The Sports Bar-Hour 3-Matthew Fairburn

Matthew Fairburn of the Syracuse Post-Standard joins us in The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to break down day one of Bills rookie mini-camp including the performances of Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds.


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The sports bar with danger and exactly that's good to get the guys in here beginning last night a little bit. It is really it's an opportunity for them put their best foot forward and show us what they can do. I'll be in a small window of time they feel like they're starting to get. The kind of players here and the roster all the way from top to bottom that he would like to have. Mike danger it's exciting stuff. Jeanne exactly do you mean some video of Josh gallon throwing the ball buried grow further short. I'm ready to go to work as I was at football games. City of buffalo he's got to look great debt national and Winnipeg. It's getting better and I'm doing great my theory great leadership in the Western Conference finals you have to do better team and I think in the entire NHL chassis. Glad this is game seven right sort of regular credit or internationally because before. The little big jets but Martina did it's still very cool old now to the Western Conference finals. One of those Western Conference final between the Winnipeg jets. The biggest golden knights and how good does that sound Rochester sports leader in 957. ESP yet. Welcome back to the sports bar what danger image tag Leo wanna make sure we maximize our time with our guest this hour. From the Syracuse post standard Matthews fair burn fresh from Buffalo Bills rookie minicamp this afternoon. Matthew thank you so much for carving out some time really we really appreciate it means a lot I'm pursing world cares about oh what was. Well what was the vibe like wing Jim Kelly made his appearance on that practice field this afternoon that had to been remarkable moment. Yes it really large and being. Just knowing you know like Jim Kelly is going through it and bodies and are obviously. You know the fact that he's out there on the field taken him practices in the good signs in out for him and his health and then. You know for him to get to interact with our challenge in obviously. You know Josh I'll mention that he was shaken me and it just one of those. Those moments that really at all were for Josh. You know that Israel he's a quarterback about although now I'm a guy you met today that the standard he had stolen about you you know east. I strapped quarterbacking about all of those history so. That's going to be the expectation. Starting now so. You know and when Jim went there committed at. Obviously is great is that he's able to be out there and is well not you know to be walking around and hang out obviously don't. A waste ago definitely. And right there. Any idea what Kelly and Allen talked about Matthew beyond small talk. You know general can hop on yet because. Of the job surgery but. Little tidbits you know he told. Josh you know embrace the city of buffalo and and you know what it means to play for the build them what to build into the community and how important that will be too. Getting you know the city in the band basic at a rally around the I think there were. A view hunting tips from gyms to shabbily Josh and on dirt so. Jim said he could he would a kebab and you know get it situated era on the other hand then just it's like it's settle open the small talk and I think it was just important for Jim to come and let him know that you know he's got it back and tower. It on the everything you need any advice she needs. Anytime you need anybody to talk to you going to be there are formed to help them out in any way that he can't. Let's talk about Josh Allen now on the field and your your reports and never were everyone else reported it. I'm curious see you know who how did he look a week we heard. From you and others that you know not a lot of deep balls thrown but but you know big give us. Some of what your eyes saw Josh Charles performance in his first rookie minicamp practice. Yeah there was a whole lot to see the first team portion of practice. I have it from chip in the third or that they're drawn. Every single lap and then the next. Group vote of teen girls. Josh out they get out very completed ten of twelve. Pretty get makes a shotgun and under center a lot of the completion lower court. Completions one or about ten yards everything else was once side yard there under it took a few deep shots that didn't connect. I mean. He's got a big arm it you know even looks the part I think you know it's still work. It's you know where you're expected to be it I'd need a little bit of work in that regard but. I mean it's day one a rookie minicamp I get the hunch that what he's not under contract yet so they're not gonna. You know load of output all the reps and tomorrow they practiced again and we're not out there are so maybe they'll unleashing a little bit more by. Ryan Babel has been in here after. Seemingly every rap you know pompano about you know. You know given a couple mansion and get them fired up so I'm able seemed very excited to work whether men. You know as far as first days ago at this fine I think we'll learn a lot more what he's out there with the other. And did are they feeding them any of playbook here at this point where it's just today very basic. Rudimentary stuff Matthew. It's you know mostly. Concepts. And I think some big picture stuff. I think they're you know they do have playbook they did get. You know. Or at least part of the playbook I'm sure they're not throwing everything at demo I think they have one meeting and a walk through in the morning. And then you know what out practiced so obviously it. All of very fresh to them and it probably just wanted them you know execute a few bigger picture concept then you know kinda get their feet wet. I'll probably go a little bit more tomorrow but my guesses. Again it'll. They're gonna have really cute thing to ramp up orange everybody's on the field because that's when you're expected. Start to know what you're doing and start another playbook a little bit. Do some studying on your own time then and be ready to have you know some higher paced practices of today lawyers split pretty remote. Matthew you mentioned Brian table I mean we've been talked a lot about Josh army is also first going to Bryan gamble what he's going to be as the offense according to for the Buffalo Bills and our mutual friend Joseph was sky was on with this yesterday. He's comprehensive breakdown Josh Allen pointed out a weakness. When he tries to throw intermediate routes to the left side of the field he opens up his hip he loses a little velocity a little bit of accuracy and I'm curious of table loses. Is ear it all. This afternoon if Alan was throwing to his left. You know I think. They've both been easier after pretty much everywhere to be honest and I'm really curious state like an urgent isn't the first time we got to see tabor and east. More high energy and generic definition launch for sure and Andy's very involved with the quarterbacks which is probably good sign considering. They don't really have a you know cornerbacks specialist. Understaffed I mean David college quarterbacks coach but he spent most of his career coach and wide receiver so. Having Brian Dave launched app to you know take that you know initiative with the quarterback who's good there were you know a few of the questioner ball passage Josh out there are supposed tortuous life side. But again it didn't have a lot of high challenging road. I think there were three or four that travel longer than ten yards in the air that I counted and all the laudable complete sell. There wasn't a whole lot of those Fred to nitpick on. You know the more we get to see Bryant able it'll be you know interest in this seat because a lot of people are making a lot of comments about. You know who fits into what offense and guys that. It's got its Bryant able scheme and Nadia we don't even know what Bryant able scheme and it'll look like yet so will start to probably get a feel for that. You know irons mini camp goes on but. There are now worse still you know in the very early stages of getting so. The wide receiver competition today and met during its fair to say it's wide open so among these amongst these rookies it. Did anybody stand out today. Yeah Austin Paul looked pretty getting you know getting open a lot. Catch and everything that was stoned on so. You know doing what he could do in this setting to at least. Get off to a good start separate himself a little bit. Robert Foster the undrafted kid from Alabama. And a lot of speed and excited speedy guy ran 441 at the our mind. Turkey jumped out as well and now I Dupree is another name that I they keep bringing out that he's somebody that. You know people should probably keep an ion because. You don't practice squad all last year but he's tall he's got a lot of Beatty you've had a pretty good career at LSU both for. He latched on what the actors they cut him after camp. And the bill expect them up it was out there you know because. He really doesn't have game experience in the NFL. He was able to participate that Turkey mini camp and it got a deep that was from gush out as well so I think he's going to be got to watch for the better look out here chip. Matthew Herbert of the Syracuse post standard go with this time and joining us quickly here in the sports or danger the tag with a sport star sports weekend I'm curious to Matthew. Twelve undrafted free agents signed today by the Buffalo Bills. You mentioned a couple of them just there any of these guys have any hope of making the team. Yeah I think so I think Robert Pastor as we got to watch it is practice squad guys. Cory Johnson linebacker from our view. He's a former state. A little bit of big nickel may be if you want to do at the bill's gonna start to implement that package. Sean McDermott used in Carolina. He's the possibility. Levi wallets the cornerback from Alabama the other one who. You know had a shot to get drafted that did that get picked by. I wouldn't be surprised if given the lack of depth at they have at cornerback if you find a way to latch on at all. Of course any other year Matthew were talking about. That a first round pick for the Buffalo Bills and remain endings in in here we are we having gotten that hot hot at the L linebacker looked today. On the big he's very big either of big men and he's. Very acting moves really well. I would be shocked that this guy is starting Lee Kuan I think something will have to go terribly wrong and cannot be on the field. I think they're going to be a look I'm a lot of ways to use them. Whether I think it's probably mostly going to be a middle linebacker deal. But there's the chance you know he could at rush rush the passer strong side linebacker as well so I think they're gonna build a move him around a lot and it definitely look the part. Where they primarily using an at the Mike this afternoon your practice. Yep for now that that's where he'd get that star and that's where I would expect them to start Lee Kuan I mean. Key can move around your defense a bit but that's where he's going to be most valuable Q and and Sean McDermott mention that he wanted to see him command no huddle and you know that's going to be the biggest test for and during training camp. And preceded Trent prove that he can do that so that they can trust them. You know it's. You know a certain helmet to call plate for the defense. And another pick that up I don't know will be starting necessarily but. Harrison Phillips to third round defensive tackle hot if you look out there today Matthew. Yeah they're supposed to going to be a lot of fun I got a chance to catch couple of them after practice she's just a guy that they're really happy to be here you know it and it's early start to head of that. You know that this is a job for him and he gets you know do this earlier than the guy that you know comes from small town in Nebraska. You know at really put himself out there to even get noticed about the get a scholarship to Stanford. And you know to get drafted into the NFL that pretty big moment for him hard to get the true Paris and so the fact. Without all contacted had done. So you know I don't think we're gonna see that until. Training camp and preceded and but either guy that they are about to be in the building and I think you know he's going to be guys it's gonna make his presence felt very quickly drink and. And Matthew what about fourth round quarterback up pick for the Buffalo Bills tight turn Johnson how did he look today. In practice where the bills using him. He looks like he's going to be a nickel quarterback to start I talked to his college coach this week. Who coached for a long time that you coach charge net. Eric well at all it's a really good beat at the fact you actually. Played a little bit to be sent them back for the bill. Had a cup of coffee in the NFL. Keep saying. Karen Johnson compares very favorably. To Antoine Winfield. A former first round pick of the bill's long time corner of the vikings. Because you can tackle really well he's really physical he's a little bit bigger than Antoine Winfield but. They're starting to mount their goal I think he's got a really good chance to start Derek is that not a time to competition and for a vote. And both turned on since their tour in Yale. I think. Give them a lot of flexibility in terms of what they want to do in passing situations. I think sir and Leo. Well I'll be right about him at some point either over the weekend early next week either guy that you know. Plays really big played really physical and he gives them some flexibility I think he can play a little bit and a goal when a tight end lines up in the slot. Or bigger or wider receiver and maybe in other situations. Terry Johnson and the guys playing nickel but. You know and talking to a college coach coach he thinks you know terror Johnson can play outside so all the action it to see how it develops but early on. Nickel is going to be a spot. Matthew server in Syracuse post standard great with this time today in the sports are 957. ESPN. Fifth round pick Y eight. Howler. It does wiley teller have a real shot earned. A spot on this offensive line that they're quite frankly right now Matthew. You know locks them into there it looks to be an opportunity here. Yeah I would think so I mean he has every chance to win a starting guards I mean. He gets past you know take advantage other. Talking to a scout this week that scout that area. That is he would go on to take GeMS in the fifth round that the bill didn't take him. And you know he said the only read any valid because you don't have the top and that's what it's an unnecessarily. Moving in space than I just staying quickly and in change directions situations. But the strange and the power there and the guy thought he said you know the personality. Of the person that you're getting. You know it is really you know big time music you're gonna get absolutely everything out of them and so you know it's just going to be a matter of other learning curve. Ratchet up form and whether he's able to get on the field early on there are some competition in our home buying Lloyd buster couch. I think they're gonna get lied teller chance. Two win a job and at the very least he's gonna give them solid depth early on that were issues. Matthew the vets come to town next week for organized team activities what are you going to be paying attention to. Yeah I think. Once the veterans are on the field to get to learn a lot more yet to see who taken first team reps at quarterback yet to see how AJ McCarron looks. We did in all these slot receivers G out somebody. In your guys there are looking I was a jungle looking after everything you went through this hot season. Out Kelvin Benjamin you know do an after coming up. You know surgery in the offseason so the offense is gonna get a lot of the attention just because. There's a lot more questions on the offense are about the defense. They have some new pieces but a lot of it's look the same and you know they're probably going to be an even better unit than they were a year ago. Offensively there's just a ton of questions that need to be sorted out who's lining up where we are getting reps with the first game so. Definitely played a look for a lot love and that's get together and the start practicing internist and a couple weeks. Exerted seat seems pretty healthy relatively speaking I mean brought up to say Jones and we would there's a lot there we don't know but are there any other injury concerns here Mathis were in now many camp. Not too many I think you know it was mostly. Kelvin Benjamin coming up that surgery. They Jones also had shoulder surgery. That dot season authority he got and all that trouble as well so. Those are the two big ones I think that people paying attention to everybody else I think. At this point is is pretty paltry but well get a better idea of just how healthy everybody is. You know when they show up air a few weeks. Met each every covering the Buffalo Bills for the Syracuse post standard New York upstate dot com Matthew the floor shores what are we reading about today. Right now but mostly just a little bit of you know what Jim Kelly had to say to Josh Allen and then. Of the post and some of takeaways from practiced a little bit later and then. Working on a story on Eric and chilled that should drop early next week that I think people and go. At Matthew fair burn on Twitter math Darrow is so great with your time we really appreciate US starting off your sports weekend with us here in the sports bar enjoy your weekend let's talk again soon. You got to Matthew fair result surpassed. Is the greatest I mean. Today we're moving things around because this is in your typical fraud and named credit the bills here they wanted to get to work. Sold them rookies working today and tomorrow all Nolan tomorrow if you're curious that you're you'll get many updates because that is close to the media. And then now the veterans coming in Monday cell bills fans. Yeah I expect a lot of news to come on one bills drive because as Matthew pointed out. This will be the first time you'll see easy Jones on the field this will be the first time we see Calvin Benjamin. And how they work how does this all worked together rookies and veterans alike are really looking forward to what what's coming up Monday out of one bills drive. Here in the sports bar with danger to tag Leon AM 915957. FM picture. Starting your sports weekend with us who got all kinds of action this week it whether it's Major League Baseball lore or NBA playoff action Sunday afternoon again. Thanks for listening to ESPN Rochester you wanna get shots that. You know let's do it got shots coming up here in the sports bar. I'm just looking at the leaderboard right now as we speak the TPC. Going on we'll tell you how tiger did today. All the things happening and am I made it David Price maiden mission here that. One reason why he has carpal tunnel. Can't harm that's coming up which let me guess horn right. Now and shot brought Cuba marking your liquor Henrietta the only liquor story you'll ever need best prices best selection most helpful. Stopping UN tonight mark if you liquor Jefferson wrote in Henrietta we'll give you some shots next in sports bar. With danger and the tag league guys you know at this weekend news. You don't need meter remind you anymore right. Mother's Day weekend you can hear a lot of bats from national floral off it's this week ask yourself where are those flowers coming from is that really shopping local. Which is check in my friend's Iraq council florist in Greece ending cannon deck when they've got you covered with great Mother's Day gift ideas including what you should get for mom. Fresh flowers may be a colorful garden planter there's plenty of gift ideas online as well check out rocked castle florist dot com guys. Don't drop the ball on Mother's Day there's still time order local. From rock castle florist dot com shots X in the sports bar danger in the tag layup on ESPN Rochus. In this new rebel sports league and you deserve us. Dollars and eighty. Weekdays starting at seven at that company each hour will announce a cool. You hear it takes a code word nationwide test seven. Dollars signing. Other sports leader. You're doing shot. These top sports stories with danger and attack. Time for another round on shot. This. Any game seven if you let him one soft goal you're in trouble letting us do. He's and that's what did in the Nashville Predators the first soft goal. From national came from former buffalo sabre defenseman Tyler Myers a Winnipeg. And then another softly led the pack Arenas being pulled from the game and at 1047. Marking the first. In NHL history that is the quickest hook for a goaltender in game seven. Winnipeg wins game five to one of the first ever conference finals for the current jets franchise which began in Atlanta. Game one of the biggest what do today. Tomorrow night at NBC now tonight we gave game 1 Eastern Conference final with Tampa Bay posting Washington day. Hockey tick sinner states not to Florida we have to wait until Sunday for game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals let's and early 330 tiff between clean and embossed thinking you'll have a all right here. On the sports they want to wait until Monday night for game one of the Western Conference final Houston hosting Golden State again into the game that you can hear pregame coverage on Monday. Starting at 8 o'clock. Toronto Raptors finish with the best record in the Eastern Conference this year 59 wins the regular season that was a franchise high they're coach is named coach of the year. Today coach got fired Dwane Casey let go after stepping years with the team in six of the seven seasonings. Raptors posted a better record than the year before. However the for the second straight year Toronto swept in the sec around by LeBron James and the cast. Casey by the way have one year left on his contract worth six and a half million. On the road Rochester night hawks take on the defending champs of the NL held Georgia to mourn I Rochus was 21 against Georgia during the regular season. Which included an 1110 overtime win the last ten the FT teams met. Back on March 10. And after winning three straight championships and it hawks. I'm not big into the final in the past three years or winning Georgia we get them back to the final. Western Conference final features Calgary path to sketch once. College golf's fifth major second round action in at the players championship at TPC down at sawgrass villages outside Jacksonville. Senior leader he's on the course right now at ten under through fifteen wed it seems in nets. Good for four shot lead over Charles Schwartzel Schwartzel. Today six under today ten under for the tournament. Simpson by the way sixteen under for the tournament I should say Phil Mickelson today. After yesterday's seven ovary was one over today he's not gonna make the cut at eight over for the tournament policy tiger today. Pedestrian tiger with a 71. That was one under now he is for the turn of. College basketball stick by Tao has a new contract right now has signed on ESPN through the years 121. After getting fired by the Detroit Pistons back in 1979. By now join the network it is big with ESPN ever since stick by tell. He's 78. Years old today. This new contract extension taken until he's 81. No slowing down for Dickie V. Former Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria is pretty bluntly came to a question on the future of the team. In Tampa look like we're in now with San Francisco TV interview to the Tampa Bay times. Where he said because of the tendon tissues. The team be better off playing somewhere else quoted pains me to say that but players wanna play a place where you have consistent support. It's a selfish thing to say probably supplier but I don't know does anyone really wanna play in front of 101000 or not. Might have a point there earlier this year as a team announced plans to build a new stadium in Tampa but quiet at the time as we pointed out here in the sports car. That new stadium plan lacks some key elements of jazz. Who what exactly would pay for it. Finally the Red Sox begin a series tonight Toronto tomorrow night David Price returns to the mound for Boston. Not pick since may third price was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What caused the carpal tunnel. Price insists. It wasn't his love for video games including the game four tonight. Chris apparently plays a lot of fort night the club house reporters were putting two and two together asking price who plays too much of the game. Well that's kind of my generation that's what we do I need to shut down video game to pick a new hobby than Sylvia but I do not take. That's a call. Okay here here ego David if they're number it up is a potential. For the cause it might give pause yeah. Yeah you might be playing it too much. Yes you're writing is a generational thing it's kind of what your generation does you know you have to be able to do. You have to be able law to stop with that. Stop with that I mean honestly it was you're not elect the guilty he's younger than you and I David Price yeah you played video game yes I did so at some point you have to golf has some point you realize. Poor boy I'm doing damage to myself. I am addicted. Dates for the morning and I got to be up at 61 idyllic. Yet until we didn't know come what David Price at the generational. Thing like you were the first one day have video games. Right the the video games you and I grew up with Boehner pretty lame but nonetheless at the time they're great. By the way video games probably toward the personnel make the gains that David Price plays. Pretty slow down in them are games we're not lame OK nothing lame about blades of steel Jeanne. All I stand corrected nothing lame about Blake's blades blades of state please of steel. Ending the eight teams don't play that great king. One of the games that would play to laws at night attack mode super blow played down place. Me I gave your bills fan that's got to be that. That is serve came better than that yet QB bill's number is well Jim Kelly and give his permission you had the giants for good the tires were good. The raiders were to Bo Jackson forget it Christian court all my lawyer Yale Bowl. Great game and I'm not a lame game. And then you moving to the Sega Genesis there. And that's when NHL steps up. Each online to an item three and originally for. Calm happy. As the Chicago Blackhawks. With Jeremy Roenick and Steve Lorimer and Eddie Belfour is Michael you're not beating me. I didn't get out of here LA kings with Wayne Gretzky. Just like in the movie swingers and make little and little wings had bullied for super fan 99 over here. What you make players' heads bleed and a gamblers have come mountain yeah. These were not lame games. Nothing about yeah I understand correctly I stand correct put on any of those games against your four night. For. Or night it's addictive though. Have you played Null but my nephew plays my son wants to plan a area every kid I think that is from ten day eighteen point four and no adults tilt the price at fort. Yeah. I played yet. I am not afraid of I'm not gonna pick up the six alone on every now and then I'll see a trailer for a game and I'll be like will. And I have to slap myself back in a real I know now. Now you don't need red dead redemption too just because you enjoyed red dead redemption one now now. Do it. That's the discipline Jeanne. They don't you have to recognize you being a dad you have to recognize have an addictive personality have probably should walk away. You have an addictive personality help you to get that shocking he didn't get that may. John some stuff. In the weigh in I have a chance to. You root for embarrassment for the National Hockey League in Gary Bettman will do so so this doesn't seem like this story danger but then wait a second. While the other just doing something nice to attract you know younger viewers tomorrow night. They're moving the face off the 7 o'clock it's on the network to mark that that's really cool 7 o'clock. And kids can stay up now on to sit. Witness act. What happens. If we were over due for a marathon overtime game are we not danger. You're saying like a double triple over timer why it happens. Wait. Are they hedging hero little bit because of the pace off was at eight in the game is off by 8103011. No. Problem. If you get an overtime. Game. Why would have been if picking still going on the left and there. You're gonna preempt differed. SNL Y is gonna happen doc ever had is going to please make this happen tomorrow night just to bring shame and embarrassment to Gary Bettman and NBC please make this happen. Vegas in Winnipeg let tab. Off four overtime game that nobody can see the end he had it's yes. Go to a rerun of Saturday Night Live or whatever it is and got to get off local news at 11 o'clock. I know that that. Pointing out the NHL has terrible television ratings as low hanging fruit picking on the NHL. But seriously. There BA worst final four of that what you have with these markets. There is anybody south of the Mason Dixon line in the in in. United States it can tell you what province Winnipeg is at the hell I mean though they know what province is. So yeah Winnipeg from up or there. Today is golden knights cute story expansion team. Tampa transient. And the caps. You know the caps the only team to any sort of like heritage nets. Transient too is no yes yes and and in that pecking order of Washington sports teams. At a caps or fourth I guess now the NH IV if Batman were here despair and that he would probably be excited because. Four of his original 31 teams made it to the conference final soak congratulation us. It's going to be great where do we do writers poets gaming win today. You are Gaza. I can't with a guy. Did you say that they they showed him on his phone. Playing on tired of the game is going to paper is going well no greater endorsement for your product it. One thing for meat and where everybody else we're all guilty of as the game's going on I'm listening to it and I'm looking up my phone for Twitter reaction. Nothing worse than you miss the goal because you're looking at your phone right. We're fans doesn't matter for us it's commission error let's though there's Gary bad inning he's looking down at his phone. His computer. JC tweeting us at ESPN Rochester NHL 94 equals goat yes. Yes the greatest of all day I. I want I want embarrass myself telling how many hours I wasted playing that game. Me Matt cash Steve Jensen basement all night every night all summer the zero sleep. Playing any children before. Just in saint just. Not healthy. Guess Jeter David Price. You get responsibilities he grow up and you realize then maybe playing. Too much to the point where affects my career may be I should just walk away. Pat prejudice is too many things against price member of the story were price last year where. Dennis Tankersley wasn't even about price I'll remember that. The player that Packers we hold out he was doing them. Broadcast for NASA and at that time actress slick guy who won a Cy Young a guy who's in all of fame he's on the Red Sox team charter and and price went off. And it's it's not varied professional that it's not a person of few who. This in mind your own business there. Brendan tweeting at ESP and Rochester are lost months of my life to NHL money for. Yes and yes that they teenaged make that game is any undo. You get carpal tunnel law did you ever get the wrist like oh yeah. I mean and we've all played video games or wrist doesn't feel good but to the point work. I'm on the disease Duluth do IA I told the car because of NHL might before. I told the car because of NHL 94 you ready for story time in my dangers as the one Minnesota where you should and you guys you're hearing pairs yes now yes that was I realize age of 94 was part of that is. There is part of the story as we got I got done working and overnight shift that was on the radio from midnight to six. I knew that if I went my buddy's house when they get a read on Nvidia at all there let NHL if let's play this for awhile. With live long enough for the local diner to open up so we can go over grab some breakfast. We stayed at breakfast long enough for the mauled open up sweetie go get her ears pierced. And then. Your hero decided to get the car and drive three hours to visit his parents. That didn't end the way I wanted it to line the yearling Michael. Rather than. Sleep. When I got done working at six I played video games one bad decision led to another bad decision led to another bad decision. And I'm looking every year that I saw Michael. I was almost able to walk away from that. Almost able to completely walkway that unscathed. Bumps and bruises. One night in the hospital. And that was it but. All because one. One bad decision to another minute. Walk away. One difference walk away while collects. New not missing anything you really aren't you you're missing life is wacko. Hit brands and I feel you I lost most of my life because of that video game and another video games like it. An addiction just like any ideological. Stuff. Are there shots in sports bar happy Mother's Day weekend to all the moms listening gases sports bar this week yes. Getting it would Sunday planned out danger I don't know what what's the weather doing this we Aziz Sunday is sort of planned out. There might be some golf and my future this weekend takes any with the little ones golfing. There will be some breakfast in bed served tomorrow I can tell you that much spring day sixty tomorrow looks like the worst attitude tomorrow is a washout it's rain tomorrow. Maybe some yard work we'll see I don't know fat talk maybe a clean up the garage is it safe to put the snow lower back up. It is right on there's not a more satisfying. Ales on it all yes yes see I get back patio first. Power launcher in the back patio seal that bat boy earlier this week I'm looking at it now Mike recchi feed off of that patio so clean. There is nothing more satisfying than then hitting. A surface of the power washer. It's the best. The garage might be in order there. Is only one way to clean your garage and that is the major driveway look like a garage sale okay. Everything now carrying it swept down and clean and then put back in your throwing coal Lotta things that you got it up. That's the plan. May go get to that this weekend's. But a happy Mother's Day to moms listening to the sport sports we appreciate you oh thank you moms. Closing all the way next preview of this weekend's action and look ahead to Monday in the sports bar with danger of attack lay out AM 950 and 957 FM ESPN Rochester. Super fast which. Nice player and that's. Access to them. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. From an EN 950 and 957 MMS forcefully. No sports leader and listen lives when he forced out. Probably these deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when injury and exactly how. Stories opinions and contests people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who. Sports bar with the injury exactly. Yes yeah. Overall that was really good day and we went out there flew around on defense is fun around the ball they're making plays we're making plays. You know felt good being back out there against it. Bills rookie quarterback Josh challenge minicamp today for the rookies close. One I think Matthew fair we'll be joined us. Earlier this hour. Views for a month. Data online and Josh Colin and by the way and Josh Allen meeting. Bills legend Jim Kelly. First time we've seen Jim Kelly since his most recent bout with cancer and surgery with from a cancer. Yeah in a Kelly walking with a keen today. Kelly speech right now still work in progress. And that it is many is it a hit is this guys take in it's just remarkable he's still going on so why Jim Kelly out there in good to see him out there. Auto one bills drive today on the other thing is trending right now bills fans you won't believe what's training for the Buffalo Bills. Russ Brandon oh no what does this mean. Actually it's all good pit crew Chua the first report that the NFL. In his son and wrapped up there aren't you know didn't call it investigation that they were looking into the reasons why Russ Brandon was dismissed. And they're moving on so we can move months. Getting a bit bigger things to worry about they've got the head coaches. Employed by the Detroit Lions that you know that that that might get you a little bit of attention will look at it now. You got bad bad situation in in San Francisco. With. Criminal linebacker and he's second year still on the team. How Juan. You think you reporters in Boston are kicking themselves are not looking into the background of Patricia at all you imagine if that law Super Bowl week. Pull few knew that story. And that's before we even talk about the two collusion grievances that they have going against the NFL's the pilgrim I think they can have a little bit of faith that the the coolest handled. The the arrest Brandon situation with. You know but following proper protocol. Well I am sure that you know the suited on park avenue in York city NFL. Legal offices look at what the NHL did in the cell while the NHL as a cleared them of this so angels of their so. Sure that's how it. Brian table attached to Josh challenge hip he was really far from Josh Allen all during his first practice which is good news your Buffalo Bills fan. Good news to see that your office of corners is working that closely with that much energy towards Josh Allen I think in the you you know that's. That's them trying to iron out any kinks that he might have and his game coming into the pre season. Yes yes. Yes. But somebody else handle the offensive line in the running game and everything else if you drying day bowl. That's the future your success is tied to the success of number seventeen so. Get of all the stories today out of one bills drive that's certainly one that gable was pretty much working exclusively. On with Al and Allen today by the way the eleven on eleven it sounds good ten of twelve. A lot is that a lot of these guys are even gonna make that team there were a lot of rookies there that we're just invited. That might now active sign so it a lot of bodies there one bills drive today. Ten of twelve for Allen in passing none of the past is one of our five year. We got action for you this weekend on the sports leader tune in to ESPN Rochester tomorrow afternoon at 330 some Major League Baseball for you is the nationals had Arizona to take on the and not Eastern Conference final action on Sunday afternoon 37. Asserting 3 o'clock pregame Cleveland at Boston game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals I'll be followed up immediately bison and a baseball again. The nationals taking on the Diamondbacks. Well Arizona isn't the. MBA. I and every game for the NHL practically has been primetime but here's the NBA putting LeBron James to rip clock on us on and Smart. Is Smart. Smart business. And then a big issue wondering about the Western Conference finals yes we will have those games where he was well. Game one in the west Golden State at Houston. Our coverage Monday night for that 8 o'clock here on ESP in Rochester we appreciate you giving us some of your time. You know busy you are we know how many options you after sports information and entertainment a record speak for gene but I don't take for granted Jeanne mine and I take everything you take. Sheryl Crow for granted we know that Sheryl Crow is over rated. Everyone agrees is wrong with it at the age are we can't happy Mother's Day weekend gentlemen don't drop the ball. Don't drop the ball report back on Monday starting at 3 o'clock for now and I knew episode of the sports bar with danger and the tag glee up next on ESPN Rochester Spain and. It's extremely professional and you should continue listening. And it's that time. Moose today. No it's okay. Laura. It's. I don't know maybe. These.