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In the Sports Bar with Danger and Battaglia, we speak with John Barchard from our sister station, WIP in Philadelphia, to discuss LeSean McCoy's history of character issues during his time with the Eagles.

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Rochester sports leader 957. ESP yet. You're the sports bar with danger of the tag Leah thanks for stopping by AM 95957. FF ES PM Rochester Docomo home online in the free download radio dot com now. The only way you can listen ESPN Rochester anywhere. Any time Mike danger alongside gene the Tagliabue. Now we're following this story today that they Shawmut and again the news keeps on coming in and the latest Tim Vickers he would TMZ. Good website releasing out audio which is the 911 called this is actually the dispatcher. Where they're at 3:23 in the morning. The operator says a female victim was hit in the had for a quote. Home invasion. As people were reacting and you know what I mean it's fair to have an emotional reaction when you see this kind of story out of all the wanna. Back up a football player just because he's a good football player when you when you see what's being alleged. One of our favorites from bleeding green nation radio and W I appear sister station Philadelphia Jumbo archer joining us now in the sports bar with danger potentially John mutually does something about four hours ago when this new start to break EU EU said I would say if you're surprised. But as possible look boy abuse you haven't been paying attention. I think a lot of us kind of recognized LeSean McCoy is past has been I don't know troubled. What you mean by or tweet. A little walk around it that well. I think that they are all our. A lot of ritual in Philadelphia. Which provision is not you know and there's a reason why aren't looking good out there and order the cut at the goal production and you're. State court. In the treaty went to buffalo who could tell the difference is in provisional locally. That. How to handle. Yeah it would show on the court just the general. If you just kind of look at the unemployment we're so it became more public eye opener the clippers took quite. In 2006. The party bus there's a lot of different league that you know the Eagles go through a lot of oracle with their workers. As well or a lot of big promoter Don. Or even sit and he had been. I think told by a national cord character in a lot of it a lot of people that are amber acted with. Me and just kind of the guy who is something that looks like it's on like a ego and confidence that it has not been. That we all like a little about accords when it was on the old recruit away. You know watching it gets. The credit repeat what he did come out. Then was all gamer will. They're pretty open about how he stole. And you konduz OK that's one of those guys just opener is running. You know at a prima Donna is about to expect it. With political that the trip over your shoulder. People kind of reacted. To him when he was treated upload obviously lipped when it towards the LE. And you can bet on it. He split you know in no real other thing that he could possibly Banco as the new coach coming in order to remember her eclipsed. Jim Kelly. Not to be a racist so. That kind of the all encompassing means when it comes to. Which recorded and took from. A lot of different that outcry and the city. That's why I tweeted that he's not surprised that you beat at least in all. These people completely like. Soul. If I'm hearing you correctly the Eagles were great at keeping things in house. You hear murmur that they don't get out Chip Kelly. We may never know there all the reasons why he. Traded him if you can give us the reasons that you do know John YEY Chip Kelly decided to ship. You know big push some quell the buffalo for a broken linebacker essential. They hate each other. You know I mean that literally have done it been like each of the same way we did. You know you use solo shot Jack amused at all shot accordingly and very tight it and see you know had a had a very good almost probably like. A kind of relationship and the ones that so. You can go there are a lot of record going on their Chip Kelly it was always. Not to be a model reverie and welcome to the beat report that are now. But certainly you like guys that wanted to play football not necessarily football got them in shorted the short. Kind of don't seem to fit that mold so much I think there are worst practical reasons as well and the background back. Because. And as you can now he's been a lot of people back you'll you don't have or not it worked well well. Like Robert an old short is special element I would I would say otherwise but. What happened here we're strictly football and attitude. And I think he got twisted up on during that entire time went on to tell it was clear that was a little. Huge doors are about six months and at all he's heading into it and none of that should Gillick apart obviously you're after but. Yeah I mean shortly guy that likes. What. He won every view he get what he wants. And yet he feels like he's not getting what he wants. You know he will. Lash out an attitude. Art. Specifically. Physically. Beings but he has been to those or in the past I would recruit character. Played sports is that in except we shall what's going on this situation in particular of the desert Oprah in the living. At what it is how properties. Are they going through kind of a court battle. You have been trying to I don't remember problem. That crowd that don't make sense. To me I would want my girlfriend and living in the house there either by. You know I I don't know when it is you got to wit her back. Directly at Packard or how old wooden. All currently in the bow but. Again like it's its own core I I. I mean I'm honestly hope not true what happened. It is horrendous. And you didn't didn't even pull them out that there should be. You know that to the Baltic that a long. I would like the speaker of prosecuted them away. Yeah I I think to myself it's increasing chewing down the legal road John Archer bleeding green nation radio WIP Philadelphia our sister station joining us here in the sports bar. I mean if if these allegations are false and he claims at their false but he makes a statement via any Seagram post. Any cured if you're dealing with lawyers already trying get her out of your house what would you have your lawyers. Would craft the statement outside of social media saying that these statements are false not only are they false for going after this person for Lander it's liable for if Earl slander and libel for for attacking. Our client the way that she is I mean C do not hearing that until I hear something like that. It's always or to get those backs there's going to be a little bit I mean it's like well is he involved in this. Well and that would include news words in the statements and haven't had wrecked car. Which there had been around there now that there'll but it. You know I don't know you can decline direct contact. With that person. That you beat these texts don't own goals and you know. So my up Hartley went. Partly that you work on penalty you haven't talked we took it out but you'll are somehow communicated through. Somebody I at least I would hope. Despite know what is going to order what is going to order you know we're doing is doing somebody's he beat you in between there. So I thought that was kind of an odd sort statement recruit we look at their weapons somebody coming from. Oh order stated that I am. Just understood what and and arm. I go yeah I think that. Particularly out of here or war. Think the amount whether it's stability. If there's text records on coal or anything like that like a little more light on. Kind of what happened there by. Again we don't know exactly. The record we're war had any idea you know it'll. It was simple. It is not at all. John marcher bleeding green nation radio is our guest as were talking was Shawmut quarry in this developing. Story and John I'm just being very careful as you can imagine in this stored but there is one thing I will say. About McCoy is that. On it and the very best is questionable the company he keeps and I think that's there at the same with this story been hitting it's also fair to go back to some other stories. Opting out tell us what happened it to the best your recollection. Our with a nightclub incidents you know the even the Super Bowl a couple of years ago when should that had been. You know cautionary tale that yep LeSean in that situation as well. Found themselves somewhere where he shouldn't object. Yeah absolutely and I think it completely true statement that again that. About thirty to thirty year old men in your little country in. Do tonight cloak like I am as it. Not even one of the typical too little that he went to discover the public would do a quiet. Why are you all we can't believe these situations. Where it is to undercover police officers were not kind of became you know. Huge headlines here Philadelphia. There are. Also in April countries clearly around it and it is that you wouldn't that was covers a prudent to death. Or a couple of weeks well there are well orchestra because they out of the period where. A couple of article that the reporter will begin the very duke from somebody ought. Of the puck and physically assaulting a person in the middle I would. I would say how we attacked beaten. You know is bigger Obama era in 2013. And media and they're real particular our current doctor. You'd. Told a lot on our it just it blows me away. That people would be surprised by. Like this where again he might not be directly all that use of rally the freedom and I I think we've learned a lot about John McColl. In ten years in the league about what he is what he isn't clearly you're not it was nice guy as he did something cute. I don't think he. A classy I don't think you're the guy that they'll let it go deeply that you want to present at a restaurant. He like he which longer exist where did it. Via a server when people come up with that and and I'm gonna back important that is that establishment. Do try to exploit him in it'll put you all over the place so I get from. Don't respectable man but it is here all these different but he has an added up years. Like yes or a Google or so and I'm very tightly it. On it there helping in and outside it's out there. They're complex and whether their players are in or out of that it just a different situation well all of you to at least the local. Hard to trust a guy who doesn't tip the server I mean how do you not tip the extra it's a you brought up the bills it's not what Jumbo archer bleeding green nation radio WIP. A sports ready WIP Philadelphia our sister station the bills issuing a statement quote we've spoken to LeSean we've been in contact the National Football League we can we will continue. To gather information. This is an interest staying at a time for the Buffalo Bills new president Kim Google. If you can Google and you see the your star player be the best player on your team. Is even remotely involved. With these allegations. He reacted. At or under extremely elusive on air advocate a mile per hour or opposition well. As much as I have just gone through all of that as different stuff like this. Kinda have to be. 100%. If I'm still you know I in. Either way I think people would obviously understand dunk from corn. July and I don't think it would be met with. And I quote. Of resistance their blood as port that it could be imminent we even even told my gut is telling me they. Should still have to wait and see how that develops because. It could've been. How to build it could've been. It oh I I don't know I really don't know. If it aren't the Buffalo Bills on making sure that this league is more thorough in Indian police officers in the city. BI agent could be. UCLA edit it whatever it is true need to make sure. 1000%. That he didn't you don't have a phone call out and whoever that we'll put that out. A conversation about it didn't have. Anything to do it their all I think it is quicker than on what's happening within the local schools and their future. Yeah and that he probably the most important thing poor and the franchise at this point. And as much as we all in social media is pretty done a pretty good job of that veil. Throwing a much stuff around and I understand what the sentiment come out there that the two. Personally myself because and a lot of that long ago. A lot of these and poor people to. On you know. Make sure that they're point asserted that us Thursday. Dominated sports and culture believes that first the milk the player I totally understand. Should it. But it on the bottle of pills and make sure that this being a 100%. And bet it is and the tax or 100% correct. Yeah and I'm wondering if it's if it's not the bills. Hall here for its the league because of we learned swimmer and learn many things from the Ray Rice story but it was the ravens who. Bumble their way putting Ray Rice and his fiancee out at the podium and talking about this and then the video came out in the league was kind of you know call might be the LT claim they were caught off guard. My question being John is it actually believed that should be leading this and not the Buffalo Bills because what do league likes this or not. VC your lead story tonight when it comes the NFL on a sport senator and all the other shows. I think so him in that they're not already on the site would be surprised and you're right in my the other and our leader. There. You know they might just go through in an news. It typical an opening words as quickly impressed if it though there are no charges here are six games because partly due. Conduct policy. Be just like it was a come through phone calls or you know purchases something tunnel linking him. To move on this particular. In the other but there was attacked either that it agreed to close to me that every going through. We do about these regions are where you need a dog or your heart does all the different accusation to just go holy cow what does one thing and so should be going you know there is everything and times it's would like that it does take care of a common vehicle or has. That amount of the kind of do that that you want inkling of the I would suspect that they're gonna do currently usual you're by. Yes this is as early on the tour guys like I. I I don't how are as to cover because. A lot of people in there and by the way this has nothing do with any of them. Should still be a well built but regardless of gold discs you don't have to descendant of ballplayers orchard. They don't need to you know they are they can they can figure is speaking out on their own. And that's that's important here went up and all the time that it wouldn't look so important to locate it repair or. As we don't go all the opium production mechanical without him and goes through it certainly you know don't sense anybody. And all the facts are on out there and there and done here and I would suspect that the at a ball that in the cart up. To jump would love talking to you about football body Eagles football about LeSean McCoy I wanna make sure you have plenty of time here the floor is yours. Let everybody listening DSP and Rochester know where they can hear. And see and read more of your work. I guess is that I'm gonna bleeding green nation dot com PG and underscore the and also noted or. WIP weren't sure we will be talking about this. For the next couple of days as well. John appreciate the your background on this very helpful today and now hopefully we've talked next time and Bob Carson once on the phones though. Guys' job archer love. Young thanks for the time John enjoy the rest unite. Stop the bleeding every nation radio again follow him on Twitter at John Archer. Jeanne. As we're talking to John the thing that keeps going on in my head that this is going to take time. It's gonna take a lot of time this isn't gonna be Israeli bullet what. With the light bulb went off in my hat is this is not a chemical prom is not a Buffalo Bills problem the league. Mean this needs to come from the league office this is this serious okay because there is a one man. Was nearly beaten to death and we see the photos. What happened the first to let the authorities do their job. And we're still waiting to hear exactly. What you want justice for this one that's the one thing that I think we should all care about. Justice for this. Yes. Unless this has nothing to do with LeSean McCoy. Then there is a scenario where this could've happened to her and has zero to do with LeSean correct. That's correct to blind. Hard for me to think that she did this where self. All right here we go up micro and act recently I tweeting out. Migrate our buddy from ESPN. covered the Buffalo Bills here's a statement. From Milton Georgia police about the home invasion. Says the response to an ABC news and ESPN inquiry into allegations against bills running back LeSean McCoy quote. On July 10 2018 approximately 3:18 AM Milton police responded to a home invasion. At a residence on Hickory pass near the Cherokee county line the preliminary investigation indicates. That this residence was specifically targeted by the suspect or suspects. And not a random incident. When officers arrived they found one victim who have been physically assaulted by a lone intruder. During the altercation the suspect demanded specific items from the victim. An adult female victim was treated and released at north Fulton regional hospital a second adult female victim. Also sustained a minor injury during the incident. So there's a home invasion home invasion. And I don't know if the second adult victim was that the friend that that ended up putting out the is ram post but it. The the the preliminary investigation indicates that this resident was specifically targeted by the suspect. Or suspects and not a random incident. Michael are awful low of NFL network is reporting that there were was McCord he was training in Miami. This morning so McCoy in Miami. Today. Not being Georgia. Today. Art some more on the allegations against LeSean McCoy next. In the sports bar with danger and tag glee covers the Buffalo Bills. For New York upstate dot com our Buddy Ryan Talbot has been following this story yeah I yet I spoke to Ryan so he has been seeking kind of summarize for us everything that has happened if you're just tuning in and trying to catch up will do the best job we can hear in the sports bar. I'll vote recapping what we know all about the situation concerning which on the court Ryan tell it next stay in the sports more danger to tag Leah ESPN Rochester. Best sounding most interactive way to listen to the boards leaders from radio to. That is the official new home ESPN Rochester the my apple cart labor and wirelessly yeah speakers we're just pops of earbuds in disgust with you everywhere. TCU is and where you can find any M ninety.