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Jenna Cottrell of 13 WHAM Sports joins Danger and Battaglia in The Sports Bar to break down the Bills week two preseason win against the Browns and who should earn the starting nod at quarterback with an ailing AJ McCarron.

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Alexa clean ninety. Doing an unbelievable job cover the bills. Training camp and now that that can't his broken right there one bills drive as well welcoming in gen console on the back when presidential hotline. Jenna thirteen when sports how are you. Appreciate your time and I know you were out of the stadium yesterday in had a chance to talk to some of the players are. And the players in that locker room buying into the Josh Allen hyped after seeing what what happened up front and. It's funny you know a lot of the players are very measured in their response is because I don't think they wanna. You know let's not give any credit in Yemen but security at that yet at the fact that. Allen is beginning to earn the trust of his he'd been in talking with no broad street there yesterday and Mike I and that the call it really talked about the fact that. They've been impressed by the and culture that Allen has backed it eat at comes and that which state that you think government and not act. It is cracked by the fact that not nervous but not sound even asked them they get their jobs but not. Wouldn't beat. I don't think about it and it there yet rookies coming out like a port deal. Jenna talk to a church human sports joining us in the sports bar general war does Josh Allen have to show. In order to lockdown that that starting role on our Sunday for week three the pre season you would assume the dress rehearsal for week one of the regular season. I think and meet anyone you have obviously continue to progress I think he's shown an incredible thing is the ability to. Early to say windows that he really see him work on his butt work I mean that he'd got a cannon for an arm. I don't know if it. You can really you think could be the Eric from being quite comment on that pre game Ernie because that ain't. If you look at the summer Terry Epoch about an arc on. Process trusting. Crop that and preceding game period we all know is that director personal and I don't think that those are willing to put Josh Allen out there at starter in nineteen. I don't think they're willing to do that or we want in bulk more. Well at part of him might speak to win it and see if you grew mamet. The offensive line it just simply wasn't enough to where it it should. Allen behind that offensive line great week line if that offensive line doesn't figure out Jeff what did you see from the offensive line Friday night. Being they looked awful they've really especially Deon docket and I know you only expect years ago I had a look at that guy that bring people on. Of course you know at. Which she partied UConn Eric we're contacting you or. Acting but they looked they did not get an immediate thought that the Greek crisis that day picnic area getting back. And the fact they're in good chocolate having trouble getting any traction because. Just pressured there immediately and by that I mean I would feel comfortable and Josh up their first or start because. Once you start him you can't take that back can only happen Earth's dark. You have to be so calculated about which game which he which way to do it. And until now and the lines or not that I would not feel comfortable calling a rookie out there especially during. You know it it's great I I would expect for Alec get the book. In the pre game three which the starters I don't expect him to be a starter but I think he's going to happen I worked in the one. Because it stunned at degree opportunity kind of retreated back that it. Creepy thinking you know stepping out beacon look at it a book that he what he would be like around go to war and but at the same point. When you start him for the first time in the regular ENT. Mean everything and after that it didn't start on the that he doesn't do well hold him and then breakdown at confident I'll watch it cookie baker let. And especially the way up and the line playing I would not feel confident in the fact that they'll be comfortable back there. I don't know Jenna I mean now we've had this debate is it feels like we've had Knauss ever since Josh Allen was drafted and based on we'll see you listen I don't think that either of these guys our our. Gonna be spectacular. In 2018 I think that that whoever they decide to try out their week one is gonna make mistakes gonna create some turnovers and then there's going to be. There's going to be some losses that they have to Wear on their shoulders with this team. But Ito pitched Josh Allen and that happens those are experiences that are gonna make him better long term when he nineteen and beyond. You know I'm not more if it's his confidence is gonna be rattled by a bad game in the NFL and you've pretty much shown. The you know everybody that believed in you that you're not ready to be in NFL quarterback and you shoot in NFL quarterback. I agree that because I think as a rookie you're associate buyer experience an. And I think that. To be good and turned the coaching in being apple media player that I think you have to eat you are aware of what situation pretty adamant you. Act like as a rookie it's a lot harder kick off the bat the orbit because. Haven't had a lot of other car on the bill you're confident unquote. I like you're right I think it's even it out how. That the scheduled start out meet at Baltimore that you had Lambeau it is the eighteenth at that it'll write up that it could be. Super talent but I think the fact that you you know. Kind of have an island be fair to eat thing to have Biederman. Don't want actually out there on the electric that would be very beneficial for a guy like let me 2018. I don't think a lot of people expect a lot at a what is the army wouldn't. Well I mean first of all the human isn't Drew Brees has got to NFL starts under his belt he's got a year with Sean McDermott and know that there's a bond between. Peterman a McDermott because of well because he drafted in the because of everything they went through last year I guess when it comes down to agenda is. You know eventually as fans you wanna see your coach your team put out the guy that gives you the best chance to win on Sunday. And it's a small sample size of based on what we've seen out through two pre season games. My belief is that's Josh Allen based on what he's been able to do with his physicality. With his arm strength and in keynote throws that he's been able to make to me. Our for a more impressive then the throws that need Peterman has made this pre season thus far. I could not agree more I mean when you look at the talent level between even if you're agent Eric idiot jobs salad you'd been a talented guy out on the field when he walked out on that. I totally agree with you and all that bad. It almost acting like a 100% L got it. You look reported in the pocket he's able to keep it and the -- you'll pressure but he doesn't panic all of those. But Sean McDermott is now so. There on the there at auction with everything. That I think as much of that pain and even reporters. That are out there and playing with the want to get at that time that I the term. Though precautionary and Stovall. I again I am not saying calculated bet ink. Sean McDermott he would hit and bring it being picked it. So much poke it. On taking their time with every aspect that the situation even led attack that you can count in the record one Victor hammered home and direct patient in Irving got erect one yesterday out of that there are more complex and I would imagine beating intimate with the once again. Every time we would want to get excited that aren't aren't happening got. It right. Now it is the part you know that crop that we hear about all the time. I've not frustrating you want Victor that they give them a compliment that Alan our guys will move forward. I don't expect it to happen at least I would be shocked if it were to happen. Our guess is Jenner cop for thirteen wham sports tonight. Feel bad for AJ McCarron. He's not sure where we go from here. In regards me caromed do you see the Buffalo Bills picking up but at least somebody for the fourth pre season game you see out. Perhaps in scouring the waiver wire to get them another body in here. I mean I think they're actually get it need to bring in Atlanta and like that I feel it at eight edit it injury could not happen earlier time. We needed to have and that line really playing well and against Cleveland. It didn't look great with the pressure having necked collar bone that hairline fracture I think that bill you know they're gonna have to move on from and the only way I thought the bill. Nearly three quarterback in the Eden is it that they're EP was Josh Allen. And now I think back and count on that you can't handle that pressure and had been adapting his game very well. I think you know the building and how. Decide someone you have. You know that the rollout there for the game next meet in the well you know earlier or later on on Sunday but I mean I would expect that pack that. Though they're they don't dine on one count eating at eat coup that will be. Janet judge and a cultural thirteen win sports joining us in sports where Jenna. An area of concern for me from watching now two weeks of pre season football. Of course who's gonna start at quarterback is is the primary concern but didn't look at the defense of side of the ball. And I really worry about what's happening on the outside edges of this defense specifically at the second level that Milan Lorenzo Alexander teams running to the outside. Getting that edge and and ripping off huge chunk plays. In the run game and in in the dean passes to the flat. Is there any talk around the bills right now about improving that part of the defense defense that was. Supposed to be improved this year with some of the acquisitions that they made. He had no idea under and I understand that when your top manager that Pamela you know he had a nick beacon rule last year at it really came into that well but it is you were kind of eating. I don't know the immediate drop off but you definitely need some intervene parked up the fact that he's trying to challenge Milan look like that it needs. The run deep and did not look good against Cleveland and eat yeah incoming in the EPO. Look at it from an addict he is there could be great that it could be a lot of recruitment. I think they'll can't get ahead of the well. In that manner and accurately realize that I think it occurred when you. Hold that standard of that is what we want Hillary has not been under the gun not getting any younger. Which is unfortunate because the work ethic that he brings but the cable. I think that those are really good harp on the younger guys in the map on it and I think it is our standard and it. Ian Brennan CNET on McDermott had made it very clear that they will do whatever they can't too intricate scheme but no one is safe and no matter your age. Or the rule it created in prior years. Jenna you brought up all the runs all Alexander and he certainly had an opinion on the united Jarvis. Landry had everybody did here's Lorenzo Alexander in his thoughts on that hit. It was our enemies that Jarvis and after that I mean that's the thing. It is harder look at coming back into the box like. Back to my outfit him with a shoulder. Its ability and it is a dirty play enough to definitively that it's. Another day so messed up Big Easy five. Because I Coughlin and especially defenders we going to make plea plays and didn't let go all wrote that they want taking the game and put the offense making well. Jarvis Landry dirty player now. I I think you'll learn about bullying other repercussions a couple of years ago and Aaron Williams. That type of player like that what can result mean I upload there client potentially and it is career. In terms of up on not just the build up meat being met parent dot that we spoke to him yesterday it. We want to eat it date on either rookie eat that you might have had a little more aware at the end of the day I mean Micah Hyde at bat. I I get it back at Kirkland they want to block it that he could to read now does need to be that I went and issued but it. The guy who's not even look really in that direction my height that it would BS I got it out it looked at it there like it. I am I clear there are added that because. There was no black on the play in the game you know they keep in on the back Hayward kind of neat that they are you were tactic the paper and then things like that go unnoticed. And is it frustrating from that that it bought the. I think the only standard that exists is a double standard if Jarvis Landry was wearing red white and blue wearing a uniform for the bills are making those kind of blocks that are in a routine. Fashion we'd be talking about him as one of the best receivers in the league it is they hate is violent it's a violent play in India were close to a because of what happened wings couple years ago but I just don't see how that plays. I mean if if you're calling it dirty I guess that's that's an opinion. But you know. OK so that's not a foul that's not a panel I don't know how that's. Considered dirty. I he would you're staying with the whole meeting with the shoulder but I do think it's their chronic back at their been trying to clean up the team make it let I'll make it port eight. And yet they're at a Villa keeper players that you. Things like that I act act like Eden double standard and I don't think. I mean if he was wearing a bill mr. I don't think people would be. They wouldn't really talk about a month but I think there's always going to be that because it only could be the direct. You don't no matter what whatever either on that he'd be brought it mention because of the the daytime queen became yet. Karen Johnson cadet he went down all the quietly on air and walking up the you'll never coming back out on a you can go to the implications on the please. Like that and from the main player you like to get all that struck a chord because that that the player but go to show that. This game is very violent but there's there's we only met down and I beat bad at that they're crime. Either bills dodged the bullet Kyle Williams. And and not a serious injury but one that's gonna keep amount what did you hear yesterday Jan is there any. Accurate timeline when it comes to cow winds return. Some McDermott said he will be week to week and we stopped power. Built facility yesterday and other port eight eat at that there as well today. And what it would grant around at like basically like a light. Crap so it pretty. Is that equipment like that went into a note when you. I think I'd see see him go down and I mean he. Picked at bracken said oh my gosh what can happen but the fact that he's. The week at big is so encouraging especially considering he's still around that the doing well. And I think he always bring that letter of level of leadership. And command I think that's so important so you know that it's still around the fact that he looked like he. In comes back and they'll really early or awaiting your back the BMR I result. He's walking around is you use of the quality of the Portland general. If it's an MCL sprain or something to that effect the you can probably imagine two to four weeks. You know maybe three weeks before he returns it for third and seal spray for that to heal up properly. Could certainly dodged a bullet could have been a lot worse for a Kyle Williams thirteen win sports. Jenna cock hosting great weather time here in the sports bar with danger the tag lead Jenna. Keep up the great work covering the bills really appreciate all the time you're devoted to keeping us informed on what's going on at one bills drive. Don't talk again soon all right. And on Tenet cultural he's got the new Thursday night that FaceBook live show with Carolina. So he can check that out Thursday. The team website yeah. Absolutely and and great job. And and love the coverage of course at the I Klein and Toby gel 300 and a great job and I appreciate the time I knew we were gonna disagree with that. Why did I know a with a hit well. Look at his jolt Landry. Are we talking about this I mean that that's what this is about right it's. That guy now. Can we separate the two let's go back to back games going sixteen the one that ended the career bear Williams near wines by the way OK I think. Yell loud brutal hits in his career that led up to that one. Did I guess I it's worth mentioning but not relevant. My point being. Landry launch data that wasn't dirty play down in Miami that was one that OK that was way out of line. What happened in Cleveland Friday night isn't on the same level was this the defensive back rookie defensive back not paying attention in my opinion. So what to wide receiver supposed to do not block. But I I can hear anybody that's it we're so close to it in its Jarvis Landry and we have a history with him his bills fancy you wanna hate the guy. But that I was doing that kind of play against a patriots. You tell me you would you'd be also had dirty play. Well off mobile Google log indicate I herewith that's. You would want that guy you and your team every day of the week. Wasn't it dirty play hard clean block. And Lorenzo Alexander you know and Micah Hyde did play the defensive side of the ball on their already under attack as the rest of everybody on the defensive side of the ball is throughout the NFL so they're going to be ultra sensitive to this and they might have a point that you should look to clean that up to and maybe that's a rule change you'll see in the future but until. That rule changes by the way his head was up but he led with these shoulder he laid a mop clean. If you see a suspended then maybe the leaks are something that we didn't see Timmy doesn't look like a dirty play and if you had Jarvis Landry. On your team making that kind of play you're defending them you Billick got strong rookie pitcher now. We're so close witnessed such a double 600 the only it's the only standard that exists G the double standards. Really bad calls over the weekend that was now wanna count and it stars and I'm. 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