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Next on The Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia, Joe Buscaglia of WKBW. Listen as he gives his perspective of the Bills after the first preseason game, and throughout camp.

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Welcome back the sports bar with danger of a tag -- alive from saint John Fisher College it is bills camp live. With danger of the tag glee here and united 59 to 57 FM welcomed welcoming in jobless guy you from WK BW into the country sweet hot seat Joseph hi event. I've been great guys it's it's been a good camp. It's almost over can't believe it's thirty almost over. I think this camp number ten for me so while yeah it up there in a starter when I was a long haired idiot with. At 21 years old but now now were were here in 2018 and they've got to. Flashy new quarterback for the first time since I've been on the beat. Joseph can we talk about camp really quickening your ten years here at saint John Fisher College when you pulpit in eighteen million in your training facility. How much longer do you think saint John Fisher College is in the Clinton know that there's a contract I think tilt when he when he won if I'm not mistaken. Yeah I believe for the next four years there's a contract in 08. They have. All the tools back in Orchard Park they have two different fields they have. But locker room that Kim how it's ninety people sure they have all their stuff that they don't have to pick up and move the operation they if you talked anyone with the bills they'll say hey we're happy with the with saint John Fisher were happy with that that. And everything along those Clinton for that part they have been but you also have to think about like. But the corporate sponsorships back in buffalo that wanna like. Go to training camp have that experience and with all these renovations. In what seems like it would make it a little bit more fan friendly over there. I mean they've got ample parking that they can keep an house they've got all of this this different stuff that got ample area for. You know interactive places for kids and stuff like that. So it it would make sense to me that. They would bring it back there but again the bills would never be of that belief were there for that. That mindset to actually say it out loud even if they are thinking it now Remy will enjoy it while it's here Joba Scalia. Our gas pump up the quarterbacks yeah. So your impressions so far it's here we are end of camp practically. Has anything really changed since the beginning camp in terms of where these three quarterbacks stand yet it it has changed the past couple of days and that that after their light practice following the Carolina pre season game. They came back here and it's now it's a bit of a different rotation seems like. It's a bit more of a three man starting competition than it has been at any point so far and you'd have to think that. The job jail and opening up the field and making throws that. Heck the the other two guys just will never be able to do. You have to think that plays into things even though he just went nine of nineteen for however many yards a 116 I think it was so. What we've seen the past couple of days it's Joshua Allen working with the ones working with the twos that was a couple of days ago and then then on Monday. He was with the second team exclusively which was the first time we've seen that the entire camp so if you follow. From a logical standpoint and you know general rotations. Need to Peter Mahan was with the ones on Sunday then with the threes on Monday AJ McCarron was with the twos on Sunday and with the ones on Monday. Just killed was with the threes on Sunday and with the twos on Monday so you would think right now that Peter and actually took threes. Allen might be alive for once before too long and and that would be a huge story. OK so applying that logic and Gina we're having this conversation yesterday at some point if your goal was to get Josh talents of some playing time this season right it's a point he's gonna have to get the consistent model for a yeah whistle once. If Peter would start week one of the pre season let's hypothetically say AJ McCarron starts week two of them every season a troop rotation would have. Josh outlets starting week three of the pre season which would also be what everybody teams that dress read her yes yes and they see something like that playing enough well I think it it. A lot of it depends on what these guys do in Cleveland on Friday but. I think there's also an opportunity even if just as long as one of those guys don't throw all over themselves on Friday. I think there's an opportunity there where there's going to be so many raps with the first team in that. Pre season game against the Bengals that. I would would now be surprised if they got all three guys. In a series or two with the with the first team just because it would make the most sense but you have to give that practice time and make sure those guys are comfortable with those players. So that would be where Joshua Allen would have to come and play at some point here getting ample first team reps and I'm not just talking about. A snappy Shearer snap there or series here a series here on offensive walk here I'm talking about given a full day may be a full two were three days with the with the ones. Just to see what he does with those guys because he hasn't really practiced with them a ton this year. Jobless galli at WT BW our guest here in 957 ESPN. Joseph is somebody as much as anyone in the media that. Most watched the film and weighing new look at what Josh Allen did deck Carolina game let's go back to that came when he did you positive. And what are some things you think he needs to work on both start the things he needs to work on just because of her fans wanna get those out of the way first half. He. Is a little reckless and that's something that's always been his for today. You'll watch him in games when they matter not go down for anything he did it all the time at Wyoming. Took some vicious hits because of it I remember one time where he like dole for something and it kind of flipped them over and it's like. Dude you're not Superman you're you're not invincible here he would then you can get hurt even though you're you're built like a like a truck but. I think with him that fourth and two is the one that stands out more than anything. And that's something he cannot do he cannot as he's going down Tryon whipped it back in the field of play. If anything he's outside the tackle box just just throw it away that's that's something that has to come with time. And other than that. There are a couple of times where he threw the wrong route. I believe there was one minute that was supposed to go to Robert Foster on come back and he threw it as an out route. And he immediately to cross into the other is my bad. And then. Later on there is the play that was almost an interception. I'm not sure that was his fault or MacLeod ball. It was two plays before touchdown happened. And that's just one of those where you have to be on the same page with the receiver and it. And if the receivers running the wrong route that's also one you because you have to make sure you're communicating. As to what you want. And of course McLeod. Gets gets some of the blame there too if if it was his fault but from a from this. The positives. He makes throws that. You just don't see. And that is what keeps bringing you back with Josh Al and that's what keeps bringing general managers scouts. Back to his tape that Wyoming because they're just so many examples of where. He just fires one where you. Don't think anyone humanly could. I've been perfect example from college anyway it was they were playing Nebraska early in the season amateur there was this year last. Last year but. He he rolled right and just the Rudolph is back foot about. 55 yards down the field and hit the feud in the in the end zone and it's like. Honey honey how you do that and he kind of did something similar. It in the panthers' game it was the playwright for the touchdown. Where is there where he rolled out of the pocket since the pressure. Threw it off his back foot and curry Lee went up and got it it was he used Hugh is the only guy that could have gotten that because the linebacker was facing. Facing the tight end so. With that. You get special traits to throw over the middle the field three were McLeod was incredible he froze the linebacker right in space and through it with anticipation to where there was space. And on the touchdown mean. You can probably count on one hand in the NFL how many guys can make that broke and it's probably not ball flight fingers. You talk about the positives and I just wanna go back a little bit that fourth into play because I think that. And and those miscommunication that you discussed between the receivers and we've seen it in practice and there's been times restart interceptions practice. Because the wrong route was run or he threw right wrong route. Is that really that the biggest. Think that we have to overcome for Josh talented to get those first few reps to get to be considered the starter for this team which long term is is the goal obviously but. You know in the knock on him at Wyoming was the inability to read defense is and the line of scrimmage like mentally his thing is he's is he able to mentally. Processed everything that needs to be processed to be starting quarterback in the NFL. Yeah we don't know yet and I'm sure that has to come with time and that's one of the biggest hurdles that he has overcome to show them that he's actually ready for this thing so he's going to come out here and win the starting job outright. Then he guessed it showed that. He can go through is for Russians and manipulate defenders with his size because there a couple of times where he'll stared out at target and that's a no no no matter how good of an army tapped. And then from there there's also times where he reads the defense right gets so excited. And they do their mails and he did that yesterday practice where I think he had rod Streeter deep middle over the field and and it's it just wide open no one around him. Easy touchdown. Air mailed it by about the good fight ten yards and that he was very mad at himself but that's that's the type of growing pains you have to get through. And those are things that he did at Wyoming too so that's why they're needs to be the right amount of patience. And understanding. Of hey this guy has all the potential in the world but he actually has to learn things before you just throw right out there because want to throw up their. No going back you cannot take him out of the lineup you cannot EJ Manuel this kid. Because if you do then you run the risk of setting him way back killing his confidence it. Even though he's a little bit of a different guy from a personality perspective and what EJ Manuel was. I still think it's. In today's NFL you cannot simply throw out the rookie quarterback and then bring them real back in and then just keep playing this Yo-Yo thing with them you it's. It has to be a onetime thing and once you go to Joshua Allen there's no looking back. Don't miss Cali WK BW soul let's. Figure this scenario is they are gonna go with a veteran for week one in Baltimore. How would you assess just the Peter Main feed me caring breakdown because. I don't know if they if it didn't seem like from the layman's perspective over here than they really you know we may have been able played well against Carolina. Yeah they did this and neither one of them did anything to eliminate themselves from the starting consideration and then that's a good thing for them. Peter men was. Within himself within the offense he didn't do anything spectacularly. He just didn't like. But he didn't spur route then he was he was very right on the ball with where the reads were growing where there was taking him everything like that the one. Area that he needs to get better that I don't know if he can. When he's throwing to the sideline I'm like a shorter route. That ball he doesn't have enough power on his arm and attempts to hand a little bit and we saw that against the LE chargers to Wear the cornerback. If they have any bit of athleticism and they read the quarterback. They'll go right to get out of it and just jumped the route and it's a peck wrote her a pass breakup. He did that again. Against Carolina but got away with that with for reception so these are things that. I don't know it's fixable. But it's something you have to live with with Peterman what I do like more about Peter may and that McCarron is that he's willing to chuck it down the field where there's defenders there. I think McCarron is mostly safe unless the first option which is down the field will. Will be errors in single coverage where you actually takes it an educated guess of a shot he's never going to just. Flight up there and just let the stuff that let the player go make a play and that's why you're going to see a lot of frustration if it's AJ McCarron from the fan base because. You know we've seen a lot of that guy yeah we've seen Trent Edwards we've seen EJ Manuel do the same thing. We've seen. You know Tyrod Taylor mostly do the same thing that Tyrod. And AJ are actually pretty similar except that AJ canister to pocket and the AJ takes a lot of that Tyrod what it took his taken a lot of sacks had it not been for his mobility so. You know it that those are things you have to be willing to live with with both guys but they do offer. But good mind and being with in the playbook and making the right reads and the timing of the game. But for the the big plays that the field flipping place. That's where Josh Allen comes. Joseph I want to talk what the defense but before we switch to the defense the lawsuit against LeSean McCoy has the NFL. Set a precedent how they dealt with Ezekiel Elliott last year will this loss would have any effect or any kind distraction. On the bills as an organization it was some what specifically that doesn't. Look like get it looks like the bills are just going on with business as usual with with him. I'm sure I mean they've done their own digging with it and spoken with what Sean and you know the school was seem content with having him out there every single day. McCoy is having fun out there every single day. It I don't know that. I mean in the NFL and obviously. In force something whenever the heck they want but. I don't see I don't think the bills are exactly in a position to where there. You know fearing the worst right now they're just can take it as a as a comes and you know he's available to them then he is and he's going to be a big part. Their office. Talking about the defense from Carolina now Christine McCaffrey gonna get a group are all run a lot of odd defense is but he's data concern when you see him matched up on outside backers could damp feel weak knees where this team. The linebacker position would you say John yeah Lorenzo Alexander when he's out there I think he's a little bit of a weakness in coverage and that's to be expected because he's 35. Now he's been in the league a long time let's not forget tentatively get the defensive tackle. How big is reshaped his entire body use once the defensive and then turn into a linebacker. And now he's a strong side linebacker. You know when he's on the field you're you're gonna have to sacrifice that and a special he's matched up one on one with one of those guys that will beat him in the open field. I mean in the same thing with you know his back up Dion Lacey that's Christian McCaffery beat him pretty hard on. I think it was one of their first offensive plays of the game but. You have athletic linebackers in Milan though you have athletic linebackers and to remain happens that on paper you would expect to be able to bridge that gap. And you know I was in. I'll be honest I was not impressed by what met a lot of good against the Panthers and that's not going to be. In that that's not a great development for them and we've even seen it here. The past couple practices they've been tinkering with Milan though they've been splitting his reps with the first team with Ramon Humber. Remote numbers not good the F he's CU is clearly. A replacement level player last year but he knows the playbook. In Walker's he knows the right places to be you know proper technique. Whereas the Lotto is a little rough around the edges in that area and just goes a hundred miles an hour or think it's himself out of position or doesn't have his feet set gets blown off the ball. I think he's. He needs to turn it around a little bit and I think that's why the bills are pushing him at this point McDermott even out here on Monday that it during a defensive drill. But he had some words forum. Because he wasn't during the draw properly and then he took them off the side and showed him what he wanted so they're clearly tried to do something with met a lot of right now intimate Edmonds. Remains to be seen I mean. He's got the body he's got yet but a schism but. He's he. Going to make the right. Run reads as he going to be able to get skinny and get through blockers and and bring down defenders how's he going to be in coverage even though he has the super long arms and and and everything that you want the linebacker. That remains to be seen with him because you know in that first game you. Can't really judge him too much because you know he's up there for what like 1012 play right there wasn't them that much there to go. I guess I missed tackle though and he did miss a tackle and I was thinking to myself you know if there is a weakness in what is supposed to be improved defense it does feel like food especially those outside linebackers and going into the regular season and and you hope that there's. Aegis of the guys are the right place because the talent level might not be there yet and you could tell that they still have some. Some growth in that area specifically might have to draft some counter require some free agent talent that that you know who. I don't know that Matt Milan always necessarily going to be Thomas Davis to you know that you made and it's like he clicked. Right they they want the Lotto to beat him because they McDermott has had success in the past with some lower around guys coming out of nowhere. Mean AJ Klein is one to think about that really came up in Carolina and that's kind of the the baseline for what they want. The Lotto to become hopefully in Milan it was a bit more athletic they declined so. I think. They still have high hopes from a lot of they want him to be a long term starter but he also. Has to avoid the wall which is the second year he had a lot of success in limited action last year so now he has to get to a spot. Where he is able to be depended on. With every single snap because his position is out there a 100% of the time he intimate Edwards will be the two main linebackers for this team. So he needs to prove that he can he can come up here and in I think this is probably good for them to challenge him right now but now we have to respond they have they draw it out of him. And any time that Ramon numbers on the field for a 100% of snaps. It's not not great. Not great the idea you jobless Dahlia WT BW another disease she network focusing on a secondary was so good last year but then the bills make the decision to move on from EJ gains in bringing Vontae Diaz. Ponte Davis with the early review here for. I've I wonder how it's going to go for him because coming. Into the league from Illinois people. Work of the belief that he could be a really really good zone quarterback because he had good instincts good reaction time. And had good ball skills which two of which are three prerequisites for the job. But. In his NFL career he's mostly been man to man and if that's where he kind of struggled last year and in the they've got injured obviously in the they had to release it now in this zone coverage. You know I'm not going to sit here and just absolutely crush the guy and say he's going to be terrible but I thought he looked a little bit. Slow on the reaction time and he missed a couple tackles early on when he was in the game and you know those are. Two big things for McDermott because he needs is quarters people tackle he craves that in his quarterbacks that's what he specifically draft certain. Quarterbacks over others because they have to have that ability to tackle. And so Davis just. He's usually a good tackle so he needs to show better and that respect in and the reaction time I'm sure as he's you know going through more wraps in zone coverage it's going to come with time. But that mean he hasn't played a lot NFL and and it's I guess that's just human nature right if you haven't done things then. You have to have that time to kind of bounce back so. I would like to see more from Vontae Davis but I don't think used to write him off just yet. He's Joseph the skelley from WK BWA buffalo joining us in the country sweethearts Julia always generous with your time we hear in the sports bar. I want make sure you have plenty of time let people know where they can read more of your work Seymour viewer. Yeah out overrun WK BW dot com you can find. But depth chart and and observations. Column from ever single practice. This camp so that the depth chart is something I want to do this year for some ever done it. Just I just kind of challenge and stuff the secret fleck can actually keep track of of where all three three teams are on each side of the ball but. You know you it's really intriguing because you see all. Of the movement from one day to the next day and you can start to see trends that. Certainly get you to note the team a little bit more so that's over a WK BW dot com and I've been doing that observations column every day for about like I don't know ten years now so the effect it's fun it's it's really it's really cool the kind of you know communicate with the fans give them a glimpse about what the team's all about at this point in time and and you know it'd. We'll see what they do and pre season games which is where ultimately matters more than anything danger what scouts say this guy's got a motor he has got a motor when it comes to all the intangibles and it's an off all the intangibles every guy WP PW very good with this time joining us in the sports bar with danger tightly into this camp jumped thanks guys thanks revenue.