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Joining Danger and Battaglia on The Sports Bar is John Warrow from the AP. He comes on the show to talk about his expirence covering the Bills for 19 years, the trade, Lesean McCoy, and more.

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The sports bar with danger and the tag Leah AM 950957. FM ESPN Rochester is bill's campaign lives. And joining us now in the country sweet hot seat are next guest he's covered the Buffalo Bills for many years to be Associated Press John morrow our guest. It's trying to guess I know we definitely have done a whole errors on what I guess. 01 when did you start on the heels beat. Ever since they moved the Rochester was that was my first years of bananas mine nineteenth camps slow 2000 and a 2000 with Wade Phillips rob Johnston Doug Flutie. Heard his groin on one of these fields here the day Ellis reading a story because our feature on MO was supposed to be published and that got put aside so yeah lots of memories of John let's talk about that I mean at nineteen years of memories here at saint John Fisher College. We of course being Rochus carried so wanna see anything ever happened bills training camp at saint John Fisher call as the that you hear. Eighteen million dollars going to be at pro at it the bills facility trading facility it it almost feels like an insert you at some point. The training camp could move back to where bill unless you're hearing something differently unless you know some give and what have you heard what the you know. I I don't know anything differently but I get the sense in this is simply had got that there's a there's a sense that. This era of training camp in Rochester at saint that your callers. Is eventually coming to a close. If you just look at the road signs and and as you mentioned although upgrades they've made it you know at the facility Orchard Park. Com as much as they like as much as even Sean McDermott likes the camaraderie that they get to build while they're away from camp. There's a lot of elements that they lose out on back in Orchard Park and that's. Through the amount of stuff the amount of year they have to just simply part over here. And camps since 2000 to today have gotten more high tech. You know through bit the GPS systems that the players where. Come through video and there's just a lot more things that Jeff the card out. Where there's if there's more of an analytical scientific side to training camp. And you're also seeing a lot more teams holds hosting their own training camps in their own facilities and over Carolina Panthers to the bills play. On Thursday there and at Wofford College in split the South Carolina the one of the few teams that still. You know travel away from the facility but. I'm getting the sense that this. This I'm not saying as the final camp. But I see the window closing while Wayne since you were here from the beginning at camp only this camp serve the public purposes one football but. Russ Brandon in the marketing side John when it was around 992000. That was important to play the franchise alive word now Rochester you know reason. That important when it comes keeping the printers like Arnold is that it's it's it's less important I think they've built the base here but there's less of a corporate base. He even a corporate base isn't here that used to be here in 2000 with you know Bausch and lomb uses sponsored training camp during yet Kodak and Xerox. Om and their presence is an even felt here any longer sad to say but this is you know where we are. Mom and as much as this help create a base of fans and a central basins in in in western new York and the proximity to Syracuse. I think there's gonna be a a move forward where there are going to continue with prostrate further on the southern Ontario market. Bomb in it's easier front here those of Ontario fans to drive the buffalo as opposed to come in Rochester. And I think that that is part of their mindset to that being closer to southern Ontario. They wanna up that pace because now that is a big base for them that. Without the game in Toronto. They wanna make sure they they've they've they continue to grow that base lets a simple. It's as simple as Phishing where in the pond where the fish inside you've got bigger population there when you do here so. John Lauro Associated Press joining us here in the sports bar danger of its Hadley in the country sweet hot seat John let's talk about today's practice we heard neat Biederman. Taking reps with the ones AJ McCarron exclusively with Hughes Josh on with the threes what did you see other quarterbacks and a. Didn't see I I mean I was busy writing. But the Corey Coleman's story so I only caught like maybe the last. 1520 minutes of practice I did see make Peter may and make make a really nice pass to I can't memorable was but toward two made Edmonds was in coverage. And he just threw it over remains the head and goes perfectly placed pass in in the corner of the end zone. I saw Josh Allen thread a pass over the middle in tight coverage. That looked good and you know but we're still in practice now let's see. I don't start really judging the quarterbacks until we start seeing them in pre season so Thursday is the first step forward and see exactly what these quarterbacks. Have how far they've come how far they've developed. And Monday what they can do I still think that AJ McCarron is going to be the season opening starter. Boring Josh Allen making a huge push through the pre season. You're here for the first part of camp not last week and so today so it on would ask you the question about Allen might be. Difficult to ask me what's your sense because the decision of Wayne to go to Allan whether that's weak one whether that's weak game whether it's at the end. How big is that decision for this ranch at 80 I mean is a huge decision that you wanna you wanna tied it right because we know from what I saw from Josh Allen from rookie camp. That today. He's made. Significant steps of progress that's not to say that he is still not he has some wrought tendencies to a woman and I'm not sure. If the bills brain trust wants to throw him out there until it you know at this point. To be the starter they've got. They they signed AJ McCarron for a good reason to provide an established experienced. Not so much experience but it guy who can play that position lease that position until Josh Allen is ready. When that is let's see but I don't think they're gonna throw Josh Allen out to the wolves just ship until he proves himself now. Who's to say he doesn't eight he doesn't become Russell Russell Wilson who wasn't supposed to start during his rookie season in Seattle what Russell Wilson was a special player. I'm just not sure Josh Allen given his it is. The footwork that he has to deal with and that's the still few problems he's having bacon though short throws that he was an unaccustomed to what Wyoming. I just don't know he's there just yet. John or the Associated Press or gas in the sports part danger to tag leave bills camp life. From saint John Fisher College John let's talk about the teacher working on the court moment traded the news breaking last night I mean this feels like gay a it low risk high reward move by Brent B. That's exactly what how Brendan being termed it this morning when we spoke to homage to before practiced. It's it's a good Moe I mean they gave up a seventh round pick and wanting to wanting. You know to take a chance on. Let let let's forget the fact that pork Coleman's first round pick I mean you can't hold that against them because the Cleveland Browns. We're the Cleveland Browns two years ago and made some very questionable moves I mean. Laura Coleman is carry the baggage of being a first round pick and the guy that Cleveland passed up on Carson once war. But when it comes to buffalo he gets a fresh start let's see what he can do this. The preconceptions. Aren't bitter. The bills won't hold some things against them. But not gonna hold him being injury being injury prone wasn't. Wasn't entirely his fault being picked in the first round was entirely his fault he's got speed. He showed ability at Baylor he shields he's shown flashes of ability with the browns of the NFL level now let's see what the bills can do with him. How about thirty the other teams that could have offered more than what the bills offer to acquire his services know that he could've been had that cheap is there anything to them passing up on pork home. Right I mean boulders that there's risked everything I think at this point and is you bring up a very good point there are thirty teams who passed them up now not all thirty of them have the team needs at. Almost deaths are a maybe almost desperate needs that addressed receiver. Something that the bills have not addressed in the two years since you know under this regime. Or even before that and Rex Ryan when when when Whaley and citizens since they drafted Sammy Watkins. But they clearly needs some added depth and added playing making experience at that position. Com Zeta-Jones we don't know if he's going to be ready or when he's gonna be ready. And we know that he was inconsistent as a rookie last year right now they have Kelvin Benjamin and Jeremy early as to establish guys. There's little risk in bringing in a quarry Coleman who and and let's see what he can do. Separately yesterday Kelvin Benjamin not with the wind is making the comments that Tim Graham in regards to Cam Newton that's not very process like John do you think. Sean McDermott handled the situation. I was actually impressed that Sean McDermott and and somewhat surprised that Sean McDermott actually address that. He doesn't call players out publicly. You know when they do when AP PT he may say I'm disappointed or something that affect Quincy Jones. You know you know had his incident downtown LA and and in March when it comes a player's comments usually slows as is so shows that aside and the Scottish rugs. Bomb the fact that he came out and said what he said this not there's not a for the right time and place for it. And that does not the way we handle things was I think. A sign of how disappointed and unhappy Sean McDermott was if you read between the lines let's remember too. Kelvin Benjamin by saying he wasn't a fit from the get go in Carolina is also. A knock against Brandon being Yahoo! had a bladder and in in drafting him. And let's not let's not forget that they do play Carolina on Thursday my due to pre season game. But I think Sean McDermott also want to set the tone that lets not trash talk. Teams that we're going to be playing this season. Jock we talk about the defense's side of the ball and what you've seen thus far out of remain adamant that mean when you see him next it. Other players on the field it he's just imposing figure but it specifically his play and what have you seen. Ryan as I can understand how this guy was still available when the bills were drafting him and you know nothing. I'm just not sure how he wasn't a top ten pick because of his size the speed and agility. Yeah Heath it's gonna he's he's young sure but he's got poised. And I think he's going to be a really good long term fit at middle linebacker should he stay healthy now he's he's a big guy who's gonna take a lot of hits. And he has no injury. Problems in the past. But playing the NFL game I think could be a bit of an issue but if he stays healthy. This guy has the potential to be a very very good player John Lauro Associated Press has covered every single camp here at saint John Fisher College in. There's still are few remnants of the Rex Ryan Harris steel here on this roster one being Shaq loss in Los and batting down pass today. I EC player that's fighting for his job right now John he's he told me he's fighting for his job he's playing as is you know he's trying not to get cut and that's the motivation that he's got. He's heard all the whispers he's senile he doesn't need to reminded that he's that he's even acknowledged. That he's not played up to his potential and up to his standards in its first two seasons in buffalo. But what we've seen from Shaq blossom and he's taken that motivation. And showed it on the field I think. He's gone from being a potential early surprise cut to I don't think I I think he secured himself a spot although let's face it we're attendees in the training camp. John that's one of the story lines that were following his camp continues here at saint John Fisher College I'm curious your covering this team what story lines specifically answer the quarterback position obviously what do you. When you paying attention to most at camp. Well you know I and the defense intrigues me because this has that this has a chance to be a theory much improved defense with the bases they've made. Including from Maine they've got a solid back and I wanna see how does deepen defense plays against the one come pre season. It should be better I think it's going to be a much the starter defense that it has been these got an element of pass rush. With Murphy now in in the mix. I think it relieves Lorenzo Alexander from having him from facing the pressure of being an almost every down kind of linebacker. And puts him in a better fit as a an occasional backup and more of a special teams guy. But they can always use him in a backup role so the defense is what intrigues me obviously you know image an offense. Dolphins is a work in progress but I wanna see how this defense looks because I think a lot is going to be riding on this defense. If this team is going to be competitive this season it's funny how like story lines one week are red hot and now it seems like a hole yet analysts think. We don't have any updates on LeSean McCoy I mean duty each each book that rear its. Had it if the worst time John or. Or we're hearing what's your best guess on what may happen now it really has dissipated he's got there's another eviction notice appearance at court appearance coming up. I wanna see is August the fourteenth. I don't think was John's gonna be down there. This thing is going to. Go away to some degree unless the Milton Georgia police department identify a suspect arrest the suspect. Come and see if there's any connections to what was said. I don't know which I'm playing in this one straight down the middle I'm not sure what actually happened there and I'm not gonna blame one side or the other something happened I'm not I'm not gonna lay any blame until the police actually come to some sort of a conclusion. John I think you know given how confident that organization and the hard work they want to meet if something were to happen at this point hull negative in the impact that would have on this organization we did our homework we that are due diligence we feel confident moving forward. And that's something happens that's that's that's problem is it is something in the back of everyone's mind but there let's let's. Without applying guilt on LeSean McCoy. And so I wanna really be careful here. It's not as if players have been said one thing and something else has happened in the past I remember a Michael but I remember Arthur Blank. Telling. Before preceded telling reporters before pre season game in buffalo how Michael Vick lied to him over the dog fighting thing so let's but. We're not there yet. All take everybody for what they've said right now until matters change and I do think that's the way the bills property operating too. It should something happen to adapt adjust on the fly it's not going to be fun it is not can be fun. As a reporter for the fans the bills for LeSean McCoy or for anybody but. This was something serious happened there. A person was. Bloodied. Arm and should. Things signs signs point of who whoever did it well that person should be punished. John morrow Associated Press let's wrap this up on a final date nineteen years on the Buffalo Bills beat from. For wade today grey date she and I probable Gamal. Who was your favorite head coach to conquer. Discovery to cover over that span I'd truly enjoyed. Working with Chan Gailey Hugh was a it was a very nice personable man he wasn't a great quote. But he was genuine in in in in what he he said and how we felt I still remember him coming out. And ripping it to fans on the final day of one of the of one of the training camps or board a cat calling Trent Edwards and he. Went right to the sideline and called these fans out saying you. You know you don't you you don't you do that the one of us you do it to all of us that's not right hum. And but Chan Chan Gailey is just too bad he could never get the defense right. To be successful but he that first year the second you the second year when Ryan Fitzpatrick took over as as the full time starter. That was the year that I thought that this team had a chance. And I think Jane -- thought so too it's about the defense that regatta right but she and she and I enjoyed dealing with it was a fun way it was fun but only had a for the first year it would. You would open he'll put a press conference in front of Dorsey hall where we had a press conference is back in the first year. With the I can't doctor pepper and he said this this press conference is sponsored by doctor pepper is this is so funny is like. In all it was it was he was so droll in some ways and so. You know together at southern charm tomb to I I wish I had more to a more chance to deal with the way. John by by getting the playoffs this year this current regime they've given themselves a little bit of time yes how to win a lot of opportunity you think exist I mean all of these coaches have one thing in common. They were coaches very long for the Buffalo Bills it feels different with the heat with may the conservative be is it McCain yeah send it via parity does but. No I. I am generally impressed with how the focus but how much this tandem is on the same page which was not a parent would Doug Whaley and Chan Gailey Doug Whaley and dot our own Doug Weight or walls putting Nixon champ. Maybe buddy nix and change Healy were on the same page but they just couldn't get the word that that that the talent level to make the moves there. But this is a one voice team. What Brandon does and has done in in making a lot of bold moves to reshape this roster. And what McDermott has done with a roster. That is gone through a huge overhaul to get them in the playoffs. I'm very impressed I think. I'm more confident about this future but this franchise for franchise going forward maybe not this year. But they have the core in place the via. That established themselves as a long term contender based on how they've developed over the year and a half that of his groove than the other John Warren Associated Press great it is time great stories fans wanna read more of your work where they follow me on Twitter balcony to a yeah Mike why my putter banned for charity is over as of tonight. They've they've they auctioned off. Mean I I'm off Twitter for two weeks because they Oxnard offered Tim Graham some of them. You with edit raise 150 bucks mercenaries were I've I've I was allowed to tweet my own stories but I mean John underscore war road WA WR OW. But. Between anymore so we losing followers shortly very good job we appreciate you spell us that the by the countries we got here feels camp life. From saint John Fisher College progress camp thinks friend me on guys.