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With the Bills wrapping up minicamp this week, WKBW's Joe Buscaglia joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss how the Bills have progressed. The guys also discuss the possibility of Bills training camp getting scaled back at St. John Fisher College.


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Streaming online that ESPN Rochester dot com breaking news scores and undermanned audio book Marcus sports leader. ESPN Rochester dot com. Here in the sports bar with danger and tag Leo the only tuck the best and brightest minds yeah. They share their knowledge with fueling you become smarter just for listening to Rochester. Sports stations and guys like Joseph the scallions from the UK VW buffalo. Afternoon Joseph Torre but it. I am great job. Well how how does is it was a deejay milk yesterday a little bit of a different play having some fun the last day of buck. Of minicamp. BI let these guys on me years American free can do it now eight at exits like eight all full speed and covering the team and that is that of course for me being BJ. Inside. The deal out one bills drive. They're doing practice so yes they I believe it was BJ milk. And it was it was a pretty wallet you know I didn't really hear many of the transition Butte. Pretty good on the beat and and the other part of it they never stopped. Moving like they were dancing the entire time which I really. Jo EU bing you've been covering this team extensively obviously super eight years the McDermott higher we've talked you in the past about. You know that that the makeup of this guy's a he's a different character in that. I you know moderately but I haven't heard a lot of negative. Comments out of his mouth. Via press conference after practice and into the closest thing I sought any negativity was a concern. Over Charles plays me. Now with mini camps in the rear view mere. Do we still feel the same way about China to bridge still feel the hope and optimism that you feel that bills that they think are accustomed to feeling in the offseason but specifically this season with a new head coach in place. Yeah I'd say bill because it finally you know just based on what we've seen for so long. It finally feels like Ayers a plant which. They don't really minuscule upper and and a belt team but for the longest time with the Buffalo Bills organization. It almost just kind of felt like they were making up. And you know whether B. Had coached pairing was with the album that that the GM didn't actually higher that. Urgency and a quirky unique spin nor. Hiring and coached like Chan Daley bet what it on anybody's radar whatsoever and at the thing by monitored via outlook. Anybody's radar whatsoever body neck so they're just all of these outlets. It just that examples of them. Just trying to make up of the go along with this time. It feels different and odd that that really. It's January now and only because. You know they changed a lot of stuff with in different department all throughout the organization I think that it helps because. For the longest time they had. This culture over one built private you hear that it bought her a lot but put it there I mean. They kept doing the same thing over and over and over again you're in and year out. And expected things to change and when they didn't they'd bail all day could do at that point was fired at go to bar that they've been making this changes. The route different departments. I think finally they have a plan in place now well work. That has to be seen but I do know one note Sean McDermott rated be will try and out work everybody else in the NFL. And will that be a recipe for success we're gonna find out what they based that and done all the right things to the point in the autopsy. Joseph this galli at WK BW our guest here in the sports are 957 years can't. Are you could imagine more worsening from here in Rochester that caught our attention on the new camp schedule released in. I this is different I would consider a 530 practice and I night practice but if you were to consider it that's the only one the opening day. Joseph are we moving toward a day eventually worried the Buffalo Bills will have. Their camps like no other NFL teams adjusted their own facility. Well I think you knew you melded on the ad there because only what the fact that that's the trend around and a well and there is at least a compelling case to make to have it be at their facilities because. Rather than having. AA. You know multiple practices getting yourself ready getting or right. For the upcoming beat him. Rather than doing so. In. College classrooms. Where players live in college dorm which you know the dorms are on the director side saddle and a discredit about it. But and have them. In to a a tiny locker room that oil could be briefed fool and big John Fisher College you know it when you have at your disposal. In multi million dollar complex where the there's these Marc Klaas back in that all of these guys equally everything. All the specifications you want. To have during the heat and you can just keeping seamlessly ever won that one in one place the same time people are. Are at home I mean there's a compelling case for that but what I will stay here is that the build understand. How important. You know realizing. Between it and for the past. Decade and a half what now. Having the training camp at saint John Fisher College in Rochester because there is a good base of Spain built span. I in in that region I mean he wouldn't be talking about the bill that are single bag is that what that. You know bay they have respect for that. And though maybe we might go down a path where training camp gets reduced a little bit more than what we've been bought this year. But you know I do think that the bills valued the fact that they have. Such loyal band. In Rochester. So I don't I don't necessarily think that they're going to do away with it all together but maybe we just get to a situation where it. Maybe like a week to week and a half. As opposed to. You know 34 weeks or about what America beat them at all they get to a 56 weeks spell I think that might be the weight training but they do value. Is there more to be valued when you consider the population north of the border when you're talking about the regional popularity this team mean. You've got people in Rochester and Syracuse in this region there and be loyal to the bills. Whether they're training camp here or not. What about north of the border I mean this certainly more along the lines of conversation when they were taking those games to Toronto Joseph. I know I'm. I think if rock sprain and dropped out there aren't that we're gonna take our training camp practices to Rondo people will rumble. Not yet. Nobody got that good to have tree and have the training camp there at the facility though he's more beneficial yet forgetting those fans north of the border to come to buffalo. Four bills practice. Absolutely absolutely I misunderstood your point there yeah Abington I mean and they're kind of like. Testing the waters a little bit because for the first time but in covering that they're having a legitimate practice open to the public. Inside the state. And that that is our it is you know finger quote I expect should be. I don't think Sean McDermott really want to go too far into the night. I practiced paying him and having guys having you know which approach which double bird that is either Barry. Schedule beat L oriented man and I think that's why you saw the changes in that type of practice. Though having that there certainly it it will be a good litmus. At this point to be the kind of intrigued at. That you know having a bad practice that stadium. Could bring I would estimate going to be a huge. Is bad for the bail them I think that they are able probably and it being. Act two to a certain degree or how much treating him like that would be. You know Joseph Jaya said you know how your gene set the over under for that its 151000 where you don't. Oh I. I'll probably take the under just because it's new but attic or Oden and people being the type of accept that but we'll be able to get I think I think if they continue to do that Oprah or broke that. I look at it is wage you know where you have your it's a ritual for for a lot of fans in buffalo hey let's take the trip about. I you know what we want to go all out there Fisher let's just go here serie you're gonna have that benefit for for your fans closer. I'd Joba skelley joining us here he is with WT BW while talking bills football prop Ross brain and what what are we what systems roll exactly. And how much control I mean we saw him in that video. Well welcoming eight unit Sean McDermott to the facility. But you have all the football people employees. Well what is his role today with the Buffalo Bills. Yeah I had you know I get the trepidation bella been out with rocks because for a long time he played prominently into. All of the decision. That happened in all I get that. More than anyone because I had to cover it on a daily basis. But what I say is. Maybe I am being naive here but from everything that I've heard everything everyone that I've talked to. Is that Russ Brandon. Is about as much. Apart from the football side as you or that that is what that is what I am being told from that perspective so. What does frustrated you heed the team president of all the sabres and bills and what does he do. Extraordinarily. Well maybe as well as. Anybody professional sports is market the heck out of to now to losing franchises. And getting people to buy it you're and figure out that to me is as impressive resume as you can spot now. You know beer that may. Back in the you know attitude out may 2000 I rain girl would be early and you know when he was figuring prominently. Into it. Certainly over stepping his bow pulpit because what a qualified by. You know I still think he's a valuable part of the organization the Pakula who love what I eat they trust him implicitly. And I just I don't figured he'd be seeing rot spread him. Be going anywhere anytime soon as long as the business at one bills drive it. One he Moore knocked flat oh boo being the way that it has been. Yet Joseph and and I know that it's real easy for everybody to pile on because he's really the constant now through the drought. And I've decided that I'm not going to do that and work is if you're like yeah he might be the constant drop as far as Rochester sports fans that he might be the biggest cheerleader for Rochester left within that organization. Old Abby and in its title picture if that's that's that's what is right parent. You know would you could argue with that that's Ehrlich and to be what they have training camp there career what. That would. Dole as though he is a big proponent of that you know he's really helped market esteem and AA and and getting. It getting better put glue it in the air I think you know. So that's that's probably going to be something that undervalued Apollo rust frantic panic Debian and however it being as. What sport built spanned the bad they don't have to worry about the walker spell. And I think Ross get that he deserves the the criticism that got. Or you know potentially being the be active GM for awhile. But I didn't think he. Did a bad rap it's time because now he's. He's gone from put all the it and they'll go wherever the blue oh sure and you know what they need to hire a head coach. Till he knows enough people now Indiana now where. You can get phone numbers and beat a white man do to where today he can. You know. That the deck for the privilege to make a decision and get those people into places by and he is not the one making McCall anymore that that's not his deal. Joseph the scallions WK BW are cast here bring an end in a sports are 957 ESPN's Joseph we just wrapped up minicamp. Euro overall takeaways from what you saw this week. Yeah I think it is a roster that is buried up. And is day. Were to. Sustain an injury. To one of call today. Rita from position. Then I think he could. Infinitely hurt them and and how they're trying to win in this piece and am the first two are pretty easy to spot. You know the one being shot McCoy because after him. They've got Jonathan Williams to really didn't call back rate last year he's got to prove himself this year or if brown picked. I'm Patrick O'Neill. We've got cut by the Eagles. Twice in training camp last year. Joseph bang your 28 year old veteran journeyman. And Jordan Johnson who is UB product that. Probably just there because of the local be elated that you don't really struck the other a runner and you keep broke Mike Tolbert and there are but. Over really isn't that what to be every down back anymore. That he probably was when you think are audit belt. I bet if ego if McCoy goes down there in dire straits especially virulent or stop. Pro and Tyrod Taylor there all the backup quarterback. Art. They did not have a good offseason but he TJ Yates had one good day. Peter Ben what do you know. It wasn't really anything special court held jailed abysmal. So it's just. They have a major problem that back up quarterback Tyrod out thing. Our memory and add that I demanded an Ottawa I have to point out you because after Jerry Hughes and Shaq law then. Mean it got right in Davis as their main back up and I mean he was just good. In all one year deal old reagents binding that they made. I thought but they really note that the speaker builder re bicycle. Opposition but. You know that it that's that's supplement the work through this here especially trying to reach will be at Russert. How brain had been in John McDermott it. Spend some time a job with scallions sports bar danger and tags lead Joseph mini camp over training camp on the horizon mean. He got some downtime now we talked to the other beat reporters for the bills and they're talking about that on occasion to its golf fan what do you got going on job. Well I I am going to be by your the one I. Blair. I basic believe log off for awhile. Yeah you know wide I go up you know every year the fourth of July by. What are my very very good friend especially at the place up up in Canada. That we go to every single year you know turn off the load and you know be up there for the fourth of July in. You date or after dolby baton going to be heading to Florida State. I don't see go to Disney world with. With my girlfriend and then go to beat my family that dump more good news though. It will be a good. Meant school rat. Good mental holiday and then you know rejuvenate. Everything or via. This storm that is training camp and it and it spot because I. And I can be like. To go back. That that the. Why is our kids are are wrapping up their school season you can hear the scene there like I can't wait a kind of overkill we think we feel like we with the media can't be or like. We take a break a month long break from covering this team because they all are it's almost a twelve month a year cycle is it not. Did it really is and once the mini camp is over that's when you now are the built themselves are going to go and I think for the next week. That means I'm tight that they've convinced so I think that the most. The biggest story that I saw happen in it and in my tenure was when Kiko Alonso suffered an injury and around fourth of July and and you know he wasn't really the same because of the bat belt. Now now we have you I mean that was the biggest thing that happened though it's got to that stage period worries you you know you can't return on operable but. You know oh well let's be real my opponent number all I would have got him. With that last there was two years ago Eric Romer the bills' offensive line coach getting into was. That's. I happen Joey you're gonna jinx yourself here you told a regular fourth of July. Less than the days of Rex Ryan are. I think a lot of this culture that that we were talking about the bugs were switched on McDermott. If he had any say. You know that we will be hearing a peep out of Buffalo Bills. Without being nice though be refreshing change in step in the right direction Joba Scalia. WK BW dot com you can read his work there are joining us here in the sports bar with danger and the tag leave Joseph enjoy the rest of your weekend and of course your dessert well deserved. Time off we will talk to you again soon all right. All right thank god that popular Rochester. That Joseph the Scalia WK BW or guest here in the sports bar danger of tangling with the bills inside scoop provided exclusively by Perry's ice cream. It is a bowl Perry's. Lot to get into and talking with Joba Scalia I did just cannot chalk that up to slow news day. Are you still need losing training camp in Rochester now. No way I can see the Buffalo Bills actually considering this way and you add it all up. And boom I think there are going to do gangbusters. That's Friday afternoon that knew where a field one there on the field for a free practice. During the weekend for families data we wanna go to Rochester do we wanna do is go down the street they're gonna go down the street. And they're gonna sell jerseys in concessions and everything else that goes along with it. Hi it's the beginning I think danger to the teen weaning itself off the saint John Fisher couch. That's a likely scenario to me that it won't be taken away completely. That there will be you know because the allegiance to rot you need a Rochester presence but you need a Rochester presence for four weeks five weeks. At saint John Fisher College can you can you live with three practices. A week's worth of profits when you get to that point why bother now I'm just taking this from a football standpoint. For Shawmut interment logistically. Heck of a lot easier to have the guys in the better weight room in the better treatment facility in the better cafeteria you get my point. When Joseph the Skelly says it's a multimillion dollar facility. It's a multi million dollar facility yet pro center out there they've developed in buffalo soon going to be away for that for 34 weeks. Hey yeah IE eight in all these teams around the NFL. The bills are the only one that vision that goes outside of their own facility for training camp VA's. Is not the trend is now the norm in the NFL where you practice your training camp at your own facilities. Well it leads to one of our comments from all drink to that which will get to next in the sports bar if Europe. A Rochester bills fan who values and having a full training camp at saint John Fisher College. Boy you need to hope that Sean McDermott fails and fails fast. That and more as we play Aldridge and that's the sports com it's free to agree or disagree with your always welcomed at. Join in and pull the stool or 454 ESPN 4543776. Act ESPN Rochester. On Twitter as well I'll drink to that next the sports part danger and the tight lipped ESPN Rochester.