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Jay Binkley of 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss the motives behind the Chiefs decision to release WR Jeremy Maclin and whether or not it makes sense for him to land in Buffalo.


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The best local sports talk in the flower city but John Murphy she OM a sports bar with the injury exactly. The day afternoon summer sports leader ESPN Rochester. In the sports Barbara danger of attack clearly only talk to the best and brightest minds in our industry the people that are in the know. You have Jeremy Maclin questions we have. Jeremy back with answers by guy who's been covering the Kansas City Chiefs on our sister station 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City. Proud to welcome back in. AJ thank you so much for your time this afternoon has always really appreciate it. Eight baker let me back into the sport or what favorite name. Thanks Rene Ritchie oh in the country. My daughter called at the sports brought this week and am open ended or. And trying to get more female listeners under the richer meaty meaty we're tight we're trying to get to the weightlifting for the sports bra manages and the sports. Rocked the sports bra bra. LJ. Will give the release of Maclin why why. Why. He could afford to always comes down to money. Money. The change didn't have enough money they ought to build a Hershey like that all full of groceries. He would spend 300 bucks there 150 autumn they can't do this. Money's tight guys look at this every big guys say 80% money. I really do it clears can't speak for mailing it up revamp billion the spin. Oddly rookies could do which is gonna cost route or to have million dollars clearly didn't deviate a lot cheaper to do this but. They have the money. I don't think you were happy with production. That would I would hear me last year. Aimed you know he's talking some people. You know these kind of wondering you know DD eight young players owners we include that type of guy let one former player told me. And the funny thing is last last year the sticking it to restart and article about the crust garlic. In overlook the other receivers sit MacBook worked outlook implement that ask city called abrupt political work our permanent work album. Lifting weights watching film Morgan grounds do an old saying but that. Production last year was down and only twelve games. If they couldn't seem production Chris Conley. Directorate from the year before 44 catches 530 yards Maclin had 44. 536. So they still think it's been the money elsewhere I guess in day out of this so when you look at the chiefs' roster. Jeremy Maclin made about the most since the cut two million dollars. What 44 catches. What we're gonna cut it. Do your eyes tell you that your re Maclin still has something in the tank and still be productive wide receiver in the NFL. Absolutely absolutely do I think either number one no. You are number two number three absolutely in the Jerry backlit. Don't placed 49 years old buddies at that age you know in a year or so. Did players typically look they've all eclipse whether they're productive and also they turned. Thirty and things do change. Or certain players I don't feel as though it was Jimmy Mac what do you make it two million a year he would still be on the roster of the chiefs with the European ten million dollars and like it set. They're gonna be the upside down next year even with that could be cutting you Jeremy Maclin. They just didn't think they're gonna need that money the second draft picks. And they're looking forward to the next year Specter my own freedoms of money possibly bring somebody and I am baffled with the fact that they didn't address. The wide receiver B I'll order how long they knew that this committee early they directed Jay huge debt that a Michigan. In the fourth round they spent the second round pick audio little known guy out of Villanova name it'll have to yell. When they could've gone wide receiver they're so I have a little bit baffled. Mean it does make football sense John Dorsey here remember start because he says the third preceding the first he's here and seeing the city. Andy you know GM stops by the the PD blue thirty says here's the deal you can't be emotionally attached to players. In this league at this is a clear example of that because they would just build what eight. Two weeks ago there's any redress of the players either that OP HD give that Carolina would do go to OTAs and other players would just skip it for no reason. So make sure you a little bit about Edgerrin back on make up. Wow as we're talking with. 610 Sports Radio. Ng Kansas City that timing of this it's June and June 1 used to mean something and you mentioned the wedding. Are we led to believe that maybe there was some behind the scenes say Jeremy would like to back but not at that number and they just couldn't come to an agreement. Well CIA you know from what I've seen it loaded truck. You know I know they try to trade him but it wouldn't sit down ticket they get they get a look inside linebacker Derrick Johnson honestly didn't make four point seven billion this year. He's on the wrong side of thirty income about WikiLeaks injury and they negotiated down to about a million a year. So they have done it was certain players. Both Mac will be become waiting I'll stick. You know he kind of runs the show here even though with the chiefs every GM he read one tired before the GM John Dorsey economic called all the shots and well look at this like you know we're gonna do a deal for the chiefs know he was their leading receiver in 2015. To think about this. Gave up two draft picks and they get charged with kipper he be reading John Dorsey lost combined a 100000 dollars and far and they lost the third round pick and six were picked. Just because of the tampering of Germany America men and two years. You're getting rid of the guy but I think their current trek it's great that five years after the five million just got out of control but she's worked quite honestly they could afford it. Jere Brinkley joining us East Coast and day shift on 610 Sports Radio. In Kansas City the sports bar with danger the tightly jabbing kind of critical. Of us some of the stars of the Buffalo Bills this weekend basically saying you know hey don't be surprised if Mac ends up on our roster. You know it's athletes try to get together with their bodies and put together some leaves it super rosters is it an uncommon thing but when you're doing the media like that. Does put undue pressure on a new GM a new head coach trying to build something long term. When you consider that you know now old. Everybody knows that Maclin could be a destination for buffalo does that raise the price of Maclin does get to and beating war with another team. You know what good comes out of that kind of negotiation through the that kind of boasting through the media that he could be coming to buffalo. Nothing because it's an emotional attachment want to you know the players are. You know reading your organization. Other people in charge are you know it is incredibly cheap Sabena earlier Circuit City eighty read what's written a lot Mateen makes what was wedding. Just to Piccadilly skip this honeymoon to go to DA's. Yet they made a conscious decision which I respect. Is still always would be anyway a main incident to cut throat business. In you have to do that no I don't think he'll gonna pop scrape with the media it's great idiots friends on team. But you know always be your number one wide receiver that's the question we get sick bushel the royal all our. Willie color best pitcher they're geeks well they're the key the city royalties but in the grand scheme within the Major League Baseball. They're not an eight straight at Dallas guy looked like Clayton Kershaw it's not Priscilla one of those in there and be our ace. Which are we met one goal the place completely sure he'd be their number one but legitimately he's the number two or number three and you can't let friendship. Yet the way because what happens if you cut the guy. It was the one posturing for begin to Demi and nobody's above being cut this week. Well here's your outsider's view from over here looking at your team JJ Brinkley. Six stents Sports Radio in Kansas City Chiefs weren't one bad holding call wave may be from getting to the AFC championship game so. Knowing that you have a defense that maybe you can't play at that level every year the wind is going to be closing and a defense at some point. Again if it's if you could make all the pieces fit here. Because who exactly is going to step up now in deep debt why 88 Tyreke kill you need more open that wide receiver. Yeah hey you know here here's the rope probable the windows open to the cheeks to win right now. He basically a relic from the this year look they're gonna par weight committed to consult regularly on the Jeremy Maclin thanks. Usually go to your quarterback to do these kind of things are ready on the wall relics and has seen a bad month and at. They draft order reg number ten overall many gets rid of his main target a wide receiver things are good which you have to strike put the window and up at certain homes and corporate world. He would have been achieved starting quarterback in 2013. 2012 the most miserable season ever this terror. For the football teams concerning the first pick and in the draft. That's when he would've been great because you get the trading world unfortunately they're gonna be turning over capable football team protector but homes. The ball. Kudos really trade for Richard Sherman in short that he didn't even more they give him I mean this secondary. Will be second none in the NFL but I reach guilt when he was asked to step up we're talking about a guy who was at Oklahoma State had some problems all the field ends up a web elevate him. Running back and wide receiver he was kind of a Swiss army knife cheek study to be great returner. Last year they were surprised just how good he was on the opposite he actually stepped into the number one role Jeremy Maclin. It any filled he filled Jeremy issues they have a lot of faith in Chris Connelly. It's L wide receiver the grip that Georgia few years ago had 44 catches last year and I really think they like the Marcus Robinson. That they drip in the fourth round a year ago the kind of came out early. In they really like given that literally like a fourth round pick this year gene chips and out of Michigan having to get a lot of these you know the fingerprints of act but homes go for the future. Yeah I think they're counting entree or skill they have a productive year I think we're hoping and carry fuel taken that next step which I speak every kill the media reception. Guide sleep easily. Jamie please cohost of the day shift 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City in the sports bar with danger in the tightly Jake we appreciate your time before we let you go after the Buffalo Bills. And you already know you've got your beer you know star saying how we would love to have Mac when you don't be surprised that happens. You're in a position now where you can't really win near the Gannett sign this guy does something that he's probably working more than what he's worth or you're not going to sign him you gonna have. Some upset players and lock that leave you're not doing everything you can do. What's the best scenario for the Buffalo Bills in terms of Jimmy Mac and we talked about a one year deal we talked about a wonder deal with. With an extension for second possibly what what do you think. One year deal he when he got here last year we just kind of fluke. Yeah I will say this about him he is a tremendous worker. He didn't say the reason he showed up Gauthier skip and a honeymoon. He won the make him transferred down season last year dropped passes below production in the groin injury remiss for games. But Jerry Mac what has that burning desire to still compete in this leak and it backed became mayor showed up talk on the personally to vote yea. Of making a million but I wouldn't go beyond one year Ford. And you know it's gonna be nowhere near that can million dollars. That he gonna get here and Jeanne the city you know arena have applied for Jeremy Maclin pre here yeah out I guess I can stomach that. They didn't give guys thank you once again could trade in the first for a. Think. We did we still run that some might you know that jail. No I didn't but that Kobe got a book all the sporting the same thing I mean were really happy about that they. I mean. I understand why you be happy believe that you have your franchise quarterback that losing their first round pick next year that doesn't sting a little bit body and we'll. A year or next year where the quarterbacks might actually better than a Patrick mccombs. He did make a point you may get points but a lot of Rolodex with my home gunslinger. Everybody compared to look far I'll take that you know the pipe dream all they get. Jay has always we appreciate we will go we twelve right we got to tell us that we spoke dealing all the talk I we twelve we didn't know we've been talking to you again though though this soon. And maybe you'll get a chance to talk to before we trouble we twelve for sure turned on your calendar JB play. The echo most of the day shift let's extend Sports Radio in Kansas City joining us here in the sports bar. I think it's been great to welcome boatload June city because. You got it typically are guest in the sports bar with danger detailing if you missed any of that conversation will have it up and available for you. On demand the all new ESPN Rochester dot com yeah maybe you popped in late the first question is okay wide Kansas City make this move first and foremost. Mine need ten million dollars in cap well I now are clutching my right now which you mean the these teams make moves based on money well. All that emotion on aids as far as Brinkley's know as though there wasn't any conversation and as far as hey will you take a pay cut to keep the band back here together because. If a guy. East dipping his honeymoon. Two gold two old CA's I think you could have that conversation but apparently never happen. One year. Screen half. He's gonna get more than that yeah I he's good he's gonna get five I'd I'd say one year five with a team option for the second year. One year five. Preacher army Maclin. I don't know if they make them move. If you know you could flip where I've been saying all afternoon which is. The bills lost leverage by having their stars in the media talking about Howell. Baddeley. They want Maclin here and they believe that the you know that that'll be great. If flipped out by thinking if you're branding mean. Hey yeah eating go play somewhere else you know Cleveland might offer you a year for five million. But at least here you're going to be playing with guys that you know guys you trust. Take the three and a half million what's it worth to you. See if they use that as a negotiating tactic. What's the one angle here though. It's the new life. Not enough and I don't know why has already been scrapped. Comes back what's that sign say how bad each marriage. Continuous negotiations what is a new wife saying right now weeding go to Hawaii for that team that teen did you like that we're going. Okay what every she sets whatever comes out of her mouth were going. Over pays us the most wherever I wanna live. Right what what is her demand in this whole sinker it. You think this doesn't happen Mario Williams got held up for nearly a week coming up awful why it wasn't because the bills. Bill paying the most more than another series eight issue it was because both beyoncé and once it sold on coming up awful. Honest to god that was true yeah. This. Lets. You sell the player on come into buffalo did a nice job. Date you know a new coat pay up everywhere. Respect process. Sean McDermott brand and beans. With everything we got going here players are happy here were ready. We're competitive we're gonna be competitive were ready to go. You played with your friends what's that your wife doesn't like buffalo. The to add to false sure policy should also think it's great. They are you're. Andrew tweeting and in what world is Maclin number three I get defending your front office to come on man. And 44 catches yeah. 44 catches last sees that in this is in the Jerry met Jeremy Maclin a 2014 and in Philly in that Chip Kelly off just yeah fair number two. And he would be nice depth for the bills should they pulled the trigger you don't have to worry. The the benefit here is you don't put any pressure on Zeta-Jones. That's the benefit here you Lindsay Jones come in and be the number three and then maybe he gets more targets along. Another veteran leader in the in the locker room who can work with is a Jones. And you heard him you heard Jay mentioned that you know this was something Maclin did with their young receivers in Kansas City. That would be beneficial as well. Am working with Zeta-Jones gets a Jones. Up to speed with the pace of the NFL. Like dramatically if you don't think that the chiefs would have taken him back at three million or four million. Eight surprising to me that they just caught like that but again they let go what Jamaal Charles and charles' endeavors so. Zandi read so that that's why if the guy that learn from Andy Reid. Being Sean McDermott. Now I don't know this is a team go back to brain and being in need said it basically today got tired don't expect big splashes in free agency. That was his quote cancel everything you hear about the bills being interested in. Okay cool of actual decision making. Capabilities in buffalo is saying it's no wonder my knowledge no one to your knowledge danger is just the players and the agent right now. That's. Our old beach is see where he lands when he lands. And how everybody reacts. To Jeremy Maclin signing with the new team we should find that out soon will we do of course here here in the sports bar. The sports bra bra. K issue mr. my daughter. Tells her friends that are dad works in the show. The sports bra the older one and younger the older one. She slept shall slope of the time and he's at sports Bronson sports hall are now we're gonna. Talk WNBA and LPGA we're gonna go on to us to go on strike until the LPGA returns to Rochester. This is the sports bra. Now. I mean if we're going after that. The weightlifting in cross state community the sports bra. Yeah bra now it's your old Treo yet to go Debra I'm voting my pain of that but at the so. Yeah we'll have that up for you that that entire conversation. 610 sports radio and cancer he knows his stuff. We'll have that a trio and ESPN Rochester dot com on medication missed any of it up next in the sports bar. Serving at today's top medical stories and bite sized form we call NFL appetizers danger Battaglia more next on ESPN Rochester.