The Sports Bar-Hour 3-Harrison Phillips

3rd round pick of the Buffalo Bills, defensive tackle Harrison Phillips, highlights hour three of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia. The guys talk about his pre-draft process, his background as a state wrestling champ and how his life is changing now that he's a professional athlete.

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But sports bar with endangering the Jack Leah Kelli. On the Monday night game 2018 when the New England Patriots come to buffalo and October. The Buffalo Bills are gonna retire your Jersey number 34 Pharmacia and chrome. Remember. I'm retired. Mike danger that's going to be tough home game machine exactly. But to me that's always exciting it is this is the last of this current lottery format says that things will change sexier. Don't want it's 2008 team NBA draft goes to 56. Nothing good Eastern Conference final level. Yeah. We have Eastern Conference final between the Washington Capitals of the Tampa Bay Lightning across passes different color shot. Our skirts and black and white short siding integrated all outside. Like all great league game played out. Rochester sports leader at 957. Yeah. ESP. You're in the sports bar with danger to take Leo we appreciate you stopping by on AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester dot com is our home on line with the radio dot com maps freely download to your phone. You can take ESPN Rochester listening anywhere. Any time alongside gene tag Leah I'm Mike danger. I think we had a Buffalo's got a steal of third round danger when they got to Harrison Phillips the defensive tackle a lot of buzz Stanford who joins us here in the sports bar here's and we appreciate your time here. On this Wednesday congratulations sign on becoming a Buffalo Bill. I know what every start a new job your head spinning a little bit soul. I mean now your couple weeks into this house a gold pour out there one bills drive. It's definitely fantastic and thank you got from the trap me on the air appreciated. I'm glad it worked out but yet it's been beautiful so far and I'm Kyra good argument acne like he says you know. A couple weeks on the listening in on. If we took like com. Early in the offseason Harrison we had you pegged as. As a guy that was a lock for the Buffalo Bills not because of your your accolades and everything that you were able to accomplish during your time its staff because you won three high school state wrestling champ ratchet and in Nebraska we knew that Sean McDermott had a similar kind of background talk to us about your meetings with him early in this process in the offices up to so curious to know but what was that it was at the ultimate ice breakaway yak coach 13. Thus state wrestling championships in Nebraska no big deal. So I mean yeah you know in the minute we met this being able to the first time in on the kind of like a formal interview attendant I'm obviously today and probably the staff and out and on the everybody is probably relay that I was state champion a national champion wrestler prior to. There. But yeah those are the first thing we talked and yes not to remove it lasted. But yeah I mean. I mean but that definitely probably open door. How do wrestling moves for you translate to the football field I would think that a lot of those skills would be transferable. I mean not assess the mood specifically you have. On the day that and I can't coordination and balance work the core work. The flexibility. As well the mental aspect in one on one with somebody in Hammond and all that ties into. On the scene on the deal are infinitely handle yourself. Courtly with being successful for Butler. Harrison phillips' third round pick the Buffalo Bills joining us in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester fresh off of rookie minicamp talk about some of the work that you're doing over the weekend Harrison. You know responded to economic model play and in a football again strap on the helmet in and just move around fast you know like so much you can do by yourself to practice defensive line in. You know I the receiver DB garage. Work on your hit to catch some ball and you get better every day that is due to the climate are discussed by yourself. On how you get your body in in you know put some names faces and I had the chance to come through and compete with rookie minicamp show the coaches look at the first time program Breck Wheeler can't loose that. Most importantly that not only just seen the playbook up on board but running as a playbook against these. As you get in though some of these new teammates your forever going to be linked to the two guys that were drafted ahead of you Harrison because a lot of excitement about those. 21 round picks out what are your initial impressions of Josh Allen and a guy that everything goes right you're gonna be you know take a lot of blockers I'll let back guy it make tackles being right behind you and and Jermaine and that's. I mean initially knew. It was great we're all the same agency and so. You know I was able to tackle guys as soon as I was drafted in their lives to get ready you know talk in the you know it's that doesn't stop last month buffalo and they are appear ready and things like that thome got in there kinda. You know knew each other a little bit in on the act it is interesting though that exponentially increased. And then and on in terms of the time people they are they're they're good guys and non. You know you can they're big they got to where they offer he couldn't. And you know that's gonna continue in there. Harrison what are your early impressions of buffalo not just the city but the organization the complex the facility everything you've experienced so far. Well it's great. It is and and so far I don't know. Really seem to others like on here you know really really early in a league that could relate but. I think it's been nice can't practice is fine and I'd have facilities beautiful. The training room the pools look the weight room. On locker room as it's set up nice you know work kind of just sit next to a receiver and offensive lineman kicker you know just. And least violent things like that but no facilities stock option. Cafeteria areas and attached to them of the attrition plan they have been. In the lift a little bit in countless and go way room like this move that way and it's so good in on you know just just constantly chipping away you know you can battery worshippers did this and every day approaches and we lost in the facility with that mentality that again Saturday. Defensive tackle drafted in the third round out of Stanford Harrison Phillips is our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN. Some of the veterans around some aren't on the it is that time a year Harrison just curious. As to who you might have met so far some of the veterans on this team and who who may be vote reached out to may be you know bite foam by taxed you know what contact that you had with a some of the guys are on the team last year. Unfortunately there's a lot of people around and I think that's. You know true testament to what the organization is all about what we're doing. There's people are around and working in an altogether and gone to stop and CEO you know the whole defensive lineman. And useful and I don't know yet. Sixteen guys in their whatever it may be in you know so need all those guys and they had a prior lecture with tremor is the former Stanford player. It's I had reached out to him it was actually written prior to my arrival here. You know. And obviously and and then introduce myself Leo and. How much you planning on learning from Kyle lives. Oh man you know anything services. And taking notes mature in. On a you know there's not a ton of the stuff we were together with right now just you know some want to stay out of a practice or whatever color on. And and the rookie kind of gloss and you look over schools like that and so on but yeah you know the local knowledge he has and that our opinions that are you know makes suggestions or anything like that definitely on year in and ready. Thinking that it Waller. And joining us on the phone from one bills drive Harrison Phillips buffalo bills' third round pick out of Stanford here's an urgent reading up on your background I'm just so curious. It not only did you graduate you graduated with odd tumble. Major how do you expect and it's time for a double major and what is essentially a career in itself in football where I mean you must be really good at time management. Yeah you know I get. And the mind sane thing and like put pinnacle of overdoing it and you know balance lament that towards school a little bit. I had aspirations that played mature freshman year that it might be an opportunity relief tuchman Judy remain remaining ninety prepare for everything I did a wanted to graduate I took over twenty credit hours every semester. Again an injury. And then look like and to be there for four years now so far and schooled. On the ice and able to pick up another major actually able to pick up a minor it is a double major in minors on the graduated Internet yeah. Paerson Philips sells a guy who had who has a very solid family background I guess I'm just guessing garrison not knowing you personally that that your your family is probably the foundation for for all of the success you're talking about. Yes and yeah you gotta. It's been down that they have there richest. No we definitely didn't have a lot about growing up but I never knew that in a Obama afloat collectors and financial issues and I and I was raised by that sheltered me command in everything I needed you know there's there's brand new cleats they're brand new gloves are traveling to the newest. College campus I want to go to you know they've provided every platform and and has a lot of hard work with in not obligated passion to my mom and I guess accumulated a by product as. And aware and on the. You went when those NFL checks start to roll and are you the type guy that it will allow yourself that to treat yourself to a nice ride I'm always curious to know what. What is it like when. You work so hard you're working out of it nearly NCAA rules and in knowing now all the sudden you everything you've workforce coming to fruition do you allow yourself. For a little treat maybe you're there. You know maybe I would allow myself to treat if I didn't see the taxes come out as well take. Now I'm not states that buddy this happened as I did you turn around but that. No you know I wanna look very modest in I don't have a car so you know that that is something I'm on the Indian amount in the coming viable I don't want some stock and though the won't start in the middle of the season you know that host shenanigans. But. No I don't have a ride. And I won't yet none of that 3040000 dollar right now but comedy is something that's reliable and you know trust worthy this year. So there's no car right now army training camp is right around the corner when you pull up to saint John Fisher College what's your ride of choice when people not been. Whoever get the best deal on our outlook I thought it. Sounds like my type of guy AI paerson Phillips what. So do you try to pace yourself now because. You know what you get is a long season the NFL longer than anyone you've ever played before. And you have camp coming up in your rookie camp so it tell us what is going on for you on a daily PCs until we get to that point here and in May June in early July. Yeah me. Minority port shortly working now order how much you're you're talking about lifting the four I mean how much work are you putting in on a weekly basis here. Our main town stunned. Little room to work and essentially you'd better get worse and kept in Albany and in the regiment they have force is pretty much taken a majority of our David you wanna work on top of that might be working at a detriment you know. Breaking down we should be recovering in like desolate it's a working process but yeah yeah can be long in the line but finished machine seat and hit it right into training right into com I'm right in the Senior Bowl and approach it right in the training and Jeremy. It's you know a year and a half straight of football which is amazing. That's the blessed summits in these so you understand the work to be added there's tons of people rattled. On me in the right direction of what to do how can I do it mentally to learn the playbook and physically to. Develop myself into you know 22 year old audience 332 year old whatever may be on how those physical attributes is low but. The mentality and the guy behind that just fairly easy you know on on. That's when he took a 22 years this is collecting autos and found out that in the facility. Looking around and I just the things I close my eyes and how that your old you know and so. And I can just take a deep breath and realize our Mac and and how I got here and what I overcame to either indictment has their story but. You know mart's culture and in the real in my apartment. I Erica chip on their children so much is definitely chipper mortem on the alarm goes off on his minutes. Defensive tackle for the buffalo bills' third round pick Harrison Phillips joining us in the sports bar with danger tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Harrison I'm curious what do you hate about your game today and what are you gonna work on improving the most this offseason. I would say that. War ought to look at about the game ahead of the game and injuries though the actor. I think they injure it again now be tremendous. My game specifically. On. I hate dead some of the things I was. I don't hate I taught at Stanford but at the plate the defense you run your completely different right before or are sure. And so I'm going back to some old tendencies of the palace still playing at Stanford and true those are two lies or some might and so. I'm a wanna ensure that I get out of those old tendencies and picture on the attack. How hard is that because I got to imagine that Josh challenged them to go through a lot of the same things ready be coming from Wyoming coming in. Then to a new system and trying to break old habits habits that were drilled in your head. During your time a college to me you're experiencing your right now has that been one of the bigger challenges so far. On. I mean probably because we're not more bad so the biggest challenges not the physical part yet and the playbook it. Not fully into it's not it's much medal but yet you know so much I did. Where it armed consciously thinking about do that I'm gonna do it consciously thinking about those that new bill technique I do and do it do it on. But that if I don't think an alibi unconscious integral. That might. You know go back to a stand pat. Because at Stanford it was all unconscious McCain so many times for years every single lot in extra work on the field on taxes overall that it you know it was unconscious and that was gonna get in here. And that they are. Two months to irritate by Cheney can't you know there's a lot of ball that it played. Plus a lot although we do our own about just a coworker or so. Yes you know that by the person wanna personal data across. They're round pick Harrison filled the Buffalo Bills wrap this up peers and I I almost here's a new player coming to buffalo. You're playing college football Stanford I would imagine if you wanted to go out to dinner in the Bay Area you you know more often than not you're not gonna get recognized. In buffalo might be a little bit different does so tell me what is it dim light coming to buffalo in. Is this almost in Europe Europe Buffalo Bill here you're a celebrity and you're interacting with the fans and how has that whole experience not been for you coming to other community here in Western New York. Bullying ought to tell you as soon as I was drafted the love that I had on social media was on really tremendous you know I I could see. How excited built market was. And and that that in that helped a lot and that's that motivated me in the in the very comfortable and very excited to become pro although the reason and on the if there haven't been able to do much where I've been here you have a one time we I mean you guys went out to eat a couple people stopped some good luck and we're happy happy here in some small like that but still yet bleeding to death in the day in which is nice that he and others people who are. Will come up a moral approachable we're we're normal people outside I don't enjoy it have a conversation with someone let them know what thank collection force and want the best for assists and let him know we're doing everything we can't get what they want to. Yeah among until you know that that's a mad I didn't have ecology at some people did have a college you know I had people in my dorm who didn't know that we at alternate so. Yeah it'll be nice if Tennessee. You know due to meet fans and well no we love this much. You follow on Twitter by the way mentioning social media. Horrible airy 66. Buffalo bills' defensive tackle. Harris had no trolls by the way no trolls and Harrison Phillips joining us in the sports bar with danger we take layers and we feel very fortunate to have. Been able to spend some time with you this afternoon on the phone and look forward to seeing you in person and a couple of months. At training camp saint John Fisher College all the best. Yes I am out this year. Harrison fill ups third round pick. You know it. I'm not sure how little turnout as a player but I can tell one thing everything you read in during that conversation. Bill strapped to somebody with some good character there the danger yet. Yeah I mean you know and in the knocks on his game I I think. He's got the this immense upper body strength. And it really is below the waist and fought in terms of how we can deal with this full work and gaining some strength below the waist. Well you keep you keep Chiming in these are it's got to be good right it's going to be good date yeah he said he didn't have a car and is that of us have been modest I have a 2003 white minivan wanna. Cellular card entry on the market. Thanks thanks well thank you appreciate that great contribution to the sports up there. Willis is not this is not the Dan Patrick OK and you could not side is Jane you know. I'm sorry guys angry or you don't I don't know now. Or it all up cutting them off yet because it again yeah. You're caught up well art they're caught up gene has no open. Well wounds I don't. Well I thought it was entertaining there are. That year I achieve that there's something special about that guide you can tell from the way he he carries himself you can tell from the way. He was you know be talking about his upbringing in his background and in the work that he is putting in I expect good things from Hairston Phillips and and boy you know I would be surprised if colleagues and take it Harrison Phillips under his wing in and Harrison Phillips had a long kind of career that that you know be it becomes a kind of like full hero buffalo. And that Kyle Williams has become. It wouldn't shock me to see that happen. Well it you know when we go back to February march. And defensive tackle the big concerns from one unit realizes you know Kyle Williams hang it up while he's coming back for one more year which. I. Use the phrase parade but at least he's here in your war worry about next year next year but then you sign star looked to delay. And now you're drafting Harrison Phillips where he contributes in his rookie season all right now now you got some than their defense tackle. No want it their many concerns on this team. Defensive tackle. One of them from. Yeah I mean you certainly see that the moves that have been made this offseason and the defense. Doesn't look to be one that's going to regress now who the but the now let's look at the offensive side of the ball that's three have a lot of questions and that brings us back to a piece earlier today. I NE SPN dot com and you probably got the alert if you have ESP on your phone. The big the quarterback. Confidence index this according to digress you know. Of ESP in the post draft rankings of all 32 teams quarterback depth charts. And if quarterback is the most important position on the field. When the Buffalo Bills might have some something to worry about here going into the 2018 season the bills on this. On this index ranking 32 out of 32 teams Jeanne. Well in. I would have put him ahead of Arizona okay. That may not know what you have any confidence in Sam Bradford you have more competent to Sam Bradford and AJ McCarron you have to. Just based on the body of work lol why he's in Britain played one gains in rapper always gets. Hurt if we're just talking about competent settling any cardinal fan should have any companies want to make the argument danger that. Josh rose and is more. Ready for 2018 and Josh Allen I'll listen to I was gonna say the other part of that equation is the fact that the cardinals got the quarterback the most bills fans. Wanted on draft night right and L lane ready to go it's funny how most of these. In prop bets have Allen being the quarterback on all rookie Klestil start the most games belied. He'd probably is the one that shouldn't start the most games you don't want them not learned his own pace. I would think the jets and sand Arnold I would have more confidence being pro ready at number three and out get the jacks the event over the bills for this. If it make how does Ort television yet Bridgewater array of options. Too much character resonates here rounding anybody in a master stroke shouldn't have any confidence in me hear it. Case. The bills thirty seconds but behind the jets at 31 the cardinals at thirty. Hell even the browns at 29 inspire more confidence in their quarterback play. Then the Buffalo Bills just because of that that the unknown I mean you've got a roster a quarterback corps that that is. Is based on potential. You'd like what you saw all of age you make journal Peta small sample you like. What you see the most part of Josh Allen on film from his time in Wyoming but there's there's a lot of uncertainty. And while there might be a lot of potential. That potential and this certainly we knew gains in computer and had a lot of potential last pre season to be decided to start against the chargers didn't go well known. Now and that was before his time I guess you can spin this a different way danger and a Noelle you're like me ready. Think just a little bit. Bowel you're trapped them talking fantasy full and if you had a frank there's always one team like Alia that teams. Starting quarterback is still out there believe or not last year of many people for many people was. All yeah. Tiered cost is still out there well. Nobody really talked about jerk off taking that leap from year one year to it for Manny. I would think the Buffalo Bills are gonna have me the last quarter back ranking if you're doing it fantasy wise just because. Rosie throwing to all those things of the bills' offense right now has nothing to get X. I do listen to be talking about fantasy football I mean deceived for LeSean McCoy and that's still. And if I mean LeSean McCoy not not going to be the same kind of production I don't think that you're gonna see the same kind of production Shawn McCoy that you saw. Two years ago earlier in his career mean it's tough to consider. If from a fantasy perspective drafting any Buffalo Bills. Any of somebody you'll drop Shawn McCoy. On the corps as a running back to would be incredibly active yet by year's U LeSean McCoy and last year. Ari sixteen games you went out OK in week seventeen against Miami I'd get dad blight. Compared to the year before weary of answering polls in eight innings he's got that real. You can almost say certainly get nicked up just because the work load and by the way you'll beat north of thirty odd his football season so. Would that be excited to draft LeSean McCoy and it all depends on the around but I certainly when do Witten a burst of Maria would let fault. If you miss our conversation with bills rookie defensive tackle Harris and Phillips will have for you on demand shortly at the only ESP in Rochester dot com just posted our conversation. From last hour with Syracuse athletic director John while tack in the exciting news of the renovations come into the Carrier Dome also preview. And an outlook for an expectation really for Syracuse football and Syracuse men's hoop going into the Tony eighteenth season. And we talk to Doug is Syrian. Of from ESP NE here in Saturday's under station on game day and he knows the betting podcast he's also wants sport senator. And today on our radio show he called the general manager of the New York Giants a meathead yes. Yes that's the highlight of the show we talk about having wild that god today we can talk talk. Having air is until the sun today we had an ESPN sports editor anchor call a general Mandarin me. You can not hear that conversation at ESPN Rochester dot com we had dug not because Doug. Doug cover sports betting for ESPN shock and he's the co host of the behind the best podcast for ESPN as well also you know the news of the legalized gambling. That this strike down a passport from the Supreme Court earlier this week what does that all mean and really a lot of what Doug had to say is it doesn't really change. Much does really change anything this has been going on and it's no different. Now it just me puts a new Sheen. On everything and so it he made me wonder gene like where. In New York. Real who's going to get the for the first crack at this you know we're already hearing about New Jersey an inch reading your starters. Is already talking about a lone extra degrees and hip Atlantic City induce a month just to legalize sports wager rather than. Make the trek across the country to go to Vegas. So cool New York State moves first. With the new legalized sports betting landscape. Adding that quiet then at that questions obviously answer right what you well look it's not gonna be. Here we are in Albany let's get this done well I kind of be pushed around study let's look at this. And that meanwhile every part is okay how how does my community tentacles identical identical. Now it's going to be the native American get muscles false seizing if you wanna go to Seneca Niagara the big skyscraper on the ball side. In any American falls like debt they will be ready to go with the sports book I can almost guarantee key. Keep an eye on them because there's only so much gambling money out there they're gonna do whatever it takes to stay on top of the gaming trends not lose a market share to competing casinos. And you'll have your politicians that will chime in that that are gonna remind them that sports gambling is an include in their current deal between the state Seneca nation but. You could see a little bit action here geno that the state in the senate 'cause. Are locked in an arbitration right now that that is trying to resolve the dispute over slot machine revenue. And good luck trying to get them on sports gambling could it could be. The bargaining chip that forces the stayed in the senate is back to negotiations back to the bargaining table but there's a straight relationship there. And while the statement we never see slot machine revenues again it would just seem likely to me. In that that the senate has will be the first. To offer sports betting I'd be surprised if if it was somebody else. I certainly obese Fresno state took action first I just don't see I don't see the state moving that quick where they get ahead of this I think they're gonna be playing catchup mode. To the senate because the overnight hours. Moss yeah hey you know eight in the interest things. And it got no idea rain kind of re wired on this when we talked a Syrian because when the talk English media area to go to Alexi not Vegas. Anything about it well. If you're somebody that has the guys we can elect to go to Vegas and and goings of moves to the sport to focus part of it and now you have options. Let's say for example Niagara Falls becomes an option what looks a heck of a lot easier right driving a coward ten minutes and then you're back home and it easier sell to the Weis. My gosh this is girl cook you add up all these little individual stories around the nation it's gonna cripple Vegas. Q Syrian says is the opposite in an op. I get if you have the brand. In Vegas in other words your caesar's. And via any of these. Dana what they're doing. Can you imagine that in and GM sports book in Times Square. It's not gonna happen this year and maybe now within five years but there will be some CAD doubled show on that and the opportunity from date is. To franchise. And spread their wings across America. Yeah the money actually in Vegas in itself might. Be less by those companies that own low of those books know they just hit it big absolutely now a great point by by. But this area when we had him on earlier and again that conversation available at ESPN Rochus chuck come you can listen to on demand if you missed it earlier. In the sports bar with danger and tightly we got another run shots coming up next you know yeah a lot to get too up playoffs and we talked about this danger but the Golden State it on the road again tonight maybe they go up to all. I'll we have hockey tonight to get you we have a really strange story coming out of high school sports and the cross Yuri to tigers and fall in multi. Big big name coming to see the wings. This week as if you needed another reason with the weather finally getting nice and pound on the red wings. How will have and big name coming on to frontier feel this week shots has brought you by mark if you occur Henrietta the only liquor store you'll ever need best prices vast selection. Most helpful stop on your way home tonight mark if you liquor Jefferson road. Edie Henry and another round of shots next in the sports bar danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochus. And. On her DN pills wallet Famer Steve tasker if you all the leaders knew was right. Exclusive interviews lined up each city. FL analysis Murphy and task or take you inside a locker ran down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with their. Bill's right here and you get three on home on the Buffalo Bills CN ninety and 957. Thus affords leader ESPN broadcaster. You're doing shot. These top sports stories with danger and attack. Time for another. No shots. And this morning. It's so the NHL draft lottery was won by the team with the worst record in the regular season the Buffalo Sabres. Now it's sinking happened in the NBA it's like being first in the June draft will beat. A Phoenix Suns formal worst record last season. The suns won't have to look far for talent if they want is one of the players that could go first is a big man out of the university Arizona. The country 810. If they want to firepower in bill 119 year old guard from Real Madrid named Luke got Don change. It will be a good selection Sacramento holes like second followed by Atlanta. The NBA draft coming up Thursday June when he first. Clearly cavaliers is that thanks to some carelessness by the Brooklyn nets cavs on the number eight overall pick in this years draft bad news. But the number eight pick hasn't had success in the league the last some player went number eight overall win on a come become an all star was vin baker back in 19930 and more bad news for the cancer down. To all for the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference final have to wait until Saturday night for game three tonight. On ESPN Rochester game two of the Western Conference final with the warriors can go to all on the rockets. Coverage on ESPN Rochester starts at 8 o'clock. Start tonight in hockey with Vegas back home hosting Winnipeg at at 9 o'clock face off the jets in golden knights tied at a game apiece over in the Eastern Conference. Road team has won each of the first three games Tampa Bay 163 by a score 42 game four tomorrow night DC with a caps lead in the best to seventy games a one. Baseball soon be free agent Bryce Harper knew the questions were coming is that. New York community media descended on the nationals can't in the nation's capital for the brief yankees national series would Bryce Harper like to join the Yankees next year. As he has been telling reporters seeds spring training harper won't address is pending free agency quote I'm a national now. We're going into the series trying to win some ball games that's the only thing in my mind just trying to be good team over their. Both the suspended game and regular game time tonight have been rained out soon. Carter had a couple noteworthy players rolled through town this year frontier still want him when it came in for example mentally veteran Jose Batista saw action against the wings. As did the top prospect in baseball revert all of Puerto. For now both are up with a race this weekend another Major League stars coming it'll flower city and former American League MVP Dustin Pedroia. Expected to be liable to Pawtucket Red Sox when they begin a three game series against the wings Friday night Pedroia missed all spring training after undergoing knee surgery in October. Played his first game of the paw Sox this past month. Sad story of domestic violence PGA star Lucas lover's wife was arrested for violently attacking the goal for her and her mother in law. Or is Porsche filling at the players championship Crispin Glover. Was arrested Saturday on battery charges at a home the couple rented and putt to birdie the Florida not far from the competition at sawgrass TPC the 36 year old is accused of causing probably harm. Which she forcefully attacked the 2009. US open winner and her mother in law in front of their two kids according to saint John's county sheriff's office. Television station WJ a X reports that when deputies handcuffed her. She became physically aggressive and tried to escape the arresting officer. The committee that put together the NCAA division three lacrosse bracket and hit. Or exactly kind of the RED tiger's that's what it'll tigers' number one in the nation. They're home tonight for the quarterfinal game. So quarterfinal game you figure the opponent would be ranked eighth ranked 87. The tigers get the number two team in the quarterfinal tonight. York College PA as in nineteen into record on the season again won't play on the light to turf field next to the policy faceoff is at 7 PM. Finally from basketball comes a story Sydney will be aired Gill's wrath. Portly who played in the hurricane Harvey refugee in August when he enrolled as a freshman. Under the name Russian Richardson at skyline high school in Dallas. He later transferred to Hillcrest high school worried join the basketball team and dominated younger players on route to being named districts offensive player of the year for one thing about this high school player. You're 45 years old rules Gil strapped for at least deception was finally revealed. What his former coaches from north whiskey high school recognized him during a tournament in April. The coaches then got in touch with his counterpart Hillcrest to inform him that. One former players who graduated this time ago was playing free according to Harris. To assimilate and high school sports scene the impostor went so far this to have a fourteen year old girl friend. You'll struck shortly we had no previous criminal history was arrested Friday in charge of tampering with government records. He's taken into custody and the Dallas county jail but has since been released after posting. The growth stories errant shots Gina we talk about crib death or something more uplifting now. Albeit do wanna talk about moral Yoni year whatever you've. What what does. What is it they are hearing are you hearing early on OK here's why. We've officially run out of things to bitch about everything is great and everybody's miserable law right here things are better than they've ever read. This is what we're talking so that's that's what I yet here's what I hear ready danger. And error and don't. Expect nothing less of Eugene IE listened to think exists. I love when we have these conversations. And you should love them too because they are reminder that there is absolutely we have nothing. To worry about. We have no problems. This is it's this is consuming our mind today this is eating up our bandwidth. Greats. Rates there are no problems. Weather problems that okay will be will be another. Well. It's like no we're allowing ourselves a dated not think about everything else is going you know. That that these conversations though we really we've run out of things to complain about we've run out of things it to. To worry about we we don't have proper yeah I can imagine the war torn countries are having this conversation today and I'd imagine country he said that half poverty via poverty Rico is not having this conversation that. Knowledge they were just love them pop. Actress and ash and very. Having this conversation today we've officially run out of problems and it's good it's a good problem that's a first world problem it's good problem to have its laurel by the way no quest no questions. And even the youth that we haven't in young we will Nvidia are interns they both your laurel as well also stop with that book your your and you hear your body now. Moral. Dumb look let's move on. Bills take. Surely go for the Buffalo Bills are retired Thurman Thurman number 34 if you're gonna retire Bruce. Then you have to retire the best running back all time in buffalo bills' history. Again our first on his birthday no less. Great PR move by the Buffalo Bills and doing it on a night when we Nino you're gonna have a frenzied crowd on national TV Monday Night Football. Is it possible Thurmond was under appreciated because on a team of stars. Okay and an offense that had many weapons. It would be like today okay talked earlier this year led the league in yards or scourge well let's impressive. They taught duty get into when he team. He Todd do it again in point nineteen. He got to getting twenty points that's what you would have. To get you to do that glory years in a row all think about the punishment especially back then danger with the rules being what they walker. Yet yeah I've Thurmond he. He took up being led the league in yards from scrimmage four consecutive years for the buffalo yeah I. I think to myself I remember watching football as locating and memories hearing a lot about Roger Craig kind of revolutionizing the game being this. This running back two catches the ball out of the backfield the niners employed him at eight in in various ways that other teams didn't know how to really stop and then. Thurman came along and did what he did with the Buffalo Bills and and and it is remarkable to think that for four consecutive years. Four consecutive years he led to lead the league in yards from scrimmage an end. I hope we we see that again I hope we see somebody match that because that means we're witnessing greatness. That these were witnessing a player who'll eventually end up in the hall of fame will have his number retired with that team it's it's a remarkable feat. And it you know it couldn't be more deserving. He is the best running back all time it's not overjoyed by the way 32. We just say that. Get data numbers retired Luke who just. It's like the thirteenth floor when you go on this guy yes sir I knew he had noticed that correct well. A exerted so we don't talk about we got down now we don't acknowledge it wealth. Oh okay well we might acknowledge from time to time in sports. Our government troops when Chris and I broke up the Jews was there for me every night slick he's not really the Jews and more because I didn't troops troops troops to do so will choose. Juice juice. She's just she it. Uses its AB CH Jones she's here. Reduce its own return you know through loosened it's open. It's captures a chance. To ask us. She is actually didn't choose the you know include Jews from Europe could use. A good chances and couldn't. Isn't gonna stop being the Jews who could explain a lot Jews just care about Jews in Israel and Jews listen to this and to choose choose this is your life. The Jews Jews please troops. Just we need enhanced. That is every instance of David Schumer saying the word Jews in the people vs OJ Simpson will talk about that yeah Chris writing and do you guys -- David Schwimmer royalties. Chris appreciate you listening David Schwimmer yet he's known for two things right he is Ross and he's cart bashing it. He's mr. typecast or 88 gig like ABC car if you seemed Schwimmer and any movie like second that's. That's fit that's Rosser gonna hear him say Jews Jews Jews a thousand times straight sweet music players that never never gets old guy can't get tired of that. Patrick tweeting and NB SP and Rochester New York was last state to legalize MMA. They'll drag their feet on sports gambling like they did before and this state might drag their feet that doesn't mean the casinos a drag their feet they get approvals from the gaming commission. Then sports gambling is on the state you know yeah of course it can't get roads. Patrick you're preaching to the choir I'm not expecting the state to move fast. But I am expecting the casinos with money on the line to move fast and I think they well. Chris tweeting in at ESPN Rochester just listen to app horrible Harry 66 interview on ESPN Rochester driving all. The guy's a class act I'll be rooting for him even as a giants fan rule. Paris and Phillips our guest earlier this hour in sports bar with danger tag Lee and if you missed that conversation. Giving up three on a man shortly here at the only ESPN Rochester dot com RT you know anything else we need clean up. Now I think we need to get deeper on what actually bit of labeled the or call 454 years in closing time on the way next preview of tomorrow's action in the sports bar danger and tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. It's. So. In the sports leader on your computer we know latest rumblings from the bills and rumors from the sabres breaking news expert analysis and it. Got you covered the demand audio and all of the best moments from the sports bar with a teacher and it. ESPN Rochester dot com. The sports league. I'm looking for the best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leader of the radio. He's the official new home ESPN Rochester. By apple cart lady or android auto industry to wirelessly you. Speakers we're just blossoming earbuds in and take us with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M 95957. So fortunately. If you want you wore on filtered unadulterated. Sports you've come to the right place BM 950 and 957. Advance notice sports leader ESPN Rochester. We appreciate you giving us some of your time and most. Precious and valuable commodity. Sports are a danger potentially every afternoon from three to six we know you have hundreds of options for your sports information and entertainment the idea that you choose us. Even if it's just five minutes and you ride home this humbling we do not it's taken for granted today. Was. One that we were loaded today I mean we had. National gas for me as the induct this area and I bringing many new angles to this whole batting story. And if you missed it in if you're into that I would highly suggest going back and listening at tonight. You're Syracuse Orange fan. These are exciting times the dome is finally getting redone. So we had the the man in charge John wild actually at all allow adding the biggest takeaway I got it is an enemy anybody displaced. These that's the plan they're gonna do it over a few Summers so between the new rules. On the new scoreboard that's going to be an attractive removal over to the middle of the court when it's basketball time today it trains loosened rules. I that was a great conversation would John wild pack and then. I think a guy who could be a cult hero for the buffalo bills' third round pick Harrison Phillips came in to the sports bar we talk some bills football with the rookie third round choice. I Stanford. Really strong enemy you gotta love what he had to say his attitude very positive good upbringing good background. And boy in the third round he might end up being steel. For the Buffalo Bills he fixed the culture assure us of things so if he'd. He's not going to fail because of black out for or because making port choices I think we can trying to confidently say that the Buffalo Bills. When they say that in the draft because the character walled that's an example hi I forgot to ask me if you place for night. I shot that you and I orbit on that's it that's it's healthy place for night to forget about. Mean when attracting new like AO that you beat every question. You Ian a four night. Who was the player he was. Paxton lynch remember you were telling me that story we had the time yeah we had Cecil let me on our body from Denver. Football guy Cecil when he joined us in and said Paxson lynched you know couldn't get off of could jostle for night. And would show off. Call of duty not not humble over boy it just went all surprised yeah Ang you're not ready and you're not Sharpton you're not starting your playbook. Next analyst there's a reason why and I loved it Google's deal breaker asked the question. You know would you play for night. The correct answer is what's a four night while I've heard of it at the I would I would accept only one answer what's fort night that's what I would accept. We didn't ask them are able we we assume he's got a good work ethic it's it certainly seems like a got a guy that you know comes from. Modest upbringing in Nebraska one threes state wrestling championships doesn't own a car doesn't own a cargo what goes to stand for what you see as too. Yes he's the double meat double major got he got hurt and wasn't expecting a double major and he Meir an education on top of that so he only said. Phone as well so kind of you know wondering with with wild tackle with Syracuse you know because she gave the couple million off of that down 118 million dollar price stag remained. The most ironic. Arena stadium in in the world the Carrier Dome with no AC out now but AC coming into 122. Well be meaningful September games that you you always wonder why they put midnight at the dome because. It. There was one game against Penn State. Towards of the end of paternal error which is air everybody mails it in there Lou is not favorable experience in. Least they're gonna get that right. And died that will be. Western Conference playoff action in the NBA tonight on these sports leader starting at 8 o'clock our coverage of Golden State. In Houston with the warriors look and go up to ul. Over the rockets you know back again tomorrow afternoon starting it at 3 o'clock what do you say yeah anchor job to job boards gentlemen. Our young interns let's let's tip the cap too young pretty and young well. More sort of video for keeping his mouth shut then well as any good job injecting himself out of the show wherever he can with what we gonna say about judge David Schwartz let's break well. I had nothing to report. When you actually hear yes what each of cities like he's or frenzy around for Ross he's known for playing card that Sheehan by one of his most underrated rules of his career melman the giraffe in Matta thank god were done to show you're on your cut off done thank you even an melman not Mel so. Isn't it how do you know that case. Cannot bowl for you all right everybody enjoy their night let's regroup and and it. Reconvene tomorrow afternoon concerning 3 o'clock with new ups of the sports bar with danger and tightly at Beaumont is not next. But listen anyways. And it's that moment. Others say. You know it's okay. Laura. Pitches and later. Baseball is here. All summer do you. Most listings or. The sports league.