The Sports Bar- Ian Rapoport's Ian Rapoport joins Danger and Battaglia as he shares a national perspective on the Buffalo Bills along with his beliefs on how the Bills should fare this year!


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Welcome back to the sports bar danger of the tag glee it's bills camp live on am 950 and 957 FM. ESPN Rochester you never know who your running to hear buffalo bills' training camp and a guy who just broke this story a few minutes ago. About our Buffalo Bills joining us here in the sports bar welcoming and Ian Rapoport how are you today Ian. This is kind of cool I feel like coming out of Michael Allen. Species sports bars is nice what it really got to see guys know we got couches here it's relax I got my feet up on the Ottoman thing here got fans we get to drink any thing which is in full load have been nice before we start. Yeah pad and we don't have any manners here we had the mess around I mean you know if you're in Rochester this is where we want you know we want people coming feel comfortable giving a little hospice. Italian and go sample hood. The dinner variety in a little bit taken and I hit a drive to Cleveland after this go get some hot or whatever take him in the cause minutes them get garbage plate. Wow settle down okay if yours are talking garbage plates on the show you know what they want anywhere recommendations and I mean you you got to go to the originally gonna go to Nick's house on main street if you want the true garbage as the original it everything else is an imitation of that. They own the license for the garbage plate Sidney Thomas of dollars' yeah that's near here itself on main street downtown last year at thirteen minutes now. I'm an but I away Cleveland right here yes I think the expressway. It off of one of those downtown exits it up main street that's exactly what I'm and a relevant. In rep sports for the transfer scar yeah you make sure you tweet that out to steer millions of follow well hello America to know just to give Rochester because that's what we wanna be known for has always evident when one watches are garbage of flight the plane training camp home to the Buffalo Bills Ian what is your perspective on the state of Buffalo Bills here and when he seventeen. Well it's much different than he used to be I know that I mean me coming hearing you hear some loud proclamation in. It was surely one of the more looser places it was always a good thing experience and like. This training camp setting has always been really good I know I mean I've I come here every year I make sure I come here every year I really like it up here. That this is definitely different to a quieter a little more disciplined. Practice is really get just you know really good intense. Fast. Organized. You know and that's sort of kind of what you getting that we talked to Terry to cool the owner before any guys did to him. He was an exciting he wasn't ration was uninteresting he talked about earning respect and it was kind of a perfect way to sum up what's going on here you know like it's definitely the vibe is definitely different from. From what was. Yeah I I feel like. And some of the plays we've talked and you know I think we talked to players that have been around the leader of been through multiple training camps. They all kind of see it is same thing they they say things like you know that's it's pretty much same wherever you go. But I love talking to guys like you guys got like the guys from NFL radio that that that do travel all the different tape training camps because. There there are subtleties in differences it eat each camp that you go to weather beat temple energy attitude five you can kind of sense it what do you sense. At this camp verses other camps throughout the league that you visited him. Well. You know it in this is inching one for me because so much is new like. It's personnel. Coaching staff a lot of players are new I think there's no lot talent here I really do. But you know the buttoned up approach is really what would stand which stands out to me. You know. I spent some time which John McDermott he's very quiet it's very different from hanging out with a Rex Ryan that your but you know lock on piers. He has always been someone for me who's kind of been on my radar is nothing coming coach. Innocent people close with him and of people worked with them they all thought he'd be very good. Head coach coming up it's just nice to kind of see what it's like and what's it look you know like in. If he is not a successful head coach I'll be surprised based on what I know about him as preparation now parties were to get here. And what he brought here so I don't know that answer your question but it as far as like what I see at Tennessee all manner it's self on the field. In this league where it's so hard to winning games and you're in implementing a new defense and a new offense new this he knew that she bills fans valve back expectations here. You know I don't know what the expectations are but to me I mean this is a roster that. You know obviously changed other head coach ever sort of looks back on the 2016 seed heads of the bills were bad they really weren't that. They were not great but there was some moments and obviously this year this is Tina looks like a playoff team. And the other dolphins went obviously could have been the bills. To me the expectation should be. Compete for a playoff spot you know I don't it's gonna happen. But yes they never once talked about the quarterback is he good enough for starter looked to me. Tyrod Taylor's a guy who can take you to the plant he is a quarterback that is good enough to be a playoff caliber quarterback. We actually get there when they have a chance in December to do it will they have really do it I don't know. But they have the tools to be there. Yeah I I've always believe that the secret to happiness in life if your fan is management of expectations right in the expectations are a few per. There's a little bit of a playoff drought with the Buffalo Bills Garrard out of debt and so seventeen years and and you don't think it's fair to to continue to harp on the drought. Because a lot of guys that are here in fact most of the guys that are here at nothing to do with it right right so but but but you've got a fan base that the expectation is. We want the playoffs. I think a more realistic expectation for this year and in you tell me if you see it if you think you you'll see this issue with this buffalo bills' team is. You have a team that does beat themselves because of the collateral losses last year. Came from a team that wasn't disciplined. Mistake so yeah coaching staff in the in the personnel. Leon in and you know ten men on the field that you got points like this make you tear your hair out. You know that's a thing like I don't know what to those records and me right nobody knows but. I don't think this is team that is going to be like that this is team that you might beat them like a bunch of teams might beat them but your gonna have to earn it. You know it's the same way it is in in Carolina obviously Carolina did have a great season last year had a great season here before either way that we put the Panthers you are gonna earn. You're gonna go out there and you have to really be have to out hit them yet to make more plays are gonna give you anything and sometimes they lose but that's what it's like. And if that it is that this team you know then to me that's okay they might not be great I think the roster still a little bit elated on great cap shape. You know those sorts of things ever money allocated in kind of odd places a little bit. Could use some gaps certainly. You know this is team hopefully that. It's just gonna go out and battle in and however many games wins it wins in you know I think the fan base. Will appreciate this they may not go to the collapse and they operate with this two ring. Let's say I was told your babies like today have to practice and this is a fan base as so starving. Fourteen then can my respect and like. To watch. That I think it will respond well to this team. In now one player I find interesting on this team is Sammy walk in area what did you think of the decision for the bills not to pick up that if you're option in. You know what are you hearing about Sammy because two years ago he was as good as anybody down the stretch them last you're obviously a loss season. I understand if from business sense I really do I was slightly surprised. But I understand from a business sense because. You know a few years and still when you make the decision and to make decisions spring C still nervous about the foot. And it's really do I want injury guaranteed this or not. That's said it was the best thing that could ever happen Sammy Watkins is a absolute unbelievable gift. He's now suddenly the contractor he's a dynamic receiver who has the talent to be one of the best in football. Who was basically got a year off his contract you're close to free agency is best case scenario is. He's great command he looks really good here he can stay healthy and he really looks good. So best case scenario is he makes that those pay a lot of money and then the franchising him and they end up. You know franchising and that. You know sixteen million or whatever instead of whatever the figure option would be you know and take a little bit of a hit but that's the best case scenario because. You know this a player obviously you guys know they invested a lot of and the outcome is him being so good to have a contract on the like that would be fine. Absolutely NFL network's Ian Rapoport our guest here in the sports bar with danger and tightly its bills camp live from Saint John future college. He and one of the the stars of camp so far has been Shaq loss and we are actually sounds like kind of surprised that he became clouded said he looked. I'm I'm looking better this year because I'm actually in the system where I'm comfortable playing and and you know you you see eighty cover all the NFL teams you've used up the coaches all the time. I am how how common is that for for coach. To draft the player pool like a Shek lost so you know what we're just because he's such a great athlete we're just gonna wake you may get to this system even though it's not a system he's familiar you know. It's it's not common. And you know I guess I get a he's very talented so I understand. Yeah the bill saying you know what we can't we can't pass on this guy but you know this is definitely not the wrecks one and I'm sure when it can it. You know the creditor blame but this is definitely got the Rex wanted. But it certainly does show that disconnect that existed between coaching staff the personnel staff and and what. You know they were looking for is a football team because it didn't make sense to draft him with that system. It makes a lot of sense to draft him with this system and he's sounds like he's going to be a very very good player. And and you know now the other Reggie rag on probably not as good and but you know you have a first runners are great for the cigarette is not a good fit I. And I think that's something to. Figure out yeah we've we've heard speculation that they might booked on loan Reggie brag that it would you have any market value at this point in the season are you just keep a woman you know you have. No I mean. The great athlete really good college player coming up major surgery yes but cost controlled for. For three years like yeah. I you know I could just I could certainly see him having some value now. Teams are generally in the you know. They'll really love giving away good football players so the value would have to be really good. But maybe it's. Ian Rapoport NFL network joining us in the sports bar bills camp live from saint John Fisher College let's talk about the news that you broke earlier this afternoon right for bills camp. The signing of Taiwan Jones is some more about depth. And for special teams today you know just another body that to fill up the ninety man roster we actually think Taiwan Jones. You know could be some depth and some needed depth at running to actually be worried and running back position with Taiwan Jones being added on. Noll. And I don't know how much actual running back he's gonna play more of a kick returner. He's a great specialty yeah and he is a core specialty Marie and like it's not very exciting no nobody is it who send a special team or like there's no parties thrown. Put these are the guys that it is is about roster depth and like you know is he gonna compete in the backfield maybe. But you bring that you're so weird too because like there's going to be someone who flash in a pre season game who's gonna have a long run have a great game and you'll be like whose second. This is what happens the running back position I mean I'll start initiating court in the field today. We're talking about you know he's the Hokies to prepare himself Jared Foster of the different stats and and like. And Foster was undrafted that's what have records at the running back position and they'll be someone. Who you hadn't thought about it contributes there I I you know it's going to be talent and I don't know but I think special teams must be really helpful. Does that make sense to invest heavily in the running back position because I feel like you see a lot is there are teams that will invest. A lot of money in net stud premium running back but there are a lot of teams will find guys off the street. And they will just have productive seasons as well I mean that you know there are two schools of thought there you see one school over what overtaking the other school of thought there. Yeah I mean you you can pay the running back position but it better be better have a game changer like. You know how much shame whoever I would say is worth whatever you pack a lot he's worth a lot he's no one of the dynamic weapons in the game. He's that means he's the best thing that makes it go right so how much is he worth. Whatever he asked for beta meant him you know but there are other running backs. You know the value was the same as it is for an undrafted guy in this system. You know they've taken a lot of random dudes and made them into very good for after running backs so. You know it makes sense to pay them if they are worth it and there's not a problem but there there's some legitimate cores one. It before we let you go I just wanna ask you a story that kind of came across today down in Baltimore where. We live in a world now where there ravens put out a press release where they include his double negative that the owner has not told us we can not sign calling calf and it. I mean is this guy just so toxic no team is gonna take a chance on him or will we seek common cavern in the league. You know I hope we seemingly and I don't even understand why he would be toxic and I was having this conversation with so the other day like. You know everyone gets a chance of second life right Michael Vick went to jail. He. Change for the better serve repaid his debt to society at the play football again same thing with Donte' Stallworth. Since they would want to belittle these are guys who did bad things were convicted of them serve their time. Got a second chance to go to sleep well. What does Colin cavern that need to be remorseful for what does he need to be rehabilitated from. What did he didn't. You know and that's. Now I always sit where would any of SP if we didn't have a second chance that I don't even know what he deserves a second chance right or right you know like he is a I don't agree with him. With these protests I don't agree I very much agree that is the right to do it and I'm glad that he believes it and he did it. Because in like he should set for what you believe him and you know him sort of being punished for. It's frustrating to me because he deserves a right to play football I don't know what he has to atone for. NFL network's Ian Rapoport our guests and as we're talking to on his phone is going crazy so we know you're very busy man and appreciate you giving us. A few moments you Tom are you here bills can. Predict I was getting nickel got John new way to Cleveland safe travels take you for your time in and I enjoy the rest of pure training camp but towards a tree to be busy. A for the next few weeks thank you guys enjoyed Ian Rapoport our guest here in the sports bar with danger to tightly.