The Sports Bar-Hour 3-Don Stevens

The final hour of The Sports Bar with Battaglia and Hausmann begins with further discussion of Dez Bryant and his future in the NFL. Next, we serve up another round of "Shots". Finally, the Rochester Americans Play-by-Play Artist Don Stevens returns to the show as we get ready for the Amerks final home game of the regular season tonight!


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A sports bar with danger and it sadly it is a done deal the Dallas Cowboys. Have released wide receiver Dez Bryant wouldn't talk to people close to Dez Bryant what they imagine was. They pay cut off for maybe something severe but certainly a pay cut offer. In the end it's not clear if that came. Who was going to be the team that's going to pick him off its really interest and with three teams in the AFC east all looking to get quarterback's attention this year when his buffalo. In that scenario gonna pull the trigger Mike danger she Houseman. Always stepping up to the plate when we need to achieve exactly. By the way he's a Sox fan I'm a Mets then we'll make the World Series plans. The New York Mets have won their eighth game in her love. They go to channel one that they give. That's season Stanley Cup last night to. Better can't add two goals in his playoff debut carries behind. Very first play. At first Sox postseason go. You know it was nice to finally outline plans for atmosphere in. Obviously nice to. Get some my freshman in the playoffs to Rochester sports leader in 957. ESP yet. I it's a fun weekend here renaming the forecast seeing out fear ice storm whenever we're not the experts and when I can tell is though. Hopefully you can have power this weekend because we have the Rachel class towns and we have the NBA playoffs starting. It's a great sports weekend and if your socks there like house. Excitement first place Mets fan I it's not too morally I can be excited. Amen and yeah I mean I think you drew off my excitement if you weren't listening earlier if you're just joining us we talked about it a little bit and you'll kind of dismiss the fact of the midterm first placing its only April I know I don't maybe I'm just here here DA your team is in first place is a date Islam. It's a it's a good day Steve house minutes into the morning coffee club our guest co host today is Mike danger. He's on his way to a youth soccer tournament in Cincinnati. Danger called in earlier he'll be back on Monday a producer Mehdi seltzer we invite your calls. 454 years in 4543776. It is hockey night tonight in the flower city. On Stevens will be stopping by later this hour we'll also get the shots that you caught up with the all the news and notes. From around the world the sports today house and it'd just read you some numbers here. Okay AA were talking about receiver here this guy if he can't count points and Eric is it a long time Tony tech okayed the best days of best years of the that there are long past you by the way. Case in point 2014. Yards per catch of fifteen yards per catch three yards opera cats going down that twelve point 12070. How about receptions point 1488. Playing all sixteen games and toys seventeen that number dips to 69 now in May say while he uses target relaxed now that the targets are virtually the same here. 136 targets in point fourteen compared to 132. Targets in when he seventeen. In bottom line here is and the reception percentage. In terms of targets 64 point 7% 401452%. Into when he seventeenth Tony Romo to Dez Bryant is not decorated drop off. I can clearly see why did Dallas Cowboys it twelve and a half million dollars based this year needed saving eight million in salary Kevin when he. Eighteen it's clear why they need to move today. I'm just not convinced that Dez Bryant is ray is stepping and and instantly help a team wherever he gold to me in the best days are behind Dez Bryant the cowboys this was a clear move in mind. Yeah he wasn't no longer the number one guy in you know you think of the guy with a big deal like Dez Bryant has to be number one. And he's not gonna be number one probably with a lot of teams he might wanna go to. And you know I wonder what kind of an ego shocked that'll be to him with he doesn't get the big offers meanwhile he's stealing a look at and his phone has now written right away. Well I ain't figured this is the way it normally happens where yes I'm sure the cowboys liked them back but not at that number and that's where you gotta have our conversation. And we're averaging god needle there originally said hey I'll come back at then number mom time goes by guy you know when I'm out. Dez Bryant today said yeah you know what about putting cowboy fashion most teams will do this over the phone in the agent will handle it. Now Jerry Jones or everything as a reality TV show Jerry wanted to sit downward talked man Amanda as well that meeting today in Dallas face to face with. Jarrett and as. Didn't last too long apparently and then there were all the cameras to document this with. Diaz healing the cowboys' facility and is SEV a bit ES UV I didn't even know they made those. Nice. When we egg roll receiver Dez Bryant play of the cowboys get all. Wanted to get is that Bentley as you've become an saint John Fisher College if you kind of the players' parking lot vital away it's close by and it's fun walk through that there's hardly ever security actions say that. The point being held that you always see these players and what they drive I can't imagine a Bentley SUV being on the campus. A saint John Fisher College. With that car blowing it does Brian come on July he would be the kind of guy you see the guy in a parking takes up two spots. I can dealing indeed yes dork yeah that he does right they'll be described earlier in the show we had now whenever experts. Matthew server in Syracuse pulse standard and you yet I he I he finds it hard to believe that Dez Bryant would be wearing the red white and blue. I think Dez Bryant probably gonna wanna go somewhere or he can win now and I don't know that the builder senate to do that he's either going to be applying what is AJ McCarron or a rookie cornerbacks so. But I'm dead crime and I'm probably picking a better location and I know the build badly need. Some wide receiver help but just look at where they're locked or there is at the moment green and a guy like doesn't cry it might not be that. I think that's a bigger part of the whole picture. Is you know and last year the bills had a great locker room Norton really seem to be the guy who demanded all the attention. And that was part of the process of course and did you know or Abbott of Dez Bryant was in their locker room I mean as much as his Bentley as UV would get attention he would want all the attention. Well. If there's some to be said for a guy it's humbled. Irene is. You don't you're not Bolton like going dot it's humbling when you get what goals from whatever for fashion I mean. Dez Bryant he got emotional on line he got emotional healing are the cowboys' facility today. He's gonna wanna go somewhere word yes he can make money win. I'm wondering if he wants to go somewhere work. He gets his revenge original words it is an unpopular unconfirmed report that apparently he said today I'm gonna seed twice a year. Okay yeah ease inferring it is gonna stay within division I don't see the New York Giants. There's not a need there I don't schemes the Redskins seem like a prime candidate anime Daniels now and it would fit he's am now anytime he can make some ways. Philadelphia. Now be a lot of fun to watch but I don't. Necessarily know that the Eagles need him while Being you know who they are. They want red headed out there quarter basic. The most four likely destinations. Were Dez Bryant our phone numbers for 540 STN. We invite you to pull the stool but tightly announcement that ESPN UST guest. Fourteenth. Each year we always seen as you can a year a year mode New Orleans would Drew Brees the quarterback it's getting up there are what's certainly a team that need the post season. Package or one that post season game. That would be a lot of fun to watch and it tick saints could pull that off bellowed before. A guy who I Drew Brees could get the ball to Dez Bryant a chance for both of them Domenica pad their stats is your careers as stern and you know. Round second hit the third or perhaps depth yup now admit that another team this one from the AFC the AFC north. It's not a brown has not angles. The Baltimore Ravens. Of course any time free agent receivers mentioned the Baltimore Ravens in perpetual need of a game breaking receiver last year they tried Jeremy Maclin that didn't work. Wallace isn't there anymore I. Yes that would make sense. But I don't know that the team that's most of winning at any time soon Allah if that's on that check list of priorities there. I don't know that's a fifth. Joseph Flacco can get the ball to him didn't Steve Smith get reborn in Baltimore dude did it again it's a good point yes ms. Smith had of few good last year's with the ravens. The Green Bay Packers are listed. Now that would make sense in terms of the offense but how is correct me if I'm wrong. One. Of the Green Bay Packers ever go to free agency this sort of road you know I mean yeah they're gonna pay Dez Bryant a twelve and half million. Does this. Aaron grudges have beat Paul in Green Bay if he went to manage instead he gave him for me. I would say Knoll because of their rockers have hole. They like O Doreen outs in an extra bottle at only being new Torre Nelson now with a local and I don't disagree with the movement let cord Jordy Nelson. We've seen the link that these receivers. Our new and their exciting days it was 2010 or what effect and it looked. All the receivers and point and they've all washed out Little League while there's a few exceptions you have. Two exceptions and guys like Eric Decker that are trying to hang on the two exceptions that was strapped in the sixth round. Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers you're great receiver I don't see him slowing on the other one. Who we his numbers have dropped and I think a lot of that has to do with yet never quarterback you can from the ball. That's the Marius Thomas. In Denver but every other receiver in that draft is washed out and Dez Bryant being a receiver that dubbed went. In the first round Thomas being annual receiver taken ahead in their first round the point being to house all in the fourth team that is mention. After green may even after New Orleans the buffalo them. Know that that's that's silly Aiken makes sense from the standpoint the bills have a need. But they don't have a quarterback he will be disruptive in the locker room. Why pay all this money in Indy doesn't wanna come to Buffalo, New York this for reasons right the way it's a silly. Silly discussion when our yet recorded I think it and it starts and ends with a quarterback is Dez Bryant who is getting me the ball. Aging Mick oh. It is. Zach is calling in from Webster 454. ESPN haystack. They denied on what's gonna. Well wanted to throw my keys and then why I think actually a perfect that that the giant. The giant the red marshaled action under contract reached at bank could meet that goal that they duke caught and that's I 98 at least they have aunt and they'll vote on the outside. There is an old Al are really really tight believe it or not I don't know I'll be at their Cree personalities but they're really really cloaked. And obviously there are bad is revenge you wanna be like I. Bet he. Plan on seeing on your current year well. They wouldn't be able to AM you know you're nag you look at how one little or one year I know proving contract. On by the body aren't acting like real effect. Yeah I mean I guess if he can justify that they're gonna say I think that would. What's the new cliche in football you chuck all the boxes yes I mean Lloyd. I guess at my question is and you say they're friends but we get is brining you go somewhere. Where he's not. He's not the alpha male and you go to New York. Okay it Brandon Marshall at that stage he was happy to be the couple Mary never panned out obviously blood would Dez Bryant real team. That I find that hard to believe. That's the only thing that I think earlier. That that he'd knock or actually they draft them like equal on. O'Donnell on Ingram and do you like that option they're biker I agree that might be able offer by. They don't call people quarterback Erica he had a little bit more real. I think Eli I would like Dan at that you know that would be a lot of meaningless if he stayed in the division I'm eating that up that would be a lot thought exactly you just know that. Yet are all right all right all can get Eagles and giants make a deal ides and I don't believe his report at all the framework of deals in place. I'm not believing that act. Dead zone are on deck appreciate the caller numbers 4540 is being 4543 sevenths of its six another team. Right so social media is so great house. There is a wide receiver. That his tweet out a Photoshop of Dez Bryant import Dez Bryant in. A new uniform. That receiver being one of the top receivers in the game right now. Dion Greene Hopkins from Houston Yonder Hopkins. We get Dez Bryant and took the Photoshop and instead of the cowboys helmet and Jersey he's in Houston Texans. Helmet in Jersey that falls under the same category to me where Houston yeah there's a benefit there they would certainly sign him that would be a really fun offense with. No additional washed and coming back but. Again would he be the second fiddle. In Houston because that is Hopkins office. And what about the idea of him staying in Texas I don't know the rivalry is between the cities of Houston and Dallas. But if it's anything like the rivalry between the Mets and the Yankees having him going to the other team out in Texas. That would be fun if that would be fun. Mike is gone from the city hey Mike what's going on. I'm there I'll call and look it even went Clark batted about their right. Come to create their web can't say enough project to comment. I'm almost permanently and I'll grant park in and operate pretty it would Matt Ryan and particularly. You give him dead Bryant widget Iraq Arnett are like everybody Arctic. I think that makes a lot of sense and that the team with a lot of cap space their flight deck could make that work. Odd and maybe they could offer the more than the one year with that cap space and then you have mark he's good one. Who the player we were all hoping he would be in buffalo east he had a very productive season under the radar for the niners last year house what do you think about Brian T San Francisco. I think you would I think he's a great idea. Or below just love it that that would just put him over the top two I think who established you be grappling with the navy. Possibly believe it or maybe. Up there within the top five co. The next steps in Indiana it's going to be a trendy pick to make the play on I don't know if they win the division but San Francisco's going to be miles ahead of where they were last year. Mike appreciate the call where you things Dez Bryant. Look I know Buffalo Bills have a need but. Mean it doesn't make sense on any level OK it exited the need for the Buffalo Bills right now he's yet you gotta fortify the offensive line. I don't wanna take decks because you can guys that. My eight were great. Site trying glory for raising. You sign it Russell -- nine for reasoning and the constant mills old although unspectacular. They were steady last year of the say that they were steady on the rights on line can you do better yes. OK but there's any ice is no definite offensive line to me after quarterback. That's the next priority and after that who's putting line back for the steam. All. I don't know soul you meeting at an L linebackers some point. Look there's so many needs on his team right now on receiver is glaring as it is I don't know if you paper Dez Bryant. You know you mentioned the need to and certainly the need is on the offensive line but weird Matthew for ever and say earlier today that. Guilty plea of line men available in rounds 45 maybe been down as far as around six who might be will be plug and play. He said I agree. Earlier in the show that the bills don't need to shuffle around they draft priorities to get offensive linemen now linebackers a different story. You only need some of the plug the middle there but again I think you know the bills have said we have to get a quarterback. And the thinking I believe the buffaloes are ideal to fall in place still be people available. Can you believe your thirteen days away house here on this Friday the thirteenth the like numerology thirteen maybe half track you know I was an almost every day. And the top of the draft can get a little tiring. It must get tiring in here. But it's always great when his new angle to talk about in there always seems to be a new angle I mean I am yeah. I am not lying when I tie about the I've never been more excited for draft. And that is they're not. There's not sales be as I'm telling you let's get it here yeah I mean that's I'm excited to get a hear me but trying to figure out in. That. Not just the bills. All these franchises are gonna pick in the first round a quarterback and I would love to get. At a time machine go down some warm hole ten years from now. And figure out OK what exactly is happening here in how they do is we will be looking at the warning eighteen drought as a defining draft for the Buffalo Bills. Many seltzer is our producer today guy he is taking your calls on the other side manually what are we got him. I'll discuss twit you know he's as he talked about earlier his prediction New England money one year deal that's what your saying house. I take pride is predicting that heating status for one year whose heat Scott tweeting into schools that don't end there yet. It's not a need for New England. Always just a little jab. You know the patriots can afford any mean you can't beat million dollars jab at the jets at bills that the dolphins. And nagging to see Belichick sitting out there in Nantucket. You know at the summer palace had a cocktail easily see that's why I am. I'd now after a guy who spends three weeks every year I'm very jealous you brought on Nantucket. Have you ever done the star war in other words you know they got pop idol and I would think you wouldn't know. Okay this is where the Belichick compound it. I've seen him on the golf course seem a difference between Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Is that the vineyard has all the flashy starts. Nantucket has all the money people who made them rich. I mean. Although all the other money market people all the bankers all the executives go to Nantucket aren't they say the line is that people on Martha has been in people on the intricate are the people who we the people in the vineyard rich. But you know I thought I mean I've been a ball they both seem like our exclusive Pittsburgh type or replaces it all depends I look at it now you can go to palladium dive bars and it's hard. Relatively speaking if you think about you know to go to the fancy places and when I'm on the intact it yet I'm probably the poorest guy in the island. But I find ways to have fun. Negative at the bar that has a dollar oysters at 5 o'clock for the couple Beers of that now and you have to spend eighteen dollars Regina atomic everywhere you go. The speech is free bring a cooler. You got it down do you got it down pat what you don't Orvella checklist and then I don't know where he lives but I've seen him around he's hangs in on the west that the West Coast of the island from the area called stance that. Oca but he nobody bothers him and now golf course not now. He's a it's it's a great place to get away. Yeah but you don't see a lot of stars down there now. Steve thousands and in the morning coffee club our guests. Co host today danger is heading to Cincinnati called an earlier Avery Willis earlier we did have Matthew server in Syracuse post standard that is up online. Has our fine Internet are doing humans work is always so quite a staff here and we'll see that. We don't even have a producer in the B morning traffic will be dead three people laying around here now Loomis around I guess not Plymouth Rock well. Newman come talk to offer thoughts on the on I thought I'd tell me he calls down the right yeah. I've told a zillion times he should stay at city any of the three hours it's an education. And it it's all totally different from doing music radio. It's because we get a sit back and listen to a song maybe two songs in a row this is non stop this. It makes the time go by family does Obama essays when you're having fun. Time flies we're referring to German Newman Steve house and be morning coffee club is not -- familiar with that show on Monday morning 53010. There. He's a Houston native. And he was you know just head over heels when the Astros won the World Series he has. He has modeled one of his extra bedrooms the guest room into Houston Astros were. And insurance and he's accused Diaz of that you know the fat heads the yes he has a fat head of inside the stadium on one full wall of this room. He has one of those silly you know parking spot signs and Houston Astros in Africa going to be logo on the wall. And he's just gone head over heels Astros colors all over the place. Indiana much look at the bright or gasoline and it's an against the best you know bedroom little company whose sleep. So these orange bedroom RE IR and tell him then he should get his money in your someday and is just hang out with us here is yeah are cramped studio area we always have people. Is like a real sports barring Matty we have people flowing and I hear all the time like how many people. Around me back yeah great act it out by the way. Thursday night thirteen nights from tonight for that draft. We're broadcasting live again hooligans east side bar and grill courtesy of Miller Lite we will be out there. Broadcasting or shall live in the endangered higher paying out. And soul what federal way I mean this is the one sporting event we should get together around we invite you hang out without that night. And the great thing is you know if the bills we're going to have what would they were in the twenties for the two draft picks on. It was gonna happen the picks would have been late on Italy's leading the bill's going to be part of the action right from the get go this year. Yeah aid would trade talk yeah and then you're sitting at 220 so assuming all twelve Tunisia. I mean this is a draft where it would where I wanna stay right to the end again. That's coming up. On the 26 we've got Don Stevens. Voice of the Rochester Americans coming up a little bit as the earmarks tonight the final game of the season can we weren't at a time don't just seemed like cordial and army to players' night. And now here we are looking forward to the post season Don Stevens to join us later this hour coming up next. In shots some of the stories we will talk about we certainly have the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs the NBA playoffs are coming apple start tomorrow. That in more coming up in shots presented by market view liquor this is ESPN Rochester. Yeah. You're doing shots. These top sports stories with danger and attack. It's time for another round of shots. In this war. Conservative mega Vegas all have an opportunity tonight to take it 20 series lead the LA kings though will be without one of their top defense and injured glory. Serving a one game suspension is for the check to the back and had a former buffalo sabre and current Vegas Ford willing carrying. NBC has a double header tonight first instantly at Pittsburgh at seven followed by the kings at Vegas at ten A USA network as Minnesota Winnipeg get a. Nine seasons in the league without ever having good mid it was Stanley Cup playoff game. He then hurricane hit the ice for the first time in the post season last night and he delivered it he scored twice. In the three that in San Jose victory over and I'm keen. I'd turn around since arriving in the Bay Area scoring fourteen points in seventeen games. And I heard the San Jose play by play guy go low hanging fruit. And McCain scored Kane is able. Gosh. The series continues tomorrow night in Sudan vote today. John. Yeah and a little on a couple of coaching changes in sports today one by choice the other not quite two ways Dallas Stars take coach Ken Hitchcock. He's called it a career he's retiring the 66 year old Hitchcock spent twenty years in league as a head coach in the finished third all time in coaching victories. He start with Dallas went to Philly Columbus Saint Louis before finishing off what Dallas is only Stanley Cup victory. It came on Buffalo's likes in 1999 this year Dallas was a disappointment they had the seventh highest payroll malignant as the playoffs. Now the coach was fired today that's from the NBA Steve Clifford let go after three seasons with the Charlotte hornets. Here are this info from the nighthawk season is the team tonight plays across the lake and Toronto. Racked his shoes at eight and seven in a three way tie for first place in the eastern division one game back is Toronto. The Iraq has already defeated the night hawks twice this season the final game of the regular season for the K boxes next Saturday April 21 against New England. In the final game of their series in Boston the Yankee road trip continues tonight in Detroit Kobe Jordan Montgomery taken a mum for the bombers. Or drop five the last seven other game below 500 meanwhile the Red Sox are home against Baltimore Eduardo Rodriguez taken out from Boston. After taking two or three in the Yankees Boston remains in first place in the AL east two and a half games ahead at Toronto. I guarantee the Mets are after their best start in franchise history ten and one that you can pinch yourself team but there is a problem. The team is now though there are two catchers. And Travis Carroll tour of his elbow he's out for the season and now Kevin black he has a broken hand to. Now the first report the original report said that his X rays came back negative but it turned out not to be true so the Mets have called up a guy from double a Binghamton. And tonight the Mets are home against Milwaukee. Our music here. What I want my playing. The what are your favorite shows are you Julie sit down wanted to with the stars. Dancing With The Stars in Newcastle ABC was not a normally on Dancing With The Stars there contestants from the sports world will this time a little bit of west. All the contestants are courier former athletes. Won't NFL player that is active. Washington redskin quarter Josh Norman also on the show this season will be former Yankee Red Sox Johnny Damon and be hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar. And former Olympic ice skater. Tonya Harding makes. And hurting 47 new season debuts of Dancing With The Stars on April 30 on ABC and I. Tell me to watch showbiz athletes always do very very well Jerry Rice one of the best ever and it's in this I just I can't stand. Tom whatever his name is the whole Tom Bergeron there. Really also English Channel they have. Finally and we take our last story to Wrigley Field and you may have heard about the story with the cubs have their home opener this week any kid named Tucker stick in the fourth grader. Who got pulled out of school to go led to go to the game he even took assigned to the game it's it's sipping a skipping school do not tell my principal. Fans like the scene from fares fewer recourse right now well in the movie Ferris doesn't get cut. And you wouldn't know would you go to eleven year old Tucker with his son was spotted at the game by his principal after all yep the principal tool is playing hooky. As he information from his superintendent of the cubs' home opener and he brought his fifth grade son with him. And that's why I haven't had asked him about the story. I remember that the cubs' opener. Was snowed out on Monday so litigated over again on Tuesday so. This news that yet the principal taking not one but. Two days off yes and then they make eye contact so that's that the funds it wasn't a sister Jean at that game to sister Jean throughout the first pitch so air rarely covers off to. The Pepsi that one final here you know the hour more than playing today Indiana alive while they're down in the ninth right now to brace for nothing it's the only game that is not in action right now. Eight yeah eight. I would hope. Data at some point if your dad you get that opportunity Ted do something you know with your little ones sports related and you'll frost here in Rochester. Whether it's not you know date back in the day solar stadium or frontier field going opening day to me. I feel like we skip Christmas here I mean yes the opening day happened it was on a Monday night this week and it's up 530 to hit it just didn't feel right. Really know why they had to play at night it's because of the Kodak parking lot seeing CC is using the locks now during the day. So Dave anticipated. Who had been in nicely for what he might. Yeah last Friday that we had in 9000 people there and if it'd been in the afternoon they would have a parking. Nazis you know what just plan now when I was area where you better yet to say MCC no school today. Right next to it's yeah it's to Stewart Dallas our baby tell Kodak to closed apple thinks humans. He's housed in the in the morning coffee club. Today. Hosting in on the sports bar will talk to Don Stevens coming up here in a little bit lot of talk on nine. Dez Bryant today as on the cowboys releasing Bryant which. I guess they're doing him a favor because in that draft the house called danger. It was just wide receiver that is sexy and exciting in this draft that's the thing is that. You could go toward the end of the first round where you do not have a wide receiver selected so. If you have a cap. Spacey view of the into the room there to fitted Dez Bryant in there. I would expect he's gonna get some offer. Just want to try to figure it out here what is the best fit for him and what you can't deny the fact though his production. Compound he and it's not like. Act press got his back quarterback and he's a fine quarterback is because production went down a little bit last year that's because. For a lot of the season was dealing without Ezekiel Alia while he was gone through that suspension stuff. Did he complain about not giving the ball and of the season. I was news press got the heat here whether he used was seen that was the thing like press Scott didn't. Never got into he's head yeah I've got to get the ball to this wide receiver I think beckoned rectal lot of young quarterbacks I don't Knowles was a factor. Say in Trent Edwards. Plenty O came to buffalo. TO wants is targets. Now Trent Edwards. Had a good first year but that one year with TO means bench midway through Owen Fitzpatrick took over midway through rule. And it's funny that you know we're bringing up the TO story this week because TO somebody asked him who threw you know with a renewed the best ball we are. You would think all all the quarterbacks Steele played solid state Donovan McNabb be played with Jeff Garcia right played with Tony moll mean. Spitzer was and that's Patrick. We've heard that before that Ryan Fitzpatrick had a great ball. And it really doesn't surprise me I was a Ryan Fitzpatrick if not because he went to have it. You know but I ozone thinning as you say harbored here well in Rochester politics that you know. That we inhabit you kidding I never liberty went to hall again real the end. Me and that's something we enjoy like I like the way he threw the ball. I remember when senior McCain appear I hate the way he threw the ball to me I want the ball to go from point a to point B. I understand there's a lot city in and I eating getting the ball there and Irish touch decisions but. Actor is seen them know which fits Patrick. It would goes bad goes back today through six interceptions and game with the jets against the chiefs yesterday didn't turn over machine I don't want that. So like when your discussing. Which quarterbacks do you want in this draft. Do not call or reach for the guy. That it is not accurate and I pointed Josh Al rate and Josh Allen. Gosh only go to morning Cleveland he could be their number twelve for the buffalo but I'm planning my flag here OK I want Josh draws and number two. We're number four. I don't think bill's gonna have a where with all or the opportunity to do that. There's quarterback number twelve then on final day in and give his Dutch shell and I would be okay. Would Josh Allen number twelve I think there's a huge. Huge difference however the pressure you would put on the kid. In the expectation would put on the kid if you mortgaged. The future if you gave up. Two number ones in more this draft to go up from twelve to two depict Josh Allen. Oh my god you had better be right because that kid's gonna Wear our quarterback addition take is gonna have that pressure on them. I wouldn't do it for Josh Allen and number two on Sar. Lamar Jackson. At twelve and trying to train them for Lamar Jack snow now I would be happy because I like Lamar Jackson to I think you know he's he seems to me to be as. NFL ready as any of the may be more so let's don't. And if it would be great if they got to the twelve than they can just run down their draft board as planned we'll all this. All these assets they have and would then yeah Disney dream. All that would be the dream scenario. And there's a possibly baker may feel may fall the twelfth. It'll make it for a nervous nervous evening around watching this together black. That would be a lot of fun that they were you have Lamar Jackson here is what would give me pos right. Is things we've heard about Lamar Jackson that are not in his corner. The actress CO OK I I don't think it's anywhere on the level of Josh jail. On the business side as they have an aging doesn't seem to Q okay well. Not a big it's. The president grant didn't have any didn't needlessly in the big free agent contract right and his mom used to monitor yeah manager mom the monitor it opt. Thirteen am wondering. Now this is the interesting thing too because this came up actually on the John Murphy show seem to be re branded as one bills live from. Odd Donald Jones is no longer to be on the show its duty Steve had tasker today was Donald blast that. Jones told the great sport can. And it was about the wonder lacked follow me here didn't get Eminem can cut. Where. Mark Jackson mean I think it's a big deal who wondered what you whittled the wonderland in yup now Vince Young when he came on as a rookie one. Rookie of the year. Tennessee. While Whitney national championship what tack what happened. Always a mystery to me could that I had all the tools anyone from it seem like eight. To the valley what happened we've been shipped while. Jones told a story. Where there are out on the field it's a pre seizing gained a call comes and and Vince Young is in the huddle anyway looks at his receivers Donald Jones being one of them and says okay. You run a dig you run a fly you run a post. Play the worry about it you'll fly you run a big run a pox yet. Vince Young didn't care anything. A couple who had the what do that is disobeyed his coach is it just blaze at not football. And by the way there are other things that are important what seeking public office is looking like OK what are you calling. OK I don't it's not fair to say that that is going to be what it was gonna happen with the Mark Jackson. But the point dean. There is a reason they give the wandered too attached house and it kinda just determines are right does this guy take the time. To figure now are you just say the next one. That's really what the one Ehrlich is all I'm doing. I don't know I it was a funny story to hear Donald Jones tell that story was like a little insider type the type of buzz story so. If we get to five years known wonder what happened with Lamar Jackson. No wonder that score might be one thing wal point. Worst quarterly scores an NFL scouting combine history Terrelle Pryor is an analyst them. Like Kelvin Benjamin is unreleased. Is a little tough period mentioned Vince Young you don't win a horrible one Duluth or Frank Gore. It says here now. When he came out of Miami. Well I think there's a difference between a running back we'll be you don't bring back is instinct quarterback Latin manager on off pentagon and all the plays protections and everything else. We think you'd score and win Buick. I would hope better than Vince Young before I. If you look up a copy here yeah sorry radiating in my hands don't want to elect dial test you wanna go double enough guys do yes yeah how slot is better earlier in the sports bar today if I could figure out their hands if the job coming up next Don Stevens will give us a preview tonight a Fan Appreciation Night is always a fun night they expect to be ground out at. The blue cross arena for this one tonight Don Stevens coming up next here this is the sport by 95 civilians can't. Where every Haiti's national names. You're in the sports bar with dangerous it's actually on 957. ESPN. You know there's a whole show within his own show and as soon. I think Tom Steve Houseman has a voice your here and today pink blouse are coming into an arrow is look five talked sports with fewer than. 23 hours just flies right buyer and well the dangers as an 100% so more happy more than happy to do it. Don Stevens. Failed three hours flies by Frost's and done this season flyby for you because winning is more fun I cannot believe. Tonight is the final home game of the regular season downed power. I'm doing good numbers just saying to award here in the opposite it was like three weeks ago we're sitting here playing great play game number F. You know the episode ever arguably it is over. We were sitting in this room and it seems like yesterday we were. I was filling in for danger and we will Warner were well Bol was. Remember that I can act well I don't know how you heard it. I'm thinking about this team you know hitting to the playoffs don't mean he can you read that some perspective. I know there's not a lot of playoff experience on this team is it better to have one guy who's had playoff experience. Or a bunch of young guys who've never been the play. That's that's that's a tough question answered it must've been up all night thinking that went right. I'll say yeah I just wondered though I don't you know. Obviously the bit. Most important thing for these young players to get the web experience and it is young players coming along they want to to not only get the experience and she was like to play and play dust but also get the taste of it and know that they don't want ever go without being in the in the playoffs. That's in this kind of a the middle game that you play in the world sports and that is that. He used certain wannabe in the habit of winning the war automated so that losing is not an option. And it's certainly with the case in it's as they were talking about the sabres. At the senate or target but sabres. Some of the players as sort of accepted losing isn't as the way of life or let that that's a culture that the organization has to change it. And this the place to start her. You win and hopefully have a long run the play just not going to be easy isn't because they're playing that brought it to best team originally gave they get true. What they've got to go through the other so. Just at all that they get along play opera listening. Don seems to have the call tonight at 705. Let's go back on Wednesday lost to Syracuse in knack. Look like that's gonna be the first round opponents on listen I call it is it fair to say that yeah alama explain while it is ran into a hot goalie. Our that's exactly what happens now jumped 38 to eighteen I don't know what the chances were but they are probably doubled. What searches had to it and just say that they're rated to our goal is almost an understatement it was just no matter. You could shoot the puck in the corner and somehow he. Each stop particular way or whatever it was just. It was one of those nights and what they should just serve. Forget about except the good part is the team really played well and that what I liked his. When they put the team back together and not all played but most guys came back from buffalo outplayed in the game they were. They were going all out there was no. Nothing holding back he didn't look like kept anybody was dejected for coming back to the American Hockey League all they look like they were prime rate ago. Don Stevens tonight the hammocks are taking on Dell bill and we'll have the call 705. It. Seems like to me it's always a fun night when your fan appreciation now we're noticing things are planned here tonight Don. Book starts out with the Arab. A player awards always the last minute Agassi's in the regular season awards. And a reminder to her body have had been received a little bit earlier about patients start right at 7 o'clock so. That's the first thing is the awards and then there's just prizes and a lot of things going on throughout the night. Two. Wrap up the season if you will and insert the team on the black ops. Like cleaning up the prize closet now yeah not that into play dough right out there I would say that now it if you win tonight does that clinched third place then will no no no it does not okay so what what has happened and so may be a combination of hammocks pointing Utica boxes ties. That's so the way it is right now registered to point to edit Utica and the average have two games left so that spore possible. Point Utica has three games left that's six possible. So if if they win all three at that right now there in the driver's seat. So if they win all the others. Eight past the average and in fact if they win two in the average went to that means or tie it. If period they end up tied Utica has the tiebreaker because there and have more regulation wins in Rochester so no the adversary and not only have to win their games but need little help here. Don I'm I've come around on this because I was was of the mindset that that Toronto I don't want in my don't want nominal one and I wanna face that's turkeys go at rather snatched up by Utica go up against Syracuse so I aimed and ash. Good luck trying to get done answer out of luck Chris Taylor anybody any hammer organization does they're not they're really care when they play in the first round right down. I can get this thing that you got to go through if you're gonna Covert party got to go to bolt broke. I was taught the course the off chance that you detected upset whoever they're playing. But it is the odds are that register at if they were go beyond. The division would have to go through both struggling circuit so it it doesn't make a lot of that restore thing I see is that. Is that depending on how the parent club does each have players could come back from there club so that's what indicate an eye on the other thing is it's the circuit is playing Utica they'd they'd just really dislike each other and they would. Beat the you know what I out of reach out yourself but that could be a good thing too. Army engineers how many penalties were called once then nine I mean you could say the same thing about Syracuse and Rochester done. Well I think we were at what eighteen penalty minutes or something like that became before that the plate Utica and they had sixty. I all aren't so little bit of a different scenario is sale on on Steve is tonight the earmarks taking on not Belleville. 705 in the season wrapping up tomorrow Sunday will know. And done playoff tickets I would assume are on sale right now. Playoff tickets are on sale you can get a mr. Ticketmaster dot com or you can always get information on. And anything that is concerns the play arch can always get information ever dot com which would be in play dates and while that we know that we know. That the two home playing dates in the first round for the average Wednesday the twenty steps will be game three of the head of the series. And so that's a public pressure Rita then if needed game four would be on the Friday the 27. All right so it's a sandwiched around brawl one of the oval as enemy a lot of fund Don Don nothing would make me happier. Then to talk to you pass Memorial Day weekend clearing and hit it. That would be something. Don Stevens out tonight with a call on ESPN register 705 puck drop Dunn thanks so much have to broadcast and I. Rick are you that. Don Stevens tonight as the hammocks wrapping up and let's let's go emirate to mean yes we love our teams that love and I actually love the wings. We love the rivals hope they come back in when he nineteen there's nothing better seen in his town having it has to do with the tie meaning in everything else. Been a Calder cup playoff run that the key here though is Steve. Get past the first round and his side of fair a street Syracuse tried to really good teams here where the hammer dropped. Just doing the math 1996 haven't given the team may not have even been alive when the amateur has to slams you imagine that. Now I know hey I'm trying to think anybody is even remotely acted Mina was. Scott Nichols on that team Brian holding her getting immediate comment around a lot more on the roster and I I highly doubt anybody is still active in any level. A professional hockey but that was a fun summer so was 87. So was 83 was around for that whosoever vans get ready we'll have the call for you tonight house. Thank you so much Steve Haas in the morning coffee club listen of that show. With they'd Newman and TJ and house every weekday morning from 530 to ten Steve have a Google sports we can. Can't miss my son's home for the weekend you know you watch. The video from Monday night raw the one that immigrant after wrestle mania that's a lesson from that nice it's great to be able to say. Now my sense 31 that's great to be able to figure to sit or have a co a couple of Beers with a it's it's the coolest thing we have a couple couldn. Not look at Ford of that game and I'm not gonna rush that they met seltzer. Thank you bunt in a public address Thursday the app now so we will be here that Thursday of a draft. Again thank you for listening coming up next a little bit of staying its benefits is danger would say extremely professional and you should continue to listen. Your New Year's near. It's that time it. And moose today. You know it's okay. Laura.