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Today in The Sports Bar, we discuss the potential of Pegula Sports and Entertainment purchasing the Rochester Knighthawks with Jack Goods who covers the Buffalo Bandits (owned by PSE) for the Buffalo News.

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Eight and 915957. At fifth main streaming online at ESPN Rochester dot com can be ESPN's Rochester around the sports leader ESPN Rochester. But the fact of the sports bar danger and tackling on ESPN Rochester spent some time this week. Now that the lacrosse season is over discussing the future. Of the Rochester red hot sometimes rumblings after this week. Yet we talk golf buffalo sports hero in the sports bar obviously they're not. Hardly ever any buffalo bandits and we have a team here by it it's going to be the same owner that owned the bandits in the rush to zero aux. And it's a good time potentially potentially a Jack goods Buffalo News coming into the sports are Jack appreciate your time and I guess let's start here let's compare notes shall we we are hearing that the night hawks'. Kurtz tires the team owner is going to sell to the coolest sports in entertainment. Our people have told us this is in the works or are you hearing the same thing. I can't confirm the reports but it is it's it would like I've heard throughout the season. It's it's one of those situations where I speaker will happen I'm just not sure exactly what that will happen I don't think it's happened already. I seem like all I'd like Orkut after the. And we've seen plenty of reports already that they Kurt stars is gonna be awarded an expansion team. In Halifax correct. You know I guess that's also then a piece of and that really an error. How active. A city of interest only really for the past year use in problem of that and I heard that they pretty much had everything set up. Except to order take out as far. Last month or two months on now there are trademarks or team name by the it'll be O expert skiers. It seems pretty set up their that owner and great start makes a lot of sense that because they've seen them have success we've already. Our guess is I decorated the Buffalo News here in the sports are 957 ESP and you cover the bandits. Well what's their take on this officially with the Nye talks have said to our city's. On its business as usual what are what are the bandits sitting on buffalo. Pretty much the same thing I mean it's been exactly the response I expected or something about. Even if it is happening that a lot talk about it. I got an official response from outlaw or direct current crop operations and the basically saying. Besides. Gradually the networks on a great season and amending courts are the best I personally. There's not a process say about the night talks at this point. So it that certainly isn't a denial and it may or may be picked him more than it was going to happen because. There wasn't like they would probably denied reports more. Right yeah yeah that makes a lot of sense and Jack eject goods covered the buffalo bandits for the Buffalo News joining us in the sports bar danger to tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester. OK so let's play some hypotheticals here let let's. You know I think if if the goal is work to take over control of the Rochester night hawks and they would have both the bandits. And the night hawks I think most people be excited about that. But as the Dalai hard nighthawk fans. That are ardent nots is entirely enthusiastic about the coolest taking over because well one year you're overseeing. Two franchises within the same league and how do you give one you have referential treatment over the other and I guess the the other concern will be. Hey how are the bad it's been faring they've been holding that team in what has buffalo been able to accomplish. In the NL well with Google is as their owners in dispel some of them forming judge Jack. Article Kasparov was just talking about what it would mean for a Mormon Church team together it obviously on the circus. It really they'll put a conflict of interest as someone obviously 10 really. Want this league games which are receive more than any time. I don't love the optics a you have to. There are two reasons why I think that might be an old cable. Long term one is Spanoulis commissioner bring them. And Mexico averaged two years ago took over the commissioner's spot in a Major League soccer. And for years we have a lot of dealing with. Owners owning multiple team I believe that first year old girl three to twelve or older children through. They couldn't find you there and see where they ought to at this point panel started yet but at that point. Our and then you left at X-Factor. How hands on the coolest themselves really are. They're a little bit at the clinic do you know pitchers in the Perry obviously Kara while Mo and the bill would favor a pretty preoccupied there. I don't won't get surprised and then expands its earlier that. Terkel not that that's the bandits. People who. I trust that told me then to maybe half of data across. It's run by other people. Know even at the total own role in. Secure the people actually running shall be entirely different outlook are the only way he may be some capability just how much money. They'd be willing to invest in and either team but when it come like a ordinary. Are all the good players and I talked to get traded to the bandits because. Of course all the bandits better idea and -- at that realistic at all. Yeah I mean you what would the league duke has that would have to sink. Any trade will have the illusion. Of this is being slanted one way or another and you don't. Want that is purely I mean it would have been next to near impossible. For Rochester buffalo to create trades would it not. Yeah I mean that there's definitely a consideration that our product. With people within the organization. Only got an impossibility of something like this happening. Because. There is always that doubt backed out and prayed that it may have grew by. Are your accuracy. Rate he wants. What integrate that he could have back where installed and mine Toshiba. He's teaching them such an established rivalry there. It is it's not ideal but it's got other option is. And I talks move. How acts which was also mentioned it in person jammies report on its side across the oil that's coming from. The real legitimate reports. I think that people people Rochester were quite historic achievement that at all by the cola and welcomed. No absolutely and and by the way you know we've we've talked about the fuel behind all of this in the fuel this engine is money and if the Google is have to. Of the main tenants have blue cross arena here in Rochester. They've got the chance that to squeeze the city a little bit and maybe just maybe get a little bit more in the black with with both of these entities that day. But wall lease one of the entities that they own and and potentially a second entity that they would on their as a tenant blue cross arena. Yeah you have to wonder I mean obviously put them on a really good negotiating session. And the total relief and haven't been shy about. The interest in Rochester building a new stadium. Having in the blue cross arena. I mean I'm guessing you guys are probably agree that it stadium would not a bad idea. It's certainly can use an up and up great yes aren't even reparation I mean I was on appointment. The size of the recent renovation announcement no longer take. When it comes down to the city is really it's except except for. I think with the amount of money. I look at the from the perspective but really being sent. But these simple but that's all turned up aware that it does take away. The issue if you can get over the issue of one owner or team. I look at cal facts and the big success for the league record out faster here as then what they've been able to or Saskatoon. The guys are rush are filling up. Most. In. And I picked other and other owners are looking at them thinking well maybe there's opportunity here to hit a smaller market Mattel back or even. Less competition. Are sport if they don't he has felt in baskets and I look at it okay purse or just don't want success orientation. You don't properties at a place with less competition and you have Rochester. Even though are Kurtz in Europe the other early teens and allotment of what's in. Where then it will come then to. I assume he has more money to pump more money in that I talked. It's that being a beneficial move for pole in long term. But I can see what stands to be the idea. That I talks now subsequent I'm going to school. Tech goods covers the buffalo bandits for the Buffalo News or guest here in the sports bar so. Well what started all this was it. Sire is whining how all of Rochester in the the goal is are stepping in for those reasons and there. Stepping in is a hero because to me and I don't know faltered at Dan answer records tires but. I I would think that would be something worth the talking about here Jack is that Kurt stars had enough of Rochester are you hearing anything about that. I haven't heard anything about that side. We. Amoroso reported that. There was some thought of him most are just moving the team which would make me thank. It would be more on the line which side of well they're animals. And Google are frustrating them from open will be my guest spot that it pure speculation that based on someone else's report. But I have not heard anything that really. Great thing to take it away or how exactly you bank. Jack I wouldn't blame him if you wanted to get out of Rochester dealing with the city who owns the venue and you are only operating on a year to year lease I mean there's no. Sort of long term vision when you're dealing with the city of Rochester and it's not exclusive tonight toxic treaty now works the same way they -- the minor league soccer team is. Is you know I'm buying it hiatus this year in and you know all by the way the baseball team. Which works with the county for there stadium but there are a fifteen year of what he's really it's it's just pure lunacy when you when you look at how. The city deals with its sports franchise I wouldn't blame stars a bit iffy. Kind of you know did that the fingers under the chin movements and have gonna go to Halifax and and and I'll talk to you guys later. Now what the last two years the city's lost era where. I don't know flash it's like it's been an accident. On I am glad it's real it. Long impact of this is that the talks are moving. I'm really happy for that because. I think that there are a franchise. History that not many teams do. Having been around and you know late nineties and obviously. At this point you know. One of the most successful franchises ever Polycom championships. But what you said I wouldn't be I wouldn't be shocked war. All by the idea of moving because you look at the gate numbers that they haven't been growing incredibly. But. Span that they you have. Are are really our partners are really strong. I've really let those people. And I talk can he be bigger decrease stable situation going forward. Google are willing to make the smoke now a I doubt that they be. On the fence about the long term situation but I talks that are considering buying. Jack goods the Buffalo News covering buffalo bandits for the Buffalo News joining us here in sports bar. Danger to tightly on ESPN Rochester let's talk about the sport for a second Jack because you mentioned the longevity of the night hawks in the success that they've had a over the course of over twenty years and now I remember moving to Rochester over twenty years ago and going to my first night hawks' game and really. Not having any kind of experience at all across having come from northern Minnesota where you play hockey or you died. And so to see you across. In action in in with my very own eyes you know you can get hooked on a very quickly it's it's a fun sport to watch. The indoor game is fast paced it's Rafa it's physical. No talk to me about the league itself where the league has paid where the league is going to end like anything you mentioned MLS earlier I really believe that for the sleep in your somebody who's invested in this league. For this league to kind of take that leap forward. At some point are we gonna see some sort of TV deal where we can see there is Eric TV deal already in place we don't know otter is it limited TV deal I mean. What will get this league from where it is now to work intentionally be where we're talking about those expansion teams in and these guys actually. And you know not just generating money through the gates for generating some TV revenue as well. Yeah the sleek and then rule and lot of opt in down I grew up on it caught up in buffalo. I'd tune ticket or not start going out really young player that. On the floor well just. One lacrosse player. At halftime like I grew up watching and I go over well you've got people in there yet it's an incredible sport to watch. Or the issue that export worldwide has just it's it's so much better watch person. That is a watch on TV it can be a little bit difficult to all the players really appreciate it. On television. We've gone through. A lot a lot of franchise over the years in the league was founded in 1987 so it has stuck around for awhile that there has. A lot of people even with some of the league's most established franchises. Are the bats are. The longest running team and in any city are now. I'm being out at the early nineties so it's lasted. Even the Philadelphia wings were probably. Cornerstone. Of the league from most people per year that four years ago they moved to England and other compact. Aren't an expansion team next year what size saw. That the wing could move on wall really eighteen could move that negate numbers aren't looking as good as they used real. Are there were there were years that. I it was just happy that the league. Was back existed ever hear. I don't like you're you're bank could be brought up that I never do it all in all our. I don't feel that way anymore it feels like police board in the right direction and gain a lot legitimacy. I think that the commissioner that I mention an extra carriage coming up. Has really boosted their profile. In. In the past the commissioner has exactly comfortable with a name recognition. That's executive and national level and political vote while limited implement soccer there's a lot of people don't eat up in the world. Where is potential owners of protesters. That I don't know that interest spit in the final war. A cute cute cute coming in next year and old are. We're pretty establish ownership groups pop obviously a much Kelly. And there robot podcasts so great time it was the flyers. And then. San Diego field to the other team and they're they're going to be owned by Joseph side of soccer Alibaba which. A Chinese company he's a billionaire who played across the jail like the perfect situation for the league it's both a ton of money. And a lot from across the exodus became. On Q now 49% of Oakland that. Which makes some people think that. It's there's this opportunity don't more than one in now you might start expansion in Arabic the league does it affect your. Elected he'll. In order out at network. They rent a pattern repair the long before I was I was awfully. To meeting its deal like the league is moving in her direction on what a cutie. They. To get a real focus on digital into the future which I think are some. There's some legitimacy there to that claim. They've launched adult TV. Last year which they like to hype up the first time you go watch. You know lull. On official platform until the game. But it wasn't the first time yet pay for it but it was it would not finding the due to pick. To back in the day that always used systems. It just kind of lost their home and they can get an interest in science very next year. All the Bleacher Report lives is launching. Is gotten some decent. Some peace and partners there were below other wants partners so I was fault that it means. The million dollar cap billion dollars in preparation of money being put to these. Our facilities. And the technology to improve the broadcasts. All that we finally not have. Previously I'd like you to stand. Jumbotron. It's your Flickr to be a little bit more. Technical. Prowess in the protests now than in the past so I think all backup point. It's moving in the right direction but I spend overly optimistic before. Kind of costly optimistic a hook or Italy or. Jack goods from the Buffalo News or guest Jack as we wrap up if this is it off records tires what. What are we losing here in Rochester is an owner because everybody wants the owner that. Hey this is this team is a toy in I just wanna win and to win three championships. I don't my whole flood receive that again in any sport here a consecutive championships. Eight in the flower city so odd to me. I you mention that owner around San Diego that is a billionaire well I don't know the net worth the current starters but to me that's exactly the owner you would want in his city like Rochester where. I'm okay taking losses on because I can't imagine that the nine outs wherever profitable in their time here Rochester. Yeah I mean our IP on the same same voters Eric to Rico and go into the game. I went to want to choose its own. I got in the past. Was never blown away by the numbers like I can understand why it makes sense at the school where percent that the bad that even though. They don't. Invest in the team it definitely makes some money now they're getting 141000 people there that wasn't happening or achieve speed. An incredible commitment from Kirk byers I mean it is a pick law. If he's no longer we're there for the franchise because it was so willing. To lose money and put a winning product. Oh winning our team on the floor. And he also went. Intelligently McCain's shoot across the which an operator that's fine too awesome. In this week that the owner really don't talk come to the actual players. That you also have to factor in an incredible connection was the mayor of American community because these native American a lot of ball. It hit the majority of up and its players or the complaint that I talked past years art we're like earlier by at least you have. Couple players look bad it's that. It to have gone down near Antarctica that's been on the net help them succeed as well in them and knock a good. Coral gains them there were responsible forehand and afterward are. Native. History of the game. I think that's something accountant that the two that was really a nice. Freight market and I talks China. That set them apart from Robert in in my continually but I'm almost feel a little a little more only without an actual native American. Jack goods covering the buffalo bandits for the Buffalo News worth a follow on Twitter act goods on sports has been our guests here in the sport sport danger to tag Leah. On ESPN Rochester should be an interesting few months Jack we'll look forward to talking you again soon. Should news break regarding the the goal was and the Rochester night hawks really appreciate your time this afternoon. That's slowly curricula some current Mitterrand. Two against him inject goods Buffalo News joining us here yeah there's shedding some light on that you can react at react on Twitter Eddy SP in Rochester call us at 454 ESPN. I think that kind of adds up so it was tires right if we're trying to connect dots. He had enough and there was this opportunity in Halifax where they it was pretty much turn key. Are there and they were just looking for an owner they've already won in that arena filled with the team and he was rated take the team so. I'm just curious was that the league that step dame was at the goal of the stepped in the and said no we're keeping the team here that's the part that I think we stole have to learn on start. Being invested in the game and invested in the league as long as he has been probably seize the opportunity based on what you're seeing. It's a statue and hey if we can get 141000 people in an arena in Halifax or 121000 people arena in Halifax but we're going to be just fine. Not exactly doing that in Rochester and all the way oh by the way we get tree is a tenant today you know second class citizen in the arena that worry now. War rights sole. DC is the problem for the city they don't have anybody that can you do working customer service and that. City Hall in my opinion. People just get tired I mean we do not treat her. Sports teams the way they she Lloyd and luckily at the end of the day this all works out as than I talks will be staying in town. And for the cities your. Got get backlash on this because at some point now all. Now to go sports entertainment Els works out now they have the leverage to get things done in that arena. The way base he said. Art if you missed any of our conversation we Jacko it's from the buffalo new stuck in some Monday Huxley cross in the future of the team. With potential of PSE taking over the Rochester now and how to get them for you. On demand at DR all new ESPN raw registered account shortly also follow us at ESP in Rochester on Twitter. For updates on the latest on demand audio from the sports bar with danger and the tactically I'll drink to that is on the way next. Provocative thoughts were around the world of sports agree or disagree 454 ESPN's our phone number 4543776. We're wishing you a happy Father's Day. Yes us Father's Day weekend this weekend geno maybe a cold one maybe I nice cigar I am not can argue with that. Makes an announced sandy I know it's sandy you're San he's thinking about cigar anybody. You know the place you hear me talking about it love love mad hatter hideaway 300 varieties egg of cigars for you to choose from at mad. Paterson hide away nick and the guys over that a fellow buffalo sports so you can not talk in sports what those guys enjoy nice cigar and it's a fun place to shop. And it's convenient from wherever you are into east side west side it's on clover road I just shoot up. Get to the 104 in the and it's itself in Iran to quite cold wrote a run quite mad hatter hide away your home for cigars your home for Father's Day when you. Stopping and tell me heard about it here on the sports park. I'm super fans sports junkie. Slayer an expert. Just in the best. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. He's 57. Less forcefully. No sports leader and listen lives what do you foresee an. Yeah probably these deals receivers you earlier this sports bar when a teacher and exactly how. Stories opinions in context he'd only. ESPN Rochester doctor. 857. 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