The Sports Bar-Hour 3 12/5/17-The PxP Golden Ticket

If you received a golden ticket and never had to hear an announcer call a game ever again who would it be? Hour three of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia begins with your calls on that question. Next, the guys serve up the days top sports stories in a round of "Shots."


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Those sports bar with the dangerous do exactly yet to score points however he scored points you've got to feel it and move the ball scored points. That we haven't done well enough. I have confidence that we'll we'll do whatever we needed to move the ball away in the game that we just how efficient what was. Mike danger zone you handle the colts and you tied your your back there your your time once again with the Baltimore and you're you're better position. You wrap this season the final three weeks of the season chamber exactly and when Tyrod Taylor went up well. I know people wanna hear this there goes your season right there any any shot at making the playoffs into the Tyrod Taylor is healthy. He's start to look forward to next year because from the Peterman is not believe this will play number we're always gonna do what's right for the team. Unless it was down of assets or continues to move forward I don't work wherever they won't replace. Section. Ready in the same approach this week. Rochester sports leader 9570. ESPN it. Welcome back to the sports bar with danger the tightly at happy hour in the sports bar daily special. And this time tomorrow Gina we'll be set up in our own very Bert are very personal sports bar for the intercom holiday party which kicks off tomorrow and. Around five I just got dozens of personal tweets from our guy and Le baron takes an icon it's like I'm not Libre I would love street economists is the party where all of our advertisers come and yes enjoy a good time does she lose it's. So to America if a parent enterprises will like to advertise found me is new again. Yes yes this is the this is what you get all you can eat shrimp and mashed potato bar. Hang out with Don Stevens cocktails flowing from the Fossett's. Yeah that'll be good time we yeah I encourage you to tune in. Tomorrow for the sports bar after hours here on the Caspian Rochester it as we go long hours or six hour broadcast TV or you know Dayton deal like six hours ago now to your credit. It danger was lot of fun last year meant for everybody coming out and it will be a fun show tomorrow. End around this time it's funny how some things kind of take off when you don't expect you you mentioned that story now Chris Collins worth is gonna take a couple games off. And it will be Kurt Warner. Coming in and you you braised raise the possibility is this more of a trial run should Cone's words be worried I think now it's his Christmas night and until now or game just wants a couple days off but. Danger posed the question to you. RA there's not only is that many people that don't like Collins worth it if I could give you the ticket. To Dan that some sportscaster. A Wafer go in other words for merely Joe Buck I would not wanna hear another game call by Joe Buck. Get me somebody in there that wants to be in their shows and excitement does little more Pratt. Joseph but to me I had no use term I don't know how he's made a career of it. You had an interesting day. Well I thought Joseph I thought Sean McDonough the money in a football but. I don't really how I can pull my finger on why Heather these just so old Vanilla like we we call Alex Smith the Bayesian Paula Bennett both quarterbacks. As Sean McDonough would be the Asian Paula. Of NFL broadcast. I would say because you compare him to all other broadcasters someone therefore by Al Michaels in its eight day great. Her Rico great. Even ES TN before they got the Monday night package they had Sunday Night Football win it back went. Post Mike Patrick I was like wow great yeah it was great so it's Mimi are not. It's it's wallpaper is is kind of noise in the background not dollars and. And then you throwing gruden in and here's a guy and I had. Okay. Chris tweeting in Gus Johnson all day he sounds like a video game. I you know what I thought about that and there was a time in my life where I really didn't dig what Gus Johnson was doing. But now I listened to a call college football game like you know what. I like it I'm OK with that it's a different level of enthusiasm and excitement. It's the anti Joseph pa. He made a huge mistake leaving for. Box I honestly because what was Gus Johnson known for it was march. It was march wanted to hear Gus Johnson edges you go into some buzzer beater but two teams you normally wouldn't care about but in that moment was the greatest thing in the world. Gus Johnson I'm missing my college basketball but it goes to my theory that. Some announcers. Are. Better Hoff did their design for sports right. For certain sports that's one and say you take us Johnson you put him in soccer that didn't work out they quickly ended that sit right. It when we gain when you would IA before we hit the air and see if you remember this. We were doing armed mocked shows we're getting up and practicing and creating and that I was talking about how Mike Cameron was gonna announce Pittsburg pirate games and it was so exciting because Mike Everett is the best at and hockey and then. Here on baseball it's like no. Whole Mel I know people Mitt death but it was not a fan so. Do without Kostis. And I you know I don't wanna talk like I say that night I think to myself you know what what I don't like about Kostis is not his. Ability to call a game. It's these sanctimonious. You know let me get my soapbox and tell you at halftime what's wrong with it OK down shut up. Shut up. And so I don't have a thing against him in his ability to call and get like calls good baseball. I don't know I you don't right now it up it's probably McDonough and if I'm being honest in this isn't me being sexist this is me being. I couldn't get past. Beth Malloy in that game was not that money Nike it was a it was a tough. Watch the Mullins Rex Ryan Booth yeah out of the latter yet and it's not because she's a female. It was. Everything was fourteen. Days it was it was Bobbie you Kirk in Major League it was all over the top. You king I think we collared bright she's only. A little cute what's she was knowledge have no idea exactly right and I think it was just that it was it was. You're knowledgeable. You don't have to sound like you're trying his party you all are. To be impressive I think she's impressive but I couldn't get past the fourth did so I believe. You should. But it's probably McDonough for me McDonna yeah. Linda in Webster wants to cash in her golden ticket Palin got. I say thanks surging in my call. All right why it should. And it aren't quite it color people on it I just built iron. You never know. I'm ill and out. Holidays the other guy either down. Yeah we always out. We always get to. It's former chiefs quarterback Trent Green eyes on a car pray now how if that's because they just aren't knowledgeable about the bills and don't wanna talk out of school or it really is that the bills just that irrelevant right. Right you're getting the Spiro devious crew coming here I mean do you ever last year Monday Night Football. I mean they are raising tyra show some Jeremy Madonna looked like. I've waited two weeks discovered us are in the NFL in its Tyrod Taylor that's all we all saw tonight late one other bubble has like how does this guy talking about a one good play. You know we almost won the game. Dude we've been watching this a while you know you're talking about shut up. 454 years DM 4543776. Or get a golden ticket you wanted to fold out some announcer and for me will be block were bringing this up only because Collins worth has taken some time off over the holidays. Curt Warner's going into the limited action have heard of Warner I think he's good. Find us if he if he's taking notes from what Romo is doing that a big guy he'll be just fine in the Booth and by the way you know we bring this up we start talking about this because. Well it's a Tuesday and we don't really have a ton of Bob Buffalo Bills news report in a day off for the guys he did make some usual tell you about here and a second but. You know we got to take we got a grip come down off the process for just. He's 24 hours maybe at 24 hour process. Detox before we go full one process all over again tomorrow afternoon in the sports bar with danger tag and case. You're just joining us the big Buffalo Bills news today couple players. Placed on IR. We got Jordan Matthews heading to IR Brendan Reilly getting called up from the practice squad. And then not Shaq Lawson unfortunately going to IR as well looks like that ankle injury a little bit more severe and no I'm not giving him enough time to recuperate. But before the end of the season Shaq loss in the IR big opportunity had for Eddie Yarborough and of course for a Brendan Reilly. The practice squad watt brought wide receiver the training camp hero he will get you shots here in the outcome and we should the Buffalo Bills. Does not bogged haven't accidentally Sargent Tim in China life can call that every child like Cohen and hates him. Take. Are hurt or. Fire anybody who replaces RJ. There's one OK not now our kind of like. He's honor station I gotta be careful here but the Dunleavy. You know the Canadian accent. On a sabres broad cast him that Oreo and us. And we lost for McCain yeah. And we lawsuit against him. I don't think so busters do it all the much more it's and Dan Dunleavy. Yet I think I think raise great I think Marty Iran is a great addition to. Bly. It's a tough act to follow our jags is legendary I feel sorry for anybody it's kind of follow back. But then again you know Murphy did OK following Dan Miller. I don't know. It was really really Wear but then Dan Miller at the end in god rest his soul bullet. There was one game were Bledsoe was quarterbacking was saying Kelly under senator eaten when it was time it was time and that would ago. Did appreciate the call 454 ESPN and other topic we somehow landing it was like a real sports bar we went on topics we don't expect. Golden ticket if you're gonna vote a sportscaster off would be. This is called this is called process detox. We're trying to for a 24 hours to come off the process and you know we got funniest stuff going on what will talk about some that some of the goings on today for the Buffalo Bills those injured. The the two players going to IR Bobby tweeting me out AK Mike danger reverse golden ticket bring back John Madden. I agree with that just because I don't wanna see guys in their past his prime we we're a little critical Michaels are renowned it has ever you know now leisure Michael should talk to challenge like he might ever broken any minute typing this year ocean's clock should. How I think he's is got dentures right. You didn't Michaels talks with a list or you watch and listen really closely him ankles now. Yeah I easy plus a little bit off the fastball Al Michaels. Yeah the clock is clock is ticking and they they're paying the big play put it this way Beecher being made an investment. Would Mike to recall for re well. Here's what you can listen for win win Michaels calls a game on Sunday night now. Because as I've ever since I I heard him do what he does weekly. There will be ace as a jab taken after referees. For making a call that's absolutely correct just for the referees get his disdain for the men in black and White House is palpable you can hear it in his voice and just for them making a call that they need to make. He gets upset at night I think it's all right there inconveniencing him and it's gonna prolong his night in the broadcast right. Right he's committed he's three hours and you're gonna make me stay three hours and four Mets that's the way I kind of view Michael's many complaints about those things again. Zak writing and I would love to see Don Stevens called sabres can you know he did it. I had gotten doesn't know I remember this I do remember it is called the sabres at blues game he sold them once I don't remember the year but he did it. But again talk about the writing Rochester pull the sillier in the sports bar. As hot. Air wire. Will let you buy it already I. It are. All these years at a blue air what do you. Think he's a great. Are. There is other. I don't care I don't care about what I. All right I don't care. These stacking pretty teachers slaves or your armor was agreed that why you wore a little out there are. That is our goal it. These are blue and I'll eat in Asia. The best. All right appreciate the full boat for five YUSPN. And appear but it's blue Teddy bear. I. But here McGwire. Richard Hilton top that. I hate to do it but I packed and I can't agree with gene was 2 o'clock in the OJ did you pick the ball game. But you can pick. Which now. If they get that that I'm sorry could make the patriots in week one but yeah they'll block but Joseph Joseph brought it looks so what accordingly. It only Euro up. Troy ought to try. It's creepy to me. Is it very very creepy in need and bought. Look at my mom that I should be used and he's concerned. Should they shall not they. Attica. Well I mean did to me that the Super Bowl retiree client here's Manning on fourth down. On the throne. And aunts tire game. Ought to catch. First downs giants comp time is the player of all time in the super boy can't get a little more excited about that. For flight four ESPN 4543776. Matt Cullen from his car hey Matt how Oreo. Got a gut so I would say what a bad state my wife was way hero or wait till then. I couldn't stand still and that all I remember I went away at end game because they went from Matt and bill. And I. Yeah no I remember that I remember that that's what you need him. He. Well you one hears and maybe this makes it a little bit easier for to swallow Matta mean. The word on the street the rumor was that Nance was so fed up with Phil since because the last game that they called together. Seems far did in the Booth and and Waugh did it his way in the like it was you can see Nance is face kind of grimace it would extend his lap out and holding it Oprah are all. Absolutely. I think let's get real real a professional look the same time. Just think about that Nantz hello from friends what's wrong with view. Are you couldn't stand up my I there. I couldn't even imagine being there being in net ballot put a law that. It shouldn't and it's blocked to go away one of Phil Simms air biscuits in the middle of a playoff game in the Booth yeah that's. That's probably where is the Steelers dolphins game it was one of the last game yeah to work together out they do the stand up on camera raw and then edit Phil sands is like well. Though he's still a double I try to win. Aaron yeah. Oh. Lap frigate. But worry too much. Sitcoms that Tibet's you don't are harder it is like you help. Worried about you. How helpful almost out of date for that did it help you never know what you see the video you'll like he definitely. Blue ass in that Booth. And that was it. With the end 54 years and it's detox. To process detox today hey Deanna Deanna is in Rochester how laureate. Exactly taken Mikhail. I'm probably not gonna get a lot of Saber. That Michael and Pickett director under. High. DNA expand expand. I don't like that voices go can't make my skin crawl it's like nails on a chalkboard party. Com and the penguins and lacks both games last week with the sound because they couldn't I couldn't take it. It's funny bottom. Iris I respect the aide I respect for Deanna saying and I respect regenerate for his longevity in the crew that he has but. As somebody who didn't grow up listening to his call as somebody who moved here from out of the area. I understand what you said. You hear his voice and it's. It's an acquired takes a so you're not it is an artistic reason you know it's like you could say the same thing about a certain morning show host. Who's been in this market forever when you hear him talk on the radio. His voice just. Great section you'll understand the appeal you don't get it because it's old. On the pizza sit on appealing. Sound. You are talking about math and and I think throw your brother alignment category thirties are at. But generally has that that same kind of like that unique. Sound that EE his voice it is I think it is it partisan figure from here you appreciate you rot within is really all you know. But I understand what you were DNS come from that I don't necessarily disagree with her. But I respect Allen the data can do for that long and echoes for anybody else that that does for selling including about weeks including my brother likely to tool if you go for that long. Even with that voice that more power to you that's one. Port by four ESPN Deanna thanks for the call appreciate it Zack and Webster. You're in sports bar. I've got that. Why should you want to profit by actions like these guys hate that I mean it is a well organized. Eddie eagle Jack at the back half arc we either all we want. It or did and it panic that was the home won't do it brought great. Aikman when he called cowboys game is maybe the most intolerable human beings. Good apologize if you know. Well should be worried that accurately and now I mean every single thing out. Ball well or she don't know eight or. Well listen I act. Aikman I know given this credit I don't ever think of him being crawl cowboys I think he does an okay job right. Aegis ol' ball landed in a think their better than an exact Gerri by the way eagle chick recovered from cancer just throwing her on a monologue. Does this it odious at a back if it yeah absolutely right take no prisoners that we appreciate the call 454. ESPN 4543776. Let's check in when George. In penfield new George. And I adore George. All right golden ticket ghost just Turco it all John O'Rourke yeah I can. Standard and my biggest nightmares and I all we're. Each other. Who bought at. Is this not the year though he goes back to coaching in Tampa result in if that giants job is old creative there's a lot of quarterbacks coming out George I. I think you might never problem solved there are getting gruden off that is the best football pass I've ever seen in my entire life and I've seen a lot of football pass well this is colts might heard three to zero this case ladies this play its call that Turkey's blown a hole that Turkey's holes where you premiered here last year and I just called the turkeys bung hole. You know Sean McDermott gets up are you don't even go to sleep. I just take a little coffee union happening and watch feel designed Jon Gruden. I go fishing at 1 in the morning god yeah I can do without that. That he did as advocates for the signal more Dennison pits for your in the sports bar with danger to tightly. Guess I gotta be out. Are your yet then you're every time. Here's a guy with the motor who did it did you know can you imagine amass. Support all of these awful announcers all at once like a mix Collins worth with peer McGuire is a guy. I think it was great teacher and a blue Teddy bear and he took down the Tedy Gary kept and how we keeps it in his locker for inspiration. And then it got shot to go. Oh. Too much. All right that's that's a Buffalo Bills process detox right there yes. Normally you talk about the bills of the sabres right here but we need a little detox little dates back to Jack gloss and urine Matthew's balls on IR it's the colts this week yeah aid those who win this game we'll find out who's quarterbacking Russ tweeting us so the good doctor Russ tweeting us wanting to know if the holiday wardrobe has changed from last year. He's requesting that we go dumb and dumber tuxedos. I'm Russ c'mon c'mon now we'll classy like you don't by the way. I went red white balloon. I'm not saying it's a Buffalo Bills theme to tuxedo. But it's sharp it's blue talks. I read time I'd like to classic look but I am I wanted to add a little color and then afterward I realize what I did. I went black talks with light blue. I went Carolina panther movement is wrong with me I'm going full on. You notice it's that process is process it's it's in your system Jeanne you can't get it out you see what happens we're both since we're both infected processed idle red white and blue you go lacking in their powder blue. I don't know if you like it did that. Eight. Our eyes let's get the shots next in the sport by the way tomorrow at this time we will beef in full. In in the full. Throes of the Entercom holiday party will be broadcasting live from our makeshift sports are here at our studios. And look forward target you if you're coming to party and down. It's always a fun night he'll be a lot of fun nights extended. After hours version sports and great great time tomorrow and now hoping to join us on the air tomorrow off the sports fir against three in and yes my stance on the last six hour marathon shift yeah odds stories that we're following and shot size the college football playoff is that there's a big story that's gonna affect the Oklahoma one way or dollars so if you haven't heard rule will get it is not good and I concerns whether office and players. We'll get to that story will tell you one Sports Illustrated sports person of the year that and more coming up and shots I. Shots is always brought about mark if you liquor 11100 Jefferson road just off the expressway for the best selection and best prices give mark if you liquor shots. You'll be glad you did and stand by for shots on the way next in the sports bark danger in the tightly on ESPN Rochester. Its goal again window full report this kind of excited I mean new show vendors and new studio that. And then. Still. Pleasure to. It's all in all Ronald. Normal not here to remember just keyboard right normal you'll find it's Georgia window on eight and 950 and 957. FM does sports leader ESPN Rochester. You're doing shot. These top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round upshot it. In this sort of par. So they Oklahoma Sooners won a fourth playoff teams they'll face Georgia in the Rose Bowl. Oklahoma starting running back a bit of trouble here a woman has filed a protective order against running back Rodney handers CNET. Alleging that he raped her court documents say I'm hearing is scheduled for December 18 and Oklahoma spokesman says the schools are wearing gathering information. Anderson leaves the sooners with 960 yards rushing and eleven touchdowns. And has 283 yards and five touchdowns additionally receiving. Anderson took over the running back position. Ironically after Joseph Nixon left for the NFL Nixon like guilty to misdemeanor assault for hitting more than back in 4014. Passer ever since. Through a statement issued by his attorney he says the allegation is quote patently false. Oklahoma quarterback maker may feel will be in New York City on Saturday night debts because he's one of three finalists. When this year's Heisman also nominated are last year's winner local Lamar Jackson along with Stanford running back brace loved should Jackson wins. He would become only the second player ever to win multiple highs in Ohio State's orgy Griffin is the other mayfield. Is considered the favorite to win it this year as he leads the nation pastor in cash a perfect passer efficiency of has thrown for 4340. Yards and 41 touchdowns. Last year you had players fouling out before the the college football games are played the bowl games that is for the NFL draft well. You're young against Florida State safety der wind changed declared to the NFL draft today. And that he's not going to play in the seminoles upcoming bowl game jeans a redshirt sophomore is one of the trap top draft prospects in the country. Announced its intention on an Easter Graham post today ESPN's Mel hyper junior has James ranks third on his war. Illustrated his name their sports person of the year and 2017 it's actually. Sports persons JJ watt wholesale coup de grace this week's cover with the words. Houston strong after hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August what started the fund raiser to help those affected by the devastating flooding in VI area. In less than three weeks watch raised more than 37 million dollars out to face Houston Astros lifted the city's spirits by winning their first World Series. I'd. Arguably the greatest defensive shortstop Walt time. No manager in the minor leagues Omar Vizquel will manage the White Sox class eighteen in Winston-Salem North Carolina. The scale also happens to beat one of 191 time nominees on the hall of fame ballot eleven times in his career won a gold glove shortstop. Playing impressive 24 years in the major leagues so you would figure if not this year. Vizquel has a shot getting a hall at some point meanwhile here in Rochester. Yeah no word yet we're still waiting to hear with the twins will hire the manager of Rochester red wings next season. An anonymous GM told ESP in the former UCLA Bruin lands low ball. Wasn't going to get drafted anyways were marble build. His middle child out of school yesterday saying. He'd be better off preparing elsewhere for the NBA draft reporter. Champ Serena. The vertical reports that bulls representatives every shut teams overseas for both Lee Angelo. And the youngest son a mellow in a package deal by most accounts the middle suddenly antelope. Is the least talented three so the move to package the more talented Le Melo to get a little Angela to a team in Europe. As a calculated move by devils far to make the most money. Meanwhile another of our ball stories and a pair of lob the ball shoot the president truck. Boulevard says he's upset because he never got to thank you. Hasn't controlling their look Corey Brewer called the president said he was upset that they never got a thank you for helping out. With Leann jewels create legal situation in China. Chang. NHL franchise values when a 15% to 2017 is according to the annual report from Forbes. Which NHL franchises Forbes say is worth the most money. To New York Rangers one and a half billion dollars second value Toronto. Followed by Montreal. Last season the Rangers had more revenue 246 million dollars and operating income 94 million than any other hockey team Gordon the sabres ranked. 28 of the 31 teams 350 million dollars that's up 17% year to year. The French as valued at the bottom that would be here Arizona coyotes at 300. Million. That shots and sports are brought you remark if you liquor 11100 Jefferson road. Just off the expressway for the best selection best prices give mark if you liquor shots. You'll be glad you didn't what does that say about the sabres that yes their value went off but they've already been passed by at Las Vegas not just. Not just in the standings major but the value of the franchise. So the sabres are worth more than the lord and they're worth more than Arizona Carolinas even worth more than buffalo. And that may be impart to because that the team is about ready to be sold here is still in Raleigh Durham but. It's just what we think good things are happening buffalo and they are but. Compared to the rest of nor our America right is this very very small. Well I'm look at this from a wide wide angle here gene and the headline is. NHL franchise values went up 15%. In 2017. You know what that means. The worst commissioner all of professional sports are actually making a profit he's actually succeed here. It's. And. This terrible all that's. I just don't is there a 15%. Take that as a business all day. Double digit growth purity year. You know what are the business is doing that and other markets doing great right now but. If the sabres valley one up 17%. Year to year. I'll contact you can't give that guy credit don't. He's been right I don't like it but eight it's just as much we wanna see him get fired. Hit it and fired it they've values of French is like the sabres are going up 70% year to year in the entire league the NHL bridges values are 15%. It's funny seventeen. Who's not taking that. What are you and how you do better than them we get that's gonna be better you degree it's after Tina's and. Off the world's fourth most popular after all of fifteen shouldn't be what we. Bit my point is is much is we've rag on Batman as long as that remains true as long as there's growth. He ain't going anywhere Emmett. If still sore at their gene and like it. Also predicted a danger as it detox her off the process today and you got to bring that point up there are that the Batman is not going art. That is this is fun. As it's been one of those days in the near no. No press conference a one bills drive no practice today. Or or do you just you these detox it's dazed in detox your Jones I can. Luke Jordan Matthews out for the year Shaq Boston now for the year down we'll see Brendan Reilly yeah and now I listen I know a lot of people there excited about Brendan Reilly. You Saudi didn't training camp pride if I can't believe it took this long to get him to come up I'll finally reads you Brennan route that. Two week temper the expectations on Brendan Reilly. He's a practice squad guy all year. He remained on the practice squad all year any team could assign a and it's more it could assign him at any point there's a reason why. You know if the kid is worked hard and shows us something. Then great to be a nice story I would love to see it. But let's. Let's temper the expectation located realistically. We don't have the Nextel Wes Welker on our practice squad. No. No we don't look at cap capped off some guy out. I'll name and a defensive end cap cap because it that this could be a big opportunity Freddie arbor. You've got four gave you only need to talk about guys that looked good and training camp and what we see you're ready arbor this year when he's beta it's. OK pretty fed up. So continue. Can you look better than what losses look like this year this is in come down to can you get some for Jack Lawson because I have a feeling he's not one of the guys that you're gonna keep around. Well. He's still happens can let me give you the devil's advocate here three years of team control here in danger. So what's what's the point LS it's a really nice pick. Not dumping Shaq Lawson I'm sorry eight. Even EOK so next year even if it gets beat up by yarn I was just putting it out there as as from what we've seen with this regime. If you don't fit their system if you don't fit the culture. Tenure is good is gone. And we know that there was a rift between McDermott in shock loss in just a couple of weeks ago. Why keep that guy round. Difference being that. Daria as does give you some cap relief not a lot I mean granted dead that bonus accelerated on new odd walking you weren't gonna pay. All these guys Darby was decision was coming up you don't have a decision coming up on Shaq loss and I would not make that move the flower Brendon de. Well it'll be anxious to see what you are broken due. In his stead. On Sunday. If you missed it we had Jeremy wiped her sister station WGR with us in the 3 o'clock hour great bills and sabres conversation with Germany. Love talking sports with Jeremy and if you missed it you can hear that now on demand at the only ESPN Rochester dot com last hour we spoke with Kent sterling. Out of Indianapolis at CBS sports 1430 good little colts perspective. As we detox in the process now will be on demand here shortly BSP and registered account as well. Yeah no they're not trading Andrew Luck Andrew Luck he's he's telling us is building his huge new house in Minneapolis now. Course that could mean he could live there year round and play for another team and I would highly doubt. Do you Matthew the grain tweeting me Jerry Hughes 20181. And second round picks in exchange for a healthy Andrew Luck. So they wanna pass rusher. When eagle pass rusher in the draft we give up Jerry Hughes. And a first or second round pick. I don't think that you're getting that aid Andrew Luck for that and enough know sending in a fall. You know I love that but no and and I don't think. Would you give Opel the year number ones and clock I would. I would I would do allow it to be risky but I mean consider this okay is really only 11 round pick because. Then the last one was cutting your bonus pics so here your first round pick and Andrew Luck. Okay you could be getting Drew Brees 2.0 another was a quarterback that move would be hurt us. One year in your picking up at the discovery here's the bottom line. In these not trading Andrew Luck I think we can establish that. Are we to take a quick break here gene were run late in the sports bar danger and tightly closing time on the way next TV preview of Maher show. Honey and I 5957 FM ESPN Rochester. Need more on the rocks. You're in the sports car with a knee injury and be tackling. Rochester sports leader 95 scattered ESPN. We appreciate you giving us some of your time your most valuable and precious commodity every afternoon sports are dangerous and from three until six when you have hundreds of options for your sports information and entertainment close any idea they choose us it's just for five minutes in the car on the ride home. We appreciate it don't take for granted thank you for telling a friend. About the sports bar with danger and the tightly good show its aging lots of fun. Had a chance to talk with W jurors journey white debts on the minute ESPN Rochester dot com. We'll that our conversation with Kent sterling of CBS sports 1430 Indianapolis. Online here shortly as well feeder consume at your leisure and tomorrow. Well tomorrow is just a big ol' party in the sport to Google. Party it's arid you know extended broadcast sports car after hours or annual holiday party danger it's going to be a lot of fun. We will also have Ryan tell them on from the Syracuse post standard as the Buffalo Bills tomorrow. They'll be back at practice maybe will get an answer on all starting quarterback this week against the colts ranked held to join us tomorrow. I look afford that looking forward to oh big party to Jean. 0:5 o'clock is that we're allowed to 5 yeah 5 o'clock. So if your interest citizen what that the show could sound like them both of us are little altered unhinged. Yeah I would say listen it's time starring in the late you're you're going to like it knew both say they say you know they start losing around 6 o'clock. 5:36 o'clock you know. After hours should be a lot of funds more on the sports part danger tag with hope you join us thank you again for listening as the Syracuse basketball tonight as well that team will kick off the double header happenings in the Jimmy V classic Syracuse game my read on 9 o'clock tonight. Here on ESP and Rochus who purport that. The money is next about this and anyways. Is that time of the moose today. No it's okay. Laura. It's. Unavailable these live.