The Sports Bar-Hour 3 1/5/18-Don Stevens

After the guys reveal their predictions for Sunday's playoff matchup between the Bills and Jaguars they serve of the day's top sports stories with a round of "Shots" in hour three of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. Next, Amerks play-by-play announcer Don Stevens stops by to preview this weekend's action from Blue Cross Arena.  


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Us sports bar with danger and do exactly that makes sense. Insufficient. Bush on. You know. See him do some things today and we'll go from there it's okay. We'll see these days aren't there. Some big games I go out there. Six the other one. Movement at a time right now to see how it goes through the through the individual part practicing ankle. Mike danger it's the turnovers it's the ability to get the ball from their opponent and again if they haven't just bring it back around it's got to come off. Mistakes mentally portals and maybe you don't perform then gene which actually. But the bottom line here is Tyrod Taylor will have to make some plays here this week about his wife played again. You know they've got a good team strong team. I believe that our guys simply we've got a good team so should make for a perfect game. Rochester sports leader 957. ESPN. Welcome back danger of exactly where in the sports bar you can join us at 454 ESPN 4543776. Pull the store with your prediction for Sunday's action the bills and the jags are Twitter hole today at ESPN Rochester whats the outcome. Who's gonna win the game of the bill's gonna win by more than a TV or more than a TV here than a win a close one of the jags win. In a blow water will they want to close one need your options and right now Jean 60% of the audience saying that the bills. Will win. Close one yes 77 overall saying buffalo only 23%. Side Jackson or you would expect out of that. Aid our audience obviously will pick the Buffalo Bills but. I think the thing is here that it is going to be close dangers as what everybody is saying here and I don't. Think the way the bills' secondary plays the way Jacksonville's secondary players are either team as we Billy blow one other outlets there's turnovers and weird things here. I fully anticipate. A close to gain here but. I just keep coming back to this and win the buffalo bills' season and nobody is expecting. Write the bills are poised welcome our trophy I hate those words coming out of my mouth and like egg kind of laughing at a but. The seasons go on and for the Buffalo Bills with a loss. We know this. Whether it's next week you know England whether it's Sunday in Jacksonville but the regional happen in the end. Is this run the facts OK year you can only damn whammy so much and then it in the whammy remember that danger is gonna come up and by each. End to mean that's the fatal flaw of the 2017. Version now we're 22 of the Buffalo Bills. That is the fact that they cannot stop the run with any success in the fact that now a lot now. Left the Miami game and he hasn't practiced this week now you're gonna have normal number Preston brown. And Lorenzo Alexander I or not. Liking this matchup against Jacksonville because what I see Jacksonville doing in this game dangerous. They're not going to let the late portals throw the ball downfield it's going to be Leonard for that. I see this game going like bits. Three nothing 73 whatever it's going to be it's going to be close at the house. But if Jacksonville sticks to wait and see the bills' run defense wearing down this game that's my dear in this my prediction. I think that the bills because of what I've seen over the course last quarter of the season. Start off with a long sustained drive their first possession and get points might be a field goal might be a touchdown but they get points. And I think that right there might be enough. To. Keep Jacksonville on their heels they're not made much like the bill's exit to play from behind in fact. That'd attended sixteen that is O and six. This season when they've trailed by eight points or more and into the bills can get off. Like they have the last handful of games. Every Dennison Kumble and off its game plan that that creates a long. Sustained drive against a formidable defense put the defense let's not forget that just two weeks ago gave a 44 points to Sanford Cisco. And I think the bills have a chance to win these game you'd get near you get Jacksonville. Depress a little bit you you may be forced to turn over to an end you know. It's no secret turn overs of the success you winning any vehicle when the eternal battle chances are. Here when the game. Tyrod Taylor doesn't turn the ball over and don't suspect he's gonna start doing it in his first playoff appearance I have a feeling. Given how that the second half December went public morals he be more likely. To make a mistake it could be something as simple as a botched snap Gina we really honestly would you be surprised if anything like that happen during a wildcard we it's it's gonna be the most crystal ball we've ever seen. These are the wild card playoff games and somebody seems like the bills. Lucky to be here. Yeah they're they're flawed. They're not the best teams in the league in Jacksonville played no dad division let's let's call that out and oh Jacksonville was in the NFC date. The mount a new class altogether in fact I would say probably Atlanta. In Carolina those wild card teams much better than Jacksonville as the number three seed but that being said danger. We just have to look at this match up here buffalo. And Jackson all I think you and I are kind of the same feather here though. Coming close coming in as I I don't see either team running a candidate I. We've yet talked to somebody who says is going to be below one way or the other that point spread is a little bit ridiculous it is wrote back picked the bills. How long we had. Matthew fair ground with this last hour. Took the bill's rich Donald H Donnelley did you have your the only outlets that we've talked to that's taken the jacks. Are we looking beyond this bills' run defense I mean honestly that and I guess I have watched every Jacksonville gained here danger blind. It is tough going on the road any time in the league. There's one thing working for buffalo and Matthew fair burden touched on this and if you missed it will have that up re on the man tonight you go back and listen to it. The fact of this narrative that hey buffalo should just be happy to be there and there they don't belong there and you see. Web sites like the ESPN stats and info 538. All the analytics showing you had you know where this bills team ranks in playoff teams are not very good. It got momentum and that's really on matters at this point for a dozen on Friday means a lot. I mean something I don't think it means everything and it's hard because you can't really potentially. Quantify what momentum means to a team but. Yeah you won the game on on Sunday in an emotional game you made in the playoffs on an improbable. Fourth and twelve play that nobody thought you know every thought decade was over. So you know your writing oh wave of positive emotion right now. It's that is clouded by the status of a couple of your key players in the Shawn McCoy and got a lot of on the defense side of the ball but. You know I do think it matters I think that matters and you know I love Meredith and I talk about it all the time in and LeSean McCoy can't go in if you're able to work and Marcus Murphy who gets a little bit of an opportunity to get the opportunity exists for a guy who's only been a practice squad guy who's never got the chance to be showcases feature back. He's playing for a playoff win he's playing for a future in the leak. That's a motivation. And that guy is a guy that I want to see the ball in his hands and and yeah easy more prone to make a mistake because you could he fumbled the ball you don't sure. But let's be honest he's it was some accord carry the ball away he doesn't there's like does he not fumbled the ball the right this is a much of a chance and end the thing he's got coliform is he doesn't have seventeen or sixteen games of where in terror on his on his body. So. Marcus Ortiz and they've already paying close attention to. I really. Really like the matchup between the bills secondary. And the jags wide receivers. And I think it does come down to turn overs and at the bills are going to be again I think the jags might make a sloppy turn over to. And the bills will win the turnover battle and eventually win the game I haven't in 1914 buffalo vital to score a lot of Texans but to have the morning I hadn't scored one touchdown. I think hushed up. Does just enough I think it's it just reeks of a typical Buffalo Bills game where they keep a closer. The that I like are you saved. Reeks and then you say positive I mean it's gonna be ugly full I have yeah I mean think of the think of the Tampa Bay game. They give the Carolina game that didn't end the bill's favorite it's going to be one of those kind of oddly. Gains I think Andy. You know a few things at the bills have going for them and adding if they do get out to that early lead. I don't think Jacksonville's equipped or know how to come back from a deficit greater than he'd be shown that through the course of the season I think plea portals can be rattled I think it doesn't even mean that he's got the ball he'd like you not. He didn't have to be forced to throw the body just him throwing the ball is is and he could be potentially damaging. To the jags especially with the bill secondary playing the way that they've been playing. If I can put it another way danger and by the way you could always join as one note your predictions. 454 ESPN 4543776. Call your shot now or forever hold your peace here in the sport are 957 ESPN. If you had a goal and is boil it down take coaches. Quarterback's. Defense. Bills and two with a three there right I coach my role McDermott who you got. Room take McDermott. Quarterbacks okay realm all the pluses minus Tyrod Taylor at night one thing I'm taking Tyrod Taylor were Blake morals and I think you would you. Defense is them. Who. That jacket that that that's the reason why how Jacksonville got your danger. Jacksonville has a few quality wins winning in Pittsburgh defeating Seattle. The other bills that quality wins to I mean yes they caught Atlanta the right time out that's away debt equality way. But to meet to lot of three ain't bad but I think Jacksonville's got the best one what. And what happened last hear what happened a few weeks ago. William 44. To San Francisco and I'm not saying that Tyrod Taylor is gonna have a game like Jimmy problem crime but you know. 44 this defense is supposed to be in jail you don't you 44. To argue offense and has less weapons than the bills do. Well. Did they have them playoff spot clinched at that point or we had before come off the channel just so but OK that I would argue are the jags team that. Can be afforded to have their foot off the pal Bryant's you know down problem. The bills aging you've heard this narrative all week that the bills are in the playoffs despite getting outscored. By 57 point sets the fifth worst point differential by a playoff team in the Super Bowl era. But each of the six previous teams that made the playoffs despite a point margin of fifty or worse. Actually won a playoff game. The last to do it. The Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos in 2011. They had a point differential of minus 81 they got outscored by 81 points appear that they made the plans with Tim Tebow the Seahawks in 2010 you remember that. Their point differential of ninety's. That was a bad team in the playoffs now but they want. Marshawn Lynch went beast mode on New Orleans you remember back in. Now so. Blight. Instances in sport I mean that you have underdogs like this they don't belong here you hear that narrative I think that is going to be something that. Maybe the bills can rally around this week. But you come back to what team wins without their most valuable player okay. Op Bill Simmons the writer calls it the Ewing effectively take the players the best player off any team the rest of the team kind of rallies around. Just like how the New York Knicks in a run in 1999 with Patrick Ewing went down also knicks got that one out of that war while just the psychology of that. Only this bills team is made up that I don't think that applies here to the words of the Shawmut whole way. He's not ready or somehow doesn't dress in this game I don't expect everybody else did. To dig up their bootstraps. In doing it to me the Murphy story where you see it is the great story. A little bit wishful thinking on all of our hearts that he's gonna come in all Sunday tin Smith Timmy Smith member Anthony Smith the running back for Washington when a Super Bowl win over the Broncos ran for 200 yards somebody who was named going in that game and he was given a shot you shine. In burned out really quick that's the best case scenario obviously that he could come Maine in shining here's the kids opportunity but. Again. Eight analyst Shawn McCoy is a future hall of Famer in your talking. About a guy now they can be your lead running back that was not caught by one the cut by two other teams. These it was a third practice body was on in buffalo some danger again a little bit old wood. Oh sure absolutely and and let's not forget the fact the Mike Colbert is Sean McDermott's got. You know told we're probably get first crack those carries before. Before Murphy what but. It is blind spot right I heard is from I didn't like what we saw out of Murphy. You know last week you know and limited role he carries any was able to do some things in. It's just intriguing to me you know a guy that's fresh. I'm curious to see if and how they deploy him. Should the Sharma boy. 100% it's it's certainly seems clear that he'll give and go boy he won't be a 100% in the field geno. The United States five nothing over the Czech Republic now so how can than a finals tonight right final Canada and the suites tonight and then hopefully get Alex knee Lander right back Allen a mile under the back in the lineup Saturday night we got done Stephens. Coming up later this hour Scott writing into us on Twitter you can also reach us on Twitter calls a four fight for ESPN. Wright was at ESPN Rochester Scott riding in. The big thing going to the bills and Murphy is they both have nothing to lose Dole's win this one's seventeen to ten. Listen it's not too far from where I have a fair where I think Canada seventeen. But he C 1714. Something like that and it's it's. It would shock me if this is a high scoring game it would shock me if this is a blow out in one direction or another and regardless of the outcome. Let's keep the mind. Eights the first week of January were talking playoff football when nobody nobody nobody had this team winning more than six games. Anybody anybody really know crickets 00. Analyst. I don't know any fans that had this team finishing better than eight neat. I think eaten it would have would have meant to parade downtown buffalo. So ignited seven run in improbable lighted seven run of the playoffs. And you can't be angry and you know I don't know I. Rich Donnelly mentioned it earlier than the future does look right. For the Buffalo Bills. Right so this is almost the talk you're giving to people on Sunday night. That you're gonna be sad if this doesn't go your way but to really can't right because you see a direction for this team. You received. Some holes obviously but you can fix that in the draft danger I don't think this is a big big overall for this team. The parts are there you need to improve the run defense you one way or another have to address the quarterback. That's a deep concern but again it comes back to Tyrod Tyrod brought chew. A place work Drew Bledsoe didn't Trent Edwards stating Alexander I'll give Michael okay. In all these years Tyrod Taylor did enough to get this team all these other quarterbacks and. It'll be if you sing and you can be OK so let's give you a little programming note here so we'll have. Pregame coverage for you starting at 9 AM as usual on a Sunday morning. You can hear all of the action from Jackson all the pregame coverage from Jacksonville now at 1 o'clock. Switch over to our sister station 96 YWCIMF. Murphy Kelso will have the cold selves sidelines. Will have the sabres for you sabres are in Philadelphia sabres and flyers on Sunday from one. Until the end of that game and as soon as second concludes will flip you right back over to the conclusion. Of the bills in the jacks from Jacksonville. By the way if the bills don't win this game I'm stupid programming no I'm blaming him Schneider. I don't yes UPS mean now we Kerry seen John Fisher basketball we are scheduled to Carrie Fisher basketball next week as they're home against Alfred. Intense as well you know we gonna carry two bills when the plane to unlike. Tim we're not talking about this until it actually happens to them. The answer of yes we were carried a bills game and we care and other Fisher game but yes Timmy Schneider is the person. Parents are he's the talks these days ago he's the Malloy a cat that's great. Tim Schneider who you can hear hear I just over an hour from now with pre game as the L Merck's are taking on Bridgeport tonight. But from blue cross arena with a pre concerning its 650 here on ESPN brought. And then Monday night danger we do have the national championship game up this morning in weekend because of this wasn't all off. You've got nick Sabin and Alabama once again in Georgia they're all going to be fired up his game from Atlanta beginning to start your morning actually Kazaa a bullet and we go will be down in Atlanta previewing this game and then will have the play by play coverage begins at 630 Monday night. For the national championship game the last sponsors on this and brought two in part by the tax oppose or homeowners are you over paying for your property taxes here Monroe County. Because where you live that town is over valuing. Your property is actually a problem depending on where you live well. The what you do is you look up the tax oppose the Z will take a look at your assessment for free. No obligation and on the take your case if you've got a case and then you data that's slowly adopting a let's say succeed. If you've got to lose here call the tax oppose a five or 68185468180. For the taxable all right. We got shots on the way next another round of shots to go around the world to support. And serve all the day's top stories to you for your ride home shots is always has brought you by market you liquor Henrietta the only liquor store you'll ever need best prices best selection most helpful. Mark if you liquor Jefferson wrote in Henrietta. Yeah where is Syracuse and action tomorrow pretty big game busy hockey night between the am works REC. And also the sabres will tell you about NHL for right now that has a relief. Act condition hopefully everything turns around to this New York ranger. And in baseball kind of the story going under the reader you could see some major. Chain rule changes next year. We will explain that's coming up and shot. Football. Play off time this Sunday the bills travel to Jacksonville to take on the jaguars. Forgotten ones. John Murphy and mark Kelso and brought to you by northwest to make the switch to northwest. And vice Alina when Barnes future. Colored text speaks. You're doing shots. These top sports stories with. Injured and that's. Time for another round on shot. There's the low point for the Buffalo Sabres you can only hold 62 loss at Minnesota game. Where buffalo is behind six to nothing can make matters worse rescues risk collided. The jets did in the first period after it hit the bad Minnesota's Nikko poised to thirty wrist a line in the major penalty and a game misconduct. And now hold it wait the ruling from the NHL's apartment a players' safety quite if you didn't return to the game and he did scored goal number five. Minnesota six goals on the first seventeen shots and totally forget over night for buffalo tonight the sabres Winnipeg battle way keeping gets cold here danger. Right out eight but all in Manitoba yeah tonight's in game you can hear a double BC enough. We're not a soft New York Rangers forward Chris crater is out indefinitely who undergoes surgery to have a rib re sec did. Essentially that means that they're cutting back one of his ribs creator it's been sidelined since December 27. That night he was sent to the hospital where was discovered in a blood clot in his right arm. Well this is a very serious condition number of players have been able to bounce back from it. Among those players Steven Stamkos who experiencing injury nearest callable. Stamp goes was diagnosed in March 2016 and return in late may of the senior the Rangers tomorrow night. Play Arizona. Buffalo tonight it is the gold medal game of the world juniors who has not and it's Canada taking guns read in the bronze medal game right now they're in the second the United States. Blowing away the Czech Republic's fine nothing the US leading this game. Candidate gets back to the championship game that you cannot say Sweden is a push over the Swedes are for real they get the trailing game is sternum. Division one program yet not playing the game for nearly a full month. That's the challenge that awaits the REIT tigers tonight. When they return to the eyes of Niagara RTs last game we'll bid on December 9 when a Providence. The teams a couple of weekends off for the holidays then scheduled weekend mercy Hurst following Christmas well that was postponed due to that massive snowstorm in Erie. But tonight the tigers have a chance to get back at Niagara team that knocked him out of the postseason last year. After all a test tomorrow at the dome at 1203 warrants host these twelve and three fighting Irish of Notre Dame now. Syracuse is gonna need to get more out of cart the highest battle. Darrell got off to a good start before this season but he's gone cold recently Wednesday's loss to wake. That'll just workflow from the Florida last four games he has just 73 corners Michel for a tip time tomorrow the dome 330 that game you can catch on ESPN two. Ten games in the NBA tonight including Milwaukee hosts Toronto. What it surprise you look like you're the leading vote getter for the all star game is not LeBron James put rather the Greek freak. Milwaukee's bought stars like you have got to ask uptake of DuPont bought this. I'm Kate to court on day to cope well on tape to cool off on the Greek freaky little star balloting after the first twelve days of the fan vote on to Kubel. On day to cobalt. You won't go to other. Instead of abroad by nearly 7500 votes austen's Tyree Irving it's 50000 votes behind tonight. Boston hosts Minnesota. Jerry crab net reporting officials are Major League Baseball and the players association. We'll meet next week in New York to the Scots. Pace of play initiatives that would go into what that this coming season. These are major changes under consideration including. Tough pitch caught in a limitation on catcher from my own business crack commissioner rob Manfred. He's got the power here he's freaking you know Larry institute changes under the collective bargaining agreement but it. And Hanford is consistently expressed a desire to reach a settlement with the union before new rules are implemented. Finally students are not back on campus jettisoned John Bishop but those that work to good reported today in the cold temperatures brownie skating. Where the scoreboard which the Buffalo Bills good luck in the playoff game against the jaguars. The seventeen years of the drought also coincided with the seventeen years of Fisher hosting the bills training camp in 1999 the bills trained as for don't give before going over pits for itself. It's all built stands including the Fisher grateful. Enjoy the playoff game this Sunday. He goes shots in the sports more danger to tightly brought to a market you liquor Henrietta. The only liquor store you'll ever need gas prices selection most helpful mark if you liquor Jefferson road. It Henry I always hated dad always Fisher's fault there you know the bills are men in the Clinton like Akron it's like. Like the Billy Joseph and every other curse in the apartment quick mock. That position nothing to do with a that was kind of cold at bay had a group shot out there today in a in the freezing cold temperatures in your right danger minus eight and what are they giving the schools are often what effect and now. How it works in the day I will say there is a big difference between. Cold here and cold he'd like COLT I grew up in Minnesota and I'm sure couldn a lot of them face in Winnipeg it's it's deceptive. Because you look out the window and you see bright blue skies and a bright sun mid and you walk outside and in the temperature is minus 23 with no wind chill of minus eighty. Here it's just grade. And dark and cold and then you factor in the lake effect snow and that you know so it's a little bit more. It's a little bit more of a downer here it's a little bit more depressing in terms of how bad the winters can get in fact. Do we it'll socialist through every time we talked to Matthew fair burn and we noticed it again today talking okay he sounds. What is different Matthew prayer burn when we know he's it is sunny place. And it's holding Jacksonville today but not this kind of Cole same thing whether it's down and it's thought yeah this son matters sponge should match which we. We talked to fair bird last year during the owners' meetings in Arizona and he was live they're from Phoenix. If somebody different guy like yeah. Happens elegant dynamic roared back to they were well patient asks the sun matters an illicit if it was sunny. Today but the but it was cold and a wasn't snowy. I think a lot more schools would have been in session but I think the combination of the dark clouds the gloomy skies the cold temperatures and the snow. Okay yeah they're they're not taken time off in Winnipeg Manitoba. Where you are the temperature is a lot colder than it is here. Fifteen seconds or baseball take ready danger Greg Robb called pitch count it's 2018. Pitch clock. You can speeded up here a little bit okay you wanna get new fans of the game you've got to negate make it more TP appealing. Stop with the walking around everything chop chop pick up the pace here I applaud Ron Manfred for trying to get this stuff. You see it in the minors that we kind of beta testing in the minors yeah and ends it she really isn't a factor rat like I I noticed that a frontier field but it's not something I'll think you would notice. I think it would be almost subliminal if you if you instituted that. In the majors as far as how you would be consuming it on TV I don't think it would matter that you would notice that he would pick up. So yeah I mean it would only become an issue when you get somebody out there and it's taken their own time and what an umpire have to enforce it and then the manager coming out. By the way too you can cut the theatrics of all the managers running on the arguing in this in that. I and there are ways they can do what you can eliminate some things on replay to the LST cut that down to that were all speed up. I think that these is a problem for baseball in speed it up I plot Ron Manfred for trying to get the stock. All right so. They spent a lot of time today talking bills and jags deservedly so fair Auburn Friday Matthew ferber joins us last hour. News and NBC sports were torched only join us in the 3 o'clock hour. The big news story of the day the breaking news story that probably popped up on your phone at some point the raiders. Set to make Jon Gruden eighteen year ten to me a hundred million dollar a contract like while that's an unprecedented. Contract for help. President the record was seven years give him head then. You get more tech coach has been around. Years in the national football at the two. Belly check and Marvin Lewis that would be yet. I'm not angry at a cheap because it's ten years that we're guaranteed to not have Jon Gruden in the money and Ethel Paul Booth. Well. That begs the question danger you have an opening ESPN is officially announced gruden to the raiders on Tuesday. No Madonna comes back I would welcome a new play by play guy. I have seen people speculate what Peyton Manning would be great to paint she's not when then no no no no he's got probably bigger plans to become the can only tell. On my vote if I had to vote if you want to weigh in 454 ESPN who should take over for gruden I want beef. Ball acts no guy. Not somebody who's gonna. You'll be a showman like gruden was my choice he works from the NFL network I think he's excellent Mike Maalox I want somebody who. Who's gonna tell me things I don't know who's gonna I didn't make things right on the spot till wise. Make me smarter. I don't need to flowery background on the quarterback I know that's a wide audience but it's money that Obama gets purple ball and Mike Mack of me get my vote. America was calling games on there's an F football for a while there when the NFL network first un unveiled that package right right and he he's doing some radio all now. So why I I did the draft guide now rate they think his focus is really on the draft like a Feely keys there. Easy NFL network. He's an NFL network's draft expertise or milk hyper. It what it does not him somebody like Louis Riddick was on ESP and right now I Riddick is. I think he's very Smart I think any herb what his name pop up for GM openings to I don't know what he wants to do that he be a good choice to. Who would be your choice to interact feared death. While there's really only one name that comes to mind I don't know if you're ready for me to say this. He's already had his audition too by the way one. Bad so it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on the field for a while until. Both events tells the from here. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background helping him a lot tonight yes quarterback at Colorado that's defensive back Indiana. Sergio dip in the both all day. Tell me watching that humanity in the guys in the truck watching him like. Four. And he never went back the port. Having the time of these can't can't look all. I walked that walk right into that or give me life. Somebody that you know you had an eye on you always could end up keep you thinking and getting Cutler. It's going to be Kotler somebody like that play though let's let's. Look at the success story Romo had his first years and analysts in the Booth and look at how great he was let's use that template at ESPN let's put Jay Cutler in the boom. Hey listen I will say this I mean if you ever sit through his behavior sectors as many Jay Cutler press conferences I have. He's pretty deal with the media like he's he has a little charisma to him eat like it wouldn't shock me if he does get a shot the boot in and doesn't. He's an affair as well as Romo went. I don't gonna tell you is there's another ex bear danger is not Jay Cutler when he decides to hang it up permanently. It's going to be starts Brandon Marshall. Brandon Marshall is engaging and he's gonna have a job some more maybe he gets an opportunity and a yogi. Probably should walk a well dollars and yours. Walk away and it lets say Brandon Marshall gets handed the keys to the Cadillac and he's the value of the color analyst. For money and apple just blow it up at that point like adult wedge. Brandon Marshall and they withdrawn roaring off to all white hosts milk toast shot on give me give me somebody who just. Competes. Brad Kessler a lot of bright bestseller game at best game I mean you know he used to do Thursday and happily it was nest or male pride right now right in. That was decent elect and that was a bad presentation. I would take show on mobile and again I. Always throw out the disclaimer she knows her football. And it's an annual laced. Where arranged. Short and shouting and for the bills. She knows first off I just can't get past the G. Studied outs I. Which is coming up SpinRite polls error though. It's the kids join us next all right question number yeah I know there's people that one in Knoll and we'll get to wait. I'll will mean Lander be Dax Saturday what's going on Justin Daly was starting in goal tonight at all those questions regarding the Amex. Wanna know this non Stevens whose escape. Star Wars Star Wars not tomorrow night mar like that like. Am engagement tomorrow night don't be a tough call Star Wars and a blue cross arena a playoff game but no. Stanley engagement tomorrow and your family knit family first always all right Don Stevens joins us next we'll talk some are talking. In the sports port danger tightly on ESPN Rochester. For amber soon. Hitters see. Winning goal. Times seven. In Rochester. Rochester rap is the easiest way to connect. With Rochester is most listened to sports thing. Listen to sports bar with dangerous bit. ESPN right. Rochester wrapped. Types ten minutes to ask you Rochester. Here is gold and the wings are hot. You're in the sports bar we. Each night seven. Busy weekend for the Rochester Americans back to back home games and cross Serena Bridgeport and 705 you can hear the action on Stevens of cult on joining us now. In the sports aren't happy new year Donner. On our air earlier hour he'd done it now. Done tonight tomorrow night the hammer home two nights a lot of questions when it gets you possibly in the Lander coming back on Saturday. The you know what the status of Justin Bailey who knew coming back down but what is start with the important news here. Tomorrow night is Star Wars night at the arena Dunn who is your favorite Star Wars character. And I don't even know what. I should be embarrassed but I really I don't even know what a jet I just. I want to back daughter that you I was gonna say present a plan you know. I know Don and I knew Doug was not gonna play in these reindeer games she and I knew he was Knight was not gonna know about Star Wars. I did see one star or movie but that's sort of what I've seen that was like twenty years ago or substance so that. Big night dog theory it was Star Wars I mean talk much of the action happens on the Saturday night at oppressor in with Star Wars I happen for the earmarks. Yes certainly that we invite your way out to to Wear either their favorite Star Wars costumes it's always a fun thing and a lot of things going on so that's part of it of course that. That the main concern is the average taking on Lehigh Valley stepped in and TJ Brendan. Tomorrow night's tonight Brian. Brian Gionta little brother Steve is here. However unfortunately he's injured you'll be playing so there we have a lot of ties to registered former Irish are coming in the town next few games. Yet tonight Bridgeport the opponents. And it might have easily mile and a remaining with team Sweden they're gonna. Every dollar one way or another tonight so is it fair to expect we know Whitney Landers gonna report back to the hammocks tomorrow night. I don't know but I would doubt in fact I would. Probably if I was the organizations say no take a couple of days secures its its pretty grueling kind of a tournament in. And some real highs and lows and that expected. It would be better for somebody his age due to just maybe get it they're due to unwind so I really don't know that's not my decision. I don't know what their debt deciding what their thinking so. I would be surprised if he would be here or right of. And I Don the armor scanning. An assignment from the sabres today tells more about the new coming back. It's their Purdue and of course he was here for the first few games it's assistant captain the average and got called up to bottle rather defense of injuries. The many himself got injured. He was out to alert just now when he's been cleared to play and and there has been the course with the sabres or time and then as soon as he's cleared to play he can be sent back which is what happened. And as so each is expected to be in the liner to right it's a big addition just. An outstanding offensive minded defenseman so that makes a very strong defense of Corey could better what's going on just. Ice skating on his own still a provider injury and and it didn't sort of still probably a week maybe a week and a half away before he'll be raised ago. Couple of vaught HL all stars to acknowledge CJ Smith Linas hallmark talk about I adding we all know latest reason this team and this is second year than he's just been out of his mind. Between the pipes for the hammer CJ Smith this season talk about the play of these two HL all search for the Eric's. Well like they all markets states. What else can you say every he just seems like he gets better game inning game and he's just outstanding. And is certainly such a huge part of immediately or wins at the Emerson had so far this year CJ Smith he was on a terror for the first depart this season is critical of often the last few games. Some light shifting going on that and series with some different partners and yes and picked up a point in six games now also looking for him to get back on track with their against such a strong start in India after expected. He'll get back on track. Bridgeport tonight Lehigh Valley tomorrow night at least amber fans I think wouldn't take a break from the law of all rocket for awhile done. All of our Dorsey and told I think it's. No one game in March a one game in April there were done with a so it's gonna be well before receive about again. Doctor we get a standing check where the M Merck's of how the hammocks faring on the north. It's right up there near the top leaders are currently. Second in the in the division behind rough trot correction played him one more game that he ever did over the holidays so and they won that game so that they moved out front registry and kind of a seesaw battle and days in the conference. Providence and Toronto were just here in the average a third overall conference and then. Overall lead for. A big test you have to do is Manitoba and out of the western side. Is it hit registry and a percentage point so it's. Fifth overall movie. Tomorrow night Star Wars anti I was I was disappoint anti you're gonna like come out and say you're a big fan Luke Skywalker but. I would imagine probably that Erica mural cruel have some fun when that moment. I can only have they well I doubt just kind of looked. I don't know I guess haven't always been on the road and never should pledge watching his Star Wars in the movies like that. Why don't we appreciate all we appreciate everything that you do with the arena Donny don't need to be in the movie theater you calling great games for us here and ESPN Rochester tonight 705. The hammocks hosting Bridgeport 650 Tim Schneider with a pregame and of course Don Stevens taking over puck dropped just after 7 o'clock Don enjoy your weekend Mottaki sent. RAF thank you very much good start you guys again. All right thanks on pulled forgot Steven Gionta was with the island nation that's and the bomber. Would hate on that to get down to brass tax we had a a gentleman's agreement that Don would not be a Star Wars guy off the year I knew we would be to Star Wars. Come on right lie that we really body was gonna like you really thought Don was it oh yeah well now I wouldn't era. I do like I don't rights are sold it being in and did so cute yup. As a league has a big block that there's Cutley. Line. Stephens. Only knows armored sakes on the road that team constantly. Never stops stub watch. Star Wars like us morals well see now Star Wars people can help me now that's done became the voice of the am works in eighty show America. Why does Jim guy. So to be sold there were going to movies now by that point no I wanna say that there were three Magi came out in 86 but I am not a 100% sure on that one. I wanna say. Empire was 83. Engine that was 86 case soul. You would have been here for the first of Hillary's side by the time it now now what this kind of hard hitting analysis she gets this back. We try to figure out when Star Wars movie came out way and when Don Stevens didn't watch them it's great anyways unseat a senate 705. Hammer to play by play and you can hear all of the Merck's action this season and every season here. On ES Pataki and Rochester don't forget. A Sunday starting at nine pre game action from Jacksonville. Between the bills in the jags and then we will flip over to Philadelphia. Fiat and watch the game with me I'm going to be out at the thirsty turtle and maybe we could share col one. May be a winner to him. I don't see why we wouldn't be able to do in the east. It's water road. We've traveled together. BO thanks so much to you for Sherri your time with me. Is we have over. The last almost fifty years. But now it's time for me to turn over the play by play duties. Are those five young announcers who have Rory have actually ESPN. Make no mistake about it I could of this games like this. I'm gonna miss work you little all the great analysts that I didn't live through the years Tony. Fought off maybe he'll maybe your vision about a my new place in Las Vegas. When we could show our pole well yes and maybe one or two yeah. Anyway thank you so very much. For all the appreciation of it all the great moments that we experience together god bless. Never change Brett via thirsty turtle tomorrow for the bills they're funding for the Eagles game which you don't think I've techno music onto the game on that is well. We'll see how the game goes channel so make separate. All right let's see we've got to and Merck's actions are with regain its X fifty can Schneider. He's on the way Spain and it's our kids. Really professional. Continue listening experience that retirement. And moose today. You know it's okay. Lauro. On Sunday. These are. Dominant physical teams that have topped the bottom freaks everywhere you think about what Georgia's strength is and how you look at where Alabama is where their hell and that's why it's gonna be like. Bad me ever Superman and I do away. And at 630 Monday on PM 950 and 957. Afghan dust sports leader. Or ESPN Rochester.