with you since 1995. 10%. Of teams that start the season three and five make the playoffs and not a strong case for 35 team make in the post season noble one of those teams. Will be in that. Hard core idea that that's now these teams I don't I don't think it's gonna beat Houston now with that corps jets are in the hunt I mean like half an hour all these teams are in on demeanor four and five. Right now. The jets would have today. 14%. Chance of making the post season. According to this grown from that it calculates. Every team's given record since 1995. The charger you know a couple of these writers and analysts state you know. Couple have the raiders in there coupled have a chart one of them has the charges in the south the ravens. Might be there but right now at the midway point of the season buffalo. More than half of these writers an analyst for MM QB. Have buffalo. Advancing in the playoffs they're making it to the plan matches sold letter on eighteen from Peter king's staff. At the Buffalo Bills making the post season. And all of that allow very and half of them have them. Then 1166. Them while have been advancing to the divisional round. Other candidates are saying it again. We're coming up a really bad loss like his fans were looking at what we saw on on Thursday is like move. Then that was bad they looked rough. Sea might be feeling a little bit. A little less confident about your your prospects of beating New Orleans on Sunday. New Orleans we dissected yesterday mets' six game winning streak gene is not that sexy when you pick it apart. Who you beat Tampa Bay. Good for you they've quit on their coach. Repeat sorry Dave future risky in the bears by eight point if you move okay. Oh that's right humbly I don't wholesale outlets say it you went to London and you beat Al nevermind you beat Jay Cutler. When he did nothing. So. There should think about New Orleans I do believe in that I do believe are real and in of a handful of things that I think the bills have to be aware of in and if you can't get the running game going against New Orleans is going to be a big problem. And if you let New Orleans won all over you light. Bowl whole pot hole and Matt Ford day. I. One week ago tonight well you're facing a better tandem coup we agree that Alvin com more raw. Hit the Mark Ingram in the world and yet if you can't stop those two guys aren't your home field. Your own third as strong McDermott will say well then got a win this game right. The out and and handle these guys by the way have you know one of them has Cincinnati making the playoffs and the when has Baltimore making the playoffs. I mean do you see a scenario where second AFC north team is making the playoffs she and I have a hard time believing that I just. Baltimore's been way too Jekyll and Hyde. Now it is things you've got to root for as the bills fan. Andy you can join us any time matter showed her walker to pull the stored for fight for ESP. You need a teen to run and hide from the south OK so that's why I got my eye out of all these games this week. And guides at New England a division of your bills fan. I got my diet and Jacksonville. And the LA chargers chargers at Jacksonville for the 1 o'clock kickoff. Where you might say while in Jacksonville follow the five before that might help the bills and wild card because they too have a 53 record rain out like up up up. Give that division to Jacksonville because I don't want the chargers having. Any hope meeting. This story will turn on a dime for bowl teams of the bills lose to New Orleans and the chargers come back home at borne by San Diego excuse me LA will look at this game. And they will realize we can put ourselves in a play opposition get back to 500 that tell me yield curve BAC is right now. So gold jaguars. By the lady wanna do Peter King critics will win the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles scored shock. He has a New England Patriots losing. To the Los Angeles rams. We were joking. After two weeks we were joking about that hey you better is it never. And it gets around Jacksonville Atlanta and a wrap it until Super Bowl tickets now. We've got RTE book your trips of Minnesota yet because it's gonna be the rams and the big. Bills. Quote me angrier. Backs coach sitting at home right now being. These eight Mike Martz. Who just bitter that a pop up. Or is it the coach that was their power ever gotten nothing out of that quarterback that defense was terrible talk about Jeff Fisher. Jeff Fisher will never get another job in this leak. Who is what I. I think mark is the more bitter old more. Smart bitter Eddie Fisher's depressed losing you know you saw a team last year. In LA take on the personality of your head coach. They were lost confused. And depressed hired a hired. Have fastened it. And you've seen in different rams team show up this year I don't know funds saying that they're gonna win this Super Bowl. Seems a Lil bit bold. But Peter King. By the way Peter King. Has the bills. Making the playoffs is a six seed but losing to Kansas City the three seed in the. Wells currently pending in you know bill's fans would you sign up for that right now. Get in play house and get bounced in the class I think. 99% are on its answer yes I would sign up for jets to get into the post season as a six. We feel you have to bills to join the Pittsburgh beat the Steelers had a this this year. I think the Steelers are getting it together and what what song what I saw that Jacksonville game with a little alarming by. They've been OK here are for us up where there analyst Robert tomko has the bills beating Pittsburgh in in the opening round. Buffalo five seed over Pittsburgh advancing to take on New England. A cover steeler fan I would object to that one I mean I mean obviously really. Okay. Now the Steelers. Who's gonna get that vibe right now it's doing Lynn Pittsburg Kansas City. It's probably Pittsburgh for nothing else that division the AFC north beyond Pittsburgh act. Yet another game against Cleveland you've got Cincinnati you got another game against Baltimore. While the teams in the west RA that they're mediocre but they're gonna get the chiefs of fiery right. And she's got to play the raiders or chargers still the Broncos to I think that's. It's got a different feel to win if I had put my money was gonna get the two bodies in the AFC right now I would say new England and Pittsburgh. If bomb Jeanne if if we did this exercise if we went through this when an afterthought the entire bracket but we made our predictions. For the Super Bowl beginning of the season. If you had a modified mid season. Well would you modify what would you do right now I'm putting you on the spot and our eyes. I way to modify and I would save Philadelphia's guys in the back but we wouldn't we didn't take Philadelphia the threesome Joseph pre season known and I don't know I would say that's where it's at night I'd modified and changed the Philadelphia had Seattle originally I think Seattle gets him but. He has yet you know Cleveland had a Seattle team it's just you keep waiting for some running back to step up in emerging had Rawls the one year but. I know you're holding out hope that he'll do with tonight IE reserve judgment on that. I think Seattle means tonight but I don't see them winning that division with the rams and helping the rams are. Mature enough at least. You know that's a lot to expect for a team to go for as bad as they were last year. Two Super Bowl champs at stats really out there Peter King. I would say right now B new wing went in Philadelphia New England had their problems certainly on defense but as long as you have that quarterback as long as you have that had coach. They still are the team to beat in the AFC I'm sorry and they won't he'll do just enough on defense to get the job. Out of the eighteen writers in the MM QB that went through this exercise. Four of them had the Eagles winning the champ Super Bowl four had the patriots winning the Super Bowl. Three had the Steelers winning two had the chiefs winning the Super Bowl to add the rams. To have the vikings winning the Super Bowl. Those two people are like my people because they love them some narrative. The vikings winning the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Even their new mall we I had called sure love that store today right OK and then one writer had the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl really believe it's cold though the standings of the NFC north would it surprise you if I told who I can actually have a two game lead now and they're getting their day does this without a quarterback you realize that yet Brad for a week line. A U one. I gain since with case keynote are impossible. Eight luster of mass. Say. That it's possible the same way that it's possible Tyrod Taylor. Continues to do what he's done and we need you not make him mistakes. EU game manager gets thrown around his as a pejorative and I don't know that it is I mean you know he just as you're not safe quotes franchise quarterback. If your game manager you can win gay games. We see that. So what are you what are you doing Fuhrman a source of Bridgewater is back this week he's not one thing you mean you keep doing what you're doing you play keys you play case keep them until case keep it gives you a reason to not play case keep up. You're winning games with case keynote. Even though Bridgewater clearly was the better quarterback. According to according to weigh and what you right now case Qaeda is winning youthful luggage and skis keynote just has Bridgewater is back and supposedly healthy. If what if it can't gives you reason. If he if he starts losing games for you a piece or making stupid mistakes. Then you have the he had the option Rachel why are we talking about Nathan Peterman anymore. When was the last time we heard about the computer and you're not hearing about a disparate Taylor's not costing you the game. Not losing football games. I didn't hear about need to hear men but I wanna say on Friday in this weekend it was back to the down Woolsey Tyrod and look at my top ten reasons why the Buffalo Bills lost in the meadowlands against the jets I don't think top Tyrod Taylor's at the top that cup that Muslims are. Artsy you put the Eagles in. Over the Seahawks from your pre season for I wide and Seattle if they win tonight six and three easily stolen very much in a position you. To get to the post season danger what was your I should note as well I had a rematch. I Atlanta I had Atlanta and new England's. With Atlanta awaiting news from. Boo boo boo boo. And now I I mean. Do you even have to ask. Do you even have to ask who I think would be representing the NFC if I'm not gonna take Atlanta at the midway point of the season. On. How do you have to say it anymore. Philly. Whole way around a one. On a fallen off the once Wagoner you. Well it then they're gonna get the buy they're gonna get the top seed. Who would goal win. And defeat Philadelphia in Philadelphia will be a team that plays physically be a team that can match up receivers a team with a really good defense. Maybe it is Seattle media day could be that team or. The vikings. No hole now worm going higher or a little specials this grand ams. The Los Angeles rams who beat Dallas. In Dallas a couple of weeks ago the Los Angeles rams with a really good defense. And a very potent offense. He don't let. I wanna mock. Peter King for picking the Los Angeles rams to win the Super Bowl. But given how they've played so far this season. And the way this season has gone. I can't. I want to really do hope can't. These guys are seeing the same thing in my eyes see that's good team. That's inspired team do you think people in Los Angeles know or care we all know it but for the week. I know lots of balls on the court we don't care. If you're seeing interest in peace and what I've I was trying to think last year at this time we were talking about the Buffalo Bills and their playoff scenarios. We were one of those quote in the hunt teams pleasures this. I think one and there. Are Williams got knocked up by Jarvis Landry and that's when things kind of felt like OK it's over now. For the Buffalo Bills if they get shellac. This week by the New Orleans Saints may be damned will look back at that jets loss okay event it's all over. So your point in the beginning of this week it's not necessarily a W but is this still bloodstain bills team. Or is it the bills team that. We've seen from in the past. 1112008. That. Great start but once they get punched in the mouth okay now we're seeing what they're really all about. Again the regression to the mean where is the mean. He's the mean going to be 97 for the scene. Or is the mean more seven and 98 Nate nice little improvement here but you're still not a playoff team not really. Well this week will answer that question in my aim mine queen or lose there's if you play well. And you hate the saints are right down to the wire and Drew Brees drives his team 75 yards in ten plays and scores of 45 seconds remaining. That's an NFL you're gonna lose games like got to five before because still around but if the saints com main. And they've run roughshod over the bills defense. If the bills are getting any pass rush. And if the take away giveaway goes horribly wrong like it did against the jets my point being danger. Then you're gonna get bills fans saying how well let's look ahead of the draft all the teams fighting for in still has a chance at this post season that's how trophy on Monday. I we'll give our predictions for Sunday tomorrow in the sports bar with danger but tightly. But it's in your singing everybody has a bad feeling. They do to bring back around what I was saying earlier everybody has a bad feeling going into this game. And every time we've had that feeling this year this team. Has shown us completely something completely different. The complete opposite. So. I'm at the point now or. We now know nothing really is gonna shock me with this team we know with the bad feeling against New Orleans they could be New Orleans New Orleans soundly at home. It wouldn't shock me. Maybe chuck be a little bit. While if it goes the other direction that's what makes this a waitress goes the other direction Tyrod Taylor comes out and throws for 250 which is possible now is clay vacuum Benjamin there. And he yelled duels. Drew Brees. A six and two New Orleans team and that was one who were exposed to get now wasn't. Even though your home. By the way you can hear all of the action on Sunday pregame starting at 9 AM here on ESPN Rochester. Bills saints your home for Buffalo Bills football. AM 950957. FM in ESPN Rochester. Dot com and the free to download ESPN Rochester app. Coming up and shots we've got double got a front runner here in danger. And me. Sheen colonel Stanton trademark. And parents what team is put forth an offer in this. I don't know it's close to happening or not global tight end and by the way it's not the Yankees is not a Red Sox bowl we'll tell you who reportedly is close for dealing for Stanton already here. I got we have night and I'm not stole but Dario the rumors flying here right will. It shots next brought you by mark if you liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection and gas prices give market view liquor shots. You'll be glad you did gene and I go around the world of sports are today's top stories next with shots. Sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Losers could ever do that. Adding yet this is the show for you isn't the time they. Welcome end to another version of Mike. Forget its goal doing GoDaddy hello surely now I would guess all of your window coming on. Felt special one person talks once guys. Thanks might beat Georgia window beginning November 27 1 AM 9:15 PM 957 FM sports leader. ESPN Rochester. My name. We're doing shot it's. These top sports stories with danger and attack. Time for another round on shot. In this war. Imagine you're on a whole museum plane in the sky goal about a hundred behind me there and then down to five feet above the water and backup from the air again up and down. That's exactly what Roy holidays plane was doing moments before he crashed his plane tragically in the Gulf of Mexico let's say TNT. Obtained a cell phone. Imported. All the voters showing this plain hot dogging it the voters then witnessed the crash raced over to the scene when they got there. It was apparent that Halladay was gone meanwhile. From last day here sports talk show in Boston is catching a lot of heat Tony that's a body of 98 by the sports club in Boston. Was making plane crashed noises on your shell. Calling Halladay quote moron it. The flying the way he did. Miami Marlins outfielder Jim Carlos Guillen and will likely be traded this off season but aware. Baseball writer Jon Heyman reports that there's a front runner for services the St. Louis Cardinals. How willing to part with pitching prospects how it's Reyes and John clarity to get the deal done one issue that stands in the way it deals to. It has a full no trade clause. And it's unknown whether you waive that clause to accept trade Saint Louis. Did you find Boston Red Sox signed be second best international prospect available he was a catcher Daniel Flores from Venezuela. Lawrence passed away yesterday at 817. This from complications from cancer treatment now it's not clear right now what. Type of cancer floors was battling wheel to see the life of a young man was so much promise cut short is extremely saddening to all of us. Said Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski. When he seventeen portola loans and a one year deal with the Braves and was terrible in Atlanta with the Orioles over the age of thirteen starts the Braves released and then. After one start on the road with the Rochester red wings Cologne was fielding eat up some meetings with twins Cologne. We 45 years old next season so you'd figure he'd retire right now Alter. Hello says he wants to pitch again. I'd seen and if some team is willing to pay him twelve million like the Braves did this season why the heck not since then. Open election week here's a story. Kind of left shoulder we should point out which city will be considered a favorite for MO less expansion. It's gotta be Nashville now their City Council just approved money to build a new soccer only stadium the vote. Going 31 to six in favor of the MLS expansion hopeful. Now 225 million public money down there will be used. The side of the stadium will be near the city's horse racing tracks plan is to build a stadium on that side of the national fairgrounds. Whereas 225 million will be spent on the stadium. When he five million B renovating the surrounding fairgrounds which includes a racetrack and the last one out there to expansion cities in December. National now considered to be clear front runner to be wanted to do. Critics without Chris experts say it's in the loss to Orlando for Zynga us. This game with elbow and ankle issues as it is still the New York Post that eventually surgery will be needed on the oval probably not until the end of the season. Well it bothers me a little but. Not that bad. It's always I have to get the swelling down and then I'll be fine again but I think once the season's over I might have to do something about it I just can't keep going like this. Every year. The 22 year old player from Latvia's averaging thirty points per game with New York this season. I'm new federal indictment against a steady this executive Jim got health danger. Hold on there going to be shocked to hear suggests former global coach Rick Pitino was fully aware I was. Some vague cardinal recruits. Brian ball in and pitino even participated. In the plan now filed in New York the indictment reads quote. Global assistant coach Christian doc gave ask Rick Pitino to call James got all. You requested that he is provide the money requested by the Stanley other recruit. Which pitino accretive here's the catch. The FBI record. This conversation. In an interview with ESPN last month he Tino said he had quote no knowledge of this game. Finally an update on the far ball some land to low ball and his two UCLA team meets a source. He let him do the constitution. That the three UCL a players ball killing hill and putting Bradley faced twenty days of house arrest. And that will be barred from visiting the country again. The house arrest could be served to high received. Hangzhou which is where the Bruins said team has been staying on their trip to China the Bruins played Georgia Tech on Saturday Friday night in the US. In Shanghai UCLA. Has already determined that the ball Gil and Riley will not play in this again. The buzzer that shots brought Cuba Mark Few liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection of best prices give mark if you liquor shots. You'll be glad he did. Rick Pitino liar. I mean yeah tell me he's lying. Hey. What everybody wants your right to revert want to lie. I want the assistant coach who watched enough CSI you don't want to guide at W walked up big fish that's what the bad one here right. They wanna get pitino they're building their case against the team now. Pitino as the guy who wore the code red you are colonel Jessup in jail for us with the price yet. You want him on them all you need him on that wall. You want him on that case you need about. The out. Look good. The FBI recorded that conversation. Bye bye yeah. So long reckon you know both for all of his cronies is talking up a shocking is that he's gene not shocking as its. What the other stories we covered in shots. Are up or to look along with 73 years old he's only 45 he might be remembered they lie about their top two yeah soul. My collar wrote that too like he was eating innings and I some sort it out like Jeff solves all the things he was he was eating yet ready for the all the hot still fun hearing Nia Bartolo Cologne. I swear your picture you can pitch forever I and that if you want soup and am probably well. Probably he will and as far as the Giancarlo Stanton the Saint Louis story that came in these reporting it's close to happening here might Rio I mean it's close to happening. No. That was floated out there are to get everybody else moving his should you do better than to pitching prospects are talking about one but top. Five sluggers. In the gains today you're talking about a player that you put months Saint Louis. Didn't talk about the cardinals at all western know. Whereabouts San Francisco all get in existing team if you get him out there and that line up all the sudden looks a little bit better would that be an upgrade over underpants. Hunter Pence might be worried he'd have to take the Hunter Pence jokes out of San France's. At all. Hunter Pence is the guy. Who doesn't shake the ketchup bottle and enjoys the watery substance that comes out first on his hot dog. That's Hunter Pence. Underpants is the guy who eats manes out of the little packets and heats pizza with a fork. On a bunt doesn't know what a parallel park. I would say were close upshot let's close up shop tomorrow we got a great show we're gonna be on location bar council thought about that am I forgot about that can't wait this going to be exciting. The sports bar or danger to tightly closing time next on ESPN Rochus. Sports bar with the injury exactly. Yes yeah. We appreciate you giving us some of your time your most valuable and precious commodity here in sports bar for afternoon from three until six. Close. Danger along with cheap tank available and realizing you know hundreds of choices for years and sports information and entertainment if you choose us even for five minutes. That is only this much we love. Talking TV sports are Forsythe Ford. ESP Enron mind Twitter at ESPN Rochester we love seeing you in person even more out. Tomorrow afternoon gene we take the show on the road. The sports bar alive. Will be the penfield pour house from three to six deaths. And the pour house might give those guys it's a cool place to hang out of me never meant so. Told jiji commerce from years ago in need of point reverence if you have middle of their and one. It's. Yeah I think that over there's wood back in the GG Kremlin's eyes out. Good spot. Like it Yahoo! Fortuna Penn fuel coming for you tomorrow. I joined the sports for a lot more from three to six potential pork costs you know what is one game we haven't talked about we talked about tonight's match up we certainly talked about the bills a lot. We've talked about the development with the Dallas in Ezekiel lol it not being available if you missed it he's now suspended officially. The one game we haven't talked about teachers. The one and setting New York Giants and the all in nine San Francisco. 49ers into gay then Mac news press conference was filled with questions about. Well there's anonymous players ripping you. My danger we come in Monday. And the giants lose this game here's what should happen well will it happen what's happening and is that an American you should lose his job he has lost this team you need an interim coach. To call me in ticker okay wants to be here and doesn't want to be here because right now the way bend it McEnroe was coaching. Not possible I don't think the judge to actually win this game I'll get the niners at a crack at this but. I would have thought the first coach to be fired this you was chuck McDonald got back to make it out alive here in Indianapolis by then NAFTA no. That didn't MacKey do returns next year a put at zero right now. Yeah returning mixture no book making it through the season yes. Well it is because the giants don't normally do that sort of thing right they don't let go coaches mid season like oh my gosh. How many people have the giants is a playoff team this year at that wasn't at the talk DUI is gonna get he's got Brandon marsh noise got back gum he's got this passing attack this young receiver they drafted. Now. Okay Louis got to get Davis lab some raps here and everything else change the law I don't. If debt mess could do is not going to be your coach next year than you need to move on right now I'm sorry I don't see this team turning. In my favor American youth I think this season so far was when he was asked what he said to his team. At halftime last week. He did you really have a reaction is collect. Here's like Timmy Schneider. Apple is on call for. Look he's having blocked into him like that do not compare Schneider and then the blue. First of all teams here is better and then she accurate is hair. You trust a guy that looks the way that enacted do goes with that hair Jean numb I'm just have beards shave away from looking like in Mecca deal can read about slicked back but I'm not I don't know but who slick that hair that would be would you trust the financial advisor with slicked back here would you trust an attorney who trust a football coach that looks like that today. Sorry that was a really good luck. Act when Pat Riley was a heck go to the next in the year was 1992. Okay. Or maybe eagle back usual further the showtime lakers a gate that nag at you it's 27 team we don't put real clean or jalla where everyone is saying your your hair. So there's my Laurent PU giant fans trenchant like gold and the Mac under. They. They heard Tom Coughlin for this guy. Tom call from the real coach of the jaguar driver team on the edge. Yeah I don't like the blaming Eli Manning he's been essentially these are Eli Manning and the Los Angeles Times this year. The Eli Manning. He what's he going who's throwing to is Ivins seen Eli Manning cost the giants. I game. Don't years there's every year realize that bad you know during the ball over but. There is it. Nice glow bright spots is giants team. Their defense is bad there's special teams are bad it they can't run the football they have never been able to run the football okay. And then you're you're best player gets her in a pre seizing key in talking about back him and he was never right this year so. Now we had nothing to do with Eli Manning but here's the issue danger. He's 36. Paris Danny's spent a third round pick on devious web. Are you really. Going to entertain offers for Eli Manning because at no we can't. You can't bench Eli Manning and turn the page to Davis web. In naming a hall of fame quarterback that this actually happened to. Maybe you could say curb war ironically because current arm was benched in favor Eli Manning but she knew that was kind of the plan all along. Warner got into all the fame because of the second act and in Arizona. You know he he rebounded nice. But this. I am I'm having trouble coming up with a quarterback it's in the hall fate today that toward the tail end of his career you know what. Sit down. It's tough tough coming up to Montana in the for an Israeli and yet Ron Amadon behind him to had a known commodity in on that was a little different Bryant. I think everyone who did you wanting him back a little bit I don't know don't let you guys think about Montana meaning he went on to Kansas City and what a horrible in Kansas you out of the playoffs. We get so accustomed to seeing you know players in their uniforms tree you know what how how crazy would it be to see. Eli Manning dubious name another Manning out in Denver. Leah how crazy would it be deceit. Andrew Luck. In Denver. John Elway poaching from the team that he refused to play for when he was drafted. Just stick into the Mercedes. You know. So a lot of football it needs to be played. You know and it's it's fodder for the off season itself again this exciting get us talking a year I Eli to Denver ago. Room. Yeah and. But we would they got me by the way. Be nice if Paxton lynch was healthy enough to get out there because I will be the only thing that would get needed to mean to watch Denver bronco football seriously locker Sunday Night Football brought a Rottweiler. The it do we say it we say that. I'm watching of course I'll walk against the patriots. And who doesn't have a patriot on their fancy football team which. I've. Our perverse way are they want in that game. And enacted in. Gene would you trust the guy who puts the milk in before the serial. I don't want acted and it puts stability and to fly this here. Big Mac it is attacked the guy who gets an NFL head coaching gig at loses a locker room in his second year. That's the kind of guy big Mac can do is. The worst giant head coach of all time I would say would be race and it's almost like Bill Parcells was so angry he wide. Bill Bellic checked to have the job so they put in this dude gray and we in giant fans that want to talk about it went 88. Able and Mac and do my gut while bad match could do was deemed a lot of fun last year by. How do you go from eleven to five to potentially three in thirteen two of fourteen you lose the 49ers this week fireball fireball is sort of visual dual. That too much for the next affirm the middle season. Well there's a reason why weren't talking about that game that's one that I wouldn't be watching. The niners and the giants. And another one that'd beginning of the year you do a decent home matchup there Lewis. Niners are terrible. Niger terrible being empty stadium and if the giants lose the niners aren't that that would that would be. What it will close point and franchises. All right tomorrow in the sports bar with danger to tackle. Our weekly check in with Matthew fair for the Syracuse boasting yet Rich Donnelly be stopping by so we got a lot plan of course the big weekend in college football talk a little bit Bob Miami Notre Dame we'll have that every Saturday night yearning is in Rochester following ever hockey. And we will not talk bills football moral code to set up for week ten. Injury have organized it. ESPN Rochester dot com. Haze where you can go to find on demand audio of the sports bar with danger tightly if you missed any of this afternoon show. Not recommended listening for you Buffalo Bills fans bills radio sideline reporter south dot GO joined us in the 3 o'clock hour hour one. Of they show you can hear that right now on demand online ESP in Rochester dot com and the free to download ESPN Rochester app also. The 4 o'clock hour. Talks of fantasy football Gerri it's mole off draft sharks are guest. Gave you some fancy advise how do you deal with Ezekiel Elliott being suspended. What match ups can you exploit to get a W in Tennessee football this weekend Jarrett has the answers for you and if you miss that conversation you can hear it now. And ESPN Rochester dot com. And the free to download ESPN Rochester app. Thanks again for listening we appreciate you H telling a friend. Enjoy it there's an I football tonight you've got to. Seattle. And you got errors or you go to college football here on ESP in Rochester tonight is while Pitt North Carolina and North Carolina tonight on the sports leader. Enjoy that touch again more afternoons from. Penfield for a starting at 3 o'clock in the sports bar with danger Tagliabue Armani is next. Anyway. It's that time it. Moose today. No it's okay. Laura. All right you know. Okay. Go to may oh. These. No sports leader and listen lives what do you foresee and we are probably his deals at 00 earlier this sports bar when children exactly. Stories opinions in the context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 857. Sports leader ESPN Rochester hello.