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WKBW's Bills Beat Reporter Joe Buscaglia joins Danger and Battaglia to discuss all things Buffalo Bills related including roster spots and who should be atop the depth chart at several positions!


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Welcome back skills camp lies the sports bar with danger of the tag they hear on the campus of saint John Fisher College as we inherited Don for the week year to one guy. Certainly the war continues signed now one of those longtime bills reporters. On the beat Joba stallion from WT VW. All thanks for stop and buying your first John I know guys among among your turn now a minute I'm not and I'm no longer in the comfy confines of home mom I'm here in Rochester will love this time here that how does camp this year compared to what we've had in years past with that with this team the you've covered this into a long time you've seen a lot yes it's it's completely different from from last year it's it's almost laughable how different it is I mean. Last year or worse at near this time a year we're sitting here talking about. I can't I'm Polly come into the team just two days after punching geno Smith and the job that I mean that that literally happened with that with bills with the bills and you know Rex you know taking his. Lap band out to be in solidarity with his brother. But now it's like. It's it's totally business oriented and you can tell just from what the players are doing from from a daily basis other kind of jelling together. You know is it gonna work this year are they going to get more wins out of it this year to be determined but. I will say it's a lot more of an accountable approached a lot more businesslike approach and I think. It's it's them. Great change for this organization while the news today ankle on Bolden arrives here at Fisher Joseph how do you think guy he fits in with a soft science I think he will fit in significantly with this office based on what we saw today he's been here for a like. What 28 hours tops. And he is already working with the first team substantially. And working alongside Sammy Watkins in three wide receiver sets today at some working with Watkins about Greg Holmes. Rosie Jones was mixing in there as well but it's very clear that they have a immediate and significant playing for him going and going forward and as long as everything stays good from a health perspective. I expect him to be. If not starting then factoring in significantly wet weather being the number three receiver but I think they've got a plan in place for the given his history and his that is a missile at a time when he's been healthy most of his career with the exception breaking his face when he is with Arizona meet and how he showed up to camp. Looking like and mumbled yes see Jane I mean he's he's a step slower and that's to me it's not just in the guys can be 37 on October 3 through fifth Emmy and it's it's kind of amazing this is his fifteenth year. But you know he's still that is a coal. You know punch you in the mouth type of type of player and that's kind of what they need and and the most underrated part to his game the third book that they're adding here. Mean what is what are the bills if he had a look at the bills on offense what are they. They are run first team. Anquan Boldin is one of the best run black blocking wide receivers out there so add that. You bring in an email. Basically just wrestle with cornerbacks all all day long especially when the running stretch runs out wide. And you've got a great blocker right in front Avian Bolton that that is. Our great thing to add for them and and what their what they're trying to do so now it's just a matter of what type of receivers he's going to be so just. Play doubles that advocate for 12. Last year in 2016 it compared to 2015. His yards per catch dipped by about three yards so. What type of receiver are you getting how dynamic will he be. Those these are all questions that we have to find jobless Galley or delete KBW our guest here in the sports are 957 ESPN and so. And the offensive line. Returning and LeSean McCoy returning. Paris Taylor return yet. Added to this kind of you bring emboldened this is pretty much the full Koppel and released this is as good as it gets rainy NFL right is this 117 not the year to figure out. Okay as Tyrod our guy going forward Tyrod has got to make it work this year there's no doubt in my mind I mean. You can sit there and say it last year you can't really judge him all that great because. Literally didn't have Sammy Watkins firm most of the year. Didn't have Robert Woods for a sub like 45 game stretch and who's he throwing to Walt Powell I mean and mean you can't judge him fairly. From from last year based on that when he's just got like on a revolving door of receivers to go through that so. This year in this often specifically because they know for a fact that. These guys Sean McDermott Rick Dennison are going anywhere after this year. So if he doesn't make those strides. In this year then I think for them it would be time to move on in and find a young guy who can do it because it you know Tyrod is that in any younger. His experience will just be growing and if he is what he is already than than you have to make that call. And I I found something very interesting what Rick Dennison said on Monday. You know he he was asked essentially you know is there are more of a stress to stay in the pocket. And and you know he's like it really all the depends on the play. But when there are multiple reads that need to be done. And and the design of the play is to stay in the pocket and operate from within the pocket my expectation is that that is what happens and what have we seen for Tyrod Taylor the past couple years sometimes. He he wigs out a little bit and then tries to get out out of the pot little bit too early so that's something they need to see significant improvement. Oh with because Brandon dean has said it himself to the team of the team has said what he looks for most in a quarterback in a franchise quarterback is someone who is able to operate well with in the pocket. He'll discuss AW KB WR guest in the sports bar danger of a tag Leah bills camp like Joseph are we seeing a different. Tyrod Taylor this camp we've heard a couple of stories from the other beat reporters one you know Mike wrote back telling the story of Tyrod kind of pulling him aside and and you know challenging them on a couple of points that he made an article and also you know you know calling out to welfare for yesterday in practice or were right about that you know like right we haven't seen the a vocal Tyrod Taylor tyra killer show that kind of emotion in the past he's always kind of been up. Behind that you know back behind that that they had coached the bluster of the head coach Wright that he set for the last two years is this a different tyra tellers is Sean McDermott. Challenging his quarterback to use any negative publicity to fuel his performance on the field I don't think that's. That's what it is honestly yesterday. Which is when the right about that thing happened. I just that that was probably the loose this I've ever seen Tyrod. At practice I mean. He's run in from fuel one field to the other. And and you know going to his next drill. And has used and he's doing so a fan was taking a picture of something on the field and he jumped in front of it imposed for just the second I mean. That that was just kind of the first. A little sign that maybe he was feeling a little bit more loose and and even after the practice. And I I posted a video on my on my Twitter feed about. In the you know him being. In the background of Charles clay trying to get him to crack end quote Obama Charles Slater did any gun or getting out of new big goofy smile on a space so. I think if that was just a product of him being a little bit with Celtics he's trying to. Use us as motivation for anything I'm like I'm I'm one of the African reporters that acidity and don't have a big big problem with that so I think. I think you that was a good sight to see for Todd now. It now can he play loose and continue to do everything that this offense is asking to do that's going to be the biggest question plug. Here's my theory like your one year any new job was a new job mean of this. Job to begin with yet to go on earning you get a buy your teasing to using your Tulare contract and racks and everything getting out of Iraq shadow has that helped Tyrod and why. May be maybe it has you know I don't think there was any coincidence that that yesterday that he was. You know the looses I've seen him that he if he is and he had his best practice I mean. Could that be just him settling in and not always having to worry about what's the sides are doing maxed everything like that. You know there is very much a an era of consistency. Within the message. In in those doors that are just to just write a few minutes for yourself. I think yeah I think it could potentially help thorough analysis the matter of him actually doing and on the field we can we can sit here and and wonder if he'll actually be able to do it but until he proves it on the field than than you know with thirst there's ultimately more you can say about Tyrod. The DK BW's Joseph this guy you are guests in the sports bar danger of the tightly appeals camp live. From saint John Fisher College pre season opener Thursday pregame starting at 5 o'clock UP here here on ESPN Rochester. John McDermott mentioning that the start is probably get around a quarter play which isn't a surprise or he's in prize. That Sammy Watkins will be a part of that quarter played at McDermott's talking about. A little surprise that he's gonna get the full thing but I think they're just trying to move past the foot and he knows he can do it if he can handle it then then by all means he even the day after he came back from ankle tweak. That was as many teen droll reps that I've seen him take you through training camp so far so. It's been good signs they're trying to ramp him up along with the first team in two and make sure that he's a full time starter and if if fall checks out on Thursday and through the rest of the pre season then. Pull off the rains I mean this this is this will be Sammy is. A big year we all know it's a contract year now. And he needs to prove it the bills to teams are on the league to himself that he can still be a dominant player in this league and I think he's talented enough to do. Jobless Galley our guest the other starters we'll see a little bit Olson a lot of guys are not familiar with so. For bills fan watching and maybe even watching the the second half to me a player who. And they keep your eye on this guy evaluate if you watch long and home well. You know I'll stick with some positions that are easier to see on TV because I could give you some safety and and America can never see a white get me back so. The one guy that I've really had my eye on this entire camp. He started as just you know throw away thirteen defensive end and now he's working with the first team defense seems Eddie York. And you know he's in his second technical year. Spent last year in training camp with the Denver Broncos learned from guys like Von Miller. And DeMarcus Ware. And and now you know after some great play throughout training camp practices I've quite literally seen him. It make the big play in a practice nine out of the eleven days and to me that and the coaches have obviously seen at the bump him up to the second team. He did really well with that and now to check Lawson is taking some I think some time from team drills because the groin injury Yarborough was getting all those reps are Yarborough is gonna get the start. So you wanna watch somebody that'll probably work into the second team as well. He's got to really keep an eye on because if he ends up doing well these pre season games this is. Absolutely. The Cinderella. Underdog story and that that you always want to see at training camp. Mean small school guy undrafted from Wyoming the mean making it potentially so that that's the guy that I'm gonna have my eye. Joseph what have you seen out of the backup signal calls for the Buffalo Bills it hasn't been a a great camp firfer TJ Yates. Or or for Nate Peterman what would meet human have to show you over the course of the pre season addition to show fans that he would be the number two guy behind Tyrod Taylor. I think it's gonna take a lot because. He still trying to learn the offense TJ Yates already has a head start on and in that capacity because he would gates worked with Dennison back in Houston yet. So. I think Peter Mahan is really behind in that respect and then even on the field. Yates isn't really doing great but Peter it's evident yes and that something that that needs to improve in the pre season that I mean it. If Biederman light the world on player and pre season while means make him the back of the wanna go but I don't think they want too much on this kid too early. And they you know they have gates there. If they need to go to Yates that means the season's basically done anyway that the so the sole. If they do need to go to Yates then and it doesn't perform as well as what they would hope. Then bring Peter NN I think it it would take an awful lot for him to take the backup job. On the other side of the football Reggie rag one non how the story and dive and I camper right when this year could he get delta just seems like he's not a fit for this defense immediate trade I mean today was. An alarming day for him. You know most days but for through the first ten days of camp we saw Reggie regular and working with the second team defense that middle linebacker the entire time never took a first team wrapped. That's been all Preston brown. Never took a thirteen race. Today. It was Gerald Hodges with the second team defense at middle linebacker. And radical and was splitting third team reps with a guy named Carl Bradford. Not particularly good particularly the best sign for a guy who was just a second round pick now. I don't wanna jump over the move because of one practice we wanna see him there what were they have a wind up for games everything like that but. You know it is at least an indication that they are looking at other possibilities. Before that second to Europe linebackers. And the reason they might like Hodges a little bit borrowers because he's more versed Alley can play all three spots and he's practiced all three spot so far in camp so. From that respect and I think. I think we could potentially see radical and it don't mean he still has value he's never played a snap. In a regular season game. And former second round pick not necessarily fit for this defense but he is for for others and he doesn't provide the versatility that Sean McDermott will like. So it'll kind of builds toward one way if he doesn't really take hold of the second team linebacker job. And that is to try and see we can get form before you have to give him for an open booty to Q could get pork. That see that's tough to gauge that market because it's a guy coming off reporting cl so you don't know if he's going to be the same guys you saw on college which is is big. However. Still has that still has that outside as a former second round pick a fringe first rounder from last year. If you could get a fourth forum. I'd jump at that no heartbeat. I would tend to think based on the lower valuations are across the NFL it you're probably looking more like a fifth maybe sixth round pick. Could be wrong you don't really know how to judge because every case is different but they you know just from experience seeing how those guys tendency. Treated with that with trades. I would say if you're in a fourth year you're doing it. We Knoll there is a compensatory formulas and does this now put a hundred homes in the line of fire. With the realization of Sebring emboldened now you Michael Holmes there's a chance you can get a. A pick out of there yeah I think I think. Holmes is it should be on alert right now he needs to make his today. On special teams I think that is his direct line to making this roster and proving to the bills from office that pisses. This he needs to be kept because now with Boldin in there you know they have a plan in place Rosie Jones otherwise they wouldn't have traded up to get him. And Sammy Watkins is clearly going to be a starter so. And then is he is no worse. Is his worth a valuable enough special teams. To ward keeping him when you have a potential third round pick you can bring it you know I pose the question. On Twitter this morning. You know if if it were you. What is more important to you. A backup wide receiver Andre homes a backup defensive end and Ryan Davis and a backup. Interior linemen and Vlad. 2017. It. Or 20183. Round pick which could end up being a starter for you down the line so. To be it's an easy decision I'm not the one being held accountable for so that clearly it's going to be an easy decision but. You know we've seen bills may be even works some other guys in that that could challenge. Those guys in particular for roster spots for instance. With glad to customers struggle to training camp so far in my estimation. Michael whole lot is a guy that they're true or cross training at guard and in tackle. And you know potentially be a little bit more versed pile. Even working with the second team that offensive line so that's that's a got to keep and I am for you costs and then before Ryan date this. But it an undrafted free agent that they've really liked mark radius Lewis really long these were people defensive tackle and defensive end now maybe he takes Ryan davis' role so. Still a lot to be determined these pre season games but there is now. A route to get there too it's a potentially get that third round pick for Stephon Gilmore and I like that Brandon being set I wouldn't be doing my job if I'm not thinking about those things so that's clearly up their mind. Joba scallions WK BW buffalo our guest here the sports bar danger in the tag Lee could follow on Twitter act. Joseph the stallion we know how busy you are really appreciate you give us all time no this afternoon to join us here at. Saint John Fisher College show and a generous you're weak in right now right well the first game on Thursday can't threat.