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The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia welcomes in Jason Kirk, College Football Editor at SB Nation, to break down his article, "If Josh Allen succeeds, the Bills will have outsmarted basically all regular humans and the entirety of math itself."

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The only way you can take ESPN Rochester with you is don't radio dot com apps downloaded today and listen to west anytime anywhere sports leader ESPN Rochester. You're a sports bar would danger image tag leave it's our mission our goal is to make you smarter Buffalo Bills to prevent present you with all the angles and talk to the best. And brightest minds out there that's why are we inviting Jason Kirk from SB nation dot com to Jerry sort of peace now that that is a couple of months old right after the draft right after the Buffalo Bills selected John shelf with a number seven overall pick. The headline caught our attention if Josh on succeeds the bill's twelve outsmarted basically all regular humans and the entire area map itself. Jason Kirk welcome into the sports bar with danger tag Leo how are you but. Now questioning the the move for the Buffalo Bills it to take Josh Allen. I for folks that may be are familiar with the peace. When you broke down the numbers you did all the research. Will what was your general conclusion here on the buffalo bills' decision to draft. Josh Allen number seven overall. Well I think we're prepared for you know lake. Through there at cornerback group ran an art I primarily carry out of all other years. We're pretty prepared going in knowing that he would you know going right around there and it's on 888. The post as well actually an orthopedic for the draft and then we heard about it a little bit more specific buckle afterward but. I noted that notre immediate reaction for the dirt out. Or like my name was trending in buffalo because built and are so. So nervous about in drafting a player was that it is go profile. Like. He is it really seem like an exit destined. Allen of the bill and that you know built into pretty nervous about it statement out production but. Yeah I mean it came about from. As being really Kabul by saying. EP. Expelled GM coach infatuation with Allen which is doubly you know it is vague and he looked like your quarterback out of order. And it it it it goes and it scored battle is not just what we are in in college but when you compare numbers to. Quarterback no matter of the matter conference that a year. No matter what they did you know well and as. I mean this huge gulf between that and mainly how do you square the campaign at the square like. You know proven reliable. As reliable as they can be good to go about it or I mean Kyle Korver and currently the pres look at expired that. As reliable as being. Compared that to. In his image because the guy can go very hard. Now he's. You're gonna be the treatment of pro quarterback. And it's just a fascinating fascinating dispute between that being. Jason I remember seeing your name training prior to the draft and an hour since this peace would it was circulating before the draft. It might have scared a lot of fans away from Josh on and I I find that we. Not just this draft but I think in years past and moving forward to be at this intersection where. You know you've got the football guys that the GM's head coaches the pro football scouts that you mention the old school guys meeting. With the new school guys the against the data crunchers and guys are gonna pick apart every statistical possibility you can. And and this is where we're at this is the intersection we don't know who's right who's wrong but but just a couple of things that I noted from the article that really. You know you gave me pause we win. Figuring out that Josh I was gonna be the Buffalo Bills or realize that Helms going to be that the bills quarterback. You know we we we respect the numbers I'd look at the numbers the numbers are. Devoid of emotion when you see that based on a lot of the numbers at Allen's. Ceiling. Is Ryan Mal it's not as projection but he's ceiling is Ryan mallet. Boy what did the bills get themselves into here. Yeah I mean I read their outward in a way. I'm not making me and I'm not Smart enough that prediction but not might they I'm not I can't look at a guy but are you Pro Bowl or not. What I can do is look at that like add meat packer. But the number you there I am ballot. We went back and found that. However ignores the quarterback in college you will not be better than that in the. Unless you're just like there's massive rapid brat about liar who's breaking ball rule you know and another one in there where. Football outsiders along and respected by. You know they went back around the most cryptic numbers at the college level. And you know combine that they would combine that with Duncan then you know and a little bit about the way. It's. Because they would edit it. Also would be great. I'll bet you it would break in so many it. And then. And where Batman. Now and you know course this is the time a year it's a good car browns because everybody's excited when they see players and you know in shells in shorts and they look great right now on the look Grayson. July as well. I guess is Jason current rates are as been nation here in the sports burying your piece you say to staff the stats from Neil hornsby of pro football focus of talks about. Alan against the blitz and his quarterback rating as compared others may feel being at the top at 139. Alan against the blitz 73 point four which in the NCAA division at seventeen. Points below the outreach our Josh Allen. What do you say to the counterargument that well his senior year aryan have a lot going around him. Age the stats say one thing but what did the film say is this why. The bills are talking themselves into when they look at the lack of help that Josh Allen might not at Iran. Yet or lack argument on the line and something you know why don't they didn't is carried out despite epic. But now. Not exactly the at your debate planned and they were not be used ballot he's in. You know in the mountain west but at an abrupt they either prior running back and under. In and I can see a place score you know why his numbers. 200 spell a little bit heading into the that your starter by law all eat lots of oh. Obviously if you're if you're out there about they use it more you know more to respect. Yeah it as an arsenal. And that they just figured out things. And you know a lot opera singer in the everyone agreed you know local and serve a lot of what two years. Amare you know martek that a massive numbers despite you know. And me. It gonna be tepid I would produce. At least get an above average level no matter what work a part in and out of the truly editor of the investment. But about it on. Jason it's funny you know we go back to the pre draft N and remember some of the mock drafts came out of Josh almost a lot he is that. The top prospect for milk hyper junior in his first mock draft. So did he just ignore all of the statistical data that exists or eight what did he see that led him to that what. And then you know you sirte here and CEO your mail auction your your pipers and the guys that kind of grab all the headlines with their with their projections. They kind of stick with there I mean a bit more about. Defending their picks or they are more about really trying to figure out who's going to land where for their source of credibility. It's I feel like every writer's sort of in the grass media complex is under you know they're the kind of wearing a lot of app that one of the garlic or. It is jobs to. Reject. Cole be good at the end of a level or is it up to it you know Alter your thinking and I think it's more the latter. And I injured by all of you know although they all the criticism that the beauty of it is awful and protect I think that's pretty good job. You know where they got it got more pretty good and I think they're up it went. You know you hear an argument that feel like it was it retro actively to eat. Yet it. It to the but it never heard a very regular contributor prank. For example. Alan I have on my cap and you can't face that matter why they don't matter we're getting here by Margaret. Evans and then ignore Allen win Lamar state it. Are harder competition. You know is arguably at a greater relic is out it is in May why. You know picker based on his roster Gerson about street anything. Back at certain to grow out number one player ended by another note that it's frustrating it in the by. Let you know there's nobody nobody so the system and everything. Jason Kirk as being nation in our guest died last year. You had a guy Carson when it's actually two years ago come mountain you know do great things. And Shearer is another small school prospect I I guess my question being. IA I understand that you know when you're comparing things it's sometimes difficult but how does. How does Josh yelling compared to other small school prospects and I in your research Jason. A big ego but we looked and Carson went might be a big part period. Allen market. Actually similarly have on their you know they're they're older and you know remote location at I hate coached. You know that they go to bat like there's a lot of wait the pocketbook and it that these are not quite at that track but Atlantic in bill that gave Kelly just like Gartner. I'll. Push cart policy completed passes. You know these aren't equated the Aetna global but didn't want. That they needed based on that that's a leg up over now. You know that those are creeping right there in. Eighteen that were comparable in its own team and we've got the if they suspect of. The biggest strength that you hear about Josh Jones game is on his arm strength his arm strength his arm strength in the there are plenty of stats out there in the NFL that that showed it. The arm strength is nice but really how often do you throw in the how often you actually need to unload. That arm what did you find from now. There's a often used the Internet of Patrick's stick five in it yet there's your back yard off the yeah. I mean the leader of arms and saying is yeah at the main prep he might have I'm very well let like. It about Kabul and we did. You go back period like a couple of scouting report. You'll Wear your reading the same thing over them and different for the completion percentage and I would call up a very complicated. Incredible athlete to eat it right at the moment you know. That their arm you know and it's probably gonna use it more like sitting in that I I'd. Like. You know that would get you know later in their current price area. Gergen you know certain thirteen back at about Europe off. Com. And in the accuracy is at least as important are aren't even in that situation out. I'd like our state and yet more. You know more bonus on top and read the. Beginning really really like. Jason Kirk from as being a share another title of this article just a challenge succeeds. The lives of outsmarted basically all regular humans in the entirety of math itself our guest here in the sports bar. Jason I think your article speaks to the bigger and this is the story line we see now on sports the old school whose school the the stats verses the scouts. I'm just curious could you get this. Argument every once in awhile from the old school guy allow you you don't know footballer you do in play football how could you know it did you get any negative feedback. From the old school so to speak out when your article came out. I'm not really. And are they want saying. I did do it in their early on Wednesday include you in your opinion problem people who deflated there. I think it's weak side chips where you play up front on it in a well. Where he compared Alan you. Jake walker. And the like hey if it. You know I think it. I gave it the bad guys that are there and I would you like. Right. Jason. You know there. I it's hard to compare. One player or not because every situation is different every player is different. One of the names that that comes up in in NFL full war is a guy who didn't have a great college career but of course turned in a hall of fame career. Is Brett Favre now you can't really compare Brett favre's Josh on two different kinds of players. But but you know. Are are even stories like that enough to make a football guy say you know what we knew we believe we can make something out of this guy. Sure I Arabica football guy at all like echoed all. Like I work you know. And all people want to hand off an upgrade of the work there that could be intrigued. Every art and music you similar Cordoba prospect emerge in now and it's hard to go back and urban markets are like rapidly different air yet. You know hey it works off. A at that that could hurt it routed buffalo that their new Yorker for a while it. AJ since she do cover the college game on curious you know we we spent some time yesterday and we don't have to spend a ton of time talking about this but but I want three little bit of curveball just give your opinion on James Winston. Just because. Here we are. Who Tampa Bay now facing its a three game suspension you've got a quarterback who you knew had character issues in college. Looks like some of those characters she's of kids have continued and you know he just might be don't we don't know but. You're going to be faced with the decision after Tampa what to do with him in his fifth year option is possible. The Tampa could actually say you know what we're gonna we're marketing tip pick up the fifth year option on James Woods or they they stick with the program because. Let's face it you know this'll be you know another year small we've got three years and your belt a small sample size how long. For some of these prospects out of college with all the talent in the world. Like a James Woodson to finally emerge and and they live up to that expectation in the NFL. And I'm so. Yelling independent Indian it was kind of way. Well you know there's. Somebody else and you know the way up historic figure out now you know earth in and that it was kind of like. I don't let it release or whatever but you know on the late. And that the big complex situation here app on a model you know I have been you know into people both in and out of the media are going like I'm Utley B. The next opportunity might be time to cut him loose you know I. It without without knowing he'd be back it detected the current situation switched. As I understand that it like. Worst version of it happened then might we find it buried at all. Let him go. Around nobody if it in a report out hit the way than. Get that would be ordered it and let. Yeah it. It is grenade hit an eight. And figure out where you know upper. Well law and what does come down to Jason does it come down I mean. How important is character special new talking about quarterbacks because I think the guy that was taken right next human they'll be aligned forever in markets Mary Audi he gets his team in the playoffs. They actually win a game I mean. Yeah you want your guided to be Smart you want your got to be a leader endgame is might be you know an emotional leader for that team but you know again we see Tommy Tommy getting might not. Not be mentally hair all the timing mean you know we always talk about that the debate between. Talent verses character and and you see a lot of it first hand covering college football and these prospects coming out of college. What's our defense is more important. Well I mean you know based on outward activated it out is out on ever. You know in the united. I absolutely incredible power of our quarterback. You know and it had been. A long long I'm going to bang wooded. The wrong aren't staying out of trouble. We eat it it it expects attribute talk about because. You know at that point. It's not like there's been an and an incident got Blake. Okay. Robert public. Order. But there's any situation where quite well. I have made a horrible and you might have been on a global and a point. Point you know it you're in charge of those are. You know and. I mean it its players they have if they were to move on from him and I don't think you know yeah people would. Aren't a whole lot of all the. Jason Kirk college football editor let me story curve ball here as well Jason well we were talking fantasy football my little talk a little. College football when he eighteen since we're talking about last year's draft class last season's draft class. Give us an idea who are some quarterbacks that college football fans should keep their IE nine now when the season begins here in just a few months. Well. You're desolate the out quarterback got in the under. But as our quarterback go. Browning blocks and public and now. Basic sort of an 800. Aggregate. One on. Those kind of guys would probably be candidate figured. It's not my head there's a lot of young quarterbacks are now though that might be the Hewlett sort of sparked an on line foreign. Big name go. Jason wanna give you plenty of time here is we are wrapped up they'll let us know what to working on over there and SB nation this summer. Well right now in. It didn't intrigue. Comfortable in coming up. Could your outlook we've just done our colleague even got street. There's a good big pay exploration of the oldest EA 88 and then do you know. Yea how cows were actually work the dirt. The real. A lot or each and in these series are not so. They don't tech. I could biker. Jason appreciate your time and if it I guess we'll find out five years down the road. Well look let's have you on the show here Iowa when we get to that did your option talk about Josh Allen your ally on all plays on buffalo. An effort here and and in good luck to everyone there. It isn't appreciated Todd as always buddy picture joining us here in the sports bar look forward talking against him. Jason Kirk SB nation's dot com hey listen. He can't argue the numbers the numbers are the numbers the stats don't have any emotion attached to them they don't have any preconceived notion. And his article lays it out statistically it's a tough sell. You this is what you were worried about before they selected. Following and a oh yeah I mean it was all there. And you want talk about the Al Al liar if this works like the bills hope yeah this will be DL liar. But we've had other people that have gone on the complete other direction they go on the my walkway on as saying this guy is gonna be great he's going to be a hall of Famer. There us. Oh yeah. Oh you have folks. A local law it maybe apple and is there anybody like. That's for you Michael. Michael on Twitter requesting minutes. He's hit it may I can tell the guys gonna be a hall of Famer based on his but. He said that. Like Jason Kirk. Elect a guy. She missed that conversation we'll have for you want to venture or Lee hideous paean Rochester dot com geno what do we do I'll think to that next public that. Yeah I'm ready I eyes. Have an update here well a lack of an update I'm gonna give you one right now and what it will mean for war in terms of the night hawks in the national lacrosse league. Also there's a trend going on when it comes to. Football and that the way it's televised across the networks are not tired of the streaming they have thought about something else and I think it's it's not good for the NFL oaks. Remind him a couple of thoughts on the World Cup as well we'll share that was some provocative thoughts round the world sports. Aldridge that is next in the sports bar danger and the tag Leo on ESPN Rochester. Look super fans sports junkie. Nice player and that's. Access to them. Let's say yes yeah. ESPN Rochester dot com free to join us. He's 57. A sports league. No sports leader and listen lives when he Forsett. Probably his heels receivers you earlier this sports bar when children exactly how. Stories opinions and contests people knew. ESPN Rochester dot com. 957. Sports leader ESPN Rochester hello.