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What can fans expect out of Buffalo Bills rookie minicamp? WGR's Sal Capaccio joins us during hour one of The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia to discuss. 


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Thus sports bar with danger and exactly I definitely just pinch ourselves being in the mix to be familiar sort of when he gets on the practice field he's gonna look great fair I really do believe he's going verify ego driven short. I remember that it appears perfect for people are gonna have to be careful of what they did bring our vision return. Mike danger for the first time in decades the Buffalo Bills have a true quarterback competition this summer saint John Fisher College you know what I'm going Jack Kelly is going to be Carter esque response soon as possible even though I am. Jeanne exactly at. I guess we'll Ron. This is the year that the Washington Capitals blue eye candy not a street I. I say. I how Brady did this for years if not bigger global effort to Rochester sports leader. 957. EST yes. And all of the stolen join us a sports bar with danger and detect Leah is open for business we appreciate you stopping by KM 95957. FM. On my ESPN Rochester dot com be free to download radio dot com apple you can search on ESP in Rochester listen to a city where. Any time alongside you detect Leah I am merely my teacher. All right. Our car we believe in and cast yet aired danger or now got to see a little more here are. I accountability here in the sports bar I was gonna say referral drink to the capital bring it up now we can talk about to begin later. Mike Stanley Cup playoff bracket is trashed. Kicked. Over whoops yeah. No my dream of rematch in the finals between the reds and the penguins well least half of that dream is over and the other half could end Thursday night so. It's your question. Why not now why not I up. Also I mean it's it's this is what makes. The NHL's post season it is is terrible and it's functional see any jellies and and his cricket and backwards and say they can be. Their policies is best thing though it is Soka. Just she EU to look pretty bag yes. Pretty good fakes who predicts that this would be the the caps would get over. Our or. Just another big let down they get to the finals and lose to a Tampa bait and it's really really cool. No pressure now though they've they've already someone out of their shoes wife feels like. If you had to draw an analogy you know. CEO of the Red Sox have won a century of failure. By. Wine Nate got by the Yankees the way they did. Eight kinda felt like. It was an afterthought that they would win the World Series which they they would go on. And to meet for Washington if they were ever gonna do it yet to write the story they had to get by Pittsburgh right team that is owned them basically. On sold to meet. I really like Washington's chances against Tampa Bay I have to have a baby Winnipeg in my final so my dream is a lot there's two dreams one. That's a hockey series I would like to see is a degree hockey when it take Tampa 20 on my dream. Of terrible. Ratings well here I'll bet I would be on alive and well just terrible. Does anybody. South of the Mason Dixon line even know when a Canadian province is. There's any don't care but it don't even know they have the lightning and wind bag where his Winnipeg. At a Montana. Be honest if you're listening to you know or Winnipeg is. Like its north. Bull and I only know because it was close were Iger piling on because it was a hot destination. As a kid they had sent a boy had down to go to the horse recent track. It's. RE now I know all your trial local Robin Leach out he had no I don't earlier that you're you're legit like that but. What came back in the leak. We were doing the show obviously at that time was one of those who is like. Way to last week Winnipeg what is getting a team we've YY. And follow the money. Built the new arena. That they knew that the passion was there they knew that the fan base cared I mean it's one of those cities where. It that that the love for that team never laughed even though they did. It makes all the sense so why hasn't quarterback got a team back and see you know they have a nice brand new stain then boot camp but they they missed out its point. At some point follow the money. Follow the money. In the monies in the arena. I'm happy for when a panic. I I don't know that I see them winning game seven in Nashville. But that. That's cool story. I'm happy for the caps. You know it's gonna feel like any complete on the report card if if they can't. Close a deal and they got talent to the beat you on all of etched in. Can you imagine the narrative of the etched in raising the cup for the first time in his career. Well in the four major sports. Has there been a more accomplished. Athlete. Dad has accomplished less in the post season and Alex Ovechkin away now he's the one. You know if you manage any NFL is not equivalent you tipped a Matt Ryan in Mary's. Hasn't been that long although Ryan I guess has been a stars in a way you forget it's been ten years but they get to the Super Bowl. 454 ESPN is our phone number 454. 3776. And also on Twitter at ESPN Rochester yacht and I'd like in that what. Old vets can could do this this post season you remember when Bork when the cops with. We wish Colorado amuse us like that was the the storyline that was the emotion that's what triggered everybody else to play at high island that that talent on that team with. With sakic and Forsberg and in and Patrick wine net in. But that was a win for reborn now Israel and its get ray Bork a great war brought the cup back the boss should dispel our. Com. We'll talk some more Stanley Cup playoff hockey. Team sabres hockey. Our body our hockey aficionado Matthew caller ESPN 15100 Twin Cities. So already for ESPN as well ranked. He's everywhere colors of Minnesota Vikings at his day job but he is a hockey expert so. It would be a great time due to catch up with him as we can't hit the pause button now danger on the Stanley Cup play out no games tonight. No games tomorrow. And we have to wait till Thursday an analyst at an arena is sure why but I know games tomorrow night game seven national Winnipeg Thursday night. Individual game tickets for the upcoming buffalo bills' season went on sale today. To the general public as well as group ticket sales. He seizing ticket member milestone. For the Buffalo Bills for the first time gene in franchise history. The Buffalo Bills have 50008. Season ticket members. For four. Consecutive. Seasons. Price you've. It does just because if you were. Gonna ask the trick like you were against okayed the the three years they went to the Super Bowl the following it right. The four Super Bowl years I would give them Super Bowl year or 234. And then the following season the first year they didn't make it has been the four years they got the fifty needed. They did that here here's my theory that being to want NFL's never been bigger okay is it it's everywhere sure T usually. TV ratings are down danger but on the sports landscape everything is down yes I'm sure on that. Making more money than it's ever had so going by that alone I don't say yes I'm. You in nine. We hear you we agree you know if you grow up in this area. Like I did win the bills are going you know two Super Bowls. Now we're gonna. Yeah you're in your forties got a little disposable income where used to be a treat if you went to a a bills game but in season tickets aren't investment. That is isn't not a necessity. You have disposable income people that grew walked with the team in the Kelly era now can support the team and enjoyed it team that they want. Did that that's part of it I think that you know a lot of us are getting older and the other part is yeah I it's. It's the Lyles their goal until. It's. Part of our culture here in Western New York to danger. I don't know if we'll ever get to a day like they have in Green Bay where. You have I don't know what the waiting list is something silly like you're lucky to get. Get to 125. Years basically in Green Bay or in a major market might like the giants are the jets were just cannot buy. Season tickets I don't think war effort yet dare. But that support is never. Have for a waiver. Iota thought the street would have for broke in. Last year. Last year. Have to or Rex Ryan gets fire what was the hope last year. What I sit where I sit there wasn't a lot of fan excitement for Sean McDermott I think people like Dick. But everybody was a little caught she is and everybody was trying to. All right yeah he's coming dad you are an assistant head coach are you bringing in former corner Schuerholz dome. What the lipstick on a buyer tickets now. Now it didn't go down last year. And it's been four consecutive seasons. You could argue that from a business standpoint. You're from a business standpoint. Hiring Rex Ryan the one of the best things ever happened this franchise. Just as a stand point four consecutive seasons now of 50000. Plus. Season tickets sold in the that connection is their right and that coincides with. The team making a big splash from bringing in Rex Ryan want to. It's always the criticism or may be. The critique use whatever word you wanna use when it came to Russ Brandon. Was that every year you had some semblance of hope whether it was Tom Dunn all. Parading for Drew Bledsoe. Or whether it was signing T hour here's your new head coach here's your new quarterback. Or bring in Dave Wannstedt to fix the defense every year you could say. Here is our off season moles buy your tickets now. That was always a criticism during the Russ Brandon but but the bills use it to their advantage. There was always a little bit at all that this would be the year things we got to turn around. And it's funny to me where you really didn't have that sort of marketing angle last year surely didn't put me on the during non. On the TV commercials and everything but it wasn't. I don't think it was oversold last year danger and yet they broke the string seventeen years. Yeah. They should apologize for making and the plans but let's face it they made in the playoffs by the me you know a miracle. I'm curious. If your season ticket holder. I'm curious if you're not a season ticket holder I'm curious if your season ticket holder. Having now lived through the drought. We won't have to happen for you to say me enough is enough 'cause we we all have a a guy or friend or somebody that we know. That got so frustrated with this team at some point that the agency you know extra amount I'm canceling my season tickets out. We work with at least one of those guys here I mean that the that the frustration. And and and the commitment of going to these games. And watching them lose. And topic the playoffs year after year after year got to be too much in a lot of people just tapped out. That happened over the course of the seventeen years and I'm curious what if if you were one of those people what was it that made you cancel those season tickets. Or what would make you cancel those season tickets. Moving forward and what what would have to happen because. I mean is easy is it. Being sold open then having the team finish. With the worst record in the league easy Cleveland Browns type of collapse that would make you canceling your season tickets. Whereas certain nothing is certain but the should be nothing nothing there is nothing that would make me camp might bills' season ticket. Some. It's funny to me if you consume a lot of sports talk and I do. It's funny how some people not every season ticket holders like this. But when they identify themselves on the call in or radio show hey it's it's jolt from Rochester. Bill I'd get a bill season ticket holder since 1978. Bone. Gives you that little more of an investment little more slice in something. The bills you know they've they've songs they get their money let's be honest they were they really don't care for some people. Dexter shows that I am making this investment in this team the home planting my flak. Those people will never canceled after. You it would take a lot. The biggest season ticket holder to camp. Out in any sport. An early man down in Florida where Derek Jeter wouldn't take the meeting with them and wrote to Jack in it wouldn't take it while. Man why don't Merlin man cancel. As in like the management acting management. Would be the one thing that would get meet. Hansel. And I could see somebody saying clef. These guys are a bunch of clowns. Randy and Wei Lee leaks I can run a business myself these guys don't know how to run a business to me the on the field stuff that's there's a lot of she and a lot of bounces that could go against you there's injuries. But if you run your business. Pour league that's what it would it got media cancel a filer a season ticket holder just like up Marlon and canceled with the Marlins like the fireman Ed did. Yeah firemen that that's another good example if he didn't like the direction the jets are going. I've had. Enough because a by the manager I I would do and people know people can smell good management they can smell bad. I think so did where the Buffalo Bills. Where the goal is blocked a teen Ron well. Not comparing him ansari a meaning you know this you straighten it out you figured out. And you hire good people and I wanna say right now and I don't think many people will argue with me down that's. That the Buffalo Bills that brain and being called the shots they seem to be wrong unlike a real NFL team and now. The organization itself mean your your coming off the heels of president getting fired for personal conduct not fired rather be resigning amidst allegations. Of personal misconduct in the workplace mean. Does anybody cancel their tickets only and that's that they I don't I don't think sell out if there is anything the the subtraction of Ross Greta might be more people Billick yeah. Now we're getting somewhere I don't know I I guess sudden I'm curious OK so if if if you're telling me gene that they that. Management is the thing that is going to keep you invested in a team is a season ticket holder and belief. In the leadership. In the front office. And what would make you. As a non season ticket holder. Become a season ticket holder because if they've got 50000 plus season tickets sold for four consecutive years. Well I got to imagine that the goal is at some point to get you know to 60000. For four consecutive year. A player who's gonna do that what does number for stamina shall we said number seventy. If number seventeen. Is every thing the bills traded up four. And shows sides I don't need him to have lead the team to a winning season but if you see something. You wanna gain on the ground floor. You watch now go to sixty some thousand next years who is next you're danger if if a kid comes out. Get some wraps during the season may be leads the bills to an exciting win here or there. That's X height. Passions. X. People want to believe they wanna bowl. And even so the season ended abruptly in the playoffs. The way the regular season and additional momentum their Carrey into this season in terms of the hole that we all buy into at the start of any. New NFL season with your team right I mean. In the way that the bills ended their season on a high note winning in Miami that the Kyle Williams touchdown. The locker room scene and indeed the miraculous. Andy Dalton touchdown pass against Baltimore that that sealed. The bills' playoff fates. There's enough momentum there aren't enough. The momentum there to give you hope going into this season right regardless of what. This roster might look like on paper regardless of what to egghead CDS he had who breakdown of the numbers might reject as far as their win loss total for 28 team. You're still buying you're still believing it. Regardless of whether or not you believe in Josh Allen. And the direction that they will with a draft this year. A lot of people critical of the Buffalo Bills done. You still lying. Also what he's making it easier to buy season tickets is the resale. So it's something you've teed not hang out back in the day of the suitable and I'll tell what's gonna happen danger. Is the fact that season ticket horrible holders can buy additional seats. If you wanna just buy single tickets to opening day you're gonna have to do wooden secondary market that's a fact. Just like last year. If I I would not. Suspect the Buffalo Bills will have the availability for YouTube by individual tickets for opening back. I could be wrong. Well congratulations in order for the a goalless. I think that. You know his owners they came in they saved this team they prevented this team from from leaving. Western New York. And today the milestone of of four consecutive seasons. Of 50000. Plus. Season ticket holders. Pretty get. Pretty good guy and I've just it's fascinating to me is somebody who isn't a season ticket holders I in fact I have a hard time believing that I would ever. And you know living here is these different than if I lived in say Chicago. I was in Chicago what I buy season tickets. To the bears are to the Blackhawks if you could if you had the means. Game in the means meaning. Not necessarily money just like the desire to do so I don't know what it would take for me to do it. Ian but have you ever bought season tickets then it never OK I bought season tickets twice. Once the first of the night hawks and your monthly team works quite well at the time there rating box it was a good deal. And weights and a good time. Whining that renewal. Because the nine hot ticket office run by Steve Donner at that time screwed up my war. Great so that's why didn't knew it was good customer service issue the other time was it in this is apply. Syracuse football. Back in all three were Brady Quinn. It was notre Dame's quarterback you know my dad being huge Notre Dame to and we bought season tickets -- that was the only way VT Notre Dame that Syracuse was to buy season tickets well. For or why not. Let's splurge we did it. Had a great time. But did not regular season tickets the following year. But what happens when you buy season tickets as you can imagine danger you'll really invested. In it all yeah. I never being the so much is Syracuse football at what well Syracuse temples all fired up for their case co Ed Norton back then. Heard yet turn a corner right now could papers but still back in all three yeah it was that sort of football back. So. Yes. It's fun of these season ticket. But it's it is a commitment both time wise. And financially out. Talk more buffalo bills' next south of watching our sister station WGR buffalo bills' sideline bills radio sideline reporter also. Could join us next in the sports bar stuck more both of those talks and Josh Allen. We got Kenya border in for a visit to our. And none the on the rookies are in town so what should we expect this week and as far as all the street guys it is not too soon to start important to gather those depth charts in your mind. Like last year with the big name the pop up was an arbor. While wonder cells says eight keep an eye and this this player that player some names is now we're still mullah couple months away from Fisher but is time to start looking ahead. To how to build sheet this roster agencies such as much your joining us next in the sports partying germ tag glee on ESPN Rochester. Voice of The Beatles John Murphy can bills wallet Famer Steve tasker gives you all the latest news from one. Exclusive interviews. Each yeah. FL analysis Murphy and task are taking wins the lottery and down on the sideline to keep you want to meet with. Hill's right here he knew this three solo home on the Buffalo Bills in 1980 and 95 cents and thus affords leader ESPN Rochester. We NFL NHL Major League Baseball NBA and NCAA your home for life support system yet ninety DN 957. Advantage. Sports leader ESPN Rochester. Welcome back the sports bar with danger and integrity. Ducks in Buffalo Bills. The sister station WGR buffalo suck podshow bills radio sideline reporter joining us out we were just seven discussion. About bill's season ticket holders 50000 plus season ticket holders for four consecutive seasons quite the feather in the cap of gaullist sports and entertainment. And that considering. You're coming off of the seventeen year playoff drought what's. Would have to happen. As a bill season ticket holder for you to say you know what enough is enough I'm I'm not moving forward with with this with this season ticket package with a Steve. I'm not sure really what can happen because I think they've bottomed out so to speak more than once it during his seventeen year playoff throughout the suspended last year and people still kept coming back right so. I mean I I would only compared to like the sabres in the papers did have that going on this year but now suddenly. They win the draft lottery they're gonna track restless Colleen and all of a sudden every like it was gonna give my ticket I'm not now. I think it would have to get to a point where not only are they. Only winning I noticed sabres have been in the bottom feeder pretty much of the league last year built Abbott even when they were not make the playoffs. They are winning 789 game maybe even a few years so. I think you have to be really near the bottom of the league in not have any. And then I like to know who's the quarterback while you have got it really is not good you paid in the you'd contract you're seeking help from Matt at a apt to be really. Come real. A bunch of event that once they're ethical and that otherwise I'd just go see it happening but Arenas going. Any time in ten countries see them. That people get together to go to built it and go until. That means something the people into remember you know it's not like baseball. 81 home games are now like hockey. 41 you know eat you have only eighteen and the preceding games a year. And it's very very valuable to people especially that city like buffalo where you know we're not New York or Chicago or LA went all the other things going. Telkom pot shield WGR bill sideline reporter good enough to give us a few minutes I can't believe we haven't. Talk to you since the draft. Give us Zach and the state of lower bills fans are buffalo right now when it comes. To Josh Allen and move we we talked about the funny we talked about how I think you used the phrase poisoning the waters but. At the water's clear here are our people start to come around and realize all right and you your wit this guy that lets see what happens here. Yet for some people as for others it hasn't. You know you are elected I would there are people it is that they're obviously you look at it by. You guys know what I said before and then basically came to fruition which is I thought they there was just this really unfair. Criticism going on got Alan around the draft and the community in distressed sub culture on Twitter or other social media or other places because someone. You might like says something about them and no they knew that job that it spreads like wildfire what happened was people didn't wanna see they diagnosed it was what was the why like this. I'd be the lone voice because and you kind of you Alec immediately you don't wanna be that person so he just jumped on by. As I told the leaders there are a lot to like about doctor Alan and I. I look at a point where I've going into the draft pick. After awhile almost. It's one of those rare cases very rare Israel off the it's very rare case were almost of the allow every it is he offered him because it was just so bad even though. It is so proud of around in Wyoming but of course there are things you can look at you know some things I've broke alma open but there was there's. Real uprising of people did not want this guy a lot of people. Have come around July. Because that's what you do what you see somebody and you say he's my guy and now I'm gonna support him or is it people now assure you why maybe. Carter and there that indicated an optimism and a factor Stephen you wanna believing that he can be good OP be good. I think that's a wider happening at the end of the day and that's where a lot of people like. There is talent there you see it on filming you see with the arms strength and ultimately. You know beating McDermott got their guy they wind up in the H shows him that was the guy that they wanted at that spot and now. Both of their successes are going to be tied to disguise so you don't even if he he only sees the field for a few games in in 2018 mean moving forward. And their goal is gonna be to build this team around Josh Allen his strengths get him weapons and they make sure he's got every. Possible scenario laid out where he can be successful because let's face it their success is tied to his success. Yes no doubt it looks sort of him being either eight out awful or eight in the Caribbean. You know incredible. This year just down as the starter week one and whatever happens when he and that sort of interesting is. If you look at some of you know sports betting web site and things like that he actually has the most highest. I'm all over under you know dean of any quarterback here and capital actually are this year though lot of people think he will be the starting quarterback at some point and they'll be for the majority of the actually I don't know that the case what I don't think is the bills are gonna think the belt and ordered state. Where comic effect at all a year or day we really wanted to win the starting job. I think there's been a lot of the Arctic he regards the best in gonna win now he's going to be number three going into camp as freedom mean told us under beauty artist last week. Because made it into the care of our experiences they've seen more of their deeper into the playbook are a little bit here. And you know Josh Allen and here in new after earn everything yet but. I wouldn't be shocked if you wondered how we ordered. That might be because he looks really good or because that you were there any particular bill went beyond that I Barkley right with those guys don't think that's going to be. So I don't know honestly doubt. I think the that he. You know was going hugest what happened await what happened actually organically. See him not being starting quarterback. We wanna in nineteen and then you're absolutely right they're gonna they're gonna hear everything not over the next year to try to start doing what they camps to build around the strike. And Sally you've coached it in and just curious to get your thoughts on this. Generally. Speaking we've seen instances like Jack Carson Palmer sitting a full year behind Jon Kitna. And then we seen countless other quarterbacks go in there date water and produce in some struggle. Well what's the better approach would you say. Well look at that about about coaching and more I think it it. You know I mean. You always want it much he's an issue what you wanna really picture someone's ready before you throw them notables so to speak I believe and a lot of that but I mean there's there's some value. Certainly it's gonna make that person to a lot of people can handle it. A lot earlier on it and on the scene you have around you it would environment you're putting that person and more than any. Neat thing. It's just the way the economics work of the game this net nowadays guys you have to play earlier he just after I mean you're you're giving these guys big contracts in Korea it. There rookie except helped tremendously. But the point issue wanna get these people on the field. As early as possible because you liked it image of the most salary paying them where you can actually then go out and really both your roster around that person look at Russell Wilson what they did in Seattle for three years it would add the pain and I would say don't. And now they're not the quick it's been seen. This is what pat what's happening probably a lot of young quarterback Carson went in that. They were able to pay two quarterbacks in Philadelphia because of the rookie wage scale in the eighth person went to help them when possible because they can spend. All were on the roster so the reality is the economics is. You have to put these guys on the field sooner than what you normally might want to as a coach and a top of that book and it's a win now lead you. If you stick around and wait. You know who drafted him you might not be there when he finally played so perk for their own best interest rate and be that selfish for any idea ministry credit culture like. I got to play that guy I don't than what might wanna bet. He's gonna be Richard quarterback that we don't plan and we those umpire before even play. Seller read your piece on ESP in Rochester dot com I'm Brian table having a specific plan for Josh Allen should the bills draft him and it was comforting in that. It gives the impression that table is a guy that is going to work around. A quarterback's strengths and weaknesses rather than. Try to put a square peg round hole and you must play in my system what do you know about the new bills offensive coordinator and specifically what do we know about. His plan. T utilized Josh Allen in the future. What we don't know any about what the plan is but I will say what you your first part of that is correct it every single person I talked to. Whether that Scott Chandler who played for him right gable and able in New England at the site and coach. Or Robert Royal playing Cleveland when he was the opposite or Nader. Or anybody from the Belichick tree that we've heard about and talk about right able everybody says in being witches. He's the kind of guy that will try to take advantage of what he has against each individual poet so. It's not just about well this is Lamar Geithner as well some of the built around really about what you not to. Well like it image you know I think that's really where is foundation come from and that's really got I think it's. Good coaches do but what we do know about in this sport stint as offensive coordinator earnestly. Two and Cleveland and won Miami wanna in this city it was a very very run heavy coach and that doesn't. You know how great for bills into. Haven't seen it seemed really that there can throw the ball that much but you really dig into you wonder if say maybe it was more rock heavy because of those quarterbacks mean bad I'm not kidding you when I say. Think Brady Quinn might have been his best quarter one point you know that he's worked with a credit Mac castle -- year. You know in Kansas City but they had they had nothing. IKEA had nothing to work with. At quarterback Garrett understanding Catholic that are like that is back. It's got a bright people so I'm Stan now reported in Alabama last. EST don't hurt you know they go to the speed and the good initiative to gain they can't suitable Obama first after the national Egypt against Georgia. What do they do statement puts to lion quarterback in the entire offense. Higher office changed. The second half an Alabama Georgia game and I think that at least. To get built in and optimism and hope that bright able if they look I have this guy. Does this well emerging I don't have to Clijsters I think that's what the best cook you as you know is to play to what your strength is end to what people as we are. So the pot GO WGR also bills' sideline reporter I joining us here is other rookies in town now. Self correct me if I'm wrong you're gonna you not to see these rookies on the field until. Until Friday but but set us up for this week Gary how much of the playbook if anything do the due date get here. What should bills fans expect here are from one bills drive this coming Friday. They're gonna get a little thing in other in an active records it and not play in the Sean McDermott is going to know he is very much about process as you know very methodical approach to Iraq just gonna draw the white look at these guys and you'll have a memorize every single piece that they're gonna put in a little bit at a time. The rookie of the until Friday and Saturday that he sent mortgage at all this Friday weevil fielder. Get there on Saturday in a media availability in a postseason throwing from Josh Allen and you know there are select. First you're guys there's also I don't know immediately impediment there I doubt it they might you know. It just they'll probably have another quarterback in. At some point this week to try and be a part of that whether we can't rep the regional work out and got killed armed as a all of it and make every single stroke during practice was. I'm guilty to basically just. These guys get acclimated you can run around to look out athletic they are. Things like that they're not going to be put it this means and are game planning obviously for the Baltimore ravens' opening we get or anything like that but at least we'll get it shouldn't this be a little bit of got Shalit are strengthened. You know touch on the ball that this is what work of any of that that we think as improved from what we've steamed from is wildly to. Cell since we haven't had a chance to talk to since before the draft I'm curious as some of the late round pick ups by the Buffalo Bills and undrafted free agents. They have joined the team eight Fannie these guys Kutcher IA if any of these guys. Give you a reason to feel optimistic that they could actually make the final 52. Well. First of all we don't know all excellent correct read it yet you know really amber you know the other people have reported and he understands players that made static. On the status Randall awestruck at Alabama and guided should be should add the speed. To be wide receiver corps that is the one thing I think you're really missing right now speed especially on the outside possible if you committed helped him post what are from Virginia act. I would that was highly productive at Virginia Tech I think. He could be a guy coming here and I agree the wide receivers are wide open guys you could your rookie appear under the region and and I got a roster. I think it you have an opportunity. To make the roster at the wide receiver spot because that's out there and that spot is now you look at the middle ground in that like white collar white I was drafted if Albert. I see him that gonna make if he treatment roster but he probably won't. Asparagus starter but he might east wing you know depending what happens Ryan or equally dark. Metallica kinda guy that you dress on Sunday because you'll be able to help you somewhere in there but not necessary rate away from we want. He's got versatility like tackle in college you played our it was actually the sensitive but straight he spent about offensive player of the year crisscrossed Asia high school and defensive linemen and switched over office after his burst your college. For spring practice in college and many arms rate went from tackle guard fighting that the kind of versatility like an attitude that ray ray McLeod died stock about the like you curse. Not only can he play wide receiver he's got he's got excellent and from what everybody as. It also could return so you don't you might be able to make it Russert just based on the is return ability ticket on. Sally you mention the return game Kenji martyr I've taking a visit with the bills today and I'm also curious as to what kind of flexibility the bills have in terms of maybe adding. A wide receiver that might still be available out there in Ely Rogers or a larger react and a veteran wide receiver that could be at the mixed you see that happening given the bills. Current roster make up the cap situation. I do. I don't know what happened right away Italy currently constructed. What generally happens they Pashtun burst in and are being cut probably. Remember last year here in the back there Acker they were available later in the summer I think those kind of things you look at oak tree or an account that. We just. By Jeremy currently we don't know the situation with their right but wait maybe that's something you revisit that he's willing to take a lower one year deal or something like that you wouldn't that we help. This wide receiver court that is exactly about the app I was actually just doing a little bit odd that what you called me one ear and out in here's what I out. They right now are about 93. Million dollars. Are under the cap and delicate space but pretty gut making retreat where everybody sighed or with everybody on the roster and the guys from the rock right now. They have to buy their rookies and other big rookie pool what happens as it expands a now. At what they called a top 51 rule in the arms in the offseason top 51 rule means even though you have ninety died Barry. Only the top if you want calorie counting of the salary cap after that a thing. So let's say these are gosh Alan do is 3.5 million dollars salary cap this year. Yet reflect badly on the cap but he actually you're gonna bump off a guy if he won count 500000 beat lately coming reeling from the ethnic. Because you have to replace that number like all the Mac guys in the way keep up with it was. One after all the rookies or aren't they should have over fourteen million dollar in cap space remaining in the offseason which deport them on a lot of room that they wanted to add. But he drew reader you portray. Fourteen million Sally is that use it or lose it or would they have the option to roll that over and between nineteen. You always had the option to roll over but look they're not gonna they're not gonna use all fourteen million I think are great but observers say this way. They'll keep money for next year but some airport in noted YouTube remember that it be injury or a guys are gonna go on IR injury settlement. You know brought the priest he went public back and you're gonna have guy you trade in common Benjamin comes in later Lester get their caliber yeah happy is now relaxed almost. That app though. Let's just say by the end of XP and it's coming he's been there at nine or ten million dollars remaining cap space that money it's all over between nineteen years I think guys. Build and a great caps situations when he nineteen out of right now depending on who you look at where you look at all of that I'll say. Ever paid they're about. They've gotten and billion dollars available cap space next year you roll another ten million over the top hundred million dollar. Mark. Salads are bought you mentioned two words that that triggered something in my brain injury settlement and then I remember seeing pictures of it. They slander Eric Wood to Kentucky during this weekend anything new on the Kirkwood situation with belts. No other than I am. Waiting until you burst you do something you would generally what happened there's radio pool and he BA basically want to guy what you get Pashtun first to view. Release a guy but I'm a retired list something like that and you can read his captive for two years I think the bill might be waiting to do that but there also a lot of questions about. Is dom. It is signing bonus how much you can keep what guaranteed so there might be I don't know that I'm guessing or something which you burst what impact all of that. We don't you know first in the world that goes out of built all of well. They do have the option of carrying Eric Wood on their roster all year next year. Taking his salary cap in and basically having almost no it I would say the following so maybe that's something they're doing I don't really know. And then he yelled but I think a lot of it have to do with what I was told the appropriation that that's why everything. Kind of went you know what with ethical situation because they want him to get an audit these do the same time it's a football injuries to their medical involved. We don't know the answer to the question in the act just ass but I would write you burst sometime after that maybe it's some sort. So could not GO WGR. And bill sideline reporter joining us here in the sports are 957 ESP at. Sell any of the or a year we're talking about it. A linebacker. The bottle bill to raise so much talk about Alan let's talk a little bit about Jermaine and it's we haven't talked at all about Jermaine and it's. Two main advance selected number sixteen overall by the Buffalo Bills. Just the physical specimens out. How did the call to ease the Sean McDermott. Offense what is going Beagle learning curve for him at the Mike position. Shouldn't be really all the typical guy I think the only thing that we difficult is that they decide to have simply different spots around they can't bitch SP. If he can play off the ball. He can play on the ball at the edge if they really wanted to do it partly that ended but you don't need to go cover people all that kind of stuff is gonna have to learn all that. More than anything I think you put it right in the middle at the Mike linebacker spot. And then you just let go make played super long athletic and he just turned twenty years Ole. He's 65 to fifty. I mean that he couldn't write this kid has way more growing even view into his body probably don't even taller Burnett expired and and and muscle mass. On east super athletic right now he has great bloodlines is. Robert place listing on the brother got trapped in the first Robert Mueller that are mobile or with the Miami Dolphins are hated it go off the rivalry. This kid is Smart he's athletic and he stepped right in and here's the best part about it your bills. You're gonna put them behind. Are totally Kyle Williams I curse until they drafted and I think the that thing could happen as. He's gonna be kept clean you know actually you got some blockers and they're let him trying to. Move around aside aside I think that's only really one I gonna actually recovered due to current thing. But a lash you put on his plate and getting the better he's going to be a lot faster than you don't want bank an and the department. Always overlooked by Pete electorate by people because. On the back you know I coach urban around young athlete I understand how these things work and I see how the professional game if we get acclimated here's the thing people don't talk about this now. Think about this is that one year old kid going to be thrown into a professional setting. With the men at Allstate liberalized it quietly go now and things like that. I mean you know football one thing that kept his head is gonna be spinning in life in order merely how much more you really wanna put on his football weight when his own. You know maturity and growing up off the field is going to be impacted simply by the transition and it but he one year old coming into the. That's the thing that that the one red flag that I thought is I it's encouraging that he's this. Athletic and this young but I guess not knowing that that the individual you know what kind of leadership does he have because you let's face when Kyle Williams. Eventually hangs it up who's the who's the leader on the defensive side of the ball I think eventually got to look at Edmund says is that guy. Well he will be that I think the one guy came really easily about it Lorenzo Alexander. When he gets in that locker room weren't about energy is that you know I think take him under his wing so to speak and really Kokomo along the way for for all those things what. Member hosting the disposable bloodlines and as a kid comes into this week already understanding. The way the professional football work because professional football in which he was born into it. It would have been adamant that rather distracted him and his other brother extracted if you're to restore or so daddy played at some. He played at Miami with the dolphins obviously. And from 8892 against Bruce Smith College years. What is that song which is remains rather go to Virginia Tech. And person that started as a APEC to become roommates actually. And then there relate and then appear later remain distracted by the awful built up its act kind of like come full circle there was that bill opens rival. So a pot GO joining us here in the sports are 957 ESPN is self. The report mini camp this weekend always appreciate your time especially on this beautiful spring day we've been waiting so long for your Western New York. And really really long time and so that we need more these days Gallagher reports of guys that you BA. On all these and it and it facts got talent they'll keep everybody updated on what we see on Friday out there looking minute. Good stuff of the working doing cell appreciate your time is always a touch again real soon. Gotta have a great afternoon itself a pot you WGR. Buffalo Bills radio sideline reporter joining us here in the sports part danger of attack list had to get that Edmonds question in danger because to me. We've been so focused and out and as we should be but. The stats that player that can transform this whole defense it was pretty cool last year but. Preston brown was just kind of guy. You weren't an opposing. Offensive coordinator concerned about Preston brown ran right up the gut. If that means he's what the bill steam heat can be that ease exciting to me. Age you look at his size in his speed. There's a couple play her secure gonna wanna see out of this year this year in addition Allen and means he's the guy wants it. No question if you missed any of that conversation was sucked pot she'll live before you on him actually the all new. ESPN Rochester. Dot com Gino altering to that on the way next yes or mop provocative thoughts. NASCAR doesn't know the number one rule business. Explains. We're about accountability here in the sports bar. Gene and you know how I feel as if if I win I'm gonna. I'm reporter Carlo that's us. Yeah been up what many knocking Brad carrier well let me know Stanley Cup bracket on the wall of excellence with my name on it this season teen you're still in the in the hunt I believe. We'll get into that more next in sports bar. Danger and protect Leah ESPN Rochester. I'm super fans sports junkie. You're an expert. Access to them. Let's say yes yeah. ESPN Rochester dot com freely join us. From an EN 950 and 957 at MS forcefully. The sports leader and listen lives when he Forsett. Probably his bills receivers you earlier this sports bar when children exactly. Stories opinions in the context he'd only. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester who. Yeah.